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Title: court physicians
Post by: LauraO on May 24, 2010, 03:09:53 PM
obviously botkin, however apart from him who else served as a court physician for the imperial family? does anyone know who would have delivered alexandra's children? tended the IF when they were ill? (excluding Botkin)
could doctors at births etc be recorded in diaries? 
Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Sarushka on May 24, 2010, 04:50:44 PM
Dr Vladimir Derevenko and Dr Federov tended Aleksei.

The IF's dentist was named Kotstriskiy.
Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Nicolá De Valerón on May 25, 2010, 01:02:07 PM
Some information about Feodorov and Derevenko and their after-revolution Soviet destinies. Kostritsky emigrated and died in exile. His wife died in France.

1. Sergei Petrovich Feodorov (1869-1936) - prominent Russian/Soviet surgeon, Honoured Scientist of the RSFSR.

In 1891 graduated from medical faculty of Moscow University, then worked in the Bobrov's clinic. In 1895 defended doctoral dissertation on the subject of tetanus. Then was appointed as an assistant at the Faculty Surgical Clinic in Moscow. In 1903 headed the Department of Hospital Surgical Clinic, Military Medical Academy. In 1892, for the first time in Russia created and used cholera antitoxin for the treatment of patients, then tetanus toxin and antitoxin. In 1893 created therapeutic tetanus. Studied abroad in different universities and with famous specialists. Then developed new operations, like pielotomiya «in situ», subcapsular nephrectomy and introduced new surgical instruments. Worked in a field of urology and abdominal surgery. Then published magazine -"New Surgical Archives". Together with Girgolav and Martynov was the editor of nine-volume guide to practical surgery. From 1913 - Court Surgeon. During the First World War accompanied Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei in their journeys. Was the man who told Nicholas II about serious Alexei illness just before Emperor's abdication. Stayed in the USSR. One of the founders and editor of the first Soviet surgical journal "New Surgical Archives" (1921). From 1929 till 1936 - Director of the Institute of Surgical Neuropathology. Died in 1936 and was buried at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Plaque on the building of the clinic of hospital surgery of the Military Medical Academy is placed in his memory.

2. Vladimir Nicholaevich Derevenko (1879-1936) - Russian-Soviet doctor and Professor.

Born into a noble family in the Bessarabia region. Then graduated from the 1st Kishenevskaya gymnasium (1899). Studied in the Military Medical Academy and graduated from it in 1904 with honors and the degree of doctor. In May of 1904 started his active service and was appointed as a junior doctor at the Kerch fortress artillery. At the same time directed venereal and eye departments of the local lazaret. Then took part in the Russian-Japanese war, working at the cutting dressing station, including during the heavy fighting near Mukden. From May of 1905 - intern in the surgical hospital clinic of Military Medical Academy, where he defended his dissertation. In 1912 was enlisted in the Imperial Court as a Doctor and observed/treated every member of the Imperial family, but mainly Alexey. Had a good relationship with Alexey and Imperial family. The son of a doctor, Kolya, was one of the closest childhood friends to Tsesarevich. In 1917 accompanied IF to Tobolsk and then Yekaterinburg. Stayed in the Soviet Russia. From July 1917 - Professor of Perm University. In July 1919 was evacuated to Tomsk, worked as a privat-docent of the Faculty Surgical Clinic. In the summer of 1920 evacuated to Perm. In 1936 was repressed.
Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Clemence on July 05, 2014, 03:02:46 AM
Do we have any more information about the dentists perhaps?
Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Forum Admin on July 05, 2014, 08:34:11 AM
All of the children were delivered by Dr. Dmitri Oskarovich Ott.  He was presented a jewel encrusted solid gold cigarette case after the birth of each.  Here is an 1897 diary entry from Nicholas II's diary: "Jan.15. "...Our obstetrician in ordinary Ott suggested that Alix should be brought out to the balcony right in her bed to breathe some fresh air for half an hour which she liked very much..."

Here is one of them from an auction sale:  (

Spiridovitch also mentions "the old Rauchfuss" as one of Alexei's doctors.  Professor Dr. Wreden was attending to Alexei after the Spala incident, and was appointed one of the Court Physicians just before Nicholas dismissed him without explanation.  (Spiridovitch "Dernieres Annees..." Vol.2 Ch. 12"

Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Forum Admin on July 05, 2014, 09:59:39 AM
Also found this passage from Spiridovitch, Vol. 1 ch. 16 "The Year 1909":

"Already during her stay at Tsarskoie Selo, the Empress had begun to be seriously indisposed.  The called Dr. Fischer to come, he was attached to the Palace hospital.  He was a serious doctor, methodical, of German origin, and a specialist in nervous illnesses.
     The Empress complained of cardiac troubles.  Fischer found that she was in need of absolute rest and ordered that she be kept from everything which might cause to irritate or affect her nerves in any way or another.   He added that, in his opinion, the constant presence of Mme. Vyroubova with the Empress would only be detrimental to her condition.
     Fischer gave all of his advice honestly, courageously, and insisted above all on the removal of A.A. Vyroubova from the Empress.  They listed to him, they thanked him, and he was never called to return.
     The treatment of the Empress then was confined to E.S. Botkin who obeyed his patient completely.  He conducted his treatments, not as he should have done, but rather as the Empress wished him to."
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Post by: Forum Admin on July 05, 2014, 11:51:28 AM
Nicholas' dentist's name was Wallison.
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Post by: rudy3 on July 05, 2014, 12:53:06 PM
In 1914 in stead of Wallison Sergei Sergeevich Kostritsky (1875 Kiev-1944 Paris) was appointed court dentist. He lived in Yalta (where he had taken care of the IF's teeth since 1911). It appeared the IF liked him so much, that he was allowed to live in Yalta, and was ordered/asked to come to Tsarskoe Selo (where he set up a dentist reception room in the Alexander Palace) when needed. Nicholas II mentions him several times in his diary. In Oct. 1917 Kostritsky visited the IF in Tobolsk. In 1920 he moved to Constantinople, and from there to France. Menton.
Title: Re: court physicians
Post by: Joanna on June 09, 2018, 07:20:53 PM
Toothaches of the Emperors and Empress