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Title: Delays in Approving new Registrations.
Post by: Forum Admin on June 26, 2010, 10:40:08 AM
For anyone who registered during the last two weeks, please accept my apologies for the long delay in approval.  As you may know, about half the registrations are from spammers and hackers trying to come in and pollute or take over the forum. I have an obligation to investigate each and every registration to make certain only legitimate users can post.

I was in Bordeaux France for a full week, with very limited access to wifi, so I couldn't do my vetting of new users.  Now, I didn't tell anyone except a few mods I would be gone, I want you all to think I"m always here and watching! The backlog was so huge that it took me all week to clear it up.

There are no more waiting for my approval.  I may have screwed up one or two, so if you registered and were rejected, I apologize  but with over 200 to go thru, I might have made a mistake. So please just re register!

Thanks for your patience.