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Title: Korean Volunteers in Russian Forces in Manchuria 1900
Post by: Mike Blake on August 04, 2009, 10:45:55 AM
I have just been reading Capt HH Dowding. The Russian Campaign in Manchuria 1900. Pallas Armata reprint 1997 of RUSI (?) original. In it , amongst a wealth of useful info, is a mention of troops new to me - 2 Korean (Corean as he spells it) sotnias; ' This is in the context of the Pri-Amur district, '... the whole of the population on the line of the Usury was armed. ... and the defence of the Russian settlements, etc., was left to a few Reserve Battalions, improvised formations, and young recruits.' The improvised formations were '14,856  [it could be 4,856?] volunteers of the Russian and Corean population ...enrolled for frontier defence. They were formed into 30 Russian and 2 Corean sotnias.'

Can anyone shed any more light on these Corean volunteers please - particularly what they might have looked like?