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Title: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
Post by: TimM on April 22, 2014, 04:50:21 PM
We're back!
Title: Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
Post by: TimM on April 22, 2014, 05:07:47 PM
Anichkov Palace, everyone is sitting down to dinner, when Alexei and Kole arriving, with little Marie.

Anastasia:  Hey, what brings you two by?
Alexei:  We heard Mashka was cooking tonight.  
Kole:  We can't miss one of her meals.
Maria:  That's why I cooked enough for you two as well.
Alexei and Kole join in.  The meal is a success.


Alexei:  I noticed that Sam didn't join us.  Where is she?
Olga:  Where she's been for the past month, holed up in her room.  
Kole:  She's eating, I hope.
Tatiana:  Yes, but she prefers to eat alone.
Anastasia:  She's been like this ever since we got back from that trip into space.
Alexei:  She's okay, I hope.
Tatiana:  Physically, yes, she's fine.  Believe me, I've checked.  We think the problem is more mental.
Maria:  Well, she did have all those amazing powers, and now she doesn't.  Must be quite an adjustment to make.
Kole:  Can I talk to her?
Tatiana:  Sure, you can try.  
Kole:  Right.  Heads upstairs.

Sam in lying on her bed, facing the far wall of her room, when Kole knocks and enters.

Kole:  There you are.
Sam:  I'd rather be alone, Kole.
Kole:  So they've told me.  However, unlike them, I can relate to your situation.  
Sam:  How so?  You never had powers like I did.
Kole:  No, but I know what it's like to be suddenly cut off from your own time.  That I CAN relate to.
Sam:  Kole...
Kole:  No, hear me out.  I've been where you are now, Sam.  Trapped decades before I was even born.  You know what it was like for me.  However, I found some wonderful people who took me in, gave me a home.  I have no regrets, Sam.  I met my wonderful husband here, and now we have our beautiful daughter.  I made a life for myself here, Sam, and there is no reason why you can't do that same.
Sam:  Yeah, but it's strange.  I used to be able to go back to 2011 whenever I wanted to, now I can't.  
Kole:  For good reason.  Since you lost your powers, you would have been vulnerable to your enemies in that time.  Heck they almost killed you, that is why Castiel brought you back here.  I know you must miss your family, Sam, but I'm also sure they're happy that you're safe.
Sam:  So...
Kole:  I'm saying that there are people here that love and care about you, Sam.  Don't shut them out now.  You have some adjusting to do, and they're the ones that can help you, like they helped me.
Sam:  Kole, you've given me something to seriously think about.
Kole:  Good.
Title: Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
Post by: TimM on April 22, 2014, 05:37:49 PM
**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, in the kitchen...

Anastasia: Iím so bored today. I really have to find something to do.
Maria: Like what?
Anastasia: Like another Prank War. Itíll be so much fun.
Maria: You mean with Sam? Under the present circumstances, I don't think that would be appropriate.
Anastasia: Nah. Not with Sam, for the reason you just gave.  
Maria:  Well, who is your victim this time?
Anastasia: HmmmÖ Letís see.
Maria: Or maybe you could check on your children instead?
Anastasia: I just did. And Ivan is taking care of them. So coast is clear for fun. Sees Dmitri M passing in the corridor.  I think I just found the perfect victim.
Maria: No, you mean Dmitri? Tanya will kill you, thatís sure.
Anastasia: Thatís precisely the point, Mashka. So are you going to help me, like in the old times?
Maria: No, sorry. I prefer to stay alive, if you know what I mean. Besides, I have the lunch to prepare, so I canít. This time youíre on your own, Nastya.
Anastasia: Donít tell me youíre afraid of the Governess?
Tatiana: Walks in. Someone said my name?
Anastasia: Did the Goddess say something?
Tatiana: If I were a Goddess, I would not do that. Hits Anastasia on the arm.
Anastasia: hey, that wasnít funny at all.
Tatiana: Oh Iím sorry, I didnít want to hit you so hard, let me examine you.
Anastasia: Laughing so hard. I got you! It didnít hurt a bit.
Tatiana: Hey itís not funny, I was worried about you!
Anastasia: Now you got nothing to worry about, Dr Malama.
Tatiana: Still I want to examine you.
Anastasia: Running from the kitchen. Youíre not going to.  Ever!
Tatiana and Maria look at one another sighing.
Maria: Sheís so making a fuss.
Tatiana: Yeah. Even though years have passed, still the same Imp.

LaterÖThe Imp is spying on Dmitri Malama whoís going to enter in his room. He enters in his room and is going to sit at his desk to surf a little on his computer. ButÖ

Dmitri M. WAAAAAAAAAAH! Whatís the hell is that?
Anastasia: Hidden and smiling. Now you can say you just got punked.
Hearing Dmitri shouting, everyone goes to his room.
Tatiana: Whatís going on, Dmitri?
Dmitri M: Look! My computer, My desk, My chair. Everything is cardboard!
Maria: Thinking. Nice start, Nastya, nice start.
Dmitri M: Angry.  I know exactly who did that.  Iím going to make her pay!
Tatiana: Look, DmitriÖ
Dmitri M: Donít try to stop me.
Tatiana: ListenÖ
Dmitri M: No! I donít want to! Iíll find her right now and IíllÖ
Tatiana: LET ME SPEAK! If youíre going on the war path, then weíll be two.
Dmitri M: stunned. YouíreÖ Youíre going with me?
Tatiana: Yeah, itís time someone teaches a lesson to the Prankster.
Anastasia: Still hidden.  Weíll see about that!  She goes away before someone sees her. At last, a little fun. Everything has been awfully quiet. The palace will be lively the new few days.

Dmitri M and Tatiana are searching everywhere in the Palace.

Dmitri M: Where is she?
Tatiana: I guess she heard us and she went into hiding.
Dmitri M: She doesnít have to worry; we ARE going to find her.
They go outside and suddenly as they walk out the door, a huge pile of snow from the roof falls on them. Theyíre all white and covered with snow from head to foot.  They look at each other : IMP!
Tatiana: ANASTASIA NICOLAIEVNA, You are so going to get it!
Dmitri M: Yeah, youíre so dead.
Anastasia: From the roof. Try to! I dare you.
Dmitri M: Picks up snow from the ground and throws a snowball at her.  Donít say it twice.
Snowball hits Anastasia in the head.
Tatiana: Not laughing anymore, are we?
Anastasia: I havenít said my last word.
Tatiana/Dmitri M: Us neither.
Anastasia just runs away laughing out loud.
Tatiana: Now letís go back to the house before we catch a cold.
As they go inside the house, Tatiana looks at Dmitri, she tries so hard not to laugh.
Dmitri M: What is it?
Tatiana: Bursts out laughing.  You look like a snow man! Even your eyebrows are white, that makes you look so funny.
Dmitri M: Laughing too.   I must say youíre the most beautiful snowwoman Iíve ever met.
Tatiana: And youíre the most dashing Prince of Snow Iíve ever seen.
Dmitri M: Making a very exaggerated curtsey. Iím so glad to hear that.

Anastasia enters in Olgaís room. Olgaís holding little Alice...

Anastasia: Hey Olga! Can you please put down that daughter of yours and go with me. I need your help right now! Itís a case of extreme emergency.
Olga: Itís about that prank war of yours, isnít it? Why donít you go fetch Mashka instead?
Anastasia: She doesnít want to. Afraid of the Governess.
Olga: You shouldnít have targeted Tanyaís DmitriÖ Now she will hang you if she can.
Anastasia: Iím not afraid of the danger! The question is, are you scared of her? I do need a partner more than ever now theyíre both against me.
Olga: Me? Scared of her? Are you kidding? Come on, letís go beat them.  Dmitri, can you hold baby for a few minutes? I need to help Nastya. I will be right back.
Dmitri C-B:  Oh my! Youíre going on the prank war too?
Olga: Yeah, Iím so in on it.
 Dmitri C-B: Right, Iíll take care of Alice while youíll be on the front. He takes Alice in his arms. Come on, baby, letís go see your brother and sister in the playroom.
Olga: OK. Now. Imp, whatís your plan?
Title: Re: Days Of OTMA's Lives: The Revival
Post by: TimM on April 23, 2014, 11:08:34 AM
Tsarskoe Selo, Alexander Palace....

Nicholas:  Looks up as Alexandra enters the study.  What's going on?
Alexandra:  I just got off the phone with Anichkov Palace.  Apparently, Anastasia has started another prank war.
Nicholas:  Surely not with Sam, considering her present state.
Alexandra:  No, this time it's with Tatiana and her Dimitri.
Nicholas:  What?
Alexandra:  Yes, and it seems Tatiana can give as good as she gets.
Nicholas:  Smiles.  Even though they're grown women, sometimes their childhood comes through.
Alexandra:  Maybe they're making up for lost time, Nicky.  All the years we sheltered them from the world.
Nicholas:  That could be it.  Slowly gets up.
Alexandra:  Concerned.  Nicky, are you okay?
Nicholas:  I'm fine, Alix, just showing my age.  After all, I'm turning sixty this year.  Hard to believe..
Alexandra:  Hard to believe what?
Nicholas:  That it's been ten years since the war ended and the world changed forever.
Alexandra:  Those changes were good for us, Nicky.
Nicholas:  Yes, that's true here in Russia.  However, we know that other countries aren't so lucky.  Germany is slowly falling into chaos, and look at what's happening in Italy with that Mussolini fellow stirring things up.
Alexandra:  I know, Nicky, but we can't change it, we can only accept and prepare for what's to come.
Nicholas:  Sighs.  Yes, I know.

Anichkov Palace...

Sam emerges from her room.
Maria:  Wow, you're out!
Sam:  Yeah, I am.  Kole was right, it's time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and start living again.
Maria:  Well, you better be careful.
Sam:  How so?
Maria:  I guess you don't know this yet, but Anastasia started a new Prank War against Tatiana and her Dimitri.
Sam:  Yikes, I'll be sure to keep my head down!

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Hey, Kole, the next time we go to Anichkov, we better keep our heads down.
Kole:  Why?
Alexei: Because.  Explains about the new Prank War.
Kole:  I'll keep that in mind.  I don't want my hair full of pie again!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, dinnertime at Anichkov PalaceÖ

While Anastasia is not looking, Dmitri M puts something on her plate among the salad.  Itís a spice.
She eats her salad while Dmitri M and Tatiana look on, preparing themselves to enjoy the show.

Dmitri M: ImpÖ
Anastasia: Eating the spice. What?
Tatiana: No nothing. Itís just you look to like this food a lot. Whatís its name?
Tatiana:   Iíve just remember its name. Itís called Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. One of the hottest peppers in the world. Do you really believe that?
Ivan K: Gives her a glass of cold water. Here you are, Nastya.
They both rush to the kitchen looking for some more water.
Dmitri M: It was so much fun.
Tatiana: I agree. Revenge is so cool.
They both laugh and so does everyone at the table, except Olga whoís looking at them smirking.
Olga: Thinking. Enjoy it when you still can, the Imp is sure to strike back.
Ivan and Anastasia come back from the kitchen. Anastasia looks better.
Maria:  You look better, Imp.
Anastasia:  Yeah, and now the fun begins.
Tatiana: As she is eating her own salad.  WhÖ What is that thing in MY salad? She looks more closely at it. NO! ANASTASIA, THIS TIME ITíS OFFICIAL, IíM GOING TO KILL YOU!
Anastasia: Playing innocent. Whatís wrong dear sister?
Anastasia: Examines it. Iím afraid itís indeed a snail. I wonder how it got there.
Maria: I can assure the salad was clean when I prepared it.
Dmitri M: Honey, itís just a snail. Take it off and you can eat your salad. Donít let the Imp push your buttons down.
Olga: Itís not slime, itís mucus. Do you know what mucus is?
Olga: Itís a viscid slippery secretion that is Ö
Tatiana: SHUT UP!
Olga: Do you think mucus adds flavor to the salad? Just curious.
Tatiana: IÖ IÖ
Olga: But Iím sure if you put some salt on it, you wonít feel the taste of itÖ
Tatiana: Looks green. I think Iím going be sick.  If youíll excuse me, IÖRushes to the bathroom.
Dmitri M: Honey, are you ill? Tatiana, wait!  Follows her.
Dmitri C-B: It was you Nastya, wasnít it?
Anastasia: no, not me. Well, to tell the truth, not me alone.
Ivan S: You had help?
Dmitri C-B: Oh, I see. Smiles to his wife.
Olga: Smiles back. Funny when you think that Dr. Malama can bear doing operations, yet a snail makes her ill.
Anastasia: Well, what you said would have made anyone sick.
Maria: Ditto.  Iím not hungry anymore.
Ivan K: I am. This whole peppers and snail story opened my appetite.
Ivan S: Me too. What about you Dmitri?
Dmitri C-B: Yeah, as long as thereís no snail in my food.
Olga: Hey, I wouldnít do that to my own husband.
Dmitri C-B: I know. I wasnít thinking of you. Looks at Anastasia.
Anastasia: Don't look at me.
Ivan S: Thatís good for you cause youíll be in trouble otherwise.
Anastasia: I didnít say I didnít prank you.
Ivan S: What? Anxiously examines his salad.
Anastasia: I was kidding, thereís nothing in your plate either. And Ivan mine, donít ask, you already know the answer.
Ivan K: I said nothing. I know my Comrade Imp too well. You would not do that to me.
Anastasia: Itís true. I wouldnít.
Maria: Nastya, you didnít say anything about me. Does it mean THERE IS something in my plate?
Anastasia: Youíre afraid, arenít you? No there isnít. I just pranked Tatiana. By the way, where is she? Still in the bathroom?
Olga: Iím gonna check on her.
Maria: But thereís already her Dmitri.
Olga: I know. Still I want to make sure sheís fine.

Later, Alexandra calls Tatiana...

Alexandra: Are you okay, Tatiana? Maria told me you were not feeling well during dinner.
Tatiana: Iím fine, Mama. I was a little sick, but now Iím much better.
Alexandra: A little? According to Mashka, it wasnít a littleÖ
Tatiana:  Iím fine now. So letís forget it.
Alexandra: Was it really because of that little snail you saw on your plate?
Tatiana: So Mashka told you that too. Hearing her mother laughing on the phone.  Mama, are you making fun of me?
Alexandra: Sorry, but itís kind of funny though. It was just a snail.
Tatiana: Well, I didnít feel sick before Olga opened her mouth. Apparently Maria skipped that part of the story.
Alexandra: What did she say?
Tatiana: She made quite a speech about mucus and its taste. I begged her to shut up, but she didnít want to listen.
Alexandra: What about that spice story with Anastasia? It was a bit cruel to put it on her plate.
Tatiana: Yes, I know, but seeing the look on her face, it was priceless! Iím sure now she would think twice before doing any more pranks.
Alexandra: Sure. If you donít count the snail.
Tatiana: Okay, you got a point. She will NEVER stop.  Sighs.  Nastya just may have ruined escargot for me.
Alexandra:  What?
Tatiana:  Nothing.  Just commenting on how sneaky the Imp can be.
Alexandra: You know how your sister is. Sheís just canít help it.
Tatiana: By the way, what do you think of taking a cup of tea together?
Alexandra: Itís a great idea. When?
Tatiana: How about tomorrow after my shift?
Alexandra: Itís perfect.


Dmitri C-B: Olga, can we talk for a minute?
Olga: Of course, whatís it all about?
Dmitri C-B: Iíve been thinking a lot recently.  You know, about Alexei and Kole, itís nice they have an apartment. Just them and little Marie.  I like the idea.
Olga: Me too. Having some privacy when youíre married is important, and this palace is already crowded.
Dmitri C-B: Iíve been thinking of that. Thatís why itíd be nice for us to have our own house.
Olga: Dmitri, we already have one.  Anichkov Palace is a lovely place and all of our family is here. Besides, do you really want to separate the children from their cousins? They would be heartbroken if we move.
Dmitri C: Look, we wonít be far. Weíll choose an apartment close to the palace so that the kids will be able to see their cousins every day. Theyíll stay in the same school, and weíll visit the others any time we want, so itíll be exactly the same as if we were still living here.
Olga: I still donít understand why you want to leave.  Living here has never been a problem for you before.
Dmitri C-B: Yes, but donít you think itíd be nice to be just the five of us?
Olga:  NO! Leaves the room.
Dmitri C-B Runs after her. Olga, Iím sorry, I didnít want to upset you. Olga!  She doesnít answer.  Oh my, this isnít good.
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Alexei and Kole are having a private dinner of their own at their apartment...

Kole:  Did you hear the latest on the Prank War?
Alexei:  No, I haven't.  What's happened?
Kole:  Well.  Fills him in on the spice and snail incidents.
Alexei:  Yikes.  I guess Tatiana won't be wanting escargot anytime soon.
Kole:  I like escargot myself.
Alexei:  You do.  Well, then, we should go to that new French Restaurant that just opened a few blocks from here.  Jacques's Bistro, I believe it's called.
Kole:  I'd love it.
Alexei:  It's a date then.
A knock is heard at the door.
Kole:  I wonder who that could be.  Gets up and answers the door.  Sam is there.  Sam!
Sam:  Can I come in?
Kole:  Sure, you don't even have to ask.  Steps aside and Sam enters.
Alexei:  Hey, Sam, what brings you here?
Sam:  One, I wanted to get out of the line of fire of the Prank War.
Alexei:  Understandable.
Sam:  Two, I wanted to thank Kole here.
Kole:  So you've taken my advice.
Sam:  Yeah, I realized that you were right.  I have to get out and start living again.  Okay, I may not have my powers anymore, but I still have my life.
Kole:  Now, that's more like it.
Sam:  Do either of you mind if I stay here a little while.
Alexei:  Of course not, Sam.  
Kole:  I'll set a plate for you.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  What's got Olga so worked up?
Tatiana:  I don't know, she won't discuss it.
Anastasia:  Maybe we should put the Prank War on hold until we find out.
Tatiana:  Agreed, Imp, but let me tell you that you're NOT off the hook for that snail thing.  
Anastasia:  Okay, I consider myself duly warned.  Now, let's go find Olga.

***Jacques's Bistro gets its inspiration from the 1970's and 80's sitcom, Three's Company.  In that show, the character of Jack Tripper, opens a restaurant called Jack's Bistro, hence the name here, with Jacques being the French version of Jack.***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

And so...

Anastasia: Hey, Olga, what's going on?   What's got you all worked up?
Olga: Itís Dmitri, heís talking crazy. He wants us to move out of the palace.  
Tatiana: Why does your Dmitri want to leave the palace? It wasnít a problem for him before.
Olga: Thatís what I told him. However, if itís not a problem for him now, itís still one for me.  I donít want to leave here.  Yes, we're all married and have our own families, but we're sisters!  We've always stuck together, through good times and bad.  When everything went to Hell in 1917, we stayed together.  We stayed together then, we're staying together now.
Maria: So why donít you explain him that you would  rather stay here?
Olga: He wonít listen to me, heís so stubborn sometimes.
Anastasia: Reminds me of someone we all know.  Looks at Olga.
Maria: Olga, try to talk to him anyway,  Nastya, you know what, sometimes itís better if you donít speak at all. Youíre not helping right now.
Anastasia: But I only said Ö
Maria: Thatís the problem.  
Anastasia:  Okay, geez.
Olga: Right, Iíll try to talk to him when he comes back.


Dmitri M: Whatís going on? You seem rather down.
Dmitri C-B: Olga is pretty mad at me. Weíve just had an argument.
Dmitri M: What was the problem?
Dmitri C-B: Dude, I donít really want to talk about that.
Dmitri M: I understand. Anyway, the guys and I are planning to go into town today. Do you want to join us?
Dmitri C-B: Yeah,  I need to clear my head.

Later, the guys have gone out, picking up Alexei along the way...

Dmitri C-B: This bowling party did me good! Now letís get a drink. Iím thirsty.
Ivan K: I donít think that's a good idea.  Remember last time we overindulged.  Our wives will have our heads if we do it again.
Alexei:  Besides, aren't you in enough trouble with Olga already?
Dmitri C-B: Last time we drank a little too much.  This time weíll be careful.
Ivan S: Okay, but only a few drinks and then we go home.
Alexei: Guys, Iím not sureÖ
Dmitri M: Come on, it wonít hurt you.
Alexei: Reluctantly.  All right, but I'm sticking to Pepsi, if no one minds.

A couple of hours laterÖ

Dmitri C-B: Hic... See! We drank only one bo...bottle of vodka. Our wives wÖwonÖwonítÖ even noticeÖ
Dmitri M:  GivÖ give me the keys, IÖIíll hicÖ drive!
Dmitri C-B: No way! Itís m... me and nÖno one else! Itís hicÖ my car!
Dmitri M: YouÖ youíreÖ youíreÖ hicÖ drunk! You c-c-canítÖ drive!
Dmitri C-B: Ss-soÖss-soÖ are you! And hicÖyou c-c-canít dri-ve either!
Ivan S: Guys, guys, I drank very little, Iíll drive.
Dmitri M: HicÖOkay!  They get in the car and Ivan S starts driving.
Alexei: To the Ivan's. I donít want be the Dmitri's when Olga and Tatiana find out about this.  At least you two were careful.  However, those two drank almost the whole bottle between them.  They're really going to be in the doghouse when they get home.
Ivan K: Yeah, they'll probably have to emigrate to avoid the wrath of their wives.
Alexei: Guys, we canít let Olga and Tatiana see them like that. Letís stay out an hour or two more before going home.  Perhaps we can find a diner and get some hot coffee into those two.  That might help.
Ivan K: Okay, youíre right. Letís do that.
Ivan S: Yeah, itís better for everyone if they donít get caught.
Alexei: I'll text Kole that Iíll be out later than expected.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Gets Alexei's text.  Uh oh!
Sam:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  I just got a text from Alexei.  Seems the Dimitri's overindulged themselves again.  Fills Sam in on the details.
Sam:  I thought they learned their lesson after they got drunk during that reunion with their war buddies.  Their wives gave them the Arctic chill after that.
Kole:  Well, the Ivan's were careful, so they're okay.  However, the two D's are not so lucky.  Alexei says their going to try and get some hot coffee into the two of them before they go home.
Sam:  That might help.  Mind you, there was a time when I could use my powers to cure them, but those days are over.
Kole:  I know.   However, they're just going to have to be cured the old fashioned way.  How does that saying go:  Actions have consequences.
Sam:  Smiles.  Something Olga has heard more times than she care to remember.    How about Alexei, is he okay?
Kole:  He just had Pepsi.  Remember that time he got drunk after I lost our first baby,
Sam:  Yeah, I remember.  I also remember the hangover he had.
Kole:  Well, that was enough to convince him that alcohol wasn't for him.  He hasn't touched a drop since.
Sam:  At least someone learned from their past mistake.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Tatiana:  Where are the guys?  They should have been back ages ago.
Maria:  I hope they weren't in an accident.
Anastasia:  No, we'd have heard something if they were.
Olga: Then where are they?  Dimitri can't avoid me forever. We ARE going to have to talk about this moving out business.
They hear the car pull up.
Anastasia:  That must be them now.

The guys have come in when the ladies see them.  Thanks to come coffee, both Dimitri's are now more sober.

Olga:  Where have you all been?  It's been hours!
Dimitri C-B:  Uh, we had some trouble.
Alexei:  Under his breath.  We sure did.
Ivan S:  Our car broke down.  We had to take to the garage to get fixed.
Maria:  And you didn't think to text or call us.
Ivan S:  We forgot.
Ivan K:  We were so busy with the car we lost track of time.
Anastasia:  Well, you still should have called us.
Ivan K:  You're right, Comrade Imp, we should have.  Sorry.
Alexei:  Glances at his watch.  Well, look at the time, I better be going.  He heads out the door, passing Sam as she returns home.
Sam:  What's going on?
Tatiana:  The guys just told us they've been having some car trouble.  That's why they're late.
Sam:  Knows the truth, but goes along.  Well, I guess these things happen.  I'm off to bed now.  Goes upstairs.
Ivan S:  So, are we forgiven?
Maria:  Yeah, you are, this time.  However, should it happen again, PLEASE call us.
Dimitri M:  We will, promise.
The guys all sigh in relief, knowing their off the hook.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day...

Tatiana: Dmitri, I've thought about that snail incident, and you know what?
Dmitri M: No, but go ahead.
Tatiana: I have strong suspicions that someone helped the Imp. It was physically impossible for her to put that thing in my plate. She was in the kitchen at that moment and couldn't be in two places at once.
Dmitri M: Maybe she put it before dinner.
Tatiana:  Impossible. Remember what Mashka said, the salad was clean when she prepared it.  You would have to be the Invisible Woman if you wanna play with food in HER kitchen.  The salad stays in that room until it's served with dinner.
Dmitri M: So somebody put the snail while we were eating.
Tatiana: The best time to do so was while Nastya was in the kitchen screaming for water. We were all laughing; we didnít pay very much attention to our plates.
Dmitri M: But who did that?
Tatiana: Who do you think? Itís quite obvious. Who were sitting next to me?
Dmitri M: I was at your right, but I know it wasnít me, and the one at your left was...
Dmitri M/ Tatiana: OLGA!


Olga is sitting reading a book, when Tatiana walks in.
Tatiana: Has one hand behind her back. Ha, there you are, my dear sister, I was looking for you.
Olga: No really?
Tatiana: Indeed.
Olga: Notices that Tatiana is keeping one hand behind her back.  What are you hiding behind your back? A gift for me?
Tatiana: Yes, it is. I baked it just for you.
Olga: How sweet. Any particular reason for this?
Tatiana: Just wanted to show you.  Throws the pie in Olgaís face. That Iím not a fool.  I know you put that snail in my salad.  Also, this is also for your stupid speech right after.
Tatiana runs off with Olga hot on her heels.
Tatiana: Yeah, yeah! If you want to catch me, talk less and run faster. Youíre as fast as a snail.
Olga:  YOUíLL SEE HOW A SNAIL CAN RUN FAST! Sprints and is about to catch up, but Tatiana escapes and rushes up the stairs.
Tatiana: From the top of the stairs. Olga, I love your make-up, but I have to say that you put on a little too much of it.  What an unusual idea to use pie as a make-up.  However, you look perfect with it.
Olga: Starts up the stairs. YOUíRE DEAD!
Tatiana: You couldnít be more beautiful.  As for myself, I prefer to stick to more traditional ways.  Sees Olga is closing in.  Iíd love to continue this sisterly conversation, but I donít want to risk my life. So if you donít mind, Iím going to retire to my room. Rushes into her room and closes the door.
Tatiana: From the other side of the door. This is already a revenge. MINE!
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Looks up as Kole enters the room. How's Marie?
Kole:  Sits down next to him.  Finally asleep.  
Alexei:  Good.  So, what's up with Sam?  I notice that the two of you have been talking a lot lately.
Kole:  Oh, that's because I can relate to her.  I've been where she is now.
Alexei:  You mean trapped in the past, cut off from your own time.
Kole:  Nods.   Yeah, I know how that felt.  Of course, it wasn't exactly the same.  When I got back here, I was here to stay.  
Alexei:  Where as upon Sam could travel back and forth at will.
Kole:  Yes, and now she can't.  I supposed that's the big difference.  Sam has to get used to the fact that this is now her time, not 2011.
Alexei:  Well, that's possible.  You made the adjustment.
Kole:  That's exactly what I told her.  
Alexei:  Looks like you made an impact, since Sam has finally left her bedroom.
Kole:  I know.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  It's nice to have tea with you, Tatiana.
Tatiana:  Yes, it is, Mama.  Besides, it's safer for me here right now.
Alexandra:  How so?
Tatiana:  Well.  Explains about the pie incident.
Alexandra:  Oh, Tanya, you didn't.
Tatiana:  I did.  You should have seen Olga's face, Mama!  Laughs.
Alexandra:  Laughs, despite herself.  Yes, I can see that now.  It's nice..
Tatiana:  What is, Mama?
Alexandra:  That the four of you can have such fun now, enjoying life.  Makes me regret keeping all of you hidden away from the world for so long.
Tatiana:  Mama. that was a different time.  
Alexandra:  I know.  So, how are things going to work out between you and Olga now.
Tatiana:  Oh, I'm sure we'll be fine.  
Alexandra:  Good, because I'm sure your father would not want another pie accidentally in his face...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: We need to talk about that moving out thing.
Dmitri C-B: Olga, I know you donít like this idea, but...
Olga: Dimitri, I donít want to be separated from my sisters. We four always lived together, although, right now,  Iíd gladly strangle Tatiana if I get the chance.
Dmitri C-B: Why do you want to do that?
Olga: Because of a divergence of opinions on makeup.
Dmitri C-B: Puzzled. Huh?
Olga: Forget it, itís not important.
Dmitri C-B:  Olga, this idea means a lot to me. However, I donít want you to be heartbroken.  If you really want to stay here, I'll drop it.
Olga: It means that much to you?  Dimitri, if you donít want me to be unhappy, then I don't want you to be. If this is so important to you, I will give it some serious thought. Although, Iíd prefer it if we stayed here.

The next dayÖ

Olga: Maria, can you take care of the children for a few hours?
Maria: No problem. What have you got planned?
Olga:  Dimitri and I are going into town to see some apartments.
Maria: I thought you didnít want to move out?
Olga: I still donít,  but I love Dimitri, and this idea means so much to him. Notices that Maria remains silent. Whatís wrong?
Maria: Nothing. Iím fine.
Olga: Mashka, I know you better than that. I can see youíre upset. However, nothing is settled. I havenít made up my mind yet.
Maria: Sighs. Olga?
Olga: Yes?
Maria: Please take your time before making any decision, okay?
Olga: I will.

A short time later...

Anastasia: Maria, whatís wrong? You seem very upset.
Maria: Itís Olga. She talks about moving out.
Tatiana: I thought she told us she didnít want to.
Maria: I guess she's changed her mind.  She said she hasn't made up her mind yet. However, she and Dimitri are in town to look at apartments.
Anastasia: How can she do that to us? We have always been together, no matter what happened. I canít imagine the palace without her.  They don't call us OTMA for nothing.
Maria: Sam, what can we do? There has to be a way to stop her.
Sam: Iím as upset as you all, but sheís a grown up, married woman. Even if I still had my powers, I would not interfere. The choice is hers to make.
Anastasia: Maybe we can speak to her, try to make her see reason.
Tatiana: I canít believe sheís thinking of moving out. She didnít even mention it to me.
Sam: With that pie incident, you were avoiding her, remember?
Tatiana: Okay, you got a point. However, Iím still very angry at her for that stupid idea.
Maria: I understand how you feel, but if we want to convince her to stay, weíll have to talk to her VERY quietly. Otherwise, sheíll get angry too and things will only get worse.
Anastasia: I donít see how things could be worse. Olga is talking about moving out, remember?
Sam: Mashkaís right. If you want Olga to change her mind, donít shout at her or you can be sure she WILL move out.
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Anastasia: Tanya, I think we should suspend the Prank War until this is sorted out.
Tatiana:  I agree, Nastya, this is serious.  We're talking about a family member close to us leaving.
Sam:   Well, I must point out that Alexei moved out.  None of you had a problem with that.
Maria:  That was different, Sam.  Don't get me wrong, we love our brother.   However, he wasn't....  I mean....
Sam:  He's not part of OTMA.
Maria:  That's it.  We're the four sisters, the Big Pair and the Little Pair, we've always been together, always.
Sam:  I understand.  However, as I said, we can talk to Olga about this, but the choice ultimately is hers.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  What's that you're reading there?
Kole:  I letter from Vlad and Natalia.  
They think of the two former servants from Anichkov Palace, who had fallen in love, gotten married, and then, with their respective families, had emigrated to Canada to make a new start.
Alexei:  How are they doing in Canada?
Kole:  Great, they settled in Saskatchewan.  There is a large Russian ťmigrť community there, and they fit right in.
Alexei:  That's good to hear.  Speaking of moving, I just got a text from Nastya.  Apparently, Olga and her Dimitri are out looking at apartments.
Kole:  Are they really going to move out?
Alexei:  No one is sure, Kole, at least not yet.
Kole:  How are the others taking it.
Alexei:  Not good.  The four of them have always been together, Kole, since they were little.  Having Olga leave would be like losing a limb.
Kole:  Well, from what you've just said, nothing is decided just yet.
Alexei:  Yeah, they're going to talk to Olga about this.   Hopefully, whatever choice she makes, it will be the right one.

***Vlad and Natalia are two minor characters from the original Days.  Since I have no further plans for these two, I've sent them off to my country, Canada.***
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Meanwhile, Olga gets back to Anichkov Palace....

Tatiana:  Well?
Olga:  Sorry, but the jury is still out.
Anastasia:  Well, Olga, I hope you make the right choice.
Maria:  Nastya...
Anastasia:  What?  I'm not saying anything.
Olga:  This is so hard.
Sam:  We need to take time to clear our heads.  I was thinking...
Maria:  Thinking of what?
Sam:  Actually, I was kicking this idea around before I had to go back to 2011. Then I was in that coma all that time.
Tatiana:  Don't remind us.
Sam:  Anyway, I was thinking we should go on a camping trip.
Anastasia:  All of us?
Sam:  No, this will be a women only trip.
Maria:  Sounds fun.
Anastasia:  Sure, why not.
Tatiana:  I'm sure I can get time off from the Center.  Turns to Olga.  Olga?
Olga:  Well, okay.  What about the children?
Maria:  The guys, plus Mama and Papa, can watch them.
Anastasia:  What about Kole?
Sam:  I'll call her and ask if she wants to come.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  On the phone.  Sure, I'm in.
Alexei:  What's going on?
Kole:  Hangs up.  That was Sam, she proposed a camping trip.
Alexei:  Hey, sounds good.  I'll...
Kole:  Not so fast, Alexei.  This trip will be for women only.  No men.
Alexei:  None?
Kole:  Nope.   Of course, if you don't want me to go..
Alexei:  No, you deserve a break, Kole.  I can watch Marie until you get back.
Kole:  Great.  I'll call Sam back and tell her.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  Nicky, I have news.
Nicholas:  What is it?
Alexandra:  Apparently, our four daughters, Kole, and Sam are going on a women only camping trip.
Nicholas:  Don't worry, Alix, they can look after themselves.
Alexandra:  That's just it, Nicky, I'm not worried.  Strange how that is.
Nicholas:  Nothing strange about it, Sunny.  It just shows that you've accepted that they're all grown up.
Alexandra:  Yes, I guess that's true.  I hope they have a nice trip.   They would like us to help out with the children while they're gone.
Nicholas:  Of course, I would be happy to spend time with our grandchildren.
Alexandra:  I'll call Anichkov Palace back and let them know...
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A couple of days later, the women have left on their trip.  At Anichkov Palace...

Alexei:  Well, I hope they have fun.
Ivan S:  Me too.
Dimitri C-B is quiet.
Dimitri M:  Hey Dimitri, you okay?
Dimitri C-B:  It's this whole moving out thing.  Why is Olga fighting me on it?
Alexei:  Because that would separate her from her three sisters.
Dimitri C-B:  And?
Alexei:  And that's it.  You have to remember that, growing up, all of us were kept sheltered from the world.  Lacking any real friends, my sisters turned to each other.  That's why they became closer to each other than most siblings are.
Ivan S:  Family bonds like that can be hard to break.
Alexei:  Exactly.  Even though things are different now, that sisterly bond remains.
Dimitri C-B:  Sometimes I forget how shielding you all were in the old Empire.  
Alexei:  Well, for me, it's understandable,  since I was so ill.  
Ivan K:  We should all count ourselves lucky.  In the old days, none of our wives would have been permitted to marry us, because we weren't royalty.
Alexei:  Just as Kole would not have been permitted to marry me for the same reason.
Dimitri M:  Thankfully, Russia's come a long way since that time.
Alexei:  Yes, it has.  However, to get back to my point, The bond my sisters have was formed in that time, and it looks like that is one thing that might not be possible to leave behind.

In the woods, OTMA, Kole, and Sam have set up camp.  The Big Pair are in one tent, the Little Pair in another, Kole and Sam are in the third...

Kole:  This is perfect.  
Maria:  I agree.
Tatiana:  Sits down by the fire they've built.  Well, all the medical supplies are in order.
Anastasia:  Tatiana, we're here to have fun.  Relax.
Olga:  Just the doctor in her, right Tanya.
Tatiana:  You can never be too careful, Olga.  Remember that road trip we took a few years ago, when you fractured your wrist.
Olga:  Yeah, I know.  I remember how stubborn I was.
Anastasia:  In mock shock.  You, stubborn, Olga?  No way!
Olga:  Keep it up, Nastya, just keep it up!
Sam is silent.
Maria:  Sam, are you okay?
Sam:  I'm fine.  It's just...
Kole:  Just what?
Sam:  I still miss my powers, however, maybe it's time I told you all the truth.  I lost them because of my pride and arrogance.
Tatiana:  How so?
Sam:  The reason I had to go back to 2011 was because some Vampire Hunters were attacking Mystic Falls.
Anastasia:  Where your vampire friends live.  The ones that inspired those Vampire Diaries novels.
Sam:  Yes, that's it.  Anyway, when I got there, I, along with my friends were able to drive them off.  However...
Maria:  Yes?
Sam:  I got it into my head that I could take on every Vampire Hunter I could find.  I turned myself into a one women vigilante force.
Tatiana:  And you began to hunt them down.
Sam:  Yeah, I did.  In so doing, I made myself Public Enemy No. 1 for every Vampire Hunter on the planet.  My family and friends tried to warn me, but I wouldn't listen, I was too stubborn.
Maria:  Sounds like someone we know.  Glances at Olga.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess that's true.  Anyway, you all know what happened next.  The Vampire Hunters laid a trap for me in that building, but I didn't see it until too late.  In no time, they were all over me.  I realize then that I probably wasn't going to get out of it alive, so I decided to take as many of them with me as a could.  I channeled all my powers into one big surge and...
Anastasia:  Boom!
Sam:  That's it.  As you all know, I survived, but my powers were gone forever.  I don't remember much after that.
Tatiana:  I can answer that.  Castiel found you, realized you were now powerless, and brought you back to this time to keep you safe.  You were in a coma for almost a year.
Kole:  Until you woke up on my space shuttle.
Sam:  I guess a lesson was learned, don't let pride and arrogance blind you to reason.  If I had listened, I would still have my powers.  However, I made my bed, now I must sleep in it.
All are silent, absorbing Sam's words..
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Later, everyone is asleep, except Kole, who is outside, looking up at the stars.  Maria joins her...

Maria:  Can't sleep?
Kole:  No, I just wanted to look at the night sky.  Amazing how many stars you can see once you're away from the city lights.  Begins pointing some out.  That's Polaris, the north star.  There's Altar, there's Cygnus, there's Deneb.
Maria:  That is lots of stars.  I can see why you became an astronaut, Kole.
Kole:  Yeah.  I was happy to take all of you into space.
Maria:  That was so cool.  
Kole:  Of course, we can't tell anyone.  Humanity is not supposed to go into space for a few decades yet.
Maria:  Still, it was fun.
Kole:  Yes, it was.  Perhaps...
Maria:  Yes?
Kole:  I might take the shuttle up again someday.  Maybe even fly it to Mars this time.
Maria:  Mars!?
Kole:  Yeah, it's in range of my shuttle.  
Maria:  I wonder what Mars is like?
Kole:  Well, contrary to what many in this time say, Maria, it's uninhabited.  No Martians wanting to shoot death rays, waiting to take over Earth.
Maria:  Like in War Of The Worlds.
Kole:  Yep.  Smiles.  I'm still grateful you arranged for me to meet H.G. Wells.
Maria:  Hey, no problem.  Yawns.  Well, I'm heading back to bed.
Kole:  Me too.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Meanwhile, back at Anichkov Palace...

Ivan S:  Baby Mikhail is crying in his arms.  Shhh...  Donít cry. Daddy is here. Another babyís cry is heard. Oh no, not Irene too.  These two are driving me crazy.
Little Nicholas: Daddy, can you help me with my math problem?  I canít solve it.
Ivan S: I canít right now, buddy, Iím busy with the twins.  Ask Uncle Dimitri instead.
Dmitri M: Maths? Me? Youíre kidding! Go and see Uncle Ivan. Heís very good at maths.
Little Nicholas: Where is he?
Dmitri M: In the nursery. Heís playing with Paul.
Little Nicholas: Okay. Leaves the room.
Ivan S: Thanks for nothing, Dimitri.
Dimitri M: Youíre welcome.
Ivan S: By the way, youíre so lucky. Your twins never seem to cry.
Dimitri M: Yeah, theyíre little angels.
Ivan S: I donít know which way to turn with mine. When one is quiet, the other begins to cry. And when that one finally calms down, then itís the other who starts to cry.
Dimitri M: Iíve been there too, with my first ones. And they were three! Fortunately, these twins are much quieter than the older ones were when they were that age.
Ivan S: The other Dimitri is lucky too, one child at a time. Canít say the same thing for me, you, and Nastyaís Ivan.  Then there are Alexei and Kole, who only have one, so far, that is.
Dimitri M: Yeah. If someone had told me that my first children would be triplets...
Ivan S: Speaking of them, your little Victoria, sheís a real miniature Governess. It makes me laugh.
Dimitri M: Sheís just like her mother. She even helps me with the babies.  She's a real Godsend .

In the nursery...

Little Nicholas:  Uncle Ivan, Uncle Dimitri said youíre very good at maths. Can you help me with my homework?
Ivan K: Why donít you ask your father instead?
Little Nicholas: He canít. Heís busy with Mikhail and Irene.
Ivan K: Alright then. Let me see your problem.
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Soon, Nicholas and Alexandra arrive...

Older children:  Grandmother!  Grandfather!  All run up to them.
Nicholas:  So, how have you all been?
Victoria:  Fine, grandfather.  The others acted up at times, but I kept them in line.
Alexandra:  Victoria, you remind me more and more of your mother every day!
The Dimitri's and Ivan's enter the room.
Alexandra:  So, how are things going?
Dimitri M:  Fine, as you can see.  We're had some interesting moments here.
Nicholas:  I see.  Well, Alix, and I came to help.
Ivan S:  Thank you.  I see already that the children are happy to have you here.

A little while later, Alexandra is talking with Olga's daughter, Elizabeth...

Elizabeth:  Grandmother, have you heard?  Papa wants us to move out of Anichkov Palace.
Alexandra:  I know, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth:  Mama doesn't want to go, and neither do I.
Alexandra:  You don't?
Elizabeth:  No, I don't want us to leave our aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I'd miss them.
Alexandra:  Your Uncle Alexei and Aunt Kole moved out, remember.
Elizabeth:  I know, but it's not the same.
Alexandra:  How so?
Elizabeth:  Mama has told me stories of how she and my aunts were always together, even in the bad times.  How when they were growing up, they were always together.  They were always OTMA to the rest of the world.
Alexandra:  That's true, Elizabeth, but they grew up in a different  world than the one you're growing up in.
Elizabeth:  That doesn't matter to me.  Mama doesn't want to leave, and so I don't want to leave either.  My decision is final.
Alexandra:  Thinking to herself.  Well, Elizabeth sure does take after her mother!
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The next morning, back with OTMASK...

Kole:  Maria, your breakfast was great, as always.  My compliments to the chef.
Maria:  You're too kind.
Tatiana:  I agree with Kole.
The others pay similar compliments.  
Olga:  So, what are we going to do today.
Anastasia:  I don't know about the rest of you, but I think a hike through the woods would be nice.
Sam:  I agree.

And so...

Tatiana:  Let's be careful now, we don't want to get too far from our camp and get lost.
Kole:  Don't worry, I'm memorizing several reference points.  
Anastasia:  That military training again?
Kole:  It does come in handy.  
Olga laughs.
Tatiana:  What's so funny, Olga?
Olga:  I was just remembering how my Dimitri reacted when he found out Kole had been in the U.S. military.  He said women had no place in the military.  
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, I remember.  Then Sam put him in his place!
Sam:  He had it coming.  No offense, Olga.
Olga:  None taken.  He deserved to be taken down a peg or two for those remarks.  
Kole:  I guess this was when I just arrived in this time.
Tatiana:  Yes, you were still at my Center.
Maria:  Poor Dimitri, it took him ages to live it down, Sam knocked him cold.
Sam:  I didn't mean to, but he caught me my surprise.  
Anastasia:  Still, it was funny.  I guess it was his ego that took the real beating.
Sam:  I guess so.
Kole:  Speaking of the guys, I wonder how things are going back at the palace.
Maria:  I got a text from my Ivan.  Apparently, the children are keeping the guys busy.
Anastasia:  Sounds just like them.
Maria:  But little Victoria is keeping most of them in line.
Tatiana:  That's my girl.
Kole:  Governess:  The Next Generation.
They all laugh.
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That evening, they are all back at the camp...

Tatiana:  What's that book you're reading, Olga?
Olga:  Oh, this one.  Well....
Maria:  Why are you hiding it?
Anastasia:  Yeah, what's the big secret?
Olga:  I don't want Sam to see this.
Kole:  Emerges from her and Sam's tent.  Well, she's taking a nap.  So I think you can share it with the rest of us.
Olga:  Okay.  Shows them the book, it's Mein Kampf.
Tatiana:  That's Hitler's book!  Why are you reading that!?
Olga:  As they say 'Know thy enemy.'  
Maria:  That's true.
Olga:  You have got to read this to believe it.  Hitler lays out everything he stands for in this book, yet the German people are STILL going to make him their leader.  It's unbelievable.  
Kole:  Don't forget, Olga, that most people today don't have an inside track on the future like we do.  Writing about something is very different than actually carrying it out.  It's possible that those who have read the book simply can't grasp the concept of Hitler's policies actually being put into effect.
Anastasia:  But we know it's going to happen.
Kole:  Yes, Anastasia, WE do, but the rest of the world doesn't.  Right now, it's just an idea, a concept.  Nothing more.
Maria:  I can see why you'd want to keep this from Sam.  She's already been through that Hell once, and now she's gonna live through it again.
Tatiana:  That's right, a younger version of herself, from the future, will be at one of those horrible death camps.  She'll meet that evil doctor, what was his name again?
Kole:  Josef Mengele.
Tatiana:  That's right.  It still makes me sick to know that man will call himself a doctor.  He has NO right to the title.
Maria:  Once again, we know that.  However, the rest of the world doesn't.  Heck, right now I'll bet Mengele himself doesn't know what he will become.
Kole:  A lot of them probably don't right now.  
Anastasia:  I saw something on television, shortly before we left.  Some German veterans of the war were going around saying that Germany should have won.
Kole:  That's part of the problem, Anastasia.  Many in the German military feel that they were "stabbed in the back" by the government at the end of the war.  If you ask any of them, they'll tell you that Germany was winning.
Maria:  But they weren't.  
Kole:  Yes, but these people don't see it that way.  In their minds, Germany was on the cusp if victory, only to have it snatched away.  Hitler will build on that feeling, only he will have them go looking for someone to blame.  And the Jews will make a convenient target.
Tatiana:  And we know what that will lead to.
At that point, Sam comes out of the tent.
Sam:  What are you all talking about?
Olga:  Quickly hides the book.  Uh, nothing.  We're just talking about getting back home to our families.  
Anastasia:  Yeah, the guys must miss us by now.
Sam:  Oh, okay.  Thinking.  Why are they all hiding something from me?
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next morning...

Anastasia: Weíd better start packing up our things.
Tatiana: Relax, Imp, weíre not leaving until tomorrow.
Anastasia: Itíll probably take a whole week for Mashka to put all her things in her bag.  So, youíd better take my advice.
Maria: Hey! Thatís not true.
Anastasia: Seriously, Mashka, do you have to bring your whole wardrobe along everytime we go on a trip?
Maria: I only have two suitcases this time.
Anastasia: Only two?
Maria: Oh, shut up!
Anastasia: You know, if you took fewer things, youíd to able to get ready much more quickly.
Maria: Yeah, and if you were talking less, youíd be ready by now.
.Anastasia: I have all the time in the world.  Iím not as slow as a snail like you are.
Tatiana: How dare you speak of a snail. after you and Olga did to me.  I donít want to hear that word ever again.
Olga: Speaking of snail, guess what is the menu tonight?
Tatiana:ÖNo! Tell me itís a joke.
Olga: Nope. We all know how much you love escargot. And itís my turn to cook. Itís my way to say thank you for your latest gift to me.
Tatiana: I, thought that after all this time, youíd forgotten it.
Olga: You know what they say: ďrevenge is a dish best served coldĒ. I was just waiting for the right time.
Anastasia: And what about the dressing of the salad of tonight? Mucus, I hope. We must not lose the good habits.
Olga: Of course, it's mucus.  What did you think it's be? Best sauce ever.
Sam: Hmmm. I canít wait for dinner.
Olga: Notices that Tatiana is looking more and more green. Maybe one or two escargots would do you good. If you canít wait until tonight, I can bake you some now.
Tatiana: NO! Now, everyone, please stop with that.
Olga: Laughing. Relax, we were only kidding. Thereís no escargot for dinner. Only spaghetti.
Tatiana: No snail? Whew! Thanks God, Iím safe.
Olga: Only for now.

Anichkov Palace...

The ladies arrive back home.  Nicholas, Alexandra, the guys and the older children are all at the door, waiting for them. Watching their mothers coming, the children are jumping around and screaming in delight.

Dimitri C-B: We're so happy that youíre back. We missed you a lot.
Olga: We missed you too.
Dmitri M: One more day and Ivan would have gone mad with his twins.
Ivan S: We were all very busy, except you, Tatiana. To Tatiana. Dmitri spent the whole time in his chair, as if he were on holidays, while your little Victoria was doing the job for him.
Tatiana: I hope that's not true, Dimitri.
Dmitri M: No, of course not, my little Goddess. Heís only saying that because heís jealous that I had Victoria to help me with the kids. His twins cried all the time and he spent the whole time going up and down the stairs, trying to calm them down.
Tatiana: I didnít think I was ever going to say that, but I missed hearing that nickname.
Dimitri M: So you see, youíre starting to like it.
Tatiana: No, it's because you were always calling me like that. And I missed you so much.
Ivan S: Iím so glad youíre here, Mashka. Itís true that I had some hard time with the babies. Fortunately your parents were here to lend us a hand.
Maria: You can have some rest now, honey,  I'll take care of the children now.
Anastasia: To Ivan K. What about ours? Did they behave well? I hope Paul didnít keep you too busy. I know how much he likes to play with toy cars.
Ivan K: They were perfect angels, really. Even Paul. I told him that his mom was coming home very soon, so he behaved very well.
Anastasia: Good to hear that. So the Angelís children were awful? Funny! They donít seem to take after you, Maria.
Maria: Yeah, yeah, keep talking.
Olga: And what about little Marie, Alexei?
Alexei: Oh, she has been as good as gold. However, she missed her Mom, as much as I did.  Iím so happy that youíre back, Kole.  How was the camping trip? Did you have a good time there?
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Kole:  We had a great time.  It was nice for us ladies to just get away and do some bonding.  But..
Alexei:  But what?
Kole:  Leads Alexei away from the others.  Olga was reading Mein Kampf.
Alexei:  The book Hitler wrote a few years ago, while he was in that prison?
Kole:  Yeah, her reasoning was 'know thy enemy'.
Alexei:  I suppose she's right.  Hitler is our enemy, or he will be.
Kole: I know.  However, she didn't want Sam to see her reading that book.  
Alexei:  Well, out of all of us, Sam is the only one who's really had experience with those guys.  I mean we've bumped into a brownshirt or two.
Kole:  Smiles.  Like that one you punched out in Berlin.
Alexei:  Yeah, that felt great.  However, Sam has had much worse experience with them.
Kole:  And now she's going to have to face them again, and this time without her powers.  
Alexei:  So you can see why Olga would keep this from her.  And so should we.
Kole:  I agree.
Sam:  Appears on scene.  What are you two whispering about over here?
Kole:  Oh nothing.  I was just telling Alexei that I missed him.
Sam:  Oh, okay.  
Alexei:  Anyway, Kole, little Marie was very good and...

Back with the others...

Nicholas:  Well, since the girls are back, your mother and I will be heading out now.
Tatiana:  Can't you stay a while longer, Papa?
Nicholas:  I wish we could.
Alexandra:  However, there is a reception at the Swedish Embassy tonight.  Your father and I will be expected to appear.
Olga:  I guess that's what I have to look forward to, when I become Tsarina.
Alexandra:  Yes, but that's still years away.
Nicholas and Alexandra say their goodbyes to everyone and depart.
Olga:  I better put a certain book back in my library, before Sam sees it.
Anastasia:  Not so loud, Olga.
Olga:  Sam doesn't have her vampire hearing anymore, Nastya.
Anastasia:  Oh, right, I keep forgetting.
Maria:  You don't leave that book out in the open, I hope.
Olga:  Shakes her head.  No, I hide it behind a couple of other books.
Tatiana:  You better hurry, Olga, Sam's coming back.
Olga:  Right.  Hurries away.
At that point, Alexei, Kole, and Sam walk up.
Sam:  Where's Olga going?
Tatiana:  Just to check on the library, to make sure the children didn't mess it up.
Sam:  I'm sure the children wouldn't have done that.
Anastasia:  Probably not, but you know Olga.
Kole:  Say, I'm hungry.  Why don't we all go into the kitchen and get a bite to eat.
Anastasia:  Good idea.  The guys can catch us up on events as we eat.
So they all head off to the kitchen..
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Next day,  Anichkov Palace, Little Pairís room...

Maria: Do you think Olga has dropped her idea of leaving the palace?
Anastasia: Letís hope so. She hasnít mentioned it since the camping trip.
Tatiana: That probably means she's realized she just canít leave us behind.
Maria: If this is true, we need to ask her. Just to be sure.
Tatiana: No, weíd better not speak of it at all. Either she forgot about it or she dropped it. So letís just pretend nothing's happened.
Anastasia: Agreed.
Maria: Fine, I guess youíre right.

Meanwhile, in the garden...

Olga: Dimitri, I thought a lot about what you said, about having our own house. This camping trip made me realize that it doesnít matter if my sisters and I live in the same palace or not. We will always be OTMA, even if weíre apart, and nothing can ever change that. Weíve been through too much together to break that bond between us.
Dimitri C-B: So, does it mean youíre...
Olga: Leaving the palace, yes. Weíre moving out.
Dimitri: Are we really? I mean, is this real?
Olga: Yes, it is.
Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iím so happy you made that decision!
Olga: It was a hard one to make, really. The hardest choice in my whole life, but I know Iím doing the right thing.
However, we just got back, so I think itís better if we wait before telling the others. Itíll probably hurt my sisters deeply, so I have to figure out the best way to tell them.
Dmitri C-B: Youíre right. Letís wait a little. However, Iíd like to call Alexei to ask him for some advice on choosing our apartment. He has been there before us and he can be of help. Iím sure that he and Kole can keep the secret.
Olga: Iím sure too.
Dimitri C-B: Okay, Iíll call him.
Olga: And I think Iíll go see Kole tomorrow to talk about that moving out stuff.
Dimitri C-B: You speak of it like it was a big deal.
Olga: It is to me. Iíve never had an apartment on my own and Iíve never been separated for long from my sisters before. Except when Tanya, Nastya, and I had to stay with our brother in Tobolsk because he was sick, while Mashka went with our parents to Ekaterinbourg.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís not happy memories. Iíd rather forget those awful years of the revolution. However 1918 wasnít all bad. Itís also when we met again, in that McDonaldís. Looking back, that was the best thing that ever happened to me.  
Olga: I remember that day like it was yesterday, and how happy I was when I saw you!
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, you turned into a statue.
Olga: And Tatiana fainted when she saw her Dimitri. That was worse.
Dimitri C-B: I think he was about to faint too.
They both laugh.
Olga: Dimitri?
Dimitri C-B: Yes?
Olga: Iím very nervous about that decision of moving out.
Dmitri C-B: Honey, I understand. Everything will be fine. Itís just an adjustment to make.
Olga: I know youíre right.  I think itíd help me if I speak to Kole about it.
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The next day, Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Olga, what is it?
Olga:  As she walks in.  Is Alexei here?
Kole:  No, he went out to meet your Dimitri about something.
Olga:  I know.
Kole:  What's going on?  When you called me, you sounded so secretive.
Olga:  I had to be.  Listen, Kole, you know that apartment in this building that became vacant when Anya, Sophia, and Sandra moved to London a few months ago?
Kole:  Yes?  What about it?
Olga:  Is it still vacant?
Kole:  Yes, it is.  Why....   Olga, are you going through with this moving out thing?
Olga:  Yes, I am.  I thought about it, and I realized that it's time for Dimitri and I to find our own place for our family.  
Kole:  I take it your sisters don't know about your decision yet.
Olga:  They don't.  Sam doesn't either.  I want your word, Kole, that you won't tell any of them.  
Kole:  I won't.  However, Olga, you can't keep this a secret for long.
Olga:  I know.  So about that apartment.
Kole:  Just a second.  Calls the landlord and talks to him.  After the call.   Well, Olga, the apartment is yours if you want it.
Olga:  Thanks Kole.

At that same time, at a nearby Tim Horton's...

Alexei:  Moving out!?  Are you sure about that?
Dimitri C-B:  I am.  Olga is talking to Kole about this as we speak.
Alexei:  And the others, back at Anichkov Palace?
Dimitri C-B:  They don't know about this yet, and I want your word you won't tell them anything.  Olga and I will do so when we're ready.
Alexei:  Of course I won't tell.  
Dimitri C-B:  Now, we just need to find an apartment.
Alexei:  I know of one in our building.  Tells him about the vacant apartment.  Kole has probably told Olga about it by now.  
Dimitri C-B:  How big is it?
Alexei:  Plenty big.  There will be enough room for you, Olga, and your three children.
Dimitri C-B:  Perfect.  I'll talk to Olga about it.  

Back with Olga and Kole...

Olga:  I don't have to tell you this, Kole, but this is a big step for me.  I've never lived apart from my sisters.
Kole:  I know.  However, you won't be that far from them here.  Alexei and I are at the palace all the time, after all.
Olga:  That's true.  The same will apply for Dimitri and me.  Still, when I think of telling my sisters, especially Tatiana.  They don't call us the Big Pair for nothing, after all.
Kole:  Olga, don't worry.  Everything will work out.
Olga:  I hope you're right, Kole.

***Anya, Sophie, and Sandra were characters I also had no further plans for.  Yep, Tim Horton's, that great Canadian institution, has made it to Russia***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, back at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: I suppose Alexei told you about that apartment in their building?
Dimitri C-B: He did. And he also told me there was enough room for us and the kids. Sounds perfect, donít you think?
Olga: Sure, and itís great weíll be only two floors above Alexei and Kole. Itís not like we were moving to a place where there won't be anyone we know. At least it will feel a bit like home.
Dimitri C-B: So, you see that moving out isnít as big as it seems.
Olga: smiles. I guess so.
Dimitri C-B: So how was your conversation with Kole? What did she say to you?
Olga: Basically the same thing that Alexei said to you.  She told me not to worry, that everything will be fine. And, of course, we also spoke about that apartment.
Dimitri C-B: Since we both agree to choose that one, how about calling the landlord next week and telling him that itís okay.
Olga: I guess you realize that once we do that, we canít hide it from the others anymore.
Dimitri C: Iím aware of that. However, if youíre not ready, we can wait a bit longer.
Olga: No. Kole is right.  We canít keep the secret forever.  Letís make that call and then weíll tell the others right after.
Dimitri C-B: Alright, letís do this.

A few days laterÖ

Olga: On the phone. Okay, thank you, weíll see you on Wednesday. Hangs up.  Dimitri, I just spoke with the landlord. The apartment is ours.  He'll be waiting for us, on Wednesday, to sign the papers.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís great! Now we just have to tell the others. Fingers crossed.
Olga: Iím afraid of how my sisters will react to the news. I do hope they will understand.
Dimitri C-B: Iím sure they will, but maybe not right away. Theyíll need some time to accept your departure.
Olga: I hope youíre right.
Dimitri C-B: So how are we going to tell them?
Olga: I have to tell Tatiana first. She was always the first to learn my secrets. Thatís not going to change now. Then, Iíll talk to Maria, Nastya, and Sam.
Dimitri C-B: I guess itís best if you speak to them alone.  As for me, Iíll tell the guys.
Olga: And weíll tell the children right after.
Dimitri C-B: smiles. Speaking of them. Elizabeth told your mother sheís determined not to leave here. She said her decision was final. That reminds me so much of someone!
Olga: smiles back. I have no idea who youíre talking about.  About Elizabeth, donít worry. I know her. I know how to talk to her. Everything will be fine.

A short time laterÖ

Tatiana is lounging in a chair on the balcony.

Olga:  Comes in. Ha, there you are, Tatiana. I was looking for you.
Tatiana.  Stands up and hides behind her book. No, please, donít do that. Iím sorry about this pie, Olga. Besides, my dress is new and I like it a lot. So, please be merciful.
Olga: Surprised. What on Earth are you talking about?
Tatiana: I know what you want. Youíre going to throw a pie at me, arenít you?
Olga: No. However you gave me the idea, thank you. I'll save it for next time.
Tatiana: Relieved. Oh, thank God, Iím safe again.   So, why were you looking for me, if it wasnít to throw a pie at me?
Olga: I need to talk to you about something important.
Tatiana: You sound so serious. Is something wrong?
Olga: No. First, I wanted to tell you that no matter what happens, weíll always be the Big Pair. Nothing can ever break that.  Nothing.
Tatiana: Suddenly worried. Iím sure somethingís wrong. You wouldnít speak like this if everything were fine. What is it, please tell me?
Olga: Tanya, IÖ
Tatiana: Very concerned. What?
Olga: Well, IímÖWeíreÖ
Olga: Iím leaving. Dimitri and I, weíre moving out.
Tatiana: What? No. Please, tell me this is not true?
Olga: It is.
Tatiana: Olga, are you crazy? You canít leave. You just canít. What about us? What about me?
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Olga:  Tatiana, did you not hear what I just said?  We'll always be the Big Pair, no matter what.
Tatiana:  Yes, I heard you.  Yet, you want to move out.
Olga:  This wasn't an easy decision for me, or Dimitri.  
Tatiana:  Yet, you decided to go through with it.  
Olga:  Yes, we did.  However, as I said, that doesn't change the fact that you're my sister, and always will be.  Besides, we won't be far away.
Tatiana:  What do you mean?
Olga:  We're going to be living in the same apartment building that Alexei and Kole are in.  We're taking over Anya, Sophia, and Sandra's former apartment.
Tatiana:  Somewhat reassured.  That's not far.
Olga:  I told you.  And we see Alexei and Kole all the time, even though they don't live her anymore.  Right?
Tatiana:  Yes, that's true.
Olga:  So you see, Tanya, you have nothing to worry about.  You're not losing a sister.
Tatiana:  I guess I overreacted.  You just took me by surprise.  Thanks for telling me first.
Olga:  Hey, we're the Big Pair.  Now to tell the Little Pair and Sam.

And so...

Anastasia:  So you'll be Alexei and Kole's neighbours.
Olga:  We'll be two floors above them, but yes.
Maria:  This is really happening.
Olga:  Yes, it is.  However, you'll still see us all the time,  like we see Alexei and Kole.
Sam smiles.
Tatiana:  What is it, Sam?
Sam:  I was just remembering the time we all moved here from the Alexander Palace.  
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, and how Papa kept calling every five minutes to check up on us.
Olga:  Promise you won't do that to me.
Maria:  Who knows.
Anastasia:  Look, here come the guys.
The Dimitri's and Ivan's arrive.
Olga:  I take it you've told them.
Dimitri C-B:  I have.
Dimitri M:  We'll miss you two, but we understand your decision.
Ivan S:  So, when does the move take place?
Olga:  We'll be signing the papers next Wednesday.  We'll probably be moving on the following weekend,
Ivan K:  Well, you'll need a hand with your stuff.  We just volunteered.
Olga:  Thank you all.  Now....
Tatiana:  Now what?
Olga:  I to talk to Elizabeth about this.
Anastasia:  Oh yeah, she won't be happy about this.
Olga:  Still, I think I can convince her.  Luckily we still have a few days left.

Later that evening, Kole and Sam are outside walking...

Kole:  I guess you've heard the news about Olga and her Dimitri.
Sam:  That they'll be moving into your apartment building.  Yes, we have.  I'll be sad to see them go, but I understand their decision.  Falls silent.
Kole:  Sam, are you okay?
Sam:  Truth be told, Kole, I'm thinking about the future.
Kole:  Let me guess, it concerns Germany.
Sam:  Yes, it does.  Even as we speak, dark forces are gathering strength there.  In five years, Hitler will be in control of their government.  In thirteen years, they invade Russia.
Kole:  But, in the end, they lose the war.
Sam:  Small comfort that's going to be to the relatives who will lose loved ones fighting the Germans.  Not to mention all the devastation their invasion will cause to Russia.  Gestures to St. Petersburg around them.  This whole city will be under siege for two years.  Nazi storm troopers will occupy Tsarskoe Selo and nearly wreck the place.  
Kole:  They're nothing we can do about it, Sam.  You remember what happened when Alexei tried to change things, he only made it worse.
Sam:  I know.  A fixed event can't be changed.  Still, it just plain sucks.
Kole:  You and I are unique, Sam.  We know the future because we come from it.
Sam:  I guess part of me worries about facing what's to come without my powers.
Kole:  Are you thinking of asking your friend, Castiel, to give you a lift back to 2011?
Sam: Shakes her head.  No.  I've burned all my bridges there.  This is my time now, like it is yours.  Whatever the future brings, we'll face it all together.  All of you are the only family I have now, I could never leave you.
Kole:  That's nice to hear.
Sam:  I mean it.  
Kole:  I feel the same way.  I may be from 2071, but this is my time now, and all of you are my family.
Sam:  Yeah, that's true.
Kole:  Looks at her watch.  We better be getting back.  I have to give Marie her dinner soon.
Sam:  Let's go.
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Time to spice things up a little bit...

Suddenly, a van pulls up beside Kole and Sam.  Before either woman has a chance to react, two men jump out and chloroform them.  

First Man:  Careful, Oleg, he won't pay us if they're harmed.
Oleg:  What does he want with these two, Max?
Max:  I don't know, and I don't care.  As long as I get paid.
Oleg and Max load the two unconscious women into the van and drive away.

Later, an undisclosed location...

Kole:  Wakes up.  What the hell?  Sees she and Sam are tied up.
Sam:  Also wakes up.  Kole?  What happened?  Where are we?
Kole:  I don't know.  I just woke up myself.  What happened to us?
Sam:  Seems we were kidnapped.  Damned if I know why.
Suddenly, a man steps out of the darkness.
Sam:  In recognition.  You!
Kole:  You know this guy?
Sam:  His name is Lothos.  Someone I'd hope never to see again.
Lothos:  Mockingly.  Now, Sam, is that any way to speak to an old friend?
Sam:  We're not friends!
Kole:  Uh, could someone clue me in here?
Sam:  Lothos is from my time, Kole.  Remember I told you about those Vampire Hunters attacking my friends in Mystic Falls.  Lothos was in charge of them.
Kole:  Looks at Lothos.  Why?
Lothos:  Because vampires are an abomination and deserve to be wiped out!
Kole:  You sound like Hitler.
Lothos:  Well, maybe he had the right idea about subhuman creatures not deserving to live.
Kole:  Thinking.  The same old dogma.  The names are different, but the hate stays the same.
Sam:  How did you get here, Lothos?
Lothos:  Produces an amulet.  The Amulet Of Hogthor.  It allows one to track down their enemies, no matter where they are.   You see, my dear Sam, I had to pay you back for all my friends you destroyed in 2011.  I thought we'd finished you off in that building.   However, when your body failed to turn up, I began to suspect you'd somehow escaped.  I knew about your fascination with Russia of this time, so I read every history book and document on this period I could get my hands on, and there you were.  
Sam:  All right, Lothos, you've got me.  Indicates Kole.  However, let her go.  She's not involved.
Lothos:  Oh, I can't do that.  You see, when I read those history books, it occurred to me that Ms. Munro, or Feodorovna, or whatever she calls herself, here just appears out of nowhere in 1925.  It's like she fell out of the sky.
Kole: Thinking.  That's not too far from the truth.
Lothos:  So I began to suspect that she, like you, came from the future.  Turns to Kole.  Is that right?
Kole:  Go to Hell!
Lothos:  I'll take that as a yes.  Turns back to Sam.  So, why don't you try and escape.  Go on, Sam, try it!
Sam says nothing.
Lothos:  So, the rumours are true.  You've lost all your powers.   Your just another human now.   This is wonderful!
Sam:  If that is the case, Lothos, when why did you go through all this trouble to kidnap us?
Lothos:  Because of the knowledge both of you have in your heads.  There are certain people in Germany who would LOVE to get a hold of you two and pick your brains.  
Kole:  Let me guess, Hitler and his goons.
Lothos:  Correct.  With your knowledge of the future, of the coming war, I'm sure they'll pay me handsomely for you two.  Now, if you two will excuse me, I have phone calls to make.  Leaves the room.
Kole:  Okay, this guy is crazy.  He's talking about messing up history, not to mention the two of us!
Sam:  I know.  We better try and get free before he gets back...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, in the nursery...

Olga: Alexander, can you go see your father? He has something to tell you.
Alexander: Do I really have to go now, Mama? Iíd like to continue playing.
Olga: Yes, please go, darling.
Alexander: Sighs. Okay. Exits the room.
Elizabeth: What is it, Mama? You want to talk to me, donít you?
Olga: Yes, youíre right, sweetheart. You see, I need your help about something.
Elizabeth: Iíll be glad to help you, Mama. What do you want me to do?
Olga: Your father and I would like to move out. We like an apartment we found, itís two floors above Uncle Alexei and Aunt Koleís. I need your advice about it. Would you like to go there with me, on Wednesday, to tell me what you think of it?
Elizabeth: You donít really want to move, Mama, do you? You said you donít. And I want to stay here.
Olga: I know you want to stay here because of me.  However, moving out isnít a problem for me anymore. And not for your aunts either. Actually, Iím very happy to go.
Elizabeth: Really?
Olga: Yes, itís true.  I can promise you one thing, living there will be exactly the same as living here. And do you know why? Itís because weíll visit the others all of the time.
Elizabeth: Laughing. Then I donít see why you want to move out.
Olga: Laughing too. Now that you say that, I begin to wonder too. So, are you going to help me about the apartment?
Elizabeth: Yes, of course, Mama.
Olga: Smiling. I guess that means moving out doesnít bother you anymore.
Elizabeth: No, it doesnít. Actually, Iím very excited to go with you on Wednesday. Are you going to bring Alexander too? Iíd prefer if it was just me, you, and Daddy. The baby can come too.
Olga: Why donít you want Alexander to go with us?
Elizabeth: Heís so irritating. The other day, when you went to see Uncle Alexei and Aunt Kole, he stole my dolls.  He said that if I wanted to see them again, I would have to play with him. And because I didnít want to, we argued. Alexandra sided with me, and Dimitri sided with Alexander. We were all fighting until Aunt Nastya came and separated us. We were all punished. All because of him. Heís really stupid!
Olga: I see.
Elizabeth: So, I donít want him to come.
Olga: Elizabeth, I understand youíre mad at him, but he only wanted to have a little fun. Now do you want to make me happy, darling? Please, make peace with your brother.
Elizabeth: With a deep sigh. Alright, Iíll do it. Thinking to herself.  I still think heís an idiot.

That evening, OTMA and the guys are in the living room, having a discussionÖ

Olga: Sits on the couch. I spoke to Elizabeth and the problem is solved. I told you Iíd convince her.
Dimitri C-B: Oh, I had no doubt about it.  
The phone rings.
Maria: Answers it. Yes, hello?
Alexei. On the phone. Itís Alexei. Is Kole there? She was supposed to be back for dinner but itís almost nine oíclock, and she still hasn't arrived home.  Sam was coming with her and she's not here either!
Maria: Thatís strange. She and Sam left the palace for your place around 6 oíclock.  They should have been there hours ago.
Alexei: Iím sure something has happened to them. Kole would have told me if she had planned to do something tonight. I tried to call her phone, but I keep getting her voice mail.   I tried to get Sam, but she's not picking up either.
Maria: Hey, wait a minute. Looks out the window. Alexei, Koleís car is still here.
Alexei: What?
Maria: Her car is still parked in the street.
Alexei: I heard you. So, that means they never left the palace.
Maria: Iím sure of one thing, theyíre not still here. I saw them leaving.
Alexei: Getting angry. Did you see what time is it? Iíve told you, Kole and Sam should have been here for dinner.  That's almost three hours ago!   So why are they not here? And why donít they pick up their phones?  Iím certain something has happened to them. Iíll call the police.
Maria: Calm down, okay? You may be right, maybe they had an accident of some kind.
Alexei:  And they didn't call any of us?  I don't think so.
Maria: What are you thinking?
Alexei: I'm imagining the worst. Remember that Ripper story with Tatiana? Iím very worried, Mashka.
Maria: I understand. I'm starting to worry too. Okay, call the police. The others and I will search in and around the palace.
Alexei: Call me if you find something. Iíll stay here in case they come back. Hangs up.
Anastasia: That was Alexei, on the phone, wasnít it? Whatís wrong?
Maria: Kole and Sam have disappeared. Alexei thinks something has happened to them.  Kole's car is still in the street, so they canít be that far.
Ivan K: Oh, my God! Okay, letís go.
Ivan S: You ladies stay here. Itís safer. The guys are I will do the search.
Tatiana: No way.  What if they need medical help?
Dimitri M:  Good point.
Maria: Weíll come with you, whether you like or not.
Olga: Yeah, ditto.
Anastasia: Someone has to stay here, to look after the kids.
They all look at each other.
Anastasia: Maria, maybeÖ
Maria: Donít look at me. Iím coming.
Tatiana: Me too.
Olga: Alright, alright, Iím staying.
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Back with Kole and Sam...

The two women have managed to maneuver themselves back to back, and are working at freeing themselves.

Kole:  I think my ropes are loosening.
Sam:  Mine too.
Kole:  What do you think Lothos is up to right now?
Sam:  I would imagine he's trying to get in touch with the Nazis and make some kind of arrangement to hand the two of us over to them.
Kole:  He sure does spew some of the same vile as them.
Sam:  Well, Kole, Vampire Hunters share a lot in common with the Nazis.  Namely, they hate anyone who does not conform to their warped sense of what is normal.
Kole:  Who are they to dictate what is normal?  If you ask me, THEY'RE the ones who aren't normal.  Hating people just because they're different than they are.
Sam:  I couldn't agree more, Kole.   Wiggles around a bit.  I think I'm almost free.
Kole:   Me too.  Let's keep at it.

Anickov Palace...

Olga:  Sees the others return.  Well?
Maria:  Nothing.  We searched for blocks all around, but there is no sign of Kole or Sam anywhere.
Olga:  Alexei called again.  He's freaking out.
Dimitri C-B:  I can't blame him.  I think I speak for all the guys when I say that if one of you suddenly went missing, we'd freak out too.
Ivan K:  You can say that again.
At the point, Nicholas and Alexandra arrive.
Tatiana:  Mama?  Papa?  When did you get here?
Alexandra:  Just now.  Alexei called us and told us what happened.
Nicholas:  I've been in touch with the police.  Apparently, they've found some witnesses who saw what happened.
Olga:  What did happen?
Nicholas:  According to the witness reports, Kole and Sam were walking down the street, when a van pulled up beside them.  Two men got out the van, chloroformed Kole and Sam, loaded them into the van, and drove away.
Alexandra:  The witnesses themselves were too far away to intervene, but they did get a good look at the two men.  The police are investigating the witness descriptions now.
Tatiana:  So they were kidnapped.  
Nicholas:  It would seem so.  Still, it's odd that there haven't been any ransom demands.
Anastasia:  Unless whomever had them kidnapped had another agenda.
Maria:  I know that look, Nastya, you're in detective mode again.
Anastasia:  I am.  I think we're all overlooking one important fact.  What is the one thing Kole and Sam have in common?
Olga:  Snaps her fingers.  They're from the future!
Anastasia:  Exactly.  The two people in our family who come from the future are kidnapped at the same time?  Coincidence?  I think not!
Alexandra:  But only we in the family know that.  You're not thinking that someone in our family did it.
Anastasia:  No, Mama, I'm thinking that whomever kidnapped them, or hired those two guys to kidnap them, is also from the future.  
Tatiana:  I see where Nastya is going with this.  Since Sam was the one with enemies in the future, I'm willing to bet one of them is responsible.  
Olga:  One of them must have found a way to travel back in time to now.   Still, why did they take Kole?  She had nothing to do with what Sam did in 2011, since she's from sixty years farther into the future.
Anastasia:  I'm thinking it's because both Kole and Sam have knowledge of the future.  There are people out there who would love to have access to that knowledge, like the outcome of a coming war.  Since the kidnapper is also from the future, he, or she, would know that.
Maria:  If you're right, Nastya, we have to find Kole and Sam and we have to find them fast!
Anastasia:  Right, let's get busy.
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Just then, Nicholas gets a call...

Nicholas:  Yes?  Excellent.  I'll tell the others.  Hangs up.
Alexandra:  What is it, Nicky?
Nicholas:  The police got a match on the two men who kidnapped Kole and Sam, based on witness descriptions.
Olga:  Who are they?
Nicholas:  Oleg Karkhov and Max Brailsky.  Apparently, they're a couple of thugs for hire.  They'll do any criminal job, as long as they're paid for it.
Maria:  So someone hired them to kidnap Kole and Sam.
Anastasia:  And I bet that someone is the person from the future we were talking about.

Back with Kole and Sam...

Kole:  That's it, we're free!  
Sam:  Yeah, those ropes were beginning to hurt.
The two women creep to the door and peek out.
Kole:  No one seems to be around.
Sam:  Think we can slip out without being seen.  At least get our bearings.
Kole:  I hope so.  Let's go.

Meanwhile, Lothos has managed to get in touch with Hitler...

Hitler:  Voice on the phone.  Yes?  Who is this?
Lothos:  My name is Lothos.  You don't know me, Mr. Hitler, but I'm a believer in what you're trying to accomplish.  I believe the world would be better off if some people, and races, were eliminated.
Hitler:  Get to the point, Mr. Lothos, I'm a busy man.
Lothos:  What would you say if I could deliver to you the means to see into the future.  You could know of events, years before they happen.
Hitler:  Is this some sort of joke?
Lothos:  No joke, Mr. Hitler.  I have, uh, merchandise that can see the future.  I guarantee it.  Just let me show you, you have nothing to lose.
Hitler:  Very well, but this better not be a trick.
Lothos:  I assure you, it isn't.
Hitler:  Are you familiar with the town of Gleiwitz?
Lothos:  It's a town on the German-Polish border.
Hitler:  Yes.  Be there in twelve hours.  I'll have men waiting.  Hangs up.
Lothos:  Excellent.  Oleg!
Oleg:  Comes into the room.  Yes?
Lothos:  Tell Max to fuel up the van, we're going on a road trip.  You go get our two guests ready.
Oleg:  Right.  He leaves the room, but soon returns.  They're gone!
Lothos:  WHAT!?
Oleg:  They got loose and escaped.
Lothos:  Damn!  Oleg, get Max and FIND THEM!!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Hearing a knock at the door, Anastasia opens it and sees Alexei on the doorstep, holding baby Marie.
Anastasia: Alexei, what are you doing here?
Alexei: Iím fed up of waiting for the police to do their job.  I came here to take matters into my own hands.
Olga: The police already found the names of the kidnappers, soÖ
Alexei: Yeah, I know. Papa told me.
Olga: So, you can see theyíre doing something.
Alexei: I only see they still havenít found Kole and Sam. And that's the only thing that matters to me. Who cares about the #$ß*&% names of those guys?
Tatiana: Those #$ß*&% names, as you say, will help the police to find out where Kole and Sam are being kept prisoner. Now, please, keep your cool. Losing your temper is useless.
Anastasia: Guys, remember what I said a few moments ago.  About people whoíd love to know the future and especially the outcome of a certain war we know is coming.
Maria: Yes. And?
Anastasia: The guy who ordered Sam and Koleís kidnapping is from the future. And he is an enemy of Sam, which means he is an enemy of vampires and other such beings. Iím 100% sure heís a Vampire Hunter. For these kind of guys, vampires and supernatural creatures are subhuman. Doesnít that remind you of anything? Who do you think he will go and see first to try and sell his ďmerchandiseĒ?
Tatiana: No idea.
Olga: Neither do I.
Anastasia: Sometimes, Iím fed up of being the cleverest of you all.
Olga: Youíre not.
Maria: Nastya, go on, please.
Anastasia: He will try to make a deal with Hitler.  Those two would get along nicely.  They have the same kind of stupid ideology.
Maria: Youíre right. There's a good chance that the kidnapper, whoever he is, will try to get in touch with him.
Anastasia: Maybe he already has.
Alexei: I think youíre right too, Nastya. Thanks for your help. Now go tell Papa and Mama. I need to leave right now.
Olga: Where are you going?
Alexei: Making sure what Nastya just said is not going to happen.  No way in Hell am I letting the Nazis get their hands on Kole and Sam, not if I can prevent it.
Tatiana: But you donít even know where Kole and Sam are.
Alexei: I donít care, I will find them if I have to search all of Russia. Nastya, can you take care of Marie while Iím gone?
Maria: Youíre out of your mind. Even if you find them, which you probably wonít, how will you be able to rescue them?
Alexei: I have this. Shows them a gun. And you can be sure I'll use it if I have to.
Tatiana: Youíre crazy. Hey wait! Alexei passes by and heads out.  They hear his car driving off.  .
Anastasia: IVAN! Do something! Our brother is not thinking straight.
Ivan K: Donít worry, weíll stop him.
The two Dís and the Ivan's get in a car and drive off in pursuit of Alexei.
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Back with Kole and Sam...

Kole:  Are you sure this is the way out?
Sam:  No, I'm not sure of anything.  All these twists and turns.
Kole:  Also, we were both unconscious when we were brought here.
Sam:  Yeah and....   Shhhhh!  Someone's coming.
The two women peek around a corner and see Oleg coming down the hall towards them.
Oleg:  Yoo hoo!  Oh ladies, where are you? Draws a gun.  Don't make this any harder than it should be.
Kole:  Whispering.  He didn't see us.
Sam:  Excellent, we can use that.
Oleg:  Come out, come out, wherever you are!
He walks past where Kole and Sam are hiding.  Sam delivers a blow to the solar plexus and Kole karate chops him.  Oleg drops to the floor, out cold.
Kole:  Picks up the gun.  I guess he didn't count on my military training and your self defense moves.
Sam:  I guess Lothos didn't tell him and his buddy the full truth about us.  
Kole:  Speaking of which...

Soon after, we see Max going slowly another hallway..

Max:  Oleg?  Where are you? Keeps looking for Oleg and thus doesn't see Kole and Sam come up behind him.  They take care of him quickly.
Sam:  Picks up Max's gun.  Now we're both armed.
Kole:  Right.  So what's our next move?
Sam:  You find the way out of here, Kole.  
Kole:  What about you?
Sam:  I'm going to find Lothos.  I have unfinished business with him.
Kole:  Are you sure that's wise, Sam.  
Sam:  Don't worry, Kole.  I may not have my powers anymore, but I have this.  Holds up the gun.  Lothos is as human as we are.
Kole:  Okay, Sam, but be careful.
Sam:  Don't worry, I will.

Soon after, Kole finds her way outside.  She notices a sign on the building ANCHOR MUNITIONS.  She then checks her phone and sees all the missed calls from Alexei.  She phones him.

Alexei:  Voice on phone.  Kole, thank God!  I've been worried sick!
Kole:  Sam and I just escaped.  They had us tied up.  Goes on to describe the escape.
Alexei:  Is she with you?
Kole:  No, she's gone back to deal with Lothos, he's the guy who had us kidnapped
Alexei: Where are you?
Kole:  I'm outside a building called Anchor Munitions.  Apparently that's where Lothos was holding us.
Alexei:  I know the building, it was a munitions factory during the war.  It's been derelict for years.  It's only a few miles outside St. Petersburg.  I'll be there in about twenty minutes.
Kole:  You'll be....  What?
Alexei:  I decided to try and find you myself, Kole.  I got tired of waiting for the police.  
Kole:  Where's Marie.  Surely you didn't bring her with you.
Alexei:  No, I left her with my sisters.  
Kole:  Maybe you should call them.
Alexei:  I will.

Soon after, Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  I just heard from Alexei.
Tatiana:  Has he come to his senses and decided to come home?
Anastasia:  No, he had good news.  He got a call from Kole.  Goes on to describe the call.
Nicholas:  I'll call the police and inform them as to where Lothos and his two hired goon can be found.

Meanwhile, Sam is still looking for Lothos, when...

Lothos:  Steps out of the shadows, holding a gun.  Hold it right there, Sam!
Sam:   Holds up her own gun.  I'm armed too, Lothos.  Kole and I took care of your hired thugs.
Lothos:  Well, now, looks like we got ourselves an old fashioned stand off...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back with AlexeiÖ

The guys have managed to overtake him and are now blocking his car, forcing him to stop
Alexei: Let me pass! Kole and Sam need me.
Ivan K: No way! You are coming home with us right now.
Dimitri M: You canít look for them all by yourself. You donít even know where they are. Let the police do their job.
Ivan S: Be reasonable, donít force us to convince you the hard way.
Alexei: Obviously, your wives didnít tell you. Odd, since I phoned them not too long ago.
Dimitri C-B: What are you talking about? They asked us to bring you home, and thatís what we're doing.
Alexei: Listen, I know where Kole and Sam are.  It's a building called Anchor Munitions. We need to get there quickly.  If you guys want to wait for the police, fine. Iíll go there alone. Donít try to stop me.
Ivan K: But how do you know where they are?
Alexei: I got a call from Kole a few moments ago.  She and Sam were tied up, but they managed to escape.  So will you help me or not?
Dimitri M: Iím coming with you.
Ivan K: I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say us too.
Alexei: Thanks. Do any of you have any guns? I only have one.
Dimitri C-B: We have one in our car. Still not enough, but weíll manage anyway.

Anichkov PalaceÖ

Maria: Iím going crazy, waiting like that.
Anastasia: Me too. What are the police doing? Do you think they have arrested that Lothos guy yet?
Maria: I have no idea.
Anastasia: Iím going to call them.
Marie: You just did so, not five minutes ago.
Anastasia: I know, but this waiting is unbearable. Phones the police.  Hello, still no news of Kole and Sam? Hangs up. No, no news at all. And the police are getting fed up of me calling.
Maria: Perhaps Alexei wasnít so wrong after all.
Anastasia: What?
Maria: Iím starting to think he was right by going himself in search of Kole and Sam.
Anastasia: No, he was wrong. Heís a father now, his little Marie needs him. He canít just leave like that. Can you imagine either of us doing the same thing?
Maria: No, I canít.
Anastasia: Neither can I.
Maria: Do you think we should call him or the guys? Maybe theyíve got some news.
Anastasia: No. If theyíre already there, itís not a good idea. Imagine calling while theyíre trying to sneak into the building.
Maria: So, I guess we just have to wait patiently here.
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Kole is still waiting outside Anchor Munitions, when Alexei and the guys arrive...

Alexei:  KOLE!  Runs over and gives his wife a big hug.  Thank God, thank God.  I was worried I'd never see you again!
Kole:  I'm fine, Alexei.  I'm safe.  Looks at the rest of the guys.  I see you brought reinforcements.
Alexei:  Actually, they originally wanted to stop me.  Long story.  Looks at the gun in Kole's hand.  Where did you get that?
Kole:  When Sam and I overpowered Lothos's goons, we relieved them of their guns.  Sam took the other one.
Dimitri C-B:  Where is Sam?
Kole:  Still inside.  She said she wanted to deal with Lothos herself.
Ivan S:  How can she be so stupid?  Has she forgotten she doesn't have her powers anymore?
Kole:  Gives him dagger eyes.  I would remind you, Ivan, that Sam and I escaped, WITHOUT any such powers!
Ivan S:  Yeah, yeah, sorry about that, Kole.  It's been a long day.
Kole:  No offense taken.  Why don't we go in and give Sam a hand.
Alexei:  Let's go.

Meanwhile, the stand off between Sam and Lothos continues...

Lothos:  You don't want to hurt me, Sam, I'm the only chance you've got.
Sam:  What do you mean?
Lothos:  Pulls out the Amulet Of Hogthor.  I mean only I know how to work this.  I can take you back to 2011 with me.  Just think, you can see your family and friends again.
Sam:  Just a few moments ago, you were ready to hand Kole and I over to the worst butchers this planet will ever see.  Now you want to help me?
Lothos:  Let's just say, I'll take you back, if certain conditions are met.  
Sam:  Ever watch Judge Judy?
Lothos:  What the hell are you talking about?
Sam:  Great legal show.  When someone tries to pull a fast one on her, she points to her forehead and says:  Does it say 'stupid' up here?  Well, I feel the same way.  No deal, Lothos.
Lothos:  Without me, you'll spend the rest of your life stuck back here.  I wouldn't count on your friend, Castiel, coming to get you.  He has his own issues to deal with now, I doubt he has time for you anymore.
At that point, Kole, Alexei, and the guys burst in.
Kole:  Hold it right there, Lothos!
Alexei:  We have you outnumbered.
Dimitri M:  Give it up, it's over.
Lothos: Realizes he's beaten.  Very well.  Farewell, Samantha Cohen, I hope you enjoy the years to come!  HA! HA! HA!  Before anyone can stop him, he grabs the Amulet Of Hogthor and vanishes.
Ivan K:  Where did he go?
Sam:  Back to my time, 2011.  
Dimitri M:  Well, he got away, but at least Kole and Sam are safe.
All:  Amen!
At that point, police sirens can be heard, getting closer.
Alexei:  Looks like the police finally clued in.  
Kole:  I imagine they'll take care of Lothos's goons.  
Sam:  Can we go home now?
Kole:  I agree, let's blow this joint.
Ivan S:  I'll call our wives and tell them we're on our way back, with Kole and Sam both safe.
Dimitri C-B:  They'll be glad to hear that.

***those of you following the last few seasons of Supernatural will know what I mean about Castiel's issues***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

On the way home...

Ivan S: On the phone with Maria.  Angel, Iíve got good news. That Lothos guy wonít be a problem anymore. His thugs have been arrested.
Maria: Thatís great news. We were so worried about you all. Is everyone okay? What about Sam and Kole?
Ivan S: Everyoneís fine. Weíre on our way back home with both of them. Theyíre doing well, just tired.  Kole is asleep in the car, and Sam is trying very hard not to fall asleep too.
Maria: Itís understandable. Emotions can make you feel exhausted sometimes. And theyíve been through a lot.
Ivan S: Sure. Anyway, we should be home soon. I hope there's some leftovers from dinner, because Iím starving.
Maria: We were so anxious about you that nobody has eaten a bite. I didnít even prepare the meal.  I can bake you something quickly if you want.
Ivan S: Yes, please do, my Angel. I love your cooking.

Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia: Theyíre here! Theyíre here! I hear their cars! Rushes to the front door and almost knocks over Olga on the way.
Olga: Hey, be careful!
Anastasia: Rushes outside.  Sam!  Iím so glad youíre fine!  Hugs Sam.
Sam: NastyaÖ please. CanítÖbreathe.
Anastasia: Oh Iím sorry. Lets go.
Sam: Thanks, IÖ
Tatiana: Comes out of the palace.  Sam! Oh weíve been worried sick! Hugs her tight.
Sam: TatianaÖNot you tooÖ.Do youÖ wish toÖ asphyxiate me?
Maria: Joins the group.  Sam!
Sam: Please, donít doÖMaria hugs her too. ..that!
Olga: Sam, weíre only doing this because weíre so happy to see you again. Whereís Kole? I donít see her.
Alexei: Sheís sleeping in the car. Donít wake her up, sheís exhausted.
Sam: I am too. I think Iím going right to bed.
Alexei:  Kole and I, weíre going back to our apartment. I just have to pick up Marie, and then weíre leaving.
Maria: You donít want to eat a little before you go? Iíve cooked something for you all.
Alexei: No, sorry, Iím not hungry, and itís getting late. Thanks anyway.

After Alexei has left...

Nicholas: Is that Lothos really gone? The police said theyíve arrested only his goons, Oleg and Max. So where is he?
Dimitri M: He has gone back to his time, 2011.
Nicholas: But how?
Ivan K; Sam said he had an amulet. I donít remember its name. It allowed him to track down his enemies, no matter where or when they were.   When he saw that he had lost, he used this amulet to return to the future.
Dimitri C-B: Good riddance!
Nicholas: I wouldnít be so sure if I were you. Even though heís returned to his own time, he still has this amulet. So that means he can come back here whenever he wants.
Ivan S: If he does, weíll be ready for him.
Dimitri M: And Iím sure Hitler will think twice before making any more deals with him. Heís probably thinking that Lothos pulled a fast one on him.
Ivan S: Good luck to Lothos if he ever wants to go to Germany now.  
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Alexei and Kole arrive home...

Alexei:  Kole?  Wake up.
Kole:  In a sleepy voice.  Alexei?  Where are we?
Alexei:  Home.  I dropped Sam off at the palace and picked up Marie.
Kole:  I must have slept through it all.
Alexei:  Well, you did have an exhausting time.  I decided it was best to let you sleep.  You can greet everyone at a later time.
They get out of the car, Alexei holding Marie.
Kole:  Is Marie okay?
Alexei:  She's fine.  She's asleep herself.
Kole:  Thank God she's too young to realize what happened.
Alexei:  I agree.  Are you hungry, Kole?
Kole:  No, just tired.  If it's okay, I'm going straight to bed.  See you later.

Anichkov Palace, the next day...

Anastasia:  Knocking on Sam's door.  Sam?  Are you awake?
Sam:  Yes. Come in.
Anastasia:  Enters the room and sees Sam sitting on her bed.  Sam, are you okay?  You missed breakfast and it's lunch time.  Tatiana is getting ready to come up and give you a medical examination.
Sam:  Smiles.  Tell the doc that I'm fine.  I'm just a little upset over what Lothos said, before he left.
Anastasia:  You mean that bit where he said he hoped you liked the years ahead.  The guys filled us in on what went down.
Sam:  Yeah, that's it.  He just had to rub it in my face that I didn't have my powers anymore.  It's the only victory he could have over me, that son of a bitch!
Anastasia:  Sam, we're here for you if you need us.  We owe you so much, after all the help you've given us over the years.
Sam:  I know, and I appreciate it.
Anastasia:  I even tried to help you, when you were in that coma.
Sam:  You did?  How so?
Anastasia:  I figured that perhaps someone in the future could help you.  However, when I tried to go there myself, I couldn't.  Neither could my sisters.
Sam:  Nastya, the powers you and your sisters had came from my powers, and were thus linked to them.  When my powers were eliminated, so were all of yours.
Anastasia:  Yeah, we figured as much.  Still, we miss being able to conjure up movies from the future and visiting your Sanctuary, where you have all those cool animals.  What's going to happen to that, by the way.
Sam:  I imagine my family will take over looking after it.  
Anastasia:  That's good to know.
Sam:  Maybe they'll put Gharman in charge of it.
Anastasia:  Who's Gharman?
Sam:  My son.  He's my first born child.  He's the only boy.
Anastasia:  That's right.  Sometimes I forget you have four children.
Sam:  I can say that myself, considering how often I've seen them.   Falls silent.
Anastasia:  Hey, if...
Sam:  If it's okay, Imp, I'd rather not talk about this right now.
Anastasia:  That's okay, Sam, I understand.
Sam:  You said it was lunch time.  Why don't we go down and eat.
Anastasia:  Right, let's go.  Oh, and Tatiana will still want to examine you.  Just agree and make her happy.
Sam: I will.  

Back with Alexei and Kole...

Alexei:  Kole, you're finally up.
Kole:  What do you mean?  What time is it?
Alexei:  Lunch time.
Kole:  What!?  I've never slept in that late.
Alexei:  You've never been kidnapped before either.
Kole:  That's true.  
Alexei:  I figure we'll have lunch and then go over to the palace.  Tatiana might want to examine you.
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine.
Alexei:  Yeah, but you know the Governess.  Just agree to the examination to appease her.
Kole:  Okay.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, later that day...

Maria: Before Olga and Dimitri move to their new apartment, why donít we all go out to a restaurant to celebrate Kole and Samís return?
Anastasia: Iím down with that.
Ivan S: You can count us in too.
Maria: And what are the Big Pair saying?
Tatiana: Itís a good idea, you can add us to the list.
Maria: Alexei recommended me Jacquesís Bistro, he went there with Kole a few weeks ago.  From what he told me, the food is excellent.
Dimitri M: Iíve never been to a French restaurant before, so itíll be the first time for me.
Olga: What about the children?
Maria: The oldest can come with us, and Iíll call a babysitter for the babies.
Anastasia: I imagine Uncle Misha would be up for the chance to babysit his younger nieces and nephews.
Maria:  I'll call him and ask.
Tatiana: Sounds a good plan. Are Kole and Alexei coming too?
Maria: I sent them a sms and they said yes. Now, I just have to call Papa and Mama to ask them too.

Alexander Palace...

Nicholas: I just got off the phone with Mashka. They want to organize a family reunion at a French restaurant, Jacquesís Bistro. Itís near Alexei and Koleís building. She asked me if we wanted to come. What do you think of it?
Alexandra: Great idea. Tell her that itís okay for us.
Nicholas: Very well, Iíll call her back.
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Later, at the restaurant...

Kole:  While I appreciate this, it really wasn't necessary.  
Sam:  I agree.
Maria:  Nonsense.  We're really glad to have the two of you back safely.
Anastasia:  We had to celebrate it.  You two may not have been born related to us, but you're family all the same.
Both Kole and Sam are touched.
Tatiana:  I must say, the food here is excellent.
Alexei:  I told you it was good.
Olga is silent.
Tatiana:  Olga, are you okay?
Olga: I'm fine.  It just occurred to me that moving day is two days away.
Dimitri C-B:  You're not having second thoughts, I hope.
Olga:  No, but it is a big step for me.  However, I'm committed to this move.
Nicholas:  I remember the time you all moved out the Alexander Palace.
Sam:  Oh yeah, Nicky, I remember too.  You kept phoning us every five minutes, asking if we're okay.
Nicholas:  Well, it was the first time my daughters had moved away from home.
Alexandra:  Nicky, we had to let them go sometime.
Nicholas:  I know, but it's never easy to let go.
Tatiana:  I know, and we feel the same way about Olga.  However, she won't be too far away from us.
Kole:  She'll just be too floors above Alexei and I.   You still see us all the time, you'll still see them.
Tatiana:  That does give me comfort.

Moving Day...

Dimitri C-B:  Okay, back up the truck!
You hear the 'beep, beep, beep,' of a truck backing up.
Alexei:  Me and the rest of the guys are ready to help you start loading your stuff into the truck.
Dimitri C-B:  Right, let's get to work.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anastasia: Olga, where do want me to put these boxes? Tell me quickly, they're very heavy.
Maria: And this dress, do you want to bring it too?
Tatiana: From the corridor.  OLGA! I packed all your icons.  However, I donít have enough cartons for your books. What should I do?
Olga: Donít speak all at once! Nastya, put them in the truck.
Anastasia: Canít. These things weigh a ton, I canít go that far with them.
Olga: Then ask one of the guys. Mashka, what dress are you talking about?
Maria: Holds up the dress in question. This one.
Olga: Ah yes, this one, I'll take it with me.  Hears Tatiana calling her.   Iím coming, Tanya.
Little Alexander:  Enters.  Mama, I canít find my pair of shoes.  I found only one shoe, and not the other.
Olga: Iíll see to that later, darling.
Little Alexander: But Mama...
Olga: Please, Alexander, I'm very busy.
Little Victoria: Itís fine, Aunt Olga, Iíll take care of it.
Olga: Thanks, Victoria, youíre a true angel.  Goes into the hallway.  So, what have you told me, Tatiana?

In the courtyard...

Anastasia: Comrade Ivan, I need your help. Can you come over here?
Ivan K: Right away, Comrade Imp. What is it?
Anastasia: I canít carry this stuff to the truck. Now weíre two, weíll get it there.
Ivan K: No, itís too heavy for you. Iíll do it myself.   Takes the boxes.  Wow! What did Olga put in? Stones?
Anastasia: I thought the same thing.

After all is done and the Chakh-Bagov family has moved to their apartment...

Dimitri C-B: Iím so tired, but Iím happy that we finally have our own home.
Olga: Iím glad too, but it feels so empty now, without the others.
Dimitri C-B: Oh, donít worry about that, it wonít last. Besides, remember that Alexei and Kole are very close. And tomorrow we're expected at Anichkov for the lunch.
Olga: Thatís perfect. I...  The doorbell rings.
Dimitri C-B:  Grins Let me guess. Itís one of your sisters, for sure. Opens the door and sees Tatiana. Oh Tatiana, what a surprise!
Tatiana: I was bored without Olga, so I decided to see how things were going for you all. I hope you donít mind.
Olga: Not at all, come in.
Dimitri C-B:  Laughing up his sleeve.  We didnít expect your visit at all.
Olga: Donít go on about it, Dimitri. Tatiana, donít listen to him. He just finds it funny that we sisters canít get enough of each other. Before the guys left, he even bet with them which of you who would be the first to come.
Tatiana: Dimitri, on which did you bet?
Dimitri C-B: On you.  The other Dimitri and both Ivan's each owe me ten rubles.  
Olga: Iíll make some tea, as Iím sure the Little Pair wonít be long to get here.
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Soon Alexei and Kole stop by...

Kole:   We just came to see how you two were settling in.
Alexei:  Yeah, and...  Sees Tatiana.  Oh no.
Dimitri C-B:  To Alexei.  Pay up!
Alexei:  You just cost me ten rubles, sis.  Hands the money over.
Dimitri C-B:  I'll collect from the rest of the guys at the palace tomorrow.
Tatiana:  Alexei, you bet on it too?
Alexei:  Yeah, and I should have known that the other half of the Big Pair would be the first to visit.
Dimitri C-B:  Glad to do business with you.  Laughs.
Olga:  Oh, Dimitri, you're impossible at times.   Gestures around.  So, how do you all like it.
Kole:  It's a nice apartment.  Of course, we've all been here before, back when Anya and the others were here.  
Tatiana:  However, I'm sure you two will put your own touches on it, once you're settled in.
Kole:  Also, we....  Stops and begins to sway slightly.
Alexei:  Kole, are you okay?
Kole:  I'm fine.  Just a slight dizzy spell.
Tatiana:  Goes into Doctor Mode.  I think you should come to the Center and let me examine you.
Kole:  Tatiana, I'm fine.  Really.
Tatiana:  Who's the doctor here.  You or me?
Kole:  Sees that she better not argue.  Okay, okay, I'll come.
Alexei:  I'll come too.
Tatiana:  Sorry about this, Olga, but duty calls.
Olga: I understand.  I'm sure it's nothing.
Tatiana:  I hope so too.  

At the Center...

Tatiana:  Irina, take Kole to Examination Room One.  I'll be there in a few moments.
Irina:  Okay, Dr. Malama.  To Kole.  Come with me, please.
Kole:  Really, this is just too much.
Tatiana:  Kole!
Kole:  I'm going, I'm going!  Follows Irina down the hall.
Alexei:  What is it, Tatiana?  Could it be something to do with the kidnapping?
Tatiana:  I'll let you know when I find out.

Back at Olga and Dimitri's, the Little Pair and Sam have arrived...

Anastasia:  I thought Tatiana was here.  Where is she?
Olga:  Kole had some kind of dizzy spell.  Tatiana took her to the Center.  Alexei went with them.
Maria:  Oh no, I hope Kole will be okay.  Could the kidnapping have something to do with it.
Anastasia:  I don't know.  Turns to Sam.  How are you feeling?
Sam:  I'm fine.  Whatever is affecting Kole is not affecting me.
Olga:  Then I wonder what it can be.

Later, back at the Center, Tatiana has finished her examination of Kole...

Kole:  Well?  Did the kidnapping cause this?
Tatiana:  No, Kole, the kidnapping had nothing to do with your dizzy spell.
Kole:  Then what is it?  Nothing bad, I hope.
Tatiana:  Smiling.  Nothing of the sort.  In nine months, Marie is going to have a brother or a sister.
Kole:  You mean...
Tatiana:  Yes, Kole, you're pregnant again.  Of course, it's still very early on.
Kole:  I  must tell Alexei.  I just hope he doesn't faint again.
Tatiana:  If he does, that's where I come in.
Kole:  If you want to tell the others now, Tatiana, you have my permission.
Tatiana:  I will.  I'm sure they'll be happy at the good news.

And so...

Alexei:  You're pregnant again!?
Kole:  Yes, I am.  Looks at Alexei.
Alexei:  What?
Kole:  I was worried you'd faint again at the news.
Alexei:  Well, I'm okay.  Where's Tatiana?
Kole:  She's phoning the others.  I hope you don't mind, I said it was okay.
Alexei:  No, I don't mind.  Hugs Kole.  This is wonderful!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexander Palace...

Nicholas: Alix! Alix! Iíve got some great news. Youíll be overjoyed when you hear it.
Alexandra: Comes in. Whatís going on?
Nicholas: I was on the phone with Tatiana and she told me...  Oh this is wonderful!   Kole is pregnant. Alexei is going to be a father again.
Alexandra: This is fantastic news, Iím thrilled!  Has Tanya informed the others too?
Nicholas: She did. And as an aside, Maria, Nastya, and Sam are currently at Olga and Dimitriís. And Tatiana was there too, before she took Kole to the Center.
Alexandra: It was easy to guess that they wouldnít be able to resist the temptation to see their sister. Poor Dimitri, he moved out for nothing.  
Nicholas: It doesnít seem to bother him much. He finds it very amusing.  Apparently he and the guys, including Alexei, bet on which would be the first to go see Olga.
Alexandra: Even Alexei?
Nicholas: Yes. And Iíll let you figure it out who was the first.
Alexandra: Trust me, without difficulty I can imagine who. Pauses. Iím so happy for Alexei. It brings me memories of long ago, when he was still a hemophiliac.  Back then, he never had a chance to have a normal life for himself. Look at him now. Heís cured, this horrible illness has disappeared for good, and he is happily married to Kole. I couldnít ask for more.

The following day, after school has let out, the children are playing in a park nearby, when Sam arrives in her car.

Sam: Sorry that Iím late. Itís time to go home now.
Little Dimitri: Aunt Sam, can Gacha come and play with us for the rest of the afternoon, please?
Sam: Who is Gacha? A boy from your school?
Little Alexander: No, we met him in the park. We like him, heís fun.  His full name is Gavriil, by the way.
Little Victoria: Can he come, please?
Sam: Why not? Where is he?
Little Elizabeth: Heís behind this tree.
Sam: Come here, Gacha, you donít need to hide. Iím not going to eat you.
After some hesitation, Gavriil decides to show himself. When Sam sees him, she has a sudden burst of emotion.
Sam: Oh, my God, youÖ
Little Alexandra: Whatís the matter, Aunt Sam?
Sam: Strangely upset.  No, nothing. Nice to meet you, Gacha.
Gavriil:   Hi!
Sam: Okay, children, weíre leaving now. Do you want to come too, Gacha?
Gavriil: Yep, Iíd love too. They say you live in a palace, is that true?
Sam: It is. Youíll see it for yourself.  However, first, you need to ask your mom if you can go.
Gavriil: I donít need to. She doesnít care.
Sam: Really? Anyway, I have to ask her.
Gavriil: Sheís not here, sheís working. Give me your mobile, Iíll call her. Moves away a little further with the phone.
A short time later...
Gavriil: Comes back. She said sheís okay with it.
Sam: Thatís great. Can I have my phone back now, please?
Gavriil reluctantly gives it back.
Sam: Thinking to herself. That kid is really strange.

Anichkov Palace...

The adults are watching the children playing outside.

Maria: Notices that Sam looks moved. Whatís up with you, Sam? You look like you saw a ghost.
Sam: Itís this boy, Gacha. He reminds me of my son, Gharman. I guess itís because I miss my children so much that I see them in every child I meet.  And since I know about Koleís pregnancy, itís worse. Donít get me wrong, Iím very happy for her and Alexei.  However, when I think  Iíll never see my own children again, itís hard.
Anastasia: Itís normal that you miss them, Sam. Iíd be heartbroken too if I were in your position. Remember, however,  that youíre not alone. You still have a family here, you still have us.
Sam: Thanks for your comforting words, Nastya. Looks at her watch. Oh, itís almost dinnerís time.   Gachaís mom must be waiting for him. Iíd better drive him home now.

The next day...

Anastasia: Has someone seen my golden bracelet? I could have sworn I put it on this table yesterday.
Olga: I didnít see it. Knowing you, itís very likely you put it somewhere else and forgot where.
Anastasia: I could have sworn...
Tatiana: Olga may be right, since your bracelet is not here. Iíll search upstairs and you, downstairs.
One hour later...
Tatiana: I looked into every corner. Nothing. What about you?
Anastasia: Nothing either. And I asked the children, they said they didnít take it. Itís like my bracelet has vanished in the air.
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Sam comes into the room...
Sam:  What's going on?
Anastasia: My gold bracelet has disappeared.
Tatiana:  Nastya and I have looked everywhere.  We can't find it.
Sam:  Well, I haven't seen it.
Anastasia:  Maybe I left it at Alexei and Kole's.  Sam, are you planning on visiting them today?
Sam:  Yes, I was going to congratulate Kole on her new pregnancy.
Anastasia:  Could you take a look for my bracelet over there?
Sam:  Sure, no problem.

Later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Will you stop hovering over me, Alexei, I'm fine.
Alexei:  Sorry, Kole, it's just that...  Well, after you lost that first baby...
Kole:  Alexei, that's not going to happen again.  I had Marie without any problems, remember.  
Alexei:  You're right, Kole.  I'm being silly.
A knock is heard at the door.  Kole answers it.
Kole:  Sam, what brings you here?
Sam:  I came to congratulate you, Kole, on the happy news of your pregnancy.  Also, Anastasia asked me to come over and see if she left her gold bracelet here.  She can't find it.
Alexei:  I don't think so, but let's take a look around.
Kole:  Well, it doesn't seem to be here.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess not.  Sits down.  Congratulations, Kole.
Kole:  Thank you.  What's been going on at the palace?
Sam: Oh, did you hear, the children made a new friend.
Alexei:  Really?  Who is it?
Sam:  A child named Gavriil.
Kole:  Gav.....  Looks at Alexei.
Alexei:  It's the Russian form of "Gabriel".
Kole:  Oh.  
Sam:  I had a little meltdown because of him.
Kole:  Why?
Sam:  Because he reminded me of my son, Gharman.  Gavriil is much younger, of course, but there is a resemblance.
Kole:  Are you sure you're okay, Sam?
Sam:  Well, Kole, truth be told, I was never much of a mother to my kids.  I was always in some other place or time.  I guess I took it for granted that, no matter what, I could always go back to them when I wanted to.
Kole:  I see, and now you can't.
Sam:  Yeah, that's it.  I guess you really never know what you have until it's gone.  Gets up.  Well, I better be getting back.  I'll have to tell Anastasia that her bracelet is not here.  See you both later.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A few days later, in Olga and Dimitriís apartment, while Olga is visiting Anichkov, the guys are talking...

Ivan K: So how is it like, now that you donít live at Anichkov anymore?
Dimitri M: Laughs. Yeah, now that our wives visit Olga and you all of the time? Did moving out really make a difference?
Dimitri C-B: It did. And youíre exaggerating, they donít spend all their time with us. Okay, the first day...
Ivan S: They spent a LOT of time here at your apartment.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, that's true. However, it was understandable and I was okay with it. I didnít want to break up OTMA, just have more privacy for my family. And theyíre not annoying, they understand that we need some space, so theyíre not here all the time. Itís the same for Alexei and Kole.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria: The children would like very much for Gavriil to come back. Can you arrange that?
Sam: Sure, Iíll phone his mom. He called her with my mobile to ask if he could go to Anichkov with us, so her number is saved on my phone. Checks out her mobile. Oh no!
Maria: What?
Sam: I donít believe it! Look, thereís no number, he never called his mother. He fooled me.
Maria: Takes a look. Yeah, youíre right. This is odd.
Sam: I think I know why he didnít call her.
Maria: Itís because she wouldnít have allowed him to come here.
Sam: Absolutely. Now I understand why he didnít want to give me back my phone. He was afraid I would uncover the truth.
Maria: So what are you going to do?
Sam: Fortunately, I know where he lives.  I dropped him off in front of his house the other day. Iíll have a talk with his mother and explain everything to her.
Maria: Iím coming with you.

Sometime later...

Sam: Here we are, itís this house. Knocks on the door.
Woman: Opens the door. Yes?
Sam: Hello, my name is Samantha Cohen and this is Maria Skorokhodov. Is Gavriil here?
Woman: Gavriil? Who is Gavriil?
Maria: Surprised.  Isnít he your son?   I donít understand.
Sam: I donít understand either. He told me he lived here.
Woman: I live alone, I have no children.  Iíve never heard of this Gavriil.
Sam: I guess itís a mistake then. Our apologies, Maíam.

As Sam and Maria head back to the car...

Sam: Iím certain this is the house he showed me.
Maria: If youíre sure about it, then we have a big problem.
Sam: Yes, Iím positive. I didnít enter, I just dropped him off in front of it and left. Oh boy, Iíve been completely had by this kid.
Maria: Like all of us. Remains silent for a while. The bracelet!
Sam: Sorry?
Maria: Nastyaís bracelet, remember? Do you think he stole it?
Sam: No, impossible.
Maria: Why? After all, you searched everywhere and found nothing. AND Gavriil went to the palace the same day the bracelet disappeared.
Sam: Well, maybe. However, we donít have enough proof to say he is the thief.  Iím very concerned about him, he lied to us  all. Why? Suppose he ran away from his real home, or something like that?
Maria: It may be better to call the police just to check.
Sam: Okay.  Before that, however, weíll go to the park where I met him, to see if heís there. And I wonít mention the bracelet to the police, not until weíre sure it has been stolen.

At the park...

Maria: No sign of him here.
Sam: Letís go back to Anichkov then.
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When Maria and Sam get back to Anichov, they fill the others in...

Tatiana:  That's odd.  Why would Gavriil lie to us about where he lives?
Maria:  I don't know, but he did.
Anastasia:  I wonder where the little thief is?
Olga: Nastya!  What a thing to say.
Sam:  Olga is right, Imp.  We have no idea that he took your bracelet.
Anastasia:  Well, it's one heck of a coincidence that the day he visits, it disappears.  
Maria:  Nastya, you may be right.  However, if what I think is right, I might have an idea why Gavriil took your bracelet.
Anastasia:  Which is?
Maria:  He's going to trade it for food.
Anastasia:  You mean...
Maria:  Yes, I think he might be homeless.
Anastasia:  Ah man, if that's the case, I take back what I just said.
Sam:  I agree with Mashka.  
Olga:  How can we find out for sure?
Tatiana:  The Center has contact with a few social workers.  I can ask them to look into this.
Maria:  Good idea, Tanya.  If you don't mind, I'll help with that.  
Sam:  I'll help too.  There is just something about Gavriil I can't put my finger on.  I'd like to get to the bottom of it.


Olga:  Well, I better be getting home.
Tatiana:  Funny..
Olga:  What is?
Tatiana:  Hearing you say that, because I still think Anichkov Palace as your home.
Olga:  I know it's going to take getting used to, Tanya, but we'll always be the Big Pair, no matter what.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  I know.

Later, we see Kole at McDonald's wolfing down a Big Mac meal, when Alexei comes in...

Alexei:  There you are.
Kole:  Sorry, but I got a huge hunger craving for a Big Mac meal.  Ah, the joy of being pregnant.  Where's Marie?
Alexei:  I left here with Olga and her Dimitri.  Good to have them as neighbours.
Kole:  It sure is.
Alexei:  Olga just told me something interesting about that Gavriil boy.  Fills Kole in.
Kole:  So he's homeless?
Alexei:  Mashka thinks so.  It would explain so much.  They're going to look into it.
Kole: Well, I hope they find out.  Now, can you pass me those French Fries...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, back at Anichkov...

Tatiana: I made several phone calls to the social services and police, and I have some interesting information.
Maria: Go ahead.
Tatiana: In their files, they have a Gavriil Baranov. His description matches our Gavriilís,  aged ten, dark hair, green eyes.
Sam: What did they tell you about him?
Tatiana: Heís an orphan. He got away three months ago from one of the orphanages here in St. Petersburg.  I told the police where you met him, and thanks to that info, theyíre confident theyíll find him soon.
Sam: This little guy must be resourceful for having managed to survive on his own so far.
Tatiana: Apparently, itís not the first time he's run away. And heís also known to the police for shoplifting and theft.
Maria: So, I guess he is indeed our thief.
Tatiana: Iím afraid so.
Sam: You were right, Maria, he did it for food. What will happen to him once theyíve found him?
Tatiana: He will be sent back to his orphanage.
Maria: So you didnít mention the bracelet to the police?
Tatiana: I didnít, although Iím convinced he stole it.  The police will let us know when they have found Gavriil.
Sam: Hastily leaves the room. Sorry, Iíve got a phone call to make.

Alexander Palace courtyard...

Alexandra: Nicky, are you ready? We...  Sees Sam.  Hello, Sam. What brings you here?
Sam: I need to talk to both of you. I hope I haven't come at a bad time.
Alexandra: Not at all. We were about to go to Olga and Dimitriís, theyíre expecting us for tea. However we have a few minutes to talk. What is it about?
Sam: Fills them in on Gavriilís story. If he ran away several times from his orphanage, it means that he must be awfully unhappy there.
Alexandra: Poor boy. Thief or not, I pity him.
Sam: It might sound a little hasty, but...
Nicholas: What?
Sam: Iím thinking of maybe..   Er...  Becoming a foster parent for Gavriil, once the police find him.   Silence falls.  I called a social service agency, but theyíre reluctant. They say Gavriil is a difficult child and the previous cases of foster care with him ended in disaster.
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Alexandra:  Uh, Sam, aren't you jumping the gun here.
Nicholas:  I agree, you barely know this boy.  What's the rush?
Sam:  Sits down.  OTMA have their children, Alexei and Kole have Marie, and they're now expecting their second child.   What do I have?
Alexandra:  You have your own children, Sam.  You've told us about them.
Sam:  Yeah, but they're all nearly a century in the future from now, a future I can no longer reach.  And even if I did find a way to get back to 2011, there is another problem.  I have enemies there.
Nicholas:  Like that Lothos fellow.
Sam:  Yeah, and he's not the only one.  Thanks to my pride and arrogance, I probably made an enemy of every Vampire Hunter on the planet.  In the old days, that would not have been a problem, but with my powers gone, it would be like having a bulls-eye target painted on my back.  How can I be a good mother, when I'd be constantly looking over my shoulder.  Besides...
Alexandra:  Yes...
Sam:  Even before everything went to Hell for me, I was never much of a mother.  I was always gallivanting off to this place or this time, to fight this monster or this villain.  My family must have had the patience of Job, watching my children while they hoped I would finally settle down.  Of course, I never did.  I always took it for granted that option would always be there.  I always....  Bursts into tear.  Oh God, how could I have been so stupid!
Alexandra: Begins comforting Sam.  Sam, don't cry.  We'll help you any way we can.

Soon, at Olga and Dimitri's...

Olga: On the phone.  Yes, Papa, we understand.  Hangs up.
Dimitri C-B:  What's going on?
Olga:  Mama and Papa can't make it. Explains why.
Dimitri C-B:  I can totally understand.
Olga:  I'm going to call my sisters and Alexei.  We need a meeting about this.

Later, at Anichkov Palace, OTMAA and their respective siblings are talking...

Maria:  Poor Sam.  I know how I'd feel if I were permanently separated from my children.
Anastasia:  I say that if she wants to be foster mom to Gavriil, we should support that.
Tatiana:  That's if the police can find him.
Olga:  I'm sure they will.
Alexei:  Stands up.  I don't have to say how much we all owe Sam for what she's done for us over the years.  Especially me.  I might not even be alive now, had Sam not cured me when she temporarily had those God powers.  Looks at Kole, who is holding Marie.  I would not have my beautiful wife and daughter, without Sam.  I owe her, we all owe her.
Kole:  I would not have you, Alexei, or Marie, without her.  We have got to help her.
Alexei:  Then let's try to make this happen for her.

Meanwhile, Nicholas is on the phone with Prime Minister Kerensky...

Kerensky:  Over the phone.  I must say this is an unusual request.
Nicholas:  I know, but can you help us.
Kerensky:  If it were anyone else, I'd say no.  However, I know what Sam has done for your family over the years.  I'd be glad to help.
Nicholas:  That's good.
Kerensky:  I'll pull a few strings with the police.  Should they find this Gavriil, they'll bring him to Anichkov Palace, instead of taking him back to the orphanage.  Hopefully, Sam can take it from there.
Nicholas:  That is good news.  Thank you.
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The next day, Kole and Sam are at McDonald's, having lunch...

Sam:  I guess you heard about my little meltdown yesterday.
Kole:  Yes, I did,  However, I can't blame you.  This must be harder for you than we thought.
Sam: Yeah, it is.  
Kole:  Sam, you must know that we're doing everything we can to help you.
SamL  Huh?
Kole:  I mean you getting foster care for Gavriil.  You've helped us many times in the past, so now we're helping you.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Hey, have you all heard.  Papa asked Kerensky to pull some strings in regards to Gavriil.
Anastasia:  How so?
Maria:  If the police find them, they'll bring him here, instead of back to the orphanage.
Tatiana:  That sounds like a good idea.  When he gets here, I can give him a medical check up and see if he's okay.
Anastasia:  I wonder what happened to his parents?  I've tried doing research, but I keep coming up empty.
Tatiana:  Don't forget, Nastya, that when Gavriil was born, the revolution was still going on.  It's possible that the records of his parents were lost.
Maria:  So we may never know what happened to them.
Tatiana:  Yes, that's possible.
Maria:  Well, I just hope we can give him a nice home here.
Anastasia:  Assuming the police can find him, that is.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, in one of the streets of St. Petersburg, two truckers are working...

Man # 1: The workday is over. Finally.
Man #2: Yeah. This day seemed to take forever. They get back into their delivery truck and start to back up, when suddenly in the rear view mirror,  they see a young boy
Man #1: Stop the truck! STOP IT!
The driver brakes, but it's too late.  The truck hits the boy.

Anichkov Palace, the phone rings...

Sam: Answers it. Hello?
Policeman:  Voice on phone.  This is the St. Petersburg Police.  We were asked to call you if we found a certain boy?
Sam:  I guess you've found Gavriil?
Policeman:  Yes, but Iím afraid I have bad news. He's at the Tatiana Malama Medical Center. He was hit by a truck and is in serious condition. Thanks to the wanted notices we issued, the hospital recognized him and called us at once.
Sam: Oh my God!  Weíre coming immediately. Thanks for calling. Hangs up.
Ivan S: Whatís going on? Something to do with Gavriil?
Sam: The police informed me that he is at the Center. He had an accident.  He was hit by a truck and from what they told me, itís serious.
Ivan S: Why didnít Tatiana tell us?
Sam: Sheís not at the Center today. Itís her day off.
Ivan S: I forgot about that. Iíll tell Maria and then we'll go over.  Iíll leave it to Maria to inform everyone.

Soon, at the Center...

Irina: You canít see Gavriil at the moment. Heís still in the operating room.
Sam: Tell us more about his condition. Is he still critical?
Irina: No, heís not.  And all I can tell you for now is that he was hit on the head.  Fortunately the vehicle wasnít going very fast. Youíll know more after the operation.
Ivan S: On the head? How serious is it? Please tell us.
Irina: I canít, I donít have enough information.  As I said, when the operation is over, you can discuss with the doctor in charge.


Irina: You can see him, but for no more than five minutes.
Sam: Thanks.
Irina: I'll take you to his room.

Gavriilís hospital room...

Sam: Hello, Gacha. How are you feeling?
Gavriil: Not very well.  Suddenly realizes who heís talking to. Why...Why are you here?
Sam: Long story. Explains about the foster care.
Gavriil: I donít understand.  Why are you doing this for me?
Sam: I donít know. Maybe because I feel that you never got a chance of having a real home. At Anichkov, I can give you one.
Gavriil: You know I stole something from you. A bracelet.
Sam: Itís okay. We understand why you did that. And we said nothing to the police.
Gavriil: Iím sorry, Iím so sorry. If Iíd known that you were like that, I would never have stolen it.
Sam: Forget it. It doesnít matter.
Gavriil: Still IÖ
Sam: Changes the subject. Tell me, how it was like in your previous foster homes?
Gavriil: Didnít work out. They didnít choose me, they didnít want me. Nobody ever did.
Sam: I do.
Gavriil looks at her in surprise.
Irina: Enters. We must let him rest now.
Sam: Okay. Bye, Gavriil. I'll see you tomorrow.
Gavriil: See ya. Uh, whatís your name?
Sam: Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Leaves the room.
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Later, back at Anichkov...

Tatiana:  Sam!
Sam:  Yes, what's wrong.
Tatiana:  Irina just filled me in about Gavriil being at the Center.  Why didn't any of you contact me?
Sam:  It's your day off, Tatiana.  I felt that you should spend it with you family.
Tatiana:  Yes, I can understand that, Sam.  However, given how much Gavriil seems to mean to you, you should have called me.  
Sam:  Yeah, you're right.  Sorry about that.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  It's okay.  He's going to be at the Center for a week at least.
Sam:  A week?
Tatiana:  We need to do a full work up on him, since he doesn't seem to have any medical records, or at least none we can find.
Sam:  There must have been some records made at some time.
Tatiana:  Yes, but they must have been lost somewhere.  Nastya is still looking.
Sam:  Detective Imp is on the case again.
Both laugh.

Later, OTMA are talking in the dining room...

Olga:  And you were worried you wouldn't see me anymore when I moved out.
Tatiana:  Yeah, I guess I overreacted.  Sorry about that, Olga.
Olga:  Smiles.  That's all right.
Anastasia: Looks up from her lap top.  I think I may have found out what happened to Gavriil's records.
Maria:  What happened to them?
Anastasia:  The building the records were kept in was burned to the ground in early 1918.  No one is sure who did it, the country was in total chaos back then, don't forget.
Tatiana:  So the records were all destroyed?
Anastasia:  Yeah, it seems so, unless copies were made and stored somewhere else.  However, I haven't been able to find any indication this was done.
Olga:  So we're flying blind here.
Maria:  I guess that's why the Center has to do a complete work up on Gavriil.  How is he, by the way?
Tatiana:  He seems to be okay, but we're monitoring him carefully.  He did have a head injury, we have to make sure there is no chance of a subdural hematoma.
Gets a bunch of blank stares.
Anastasia:  Hey, Dr. Malama, could you please give that to us in English?
Tatiana:  Sorry.  What I meant is that we have to watch out for any indication of bleeding into his brain.
Olga goes pale.
Maria:  Olga...
Olga:  I'm okay.  You all know how I feel about blood, after all.
Anastasia:  Is there any indication of a sub... sub....  Whatever you just said?
Tatiana:  No, but we can't take any chances.

Meanwhile, at Alexei and Kole's....

Alexei:  Arrives home with a pizza from Pizza Hut.  I'm back.
Kole:  Greets him and takes the pizza.  I'm starving.
Alexei:  Those cravings again.
Kole:  Begins to eat a slice of pizza.  Yeah, they're back.  Don't forget I'm eating for two now.
Alexei:  I know.  Falls silent.
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  I'm a little worried about his baby.  What if...
Kole:  You're worried I might lose it, like I did our first one?
Alexei:  Yeah, I am.  I know I shouldn't be, but that's just how I'm feeling.  Am I being silly?
Kole:  No, just cautious.  I can't blame you, Alexei.  However, we had Marie without any problems.
Alexei:  That's true.  Maybe it's because of this year.
Kole:  This year?
Alexei:  It's the tenth anniversary of 1918, whenever everything really went to Hell for us.
Kole:  That's right.  Sorry about forgetting that.
Alexei:  Not that I can blame you for that, Kole.  You weren't even here.
Kole:  I know, but part of me wishes I had been.  I would have stood by all of you, no matter what.
Alexei:  That's nice to hear, considering how many felt about us back then.  To most, being our friend would have been a liability, not an asset.
Kole:  Reaches over and takes his hand.  Alexei, that was a long time ago.  Russia doesn't hate you and your family anymore, at least most of Russia doesn't.  Things are much better now.  Marie and her yet to be born sibling will never know the chaos that you did.
Alexei:  The coming war with Germany notwithstanding.
Kole:  Alexei, whatever the future holds for us, all of us, we will face it together.  As a family.  Take heart in that.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexei is walking down the street with Anastasia.  He is pushing Marieís stroller.  Anastasia is holding Paulís hand.

Paul: Seeing thereís a funfair on the main square. Mama, can I do a carousel ride, please?
Anastasia: Sure. Have fun.
Paul:  YAY!  Heads off to the carousel.
Alexei: Nastya.
Anastasia: Yes?
Alexei: Iíve got something I want to talk to you about.  Looks like he wants to go on, but stops.
Anastasia: What is it, Alexei? I can tell youíre worried. Is it about Kole?
Alexei: Yes. Itís... Well...  Since she told me sheís pregnant, I've been having the same nightmare all the time.
Anastasia: What nightmare?
Alexei: Iím at the hospital, in the waiting room, Kole is in the delivery room. Then, the doctor comes out and tells me Kole died while giving birth, and they were unable to save the baby either. Nastya, I know itís silly, itís just a nightmare. Yet, I canít help worrying. Suppose itís a premonition?
Anastasia: Of course, itís nota premonition. Iím going to tell you what it is. Youíre still traumatized by Koleís miscarriage. There was also her recent kidnapping where you were afraid of losing her. After all that, itís natural to worry.  Iím convinced, however, everything will be fine. That miscarriage was just an accident. And remember Kole had Marie without a problem.
Alexei: Thatís the problem, Nastya.  For Marie, we knew everything was going to be alright, because our grandparents told us so.  This time we donít know. Just like for our first baby.
Anastasia: Alexei, I had a miscarriage too, and then I had Paul.  Catherine and Samantha arrived without any problems as well.  So you see, both my miscarriage and Koleís were just accidents.  They were bad things, but itís in the past now. If you talk to Kole about it, she will tell you the same.
Alexei: I did talk to her, but I didnít tell her about my nightmare.
Anastasia: You should. It will help you.

At the Center...

Sam: How are you today, Gavriil?
Gavriil: Much better, although it still hurts.
Sam: Dr. Malama said the pain will disappear in a few days.  Youíll be able to leave the hospital soon after that.
Gavriil: Good to know, cause Iím fed up of being here.
Sam: I'll bring you a few comic books to help you pass the time.
Gavriil: Thanks.
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Later, when Alexei gets home, he tells Kole about the nightmare...

Kole:  Oh wow, I didn't realize it was that bad.  How often have you had that nightmare?
Alexei:  Off and on, since we found out you were pregnant again.
Kole:  Alexei, you know I'm going to be okay, we've had glimpses into the future, after all.
Alexei: I know, but it still bothers me.  Also, there is the baby?  Will it be okay?
Kole:  There is one way to find out.
Alexei:  How?
Kole:  We're going to take a nap, right now.
Alexei:  A nap!?  Kole, I don't...
Kole:  Trust me, it will help.

Alexei and Kole go to sleep, and find themselves in the Misty Field...

Alexei:  How did you know about this?
Kole:  I little bird told me.  Looks as May comes bounding up to them.
Alexei:  Aunt May?
Kole:  She appeared to me in a dream today, while you were out.  She told me about your nightmare.
May:  Yes, I felt I needed to tell Kole.  I hope you don't mind.
Alexei:  Of course not, Aunt May.
May:  They want to talk to you.
At that point, Alexander III and Marie F. appear.
Alexei:  Grandmother?  Grandfather?
Alexander III:  It's good to see you again, Alexei.
Marie F:  To Kole.  How is my namesake?
Kole:  She's wonderful.  You should come and see her.
Marie F:  Oh we have, we peek from time to time.    Being a child, she can see us.
Kole: I've noticed Marie looking into the air at times.  That was you?
Marie F:  Yes, it was.
Alexander III:  So, Alexei, about these nightmares of yours, don't worry about them anymore.  Your next baby will arrive without any complications for you or Kole.
Alexei:  I guess you would know that, Grandfather.
Alexander III:  Yes, information comes our way.
Marie F:  Neither of you has to worry.  Everything will work out, trust us.
Kole:  Of course we trust you.
May:  Oh, there is something you need to know, it's about Sam.
Alexei:  What about her, Aunt May?
May:  Although she may not remember it, during the time she was in that coma, she was here with us.
Kole:  Of courses, this is the in between point that connects our world to the Spirit World.  It makes sense Sam would come here.
Alexander III:  While she was here, she told us what happened to her.  We were able to fill her in on the rest.
Kole:  The rest!?  That happened in 2011, how could you...
Marie F:  My dear, all time is one in the Spirit World. There is no past, present, or future, at least not as you understand them.
Kole:  No, I guess there wouldn't be.
Alexander III:  If Sam wishes to remember fully what happened someday, perhaps this information will help.
Kole:  We'll be sure to tell her.
Alexander III:  Anyway, Alexei, Kole, be well.  Once again be assured, your new baby will be fine.

When Alexei and Kole wake up...

Alexei:  Were we just in the Misty Field?
Kole:  We were.  As your Aunt May said, she came to me and told me about your nightmare.
Alexei: So you already knew about it.
Kole:  Just today.  Why didn't you tell me before, Alexei?  I'm your wife, you shouldn't keep such things secret from me.
Alexei:  I know, Kole, and I'm sorry.  It won't happen again.
Kole:  Promise?
Alexei:  Promise.
Marie begins to cry.
Kole:  Sounds like someone is hungry.  Gets up to take care of little Marie.
Alexei:  Seems I have some information Sam might be interested in.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At the Center...

Sam: Your head injury is healing nicely. Tatiana says you can leave the hospital today.
Gavriil: Tatiana?
Sam: I mean Dr. Malama.
Gavriil: Ah okay. So her first name is Tatiana? Thatís funny. One of her sisters came to see me and she told me her name was Olga. At the orphanage, they showed us a play where two sisters were called by those same names.
Sam: Eugene Onegin, right?
Gavriil: Yes. What a coincidence.
Sam: Smiles. Itís not a coincidence. Nicky and Alix, I mean their parents, named them after the Olga and Tatiana characters in that play.
Gavriil: I see. Okay, Iím almost ready. Finishes folding his clothes. Iím done. We can head to the Palace now.
Sam: Hang on, Iíve got some paperwork to do first. It wonít be long, just some papers to sign so I can assume custody of you.

Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Anastasia, I wanted to thank you. Your advice was for me to talk to Kole was very good.
Anastasia: I know, I know. You just forgot to mention that all the advice I give are good.
Alexei: Grins. Not sure about that, Imp.  Yet if it makes you happy to hear...
Anastasia: Iím the best adviser in the world, everyone knows that. Laughs. Okay, just kidding. So tell me what happened. What did Kole say?
Alexei: She already knew.  May told her about my nightmare.
Anastasia: May? Aunt May?
Alexei: Yes, Aunt May.  Later, Kole and I went together to the Misty Field. There, we saw our grandparents. They told us our baby was going to be fine.
Anastasia: Like they did for Marie. So I can imagine that relieved you.
Alexei: A lot. Itís like a big weight has fallen from my shoulders. And we learned something else, about Sam. She went to the Misty Field when she in that coma.  She was with our grandparents and recounted to them what happened in that battle against the Vampire Hunters in 2011. Maybe we can talk to her about. Grandfather said it could help her recover her full memory of that event.
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Anichkov Palace, later that day...

Sam:  Comes into the room.  Well, Gavriil is all settled in and...  Sees OTMA and Kole waiting for her.  What's going on?
Anastasia:  Come on in, Sam, and sit down.
Maria:  We need to talk to you.
Sam:  Sits down.  Why do I feel like this is an intervention of some kind.
Tatiana:  It might be just that.
Olga:  We want to help you?
Sam:  What are you all talking about?
Kole:  Let me explain.  Tells Sam about her and Alexei being in the Misty Field and what the ghosts told them.  
Tatiana:  You were in that coma for almost a year, Sam.  So it's likely you were there.
Sam:  I might have been.  Begins to concentrate.  Yes, it's all coming back to me.
Anastasia:  They said they filled you in on parts of what happened in 2011.
Maria:  You should tell us the full story, it might help you.
Sam:  I don't know...
Olga:  We insist.
Sam: Sighs.  All right, well...

***Flashback begins***

An abandoned building, a few miles outside of Chicago, 2011

Sam slowly approaches and building and enters.   Soon, she finds herself surrounded by Vampire Hunters and knows she's walked into a trap.
Lothos:  Appears on the scene.  Welcome, Sam.  We've been waiting for you.
Sam:  I see you have.
Lothos:  You've been giving us a great deal of trouble lately.
Sam:  Well, you started it.  You attacked my friends in Mystic Falls.  Did you really expect me to do nothing?
Lothos:  Yes, we did.  Because things like you are an abomination and don't deserve to walk this Earth.
Sam:  You really believe that, don't you.
Lothos:  Yes.
Sam:  Well, I suggest you leave Mystic Falls alone from now on.  They know about you and are well prepared for any future attack.
Lothos:  True, so we'll settle for you.  Heads for the door.
Sam:  What's the matter, Lothos?  Don't want to get your hands dirty?
Lothos: Pauses at the door.  Finish her! Heads out.
The Vampire Hunters start the attack.  Sam uses her powers to vapourize some, but the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm her.
Sam:  Thinking.  Looks like I'm not getting out of this one alive.  Begins to think of her family, friends, NAOTMAA, DIID, and Kole.  I'm so sorry, I won't be there for all of you.
Vampire Hunter #1:  She's almost finished!
Sam:  Still thinking  Damn if I'm going to let these murderers win.  There is only one thing left, a Surge.  Begins to channel all her remaining powers, preparing for one final Surge.
Vampire Hunter # 2:  She's Surging!
Vampire Hunter # 1: Stop her!
Sam:  Thinking.  Too late.

The building then explodes.  Lothos is watching from his car.
Lothos:  So much for Samantha Cohen!  Drives away.

Later, Dean and Sam Winchester arrive in their Impala..

Dean:  What a mess.
Sam W (to distinguish from our Sam):  We're lucky this building is abandoned and in the boondocks, otherwise Homeland Security would be crawling all over it by now.
Dean:  Yeah, but we better not press our luck, Sammy.  Let's get started.
The boys begin the search.  Soon...
Sam W:  Dean!  Over here.  
Dean walks over to see Sam W. by some bushes.  Lying on the ground is the bloodied body of Sam.
Sam W:  She must have crawled out of the building after it exploded.
Dean:  Yeah, I guess so.  This is the super witch and vampire Cas asked us to find?
Castiel:  Pops up.  Yes, but not anymore.
Sam W:  What do you mean?
Castiel:  I mean that in order to defeat her enemies, she channeled her powers into a Surge.  She survived, but her powers didn't.  She's just a normal human now.
Dean:  Cas, you know what that means.  When the word gets out, every Vampire Hunter is gonna declare open season on her.
Castiel:  Picks Sam up.  I know a safe place for her.
Sam W:  Where?
Castiel:  Not so much where as when.  Vanishes, taking Sam with him.
Dean:  I hate it when he does that.
Sam W:  Hears sirens approaching.  Looks like Officialdom is on its way.
Dean:  Let's get out of here.
Both get in the Impala and drive away.

St. Petersburg, Russia, 1927, outside of Tatiana's Center

Castiel appears, holding Sam, and enters the building.
Irina:  Oh my God, is that Dr. Malama's friend?
Castiel:  It is.  Is there a room available?
Irina:  Of course, follow me.  Leads Castiel to an empty room.  Soon, Sam is hooked up to a dozen machines.
Castiel:  She should be safe here.
Irina:  I must call Dr. Malama about this.
Castiel:  And I'll go to them and explain what happened.

***Flashback Ends***
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Sam:  You all know the rest.  I spent almost a year in that coma and now, here I am.
Olga:  You knew.  You knew all along that Surge would destroy your powers, didn't you.
Sam:  Yeah, I did.  However, I really had no choice, I was hopelessly outnumbered.  Besides...
Maria:  Besides?
Sam:  I didn't expect to survive.  Very rarely does a witch survive a Surge.  I guess I was one of the lucky few, or unlucky, depending on how one looks at it.  I'm alive, but I'm forever cut off from my time and family.
Tatiana:  You have us, Sam.
Anastasia:  And you always will.
Sam:  Looks at all of them.  I know.  
Kole:  And now you have Gavriil.
Sam: Yeah, and I'm gonna do good by him.  I'm going to try and be the mother to him I could never be to my own children.   Looks at her watch.  Speaking of which, I'm going to check on him now.  Leaves the room.
Kole:  I think she's gonna be okay.
Tatiana:  Me too.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next morning, at breakfast...

Sam: I guess if I didnít die in that building, itís because I'm still needed here. Although I donít see what Iím good at now, since Iíve got no powers anymore.
Olga: Donít talk like that, Sam.  Problems can be solved without magical help. You and Kole did a pretty good job against Lothos and his henchmen without any powers at all.
Sam: I know, but Iíve always seen myself as a witch and a vampire. My powers were the only way I knew to resolve difficult things.  And now Iím like everybody else, Iím ordinary.  Looks at OTMA. Oh, Iím sorry, I didnít mean that youíre...
Tatiana: Sam, itís okay, you donít have to apologize. We know you didnít say that in malice.
Sam: Thoughtful. Anyway, Olga is right. Things can be solved without having powers.  Now that I look back at the old me, itís true that I was always using magic for every little thing.  I was a bit of a show-off, wasnít I?
Anastasia: Laughs.  Actually I liked that, the way you could make things pop up, books, CDs, the works.  It was fun.
Sam: Yes, it was fun for me too, but magic has to be used for good reasons and only when itís necessary. I used it indiscriminately and I paid the price for it.
Tatiana: Sam, in that fight against the Vampire Hunters, you didnít have a choice. You said so yourself.
Sam: Yes, but I went to confront Lothos alone. I could have waited for my friends to come and back me up.  However, I wanted to prove that I could defeat the Vampire Hunters all by myself. What happened there is entirely my  fault.
Maria: Donít be so hard on yourself, Sam, everybody makes mistakes. Youíre alive now and that's all that matters.
They hear a babyís cry.
Maria: Imp, I think itís one of yours.
Anastasia: It canít be.  Holds up a baby monitor. See, no sound on it. Itís one of yours, Mashka.
Maria: No. Mine are very calm, they never cry.
Tatiana: Thatís not what your Ivan says. You should go and check on them.
Maria: And why wouldnít it be your twins?
Tatiana: Itís not. Theyíre sleeping right now.
Olga: At least, itís not my Alice. Sheís at the apartment.
The baby is still crying.
Anastasia: Mashka.
Maria: No, itís not mine, understood?
Tatiana: And itís not mine either. That leaves only you, Nastya.
Anastasia: Are you deaf? My baby monitor is working fine and there is NO sound coming from it.
Tatiana: You should change its batteries then.
Anastasia: YOU ARE!
Tatiana: IíM NOT!
Olga: To Maria. Are they really arguing about a baby monitor?
Maria: Ridiculous, I know.
Dimitri M: Voice. TATIANA! Can you come here, please? Lili and Valentina are crying, I donít know what to do with them.
Anastasia: To Tatiana. Ha, I told you so.
Ignoring her, Tatiana gets up and leaves the room.

Later, in the kitchen...

Maria: What a fight you and Tatiana had.
Anastasia: Oh, it was just a small one, it could have been worse.
Maria: Donít you think it was very silly fighting over such things?
Anastasia: Yeah, now that I think about it, it was. Anyway, I was right.
Maria: Rolls her eyes. Really, Imp, youíll never change.
Anastasia: Mashka, I have a great idea for today. Itís been ages since we had a proper Little Pair moment.   So what about spending the day together, just you and I? Iím sure our Ivanís wonít mind.
Maria: That's a great idea. Letís go ask them.
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Olga:  So what was that all about?
Tatiana:  What do you mean?
Olga:  That shouting match you got into with Nastya over baby monitors.
Tatiana:  I know, it was silly.  It's just...
Olga:  Yes?
Tatiana:  Maybe I'm just a little jealous of the Little Pair.  I mean I hear them talking and wish I could do the same with you.
Olga:  Tatiana, I'm right here.
Tatiana:  Yes, but not always.  I know we still see each other, but I miss having you all around all the time, Olga.
Olga:  You'll get used to it.
Tatiana:  Yes, but.  Her cell phone goes off.  Hold that thought.  Answers it.  Yes?
Alexandra:  On phone.  Oh Tatiana,  thank God.  I...  Breaks off and is heard sobbing.
Tatiana:  Mama, what is it?  What's wrong?
Alexandra:  It's your father....  He's had a heart attack.
Tatiana:  WHAT!?
Olga:  Tatiana? What is it?  What's wrong!?
Alexandra:  They're loading him into the ambulance now, which will take him to your Center.  I'm going along with it.
Tatiana:  Okay, Mama, we'll meet you there.  I love you, Mama.
Alexandra:  I love you too.  Hangs up.
Olga:  Okay, what's going on!?
Tatiana:  Trying to hold it together.  Papa....  He's had a heart attack.
Olga:  Oh my God!
Tatiana:  They're taking him to the Center.  I...  Cell rings again.  Yes?
Irina: Oh phone.  Dr. Malama, I just found out that...
Tatiana:  My father's had a heart attack.  I know.   I'm coming right in.
Olga:  Let's go!
Tatiana:  First we have phone calls to make.  I'll call the Little Pair, and you call Alexei.

Soon, at Alexei and Kole's place...

Alexei:  So, how are you feeling, Kole?
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine, really.
Alexei:  Still, I should.  Phone rings, he picks it up.  Hello?  Olga...  Slow down!  What?  Oh God.  No, don't worry, I'll be there soon.  Hangs up.
Kole:  Alexei?  What is it?
Alexei: Looking pale.  My father's had a heart attack, Kole.
Kole:  What!?
Alexei:  Yeah, they're taking him to Tatiana's Center.  I have to go there, Kole.  You understand.
Kole:  Of course, I understand.
Alexei:  They want you and Sam to stay at Anichkov Palace and look after the children.
Kole:  Of course we will.  Takes Alexei's hand in hers.  We'll help in any way we can.

Later, at Anichkov....

Kole:  Holding Marie.  Any word?
Sam:  Not yet.  
Kole:  I hope he'll be okay.
Sam:  Me too.

At Tatiana's Center, Olga, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei, Alexandra, and the guys are in a special waiting room...

Alexandra:  Oh what's taking so long!?
Anastasia:  Mama, I know how you feel.  I'm scared too.
Maria:  We all are.
Anastasia:  We have to try and stay calm.
Alexandra:  Easier said than done.
Tatiana comes into the room.
Alexandra:  Well?
Tatiana:  It's bad, Mama.  Papa's only chance is bypass surgery.
Alexandra:  What's that?
Tatiana:  Well...  Explains.
Alexandra:  If it will save your father's life, then do it.  You have my permission.
Tatiana:  I will, Mama.  I have to go and prepare for the surgery now.
Olga:   We'll be waiting.
Maria:  And praying.

***don't worry everyone, Nicholas WILL pull through, but it's gonna take a while***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Soon, Maria and Anastasia are having a private conversation...

Maria: The operation will take three to six hours, according to Irina.
Anastasia: three to six hours?! And how long have we been waiting already?
Maria: Looks at her watch. 45 minutes.
Anastasia: I tried not to show it to Mama, but I canít stand it. We have to stay here without being able to help. I hate that.  
Maria: Calm yourself, Nastya, Papa isnít going to die. At least I hope he isn't.
Anastasia: Tatiana said it was bad.
Maria: She also said that this operation could save him. I have faith in her.  She will succeed, sheís an excellent doctor. Wraps her arms protectively around Anastasia. Everything will be fine, youíll see.
Anastasia: Breaks down in tears. Mashka, Iím so scared. I donít want to lose him.
Maria: You wonít. He will recover. If Tatianaís visions of the future is true, Papa will be with us for still a long time.

Two hours later...

Dimitri C-B: Darling, I'm going over to Anichkov, just to make sure everything is okay there. I wonít be long.
Olga: I canít come with you. I have to stay with Mama. She needs me.
Dimitri C-B: I understand. Iíll call you once Iím at the Palace.

After he has gone...

Olga: Mama, itís been almost three hours we've been in this waiting room. Do you want to take a walk with me? Itíll help you to think of something else.
Alexandra: No, I have to stay here. Tatiana might come in at any moment.
Olga: Mama, the operation can last two to three hours longer. And going out for some fresh air will do you good. The Little Pair has gone with Tatiana's Dimitri and the Ivanís to stretch their legs in the Center gardens. When they come back, itíll be our turn to go there.
Alexandra: Okay, fine.
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Anichkov Palace...

Kole:  Comes into the room.  Well, Marie is finally asleep.  I looked in on Gavriil, he's sleeping too.
Sam:  That's good to know.  How are the other children.
Kole:  The older ones know something is wrong, but so far I've managed to dodge the issue.  How can I tell them that their grandfather is very ill?
Sam:  Yeah.  Gets up and begins to pace.  God, I feel so useless here.  If only...
Kole:  If only you had your powers?
Sam:  Yeah, that's right.  If only I had my powers.
Kole:  Sam, bad things happen to people.  Even if you had your powers, you couldn't have prevented this.  Members of the family did get sick and hurt, even when you had your powers, remember.
Sam:  I know.  Maybe I'm just feeling right now that it's better to have powers and not need them than to need powers and not have them.
Kole:  Sam, have faith.  Nicky will recover.
Sam:  That's all that's keeping me going, Kole.
At that point, Dimitri C-B arrives.
Kole:  Any news.
Dimitri C-B:  No, when I left, he was still in surgery.  
Sam:  Let me guess, Olga asked you to come here and check on the children.
Dimitri C-B:  That's right.   How are they?
Kole:  The older ones know something is not right.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, I better go see them.
Sam:  I'll come with you.

The Misty Field...

Nicholas:  Mama?  Papa?
Marie F:  Hello Nicky.  It's good to see you.
Alexander III:  Although we wish it was under better circumstances.
Nicholas:  What happened?  The last thing I remember is chest pains and then...
Marie F:  You'd had a heart attack, Nicky.
Nicholas:  Oh God, does that mean, I've....
Alexander III:  No, you haven't died.  Even as we speak, Tatiana is operating on you.
Marie F:  She will succeed, but it will take time for you to recover.
Nicholas:  That's good to know, I guess.

Tatiana's Center, later that day...

Tatiana:  Comes out.  Well, the surgery was successful.
Alexandra:  Where is your father now?
Tatiana:  In Recovery.  I must tell you, Mama, he has a long road back...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Tatiana: I must tell you, Mama, he has a long road back. For the next ten days, weíll keep him here under observation to verify there are no postoperative complications. When he gets back home, he will have to have complete rest. First, that means he will have to stop doing the sports he usually does. Theyíre not good for his heart.
Alexandra: You know what a sportsman your father is. Itíll be very hard for him to drop all that.
Tatiana: I know that, Mama. It was the last thing I want to say to Papa, but he has to. Itís for his health, he's not a young man anymore. Thereís another thing I need to mention to you. You must understand that as he needs a full rest, he canít assume his Royal duties as before.
Alexandra: What do you mean? Do you think he has to abdicate in favor of Olga?
Tatiana: No, he doesn't need to drop his duties permanently. However, as the Heir, Olga can temporarily replace him for the ceremonies, travels or meetings that might be too tiring for him.  This will be for the next six months at least.  The fact that the Tsar is a figurehead leader, without any real powers, will help matters.  The governing of Russia won't be seriously affected.
Alexandra: I see. Youíre right, itís more reasonable for your father. For a moment I thought you were telling me he had to leave the throne to Olga. He would have been against this idea, you know, he would have considered it his duty to continue, no matter what.  Of course, Iím not speaking of how Olga would have reacted.
Tatiana: Canít help laughing. I know exactly how. Don't worry, Mama, I wasnít speaking of abdication.
Alexandra: Anyway, Iím relived your father has pulled though.
Tatiana: Me too, Mama. I was afraid we might lose him.
Alexandra: Yet you did save him. I was worried, but I knew youíd be able to. Youíre a wonderful doctor, Tanya.
Tatiana: Smiles to her mother. Thank you, Mama, it means a lot to me. Looks at the clock. My shift will end in fifteen minutes. Do you want me to tell Olga then? The prospect of doing some official duties wonít please her. I can try to talk some sense into her.
Alexandra: Yes, please do. Itíll be a great help. I will just tell her he's fine, I leave the rest to you.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace...

Sam:  Comes into Gavriilís room.  Hey, Gavriil, how is your head?
Gavriil: Smiles to her. It doesnít hurt anymore. Dr. Tatiana was right, the pain disappeared after a few days.
Sam: Smiles back at him. Tell me, how itís like to live here?
Gavriil: Itís great. I love being here.
Sam: And I can see the children are glad to have you here.
Gavriil: Sam, I heard that you are some kind of a vampire witch.
Sam: Who said that?
Gavriil: Dimitri and Victoria. Stares at her. So?
Sam: So what?
Gavriil: Is that true?
Sam: No. Iím neither a witch nor a vampire. Gavriil looks disappointed. However, I used to be. Seeing that Gavriil looks suddenly very interested again. I can tell you the story if you want.
Gavriil: Oh yeah, Iíd love to.
Sam: WellÖ

Tatiana's Center, later...

Tatiana: Olga, did Mama tell you about Papa?
Olga: Yes, she did. Iím so happy heís safe now.
Tatiana: Looks uneasy. Yes. However, thereís one thing Mama didn't mention to you...
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Olga:  Yes, what is it?
Tatiana:  Olga, Papa is going to need a lot of rest when he gets home.  That means he won't be able to discharge some of his Royal duties, which means...
Olga:  I'll have to do it.
Tatiana:  That's right.  
Olga:  Great.  I thought I had years to prepare for this.
Tatiana:  Olga, it won't be that bad.  This is not the Old Empire, after all.  You won't actually be running the country.
Olga:  I know it's just a figurehead position now, and thank God for that, however...
Tatiana:  Yes?
Olga:  Tatiana, I'll be representing Russia to the whole world.   What if I mess up?
Tatiana:  Olga, don't talk like that.  You won't mess up.  Remember the French Ambassador?   Remember the President of Finland?  You did great both times.
Olga:  Yeah, I guess I did.  Still, I'd like to talk to my Dimitri about it.
Tatiana:  Sure, go ahead.

Anichov Palace...

Kole:  Looks up as Sam comes into the room.  How's Gavriil?
Sam:  Sits down.  He finally fell asleep.  I had to entertain him with stories about my time as a witch and vampire.
Kole:  Sounds like fun.
Sam:  Yeah.  Pauses.  Kole, I've been thinking about something.  I told the others that perhaps I didn't die in that explosion for a reason.  I'm beginning to wonder..
Kole:  If Gavriil is that reason?
Sam:  Yes, that's it.  You see, as I told you, I was never much of a mother to my children, I was always running around to some other time and place.  Perhaps this is my second chance, a way for me to succeed where I failed before.
Kole:  It could be, I suppose.  Motherhood is a big task, as we all know.
Sam:  Yeah, and Gavriil needs a mother now.  And this time I can't just snap my fingers and gallivant off to some other time when things get too sticky.  I tended to do that a lot with my own children.  Whenever a situation got too complicated, I avoided.  I ran off to some other century and left my family to deal with it.   If they were giving out awards for Mother Of The Year, I wouldn't even be nominated.
Kole:  Sam, don't be too hard on yourself.  We all make mistakes.
Sam:  Yeah, but I made them constantly.  However, with Gavriil, I'm going to do it right this time.  That is a promise.

Misty Field...

Alexander III:  Nicky, the operation is over.
Nicholas:  No doubt Tatiana was successful.  
Marie F:  Yes, and soon you'll be waking up.  Which means you'll be leaving here.
Nicholas: Looks at his parents.  Part of me doesn't want to leave.
Alexander III:  I know, but there are those that need you back in the world of the living.
Nicholas:  I know.
Marie F:  There will be changes you'll have to make, Nicky, but Tatiana will explain.  Trust her judgement.
Nicholas:  Thinking.  I can just imagine what some of those changes will be.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov...

Dimitri C-B:  Yes?
Olga:  On phone.  Dimitri, I need to talk to you about something.
Dimitri C-B:  What is it?
Olga:  Not over the phone.  I'm coming to Anichkov, I'll be there in twenty minutes...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, at Anichkov...

Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iím telling you, you donít have to worry.  Youíll do great, trust me.
Olga: Are you sure, Dimitri? This is a big responsibility and I have very little experience.
Dimitri C-B: Laughs. Youíre speaking like your father did, when he had to become Tsar, after the death of your grandfather. Come on, Olga, this is not as big a thing as that.
Olga: A little hurt. I thought youíd understand me.
Dimitri C-B: Of course I do, Olga. I understand very well that you may be concerned, but thereís no reason to be. You wonít have the responsibilities your father had at that time. And youíre not going to be Tsarina yet, you will just represent your father at official ceremonies. Trust yourself and remember that you wonít be on your own, Iíll be there with you, and all the family will support you.
Olga: I knew everyone would tell me that, but I needed to hear it from you.
Dimitri C-B: So youíre reassured now?
Olga: Well, Iím still a little apprehensive, yet I think I can manage to temporarily replace Papa.
Dimitri C-B: Thatís great. Falls silent. You know, when I think of what your fatherís done for Russia, all those amazing changes he and Kerensky made.  I wonder what this country would have been like without them.
Olga: Still trapped in the Middle Ages, probably. They both burst into laughter.
Dimitri C-B: The Middle Ages? Donít you think this is a little bit exaggerated?
Olga: Well, look at how the Old Empire was.  It was centuries behind the times.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, that's true. We can be grateful to your father and Kerensky that weíre not living in that Empire anymore.

Tatianaís Center...

Tatiana: To Maria and Anastasia. You two are still here? Whereís Mama?
Anastasia: She just left for Anichkov. She's going to stay there with us until Papa can leave the Center.
Tatiana: Thatís good for her.   I guess you two donít know about Olga's situation yet.
Maria: We do. Mama explained it to us. So, how did Olga react?
Tatiana: As surprising as it may seem, she took the news rather well.
Anastasia: Stunned. Well, itís indeed a surprise.
Maria: Tatiana, you look exhausted. Why donít we go to the cafeteria for some hot coffee before going back home?
Tatiana, Sure, why not.
Soon, on their way to the cafeteria...
Maria: With Mama at home, donít you think itíll be a little like it was before, back during the time we were all still living at the Alexander Palace?
Tatiana:  Well, it does look like that, except that Papa is at the hospital and Olga isnít living with us anymore. Wipes her eyes. Sorry, itís been a long day. Anyway, you two are lucky, you still have each otherís company.
Maria: I know how you feel. Anichkov is different now, sometimes it feels very empty when Olgaís not there.
Anastasia: Same for me. I was always used to having her around all the time. However, sheís at Anichkov more often than not. Itís almost as if she never left.
Tatiana: To me, itís not. I miss her.
Maria: Sees that Tatiana is about to cry.  She whispers to Anastasia while Tatiana isnít paying attention.  Weíll have to have a talk with Olga. She needs to speak with Tatiana.
Anastasia: I figured as much.
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Kole:  Alix, you're here.
Alexandra:  Yes, I've decided to stay here until Nicky is released from the Center.  How are the children coping?
Kole:  For the most part, they're fine.  The older ones know their grandfather is ill, but Sam and I have been holding back from telling them the full story.  We felt it should come from a real family member.
Alexandra:  Kole, you and Sam may not be related to us by blood, but we consider both of you real family.
Kole:  I know, but you know what I mean.
Alexandra:  Yes.  I'll talk to the children myself, once I'm settled in.

Later that day...

Olga:  Nastya, Mashka, what is it?
Anastasia:  We need to talk to you about Tatiana.
Olga:  What about her?
Maria:  She misses you, Olga, more than she's letting on.
Olga:  What do you mean?
Anastasia:  I mean she misses seeing you all the time, like Mashka and I see each other all the time.
Olga:  Nastya, I'm here almost every day.
Maria:  Yes, but I don't think it's the same to Tatiana.  She misses not being able to talk to you at a moments notice.  You're not just across the hall from her anymore, and that is what's bothering her.
Olga:  Sighs.  All right, I'll talk to her.  Boy, this is my day for getting things dumped on me.

At the Center...

Nicholas:  Wakes up.  Where am I?
Tatiana:  You're in the Recovery ward, Papa.  
Nicholas:  They were right, the operation was a success.
Tatiana:  They...  Oh, you were in the Misty Field.
Nicholas:  Yes, I was with my parents.  They told me that I'm going to have to make changes in my life.
Tatiana:  Yes, Papa, you will.  However, we can discuss it later.  Right now you need more rest...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov, later that day...

Olga: Tatiana, why didnít you confide in me?
Tatiana: Puzzled. About what?
Olga: You know very well what. Why didnít you tell me you were missing me that much?
Tatiana: Smiling a little. Ah, that. Let me guess. Your informer is one of the Little Pair, possibly even the two of them.
Olga: Teasing her. Good deduction. Detective Imp may have a serious contender here.
Tatiana: In one minute, youíll find me a new nickname.  I see that coming.
Olga: Detective Governess? Yeah, I like that one.  Great choice.
Tatiana: Hey, I didnít do anything. YOU chose that nickname.
Olga: Me? Come on, Tatiana, you almost screamed that name in my ears.
Tatiana: Scream? Olga, whatís the matter with you? If you heard me screaming it, maybe itís  time to go see an ENT physician.
Olga: Didnít you just say you wanted a new nickname? You knew Iíd choose that one, you pushed me to do it. Itís all your fault.
Tatiana: Laughing. Olga, youíre hopeless.
Olga: And proud to be. Okay, back to the topic at hand. Seriously, Tanya, why didnít you discuss it with me?
Tatiana: Because it was only an issue for me. Youíre very happy with the way things are now. I didnít want to spoil it by telling you how hard it is for me.
Olga: We still see each other very much.
Tatiana: I know, but we were used to being together all the time. Itís stupid, yet I canít help feeling that you've made your life elsewhere and Iím not a part of it anymore.
Olga: Tatiana, donít talk like that. Youíre part of my life exactly the way it has always been. Nothing has changed for me.
Tatiana: Really?
Olga: Really. Smiles. Feeling better now?
Tatiana: I guess so. I was afraid the Big Pair no longer counted much for you now. I was very silly, wasnít I?
Olga: Yes, you were. How could you believe that after all weíve been through together? You know me by heart, Tatiana, you know Iíd be lost without you.
Tatiana: Of course, I know. However, weíve never had to cope with one of us moving out before.
Olga: You got a point. Puts her arm around Tatianaís shoulders. Henceforth when you will feel lonely, donít hesitate to call me or to come see me. Dimitri wonít mind.
Tatiana: I will.

The next day...

Anastasia: Holding a copy of the National Intruder. Everyone, you should listen to that. Reads aloud.  "THE TSAR IS TO ABDICATE IN FAVOR OF HIS HEIR, GRAND DUCHESS OLGA NIKOLAEVNA.
Nicholas II was transported to the hospital yesterday morning, due to an unknown health issue. Heís still at the Tatiana Malama Center at this moment. According to some sources, his ďhealth issueĒ is actually caused by his drinking problem, which, as we well know, is common to his whole family.Ē
Olga: That damn newspaper!
Anastasia: Hold on, Olga. I haven't finished. The worst is yet to come. Goes on. ďIn an exclusive interview, his second daughter, Grand Duchess Tatiana Malama, gave us, she said her father will most certainly abdicate in favor of his first-born and Heir, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna. She expressed her relief at this decision, adding that it was the best one her father made during his reign.Ē
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Kole:  Comes into the room.  What's with all the yelling.  You woke Marie up.
Tatiana:  Sorry about that, Kole, but you should see this.  Hands her the issue of the National Intruder.
Kole:  What?  Reads the article.  This is stupid.  Surely anyone with half a brain would know that this tabloid publishes nothing but rubbish.
Sam:  Enters.  You'll do nothing of the sort, Olga.  Right now, I think a game of rooftop tennis is called for.  Looks at Tatiana.  In fact, I think both of you would benefit.
Olga:  Folds her arms.  And why should I do that.  They've gone too far, and need to be taught a lesson.  It's not like you can stop me now, Sam.
Sam:  That's true, I can't physically stop you.  However, consider this.  You burn their offices down to the ground and get thrown in prison for arson.  You want that to happen now, Olga?  When your country needs you?  When your father needs you?
Olga:  Arrrrgh!  You're right, Sam.  Come on, Tanya.  Both head for the roof.
Sam:  I'll go with them.  Leaves.
Kole:  Is there any depths that tabloid won't sink to.
Anastasia:  I guess not.  Come on, Kole, I'll help you get Marie back to sleep.
Kole:  Thanks.

On the roof...

Olga:  THAT STUPID TABLOID!  Whacks a ball.  I HATE THEM!
Tatiana:  Me too!  Whacks a ball.  How could they say such a stupid thing.
Sam:  Well, how's it going.
Tatiana:  Better.  This really helps get it out of our systems.
Olga:  Still, I hate them.  How dare they write that about us.  Whacks another ball.  I just pretended that was the slime ball that wrote that article!
Sam: Well, Olga, this is better that burning down their offices.  You can't let your temper dictate your actions, especially not now.
Olga:  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Still, I can WISH, can't I.
Sam: Yeah, you can.  Just remember, as you said, they don't know you.  They're just making stuff up.  That's how these tabloids operate.  They wouldn't know the truth if they tripped over it.

Later, that evening...

Kole:  Hey, everyone, look at this news story on the television.
Everyone gathers around and watches a picture of people holding candles.
Anchorman:  At this very moment, a candlelight vigil is being held for the Tsar, outside the Tatiana Malama Medical Center.   The camera pans the crowd of well wishers.  It seems that, regardless of how the people once felt, Russians now love their Tsar.
Alexandra:  Watching.  Amen.  
Maria:  Ten years ago, they were ready to tear us limb from limb.  Look how things have changed.
Anastasia:  That was the Old Empire in its death throes, Mashka.  
Maria:  That's true.
Tatiana:  I just heard from Irina.  People are sending flowers by the dozens for Papa.
Olga:  Now much calmer.  That's good to know.
Alexei:  Enters the room.  Well, Marie is asleep again.  What's going on?
Kole:  Well.  Brings him up to speed on what they had just seen.
Alexei:  I guess this shows how times have changed since 1918.
Maria:  I pretty much said the same thing just now.
Sam:  Yeah, but it doesn't hurt to hear it again.  Gets up.  I'm going to check on Gavriil.  Leaves.
Alexei:  Oh, I got a text from Nagornay.  He asked me to keep him updated.
Kole:  Where is his ship now?
Alexei:  In the Pacific.  He wishes he could be here in person of course.
Kole:  I know, Alexei, I know.

Meanwhile, Sam enters Gavriil's room...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Gavriil: Sam, whatís going on? I heard someone screaming.
Sam: Itís nothing. Just Mount Olga and Mount Governess both erupting lava.
Gavriil: Uh?
Sam: Itís because of a tabloid.
Gavriil: More and more puzzled. Sam, I donít understand. Seriously, whatís happening?
Sam: Oh, itís just that Olga and Tatiana got angry because of a stupid newspaper. Nothing to worry about. The problem has hopefully been solved by now.
Gavriil: Ah I see. What was it about? Is it because Iím living at Anichkov?
Sam: Not at all. It has nothing whatever to do with you. Forget that story, Gavriil, it doesnít matter.
Gavriil: Not convinced but decides to play along.  Okay. Thinking to himself. I want to make it clear in my mind what this is all about.
Sam: What are you muttering?
Gavriil: Uh, nothing. Seeing that she looks suspicious. Well, Iím off to the kitchen. Iím thirsty.


Olga: Well, we canít burn that rag down, but perhaps we can sue them for slander.
Alexandra: Well, thatís better than the first option you suggested.
Maria: And also more legal.
Olga: Itís settled then. We will file a claim against them.

A few minutes later, in the living room...

Gavriil: Tatiana? Whereís the copy of the tabloid? Sam asked me to bring it to her.
Tatiana: Surprised. Why does she need it? She's already read it.
Gavriil: She just told me that she wants to check a minor detail.
Tatiana: Okay. I think it must be somewhere in the dining room. Take a look there.
Gavriil: I will, thank you.

Soon, Gavriil is reading the National Intruder in his room while Alexander comes in.

Alexander: What are you doing, Gavriil?
Gavriil: Hmm. Iím reading.
Alexander: Seeing the title of the newspaper. What? Grandfather is going to abdicate? Why didnít Mama tell me?
Gavriil:  It also says itís because heís an alcoholic, and that why heís at the hospital.
Alexander: This is silly! Grandfather isnít an alcoholic.
Gavriil: Itís written here. They even add that all your family is too. What a bunch of nonsense.
Alexander: Totally. And what about the abdication? Is it true or not?
Gavriil: Dunno.
Alexander: Iím gonna ask Papa and Mama.
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And so...

Alexander:  Mama?
Olga:  Yes, Alexander?
Alexander:  Is it true that Grandfather is going to abdicate?
Olga:  Laughs.  Of course not.  Where did you get a silly idea like that?
Alexander:  From that newspaper article.
Olga:  Well, don't you believe it.  The National Intruder is famous for writing lies.
Alexander:  Why do they do that?
Olga:  That's just how they are.
Alexander:  That's stupid.
Olga:  Tell me about it.

Later, Kole and Sam are talking to OTMA...

Kole:  So you're gonna sue the National Intruder, I hear.
Tatiana:  Yes, we're tired of all the silly lies they print about us.
Kole:  Good luck, it won't be easy.
Maria:  What do you mean, Kole?
Kole:  If the National Intruder is anything like the tabloids of my time, they'll have dozens of shyster lawyers protecting them.
Anastasia:  Why would they do that?
Sam:  To protect themselves from such a lawsuit.  These lawyers will make it very hard for all of you.
Olga:  How?
Sam:  They'll put the burden of proof on all of you.  You'll all have to really prove that the article did some emotional damage.
Kole:  Celebrities sue the tabloids all the time.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.
Tatiana:  You've given us something to think about.

Meanwhile, Alexandra is talking to the children...

Victoria:  So, grandfather isn't going to abdicate.
Alexandra:  No, Victoria, but he is going to have to take it easy for a while.
Elizabeth:  That's why Mama will have to be Tsarina for a while?
Alexandra:  Yes, Elizabeth, that's it.
Elizabeth:  So that newspaper that Gavriil showed us is not true.
Alexandra:  That's right.  Pay no attention to anything the National Intruder writes.  They wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.
The children all laugh at this.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day...

Sam: Gavriil, Iíve told you the National Intruder has nothing to do with your presence here. Why didnít you believe me?
Gavriil: I just wanted to check in case you didnít tell me truth.
Sam: Why would I do that?
Gavriil: You could have thought I was too young to know. You could have wanted to protect me. Sam, answer frankly, would you have told me if the article was about me?
Sam: WellÖ ErÖ I donít knowÖ
Gavriil: See? Thatís why I had to make sure by myself. You wouldnít have told me.
Sam: Gavriil, youíre just a child. It would have hurt you badly to read the lies the newspapers write.  Especially if the story, and the lie, had been about you.
Gavriil: Sam, how can I trust you if youíre willing to hide things from me? Runs out of the room.
Sam: If I had done that, it would have been for your own good. Wait!

Later, at Tatianaís Center...

Alexandra: How are you feeling, Nicky?
Nicholas:  Iíve been better, but I canít complain too much.  At least Iím alive.
Alexandra: Tatiana says you are lucky to have so few long term problems. Youíre still able to walk and there is no brain damage. There are other people who didnít have this chance. They have to live in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, or theyíre in a vegetative state. Thanks God, youíre still here and youíre still yourself. I couldn't bear to lose you, Nicky.
Nicholas: You can thank Tatiana too. What a good idea it was when we encouraged her become a doctor. How many lives has she saved besides mine?

Back at Anichkov Palace, Sam is talking to Maria...

Sam: Gavriil has locked himself in his room. He won't let me in and refuses to listen when I try to speak to him. I donít know what to do now...
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Maria:  What did you say to him?
Sam:  Well,  I said...  Explains.
Maria:  Ah, there's your problem, Sam.
Sam:  What do you mean?
Maria:  Gavriil clearly has trust issues, and from what we know, I'm not surprised.  That poor boy has been bounced from foster family to foster family for years.  Every time that happened, he was told that he was the child they wanted, that he had found a home.
Sam:  And then he was always sent back to the orphanage.
Maria:  Exactly.  Imagine how he must have felt, to him, the adults had lied to him.  It's no wonder he has these trust issues today.
Sam:  Damn!  I really messed up here.
Maria:  Not at all, Sam.  You made a mistake, yes, but it's not one that can't be fixed.  You just have to be more careful what you say to Gavriil.  You have to show him that some adults can be trusted.  Once that happens, I'm sure things will be better.
Sam:  Thanks, Mashka, you've given me much to think about.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  So, how's your father today?
Alexei:  Better.  Mama was visiting him.  Apparently, there will be no long term damage from his heart attack.
Kole:  That's good to hear.
Alexei:  Tatiana told me it was a good thing that he gave up smoking years ago.  That helped.
Kole:  I can't believe how much your family smoked, considering how bad it is for your health.
Alexei:  Smiles.  Kole, don't forget, that wasn't known in this time.  Until Sam told us, that is.  She drew a pretty graphic picture.  They all quit and never looked back.
Kole:  Of course, with children around, it's just as well.  Speaking of which, it's time for Marie's lunch.  Gets up and heads out.

Tatiana's Center...

Man:  Dr. Malama?
Tatiana:  Yes?
Man:  I'm Akady Rekov, from the National Intruder...
Tatiana:  What!?  You have a lot of nerve, coming around here after what you wrote about us just a couple of days ago!
Akady:  Hey, Russia loves to read about you and your family.  We provide them with that.
Tatiana:  Yes, and you give them lies!
Akady:  Okay, we bend the truth a bit, but...
Tatiana:  I have nothing to say to any of you.  Security!
Security Guard:  Yes, Dr. Malama?
Tatiana:  Kindly escort this man from the Center.
Security Guard:  Right.  Grabs Akady and begins to drag him away.
Akady:  Hey, you can't do this!
Tatiana:  Just watch me!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Olga: Who witnessed the whole scene without being noticed. Tatiana, is it you?
Tatiana: Yes, of course, itís me. What do you mean?
Olga: I donít recognize you. What happened to the sweet and peaceful person who used to be my sister?
Tatiana: Blame it on the National Intruder. That newspaper is getting over my nerves. Iím so sick of them. How dare they send a journalist here after the dirty trick they played on us?
Olga: Once Iím tsarina I will close that rag up.  That's a promise.
Tatiana: Unfortunately you wonít be able to do this.  Our Constitution guarantees freedom of the press.  However if it were possible to do it, that decision would make me very happy.
Olga: Thatís the one thing from the Old Empire Iím nostalgic for. No press freedom would mean no National Intruder. Sighs.
Tatiana: Olga, youíre not thinking of prohibiting that tabloid?
Olga: No, although the idea is tempting. However, as you said, I canít.
Tatiana: Olga, we need a lawyer for that lawsuit we talked about.
Olga: We could ask Sam. She defended you very well when Natalia sued you, a few years ago.  Sam seems to know what to do to win in tough cases.
Tatiana: Thatís right. Sounds a good plan. With her as our lawyer, we have a better chance at winning.
Olga: By the way, what time do you finish your shift today?
Tatiana: Around 6 oíclock, I think.
Olga: Great. Do you have something planned for tonight?
Tatiana: No, nothing at all. Why?
Olga: Then my Dimitri and I will be expecting you and your Dimitri for dinner this evening.
Tatiana: That's a good idea. Iíll call my Dimitri about it.
Olga: You donít need to. I  called him ten minutes ago and he said yes.
Tatiana: Smiles. I see you already planned it all. You've given me no choice but to agree.
Olga: Good to hear. See you later, Tanya. Iím off to see Papa.
Tatiana: Okay, Olga.  I'll see you tonight.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Sam: At the door of Gavriilís room. Gavriil, Iím sorry. From now on, if thereís something about you, I WILL talk to you about. Silence. Gavriil?
Gavriil: Slowly opens the door. Promise?
Sam: Promise.

That evening, at Olga and Dimitriís apartment...

Tatiana: I must say your apartment is very nice now.
Dimitri C-B: Olga and I found it a little too impersonal when we moved in. We decided some changes needed to be made.
Olga: And Alexei and Kole helped us to choose the interior design.
Dimitri M: Looks around. The result is lovely.
Tatiana: I agree.
Dimitri C-B: Thank you. Glad you like it.
Tatiana: To Dimitri M. Honey, this looks so pleasant that it makes me want to move as well.
Dimitri M/ Olga/Dimitri C-B: What?!
Tatiana: Laughs. Joke! Iím not like Olga, Anichkov suits me fine.
Dimitri M: Well played, Tatiana, you fooled everyone, including me.
Tatiana: Yeah, Iím good, I know.
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Dimitri M:  So, what is this I hear about you throwing someone out of your Center?
Tatiana:  Yes, I did.  It was a reporter from the National Intruder.  The nerve of him to come to the Center after what they wrote about us.
Olga:  We've had quite enough of their antics.
Dimitri C-B:  Olga, you know you can't shut them down.  The Imperial Family doesn't have that kind of power anymore.
Olga:  I know, but we've come up  with another plan of attack.
Tatiana:  We're going to sue them for libel. 
Dimitri M:  That's a risky move.
Tatiana:  I know, but we have to try.  We're going to ask Sam to act as our lawyer, like she did when Natalia sued me, a few years ago.
Dimitri M:  I remember that.  Hard to believe she became our friend.
Tatiana:  She was stricken by grief and wasn't thinking straight, remember.  Anyway, Sam did a great job defending me.
Olga:  So I think she's best qualified for the job.
Tatiana: I'm going to call Anichkov Palace and tell them about our decision.

Anichkov Palace, later...

Anastasia:  Hey, Sam!
Sam:  Yeah, what is it?
Anastasia:  I just got a call from Tatiana.  Explains.
Sam:  So they're going ahead with this lawsuit after all.
Anastasia:  So it seems.
Sam:  Well, I'm pretty busy with Gavriil right, now, but I'll see if I can do it.
Anastasia:  Sam, were you a lawyer in your own time or something?
Sam:  Laughs.  Well, Imp, I did go to Law School for a year and a half, but I had to drop out when I got pregnant with Gharman.  However, I did pick up a lot, as you saw when I was defending Tatiana.
Anastasia:  Yeah, that was cool.
Maria arrives on the scene.
Sam:  Mashka, what is it?
Maria:  I just heard from the adoption agency about your application to adopt Gavriil.  They accepted it, but...
Sam:  Yes?
Maria:  They're going to send a case worker here to interview you, Gavriil, and the rest of us.  They say it's standard procedure in cases like this.
Anastasia:  When will this happen, Mashka?
Maria:  Sometime in the next few days.
Sam:  Well, I better prepare for it then.

Meanwhile, at Tatiana's Center...

Nicholas:  Alexei, Kole, good to see you both.
Alexei:  He and Kole enter.  And it's good to see you too, Papa.
Kole:  You're looking much better.
Nicholas:  Tatiana says that I should be out of here in another week or so.
Alexei:  That's good to know.
Nicholas:  So, how are things with you two.
Kole:  Great.  Marie is doing well. 
Alexei:  Mama is watching her right now. 
Nicholas:  What about this silly National Intruder article I've heard about.
Kole:  Oh, that.  Explains.
Nicholas:  Oh, so I'm abdicating. Rolls his eyes.  What rubbish!
Kole:  Olga and Tatiana got pretty mad about it. 
Nicholas:  I imagine Sam convinced them a game of rooftop tennis was called for.
Alexei:  She did, and it worked.  However, from what I hear now, Olga and Tatiana are considering a lawsuit against the tabloid.  They want Sam to act as their lawyer.
Nicholas:  Wow, the things you miss when you're laid up!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Sam: Gavriil, I made an application to adopt you and...
Gavriil Adopt me? Wow! So you were serious when you said you wanted me.
Sam: Yes, I was serious.
Gavriil: I thought it was just the same words I'd heard before. Well, I was wrong.
Sam: Gavriil, Iím not like the people you met before. I wouldn't say something that I donít mean.
Gavriil: I see that now. Iím sorry that I didn't trust you.
Sam: After the bad experiences you had with foster families, itís understandable. Anyway, the adoption agency accepted my request. Theyíre going to send a case worker here to interview me, you and the others.
Gavriil: Thank you, Sam. Gives her a big hug. Thank you so much.
Sam: Wraps her arms around him. Youíre welcome, Gavriil. Iím happy to do that for you.

Meanwhile, Kerensky calls Olga...

Kerensky: Voice. Your father was supposed to go on a diplomatic trip to Romania to maintain friendly relations country. There were some tensions in the past between Russia and Romania, if you remember.
Olga: I do. It was that idiot, Carolís, fault.
Kerensky: Be that as it may, since your father canít make it...
Olga: I'll have to do it. Fantastic, Iím thrilled! First that tabloid story and then I learn that Iíll have to endure Carol again. You've just made my day.
Kerensky: Iím aware that he and you donít get along, but this trip is important and...
Olga: I get it. Alright, you win. I will go to Romania, but Iím doing this under protest.
Kerensky: Great! I will arrange everything for your trip. If you need any further information, call me.
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Later, Anichkov Palace, at dinner.  Olga, Dimitri C-B, Alexei and Kole are present...

Olga:  I have some news.
Tatiana:  What is it, Olga?
Olga:  Apparently, Papa was supposed to go on a trip to Romania.
Alexandra:  That's right, he was.  Clearly, he can't go now.
Olga:  Yeah, Mama, so I have to go in his place.   Kerensky informed me of this fact a few hours ago.
Alexandra:  How do you feel about it, Olga?
Olga:  Oh, I know I have to go, however...
Maria:  You don't want to see Carol again.
Olga:  Considering what he did the last time I saw him, I'd say yes.
Dimitri C-B:  Don't worry, Olga, if he puts his grubby paws on you again, I'll punch his lights now, like I did before.
Anastasia:  That was so cool.
Alexandra:  Yes, but it doesn't look good to go around slugging the Prince of another country, even if he deserves it.
Olga:  Which he did.  I'm a married woman, after all.
Tatiana:  When do you leave, Olga?
Olga:  I don't know.  Kerensky is still working out the details of my itinerary with the Romanian government.   I imagine when that is worked out, he'll let me know.
Alexandra:  Don't worry, Olga, you'll do fine.  Not all of them are like Carol.
Olga:  I know, Mama. 
Kole:  I'd like to come, if I can.  I've always wanted to visit the homeland of Count Dracula.   You should see the movies they made from that book.
Anastasia:  Maybe Sam can conjure...  Whoops, I forgot she can't do that anymore.
Maria:  Speaking of Sam, where is she?
Anastasia:  She took Gavriil to McDonald's.  Apparently, he was curious about Big Macs.
Maria:  That's good.  When the case worker comes, we want to show them a happy new family in the making.

The next day, at the air base outside St. Petersburg,  Kole is sitting in her shuttle...

Alexei:  Arrives.  There you are.
Kole:  Sorry about that.  I just wanted to come here and think.
Alexei:  You want to go back into space again.
Kole:  Yeah, I would.
Alexei:  I don't know, Kole.  I mean you being pregnant again.
Kole:  I know, and I wouldn't dream of doing this unless Tatiana cleared me first.  I can't take any chances.  It's just that...
Alexei:  Yes.
Kole:  You remember what it was like when I took us all up into space.  How it felt.
Alexei:  Yeah, that was cool.  I never thought I'd see the Earth from orbit.  Russia looked so small.
Kole:  I felt the same way the first time I went up.  It felt liberating to be free of Earth's gravity, even if it was only for a short time.   I would like to feel that way again.
Alexei:  I'm heading for the Center to see Papa now.  While I'm there, I'll talk to Tatiana and see what she says.
Kole:  Smiles.  Thank you, Alexei.

Back at Anichkov, Sam gets a vistor, Castiel...

Sam:  Where the hell have you been?
Castiel:  I've been busy in matters I can't discuss. 
Sam:  How are things back in 2011?
Castiel:  If you're wondering about the Vampire Hunters, then yes, they're still after you.  Of course, most of them don't know where you are, and have no way of reaching you even if they did.
Sam: Except Lothos.
Castiel:  That's why I'm here, Sam.  Lothos knows about that boy you're planning to adopt.
Sam:  Gavriil?  He knows about...  Of course Lothos would know, he lives in the future, after all.  He can look it up.  Cas, what's going on?  What is this about Gavriil?
Castiel:  There are rumours that Lothos is planning another attack against you, and he might target Gavriil too.  He knows how much Gavriil means to you.
Sam:  What!?  If that son of a bitch even touches Gavriil...
Castiel:  That's all I know, Sam.  All I can say is be on your guard.  Now, I must go.  Vanishes.
Sam:  Thinking.  Lothos, if you so much as look at Gavriil the wrong way, then, powers or no powers, I will make you suffer!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Meanwhile Olga is on the phone with Kerensky...

Kerensky: I have your departure date. Itís the 13th.
Olga: Thatís in eight days, right?
Kerensky: Yes. And I think itíd be nice if you brought your son, Alexander, with you. Two Heirs will prove that the future of Russia is solid. Even if the Tsar is a figurehead, the monarchy still has a lot of prestige. This will help to strengthen our alliance with Romania.
Olga: I had already planned to bring my whole family.  My husband of course, and my children.
Kerensky: Excellent. Youíll leave on the Standart to Constanta. Iíll send you the rest of the itinerary by mail.
Olga: The Standart? And Constanta? It brings back memories of a certain summer in 1914...

Later Sam is talking to OTMA, Kole and Alexei, the two Dimitriís and Ivan S...

Sam: Explains about Castiel's warning. We could hide Gavriil at your Aunt Elisabeth's nunnery until Lothos is out of  the way. What do you all think?
Ivan S: Sounds a good plan. That son of a bitch wonít think to look for Gavriil there.
Maria: I agree. Gavriil would be safe there.
Tatiana: I second that.
Ivan K: Steps in. Sam, the Case Worker is here. She wants to see you.
Sam: Iím coming straight away. To the others. Can you keep an eye on Gavriil in the meantime?
Dimitri M: Sure, we wonít take our eyes off him.
Sam: Thanks.


Case Worker: So you have four children?
Sam: I do. Theyíre living with my family.
Case Worker: How are you involved in their education?
Sam: Actually, I donít see them very often.
Case Worker: What do you mean? You're playing no part in their upbringing at all?
Sam: YesÖ Itís more or less that.
Case Worker: I see. Do you have a phone number where I can reach them? It's just a routine procedure.
Sam: ErÖ You canít contact them, theyíre not living in... In this country. Theyíre in San Francisco.
Case Worker: Without indiscretion.  Why do you live here in Russia while they are in the U.S.?
Sam: WellÖ Itís...  Because of my work.
Case Worker: You just told me you were unemployed.
Sam: I am. I had a job before, I meant to say.
Case Worker: A job of what kind?
Sam: Thinking. Dammit, this woman is really intrusive. Aloud. Protection of individuals. I was somewhat of a body guard.
Case Worker: Okay. To get back to Gavriil, how do you think you will manage to give him a good home life?
Sam: Iíll see to him day by day. I have no definite plan.
Case Worker: Mrs. Cohen, please allow me to speak my mind. If it depended solely on me, your adoption request would have been rejected.
Sam: How so?
Case Worker: Be honest toward yourself and youíll see youíre not prepared for to take on the burder of adopting a child. Youíre the kind of person who flees from such responsiblity, considering the way you were a mother for your own children.
Sam: Thatís...
Case Worker: However, your demand has already been accepted. I have no power in such circumstances.


Anastasia: So, did the interview go well?
Sam: It was awful. The Case Worker is with Gavriil at this moment.   Anyway, Iím going to look into your case of lawsuit against the National Intruder now. The hearing is in a few days and I've got a lot of work to do  to prepare.
Anastasia: Iím glad you agreed to help us.
Sam: Youíre welcome. Thatís the only job Iím good at anyway.
Maria: Whatís up with you, Sam?
Sam: That woman is right. I messed up with my own children, I will mess up with Gavriil...
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Maria:  Sam, don't talk like that.  What the hell does that woman know?
Anastasia:  Yeah, she's known you for what, half-an-hour?  We've known you our whole lives.  We believe in you, Sam.  You can raise Gavriil as your own son.
Maria:  You WILL raise him, and you'll be a wonderful mother to him.  
Sam:  Yeah, but when she started grilling me about my family, about why I wasn't in contact with them...
Anastasia:  Sam, what were you going to say to her?  That the reason you're not in touch with your family is because they're nearly a century in the future from now?   Can you imagine how that would sound?
Sam:  I guess I sometimes forget that most people in the world don't know about magic.
Maria:  Exactly.  You have no reason to feel bad why you couldn't answer those questions.  She would never have believed you anyway, had you told her the truth.
Sam:  Little Pair, you both speak words of wisdom.  Besides, the Case Worker told me that the final decision does not rest with her. She told me my application to adopt Gavriil has already been accepted.
Anastasia:  Well, there you go then.
Sam:  Let's go find Gavriil.  I want to see how his part of the interview went.

Meanwhile, in the Infirmary...

Tatiana:  Well, Kole, I have good news.
Kole:  Which is?
Tatiana:  Your blood work checks out.  If you want to go into space again, I'm medically clearing you.
Kole:  That's great news.  Thanks, Tatiana.

And so...

Alexei:  So, Tatiana cleared you.
Kole:  She did.  I'm good to go.
Alexei:  You mean we're good to go.
Kole:  Alexei...
Alexei:  Kole, you don't think I'm going to let my wife do that alone, do you.
Kole:  Well, it's just that I've been trained for this kind of thing.
Alexei:  Hey, we didn't do too badly when we all went up before, remember.
Kole:  That's true.
Alexei:  Well, it's settled then.  I'm sure Mashka can watch Marie until we get back.
Kole:  Earth orbit, here we come!

Tatiana's Center...

Alexandra:  How are you feeling today, Nicky?
Nicholas:  Much better, Alix.  Tatiana says I'm healing pretty well.  Soon, I should be home again.  How are things going with Olga?
Alexandra:  She leaves for Romania on the 13th.  She'll be taking her whole family with her.  It's just that...  A worried look comes over her face.
Nicholas:  Alix, I wouldn't worry.  I'm sure she'll be fine.
Alexandra:  What if Carol tries something again, like he did last time.
Nicholas:  I'm sure he won't.  He must know what's at stake here.  I think this trip will go without incident.
Alexandra:  I hope so, Nicky, I hope so.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

In the afternoon...

Maria: Whew, that Case Worker is finally gone.
Tatiana: Who did she think she was?  Asking so many inquisitive questions?
Anastasia: Sheís a witch,  Iím telling you.
Sam: Ahem, Imp.
Anastasia: Oh, sorry about that Sam, I got carried away. I meant witch in the pejorative sense of the word.
Sam: No offence taken.  I agree with you. What a horrible woman. The only one she was friendly with was Gavriil.

Meanwhile Alexei and the guys are discussing...

Ivan K: So you and Kole are going up in the shuttle again.  You're going to orbit the Earth.
Alexei: Yes. Tatiana gave her approval. Thereís no risk to Kole and our unborn baby.
Ivan S: Youíre lucky. Maria and I really enjoyed it the last time.
Ivan K: Yeah, the feeling you have up there is indescribable.
Dimitri C-B: Iíd have liked to go with you.   Instead I get the unpleasant task of seeing Carolís face every day for two weeks.
Alexei: Laughs. My poor Dimitri, I pity you.
Dimitri M: Alexei, you and Kole arenít going to Romania? Kole wanted to visit that country.
Alexei: Whoops, I forgot. Iím going to ask her. If she still wants to go to Romania, weíll postpone our journey into space.
Dimitri M: And about Lothos?  What do we do when he shows up again?
Ivan K: When he comes, we will make him feel welcome in a way he'll remember for the rest of his life. That, dude, is the plan.
Dimitri M: Sounds good.
Alexei: Tomorrow, Iíll go to the armory to buy some more guns. We didnít have enough of them when Kole and Sam were kidnapped.  Best to be prepared this time.

Later in the evening...

Sam: I dropped Gavriil off at your Aunt Elisabethís. She was very pleased to meet him.
Alexei: Good. Did you explain to her why?
Sam: I did. And I told Gavriil too. I had made him a promise to let him know if anything was about him.
Olga: He is in safety at our Auntís. She will take care of him.
Tatiana: Yes, thereís no need to worry about him anymore. And by the way, Papa will be out of the Center tomorrow.
Maria: Great news! Imp and I will pick him up.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  So, how do you feel about going into space again?
Alexei:  I'm looking forward to it, Kole, but...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  I thought you wanted to go to Romania.
Kole:  So did I.  However, I would rather go into space.  I would understand if you didn't want to come because of that...
Alexei:  No, Kole, you're my wife.  Where you go, I go.
Kole:  Good, because I was thinking of adding a new destination to our trip.  How do you feel about seeing Mars?
Alexei:  Mars?  The planet Mars!?
Kole:  Yes, it's in range of my shuttle.  I always wanted to go, but I never got the time.  Now I can.
Alexei:  Mars, I mean....  Wow!
Kole:  Alexei, you know that, as a little girl, I loved the great Science Fiction novels of H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and the rest.  Well, a lot of those authors wrote novels about Mars.  Of course, the real Mars is nothing like those novels, but I would still like to see the Red Planet up close.   So, Alexei, how do you feel about seeing Mars?
Alexei is speechless.

Anichkov Palace...

Sam:  I just got off the phone with your Aunt Elizabeth.  Gavriil is settling in nicely.
Maria:  That's good to know.
Sam:  Now, about your case against the National Intruder...
Anastasia:  Yes?
Sam:  The problem I see is that you have to prove that the articles did real damage. 
Tatiana:  What do you mean?
Sam:  I mean that did the article hurt your reputations in any way.  Believe me, a lot of tabloids have legal wiggle room when it comes to that. 
Anastasia:  Does that mean we have no case?
Sam:  No, it simply means that I'll have to work a little harder, that's all.   Of course, it's hard for me to concentrate right now, knowing that Lothos is thinking of going after Gavriil.
Maria:  I'm sure he'll be fine, Sam.
Sam:  I know, still I worry.
Anastasia:  I can understand how you feel, Sam.  I would hate to learn that someone with a grudge against me had targeted my children.
Tatiana and Maria nod in agreement.
Sam:  So you see where I'm coming from.
Maria:  Sam, don't you worry about Lothos going after your family in 2011?
Sam:  Smiles.  He can try.  My two older brothers would kick him so hard that he'd come down in Australia. 
Maria:  So I'm guessing your family can take care of themselves.
Sam:  Yes, they can.  The reason Lothos is targeting Gavriil is because he believes Gavriil is helpless, and that I'm helpless to stop him.  I intend to prove him wrong.
Anastasia:  Correction, WE intend to prove him wrong.
Olga comes in.
Olga:  My Dimitri and I are about to head home.  What are you all talking about?
Tatiana:  Well.  Fills Olga in.
Olga:  Sam, you can count on us, and the guys, to help you should Lothos attack.
Sam:  Thank you all...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**


Olga: Mars?
Alexei: Yeah. Mars.
Olga: I need for air. This is...
Alexei: Awesome? Thrilling? Terrific?
Olga: I'd say the right word is crazy.
Alexei: I can't wait, this is going to be great.
Olga: When will you start this journey?
Alexei: Soon. We don't know exactly when yet.
Olga: How long is the voyage?
Alexei: In Kole's space shuttle, it'll take about one month to reach Mars.
Olga: One month? That's a long time.
Alexei: Not that much if you compare to Sam's time. In 2011, it  took seven  months to go to Mars.
Olga: Alexei?
Alexei: Yes?
Olga: Take care of yourself and of Kole. We'll miss you both.
Alexei: Don't worry, Olga. We'll be able to see and talk to each other by webcam.
Olga: That's a relief.

Two days later...

Samís mobile rings. She answers the call.
Sam: Yes?
Kerensky: On phone.   I heard Tatiana and Olga are suing the National Intruder and youíre going to be their lawyer.
Sam: Itís true. The hearing is in two days.
Kerensky: I found another solution. I negotiated with the National Intruderís own lawyer and theyíre ready to give 50 million in compensation if Olga and Tatiana withdraw their complaint.
Sam: Why? Are they afraid of us?
Kerensky: No. It's my idea. When I learnt about that lawsuit, I contacted them to find an agreement. All of you have suffered enough from tabloids. Going ahead with that lawsuit would expose you to publicity, therefore to others malicious newspapers. Better to resolve this matter with the National Intruder privately.
Sam: I havenít thought of the consequences. Thanks Kerensky,  Iíll explain that to Olga and Tatiana. I hope they will change their minds.
Kerensky: I hope so too. If you canít convince them, Iíll try to do so.

Later, that morning...

Sam: Speaking to Anastasia while getting into her car. I'm going to visit Gavriil. I'll see you later.
Anastasia: Okay, Sam, catch you later.

Soon, while driving, Sam sees a car following her.

Sam: Smiles. Lothos has taken the bait. He probably thought I wouldn't notice that he had placed a microphone in my car. Weíll see who is smarter here.
 She drives for a half-hour and then parks her car in an empty lot. The driver behind her does the same.
Sam: Gets out of her car. Lothos, you made a big mistake.
Lothos: Gets out of his car too and pulls out a gun. I doubt it. You think you had me because I donít know where the boy is? I donít care about him now, Sam. Youíre here all alone, nobody can hear you screaming. Iíll finish the work I started in 2011.
Sam: I doubt it. As I said, you made a big mistake, Lothos. Take a look behind you.
Lothos does so and see the two Dís, the Ivanís and Alexei blocking his way. Theyíre all armed.
Alexei: You've fallen into a trap, Lothos. Castiel warned us. So we made the necessary arrangements to be ready when you showed up.
Sam: As soon I discovered the microphone in my car, I knew you were back in town. To be honest, I expected better from you. You've disappointed me this time. This looks like a schoolboy's idea, not an old dodgerís like you. Youíre getting old, Lothos.
Lothos: Go to Hell, you bitch! Points his gun towards Sam but before he can pull the trigger, Ivan S shoots him and Lothos falls to the ground.
Ivan S: Heís badly hurt. We need to get him to Tatiana's Center quickly.
Sam: Wait a minute. Leans over Lothos, who is unconscious, and takes the Amulet of Hogthor. Now he wonít be able to use it to escape. To the others. Go to the Center, Iíll join you there soon. While the others leave, she contemplates the Amulet thoughtfully. What if I use it to get back to my time? I could see my family again, just one last time. I didn't have the time to say goodbye to them before, now I can...
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Later, at Tatiana's Center...

Tatiana:  Comes out.  Well, Lothos will live, but he's going to be here for a few days.
Olga:  Well, there'll be Cossacks waiting to take him into custody when he's discharged.  He committed his latest crime on Russian soil, so he should be subject to our laws.
Sam:  Pulls out the Amulet Of Hogthor.  Well, he won't be going back to the future, not without this.  I think I'll just hang onto it for now.  Looks at Olga and Tatiana.  Can I have a word with both of you?
Tatiana:  Sure, no problem.

And so...

Olga:  Kerensky convinced the National Intruder to settle with us privately?
Sam:  Yes, that is what he said.
Tatiana:  Well, I can see his point.  A trial would cause a lot of publicity, and not all of it would be good.
Olga:  What do you think, Sam?
Sam:  I'd say take the deal.  Better to let this matter quietly drop than have it dragged through the mud.
Tatiana:  Okay, Sam, I think you're right.
Olga:  Me too.
Sam:  Good, I'll call Kerensky and tell him you two have accepted to settle privately.

A couple of hours later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Kole, I've been thinking about our trip to Mars.
Kole:  You're not having second thoughts, I hope.
Alexei:  No, not really.  It's just that I really don't fancy being away from Earth for over two months.
Kole:  It won't be that long.
Alexei:  Huh?
Kole:  It will take us a month to get to Mars, yes.  However, by the time we get there, the orbital positions of Earth and Mars will be much closer.  That will cut our return trip time.
Alexei:  How long will it take us to get back?
Kole:  I'd say about two weeks.
Alexei:  That's not bad at all.
Kole:  No, it isn't.  Besides, the month long trip there will give me time to train you.
Alexei:  Train me?
Kole:  Yeah, you'll have to learn to sleep, eat, and do other things in zero gravity.  Plus you'll have to learn how to use a space suit.
Alexei:  A space suit?
Kole:  Yes, the shuttle has two of them.  I'm going to land us on Mars.  Since the atmosphere of Mars is carbon dioxide, we'll need them to breath.
Alexei:  Wow, we're actually going to walk on Mars?
Kole:  Yep.  We'll be boldly going where no one has gone before.  Smiles.

The next day, Nicholas is discharged from the Center, and they're all having a celebratory dinner at Anichkov Palace...

Nicholas:  It's good to be here.
Alexandra:  I agree, Nicky.  However, you have to take care of yourself from now one.
Nicholas:  I know.  Tatiana already told me.
Tatiana:  For good reason, Papa.
Nicholas:  I know.  Looks at Alexei.  So, what's all this I hear about you and Kole going to Mars?
Alexei:  It's true, Papa.  Kole wants to go, and, as he husband, I'm going with her.  We'll be gone for about six weeks.
Maria:  I've volunteered to watch Marie until they get back.
Anastasia:  I figured you would, Mashka.
Alexandra:  Is it safe?
Kole:  If I thought it wasn't safe, I wouldn't have suggested it.  I can teach Alexei all he needs to know on the way.  
Alexandra:  Kole, you've been trained for all this.  Alexei...
Kole:  It's okay, trust me.  Once the course is programmed in, the shuttle pretty much runs itself.  It's not the Starship Enterprise, but it will get us where we want to go.
Anastasia:  Ah yes, that show you told us all about a few years ago.  Star Track?
Kole:  Shares a smile with Sam.  Star Trek, actually.  I loved that show when I was growing up.   To Nicholas and Alexandra.  Trust me, Alexei and I will be fine.
Alexandra:  Well, Kole, we'll just have to take your word on that.  However, I trust you.
Nicholas:  Me too.
Sam: Stands up.  I have an announcement of my own to make.
Olga:  What is it, Sam?
Sam:  Holds up the Amulet Of Hogthor.  With this, I can travel back to 2011.
Maria:  You're leaving us!?
Sam:  No, Mashka, I'm not, at least not permanently.  I have Gavriil to take care of, after all.  What I want to do is just go back long enough to see my family and give them a proper good-bye.
Tatiana:  I can see why, Sam.  You were in a coma the last time you left 2011, and didn't get a chance.
Sam:  Yes, now I can.  I owe it to my parents, my two brothers, my sister, not to mention Gharman and my other children, to tell them why I'm staying here in 1928.  I want to tell them about Gavriil.
Kole:  In short, you want to say good-bye to your time, like I did when we all went to 2071.
Sam:  That's it exactly.  I own them all that much, don't you all agree...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Maria: Tell us more about your family. So you and your siblings are four altogether.
Olga: Like your own children.
Sam: Yes, except that I have a boy and three girls, while my parents have two boys and two girls.
Tatiana: Who is the eldest?
Sam: My brothers, Jason and Jaheim. Theyíre twins.
Anastasia: And whoís the next after them?
Sam: I am. I was born five years later. And after me is my sister, Serenity. We are ten years apart.
Anastasia: So sheís about my age?
Sam: Yeah, that's about right.
Maria: Is she married?
Sam: She is.  The last time I went visiting them, she was pregnant with her first child. I guess he or she must be born by now. My brothers are married too. Jason has two daughters, and Jaheim, four kids, all boys.
Tatiana: And your children, how old are they?
Sam: Gharman is eighteen, Alaina, seventeen, Jaelyn, thirteen and Carley, twelve.
Olga: Thatís quite a big family. And now you have Gavriil too.
Sam: Yes. Speaking of which, I'm going to pick him up at the nunnery. Now that Lothos is out of the way, Gavriil can come out of hiding. On the way Iíll fill him in on recent events.
Maria: And let me guess, youíll ask him if he wants to travel with you into the future.
Sam: Exactly. I want my family to meet him. I'm sure heíll say yes. Which kid wouldn't be excited to do a journey through time?


Sam: Are you ready?
Gavriil: I am. I canít believe we are about to do this.  Travel in time.
Sam: Itís nothing. I've done this many times. Iím used to it. Takes a deep breath. Okay, letís count to three. One...
Gavriil: Two...
Sam: THREE! Sam uses the Amulet and both vanish in the air.

2011, San Francisco, the center of town...

Sam: She and Gavriil reappear in front of a house. Here it is. This is home. Rings the doorbell.
Gavriil: Sam, you look nervous. Whatís wrong?
Sam: Itís just emotion. Just yesterday I thought Iíd never see my family again...  Her parents open the door. Gavriil, let me introduce you to my parents, Ronen and Hadassah.
Hadassah/Ronen: SAM?! Itís you! Oh God! Rush to embrace their daughter.
Ronen: How...  How did you manage to go back here? Castiel told us you were stuck in 1928.
Sam: Long story. Iíll tell you all about it later. Right now, Mom and Dad, Iím so happy to see you.
Hadassah: We thought youíd never be able to come back to us.
Sam: Well, it was hard but I did it.
Ronen: And who is this boy with you?
Sam: Thatís Gavriil, my son. My application to adopt him has just been accepted.
Hadassah: I'm pleased to meet you, Gavriil.
Ronen: Welcome. Call us Grandfather and Grandmother. Gavriil blushes and says nothing.
Sam: Heís sometimes shy with people he's just met. In a couple of days, itíll get better. Mom, where are Gharman and my daughters?
Hadassah: Theyíre inside the house. Iíll call them. GHARMAN!
Gharman: Appears. Yes, Grandm...  Sees Sam. MOM?!...  MOM?! GIRLS! COME HERE QUICKLY!  MOM IS BACK!
Alaina: From inside the house. Ha! Ha! Ha! Thatís not funny, Gharman. She will never come back, you know it. Stop doing these stupid jokes.
Gharman: I swear...
Ronen: Alaina, heís telling the truth. Come and see with your own eyes.
Sam: Itís not a joke. Iím back.
Alaina: Recognizes Samís voice. Itís...  Itís...  Gets outside the house in tears and runs into her motherís arms. Mom...
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Back in Russia, 1928, Alexei and Kole's place...

Kole:  Well, I'm ready.
Alexei:  Ready for what?
Kole:  I'm going to take the shuttle into orbit for a preliminary check.
Alexei:  You are?
Kole:  Alexei, I have to be sure everything is working okay, before we go to Mars.
Alexei:  How long will this take?
Kole:  Just a few hours.   
Alexei:  You want me to come along?
Kole:  No, it won't be necessary for this.  I won't be gone that long.  Why don't you take Marie over to Anichkov Palace, until I return.
Alexei:  I will.  I can visit Papa while I'm there and see how he's doing.
Kole:  Good.  I'll see you later.
Alexei:  Kisses his wife.  Good luck, Kole.

Anichkov Palace, later than day...

Alexandra:  Lunch will be ready soon.
Tatiana:  Now remember, Papa, you have to watch what you eat.
Nicholas:  I know, I know. Smiles.  My daughter the doctor.
Alexei:  I see Sam isn't back yet.
Maria:  I expect she's enjoying her family reunion.  Not that I blame her.
Alexei:  Me neither.
Anastasia:  Comes in.  Well, the children are all settled in for lunch. 
Olga:  I guess we should have ours too.

An hour later, Tatiana gets a call...

Tatiana:  Yes?
Irina: On phone.  Dr.  Malama, we have a problem.  That man that was in custody here...
Tatiana:  Lothos?
Irina:  Yes, he's escaped!
Tatiana:  What!?
Irina:  He overpowered his guard and escaped.  The guard is not hurt, just a concussion.  However, we've searched the Center and he's gone.  We've called the police and they're searching St. Petersburg for him.
Tatiana:  Oh my God.
Irina:  There's one thing more, a scalpel was stolen from the supply room.  We think he took it.
Tatiana:  Thanks Irina.  Ends the call.
Olga:  What's happened?
Tatiana:  Lothos has escaped from the Center.
Maria:  Do they know where he went?
Tatiana:  No, but the police are looking for him now.
Anastasia:  Do they have any leads yet?
Tatiana:  No.
Alexei:  Well...  His cell phone rings and he answers.  Yes?
Voice:  This is the Commander of the airbase where your wife keeps her ship.
Alexei:  What happened?  Did Kole's launch go okay?
Commander:  Oh, it went fine.  However, we've found one of our guards murdered, his throat was cut.
Alexei goes pale and drops his phone.
Tatiana:  Alexei?  What is it?  What's wrong?
Alexei:  I....  I....  I know where Lothos is.

Earth orbit, Kole's shuttle...

Kole:  At controls.  Well, everything is looking good.
Lothos:  Voice from behind.  I'm so glad to hear that.
Kole:  Wh...  She turns and sees Lothos there, holding a bloody scalpel.  You!
Lothos: Grins evilly.  Yes, my dear, me.  And I must say this is working out nicely.
Kole:  What do you want?
Lothos:  Why you and this ship, of course.
Kole: Looks at the scalpel.  How did...
Lothos:  How did that happen.  When I snuck onto this base, a guard just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Kole:  You killed him!?
Lothos: He was in my way.
Kole:  You really have no qualms about murder, do you.
Lothos:  Not a one.
Kole:  Well, if you kill me, you'll have no one to fly this ship.
Lothos:  That is why I won't kill you, however, unless you do as I ask, I WILL kill someone dear to you.  Your husband, your daughter...
Kole:  Don't you touch them, you son of a bitch!
Lothos:  Well, then, you better co-operate with me.
Kole:  What do you want?
Lothos:  I want you to land this ship in Germany, at a location I will choose.
Kole:  You intend to give it to the Nazis, don't you.
Lothos:  That's right.  Their scientists will love to get their hands on this technology.  They'll study it, and use it.  By the time the war begins, they'll have a huge technological advantage over the Allies.
Kole:  Which will help them win the war.
Lothos:  Yes.  When that happens, I'll track down the Vampire Hunters of this time.  We'll form an alliance with the Nazis.  They can deal with the human garbage, and me and my Vampire Hunters will take care of the rest.  It will be a perfect world when we're finished disposing of the sub-human vermin. 
Kole:  You're mad, Lothos, raving mad.  No deal!
Lothos:  Well, then, unless you want me to start killing your loved ones..
Kole:  Begins to secretly secure herself to her seat.  Ever see the Alien movies?
Lothos:  What!?
Kole:  Great films.  Introduced the character of Ellen Ripley to popular culture.
Lothos:  I don't see how this...
Kole:  I always loved the tag line from the first Alien movie:  In space, no one can hear you scream!  With that, Kole suddenly presses a button, opening the airlock doors. 
Lothos:  YAAAAHHHH!! Is sucked out into the vacuum of space.
Kole:  Is securely strapped to her seat, so she's safe.  She then closes the airlock and presses another button, releasing the emergency oxygen supply into the cabin.  Have a nice trip, you psycho.

Soon, back on Earth, Alexei and Tatiana have arrived at the airbase...

Alexei:  Look, he comes the shuttle.
They watch as the shuttle lands.
Tatiana:  Alexei, be careful.
Alexei:  I will.  Runs over to the shuttle, as the hatch opens, revealing Kole.  KOLE!
Kole:  Dazed.  Alexei?
Alexei:  Thank God you're safe!  Hugs her.  Where is that Lothos?
Kole:  He's taking a space walk, without a suit, I might add.
Alexei:  I see.
Tatiana:  Walks up. Kole, your nose is bleeding.
Kole:  It is?  Must have been the decompression, it might have caused some blood vessels to burst.
Tatiana:  Decompression?
Kole:  I'll explain when I get home.
Tatiana:  Folds her arms.  The only place you're going now, Kole, is to the Center.  I want to have a look at you.  Doctor's orders!
Kole:   Ma'am, yes Ma'am!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Tatianaís Center...

Tatiana: Alexei, Kole is lucky that there are no after affects. She and the baby are both fine.
Alexei: Grins. This is very good news. Thank you,Tatiana.
Tatiana: She does have guts. That Lothos was dangerous and insane, yet she didn't panic. Instead she...  Kicked him out.
Alexei: Good choice of words.
Tatiana: Thatís what I like about her. Her fearlessness.
Alexei: She sure is, considering weíll be walking on Mars soon. If that is not dauntless, then I donít know what is.
Tatiana: I regret that I won't be part of this adventure. I would have loved to come along.
Alexei: I wish it were possible. However the shuttle has only two space suits. 
Tatiana: I know. Anyhow, I canít take time off from work for six weeks. It's just way too long.

Alexander Palace...

Maria: So now things are settling down, what do you think of doing our Little Pair day?
Anastasia: The one we had to cancel when Papa had his heart attack.
Maria: Yep, that one.
Anastasia: I say letís go for it.
Maria: Okay. Knock on wood.  Letís hope this time there wonít be another big crisis.
Anastasia: Donít be superstitious, Mashka. Bad things donít happen all the time. There are also good things in life you know.
Maria: That makes me think of Sam. I hope sheís having a good time with her family.
Anastasia: So do I. She can enjoy things like that now Lothos, the Psychopath, is at the Center.

San Francisco, 2011, Ronen and Hadassahís house...

Gharman: Mom, it would be wonderful if youíd consider living here again.
Alaina: With Lothos out of the way, it's safe for you to be here now.
Sam: Iíd love to, but I also have another family in 1928. Theyíre waiting for me to come back.
Gharman: Whatever choice you'll make, wherever you go, Iíll go with you.
Alaina: Same here. If you choose to return to the past, then 1928 will be our new home.
Jaelyn/Carley: That goes for us too.
Jaelyn: Donít even think of leaving us behind.
Sam: You canít do that. 2011 is the time where you all belong. This is where your family and friends are.
Gharman: Mom, we missed you so much. We don't want to be separated from you ever again.
Sam: I need some time to think about it. Right now, what do you want to do?
Gharman: Why not take a walk over to the video games store? Gavriil told me he wants to try Call of Duty and there are some new games I want to take a look at.
Sam: Amused. Videos games, huh? Still your same old addiction? I see nothing much has changed since my departure. Alright, let's go to that store.

Meanwhile, back in 1928, at Olga and Dimitriís place...

Olga: Iím depressed at the thought of this trip in Romania. If only Carol werenít there.
Dimitri C-B: I donít like that snooty guy either.
Olga: Sighs. Two weeks in his company will seem like an eternity. Fortunately, youíll be there with me.
Dimitri C-B: How can the Romanians stand him. Thatís a mystery to me.
Olga: Heís not popular at all in his country. People are fed up of him. They donít want him to ascend to the throne, they prefer his younger brother, Nicholas. And to be honest, I do too.

Back at Anichkov,  with Anastasia and Maria...

Anastasia: So, whatís the program?
Maria: The Divo Ostrov Island in the morning. Itís 30 minutes from St. Petersburg. Thereís a big amusement park there. For the lunch, weíll find a nice little restaurant and in the afternoon, how about a balloon ride?
Anastasia: I like the way you think. Letís go have some fun. Checks her mobile. Mashka, I just got a text from Tatiana. Youíll never guess what Kole just did.
Maria: Tell me.
Anastasia: She...  Explains. Iíll call her to check if sheís okay. Dials Koleís number.  Kole...
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Kole:  On phone.  Yes?
Anastasia:  We just heard what happened with Lothos.  Are you okay?
Kole:  I'm fine, Anastasia, don't worry about me.
Anastasia:  Okay, just checking.  Ends the call.
Maria:  So?
Anastasia:  She says she's okay. 
Maria:  I knew she could handle things.
Anastasia:  Yeah, I guess so.  Anyway, back to our plans...

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Who was that?
Kole:  Anastasia.  She heard what happened and wanted to know if I was okay. 
Alexei:  Well, I guess everyone will want to know that.
Kole:  Sighs.  If there had been any other way to deal with Lothos, I would have done it.  He left me no choice
Alexei:  The world is better off without him, Kole.  That guard he murdered had a wife and five year old son.  You gave them justice.
Kole:  Yeah, I guess I did.  Strange, all the times I've seen the villain disposed of in that way in movies and television, blown out an airlock.  I never thought I would actually live it.
Alexei:  Yet, it happened.  Still, Lothos is out of our lives for good.
Kole:  I'll say.  At least we'll have good news for Sam when she gets back, she won't have to look over her shoulder for him anymore.
Alexei:  Speaking of Sam, I wonder how thing are going for her.

San Francisco, 2011, Sam and her family are having dinner...

Hadassah:  Where's Gavriil?  Won't he be joining us?
Sam:  He's laying down, Mom.  Gharman wore him out.
Gharman:  Hey, don't blame me.  That kid took to video games like a thirty person takes to water.
Sam:  Some things don't change, it seems.  By the way, how's the Sanctuary doing?
Gharman:  Great, Mom, I'm looking after it well.
Sam:  Good, I might take Gavriil there.  He'll be blown away by the animals we have in there.
Alaina:  Considering they aren't found anywhere else on Earth.
Carley:  So, Mom, have you decided?
Ronen:  Decided what?
Jaelyn:  Whether she's going to stay here or not.  Gavriil can stay too.
Ronen:  I'm sorry, but that's out of the question.  Both Sam and Gavriil must return to 1928.
Hadassah:  Ronen...
Ronen:  She has to know, Hadassah.  We can't keep this from her any longer.
Sam:  I have to know what!?  Dad?  Mom?  What's going on!?
Ronen:  You are no doubt familiar with the Siege of St. Petersburg that happened, or will happen, depending on how you look at it, during World War II.
Sam:  Yeah, Dad, I know about it.  It lasted, or will last, over two years.
Ronen:  Yes, but did you know how the siege ended in January of 1944?  It was ended by Russian forces under the command of one Gavriil Baranov.  He becomes a national hero in Russia because of that.
Sam:  Astonished.  Gavriil?  MY Gavriil?
Ronen:  Yes, him.  So you see why you must go back, both of you.  It's history.
Sam: I....
Hadassah:  However, Sam, there is no reason why we can't keep in touch.  Remember this?  Puts an object on the table.
Sam:   The magic mail box.
Hadassah:  When you go back, take it with you.  We have another one here with us. 
Gharman:  That's great, Mom.  We can keep in contact with each other.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess we can....   Wow!  My adopted son is going to be a war hero.
Ronen:  And he becomes Prime Minister of Russia after that.  Of course, you can't tell Gavriil any of this.
Sam:  Don't worry, Dad, your secret is safe with me.  It's just....  Wow!
Hadassah:  As your father said, Sam, it's history...
The doorbell rings.
Gharman:  I'll get it.  Goes out and comes back with Sam's brothers, Jason and Jaheim, and her sister, Serenity. 
Jason:  Sis, welcome back.
Jaheim:  Good to see you.
Sam:  Good to see the three of you.  Hugs her brothers and sister.
Serenity:  So, what's this about a Russian boy you've adopted?
Sam:  Gavriil.  Yes, I've adopted him.  Oh, here he comes now...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Sam: Gavriil, I see that nap did you good, you look better. These are my siblings, my brothers Jason and Jaheim, and my sister Serenity.
Gavriil: Iím happy to meet the rest of your family, Sam.
Serenity: And so are we, Gavriil. I heard many good things about you. Youíre the one who...
Sam: Knows what Serenity is talking about, so she quickly changes the subject. Sis, Bros, do you want to dine with us?
Serenity: Sure, Iím hungry.
Jaheim: Ditto.
Gavriil: Serenity, what were you about to say?
Serenity: Looks at Sam. Oh nothing. While everyone is heading to the living room, she whispers to her sister. I guess now you know about your little Gavriil's future?
Sam: In the same tone. Yeah, Dad and Mom told me.
Serenity: I feel so sorry for you. Once again it seems you canít live here in 2011. Seems the odds are stacked against you.
Sam: Not at all. I feel lucky.
Serenity: You do?
Sam: Yes. I have Gavriil and I was able to see you all again. Furthermore when I leave, weíll still be able to keep in touch through the magic mail box.
Serenity: Iím glad. Letting you go without hearing from you isnít something I want to go through again. It was too hard.
Sam: By the way, Sis, how does it feel to be a Mom now?
Serenity: It's great. My baby girl is an angel, I adore her.
Sam: So itís a girl? Whatís her name?
Serenity: April. She will be four months in a week. Why donít you come to our home tomorrow to meet her?
Sam: I will. I want to see how my new little niece looks like.

Russia, 1928, early in the day, in a hot air balloon...

Maria: Looks at St. Petersburg. Wow, can you imagine anything more beautiful than that?
Anastasia: Itís grandiose. I canít remember such a wonderful feeling, except when we saw the Earth from Koleís shuttle. Iím speechless.
Maria: As am I. Iíd never get tired of this panorama.
Anastasia: What a beautiful city we have, donít you agree, Mashka?
Maria: Yes. Thereís no other place in the world where I want to live.
Anastasia: You had a brilliant idea to do this balloon ride. When we return, weíll tell the Big Pair what they missed. Theyíre gonna be so jealous.
Maria just laughs at this.

2011, the next day, in Samís Sanctuary...

Gavriil: Sam, this place is so cool! Oh, are you kidding me, is it...  Itís...  A hydra??!
Sam: It is. And here is a sphinx.
Gavriil: No?  Really?
Sam: Indeed.
Gavriil: Are they tame?
Sam: No, not them, but this unicorn is. You can pet her, if you want.
Gavriil: Approaches the unicorn and slowly begins to caress her. How can those animals be here? Theyíre not supposed to exist.
Sam: Actually they exist nowhere else than here in my Sanctuary.
Gavriil: How did you do that?
Sam: I was a powerful witch, Gavriil. I created them.
Gavriil: Such a shame you don't have those powers anymore.
Sam: No, I realized it was for the best.  With such powers, you can make terrible, irreparable mistakes.  It was too much responsibility. Now that Iím a normal human being, it feels good.
Gavriil: Iím glad I met you, Sam. You were the first person really interested in me. And with you itís a lot of fun, thereís always some crazy stuff to do. Like travelling in time, seeing those weird animals.
Sam: Good to see you enjoy it, but I can assure itís nothing compared to the hectic life I used to have. THAT was crazy. Fortunately those days are over.

Some time later...

Jaheim: Seeing Sam surfing the Internet. Why are you doing, Sis?
Sam: Iím doing some research about Gavriilís family. I couldn't do that back in 1928.  The building, where Gavriilís records were, burned in 1918. However since he appears to be a famous person, I hope that here in 2011, historians have been able to find some info on him somehow. Ah, here we are. Gavriil Baranov, birth date: 12th January 1918.
Jaheim: What else are they saying?
Sam: He was born in Perm, to Peter and Elena Baranov.
Jaheim: And what happened to them?
Sam: They were killed by the Bolsheviks when he was a few months old.
Jaheim: Poor kid. Was he an only child?
Sam: Yes, no brothers or sisters. Closes the Internet window. Okay, Iím stopping here. Itís no good to know too much about the future. I have all the info I wanted.
Jaheim:  Sam, I just wanted to tell you something. I saw you with Gavriil. Youíre a good Mom to him, and heís happy with you.
Sam: Goes red. Thanks, Jaheim.

Back in 1928...

Olga: Iím thinking of that poor guard Lothos killed. There must be a way to help his family.
Tatiana: You donít have to be concerned about that, Olga. Mama and Papa have decided to send his widow a pension each month, and theyíre going to pay all the future tuition fees of his son.
Olga: Okay. For our part, we could use the money the National Intruder gave us to help needy families. Thatís a good idea, isnít it?
Tatiana: Yeah, it's a pretty good one. We could found a Committee like the ones we set up in the war.
Olga: Iíll let you handle the management. Itís not my cup of tea.
Tatiana: Alright, letís get busy. I have plenty of phone calls to make.
Olga: Oh God, here we go again. Tanya, I'm warning you. I wonít attend any Committee meetings. Iím bored to death by them.
Tatiana: Not listening to her. Okay, okay. First Iíll have to call Kerensky, and then...
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The next day, everyone has gathered at the air base, to see Alexei and Kole off on their journey to Mars...

Alexandra:  Oh, Alexei, I'm going to miss you.
Alexei:  Mama, don't worry, I'll be fine.
Alexandra:  I know.  Yet it seems it was just yesterday you were that little boy I couldn't let out of my sight.  Now you're going to be millions of miles away!
Nicholas:  You can see why this is somewhat difficult for us.
Alexei:  I know,  Papa, but everything will be fine.  Trust me.
Nicholas:  Of course, I trust you.  And Kole too.
Anastasia:  Good luck, Alexei.
Maria:  I'll take care of your little one until you get back.  Holds up Marie.
Alexei:  To Marie.  Now, don't give Auntie Mashka any problems now.
Tatiana:  Walks up.  I've just had the last of the medical supplies, from the Center, loaded on the shuttle.  Kole is checking them now.
Alexei:  Hopefully, we won't need them much.
Tatiana:  I know, but it always helps to be prepared.
Olga: I wish I was going with you.
Alexei:  Let me guess, to get out of that trip to Romania.
Olga:  Any chance you can...
Alexei:  Sorry, Olga, there are only two space suits on the shuttle.  It was okay for us all when we were just orbiting Earth, but this is different.  Kole and I will be much farther away this time.
Olga:  Hey, I had to try.  Anything better than seeing Carol again.
Dimitri C-B:  Olga, you'll be fine.
Olga:  Sighs.  I know.
Dimitri M:  To Alexei.  Dude, good luck!
Alexei:  Thank you.
More good-byes are said, before Alexei boards the shuttle.

Soon, both Kole and Alexei are strapped in...

Kole:  Nervous?
Alexei:  A little.  This is big, I mean BIG!
Kole:  Relax, you'll do great.  Here we go.  Begins working the controls.

Outside, everyone watches as the shuttle lifts up, going higher and higher until it disappears into the sky...

Nicholas:  Alix?  Are you okay?
Alexandra:  Wiping tears from her eyes.  I'm fine, Nicky.  It's hard for me to let go, you know that.  Especially Alexei, considering how sick he was.
Nicholas:  Alix, that's years in the past.  He's a grown man now, and he's healthy.
Alexandra:  I know, Nicky, but some habits are just hard to break.
Nicholas:  Looking at the sky.  I know, Alix, I know.

Earth orbit...

Kole:  Well, we've left Earth's gravity, so we'll be weightless from now on.
Alexei:  I guess that's why we're strapped down.
Kole:  Yes.  Until you get used to zero gravity, you better be careful.
Alexei:  Yes, I know.
Kole:  Working the controls.  Ion drive engaged.  Mars, here we come.  Flicks on a view screen which shows Earth receding to the rear.
Alexei:  Wow, this is it.  This is really happening.
Kole:  It is.  Are you thirsty?
Alexei:  A little.  You have any water?
Kole:  Holds up a squeeze tube.  Here you go.
Alexei:  I see.  I squirt the water right into my mouth, so it doesn't float around the shuttle.
Kole:  That's it.  Soon I'll show you how to eat and do other things in zero gravity.  
Alexei:  Kole, you seem so at home doing this.
Kole: Well, I did train for this.  Mind you, I never made it to Mars in my time.  I was scheduled to go...
Alexei:  Had you not ended up in the past.
Kole:  That's true, Alexei, but I have no regrets. I met you and your family.  I met Sam.  Also, we had Marie.  And now I am going to Mars, with my husband at my side.
Alexei:  Aw...
Kole:  It's too bad that Sam wasn't there to see us off, however, I can't blame her.
Alexei:  The others can tell her when she returns.
Kole:  I guess they can.  Anyway, there are some items I'd like to go over nowAlexei:  Can we have some music first?  
Kole:  Smiles.  Why not.  I know just the song for this occasion.  I'll just put the CD in.
The shuttle flies on and the song Ends Of The Earth, by Lord Huron can be heard...

Oh, there's a river that winds on forever
 I'm gonna see where it leads
 Oh, there's a mountain that no man has mounted
 I'm gonna stand on the peak

 Out there's a land that time don't command
 Wanna be the first to arrive
 No time for ponderin' why I'm a-wanderin'
 Nowhere the buses lay

 To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
 There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see
 To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
 If you will have a say my goodbyes to me

 Oh, there's an island where all things are silent
 I'm gonna whistle a tune
 Oh, there's a desert that size can't be measured
 I'm gonna count all the dunes

 Out there's a world that calls for me, girl
 Headin' out into the unknown
 Wayfarin' strangers and all kinds of danger
 Please don't say I'm going alone

 To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
 There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see
 To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
 Well if you want, I will say my goodbyes to me

 I was a-ready to die for you, baby
 Doesn't mean I'm ready to stay
 What good is livin' a life you've been given
 If all you do is stand in one place

 I'm on a river that winds on forever
 Follow 'til I get where I'm goin'
 Maybe I'm headin' to die but I'm still gonna try
 I guess I'm goin' alone  
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.  The opening sequence in the cemetery was written by me.**

San Francisco, 2011, a cemetery, the next day. We see Sam visiting a grave stone with the name William Marshall, beloved husband and father. Also there are the dates of his birth and death. As Sam continues her visit, Gharman arrives...

Gharman: I thought I'd find you here, Mom.
Sam: Well, I couldn't leave without saying good-bye to your father now, could I. Sometimes...
Gharman: Sometimes what?
Sam: I had all those powers, yet I couldn't save him. What the hell good were those damned powers if I couldn't use them to save the man I love?
Gharman: Come on now. Dad died in a car accident, it was a random thing. There was nothing you could have done to stop it, powers or no powers.
Sam: Yeah, but sometimes I don't feel that way. I felt I'd let the one man that mattered to me down. Perhaps that's why I married those other men...
Gharman: You could have put in a revolving door, considering how long those marriages lasted.
Sam: Very funny.
Gharman: Mom, we understand how you felt. You felt we needed a father figure.
Sam: Yeah, but none of them worked out. What the hell was I thinking. William was the love of my life, and always will be. Those other men, they mean nothing to me now.
Gharman: That's okay, Mom.
Sam: I'm going to spend a few more minutes here, then we'll pick up Gavriil and go home.
Gharman: Where is Gavriil?
Sam: I left him at Serenity's house, while I came here. She said she'd watch him until I got back.
Gharman: Right, I'll just give you those few moments then.

Two hours later, at Ronen and Hadassahís house...

Sam: Well, I think that soon it will be time for us to leave, Gavriil.
Gavriil: Canít we stay a little longer? I like it here, and Gharman has promised to let me play wirh his new car video game.
Sam: Sorry, no video games for you. Last time was sufficient.
Gavriil: Why can Gharman play and I canít? Thatís unfair.
Sam: Gharman is older than you.  And he doesnít feel sick when he plays video games, unlike a certain someone I know.
Gavriil: But...
Sam: Do you know what no means?
Gavriil: Unwillingly. Yes.
Sam: Now get ready. Weíll do some sightseeing today.  Tomorrow, weíll be heading home.
Gavriil: Pff. Just when things were starting to be fun.
Sam: Stop sulking, please, Gacha. Gives him a kiss. Do it for me.
Gavriil: Smiles a little. Fine, Iíll do it for you.

That afternoon, Sam and her children take Gavriil on a tour of San Francisco...

Alaina: One of the specialties of the West Coast is the Dungeness crab.
Gavriil: The one we ate at lunch?
Jaelyn: Yes, that one.
Gharman: Here is Fishermanís Wharf, the most popular area of San Francisco. Not far from here is Alcatraz Island.
Sam: It was the site of a famous prison before it closed down, fifty years ago. Do you want to visit it?
Carley:  Gharman, Jaelyn and I, have already been there, Mom.
Sam: Not Gavriil.
Gavriil: Iíd like to see this place. It sounds creepy.
Sam: It is. After that, Iíll show you the Transamerica Pyramid. Itís the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco.
Gavriil: How tall?
Sam: About 260 meters in height.
Alaina: And thereĎre 48 floors in all.
Gavriil: Impressive!
Gharman: Finally, weíll go over the Golden Gate Bridge. You canít visit San Francisco without going over that at least once.

Meanwhile, in 1928, Olga and Dimitriís apartment...

Dimitri C-B: All the bags are packed, Olga, and the limo is waiting to take us to the airport. Do you have everything you need?
Olga: Glances around the room. Yeah, I have. Dimitri, Iím sad that Sam, Alexei, and Kole won't be there to say goodbye.
Dimitri C-B: I feel the same. Everything feels so weird without them.
Olga: Hope theyíre all enjoying their respective trips.
Dimitri C-B: Spots something on his desk. Hey, I almost forgot the airline tickets. Thanks God, here they are.
Olga: Oh Dimitri...  Weíd have been in trouble otherwise.
Dimitri C-B: Whew! Takes Alice in his arms. Alexander and Elisabeth, are you ready?
Alexander: He and Elisabeth come into the room. Papa, Mama, where are we going? Constanta?
Olga: No, first, to Yalta, and then weíll be cruising on the Standart to Romania.
Dimitri C-B: Honey, weíd better hurry or weíll be late.
Alexander: Iím ready.
Elisabeth: And so am I.
Dimitri C-B: Where is the rest of the family?
Olga: They're on their way to the airport.
Dimitri C-B: Letís go join them then.
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In space...

Alexei is drifting towards the cockpit of the shuttle.  On the way, he notices a collage of pictures on a wall.  The pictures are of him, Kole, little Maria, NAOTMAA, Sam, and Kole's parents, George and Amanda Munro.  He smiles and moves on, reaching the cockpit.  Kole is there.

Kole:  How did you sleep?
Alexei:  As well as can be expected.  I'll have to get used to this zero gravity thing.
Kole:  Smiles.  Don't worry, you will.  It'll just take some time.
Alexei:  So, how are things going.
Kole:  Fine.  The NaviComp says we're right on course to Mars.
Alexei:  Straps himself into the seat next to Kole.  I guess we are.  Looks out into the void.  
Kole:  Alexei, are you okay?
Alexei:  I'm fine.  It's just hitting me, we're alone out here, aren't we.
Kole:  Well, if anyone else is out here, they're not from Earth.  
Alexei:  Are there any aliens, Kole?
Kole:  Not in our solar system, it seems.  Mind you, even in my time, there is still much about space we don't know.  However, it seems Humanity has this solar system all to themselves.  As for other solar systems, who can say. Does a Carl Sagan impression.  There are billions and billions of stars out there.
Alexei: Laughs.  What was that?
Kole:  Of course, you wouldn't know who I was imitating, he hasn't even been born yet.  Sometimes I forget where, or should I say, when, I am.  
Alexei:  I guess so.  Still, I'm ready.  I'm gonna take lots of pictures during this trip.  Even if the only people I can show them to is our family.  We'll have to be careful about that, Kole.
Kole:  Yeah, wouldn't that be a thing for the National Intruder to print:  'Former Tsarevich  and Wife Fly To Mars.  See Page 2 for story'.
Both laugh.
Alexei:  Kole?
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  I noticed those pictures you have back there, of us, and your parents...
Kole:  George and Amanda.
Alexei:  Yeah.  Anyway, I was thinking, do you wish you could tell them about this trip.
Kole:  I do, actually.  Since they're already in 2071, it won't have any affect on history.
Alexei:  Well, maybe when we get back, we can find a way.
Kole:  Smiles.  I'd like that.

Back on Earth, on the plane...

Dimitri C-B:  How are you holding up?
Olga:  As well as can be expected.  Part of me still wishes I was with Alexei and Kole.  I'd rather take my chances with Martians than see Carol again.
Dimitri C-B:  Olga, I'll be right there with you.
Olga:  Smiles.  I know.  It's just that the last time I saw him, he tried to put the moves on me.  He knew I was a married woman, but he still did it.  Who the hell did he think he was?
Dimitri C-B:  A spoiled brat who was clearly used to getting anything he wanted.
Olga:  Well, he's not getting me, that's for sure.
Dimitri C-B:  If he thinks he can, I'll be there to remind him.  Damn, it felt good slugging him that time.
Olga:  I know, but we have to make a good impression, remember.
Dimitri C-B:  I know.  However, if he tries to get fresh with you again, I will step in and defend your honour.
Olga: I know, and I thank you for that.
A Flight Attendant walks up.
Flight Attendant:  Your Highness?
Olga:  Just call me Olga.
Flight Attendant:  All right, Olga.  Anyway, I just want to say that we'll be landing in about ten minutes.
Olga:  Thank you.  We'll be ready.
Dimitri C-B:  Looks like it's almost show time.
Olga:  Yes, here we go.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Olga and her Dimitri will be in Romania soon.
Anastasia:  Let's hope Carol can keep his hands to himself this time.
Maria:  Remember, Nastya, he also wanted to marry me.
Anastasia:  Yeah, and you were what, sixteen, at the time.
Maria:  Yeah, Papa sure shot him down.  
Tatiana: Comes in.  What are you two talking about?
Maria:  Olga's trip to Romania.
Tatiana:  I'm sure she'll do fine.
Anastasia:  That's if Carol doesn't give her Dimitri reason to slug him again.
Tatiana:  Don't even joke about that, Nastya.
Anastasia:  I'm not joking.
Maria:  We all know what a creep Carol is.
Tatiana:  That's true.  However, we shouldn't jinx it.  This is Olga's first trip abroad as Heir to the throne of Russia.  We should hope it all goes well.
Maria:  Amen to that.  Hears Marie crying.  Looks like our niece needs me...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Some hours later...

Anastasia: On the phone with Olga. How was your plane trip?
Olga: Uneventful. Now weíre on the Standart. We should reach Constanta in a few days. Unfortunately for me.
Anastasia: Teases her sister. I donít see what the problem is. I always found Carol rather nice.
Anastasia: Giggles. Olga, if you could hear the tone of your voice. Itís hilarious.
Olga: Calms down a bit. Letís talk about something else. How are things going with you?
Anastasia: Nothing special. Weíre still waiting for Sam and Gavriil to come back. Itís a little depressing without you all being here, so Maria is preparing a great meal to cheer us up. Sees Maria coming. Ha, here she is. Iíll give her the phone, she wants to talk to you. And Tatiana does too. See you later, Olga.
Olga: Alright, bye, Nastya.
Maria: Takes the phone. Hi, Olga...

Back in 2011...

After everyone has kissed Gavriil goodbye...

Ronen:  Embraces Sam and holds her in his arms for a long time. We'll miss you a lot, Sam.
Hadassah: Gives her daughter a big, big hug. Oh Sam, I wish you could stay with us.
Sam: Mom, oh please, donít cry.  Itís hard for me too.
Serenity: Hugs Sam. Weíll stay in contact, right?
Sam: With the magic mailbox, we sure will.
Jason: Take care of yourself, sis.
Jaheim: And donít forget to send a message to tell us all that you have arrived safely.
Sam: Donít worry, bro, everythingíll be fine.
Gharman: Throws himself into Samís arms. Mom, I love you. Iíll miss you so much.
Alaina: That goes for me too. Does the same thing as Gharman. Sheís imitated by Jaelyn and Carley, who both try not to cry.
Sam: I love you too. And you know what, this isnít farewell. Iíll be back. Soon. Thatís a promise.  With the Amulet of Hogthor, I can visit whenever I want.
Gharman: Smiles through his tears. Then Iíll hold you on that promise. Good bye Mom. Bye, Gavriil. Take care of yourself, buddy.
Gavriil: Yeah, you too. Bye, everyone.
Sam: Holds up the amulet.  Come, Gavriil, itís time for us to leave.
Sam and Gavriil disappear into thin air.

Meanwhile, back in 1928, TMA and their husbands are talking to Alexei and Kole by webcam...

Anastasia: Holding Marie in front of the camera. Marie behaved very well, didnít she, Mashka?
Tatiana: As always, Maria was a great babysitter.
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Kole: Smiles.  That's good to know.  I hope she hasn't been too much trouble.
Maria:  No, she's been a little angel.
Kole:  Good.
Alexei:  Appears on the screen besides Kole.  What's going on down there?
Anastasia:  We're preparing a big meal.
Alexei:  Let me guess, Mashka is cooking.  
Anastasia:   That's right.
Alexei:  Wish I was there.  Sure beats the powdered food we have here.
Tatiana:  Powdered food?
Kole:  We can't have regular food in zero gravity.  It would float around the shuttle.  
Maria:  I guess it would.
Kole:  We have to sign off now.  
Alexei:  We'll be in touch again.  Everyone says good-bye before the link is terminated.
Tatiana:  Nice to know they're doing well up there.
At that point, Sam and Gavriil appear.
TMA: SAM!  All run and hug Sam.

In space...

Alexei:  It's nice that we can talk to them back there.
Kole:  Well, soon direct communication won't be possible.  There will be time delays.
Alexei:  What do you mean?
Kole:  The farther we get from Earth, the longer the signals will take to go back and forth.  For example, we'll send a signal, but it won't reach Earth for ten minutes.  If they reply, it will take the same amount of time to reach us.  Those delays will get exponentially longer the farther out we get.
Alexei:  Oh, so I guess that means we'll just record a message, send it home, and they'll record one and send it back.
Kole:  Yes, that's right.  So, how about dinner.
Alexei:  Powdered food.  Yummy!  
Both laugh.

Back on Earth, the meal is under way...

Tatiana:  So, Sam, how did your visit home go?
Sam:  It went great.  It was nice to see my family again.  And I can now keep in touch with them.
Anastasia:  With the magic mail box you brought back with you.
Sam:  Yes, we can send letters back and forth.
Anastasia:  Hey, we can get movies from the future again.  You can ask your family to send them back to us.
Sam:  Yes, I guess I could.  Pulls out the Amulet Of Hogthor.
Tatiana:  You still have that.
Sam:  Yes.  I can use to visit my family whenever I want.  I was thinking that Kole could borrow it to visit her family in 2071.  
Maria:  Well, if you want to lend it to her now, it might be a bit hard.  She's a few million miles away and getting farther as we speak.
Sam:  She and Alexei are on their way to Mars?
Maria:  Yes, they are.
Tatiana:  By the way, Sam, you don't have to worry about Lothos anymore.  Kole took care of him.  
Sam:  How?
Tatiana:  Well...

On the Standart....

Dimitri C-B:  We'll be there soon, Olga.
Olga:  I know, and I'm ready.
Dimitri C-B:  The captain just told me that there will be a reception in our honour when we arrive.  And Carol will be there.
Olga:  With a sigh.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

On the Standart, near Romania...

Dimitri C-B: Olga, donít you think the situation in Romania has been complicated since King Ferdinandís death? And it wonít get any better.
Olga: What do you mean?
Dimitri C-B: Well, Iím speaking of the regency. Carol was supposed to be the Heir, but because of some kind of scandal, he had to wave his right to the throne, remember.
Olga: Yeah, I remember. And despite the fact that the Romanians wanted his brother, Nicholas, to succeed Ferdinand.  Yet, Carol managed to put his own son, Michael, on the throne.
Dimitri C-B: And Sam told us that in a few years, Carol will break his promise and seize power in the place of his son thanks to a coup díťtat.
Olga: And then heíll deprive Nicholas from his royal privileges and titles and then heíll exile him.
Dimitri C-B: Ah boy, what a guy he is.
Olga: Rolls her eyes. Tell me about it!
Dimitri C-B: Look! I can see the coast. Weíre very close to Constanta.

Constanta, Romania...

The whole Royal Family is there to greet Olga and Dimitri C-B. Itís now Carolís turn to say hello.
Carol: Kisses Olgaís hand. Hello, Olga, glad to see you again. Last time we saw each other, it didnít go so well.  All because of a stupid misunderstanding.
Olga: Thinking to herself. Misunderstanding? There wasnít any misunderstanding! Heís got some damn nerve to say that, it was entirely his fault! Aloud. Hello, Carol. Nice to see you again. Thinking. Yeah sure, lucky me!
Carol: Refuses to shake hands with Dimitri C-B. Sorry, Iím not used to do that with a commoner.
Dimitri C-B: Flushed with anger. Hey you...
Olga: Puts her hand on his arm to calm him and whispers to him. Dimitri, ignore him.
Dimitri C-B: Mutters to himself. Itíll be hard.

After the reception, on the terrace of the palace...

Carol: Olga, when you become Tsarina, what title will  your...  Er, husband have?  He can't be called Tsar or even Prince Consort.  He's just a commoner. Dimitri C-B tries very hard to keep his cool while Carol goes on. I sympathize with you, Olga. It's quite a problem when you marry someone of a social rank far below yours.
Dimitri C-B: Mumbles. God, help me, I'm about to kill him.
Carol: What is your opinion on this matter, Olga?
Olga sees that Dimitri is exasperated, but doesn't dare to say a thing.
Carol: Hears someone calling him. I gotta go, Olga. I'll see you later. Moves away.
Dimitri C-B: Furious. I'll gladly punch him in the face! Olga, why didn't you even try to defend me? I'm your husband, and you stayed silent during the whole time he was insulting me. I felt as you were ashamed of me.
Olga: It's not that, Dimitri. I didn't want to cause an international incident.  I know how he is, he hasn't forgiven us for last time we saw him, when we put him to his place. He can't do nothing against me, since I'm the Heir, so he attacks our weak point.
Dimitri C-B: Weak Point?!! The fact that I'm a "commoner", to speak like Carol, is a weak point?? Your husband's parentage is obviously a problem for you. Then I don't know why you agreed to marry me. Storms off.
Olga: Very upset. Dimitri, you're wrong, that wasn't what I meant. Dimitri, please!
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Later, Olga is in her suite, talking to Tatiana via webcam...

Olga:  I knew this would happen, Tanya.  I knew I should have stowed away on Kole's shuttle and gone to Mars instead of coming here.
Tatiana: On screen.  Olga, what happened?
Olga:  Well.  Recounts what just happened.  I could tell Dimitri wanted to punch Carol in the face.  Heck I wanted to punch Carol!
Tatiana:  I hope you didn't, Olga.
Olga:  Of course not.  I know that Papa and Mama are counting on me.  Heck, all of Russia is counting on me.
Tatiana:  Have you talked to  your Dimitri about what happened?
Olga:  No, not yet.  He needs time to cool down.  However, I will speak to him when he gets back.
Tatiana:  Good.
Olga:  So, what's going on back home?
Tatiana:  Sam and Gavrill just returned from 2011.  From what they told us, they had a great visit with Sam's family.
Olga: Sighs.  It sounds like everyone is having a good time except me.
Tatiana:  Trust me, Olga, things will get better.  Pauses.  I have to go into work now.  
Olga:  Okay, I'll talk to you later.  Signs off.

Later, Dimitri C-B returns...

Olga:  Dimitri, please believe that that I am NOT ashamed of marrying you.  Your my husband, I love you and always will.  It's just that...
Dimitri C-B:  Yes?
Olga:  You have to understand the position I'm in.  So many are counting on me to make this visit a success.  Personally, I would have loved to see you punch Carol's lights out, heck, I would have joined you.  However, as much as we loathe Carol, we have to put up with him.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, it's just that his comments about me being a "commoner" really got to me.  What century is that guy living in?
Olga: I know.  However, I have an idea.
Dimitri C-B:  What is it?
Olga:  As you know, the Constitution removed all the political power from the Russian throne.  However, one power remains to the Tsar or Tsarina, and that power is to designate a title to the spouse of said Tsar or Tsarina.  My great grandfather, Prince Albert, was Prince Consort.  How would you like to be my Prince Consort.  Of course, I can't do anything until I ascend the throne...
Dimitri C-B:  I'll take it.
Olga:  Good.  Looks at her watch.  We have a state dinner with Carol in an hour.  We better get ready for it.  Just remember...
Dimitri C-B:  Grin and bear it.  Yeah, I'll try.
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In space...

Kole:  Damn!
Alexei:  What is it?
Kole:  There's a fault in the antenna.  I can't fix it from here, I'm gonna have to go EVA.
Alexei:  E...  What?
Kole:  Extra Vehicular Activity.
Alexei:  You mean go outside?
Kole:  I have to.  Come on, give me a hand getting into my spacesuit.
And soon, Kole is in her spacesuit...
Alexei:  Are you sure I can't help you with this, Kole?
Kole:  Smiles.  Alexei, I'm trained to do this kind of thing.  Nothing is going to happen, trust me.  Now, hand me my helmet.
Alexei:  Okay.  Watches as Kole puts her helmet on.
Kole:  Okay, once I go outside, we can communicate via the intercom, which will connect you to the receiver and transmitter in my helmet.  Points to some controls.  Push the green button to turn it on, once I've gone outside.
Alexei:  Right.

A few moments later, Kole is outside and floating towards the antenna...

Alexei:  On intercom.  Kole, can you hear me?
Kole:  Loud and clear.
Alexei:  How does it look out there.
Kole: Pauses and looks at the stars, and the now distant Earth and Moon.  Incredible.  
Alexei:  I wish I was out there with you.
Kole:  Perhaps we can arrange something another time.
Alexei:  I'd like that.
Kole:  Great, it's a date.  She reached the antenna and gets to work.

Two hours later...

Alexei:  Thinking.  Kole is taking too long out there.  I'm gonna go and help her.  Heads for the other space suit and begins to put it on.
Meanwhile, outside the shuttle.
Kole: Thinking.  Damn, this is taking longer than I thought it would.  Still, I have an a few more hours of oxygen in my suit, I should have time to finish. She gets back to work and doesn't realize Alexei has left the shuttle until he joins her.  What the....
Alexei:  Thought you could use a hand.
Kole:  What are you doing out here?
Alexei:  Relax, you did show me how to put on a space suit and work it.
Kole:  Yes, but only the basics.
Alexei:  Look, I'm here and I'm fine.  Tell me what to do?
Kole: Sighs.  Okay.  Hands him the light she's been using.  Take this and hold it steady.
Alexei:  Right.  Takes the light.
Kole:  Okay, this shouldn't take long now.
Alexei meanwhile is starting to feel light headed, but doesn't say anything.
Kole:  There it is.  I'm almost finished.
Alexei:  Giggles.  Great.
Kole:  Alexei, are you all right?
Alexei:  I'm fine.  Starts feeling pretty euphoric.  In fact, I never felt better in my life.
Kole:  Well, just keep that light steady.  I'm almost done.  She works for a few more moments.  There, I'm  finished.
Alexei:  Wheeee!  I feel goooooood!  Begins to sing.
Kole:  Alexei, what is wrong with you!?
Alexei:  Drunkenly replies.  Wrong?  What should be wrong?
Kole:  Realizes what is happening.  Oh my God!
Alexei:  Hey, Kole, look, I can fly.  Propels himself away from the ship.  Wheeeeeeeeee...
Kole:  ALEXEI!  Switches on her suit jets and quickly retrieve him before he floats out of range.

Later, in the shuttle, Alexei wakes up and realizes he's wearing an oxygen mask.  Kole is there with him...

Alexei:  What happened to me?  I felt like I was drunk.
Kole:  You had Nitrogen Narcosis.  
Alexei:  And that is...
Kole:  Too much nitrogen got into your blood stream.  One of the symptoms is like being drunk.
Alexei:  How did...
Kole:  Suddenly becomes angry.  Because when you switched on the life support systems in your suit, you made a mistake and added too much nitrogen into the mix!
Alexei:  You don't have to snap at me, Kole.
Kole:  The hell I don't.  Alexei, you were nowhere near ready to try a space walk on your own.  What the hell were you thinking!?
Alexei:  But Kole...
Kole:  Don't you "but Kole" me!  Don't you realize what could have happened out there.  You could have been killed!  We're in space, Alexei, we can't afford to make stupid mistakes like that.  It could mean BOTH of our lives!
Alexei:  Are you done yelling at me?
Kole:  Starts to calm down.  Okay, sorry for losing my temper.  I should have realized it wasn't all your fault.  I was trained for months to handle missions like this, you weren't.  Still...
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  I could have lost you out there.  You, my husband, Marie's father.  I would have to tell your family that you got killed on my watch.
Alexei:  I'm not the sickly child I used to be, Kole.
Kole:  No, but out here, I'm just a responsible for your safety as your sailor friend was when you were ill.  I'm the qualified astronaut, you're the civilian passenger.   That makes me the responsible party.  Please try to understand that.
Alexei:  Yeah, I suppose you're right, Kole.  I just got worried about you, that's all.  You're still my wife, after all.
Kole:  Smiles.  Yes, that's true.  I guess I forgot about that.  Look, why don't you rest for a few more hours.  After that, I'll give you an in depth lesson on how to use the space suits.
Alexei:  I'd like that...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**


Olga: Dimitri, I think I know how to get rid of Carol.
Dimitri C-B: I have a plan too. I heard Carol canít swim. Tomorrow, on the boat ride, Iíll push him into the water and enjoy the show.
Olga: Dimitri, I was talking seriously.
Dimitri C-B: And so was I.
Olga: Smiles. There are times when youíre really impossible.
Dimitri C-B: I'll take that as a compliment.
Olga: Itís not that I donít want to drown Carol, but I have a better idea. Letís report his behavior to Nicholas. Heís not a fan of his brother, he will listen to us.
Dimitri C-B: If he agrees with Carol on the whole ďcommonerĒ thing, then, no, he wonít listen to us.
Olga: Come on, honey, Nicholas isnít like that. He doesnít resemble his brother at all.
Dimitri C-B: Excellent. Then I think Iíll get along well with him. Anyway, all the people who donít like Carol are my friends.
Olga: Holds back her laughter. And why not create a group called ďI hate CarolĒ on the Net while you're at it.
Dimitri C-B: I had thought about that, but there would be so many registrations that the site would be blocked.
Olga laughs out loud when she hears that.


Prince Nicholas: I'm so sorry about what happened.  Carol acted like a jerk all the time, his attitude is unspeakable. I'll take steps to ensure he won't bother any of you anymore. And, Dimitri, I'll personally make sure that he apologizes to you.
Dimitri C-B: Thanks, Nicholas.
 Prince Nicholas: You're welcome. And, Olga, at dinner, instead of sitting next to my brother, you'll be next to me.  If that suits you, of course.
Olga: It's perfect.
Prince Nicholas: Good. I'll promise you there won't be other unpleasant incidents during your stay in Romania. I'll do everything in my power to make it as enjoyable for you as possible. What place would you like to visit?
Dimitri C-B: I may have an idea. Our sister-in- law, Kole, would have liked to see Bran's castle, where Count Dracula lived. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so I thought we can go there, take some pictures and bring back some tourist souvenirs for her.
Prince Nicholas: Laughs. Then I suggest you take a clove of garlic and a crucifix for your visit.
Olga: No need to. We're not superstitious.
Dimitri C-B: You don't believe in that legend, Nicholas, do you?
Prince Nicholas: Of course not. Vampires are just a part of our folklore, just like the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. No one has ever seen them, still a lot of people believe they're real.
Olga: To herself. I can assure Nessie IS real.
Dimitri C-B: Thinking. Nicholas, if you knew we're friends with a former vampire.

Anichkov Palace, after nightfall...

Maria: Looks at the stars. When I think that Kole and Alexei are somewhere out there...
Tatiana: Strange feeling, isn't it?
Maria: Yes. Pauses. I miss them, Tanya, they're so far away. I tried to contact them today but they were offline the whole time.
Tatiana: I'm sure they're alright. They were probably busy today and they forgot to give us a call.
Maria: I'm gonna check  the computer to see if they sent us a video message.
Tatiana: Follows her. Good idea.
Maria: By the way, how is it going for Olga and her Dimitri in Romania? Did she solve her problem with Carol?
Tatiana: I have no news yet. She might call me around 10 o'clock, that means... Looks at her watch. In 20 minutes.
Anastasia: Appears with Sam. Hey you two, you'll never guess what Sam just told me.
Maria: Go on.
Sam: When I was in 2011, my family revealed tp me that Gavriil will play an important role in Russian History. Explains. Of course, I can count on you to say nothing to him.
Maria: Amazing that such a little guy will  one day be the one who'll save St. Petersburg.
Anastasia: Gavriil Baranov's story or how to go from thief to war hero. Seeing Sam's look. Relax, Sam, I was just kidding.
Tatiana: Everyone, we just got a message from Kole...
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Soon Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Sam are gathered around the computer...

Maria:  Kole, good to hear from you.  I was getting worried.
Kole:  On screen.  Well, we had some problems with the antenna.  I had to go outside and fix it.
Anastasia:  Outside?  You mean leave the shuttle?
Kole:  Yes, it's called EVA, that means Extra Vehicular Activity.  Thankfully, we had no problems.
Tatiana:  That's good to know.
Alexei:  Appears on the screen beside Kole.  How is Marie?
Maria:  She's fine, Alexei.  She's been well behaved.
Alexei:  I knew we made the right choice to have you watch her, Mashka.  So, how are things going back there on Terra Firma?
Tatiana:  Well, Mama and Papa have returned to Tsarskoe Selo, although they've asked us to keep them updated every time we hear from you.
Alexei:  I thought as much.   I guess Papa is doing much better.
Tatiana:  He is.
Kole:  Are my eyes deceiving me, or is Sam there.
Sam:  I'm here, Kole.  Gavriil and I got back from 2011 not too long ago.  In fact, I learned something interesting about Gavriil.  Fills Alexei and Kole in.
Alexei:  Whoa!  You learn something new every day.  
Sam:  Of course, we can't tell him about it.
Kole:  Don't worry, Sam.  Besides, even if we wanted to, it would be a bit hard for Alexei and I to tell anyone anything right now.
Everyone laughs.
Alexei:  How are things going with Olga in Romania.
Tatiana:  Well..  Tells Alexei about her last conversation with Olga.  In fact, Olga wishes she were there in space with you.
Alexei:  I can't blame her.  Carol sounds like the same jerk he's always been.
Tatiana:  Tell me about it.  I'll fill you in the next time I hear from her.
Kole:  Well, I was going to bring this up anyway.  This may be our last direct conversation.
Maria:  Why?
Kole:  We're passing out of range of Earth.  That means that there will be time delays.  It will take a little time for message to go back and forth between us, and the time delays will get longer the farther we get from Earth.
Anastasia:  So that means recorded messages, right?
Kole:  Yes.  
Maria:  Well, we can live with that.
The conversation goes on for a few more minutes, before Alexei and Kole sign off.


Maria:  Sam, I was thinking about something.
Sam:  What is it?
Maria:  Gavrill being a big war hero.  I was thinking that perhaps it's because of you.
Sam:  Me?
Maria:  Because you are going to do a wonderful job of raising him.  You will inspire him to become more than he is, and to step up when his country will need him.
Sam:  I've never thought of it that way.  Thanks, Mashka.
Maria:  You're welcome.

In space...

Alexei:  Thanks for not telling them of my little mistake, Kole.  
Kole:  It wasn't my place to do that.  
Alexei:  I know, I should have done it.  It's just that...
Kole:   Yes?
Alexei:  I didn't want them to worry about me.  Most of my life, they all worried about me, especially poor Mama.  I don't want to put any of them through that again.
Kole:  I guess it was hard for you, growing up.
Alexei:  Tell me about it.  It's a miracle poor Mama didn't end up in an insane asylum.  Imagine having to worry every time I fell down.  Ten years ago, she would never have allowed me to do something like this.
Kole:  That's true, Alexei, considering that ten years ago, you were fourteen years old.
Alexei:  Laughs.  You know what I mean, Kole.  If I were still in invalid, I would never have been allowed to come to Mars with you.
Kole:  Yeah, but thanks to Sam, you're fit and healthy.  Your family doesn't have to worry about you anymore.  That's my job now.
Both laugh.

Back on Earth, at Anichkov Palace, Sam goes upstairs to check on Gavriil, and runs into Crowley, the King Of Hell...

Sam:  What the hell are you doing here, Crowley!?
Crowley:  Now is that any way to great an old friend?
Sam:  We're not friends.
Crowley:  Touchť.  
Sam:  Maybe you haven't heard, Crowley, but I don't have my powers anymore.  I'm out of all that now.
Crowley:  I know.  Castiel informed me of that little development.  Ah, what a shame, you were a worthy opponent, Samantha Cohen.
Sam:  So why are you here?
Crowley:  I just came to make a pick up.
Sam:  A pick up?  You don't mean...
Crowley:  No, none of your Russian friends.  In fact, it's an enemy.  Crowley snaps his fingers and Lothos's ghost appears.
Lothos's ghost.  What!?
Sam:   Where did he come from?
Crowley:  He's been moping about here since your astronaut friend blew him out of her shuttle.  Rather clever way to deal with him, I say.  Anyway, he was getting ready to harm that boy you've adopted.
Sam:  Gavriil?  
Crowley:  Don't worry, I got here first.  Turns to Lothos's ghost.  Come along, Irwin.
Sam:  Irwin!?
Crowley:  You didn't think Lothos was his real name, did you?
Sam:  Well, we were never on a first name basis.  He was too busy trying to kill me.
Crowley: I see.  Anyway, I'm just going to take him to Hell now.  He won't be bothering you or your friends anymore.
Lothos's ghost:  NO!
Crowley:  Come now, Irwin, let's not make a scene.  Waves his hand and Lothos's ghost disappears.  There we go.  Anyway, Samantha Cohen, farewell.  Vanishes.
Sam:  Okay, I wasn't expecting that.  I better check on Gavriil...

***a cameo appearance from Crowley, one of my favourite Supernatural characters***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Sam: Well, that was weird!
Anastasia: Comes on the scene. What is it, Sam?
Sam: I bet you hundred rubles that youíll never guess who I just saw.
Anastasia: Deal! It was Lothos.
Sam: What? HoÖ How did you guess?
Anastasia: It was easy. I was in the hall and I saw the whole ghostly incident. And now you've lost one hundred rubles.
Sam: Youíll never get that money. You cheated.
Anastasia: Hey, sorry to be smarter than you. You never asked me if I had witnessed the event. I donít feel that I cheated. So, would you so kind to... Extends her hand. Give me my money, please?
Sam: Never. And donít even think of looking in my wallet.
Anastasia: Who? Me? Perish the thought!
Sam: Iím not convinced, but Iím going to act as if I were. Now I have to see if Gavriil is okay.
Anastasia: Iím coming with you. By the way, Sam, who was that man with Irwin AKA Lothos?
Sam: Heís Crowley, the King of Hell.
Anastasia: No way?! Oh thatís totally awesome.
Sam: Not really. He and I are not exactly friends.
Anastasia: Tell me the story. Both enter in Gavriilís room.
Sam: Iíll do that later, if you donít mind. Turns to Gavriil.  Gavriil, are you alright?
Gavriil: Yeah, whatís up?
Sam: To cut it short, it seems like Lothos managed to come back from the afterlife to target you again.
Gavriil: Iíve seen nothing. He didnít try to come here.
Anastasia: Oh, he did. The King of Hell stopped him in time.
Gavriil: TheÖ What?
Sam: Let me explain...

Tatiana is on a phone conversation with Olga...

Tatiana: Any news?
Olga: Yeah. We are finally rid of Carol. And this time for good.
Tatiana: What do you mean? Is he...
Olga: Dead?   No such luck. We had a serious conversation with his brother, Nicholas, and everything is arranged. He sent Carol packing.
Tatiana: No? Thatís too good to be true.
Olga: Yes, I too could hardly believe it when I heard it. I guess itís because of the success of this diplomatic trip matters a lot to the Romanian government.
Tatiana: Thatís excellent for you. Youíll finally be able to enjoy your stay in Romania.
Olga: Speaking of which, tell Kole that Nicholas will show us around Bran Castle.
Tatiana: Count Draculaís castle? I see your program is fun.  It looks like a holiday.
Olga: If you except the long boooring ceremonial dinners. Itís so dull I almost fell asleep last time. Of course, thereís no getting away from it.
Tatiana: Something just crossed my mind. Olga, when you get back, Iíll need your help for the Committee we talked about. I set everything up, all youíll have to do is to come with me to St. Petersburg once a week to collect the money and twice a month to attend meetings.
Olga: Hey, hello, I WONíT attend any meetings, is that clear? Iíve already told you I wonít.
Tatiana: Come on, Olga, itís not that hard. You will basically...
Olga: Be bored stiff for two long hours twice a month. No way! Ask me to do anything else, but not that.
Tatiana: Olga, this is not the Old Empire. I'm sure we can find a way to make those meetings less boring. Thereís no binding protocol anymore, we can do whatever we want.
Olga: Then letís revolutionize things a little bit.
Tatiana: Alright, letís do exactly that.

Later, when Tatiana told everyone the latest news from Olga and Dimitri...

Sam: Thoughtfully. The die has been cast.
Anastasia: What do you mean, Sam?
Sam: Well, I mean that what Olga did has sealed the fate of Romania.
Maria: You lost us here, Sam. Olga just went to see Nicholas and all he did is to send Carol away until Olga and her Dimitriís stay is over.
Dimitri M: Itís no big deal.
Ivan K: I donít see either where the harm is. Itís good news for Olga, isn't it?
Sam: Okay, obviously, you have no idea what Iím talking about.  Let me fill you in.   At the time of World War II, Carol will still hold a grudge against Olga and Nicholas for what theyíve done. You already know that, in 1930, heíll dethrone his own son to take power and heíll exile Nicholas away. Thatís not all.  During the war, out of hatred towards Russia, heíll choose the side of the Axis. Romania will be defeated by Russia, but at the cost of thousands of lives on both sides.
Ivan S: Thatís awful. Is there something Olga can do to fix it?
Sam: Iím afraid thereís not.
Ivan K: Even if Olga tries to reconcile with Carol now?
Sam: It wonít work, we canít change history.
Maria: If you knew, why didnít you warn Olga before?
Sam: As I said, Mashka, it's history. Events were meant to happen this way. If I had told Olga, history would have been modified and perhaps something worse would have happened to both countries.
Anastasia: Still, itís unfair how such a little event will have so much impact in the future. Carol was the guilty one there, it wasnít Olgaís fault. How can he blame her?
Sam: I know. Since thereís nothing we can do, donít tell Olga and her Dimitri just yet, itíll spoil their trip. Wait until they come back home.
Ivan K: Right. Sam, by the way, Anastasia told me you received a strange visit today. So whatís this about a King of Hell who wanders in our hallways?
Sam: He didnít wander, he...  Explains what happened.
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Ivan K:  So Lothos's real name was Irwin?
Anastasia:  I can see why he changed it.  "Irwin the Vampire Hunter" does not exactly inspire fear.  So, he's gone for good?
Sam:  Yep.  That is why Crowley came here, to collect him.
Maria:  So, you know this King Of Hell?
Sam:  I had a few run ins with him during my time as a witch.  Nothing serious though.
Anastasia:  We won't be seeing more of him, then?
Sam:  No, I told him I was out of all that.  He understood. 
Ivan S:  Still, it's not often that the King Of Hell drops by your home.
Sam:  No, I guess it isn't. 

Tsarskoe Selo, that evening...

Nicholas:  Alix, what are you doing out here on the balcony at this hour.
Alexandra:  Just looking at the sky, Nicky, and thinking...
Nicholas:  About Alexei?
Alexandra:  Yes, you see I'm having second thoughts about letting him go on this trip to Mars.
Nicholas:  It's a bit late for that, don't you think.
Alexandra:  I know.  However, part of me wants to tell Kole to turn that shuttle around and get back here to Earth.
Nicholas:  Alix, he's not that sick little boy anymore.   He can take care of himself.  Besides, he's not alone out there, Kole is with him.  She knows what she's doing.
Alexandra:  I know that, Nicky.  However, I'm still his mother, the mother that looked after him all this life.   That's not an easy habit to break.
Nicholas:  Alix, how do you think he'd feel if you demanded he return to Earth.  Do you think he'd be happy.
Alexandra:  No, he'd probably never forgive me for ruining his trip.
Nicholas:  Then perhaps we should be happy for him.  He's having the adventure of a life time.  We can't take that away from him.
Alexandra:  No, I suppose we can't. 

Anichkov Palace, Tatiana and her Dimitri are upstairs, having just checked on the children...

Dimitri M:  So, the King Of Hell paid us a visit. 
Tatiana:  So it would seem.  However, from what Sam said, I don't think we have to worry about a return appearance.
Dimitri M:  There is still so much of her life we don't know about.
Tatiana:  Stops and looks into Sam's room.    That's true.  She spots the Amulet Of Hogthor on the dresser and picks it up.
Dimitri M:  What are you doing with that?
Tatiana:  Oh just wondering.  Sam said this could take you anywhere you wanted to go.
Dimitri M:  And?
Tatiana:  Oh, I was just curious.  Like if I said I wanted to visit Alexei and Kole, would that mean...  Vanishes.
Dimitri M:  TATIANA!  Runs to the top of the stairs.  SAM!  GET UP HERE!  NOW!

In space, on Kole's shuttle...

Alexei:  Tatiana!?
Tatiana:  What?  How did I get here?
Kole:  That's what I'd like to know.
Tatiana:  I was just thinking of how it would be nice to visit you and that next thing I know, I was here.  Holds up the Amulet.  I was holding this at the time.
Kole:  Isn't that the amulet that Sam used to go to her time.
Tatiana:  It is. 
Alexei:  Well, if it can take a person through time, it must be able to take someone through space as well.
Kole:  That thing has power.  We're millions of miles from Earth.
Tatiana:  Millions of miles?
Kole:  Yes, Tatiana.  We're farther from Earth than any human in this time has been.
Alexei:  And now you are.
Tatiana:  That's a lot to take.
Kole:  Tatiana, you can't stay here.  This trip was planned for two, not three.  Our food and water supplies are only enough for Alexei and myself.
Tatiana:  I guess I get back the same way I came here.  Looks at the Amulet.  I want to go home.  Vanishes. 
Alexei:  Well, well,  I sure didn't see that coming.

Anichov Palace, Tatiana reappears...

Tatiana:  I'm back.  Holds up the Amulet.  You are powerful.
At that point, Dimitri M and the others arrive on the scene...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Dimitri M: Tatiana, you scared me. What the hell have you done?
Tatiana: Iím perfectly fine, Dimitri. Calm down.
Dimitri M: Sorry, I freaked out when I saw you disappear like that.
Sam: Guys, what happened here? Tanya, why are you holding my Amulet?
Tatiana: I took it off your dresser out of curiosity.  I thought of Alexei and Kole at the same time. Before I knew it, I found myself on their shuttle. They were as surprised as I was. I couldnít stay there, so I pictured our palace in my mind and the Amulet brought me back here.
Anastasia: Thatís terrific. Give me the Amulet, itís my turn to try. Iím going to pay a little visit to Olga and her Dimitri. Before anyone can make a move, she takes the Amulet and vanishes.
Sam: Laughs. Same, silly Imp.
Ivan K: Sam, thereís nothing funny about what just happened.
Maria: I agree with Ivan. I donít understand how you can find this amusing. Anastasia just disappeared into thin air and here you are, laughing out loud. 
Tatiana: Thereís no danger. She will come back, just like I did.
Sam: Yes, itís all right. She just went to see Olga, thereís no harm in wanting to have a little fun.
Ivan K: What if she then decides to do something crazy, like going back in time to see the dinosaurs? Or something even more insane?
Sam: Oh no. I havenít thought about that.
Tatiana: And neither did I. Knowing our Nastya, itís very possible. Then weíre in trouble.
Sam: In big, big trouble.
Maria: Sam, what can we do?
Sam: We have to call Olga quickly. Anastasia must be with her by now. 
Maria: Letís hope sheíll be able to reason with our impish little sister and to persuade her to return here.


Anastasia: Behind Olga. Hey Olga, how is it going?
Olga: Turns and jumps in surprise. WHAAA! WHATíS THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?
Anastasia: I thought you were missing me, so I came here to cheer you up.
Olga: Instead of that, you just scared me to death. I thought my heart had stopped beating when I saw you behind me. Donít EVER do that again!
Anastasia: Okay, if thatís what you want. As for me, I found that hilariously funny.
Olga: It was not. Not at all. How on Earth did you manage to come so far this quickly?
Anastasia: With this. Shows her the Amulet. The Amulet of Hogthor. The fastest and the cheapest mean of transport in the history of the mankind. You should try this, itís great.
Olga: Iíd love to. But I donít think that would be reasonable andÖ
Anastasia: Come on, Olga, live a little. 
Olga: Still reluctant. The children, I canít leave them like this.
Anastasia: Olga, weíll be gone for a few minutes, no more than that. 
Olga:  I have to tell my Dimitri at least. Otherwise, he'll worry.
Anastasia: Grabs Olgaís arm. Thereís no time to procrastinate. Hold on to me. Closes her eyes and concentrates.
Olga: NO, WAIT! I donít even know where weíre goi...  Before she can finish her sentence, both of them disappear.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace...

Maria: Olga doesnít pick up. Itís the third time I've gotten her voicemail.
Ivan S: Try Dimitriís mobile then.
Maria: Good thinking. Types Dimitri C-Bís number on her phone. Hello, Dimitri, sorry to bother you, but itís an emergency. Is Anastasia with you?
Dimitri C-B: What?!! Maria, are you sure youíre okay? Anastasia canít be with us. Weíre in Romania right now, in case you've forgotten.
Maria: Itís too long to explain. Whereís Olga?
Dimitri C-B: In her room, I believe. Iíll get her.

A few moments later...

Dimitri C-B: On the phone. Maria, are you still here?
Maria: Yes.
Dimitri C-B: I canít find Olga. I searched everywhere. Sheís nowhere in sight.
Maria: Oh no, we warned you too late.
Dimitri C-B: I have the feeling you know more to the story than you told me. Where did Olga go?
Maria: I have no idea, Dimitri. I can only tell you sheís with Anastasia at this very moment. Before any of us could intervene, Anastasia took the Amulet of Hogthor and vanished in front of our eyes. She said she wanted to come see Olga and you. My supposition is that Anastasia then convinced Olga to do a little time travelling.
Dimitri C-B: Are you telling my wife is gone and we donít even know where or when she is!? Please tell me this is a horrible nightmare and Iím going to wake up in a minute.
Maria: No itís not. This is real. Dimitri, donít panic, we are looking for a solution at this moment.
Dimitri C-B: So what can we do?
Maria: According to Sam, some legends say temporal portals exist but no one has ever found them.
Dimitri C-B: This isnít really helping us.
Maria: I know, Iím sorry.
Dimitri C-B: So thereís nothing we can do?
Maria: Apart from waiting for them and hoping theyíll come back safe and sound, no, thereís nothing we can do.
Tatiana: And also praying they wonít do something thatíll change the past. By ďthemĒ, I mean Anastasia, of course.
Maria: Dimitri, call us when you have some news, okay?
Dimitri C-B: What if something bad has happened to them?
Maria: Donít dramatize. Theyíll be back very soon, Iím sure of it.
Dimitri C-B: I hope so. Bye, Maria. Thanks for calling me. Hangs up.

Meanwhile, in an unknown place, somewhere in Romania...

Olga: Where and, above all, when are we?
Anastasia: Weíre still in Romania, Olga. Tatiana told me you were about to visit Branís Castle, right?
Olga: Yeah, thatís true.
Anastasia: Well, there it is in front of you.
Olga: This castle ahead us is Count Draculaís?
Anastasia: Yes. According to tradition, Bram Stoker was inspired by Vlad the Impaler for his character of Dracula. Contrary to what historians claim, some evidences suggest Vlad was not just an impaler, but a vampire too. Itís time to find out if thereís some truth in those statements.
Olga: You mean you brought us back to the fifteenth century?
Anastasia: Yep. You can thank me later. Iím offering you a free history lesson. Letís go.
Olga: Oh no, you're joking?!! Sighs. You're crazy. You're gonna get us killed...
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Soon, some guards appear, led by a captain...

Guard Captain:  Halt!  Who goes there?
Anastasia:  Uh....
GC:  Well, you two certainly don't look like Turks.  So I guess you're not here to cause trouble.
Olga:  Speaks up.  That's because we're not.  My sister and I are emissaries from the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
GC:  So, Ivan III sent you.
Olga:  Yes, he did.  We're expected by your master.
GC:  I wasn't informed.
Olga:  Well, with this war with Turkey that you're having, maybe the invitation got lost somewhere.
GC:  Very well, take them to see his Excellency. 
Anastasia:  Whispers to Olga.  Good thing you remembered what Russia was called at this time.
Olga:  Whispers back.  Unlike a certain sister of  mine, I paid attention during history lessons.

Anichkov Palace, 1928...

Tatiana:  Well, now what.  Olga and Nastya could be anywhere, or anywhen.
Maria:  I guess we wait.
Sam:  Well, I...   Hang on, I got something in the magic mail box.  Takes out a letter.  It's from Mystic Falls.  They must have sent this letter to my family, who sent it here to me.
Tatiana:  Your vampire friends.
Maria:  What did they send you?
Sam:  One way to find out.  Opens the letter and reads it.  Whoa!
Tatiana:  What is it?
Sam:  Well, my vampire friends have, over the centuries, collected stories and legends about other vampires, real and imagined.  One such legend involves Vlad The Impaler.
Maria:  You mean the guy that inspired the Dracula legend?
Sam:  Yes, him.  Anyway, this particular legend speaks of two young women who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, met with Vlad, and then vanished as mysteriously as they came. 
Tatiana:  You're not saying...
Sam:  Apparently, these women stated they were sent from the Grand Duchy Of Moscow.
Maria:  Which is what Russia was known as in Vlad's day. 
Tatiana:  Olga and Nastya!  It has to be them. 
Maria:  Great, Nastya took them to meet Count Dracula himself.
Tatiana:  Or the man behind the legend.
Sam:  Well, at least we know where, or should I say, when, they are.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Nicholas:  Alix, if you keep drinking coffee like that, you'll get so jumpy that you'll go into orbit.
Alexandra:  Smiles.  At least that will put me closer to where Alexei is.
Nicholas:  Alix, he'll be fine.  You have to stop worrying about him.
Alexandra:  It's hard, Nicky.  I know he's fit and healthy now.   However, as I said, old habits are hard to break.  I don't think I'll breathe normally again until both he and Kole are safely back here on Earth.
Nicholas:  Alix, you need to take your mind off this.  Perhaps you can call Olga and check on how her trip to Romania is going.
Alexandra:  I'll do that.   Calls Olga, but gets her voicemail.  That's odd.  I'll try Dimitri.  Does so.
Dimitri C-B:  Voice on phone.  Hello?
Alexandra:  Dimitri, this is Alexandra.  I was just calling to check on Olga.  However, I can't seem to reach her.  Do you know where she is?
Dimitri C-B:  Uhhhhhhhh....

In space...

Kole:  There it is!
Alexei:  There what is?
Kole:  Points out the window.  See that red speck in the distance in front of us?  That's Mars.
Alexei:  It looks so small.
Kole:  Yes, but it'll get bigger.  Soon we'll be able to see Mars, as well as Phobos and Deimos. 
Alexei:  Buh?
Kole:  The two moons of Mars.
Alexei:  Ah, I see.  I can't wait to get there.
Kole:  Me neither.  We'll be there before you know it.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The conversation on the phone between Alexandra and Dimitri C-B continues...

Dimitri C-B: She is...  Not here at the moment.  
Alexandra: What do mean by ďsheís not here at the momentĒ?
Dimitri C-B: Sheís...  Well, Alexandra, I donít know where she is.
Alexandra: What? What happened?
Dimitri C-B: She left with Anastasia.
Alexandra: Anastasia? How can that be possible?
Dimitri C-B: The thing is that Anastasia, for reasons known only to herself,  took the Amulet of Hogthor and came here to see Olga.  It then appears that both of them decided to go time travelling.
Alexandra: Sighs. Why doesnít this surprise me. Any idea where they went?
Dimitri C-B: No. There are too many possibilities. I donít understand how Olga could do this to me. She left without even telling me.
Alexandra: Maybe Anastasia didnít leave her any time to do so. You know how impulsive she can be.
Dimitri C-B: I know but Iím still mad at Olga. She should have done something to stop this nonsense from happening.  
Alexandra: I agree. Sheís as guilty as Anastasia is.
Dimitri C-B: Alexandra, I think I have some news. Sam just sent me an email and apparently she found where and when Olga and Nastya are. You will never believe me when Iíll tell you.
Alexandra: With Anastasia, I always expect the worst. Iím blasť.
Dimitri C-B: Theyíre back in the time of Vlad the Impaler. Explains.
Alexandra: Ooh, I didnít see that one coming.
Dimitri C-B: However there is good news. The text says they went to see Vlad, and then soon after they suddenly vanished.   That means Vladís men didnít do them any harm.  
Alexandra: Thatís good. And their little trip seemed to have been short, they should be back soon.
At this moment, Anastasia and Olga appear in front of Dimitri...
Dimitri C-B: Mind blowing, I canít believe it!
Alexandra: On the phone. What is it, Dimitri?
Dimitri C-B: Theyíre back! They're right here in front of me.
Alexandra: Oh thanks heavens! Iíll inform the others right away. Iíll call you back later. Hangs up.
Dimitri C-B: Now, both of you, and especially you, Olga, could you explain to me how come you pulled this crazy stunt? You canít imagine how mad at you I am.
Olga: Dimitri, Iím so sorry, I didnít want to leave like this, but Anastasia gave me no choice. She grabbed my arm and before I could do anything, she used the Amulet.
Anastasia: Itís true, Olga wasnít very keen on it, but I got her to come with me.
Olga: Youíre still mad at me, Dimitri?
Dimitri C-B: Not anymore. I admit my reaction was excessive, but I was so anxious about you two. It was really crazy to do something like that.
Anastasia: ďLife is dangerous. Thatís what makes it interesting.Ē
Olga: Sorry?
Anastasia: Just a quote I heard from Sam. Dimitri, yeah, what we just did was risky, but it was also super fun. And now we know the historical truth about Vlad.
Olga: Do you want us to tell the story?
Dimitri C-B: Iíd like to. It sounds exciting. But first, Nastya, you have to promise youíll never ever do this again.
Anastasia: I had planned to do a little trip with Maria. However I promise itíll be the last.
Olga: No, Dimitri is right, no more time travel. Itís too dangerous. If I had not been there this time, you would have been killed.
Dimitri C-B: WHAT?!!
Anastasia: Olga always exaggerates. So Iíll be the storyteller here. Recounts their adventure.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria: On the phone. Itís a relief to know theyíre both safe. Thanks for calling us, Mama.  Hangs up.
Ivan K: Theyíre back?
Maria: Yes, both of them.
Tatiana: When Anastasia gets back here, weíll have a little chat with her.

Back in Romania...

Dimitri C-B: After the guards escorted you, what happened?
Olga: Thatís the interesting part of the story. They brought us before Vlad and...
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Branís castle, fifteenth century...

Guard: Your Excellency, here are two envoys from the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
Vlad: Really? I didnít receive any letter informing me of their arrival.
Olga: Well, Your Excellency, I guess it got lost because of the war.
Vlad: It could be that. I see youíre travelling unescorted. Is it because your bodyguards were all killed by the Turks? Anastasia and Olga exchange looks.
Anastasia: Yes, itís that, Your Excellency. We were attacked by these cowards at the edge of a forest and...
Olga: Whispers to Anastasia. Donít overdo it, Nastya.
Anastasia: Anyways, they slaughtered our entire escort before our eyes. We just had time to escape.
Olga: Whispers again. Is that what you call ďnot overdoing itĒ?
Anastasia: In the same tone. You have a better idea to explain our presence here alone?
Olga: Well, no.
Anastasia: So shut up.
Vlad: Iím sorry for you. On your return, Iíll have men escorting you to the border, so that youíll be able to travel safely.
Anastasia: Thank you very much, Your Excellency, but I donít think...
Olga: Nudges her to silence her. We are very honored and we gladly accept.
Vlad: So tell me, what is the reason of your arrival?
Olga: Our Sovereign, Ivan III, wanted to strengthen the ties between our two countries.
Anastasia: For a possible alliance against the Turks.
Olga: Mutters to Anastasia. Why are you doing? Youíre changing history!
Anastasia: To Olga. Sorry, I said the first thing that went through my mind.
Olga: Then, if itís to say something stupid, donít open your mouth at all.
Vlad: Excellent, excellent. I was hoping that one day Ivan would do something like this. Very well, you must be exhausted. Weíll continue this conversation later. Iíll tell my domestics to prepare rooms for you.

Anastasiaís room...

Anastasia: Olga, whatís your opinion? Is he a vampire or not?
Olga: Hard to tell. He looks very pale, but itís not a proof. He can be ill.
Anastasia: Fine. Help me find evidence. Keep watch while Iíll search his room.
Olga: No, itís way too unsafe.
Anastasia: Enters in Vladís room. Too late.


Anastasia: Leaves Vlad's room.  Dammit, Iíve drawn a blank!
Olga: Not a single piece of proof?
Anastasia: None. However, I'm not giving up. I found a disturbing detail in his room, there was no mirror.
Olga: Thatís doesnít prove anything.
Anastasia: Itís easy to verify that my theory is correct. Letís find a mirror.
Olga: Thereís one in my room. 
Anastasia: We must find a way to...
Vlad: Suddenly arrives. May I help you, ladies?
Olga: Er Yes. I... I forgot to give you a letter from Our Grand Prince Ivan. Itís in my room, if you wish to follow along.
Vlad: Very well, I follow you.

Olgaís room...

Olga: Pretends to look everywhere. Iím sorry, I canít find the letter. I probably mislaid it when the Turks attacked us. But I remember its content by heart. The Grand Prince made us memorize it in case something like this would happen.
Vlad: Good. What was it saying?
Olga: Well...

Sometime later, when Anastasia and Olga are alone...

Anastasia: Olga, Olga! Did you notice?
Olga: Yes I did. I took a discreet look into the mirror when he was standing next to me. I could see my own reflection but not his. I felt paralyzed with fear when I saw that.
Anastasia: Ah, it's awesome! He is a vampire! I told you so.
Olga: Imp, now we proved he is indeed one, can we go back to our time, please? This place gives me the creeps.
Anastasia: Actually Iím a little scared too. Takes Olgaís hand and soon both vanish into thin air.

Back in 1928, Romania...

Anastasia: To Dimitri C-B. So this is how it happened...
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Olga:  It's true, Dimitri.  Vlad WAS a vampire.
Dimitri C-B:  Incredible. 
Anastasia:  Well, I better be getting back home now.  See you later.  Clutches the Amulet and vanishes.
Dimitri C-B:  Are you sure you're okay, Olga.
Olga:  I'm fine.  We have a lunchion to attend now, right.
Dimitri C-B:  Right.
Olga:  Let's go.

Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  Appears.  I'm back.
Sam:  Grabs the Amulet.  I'll relieve you of that, if you don't mind.
Anastasia:  What are you going to do with it?
Sam: Puts the Amulet in the magic mail box.  I'm sending it to my family in 2011 for safe keeping.  Clearly, I can't keep it here.
Anastasia:  Aw come on...
Sam:  It's not you I'm worried about, Imp.  What if one of the children got a hold of it?
Anastasia:  Yeah, that's true.
Tatiana and Maria arrive on the scene.
Tatiana:  There you are, Nastya.  What in God's name possessed you to take Olga back in time like that.  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?
Anastasia:  Hey, I had it under control.
Tatiana:  You "had it under control"?  You risk changing history and you call it "having it under control"?
Anastasia:  Get out of my face, Governess.  In case you haven't noticed, I'm 27 years old!
Tatiana:  You could have fooled me with his little stunt you pulled.
Anastasia:  Look...
Maria:  Okay, let's calm down here.  Olga and Nastya are safely back, let's take comfort in that.
Anastasia:  Yeah, and we uncovered something interesting, especially to you, Sam.
Sam:  Curious.  What is it?
Anastasia:  Well... Recounts the adventure.
Sam:  So, Vlad was a vampire.  My friends in Mystic Falls and I had many debates about that, but there was never any proof.  Vlad covered his tracks well.
Anastasia:  Yeah, but Olga and I uncovered them.
Maria:  Won't he check with Ivan III and find out that no emissaries were sent from the Grand Duchy Of Moscow?
Anastasia:  He won't have time, Mashka.  I chose my tine of arrival in the fifteenth century well. 
Maria:  What do you mean?
Sam:  She means that soon after she and Olga left, the Turks invaded again.  Vlad was killed in battle soon after.  He would never have had the time to check out Olga and Anastasia's story.
Anastasia:  So, history is safe, after all.
Tatiana:  Well, that doesn't get you off the hook, Nastya.  Mama is on her way over here as we speak.
Anastasia:  Great!  Turns to Sam.  Can I have the Amulet back again?  I think I'd like to go somewhere safe, like the Age Of the Dinosaurs.
Maria:  And risk facing a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex?
Anastasia:  Anything is better than facing an angry Mama.

In space...

Kole:  Reading.  "They had a house of crystal pillars on the planet Mars by the edge of an empty sea..."
Alexei:  Floats into the cabin.  What's that book you have there, Kole?
Kole:  The Martian Chronicles.  It's a series of stories that was, will be, written by a writer named Ray Bradbury about twenty years from now.  It's about the colonization of Mars.
Alexei:  Sounds interesting. 
Kole:  It is.  Mind you, it's not an accurate depiction of Mars.  In these stories, humans can live on Mars and breathe the air, and there is a native Martian population.  We both know Mars is not like that.
Alexei:  Yeah, that's true.  Anyway, where did you get that book, Kole?  Did Sam conjure it up for you, before she lost her powers?
Kole:  No, I had it with me here on the shuttle, before I came back to this time.  Given our current journey, I thought I'd read it again.
Alexei:  It is kind of fitting.
Kole:  I was also thinking about Mars One.
Alexei:  Mars One?
Kole: Mars One will be a non-profit organization, based in the Netherlands, that will put forward conceptual plans to establish a permanent human colony on Mars.
Alexei:  When does this happen?
Kole:  In my century.  All the people will be volunteers, willing to take the risk.
Alexei:  They must be brave to risk this.  They must know that, should something go wrong, help won't be coming.
Kole:  They are, Alexei, but they will believe in it.  And they did it, Alexei, they did it.  The colonization of Mars was still underway when I left 2071.
Alexei:  I guess it's kind of like the Europeans colonizing the then New World, a few centuries ago.
Kole:  Yes, it is.  Some will want to go for the adventure, others will just want to get away from Earth.
Alexei:  Get away from Earth?
Kole:  A lot of bad things are going to happen in the next hundred years or so of human history, Alexei.  You know of the coming war with Germany.  Well, other bad things are going to happen too.  Some people will just want to leave that behind and start fresh on a whole new world.
Alexei:  Yeah, I can see why.  Still...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  We made it here ahead of all of them, Kole.  Even if we can't tell anyone, we did it first.
Both smile.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia: I hear Mamaís car coming. Boy, Iím in so much trouble. Do something, Maria, save me.
Maria: Okay, hide yourself somewhere upstairs. Iíll try to hold Mama off until she cools down and itís safe for you to come down.
Anastasia: Thank you, Mashka.   I adore you, youíre an angel. Iím off to hide. Tell me when the coast is clear.
Maria: Sure. Sees Alexandra opening the front door. Threat straight ahead!
Anastasia: Uh- oh, time to disappear. Goes upstairs as quickly as she can. Soon after, Alexandra comes in.
Alexandra: Whereís Anastasia?  I need to talk to her right now.
Maria: You just missed her. She was here two minutes ago.
Alexandra: I see, sheís gone into hiding to avoid facing me.
Maria: Mama, I know you have legitimate reasons to be mad at Anastasia, but giving her an earful wonít change anything. Whatís done is done.
Alexandra: But...
Maria: Please, hear me out. Scolding is a method that's never worked in the past with Anastasia. Itís not going to work now. Besides, sheís an adult, Mama, you canít treat her the way you used to when she was little.
Alexandra: An adult, really?  Her behavior reminds me more of a child than of a grown-up.
Maria: Mama, youíre being too hard with her. Sheís just being the Imp, thatís all. Okay, what she did was dangerous and crazy. Yet I bet Nastya knows that deep inside.  Sheís probably ready to admit it, if you calmly discuss the matter with her.
Alexandra: Youíre right, Mashka. I see it now. Smiles. The way you convinced me at this very moment reminds me of Tatianaís ability to do the same. Thatís kind of funny. Very well, Iíll follow your advice, Iíll speak to Anastasia very, very calmly.


Prince Nicholas: Do you still wish to visit Branís castle?
Olga: No, not anymore. Enough for me.
Dimitri C-B: Olga, Iíve never been there. Iíd like to see how it looks like in real life, and not only me, but the children too.
Alexander: Mama, say yes, say yes, say...
Elisabeth: Please, Mama, please, please.
Olga: Alright, I give up.
Alexander: Yippee! Transylvania, here we come!
Prince Nicholas: Good. Iíll keep you informed of the date of the visit.
Olga: Thank you, Nicholas.

Sometime later...

Olga: To Dimitri C-B. You didnít tell the children?
Dimitri C-B: That their mother did some time travel and spoke to Vlad the Impaler, who turned out to be a vampire? No, I didnít. I donít want them to use it as an inspiration to steal the Amulet themselves.
Olga: Dimitri, I told you, I didnít steal it. I didnít even use it. Anastasia did.
Dimitri C-B: I know. I was just teasing you.
Olga: And you donít have to worry about the Amulet anymore. Itís safe in the hands of Samís parents now, thanks to the Magic Mail Box.
Dimitri C-B: So Sam too thought it was dangerous to keep it at Anichkov Palace.
Olga: It seems so.

Gavriilís room...

Gavriil: Seated on the couch. Sam, when we were at your parentsí house, you told me youíd done some research on my parents.
Sam: True. Their names were Peter and Elena. They were from Perm. They died when you were a few months old.
Gavriil: How?
Sam: Like many others at that time, they were murdered by the Bolsheviks during the Red Revolution.
Gavriil: Do you know where they are buried?
Sam: Yes, in the cemetery of Perm.
Gavriil: Could you take me there someday? Iíd like very much to see the city where they lived.
Sam: How about tomorrow? I have nothing to do and youíre homeschooled so it doesnít matter if you miss a school day. Youíll catch up on Saturday.
Gavriil: Works for me. Stays silent for a long time. If I could get my hands on the bastards who killed my parents.
Sam: Gavriil, Iím sure your parents wouldnít want you to react like this.
Gavriil: You donít understand. Because of those people, I have no memories of my parents, I have no idea of who they were. Iíve never been able to say ďDadĒ or ďMomĒ. They died before I could say these words to them. Begins to weep. Sam just holds him tightly without a word. After a while both fall asleep.


Maria: So, Mama, you spoke with Anastasia?
Alexandra: Yes, and I have to thank you. Your advice was a success. Anastasia and I discussed the matter quietly and she promised me she will think twice before doing something crazy, stupid, and dangerous again.
Maria: Wow, she really promised this? What  progress! Iím impressed.
Alexandra: Perhaps today itís the last time we call her ďImpĒ.
Maria: I wouldnít count on it, Mama. Thatís who she is. She canít change herself.  Yes, Iím sure she will try to keep her promise as long as she can.
Alexandra: Letís be optimistic.  Weíll have a week, maybe two, of peace.
Maria: Mama, youíre very optimistic of this.
Alexandra: While there is life, there is hope.

One hour later, in Gavriilís room , Sam and Gavriil have just woken up...

Sam: This couch isnít very comfortable. I hurt all over.
Gavriil: Makes a grimace. Same for me. My old bones are aching.
Sam: Laughs. Old? And what should I say?
Gavriil: Sam, thank you for comforting me. Your presence means a lot to me. Youíre like, well, youíre my...   My...
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: No , nothing. Iíll see you later. Walks off.
Sam: What is he trying to say to me?
Alexandra: Appears. What were you saying, Sam?
Sam: Itís just that Gavriil is acting oddly. He was trying to tell me something and then he stopped in the middle of his phrase and left the room.
Alexandra: Yeah, I noticed that heís a child who gets easily upset. Is this the reason why you decided heíll be homeschooled instead of going to a real school?
Sam: Yes. Ask Tatiana or Maria or even Anastasia. I tried to convince him to go the school where their children are enrolled, but he kept crying and categorically refused. He seems to be very anxious at the thought of being separated from me.
Alexandra: I think heís afraid of being abandoned again. Thatís understandable considering his past.
Sam: Thatís why I didnít insist. When he's ready to go to school, he will go. Thereís no hurry.
Alexandra: Itís a good decision. You are becoming a great mom to him. Well, go see him now, Sam. He needs you.
Sam: Thanks, Alix, Iíll see you at dinner.
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Anichkov Palace, two days later...

Olga:  It's so good to be home again!
Dimitri C-B: Uh, Olga, we don't live here anymore.
Olga:  You know what I mean!  Opens the door.
Nicholas, Alexandra, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, the Ivan's and Dimitri M:  SURPRISE!
Olga:  Taken aback.  What??
Nicholas:  We just wanted to show you how proud we are of you, Olga.
Alexandra:  You were wonderful.
Olga:  Well, thank you all. Looks around.  Where's Sam?
Maria:  In Perm.  Gavriil wanted to go and see his parents graves, and such.  They decided to make a weekend of it.  They'll be back tomorrow.
Tatiana:  It's good to have you back, Olga.
Olga:  It's good to be back.
Anastasia:  Of course, there is a welcome back meal coming.
Maria:  Which I'll prepare, of course.
Olga:  Smiles.  I can't wait.

At dinner...

Olga:  So, despite the fact that both Dimitri and I wanted to punch Carol's lights out, we didn't.
Anastasia:  That's good to know.  However, from what you've told us, I wouldn't have blamed either of you if you had.
Tatiana:  Nastya!
Anastasia:  Come on, the guy's a creep through and through.
Nicholas:  That may be true, but you don't go around punching out heads of state, no matter how tempting it might be.
Alexandra:  How did the rest of your trip go.
Olga:  It was great.  We even saw the castle of Vlad the Impaler.  Exchanges glances with Anastasia.
Dimitri C-B:  The children were blown away.  How often does one get to visit the home of a famous legend, after all.
Alexander:  It was so cool!
Elizabeth:  It sure was.
Victoria:  I am so jealous of you al right now.
Everyone laughs.

In space...

Kole:  What are you doing there, Alexei?
Alexei:  Holding the laptop.  I'm recording a message to send back to Earth.  Since we can't talk directly to them anymore...
Kole:  I know.
Alexei:  Do you want to say anything, Kole?
Kole:  Sure.  Takes the laptop and begins to speak.  Hello, everyone.  As I record this, we're approaching Mars and will be in orbit in a couple of days.  If all goes well, soon Alexei and I will be speaking to all of you from the surface of Mars.  Maria, I hope little Marie is behaving herself.  Alexei and I miss her, and the rest of you, very much.  Until later.
Alexei:  Takes the laptop back.  Well, I guess that's it for now.  Give Marie kisses from both of us.  Signs off and presses SEND.  How long will it take to reach Earth?
Kole: Does some calculations.  About twenty minutes.
Alexei:  And if they send a message back, we won't get it for forty minutes.
Kole:  The life of space travel.  Perhaps someday, there really will be such a thing as subspace communications.
Alexei:  Sub....  What??
Kole:  It's from Star Trek.  Explains.
Alexei:  So the crew of the Enterprise can instantly talk to someone hundreds of light years away.
Kole:  Yes, they can.  Mind you, it's all fiction.  However, they once said the same thing about space travel.
Alexei:  Actually, they're saying that now about space travel. 
Kole:  Duh!  Sometimes I forget when I am.  Even as we fly this mission, space travel is just science fiction to most people.
Alexei: Yet, we're both living it.  I can't wait to get to Mars.
Both look out at the approaching red planet.  They can see the polar caps and other features.
Alexei:  Points.  What's that?
Kole:  Sees what Alexei is pointing at.  That's Olympus Mons, a volcano.
Alexei:  A volcano!?  It's huge!
Kole:  If you put it in the state of Texas, it would almost cover it.
Alexei:  No chance of that thing erupting while we're there.
Kole:  Shakes her head.  No, it's been extinct for centuries.  The only off Earth active volcanoes that have been found so far are on Io.
Alexei:  Io?
Kole:  One of the moons of Jupiter.    In the late 1970's, a automated probe called Voyager One will make a flyby of Jupiter and its moons.  One of the discoveries made by that probe will be the volcanoes of Io.
Alexei:  Cool!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, after Sam and Gavriil are back at Anichkov...

Sam: Gavriil, donít you want to tell me what you wanted to say before we went to Perm? I donít want to push you though.
Gavriil: Iím not ready just yet. Give me some time.
Sam: Itís no trouble at all. Tell me whenever you feel youíre ready.

Little Pairís room...

Gavriil: Maria, can we talk?
Maria: Of course. Whatís troubling you?
Gavriil: Paces up and down. Iíd like to tell Sam something, but Iím just unable to do so. Recounts his latest conversation with Sam in his room.
Maria: I think I know what youíre trying to say to Sam. And I can guess why it is so hard for you. You feel that it would be like a betrayal of your true mother to call Sam ďMomĒ.
Gavriil: Yes, exactly. I love Sam, and a little more every day.   I think of her as my mother, but how can I call her that?  I had a mom before.  Itís not because I donít remember her, and that sheís dead, thatís sheís not my mother anymore. 
Maria: Let me tell you a little story. Recounts how Ivan S and she adopted Little Tatiana and how Maria Krycek, Little Tatianaís birth mother, appeared to her and gave them her blessing. Do you know what she said when I saw her? She said ďI just wanted to say thank you. You will be a wonderful mother to Little TatianaĒ. And if your parents would appear to you, they would say the same thing about Sam. 
Gavriil: Yes, youíre right. Well, Iím going to get going now. I have something very important to tell her.
Maria: Smiles. You sure have. Come on, go see her. She will so happy to hear that.

Samís room...

Sam: Sees Gavriil enter. Hey Gavriil, is there something you want to tell me?
Gavriil: Yes, there is something, Mom.
Sam: Mom?
Gavriil: You donít like it?
Sam: No, itís not that. Iím just surprised. Itís the first time you've called me that. So this is what you wanted to tell me all along?
Gavriil: Yes, thatís it. It took me some time. I wasn't ready to say that word, but Maria helped me. She made me realize that itís not because my birth mother is dead that I canít call someone ďMomĒ.
Sam: Well, you donít know how happy I am to hear that. It shows Iím not such a bad mother after all.
Gavriil: Youíre not a bad mother at all, youíre a wonderful one.
Sam: At least I'm trying to be.

Later, Maria, Anastasia and Tatiana are in the nursery...

Tatiana: Check it out, I think Marie is trying to walk on her own.
Anastasia: Hold on a second, Iím going to bring a camera. I want to film this scene for Alexei and Kole. Walks off and comes back a few minutes later with a video camera in hand. Facing the camera. Kole, Alexei, youíre about to see a historic moment. Prepare yourself! Zooms in on Tatiana and little Marie, who is walking around the room with Tatianaís help. Come on, Marie, show us what you've got! 
Tatiana: To Marie. Slow down, baby, or you will fall. 
Anastasia: Thatís okay, Governess. This little girl can face anything, sheís a warrior, like her mother.
Maria: Thatís true, she has the same assurance as Kole. Like mother, like daughter.
Tatiana: Let see what happen if I let go of her hands. Does so.
Maria: Come on, Marie!
Tatiana: You can do it. Marie hesitates and then timidly begins to make a few steps, then a few more, without anyoneís help.
Maria: She did it!
Anastasia: I told you she would. To the camera. Alexei!  Kole!  Did you see it? Your little daughter just made her first steps all by herself. 
Olga: Enters. Hey everyone, how are things going here?
Maria: Itís great. Marie just made her first steps, thanks to our help.
Olga: Really? Marie, you have to show this to me. Come see me. Marie walks towards her.  As she comes near her, she almost falls and is caught by Olga.  Well, thereís still room for improvement, but youíre doing it very well already, Marie.
Tatiana: I hope Alexei and Kole wonít be too disappointed for having missed this.
Maria: They will still be able to enjoy it as Anastasia filmed it all.
Olga: Yeah, but itís not quite the same as seeing it in person.
Maria: By the way, Olga, thereís something about Carol we didn't tell you yet, that you need to know.
Olga: What about that creep?
Anastasia: Explains what Carol will do in World War II. Sam says thereís nothing we can do. History canít be changed.
Olga: This is all my fault. This was my first official trip as the Heir and look at the result. I've screwed it up.
Anastasia: Donít blame yourself. You did nothing wrong.
Maria: And youíre not responsible for Carolís decisions. 
Olga: No, I shouldn't have asked Nicholas to send him away. It is my fault.
Maria: Olga...
Olga: I told you I was rubbish at being the Heir, but you didn't listen to me. I quit.  Iím not made for this, Iíll only cause catastrophes. Tatiana, Iím sure youíll be a much better Heir and tsarina than me.
Tatiana: Olga, we told you countless times, you will be a great...
Olga: No, Tatiana. You canít make me change my mind. Iím out of this all now. Runs out of the room.
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Anastasia:  Here we go again!
Tatiana:  I'll handle it.  Heads out after Olga.
Maria:  Why does Olga always see the bad side of things.
Anastasia:  That's just Olga being Olga.

Olga is in her former bedroom, pacing, when Tatiana finds her...

Olga:  I knew I'd mess this  up.
Tatiana:  Olga...
Olga:  All of Russia was counting on me.  I've let everyone down.
Tatiana:  Olga...
Olga:  Why couldn't Tatiana have been the first born, then she...
Tatiana:  OLGA!
Olga:  Huh?  What?
Tatiana:  Are you done feeling sorry for yourself yet?
Olga:  Tatiana, how can you say that.  I screwed up.
Tatiana:  No, Olga, you didn't.  Haven't you been paying attention.  It's history!
Olga:  Yeah, and I messed it up.
Tatiana:  No, Olga, you didn't.  It happened the way it was supposed to happen.
Olga:  Huh?
Tatiana:  Sam's from the future, remember.  This is all history to her.  If she read about it in her time, it happened and always happened.  Nothing you did would make any difference.
Olga:  How can we be sure, Tanya?  Perhaps if I...
Tatiana:  Don't even go there, Olga.  You remember what happened when Alexei decided to try and change history.  He only made things worse, not better.
Olga:  Are you saying that what happened in Romania was always supposed to happen.
Tatiana:  Yes, and if you don't believe me, talk to Sam.  As I said, this is all history to her.
Olga: Yeah, I guess it is.
Tatiana:  Olga, you have to stop doubting yourself.  You are going to make a great Tsarina, and you will make Russia proud.
Olga:  Sometimes it doesn't feel that way.  Sometimes I feel I should just step aside for Alexander.
Tatiana:  Olga, how are you going to know if you don't try.  Besides, as we have told you, it won't be like what poor Papa had to deal with.
Olga:  That's true.  Tatiana, you've given me much to think about.

Meanwhile, Sam has joined the Little Pair...

Sam:  I have great news.
Maria:  What is it, Sam?
Sam:  Gavriil called me Mom.
Anastasia:  That's great.
Maria:  It sure is.
Sam:  I have you to thank for that, Maria.
Maria:  Well, Gavriil wanted to do it, I just helped him.
Sam:  Yes, but it was your help that did it.  Yawns.  Well, I'm off to take a nap.  See you both later.

Sam takes a nap, and find herself in the Misty Field...

Sam:  I'm here again.
Alexander III:  Ah, there you are, Sam.
Marie F:  There are some people here who want to meet you.
At that point, Peter and Elena Baranov appear.
Sam:  You're Gavriil's parents!
Peter:  Yes, we are.
Elena:  We just want to thank you.  You've given our son a new life and a new hope.
Sam:  You're welcome.  He is a wonderful boy.  I promise you both that I'll raise him well...

In space...

Alexei:  Kole, you gotta see this!
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  Anastasia just sent this video from Earth.  They watch Marie taking her first steps.
Kole:  Look at her go!
Alexei:  I wish...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  I wish we could have been there in person.
Kole:  I know.  However, we didn't know this was going to happen while we were away.
Alexei:  That's true.  Looks at the video again.  I think she takes after you.
Kole:  Oh you!
Alexei:  It's not just me.  Maria and Anastasia feel the same way.
Kole:  She does have a lot of you in her too.
Alexei:  True...   Falls silent.
Kole:  Alexei, what is it?
Alexei:  I was just being thankful that we won't have to worry every time she falls and bumps something.  That's the worry my poor parents had with me.
Kole:  Yes, I'm thankful for that too.
Alexei:  Mind you, hemophilia only affects males, but you know what I mean.
Kole:  Yeah, I do.  Anyway, we should send a thank you back for that video of Marie they just sent us.
Alexei:  Smiles.  I'm always on it...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Maria and Anastasia join Tatiana and Olga...

Maria: Olga, are you feeling better now?
Olga: Yes, a little. Itís just...  Sometimes I wish I had more control over my life. 
Anastasia: What do you mean?
Olga: Well, did I choose to become the Heir? 
Tatiana: Olga, donít you start again.
Olga: Iím not. Figurehead or not, being the Tsarina is a big thing, and I wish they'd left me the choice of saying yes or no to it. I know it was impossible, but I canít help feeling that way.
Maria: I understand you. I would hate to be forced to do something I didn't freely choose to do. Especially something as important as that.
Anastasia: I second that. However, for Olga, itís a good thing she didnít have the choice. 
Olga: What?! How dare you...
Anastasia: Olga, you never believed in yourself. This position that circumstances gave you, will help you to realize what youíre capable of, instead of always doubting yourself. 
Maria: Nastya is right. Being the Heir is what you need for you to see your full potential.  Perhaps it's a good thing that you didnít have the option of choosing. 
Tatiana: Otherwise you would have run away from it, and you would have spent the rest of your life doubting your abilities.
Olga: In short, what youíre saying is that you understand itís hard for me to be compelled to be the Heir, but this is nevertheless a good thing for me?
Maria/Tatiana/Anastasia: Definitely.
Olga: Well, after all, you may not be entirely wrong. 

Sometime later, in the gardens of Anichkov Palace...

Olga: I thought about you said and, I have to admit, that you were right. I promise henceforth that I never say I'm rubbish at being the Heir again.
Maria: Good, cause Iím so fed up of hearing that phrase. If you ever say it again, I swear Iíll move to Canada.
Tatiana: And Iíll pack my bags as well and move to the North Pole.
Anastasia: And I...
Olga: Laughs. Okay, enough, I get it. I will keep my promise.


Maria: Checks the computer. Alexei and Kole enjoyed our little video very much. They sent us a message to say thank you.
Anastasia: I knew they would like it.
Sam arrives at that moment. 
Sam: Everyone, I have some news. 
Ivan S: Go ahead.
Sam: I went to take my nap and I found myself in the Misty Field and there I saw...
Olga: Our grandparents as usual?
Sam: Yes, but not only them.  Gavriilís parents were there as well. We talked for a while. Recounts the meeting.
Maria: Wow, so what I said to Gavriil about his parents came true. 
Sam: Seems so. I told the whole story to Gavriil and he was overjoyed.  He now knows  his parents still care for and watch over him from the Afterlife.
Dimitri M: Iím happy for him, as I know how hard it is to lose your parents so young. Mine died when I was nine. I was raised by my uncle.
Tatiana: Dimitri, why did you never tell me this about your past?
Dimitri M: Iím sorry, Tatiana. I donít like to talk about it. After all these years, itís still painful for me to look back at it. Pauses. Well, Iíd better check on the children now. See you all later.
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Tatiana:  I can't believe it.
Anastasia:  Can't believe what?
Tatiana:  Dimitri and I have been married for ten years now, and this is the first time I'm hearing about this.
Olga:  He did say it was a painful memory for him.  Obviously it still hurts him.
Maria:  I myself can't imagine losing your parents so young. 
Tatiana:  Still, part of me feels guilty for not knowing about this.
Sam:  Tatiana, how could you have known.  You can't read minds.
Tatiana:  Yes, that's true.  I wonder, should I go to him about this?
Olga:  All I can say is follow your heart, Tanya.  Dimitri loves you, if anyone can get him to open up about this, it's you.
Sam:  Sometimes I get so jealous of all of you.
Anastasia:  How so?
Sam:  You all found your soul mates.  Kole found hers.  As for me...
Maria:  Sam, don't talk like that.  I'm sure you'll find someone.
Sam:  Maybe I already did, William.
Olga:  Your first husband.
Sam:  Yes, him.  He gave me four wonderful children, we were so happy.  Then he gets killed in some stupid accident. 
Anastasia:  You couldn't have done anything about that.
Sam:  I know.  Gharman told me the same thing when I was back in 2011.
Tatiana:  Well, you should listen to him.
Sam:  True. Pauses.  Listen, there is something I need to tell all of you.  Remember when I got pregnant a few years back.
Anastasia:  Yeah, we remember.  Then that fanatic shot you, and you lost the baby.  I had to talk you out of your depression.
Sam:  Yes, and I thank you for that.  Anyway, none of you ever asked who the father of that baby was.
Maria:  We felt it wasn't our place.  You would have told us.
Anastasia:  Although we were curious about it.
Sam:  Well, the reason I didn't tell you is because I didn't even know his name.
Olga:  What do you mean?
Sam:  It was the anniversary of William's death.  I was feeling depressed and went to a bar.  I fell off the wagon that night.
Tatiana:  You mean...
Sam:  Yeah, I got drunk and then just met some random guy and...  Well, you know.  Anyway, when I found out I war pregnant, I knew I had made a mistake and was going to own up to it.  I vowed to raise that baby right, and I would have, if that nut case hadn't shot me.
Anastasia:  And we would have helped you raise that baby.
Sam:  Thank you.  Anyway, now I have that chance with Gavriil, and I'm not going to blow it.
Olga:  We know you won't.
Tatiana:  Anyway...
Maria:  Yes?
Tatiana:  I'm going to talk to Dimitri now.  See if I can get him to open up about his parents.
Olga:  Good luck, Tanya.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  Nicky, what are you doing?
Nicholas:  Just catching up on some paperwork, Alix.
Alexandra:  You know you're supposed to take it easy, right.
Nicholas:  I know.  It's just that sometimes I feel like a complete invalid at times. 
Alexandra:  Don't say that, Nicky, no one thinks that of you.  However, you did have a major heart attack.  You can't blame me for worrying about you.
Nicholas:  I know.  It's just that...
Alexandra:  Yes?
Nicholas:  I guess this heart attack was a rude awakening to me that I'm getting old.
Alexandra:  We all are, but we just have to accept it. 
Nicholas:  I guess you're right, Alix.
Alexandra: Listen, Nicky, it's a beautiful night.  Let's go for a walk in the garden.
Nicholas:  Well, Tatiana did say I needed to exercise.  Let's go.

In orbit of Mars...

Alexei:  Wow, I can't believe we're really here.
Kole:  Working the controls.  Now, to punch in our landing destination.
Alexei:  Where are we landing?
Kole:  In a place called, or will be called, Utopia Planitia. 
Alexei:  And that is?
Kole:  It's a basin on Mars.  In the late 1970's. the Viking 2 probe will land there.  Explains about the Viking probes.
Alexei:  So, that's where we'll be landing.
Kole:  Yes.  Here we go.  Begins the landing procedure.  Landing in ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.  The shuttle lands.
Alexei:  Are we here.  Are we actually on the surface of the Red Planet?
Kole:  Yes, we are.  Welcome to Mars!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, in the nursery...

Tatiana: There you are, Dimitri. I thought Iíd find you here. Dimitri M stays silent. I just came to tell you that if you ever want to talk, Iím here. Iíd understand if you donít want to, though.
Dimitri M: Tatiana?
Tatiana: Yes?
Dimitri M: Youíre not hurt, because I didn't tell you about my parents?
Tatiana: No, Iím not. Itís okay if you don't want to. I understand itís still hard for you talk about it.
Dimitri M: Yes it is. Iím happy my children are not going through this. I hope they won't have to.
Tatiana: Do you want to tell me more about your parents, Iíd like to know about them. But, as I said, if you donít wish to.
Dimitri M: No, thatís fine. You deserve to know.

Meanwhile, in Victoria and Alexandraís room...

Little Alexandra: Looks around. Iíd like to change the wallpaper of this room.
Little Nicholas: Guys, I have an idea. Letís do it ourselves.
Victoria: Yes, letís remove this wallpaper and repaint the room ourselves. Papa and Mama will be happy to see we have done everything on our own.
Elizabeth: But we donít know how to do it all ourselves.
Little Dimitri: I do. I watched Papa and the others when they did the work to enlarge the Palace. Iíll show you what to do.
Alexander: Alright. There are paint cans and a few tools in the basement. Weíll go get them tomorrow.  It's too late today.

Back with Tatiana and Dimitri...

Tatiana: So your parents both died of scarlet fever?
Dimitri M: Yes. First my mom caught it, and you know how contagious this disease is. It wasn't long before my dad fell ill too.
Tatiana: What happened then?
Dimitri M: I was sent to live with my uncle at that time. Shortly after my arrival, I was told both of them died.
Tatiana: Iím so sorry for you. It must have been such a shock.
Dimitri M: I wasn't able to say goodbye to them. And thatís the hardest part for me. It...   It happened so quickly. It was like my whole word had collapsed at my feet. I donít know if you'd understand.
Tatiana: I havenít lost either of my parents, but I know a thing or two about the feeling of a crumbling world. Thatís what my family and I felt when the Revolution happened in 1917 . It took us by surprise. We were all aghast. Not to mention how we felt in that cellar in Ekaterinburg, when Yurovsky pointed his gun at us, after reading our death sentence.
Dimitri M: Sorry, I should have thought about that.
Tatiana: No offence taken. So you see I understand how you felt. And Iím glad you told me the whole story.
Dimitri M: Iím glad I did. I feel much better now.
Tatiana: Yeah, it helps to talk to someone.
Dimitri M: Laughs. Eh, youíre not just ďsomeoneĒ, you know. Youíre my wife, the love of my life. If I had decided to tell all of you about my parents earlier, you would have been the first Iíd come to see.
Tatiana: Aw, that was sweet. Thank you, Dimitri.

The next day, Alexander Palace, Nicholas and Alexandra are watching the video of Little Marie walking...

Alexandra: Sheís so cute.
Nicholas: Amazing to see how fast our grandchildren are growing up. I remember Little Marieís birth as if it were yesterday. And look at her now!
Alexandra: How do you think of going over at Anichkov? I want to see her walking with my own eyes.
Nicholas: Same here.
Alexandra: We're off then.

Later, in Victoria and Alexandraís room...

The room is in an indescribable condition. The wallpaper has been ripped off here and there, and you can see open pots of paint in the midst of this whole mess.
 Little Alexandra: Iím hungry. Letís have our snack, weíll get back to work later.
Little Dimitri: I vote for that!
Elizabeth: Brilliant idea, letís go.
All the children head to the kitchen. While theyíre gone, Little Samantha and Catherine, hand in hand, come into the room. They see the paint cans and, shouting with joy, rush towards them...

A short time later, totally unaware of whatís going with the children, Tatiana and Maria enter the room while chatting...
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Tatiana:  Yes, but...  Breaks off when she sees the room.
Maria:  What the..  Sees little Samantha and Catherine playing in the mess.  NASTYA!  GET IN HERE!!
Anastasia:  Arrives on the scene.  What's all the yelling about?
Tatiana:  Look what your daughters have done to this room.  It looks like a tornado blew through here!
Anastasia:  Hey, my girls couldn't have done this all themselves.  Look at the torn wallpaper.  Samantha and Catherine are much too short to have done that!
Maria:  Nastya's right.  Clearly others were involved here.
At that point, Olga arrives with the rest of the children.
Olga:  And here they are!
The children see the glaring eyes of their respective mothers.
Little Dimitri:  I think we're in trouble...

Utopia Planitia basin, Mars...

Kole's shuttle is on the surface and we see the hatch open.  Alexei and Kole, both in space suits, are standing there.
Alexei:  I think you should go first, Kole.
Kole:  No, I insist you do it. 
Alexei:  How about we do it together.
Kole:  Agreed. 
Both step out of the shuttle and onto the surface of Mars...
Alexei:  In a formal voice.  I claim this planet in the name of Nicholas II of Russia!
Kole:  Oh, you silly.
Alexei:  I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.  I better start recording.  Switches on his camera and does a pan of the Martian landscape.  Mama, Papa, OTMA, DIID, Sam, we're here.  We're on Mars.
Kole:  Let's get the equipment set up.
The two of them set up their equipment, Alexei recording the whole time. 
Alexei:  I don't want to leave anything out.
Kole:  We'll take rock and soil samples, and do a little exploring of the landscape around us.  Then we can....  What's that you have there?
Alexei:  Holding the Russian flag.  Just want to plant this.  Does so.
Kole:  You know you can't leave that there.
Alexei:  I know.  However, I can record it for everyone back home.  Takes a recording of the flag. 
Kole:  I'm sure they'll  enjoy seeing that.  Russia being the first country to send astronauts to Mars.
Alexei:  I was just imagining that probe, what was it called again?
Kole:  Viking 2.
Alexei:  Right, I was just imagining Viking 2 landing here and seeing this flag.  It would blow their minds!
Kole:  Yeah, and it would also have to blow history.  We can't leave any trace of our presence here behind, Alexei, you know that.
Alexei:  Yeah, but it kind of sucks that we did this and no one can know.
Kole:  We'll know, and our family will.  And perhaps....
Alexei:  Perhaps?
Kole:  Perhaps someday the world can know.  After my time, 2071, of course.


Kole:  Well, that's the last of the equipment.
Alexei:  Say, Kole, I'm hungry.  Can we get a bite to eat.
Kole:  Sure.

Soon, back in the shuttle...

Kole:  At least now we can have real food.  I defrosted some of the food Maria made for us.
Alexei:  Now that we have gravity again, we don't have to worry about it floating around.
Kole:  Right.
Alexei: Still recording.  Well, we're about to eat, so I'm going to sign off now.  I'll update you all later.  Switches off the camera.
Kole:  Let's eat.  The two of them begin eating.
Alexei:  Kole?
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  While we were out there setting up the equipment and such, I....
Kole:  What is it, Alexei?
Alexei:  This is going to sound silly, but I got the impression something was watching us.
Kole:  Well, we are the only ones on this entire planet.  That's bound to stir the imagination.
Alexei:  That must be it.  After all, there can't be anyone else here.
Kole:  No one human.
Alexei:  Martians?
Kole:  Alexei, I told you.  There is no native life on Mars.  It's just the two of us.
Alexei:  Yeah, you're right.  Thinking.  At least I hope you're right.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Little Alexandra: Mama, we can explain everything. Looks around the room. Okay, perhaps not why there is paint everywhere.
Victoria: THAT is not our work. We just removed the wallpaper.
Little Nicholas: Victoria and Alexandra didnít like the wallpaper. We decided to change it ourselves to prove to you that we could do it.
Little Dimitri: We didn't intend to do anything stupid, we just wanted to...
Tatiana: I know. Still it WAS a pretty stupid thing to do. You should have asked our permission first.
Victoria: Mama...
Tatiana: First, clean everything up. We'll talk about this later.


Maria: Your twins are little devils, Nastya. Look at what they've done to the room. There is paint all over the place.
Olga: Seems they take a lot after you, Imp. Well, that bodes ill for the future.
Anastasia: If I remember correctly, neither of you were exactly the perfect little angel as children. And do I have to remind you who tore out the wallpaper? In terms of getting into mischief, obviously your kids have nothing to envy to mine about.
Tatiana: You got a point. Even your son took part in it, Mashka.
Maria: Still, the prizes goes to Samantha and Catherine. They're only two years old, remember?
Olga: And they spilled paint everywhere. Wow, what a feat. You would not have done better yourself at their age, Nastya.
Anastasia: Havha, very funny. You know what, you...
Tatiana: Okay, I see things are gettin hot. Maria and I will let you continue your little discussion while we'll go find the guys. We'll need their help to remove the paint stains. 
Maria: Yeah, we prefer to get away from the war zone. See you both later. Tatiana and Maria take off.

Gavriil passes in front of Victoria and Alexandra's room...

Gavriil: What the heck happened here? A tsunami!?
Alexandra: No, just us trying to change the wallpaper.
Gavriil: Laughs. I see you mastered the technique. Congratulations.
Alexandra: It's not all our fault. Fills him in.
Gavriil: Want some help to clean it up?
Alexandra: I wouldn't say no.

That evening...

Ivan S: Holding the computer. Look, another video from our two astronauts. Everyone gathers around him to watch the video.
Nicholas: So they did it. They actually landed on Mars. Wow.
Anastasia: Look at Alexei! He takes his role of explorer very seriously. Mimics him."I claim this planet in the name of Nicholas II of Russia". Who does he think he is? Christopher Columbus?
Everyone laughs.
Dimitri M: They're having quite an adventure. I wish I were there with them.
Maria: We too are having our share of adventures here. Like the tornado in your daughters' room.
Tatiana: Don't remind me. It took us four hours to make it look like a bedroom again and not like a disaster zone. I was tempted to ground the children until the end of the century...
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Utopia Planitia basin, Mars...

Alexei is coming back to the camp, camera in hand...
Kole:  There you are.  I was getting worried.
Alexei:  I'm fine, Kole.  I was just exploring, and recording videos to send back home. 
Kole:  You have been busy.
Alexei:  And I've given a few names to some places here.  There are the Nicholas Romanov Mountains, the Alexandra Feodorovna Valley...
Kole:  What about your sisters?
Alexei: I'm still working on that.  Hmmmm...  What was the name of that volcano again?
Kole:  Olympus Mons.  Why?
Alexei:  Because I'm calling it Mount Olga.  Kind of fitting, the way Olga erupts all the time.  Holds up the camera.  Hear that, Olga.  I'm naming a massive volcano after you.
Kole:    You realize what she'll do when she sees this video.
Alexei:  Well, she is a few million miles away, after all.
Kole: Laughs.  You're really loving this, aren't you.
Alexei:  I sure am, Kole.  After all, we are the first human beings to set foot on this planet.  Okay, it has to stay a secret, but we are HERE! 
Kole:  Yes, that's true.  No other human will come here for more than a hundred years from now. 
Alexei:  So you can understand why I'm naming all these features.  Yes, those names, like this trip, have to stay secret.  However, we'll all know them.  It will be our private joke on the rest of the world.
Kole:  Yes, it will.  They'll have the names that everyone knows, but we'll have our own secret names for them.

Night descends and the two Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos, rise...

Kole:  A moonlit night.
Alexei:  Two of them.  Looks down.  I have two shadows.  Cool.
Kole:  Pointing. See that blue star.  That's Earth.
Alexei:  Wow, it looks so small.
Kole:  It sure does.
Alexei:  I wish...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  I wish we could take off these space suits and enjoy the moonlight in our regular clothes.
Kole:  Me too.  However, unless you've found a way to breathe carbon dioxide, I'm afraid we'll have to settle for things as they are.
Alexei:  "Oh brave new world, that has such people in it"
Kole:  That's Shakespeare, right.
Alexei:  Yep, The Tempest.  Mind you, there are no people here, but the Brave New World part seems fitting.
Kole: That it does. 
Alexei:  Holds up the camera.  And there, everybody, are the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. 
Kole:  Those videos are going to keep them busy for hours.
Alexei:  Well, they should get a look at Russia's most far flung province.
Kole:  Oh, you silly...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, the study...

Maria, Anastasia and Tatiana are watching Alexeiís video while Olga is at the opposite side of the room, all her attention focused on the book she's reading. Suddenly, she hears her sisters bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

Olga: Whatís going on?
Maria: Uh, nothing.
Tatiana: Yeah, nothing.
Anastasia: Nothing at all. The three of them exchange glances and giggle.
Olga: Comes closer. Okay, what is it in this video thatís so funny? Let me see. Rewinds the video a little and presses the start button:

 On Screen...

Alexei: What was the name of that volcano again?
Kole: Olympus Mons. Why?
Alexei: Because I'm calling it Mount Olga. Kind of fitting, the way Olga erupts all the time. Hear that, Olga. I'm naming a massive volcano after you.

Olga: What??? Alexei, how dare you? Types a message to her brother: "JUST WATCHED YOUR VIDEO, ALEXEI. WHEN YOU GET BACK HERE, I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU. OLGA."
Maria: Is there something you didn't like in that name, Olga? As for myself, I found it perfect. To quote Alexei, it's kind of fitting, the way you.  Olga shoots dagger eyes at her. What? What is something I said?
Olga: Keep it up, Maria, just keep it up.  
Maria: Go fetch your camera, Imp, we're about to see Mount Olga erupting!
Olga: YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME!   I'M GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE!  Races after Maria who dashes away from the room, laughing.
Maria: Rushes in the living room. You'll have to catch me first, Mou...
Olga: Hot on her heels. DON'T SAY IT, JUST DON'T...
Maria: Runs back into the study. Mount Olga! Oh, too late I just said THE words...
Maria: I wouldn't count too much on that, Mrs. Volcano.
Olga: Comes dangerously close. DARE TO REPEAT WHAT YOU JUST SAID?
Maria: YAAAAAAA! Gotta go now! Zooms off with Olga in hot pursuit.
Anastasia: Do we intervene, Governess?
Tatiana: Are you kidding?! No, we don't, this is too funny. Let's follow them and enjoy the show.
Anastasia: That's fine with me.

Meanwhile, Alexei receives Olga's message...
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Utopia Planitia basin, Mars...

Alexei and Kole are having dinner in the shuttle, when the computer beeps.
Alexei:  We got a message from Earth.
Kole:  What does it say?
Kole:  Well, I can't say I'm surprised.
Alexei:  Yeah.  You know, Kole, I was thinking, how about we go to Jupiter or Saturn next.
Both laugh.

Anichkov Palace....

Olga:  Come out, Mashka!  You can't hide from me forever.
Tatiana:  She's doing a good job of it so far.
Anastasia:  Yeah, it might take hours to find her.
Olga:  Well, if that's as long as it takes...
Suddenly, Little Victoria appears, looking ill.
Tatiana:  Victoria, what's wrong?
Victoria:  Mama, I don't feel so well.
Tatiana:  Let me take you to the Infirmary.

Infirmary, after Tatiana has finished her examination...

Tatiana:  Victoria, I need to see your siblings and cousins, right away.
Victoria:  Why, Mama?
Tatiana:  Just get them for me, please.

Later, Tatiana calls a family meeting, forcing Olga and Maria to temporarily end their disagreement....

Olga:  Measles!  Are you sure, Tatiana?
Tatiana:  I'm afraid so, Olga.  The symptoms match what we went through in 1917.
Anastasia:  Who's infected so far.
Tatiana:  Little  Dimitri, Victoria, Alexandra, Alexander, Elizabeth, and Nicholas.
Maria:  All the older children.
Tatiana:  Sam, I have to ask...
Sam:   Gavrill had the measles five years ago, so he's okay.
Tatiana:  Right now, we need to keep the younger children away from the older ones.  We can't risk them getting infected.
Maria:  I'll get right on that.
Anastasia:  Man, is this a blast from the past.
Tatiana:  Yes, Nastya, however, it's likely that the children won't suffer as much as we did.
Olga:  How so?
Tatiana:  Since the measles mainly attacks children, their immune systems are better equipped to fight it.  However, as one grows older, that immunity weakens.
Maria:  That's why it hit us so hard, we were all older.  So the children may have an easier time than we did.
Sam:  And it helps that the country is not falling apart this time.
Anastasia:  Can we do anything to help.
Tatiana:  I'm afraid not.  The older children need to rest, until this runs its course.
Olga:  How did they get it.
Tatiana:  Apparently there was an outbreak at the school, any one of them could be been infected at that time.
Sam:  Well, we'll help any way we can.
Tatiana:  Sam, could you take Marie back to Alexei and Kole's apartment for now.  I would prefer to have her there for now.
Sam:  I'm on it...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

That night...

Ivan S enters the sick room to find Dimitri M already there.
Ivan S: What are you doing here, Dimitri?
Dimitri M: Just checking on the children. And you?
Ivan S: Same thing. Maria was worried about Nicholas and the others. I told her Iíd go see how they're feeling.
Dimitri M: Same with Tatiana, she's worried too. She canít sleep at all because of this measles thing.
Ivan S: Our wives seem quite upset by all this.
Dimitri M: I guess it brings them back memories, and not happy ones.
Ivan S: Touches his sonís forehead.  He's burning up!  Do you think we should tell Tatiana?
Dimitri M: Itís normal they have a fever, Ivan. Itís part of the process.
Ivan S: No, I mean really,  really hot. See for yourself.
Dimitri M: Puts his hand on Nicholasís forehead. Ouch, that's not good. His temperature is way too high.
Ivan S: So do we...
Dimitri M: Yeah, weíll need Tatianaís help. Iíll go get her.


Ivan S: Is it bad, Tatiana?
Tatiana: He has a temperature of 104įF. We have to lower his fever.
Dimitri M: How?
Tatiana: Take his blanket off and give him some water. Iíll get some paracetamol.
At that point, Maria arrives.
Maria: I heard you talking from my bedroom. Whatís going on?
Ivan S: Itís Nicholas. He has a high temperature.
Tatiana: You should get some sleep, Mashka. Iíll take care of him.
Maria: No, Iíll help you. Iíll get some rest only after we bring his fever down.

The next morning, at breakfast...

Tatiana: Guys, Iím sooo tired. I hardly slept last night.
Dimitri M: You look exhausted. You should take the day off. Iíll call the Center. Sees that Tatiana is about to say no. Sorry, you have no choice. You need to rest.
Tatiana: Okay, fine, do it, call Irina. Dimitri M takes his mobile and walks off.
Anastasia: I didnít sleep well either. I was concerned about our children.
Olga: So was I. Seems we all were. To Maria. We heard about Nicholas. Is he better now?
Maria: Yeah, heís much better, thanks to our doctor. Smiles at Tatiana.
Ivan K: Good to hear. What about the others?
Tatiana: They all have a fever, but nothing to worry about for the time being.
Nicholas and Alexandra come in.
Nicholas: Sam told us about the children. We thought you might need our help, so we came to give you a hand.
Dimitri C-B: Thank you both.  Your help is more than welcome.
Olga: Do you know how things are going with Sam, Gavriil, and Marie at Alexei and Koleís?
Alexandra: Fine, I believe. She said sheíd call here for news. The phone rings. That must be her now.
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Maria:  Answers the phone.  Hello?
Sam:  On phone.  Hi Maria.  How's it going over there?
Maria:  As well as can be expected.  We had a scare with little Nicholas last night.
Sam:  What happened?
Maria:  His temperature shot up to 104įF, but thankfully, we got it back down again.
Sam:  Oh my...
Maria:  Mama and Papa have just arrived to help out.
Sam:  That's good to know.
Maria:  How are things with you?
Sam:  We're okay.  Little Marie is fine and Gavriil had video games to keep him occupied.  Have any of you informed Alexei and Kole about this yet?
Maria:  Nastya just sent them a message a few moments ago.  I'm sure they'll be relived to know Marie is safe.
Sam:  I'm sure.  Anyway, keep me posted.
Maria:  We will.

Soon, Nicholas and Alexandra are looking in on the sick children...

Nicholas:  I guess this brings back memories for you too, Alix.
Alexandra:  It does.  What an awful time that was.  Alexei, the girls, and poor Anna,  so ill, and not knowing what had happened to you.
Nicholas:  I know.  I tried to get back to you as fast as I could, but the government at the time had other plans, namely my abdication.  I would have contacted you, but they wouldn't let me.
Alexandra:  I remember the girls asking me about the gunfire we kept hearing, and me telling them it was just military maneuvers.   I hated lying to them like that.
Nicholas:  I know, but you didn't want to frighten them at that time.
Alexandra:  Well, at least this time we don't have to worry about drunken, gun toting, soldiers showing up in the middle of the night.
Victoria:  Wakes up.  Grandmother?
Alexandra:  Yes, dear.  How are you feeling?
Victoria:  Lousy.
Alexandra:  I know.  However, you will get better soon. 
Victoria:  Like Mama, Uncle Alexei, and my aunts did.
Alexandra:  Your Mama told you about that.
Victoria:  She did.  She said she and the others got sick with measles a long time ago.
Alexandra:  They did.  However, they all got better, as will you and your siblings and cousins.  Do you want me to get your Mama?
Victoria:  No, Grandmother, I think I'm going to go back to sleep now.
Alexandra:  That's a good idea.  You rest and get better.  Watches as Victoria goes back to sleep.
Nicholas:  You handled that wonderfully, Alix.
Alexandra:  I guess there's still a bit of a nurse in me after all.

Utopia Planitia basin, Mars.  In Kole's shuttle...

Alexei:  Kole, you're not going to believe this, but I just got a message from Anastasia.  Tells her about the measles outbreak.
Kole:  Is Marie okay?
Alexei:  Yes, she is.  Sam took her to our apartment to keep her from being infected.
Kole:  That's good.  I remember you telling me about when you and your sisters got the measles in 1917.  It sounded bad.
Alexei:  It was.  Of course, in my case, I had my pre-existing illness to contend with as well.   Still, it knocked us all down, Anna Vyrubova too.
Kole:  Your mother's friend, right?
Alexei:  Yeah.  She lives in Finland now, but she and Mama still keep in touch.  Anyway, she got the measles too.  From what I understand, since we were all older, it hit us harder than it would have had we been younger.  Add the fact that we were at war, and a revolution was going on at that time, and you can guess it wasn't a happy time for any of us.
Kole:  At least no one has to worry about that in this case.
Alexei:  That's true.  How about you, Kole, did you ever have the measles.
Kole:  No, but don't worry.  In my time, children are immunized from things like that at an early age.  In fact, hemophilia can also be controlled.  There are drugs that can cause the blood to clot, like the blood of a normal person.
Alexei:  Sounds great.  Had I grown up in your century, I might have had a better life for my first twenty years.  Don't forget, I was 21 when Sam cured me.  My whole childhood was overshadowed by that damned disease.  Pauses.  Sorry about that, Kole.
Kole:  Don't be.  I understand how it must have been for you.
The two of them embrace.
Alexei:  Thanks, Kole.
Kole:  Are you still up for going outside today?
Alexei:  Yeah, why not.  It might cheer me up.  Besides, there's nothing we can do to help out with the measles outbreak, we're millions of miles away.
Kole:  That's true.  Let's go.

And so, outside the shuttle...

Kole:  Well, that should be enough samples for now.
Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  Perhaps tomorrow we can..
Alexei:  Kole!
Kole:  Concerned.  Alexei, what is it?
Alexei:  Remember how I said I felt we were being watched.  Well, now I think I know why.  Points.
Kole:  What is...  Turns and sees three blue spheres hovering over the two of them. 
Alexei:  Kole, can you sense it?  Those things are alive.
Kole:  I know, I can feel it too.  However, I don't understand.  All the studies of Mars have indicated that it's a dead world.
Alexei:  Well, maybe the studies are wrong.  Or maybe...
Kole:  That whatever these things are, they didn't want to be seen.
Alexei:  Until now that is.
As the two of them watch, the blue spheres rise up into the sky and disappear.
Kole:  We're going to have one heck of a message to send home...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Ivan K and Anastasia come into the sick room...

Ivan K: Donít turn on the lights, it would hurt their eyes. Because of the measles, they're sensitive to light.
Anastasia: Donít worry, Comrade Ivan, I know. Iíve been through this too.  I remember how painful this was for us.
They see Elizabeth tossing in her bed.
Ivan K: Elisabeth, are you okay?
Elizabeth: My throat hurts a lot. Itís so painful.
Anastasia: I know how you feel, darling. In a few days, it will go away.
Ivan K: For now, just try and rest. Youíll see, youíll feel better soon.
Dimitri C-B and Olga enter in the room too.
Ivan K: See you later, Elizabeth. Weíll leave you with your parents. Anastasia and Ivan K exit.
Elizabeth: Mama, Papa, can you stay with me a little?
Dimitri C-B: Sure, sweetheart.  
Olga: We won't leave you until you're asleep. Sits on Elizabethís bed and takes her hand.

In the kitchen...

Tatiana: As all the children have sore throats, they have difficulty swallowing solid foods. I think itíd be best if you make them something liquid or soft, like soup or mash potato.
Maria: Okay, Iím on it.
Ivan S: I hate seeing our kids so ill. I wish I could do something to help them.
Ivan K: I have the same feeling, although none of my children are sick.
Tatiana: Thereís not much we canít do, unfortunately. If everything goes well, all our little patients should be up and healthy again within a week or two. For now, the disease seems to be running its normal course, there are no complications so far.
Maria: Thatís good news.
Tatiana: Of course, Iím keeping an eye on them in case something happens.
Ivan K: Letís hope nothing will happen.
Ivan S: Fingers crossed!

Later, OTMA, DIID, Nicholas and Alexandra are reading Kole and Alexeiís message...

Nicholas: I wonder what those blue spheres are. Any suggestion? What do you think, Alix?
Alexandra: I don't have the slightest idea. Kole told us Mars was a lifeless, desert planet. Sheís from the future, so she knows a lot more about it than we do here in 1928.
Dimitri C-B: Still sheís as clueless as we are about the origin of those things.
Tatiana: Do you think Alexei and Kole might be in danger?
Olga: Whatever those spheres are, their behavior seems to be peaceful. They donít look aggressive. If there is some kind of people inside, perhaps they're just as curious about us as we are about them.
Anastasia: Yeah, you could be right. Yet that doesnít explain what or who they are. According to Kole, Martians donít exist. However, I donít really see any other explanation.
Ivan K: We saw a lot of weird things in our lives, but I have to say that this one is wow! Aliens!? That sounds cool. I regret Iím not with Alexei and Kole right now.
Anastasia: If the children were not so sick, I would have certainly used the Amulet of Hogthor to teleport myself to Alexei and Koleís shuttle.  Just so I could catch a glimpse of those aliens.
Dimitri M: Although you promised you wouldnít use the Amulet again.
Anastasia: Oh you know, promises only bind those who believe in them.
Maria: And despite the fact that the Amulet is currently in 2011, in the possession of Samís family.
Anastasia: I would have found a way. I always do, no matter what.
Alexandra: Yeah, tell me about it! We all know youíre very good at it!

Alexei and Koleís apartment...

Gavriil: How are Alexander and the others at Anichkov?
Sam: There is no improvement yet.  Theyíre only at the beginning of the disease, but Tatiana says thereís no need to be worried. Currently thereíre no complications expected.
Gavriil: Thatís good to know. I guess they must be all relieved to learn this.

Later that evening...

Sam: Sees Gavriil pointing binoculars towards the sky. What are you trying to do with that, Gavriil?
Gavriil: Iím trying to observe Mars. I donít have a telescope, so I make do with what I have.
Sam: You wonít be able to see much with that. Thereís a telescope in the other room if you want. Alexei gave it to Kole for her last birthday. She wonít mind if you use it.
And so...
Sam: As Gavriil is looking through the telescope. Isnít it better now?
Gavriil: Definitely! I can see a lot more details. That is so amazing! Mars really looks like a desert.
Sam: Can I have a look?
Gavriil: Of course.  
Sam: Uses the telescope. Itís so beautiful. To think Kole and Alexei are up there at this very moment.
Gavriil: Iím very curious about those blue spheres they saw. So there IS life on Mars.
Sam: I'm not sure, but it could be.

That same night, at Anichkov...

Anastasia: Cries out in her sleep. HAAAAA! NOOOO! Wakes up, her whole body shaking.
Ivan K: Apprehensive. Whatís wrong, Anastasia?  
OTM and their husbands arrive at that moment.
Tatiana: Was it Anastasia we heard screaming? What happened?
Anastasia: Still shaken. IÖ I had a nightmare. I was back in 1917, at the time when...
Ivan K: When you all had the measles?
Anastasia: Nods. It was so scary. I relived all those events in my dream. When we started to fell so ill, one after the other...   When the doctor told us Maria was dying...   And when we were so anxious about Papa, waiting for him to come back home...  When I finally learnt he had abdicated. Bursts into sobs. It was really Hell.
Ivan K: Nastya, itís okay, it was just a nightmare. 1917 is long gone.  
Olga: And now we live in a better Russia, where our children are safe and sound.
Anastasia: I know, itís just...  When I learnt they came down with the measles, I couldnít help thinking it was 1917 all over again. I felt awful.
Tatiana: And so did we. I felt truly miserable when I found out our kids were sick. Yet, as Ivan and Olga said, the time of the Revolution belongs to the past. Itís over now. Our children wonít go through what we had to endure.
Maria: Try to get back to sleep now, Nastya.
Anastasia: Regains her composure. Okay, Iíll try.
Maria: Your Ivan is right here, and weíre next door if you need us.
Anastasia: Thank you. I think Iíll be fine now.
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At breakfast...

Alexandra:  What's all this about Anastasia having a nightmare last night?
Anastasia:  Yes, Mama, I did. Recounts the nightmare.  I guess the children getting measles brought it all back for me.
Alexandra: I can understand that.  It was a horrible time for all of us.   What with everything going on.
Nicholas:  At least this time we don't have to worry about the country falling apart around us.
Tatiana:  We pretty much said the same thing.  1917 is long in the past.
Maria:  I was wondering, we won't have to shave the children's heads, will we?
Tatiana:  No, Mashka, medicine has come a long way since then. 
Olga:  Good, our children won't have to go around bald.
Dimitri C-B:  Smiling.  Oh, I don't know.  You all looked cute being bald.
Maria:  You did NOT just say that!
Ivan S:  Joining in.  Yeah, I liked those pictures you showed us.   Four beautiful chrome domes.
Ivan K:  Yeah, I might use one of those pictures for my screen saver.
Anastasia:  Et Tu, Ivan.
DIID all laugh.
Maria:  Oh you guys...
At that point, the phone rings,  Tatiana answers it.
Tatiana:  Hello?
Sam:  On phone.  Hi, I'm just checking up.  What's going on over there?
Tatiana:   Can I put you on speaker.
Sam:  Sure.
Tatiana:  Okay.  Does so.
Sam:  On speaker.  I thought I'd check up on you guys.
Anastasia:  Hi Sam.  Well, I had a bad nightmare.  Recounts it again.  Aside from that, everything is fine.
Sam:  How are the children?
Tatiana:  The same.  I'll be checking on them in a minute.
Maria:  How are things over there?
Sam:  We're find.  Gavriil and I have been using Kole's telescope to watch Mars.
Olga:  I can imagine.
Sam:  I must say, we're curious about those blue spheres Alexei and Kole saw.
Anastasia:  Join the club.

Utopia Planitia basin, Mars.  In Kole's shuttle...

Kole:  Hello, what's this?
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Someone, or something, has accessed our computer files.
Alexei:  Anything damaged?
Kole:  No, it just looks like someone accessed them and read them. 
Alexei:  What about?
Kole:  Everything that had to do with Earth and humanity as a whole.
Alexei:  Do you think those blue spheres had something do with it?
Kole:  Who else is here besides us.

Later, Kole and Alexei are outside, examining the equipment, when...

Kole:  Alexei, look.
Alexei:  They're back.
The blue spheres are once again hovering over the two of them.  Suddenly, a voice comes from one of the spheres.
Voice:  Can you understand us?
Kole:  Did you...
Alexei:  Yeah, I did.
Kole:  They're speaking to us!
Voice:  We learned your language when we probed your data systems. 
Kole:  Who are you?
Voice:  There is no word in your language that describes us.   Call us the Ancient Ones, as we have existed for thousands of your years.
Alexei:  Wow.  That is old.
Kole:  Well, to us humans, anyway.  To the spheres.  We always thought this planet was lifeless.
Voice:  We are not native to this world, or this solar system.  We have roamed this galaxy for centuries. 
Kole:  Why?
Voice:  The same reason you came here from your native world.  We're explorers, like you.
Alexei:  And you're visiting Mars, like we are.
Voice:  That is correct.  When we observed your arrival here, we thought we'd examine you.  We were planning to visit your world next.
Kole:  Earth?  What if someone saw you?
Voice: We can make ourselves invisible to you if we wish. 
Kole:  So you desired to make contact with us.  After you read our computers.
Voice:  We did.  Your species is still young, with much to learn.  As we once were.
Alexei:  You used to be like us.
Voice:  Yes, once, long ago, we had physical form.  However, we evolved beyond it, to creatures of pure thought.  Perhaps, one day, your race will do that same.
Kole:  Probably not for millions of years.
Voice:  In cosmic time, a blink of an eye.  When that happens, perhaps you will seek us out.  We will have much to discuss.
Kole:  Perhaps.
Voice:  Farewell, people of Earth.  With that, the blue sphere rise up into the sky and vanish.
Alexei:  Whoa!
Kole:  I think we just had a close encounter of the third kind.  Alexei looks at her.  I'll explain later...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexei and Koleís apartment...

Sam is busy, cooking, when her children  unexpectedly appear  in front of her.

Sam: Well, I never...
Gharman: Hi, Mom. Stunned, arenít you?
Sam: Yes, you can say that again! 
Jaelyn: I hope this is a pleasant surprise for you.
Sam: Of course, it is, you silly. Itís so good to see you all.
Carley: Did you miss us?
Sam: Every single day since I left. Come here and give me a hug. Carley smiles and does so, the others follow her example. Whoa, take it easy, let me breathe.
Alaina: Mom, what are you doing in this apartment?   I thought you were living in a palace with the Imperial Family.
Sam: Iím here temporarily. Some of the kids at Anichkov are ill with the measles. I moved here so that Marie wouldn't get infected.
Carley: Whoís Marie? Another child you adopted?
Sam: No, Marie is Kole and Alexeiís daughter. Alexei is OTMAís brother and Kole...
Gharman: Isnít she the astronaut from 2071 you told to us about?
Sam: Exactly. Explains why Kole and Alexei are not currently in the apartment.
Gavriil: Comes into the kitchen.  Mom, I...   Gharman? Alaina? Youíre all here!?
Carley: Hi, Gavriil. Nice to see you again.
Gavriil: Itís great to see you too. Iím just amazed to see you all here. I guess it has something to do with the Amulet, right?
Gharman: Yeah, itís a very convenient way to travel.
Gavriil: How long will you stay with us?
Jaelyn: We have school on Monday, so weíre here just for the weekend. Itís no trouble for you, right Mom?
Sam: Not at all. Why didnít you tell me you were coming?
Gharman: We wanted it to be a surprise.
Sam: And it was a nice one. Thank you.

Later, Sam is having a discussion with Gharman about staying at the apartment...

Sam: Gharman, I donít know what to do. The apartment is small, and with the six of us, plus the baby, itís pretty crowded here. Besides, I donít have enough beds for all of us. Anichkov would have been perfect, but with the sick children there, itís out of the question.
Gharman: Iím sorry, Mom, we came at a bad time.
Sam: No, Gharman. Iím quite happy that you're here. Itís not a problem.
Gharman: About the question of the beds, we can always sleep on the floor.
Sam: No, weíll figure something out . At Anichkov, they have additional cots and mattresses. I could borrow some and bring them here.
Gharman: Sounds like a plan.

Anichkov Palace...

A knock is heard at the front door. Alexandra answers it.

Alexandra: Hello, Sam. What brings you here? Is something wrong with Marie?
Sam: No, sheís okay. Sheís sleeping right now. My older children are watching over her at the apartment.
Alexandra: Your what?
Sam: I forgot to tell you. My kids came for a visit. Theyíre here for the weekend.
Alexandra: Whoa! I donít know what to say. This is quite unexpected.
Sam: I was as surprised as you. The funny thing is that I was actually planning to make a visit to 2011, after the children had recovered from the measles. My kids beat me to it.
Alexandra: Iíd love to meet them, Sam.
Sam: Why donít you pop in and see us later today?
Alexandra: I will and Iíll tell my daughters about it. I'm sure they will want to meet your children too.
Sam: The feeling is mutual. My kids have never met royals before, so theyíre so curious about you all. Pauses. I almost forgot to ask you if I could borrow some mattresses or cots for my kids. There are not enough beds at the apartment.
Alexandra: Sure, Sam, be my guest. By the way, did you see the new message Alexei and Kole sent us?
Sam; No, I didnít have the time to check my emails. What did it say?
Alexandra: On this subject, are you still in touch with your friends in Mystic Falls?
Sam: Yes. Why?
Alexandra: Have they heard of entities called ďthe Ancient OnesĒ?
Sam: Well...
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Sam:  Well, it would help to know what they are?
Alexandra:  Well.. Explains about Alexei and Kole's latest message.
Sam:  I don't think so, Alix.  These Ancient Ones sound like they don't come from this solar system.
Alexandra:  Well, I was wondering if your friends encountered them sometime between now and 2011.  According to Alexei and Kole, these Ancient Ones are planning to visit Earth.
Sam:  Well, I could check next time I speak to my friends, but I doubt it.
Alexandra:  It didn't hurt to ask.  So, what was this about mattresses and cots?
Sam:  Yes, my kids dropped by and they need something to sleep on.
Alexandra:  No problem.
At that point, OTMA show up.
Tatiana:  Hi Sam, how's it going?
Sam:  Fine.  My kids just dropped in and they need something to sleep on.  I'm here to see if I can borrow some mattresses and such.
Maria:  I don't think that will be a problem.
Anastasia:  I'd like to meet your kids, I'm sure we all would.
Alexandra:  Well, then why don't  you.
Olga:  Mama, the children...
Alexandra:  Your father and I can look after them until you all get back.
Tatiana:  Well, the guys can help us with the stuff. 
Maria:  Sure, let's go.

And so, OTMA and DIID head over to Alexei and Kole's with Sam...

Gharman:  So, you're OTMA.
Olga:  We are, and these are our husbands. Introduces DIID to Sam's kids.
Jaelyn:  We've always wanted to meet Mom's "other" family.
Maria:  Yeah, I guess we are that.
Alaina:  To Tatiana.  So, you're the doctor.
Tatiana:  I am.  The first female doctor in Russia.
Carley:  To Olga.  And you're the Heir to the throne.
Olga:  Yes, that's me.
Gharman:  Man, there is so much to see.  To Anastasia.  Your brother and his wife are on Mars now.
Anastasia:  Yeah, they are.   Lucky them.  They even saw some aliens called the Ancient Ones. Explains.
Gharman:  That is so cool.
Anastasia:  Tell me about it. Pauses.  Say, did you use the Amulet Of Hogthor to get here?
Gharman:  Yeah, we did.  Here it is.  Holds the Amulet up.
Anastasia:  I'm just gonna borrow that.  Thank you.  Before anyone can stop her, she grabs the Amulet and vanishes.
Olga:  NASTYA!
Ivan K:  Where did she go!?
Olga:  Oh, I have a pretty good idea...

Utopia Planitia basin, Mars. In Kole's shuttle...

Kole:  Anastasia!  How did you get here?
Anasstasia:  With this.  Holds up the Amulet.
Alexei:  I thought Sam sent it to her family in 2011.
Anastasia:  She did.  However, her kids decided to pay her a visit, so I borrowed it.
Kole:  And used it to come here.
Anastasia:  I said I wanted to see Mars for myself, and I'm not going back to Earth until that happens
Kole:  Anastasia, you can't...
Alexei:  Kole, don't bother to argue with her, it's pointless. 
Anastasia:  You got that right.
Kole:  So now what.
Alexei:  Let her see Mars.  Take her outside the shuttle for a look around.
Kole:  Okay, Alexei, but this means you'll have to stay in the shuttle, as we have only two space suits.
Alexei:  That's okay, I don't mind.
Anastasia:  So, let's get started.

And so, after having been taught how to use a space suit by Kole, the two women are now out on the surface of Mars...

Anastasia:  Whoa!  I'm actually standing on the surface of another planet.
Kole:  You are.  How does it feel?
Anastasia:  Cooler than you can possible imagine.
Kole:  I thought you'd feel that way.
Anastasia:  I can understand how Alexei felt.    Smiles.  Can we visit Mount Olga?
Kole:  Well, it's quite a way from here.
Anastasia:  No it isn't, not with the Amulet.
Kole:  Oh, okay.  Contacts Alexei and explains.  You should still be able to contact us on the radio.
Alexei:  On radio.  Okay, be careful out there.
Kole:  We will.

Thanks to the Amulet, Kole and Anastasia are now standing at the foot of Olympus Mons AKA Mount Olga...

Anastasia:  I gotta get a picture of this!  Does so.  I'm gonna show it to Olga when I get back.
Kole:  Sure you want to do that, Anastasia.  She might make you wish you'd stayed here.
Anastasia:  That's a chance I'm willing to take.
Both laugh.

Later, back in Kole's shuttle, Anastasia has changed out of the space suit and is ready to go back to Earth...

Alexei:  So, what do you think about Mars, Nastya?
Anastasia:  It's great.  Thank you both for letting me stay.
Kole:  Don't mention it.  However, the family back home may not be too thrilled with you right now.
Alexei:  Perhaps you should stay here.
Anastasia:  Don't tempt me.  Holds up the Amulet.  See you both back on Earth.  Vanishes.
Kole:  I hope they don't give her too much grief over this.
Alexei:  No more than usual, I suspect...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anastasia reappears in Alexei and Koleís apartment...

Anastasia: Not listening to her. Whoa, Mars is totally awesome! I donít regret my little escapade.
Olga: YOU...
Anastasia: Interrupts her. Look at this beautiful picture of you I took while I was on Mars. Shows it to Olga.
Olga: Youíre stupid, this isnít me at all. It looks like some sort of mountain. Looks at the photo again. Wait a minute, isn't that....   You didnít dare?
Anastasia: I did.
Maria: Examines the picture. Itís Mount Ol...
Olga: It isnít! It isnít!
Tatiana: Joins the group. Olga. Mount Olga.
Olga: Oh, youíd better start running, Nastya.
Anastasia: Uh-oh, time to exit. Vanishes before Olga can make a move.
Sam: Where did she go this time?
Olga: I think I know. Follow me.

Anichkov Palace...

Olga: Nastya, I know youíre here somewhere. Iím going to find you, no matter how long itíll take.
Maria: Are you sure she used the Amulet to come here?
Tatiana: She could have gone back to Koleís shuttle.
Olga: No, sheís here, Iím telling you. I know her too well. Glares at Maria. That makes me think, Mashka, I have a bone to pick with you as well.
Maria: Slowly retreats towards the door. Do you?
Olga: Oh yes, I do. You think I forgot about our last conversation in regards to that volcano?  Begins to walk towards her.
Maria: Tatiana! I need HEEELP!
Tatiana: No, sorry, Mashka. Iíll let Mount Olga take care of you.
Olga: TATIANA!?  Not you too.
Tatiana: Yes, me too, Mrs. Volcano.
Olga: Iím going to...
At that point, Alexandra arrives.
Alexandra: Is it you who is making so much noise? Have you forgotten that the children are trying to rest?
Olga: Iím sorry, Mama, but my dear sisters are getting on my nerves.
Tatiana: Yes, Mama, we had a somewhat volcanic discussion.
Olga: Tatiana! Stop with that.
Tatiana: Stop with what?
Olga: You know very well what.
Alexandra: Enough,  all of you.  Youíll wake up the children.
Olga: Very well. Iím going to search for Anastasia. To her sisters. Weíll settle our scores later.
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Utopia Planitia basin, Mars. In Kole's shuttle...

Alexei:  Hey, we have a message.  It's from Tatiana.
Kole:  Let's see it.
Tatiana:  On the computer screen.  Well, just to let you both know, Anastasia got back here safely.  However, Olga was not too thrilled with her picture of Mount Olga.  Right now, Nastya is in hiding and Olga is looking for her.  However, Mashka and I also had some fun at Mrs. Volcano's expense.  Poor Olga, she's going to have that volcano thing over her head for the rest of her life.  Still, it was funny.  Anyway, we miss you both and look forward to your return. Message ends.
Alexei:  Oh, poor Nastya.   She should have known better.
Kole:  Well...
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  It's about our return.  In two days time, the orbits of Mars and Earth will be in perfect alignment.  We'll have to take off then.
Alexei:  Wow, time does fly when you're having fun.

A few hours later, outside...

Kole:  What's that you have there, Alexei.
Kole:  Alexei...
Alexei:  Don't worry, Kole, I'm not going to leave this just anywhere.  There's a cave nearby, I'm going to hide it in there.   
Kole:  Well, I suppose that's okay.  I mean had it been discovered before 2071, I think it would have made the headlines.
Alexei:  I agree.

Interlude:  Bangor, Maine, 2071, the home of Kole's parents, George and Amanda Munro...

Amanda:  George, get in here!
George:  Comes into the living room.  What is it, Amanda?
Amanda:  Points to the television set.  Look at that.
On the television, the words BREAKING NEWS can be seen.
Anchorman:  For those of you just joining us, the Mars One team has made an incredible discovery.  Here is a picture of their discovery. A picture of the stone with the words RUSSIAN EXPEDITION TO MARS, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 1928.  CREW:  ALEXEI NICHOLAIEVICH ROMANOV AND HIS WIFE, KATERINA FEODOROVNA.  WE GOT HERE FIRST! comes up on the screen.  Mind you, this could be, and is probably, a hoax, I mean people on Mars in 1928.  Impossible.
George:  Amanda, do you think...
Amanda:  Yes, George, I do.  It's Kole, she finally made it to Mars!
Both smile, proud of their daughter.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Olga: NASTYA! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING? Thinking. How is that every time Iím searching for someone in this palace, I can never find them?
Anastasia: Suddenly appears beside her, making her jump in surprise. Looking for me, are you, Olga? Seems to me itís something youíve been  up to for two hours now. Too bad you havenít been able to find me.
Olga: Stop your sarcastic remarks and give that stupid Amulet.
Anastasia: Hmm...   No. I love this little game of hide and seek weíre playing. Good luck in finding me, Olga. Uses the Amulet and vanishes.
Olga: NOOO!

In the kitchen, where Alexandra is cooking for the sick children...

Olga: Storms in. Just wait until I get you, you little pest.
Alexandra: Were you talking to me, Olga?
Olga: Embarrassed. Mama, Iím so sorry, I didnít know you were there. I was thinking of that pesky sister of mine who always finds a way to get into trouble.
Alexandra: Ah, Anastasia. What has she done to get you so angry?
Olga: You wonít be happy when Iíll tell you.
Alexandra: Go on.
Olga: Let me start from the beginning...

In the study...

Maria: On her laptop. It would be great if someone from the future would find that.
Tatiana: What?
Maria: Alexei sent us a photo. Take a look. Turns her laptop to Tatiana. On the screen appears the photo of the stone where Alexeiís words are engraved.
Tatiana: Amazing.
Maria: Itís good. There will be a reminder of their visit to Mars.
Tatiana: Yes, but no one must find it too soon, or it would really mess up the future.
Maria: Alexei thought of that. He hid the stone in a cave. No one is going to find it for a long time.
Tatiana: Good. In a way, I envy Anastasia. Sheís the only one of us, apart from Alexei and Kole, who did go to Mars. I would have liked so much to go there too.
Maria: You think she was right by doing what she did?
Tatiana: You know, using the Amulet to get back to the time of Vlad the Impaler was insane. But using it to go to Mars, that was different. Strictly speaking, it was not dangerous, as Kole was there to supervise everything.
Maria: So you approve of what she did?
Tatiana: Iím surprised to say this, but my answer is yes. I wish I had done what she did.
Maria: I feel the same way. The problem with Anastasia is that sheís crazy. After Mars, she could have used the Amulet to go to God knows where. Thatís just who she is.
Olga: Enters with Alexandra. And now sheís playing hide and seek with me.
Maria: Well...   Her mobile beeps. Hold that thought. Reads the message she just received.
Alexandra: Who was it?
Maria: It was Sam. Anastasia went to give her back the Amulet. Sheís still there as we speak.
Olga: Splendid. Now she wonít be able to use magic to avoid me. This promises to be fun.
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Utopia Planitia basin, Mars. In Kole's shuttle...

Alexei:  How does it look, Kole?
Kole:  In the pilot seat.  Excellent.  I've programmed the NaviComp for our return journey to Earth.  As I said, it will take us only two weeks.
Alexei:  Because the orbits of Earth and Mars are closer now than when were left.
Kole:  Correct. 
Alexei:  Well, don't get me wrong, Kole.  It will be good to get back and see Marie and the rest of the family again, but...
Kole:  You'll never get to do anything like this again.
Alexei:  That's it.  I mean we got to walk on the surface of Mars.  Who else in this time can make that claim.
Kole:  Smiles.  Anastasia can.
Alexei:  Laughs.  That's true.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Anastasia: Hey, Olga, let's talk this over.
Olga: Oh, I'll talk, right after...
Tatiana:  Wait!  Stop...
Olga:  What is it, Tatiana?
Tatiana:  I'd like to go to Mars myself.
Maria:  Me too.  Hey, Sam, can we go there?  Please.
Sam:  Well, I don't know...
Tatiana:  Sam, it will be safe.  After all, Kole is there to supervise.
Sam:  I guess so.  To Olga.  Will you come too?
Olga:  Well, okay.  To Anastasia.  This is SO not over, Nastya.
Anastasia:  Sticks her tongue out at Olga.  Bleh!
Olga: Why you...
Tatiana:  Okay, enough of that.  Let's go!

Utopia Planitia basin, Mars. In Kole's shuttle, OTMAS arrives...

Alexei:  Oh, not again.
Tatiana:  Hey, I wanted to see Mars, like Nastya did.
Maria:  Me too.
Sam:  I must admit, I was tempted.
Olga:  And I want to see this volcano you named after me, dear brother.
Kole:  Okay, you all can do it.  However, since there are only two space suits, I'll have to take you out one at a time.  When we are out there, you do exactly what I say, when I say it.  No exceptions!
Alexei:  I love it when you get all military, Kole.
Kole: Smiles.  Down boy.
Anastasia:  I guess I'll sit this one out, since I've already been here.
Tatiana:  I'll go first.

And so, later, back on the shuttle...

Maria:  That was so cool.
Tatiana:  I agree.  I took lots of pictures.
Olga:  So that's 'Mount Olga'.
Anastasia:  Grinning. Yep, it is. 
Olga:  Keep it up, Nastya, just keep it up!
Kole:  Well, I supposed you better go back.  Alexei and I have to get ready for the return voyage.
Sam:  Actually, I can get you back quicker.  Holds up the Amulet.  This can transport the whole shuttle, and everything and everyone in it.
Tatiana:  It can.
Sam:  Yep.
Alexei:  Well, Kole, it would save us a trip.  And we'd get back to Marie sooner.
Kole:  Okay.  Alexei and I need to load up the shuttle with our equipment first though.
Sam:  That's okay, we can wait.

A few hours later, Kole's shuttle appears on the airfield outside St. Petersburg.  The hatch opens and OTMAASK emerges...

Alexei:  We're back on Earth.
Kole:  Yes, we are.  Turns to the others.  Help us unload the shuttle.
Sam:  Let's get to work.
Alexei:  I'm going to text Mama and Papa and tell them we're back...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Nicholas: Iím glad youíre back, Alexei.
Alexei: Itís good to be home. Weíve been away for such a long time.
Nicholas: We missed you bith a lot, especially your mother. At one point, during your outward journey, she was about to ask Kole to turn the shuttle around and return to Earth. I told her not to, that you wouldnít like it.  Thankfully,  she followed my advice.
Alexei: Well, Iím glad. You were right, I wouldnít have liked it, and neither would Kole.  I would probably have been very angry at Mama.
Nicholas: I know. So, whatís this about you naming places of Mars after us?
Alexei: I did. I took some pics, if you want to see them. Shows the photos to his father. This is the Alexandra Feodorovna Valley, and these mounts there are called the Nicholas Romanov Mountains.
Nicholas: And where is Mount Olga?
Alexei: Here it is. So you heard about it?
Nicholas: Oh, I did. You should have seen Olgaís reaction. She swore up and down that she would pay you back.
Alexei: Iím still waiting for it.
Nicholas: Right now, sheís busy planning Anastasiaís death.
Alexei: Iím  next on her list,  I suppose. And so are Maria and Tatiana. Weíre all on her dead pool.
Nicholas: Laughs. Well, the next few days promise to be interesting. Iím looking forward to it.

Soon after, as Alexei is walking down the corridor...

Maria: Alexei, I was just looking for you. I wanted to talk to you about something.
Alexei: Yes?
Maria: Koleís birthday is tomorrow, isnít it?
Alexei: Thatís right, October 28th. I was just thinking of it.
Maria: How about throwing a party tomorrow to celebrate her birthday and, at the same time, your return?
Alexei: A party?
Maria: Itíd be something intimate. Only the family.
Alexei: That would be a nice surprise for Kole.  However, what about the children.  Aren't they too sick?
Maria:  No, they're not.  I just spoke to Tatiana.  According to her, the children are over the worst of it.  Tatiana said it was okay to have the party.
Alexei:  So go for it, Mashka. Iíll help you.
Maria: Good. Iím going to call Uncle Misha, Aunt Xenia, Aunt Olga, and, of course, our cousin Dimitri. By the way, have you thought of a great birthday present for your wife?
Alexei: Smiles. I already did. But itís a secret.
Maria: Can you  give me a clue?
Alexei: Nope. Well, Iíd better be off. Sam is waiting for Kole and I at the apartment. She wants us to meet her children. And we are both very eager to see our little Marie again.
Maria: How are you going to manage all these people in your apartment?
Alexei: Olga and her Dimitriís apartment is empty right now, so they offered to let Sam and her kids to stay there for the rest of the weekend. 
Maria: Ask Samís kids to come to the party too. However, be careful not to give Kole  any reason to suspect something is going on.
Alexei: I will be very discreet. Kole wonít suspect anything.
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Later, Alexei and Kole return home and meet Sam's kids...

Kole:  And all of you are...
Gharman:  I'm Gharman, and these are my sisters, Jaelyn, Carley, and Alaina.  Introductions are made.
Carley:   So, you two were actually on Mars.
Alexei:  We were.  
Kole:  Although your mother also dropped by, via the Amulet of Hogthor.
Alaina:  We know.  We wish we could have gone too.
Kole:  The shuttle couldn't have held you all.
Sam comes in, holding Marie.
Alexei:  Here's our little one.
Kole:  Takes Marie from Sam.  Oh, how we missed you.
Sam:  We took good care of her.
Alexei:  Thanks, Sam, we appreciated it very much.
Kole:  No problem.  Marie begins to cry.  She's hungry, I'm going to go feed her. Leaves the room with Marie.
Alexei:  Good, now listen up.  Tomorrow is Kole's birthday.  Explains about the party.  You're all invited.
Sam:  Of course, we'll be there.
Alexei:  Good.

The next day, October 28th, Kole is back at the airfield, checking the shuttle, when Alexei arrives...

Alexei:  Kole, what are you doing?
Kole:  Just checking the shuttle over.  Why?
Alexei:  You do know what day it is.
Kole:  Not really.  We've been away from Earth for over a month, one tends to forget the days.
Alexei:  Thinking.  This is perfect, she doesn't realize it's her birthday.
Kole:  Alexei?  What is it?
Alexei:  Uh, nothing.  Listen, can you come with me, Kole.  There is something I need to show you.
Kole:  Okay, Alexei, what is it?
Alexei:  You'll see when we get there.

Anichkov Palace, a short time later...

Kole:  Alexei, what is this all about.
Alexei:  Just come into the ball room and you'll see.
They go in, the lights come on.
Everyone there:  SURPRISE!
Kole:  What?  When?
Alexei:  Kole, it's October 28th!
Kole:  Oh my God, my birthday.  You all remembered.
Maria:  Of course we did.
Anastasia:  You forgot your own birthday, Kole?
Kole:  Yeah, I did.  Being off Earth over a month, I lost track of time.
Tatiana:  Well we thought we'd throw you a birthday/welcome home party.
Kole:  Turns to Alexei.  I'm assuming you were in on this.
Alexei:  You would assume right.
Kole:  Sees the children are there.  I hope you're all feeling better.
Elizabeth:  We are, Aunt Kole.
Victoria:  Mama said it was okay for us to be here.
Kole:  That's good to know.
Misha, Olga A., and Xenia step forward.
Xenia:  Congratulations, Kole.  
Olga A:  And welcome home, you two.
Alexei:  Thank you.

Soon, everyone is seated in the dining hall...

Alexei:  I guess this is the best time to give you your gift, Kole.
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  This.  Holds up a Martian rock with the words I LOVE YOU, KOLE carved in it.
Kole:  I....I...  Takes the rock.  I love it.  When did you make this?
Alexei:  I did it when you were asleep.  I kept track of the days, Kole, and was going to give it to you on your birthday.  Mind you, I thought we'd still be in space then.
Kole:  It's a wonderful gift.  Thank you, Alexei.
Alexei:  You're very welcome, Kole.
The party continues.
Kole:  That was a great meal.  My complements to the chef.
Maria:  Aw, it was nothing.
Anastasia:  Here comes the cake!
Ivan K and Ivan S bring the cake out and put it down in front of Kole.
Alexei:  Make a wish, Kole.
Kole:  Okay.  Blows out the candles.
Sam:  What did you wish for, Kole?
Kole:  I can't tell you, it wouldn't come true.  Everyone laughs.
Olga:  Uh...
Kole:  What is it, Olga?
Olga:  We have some unexpected guests.  Points up to the ceiling, where the blue spheres can be seen.
Anastasia:  Holy cow, it's the Ancient Ones.  They're here!
Tatiana:  Is that what you wished for, Kole?
Kole:  Nope, I'm as much surprised as the rest of you.
The Ancient Ones speak.
Voice:  We came because we told you we planned to visit your world.
Kole:  That's right, you did.
Voice:  Therefore, we decided to reveal ourselves to you all.  We will be on your world only for a short time, before we leave this solar system.
Nicholas:  On behalf of the planet Earth, we welcome you.  Our world is not perfect, but I'm sure you'll learn much from us.
Voice:  That is our hope.  Farewell, Romanov family.  The blue spheres then vanish.
Kole:  Looks around.  Best birthday ever!

October 28th is not only Kole's birthday, but mine too.  Since I created Kole, I gave her the same birthday as me
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Maria: So those were the Ancient Ones we heard about.
Anastasia: That was awesome! I was hoping to meet them sooner or later. I may have not blown out candles, but my wish came true anyway.
Nicholas: Perhaps we will see them again someday.
Alexei: Perhaps. Who knows?
Alexandra: Sam, have you asked your friends in Mystic Falls about them?
Sam: I did, but as I suspected, they knew nothing about them. The Ancient Ones told Kole and Alexei they had the ability to make themselves invisible, which explains why nobody ever heard of them.
Tatiana: Thatís a shame really. I would have loved to know more about them. Where did they come from exactly, or if there are other entities like them roaming our galaxy.
Olga: And think of all the knowledge they must have accumulated over the centuries.
Alexei: Well, everyone, I think itís time for some dancing. Extends his hand to his wife. May I, Kole?
As the two of them are dancing, they are soon joined by Nicholas and Alexandra, the Big Pair and their respective husbands.
Gharman: Comes up to Sam. Mom, may I have this dance?
Sam: Sure, you may. Theyíre soon dancing together.
Anastasia: A mother-son dance. Aw, thatís sweet.
Ivan K: How about joining them, Comrade Imp?
Anastasia: I say what are we waiting for? As long as you donít get all mushy on me.
Ivan K laughs and leads her onto the dance floor.
Ivan S: Mashka, would you...
Maria: Of course I would love to dance with you, Ivan.
Ivan S: Letís go.

The next day...

Alexei: That was a great birthday party.
Anastasia: It sure was. We all had fun. 
Alexei: Nastya, I heard about some of your exploits while we were away. So you actually met Vlad the Impaler?
Anastasia: Yep, I did. Tells him the whole story.
Alexei: Laughs. Same crazy old Imp. Youíll never change. And about your little escapade to Mars, why did Mama say?
Anastasia: She wasnít happy at all.  Fortunately, Tatiana and Maria stood up for me.  And so did Olga. Since she too went to Mars, she was obliged to take my side.
Alexei: And how are things going between the two of you?
Anastasia: They're good. Olga actually buried the hatchet with all of us, once we promised never to call her Mount Olga again.
Alexei: Really?
Anastasia: Yes, she had to make up her mind on that. She said she was outnumbered, which was true.  It was three against one.
Alexei: Poor Olga.  Am I still on her blacklist?
Anastasia: I guess you still are. I advise you to apologize to her and make her the same promise than we did, if you wish to stay alive.
Alexei: Thanks for the advice, Nastya. I think Iíll follow it.
Anastasia: So, how is your unborn baby?
Alexei: Our baby is fine. Tatiana checked on Kole as soon as we came back.
Anastasia: Have you two agreed on a name for him or her?
Alexei: Not yet. With all of what happened these past few months, we didnít have the time to talk about this. Anastasia stays silent for a while. What is it, Imp?
Anastasia: I just realized youíre the only one of us who can still have children.
Alexei: What do you mean?
Anastasia: After Samantha and Catherineís birth, Sam told me that was the last time I got pregnant. She told the same thing to Tatiana and Maria after the births of their twins, and to Olga when she was expecting her little Alice.
Alexei: Since Sam still had her powers at that time, what she said must be true.
Anastasia: I guess so.
Alexei: Are you sad about it, Nastya?
Anastasia: No. Iím very happy with the three I already have. Theyíre quite a handful.
Alexei: I can imagine. Youíre their mother after all.
Anastasia: You should talk. Suppose your yet-to-be-born baby takes after me?
Alexei: Oh my, I hope not. One Imp is enough in the family.
Anastasia: Well, we shall see.
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Later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  I think the rock you gave me looks great here.  The Martian rock with the words I LOVE YOU, KOLE! is prominently displayed in the living room.
Alexei:  Yes, it does.
Kole:  I can't believe you made this fore me, and I never noticed.
Alexei:  As I said, you were asleep when I worked on it. 
Kole:  I know.
Alexei:  It was the first rock I picked up when we arrived on Mars.  I did it while you weren't looking.  As I said, I knew you birthday was coming and wanted it to be ready.
Kole: It's a lovely gift.
At that point, a knock is heard at the door.  Kole answers it, and Sam comes in.
Sam:  I just wanted to see if you two were settled back in.
Alexei:  We are, Sam.  Are you and your kids settled in Olga and her Dimitri's place.
Sam:  Yes, we are.  Kole, I also wanted to say that it was great that I finally made it to your birthday.
Kole:  Huh?
Sam:  Well, the first birthday you spent with us, I was in 2011, battling those Vampire Hunters.  The second on, I was in that coma.
Kole:  That's true, you were.  I'm glad you were able to make it this time.
Sam:  Yeah, well.  Anyway, tomorrow I have to get  ready for Halloween.
Kole:  Halloween?  I didn't think they celebrated it in Russia.
Sam:  Well, they don't.  However, my kids told Gavriil about it, and he went and told OTMA's children about it.  He got them interested.

Anichkov Palace...

Victoria:  Mama!  Mama!
Tatiana:  Yes, Victoria.
Victoria:  The other kids and I want to go trick-or-treating.
Tatiana:  Trick-or-treating?
Victoria:  Yeah! Explains.  It sounds like fun!  Runs off.
Olga, Maria, and Anastasia walk up.
Olga:  Yours too, I see.
Tatiana:  I guess Sam must have been talking to them.
Maria:  Not quite.  She told Gavriil about Halloween.
Anastasia:  And he told the other children.
Tatiana:  I know.  However, Halloween isn't celebrated in Russia.  How can the children go trick-or-treating?
Olga:  Looks like we'll have to think of something.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Olga and Dimitriís apartment...

Gavriil: So, Mom, what did they say at Anichkov about Halloween?
Sam: Theyíre still discussing it. You canít expect a celebration like this to be set up overnight. It has never been celebrated in Russia before.
Gavriil: I hope they will find a solution. The others and I are already preparing our costumes.

In a bar-restaurant of St Petersburg...

Gharman: Leaning on the counter. One beer, please.
Serving-girl: Right away. Hands him a pint of beer. 
Gharman: Thank you. Notices her name on her blouse. Alisa.
Soon the conversation starts between them.
Serving-girl/Alisa: So you came to Russia for the weekend?
Gharman: Yes, my siblings and I wanted to spend some time with my Mom. We donít see each other very often. We live on two different continents. 
Alisa: I guess it must be hard for you.
Gharman: Before yes, it was. We werenít able to keep in touch. But now things are better, we can visit her whenever we want.
Alisa: Yet, there are thousands of miles between you. You canít just jump on a plane to spend the afternoon with your Mom.
Gharman: Thinking to himself. Oh we can, but not with an airplane. Thereís a much quicker way to get here. Aloud. Tell me more about you. You told me you were working here to pay for your studies.
Alisa: Yes. I donít intend to stay a waitress for the rest of my life. Iím studying to become a lawyer. You know how much law school costs. Thatís why I work here after school.
Gharman: My Mom went to Law school too for a while. What year are you?
Alisa: Iím a first year student. I just graduated from high school last June. And you?
Gharman: Iím still in high school. This is my last year there.
Alisa: I see. What do you want to do once you have graduated?
Gharman: I donít know yet. Iím still thinking about it.
Alisa: Sees there are other customers waiting. Gharman, I gotta go. I guess itís goodbye then, since youíre leaving tomorrow.
Gharman: Yes, I am.
Alisa: Perhaps weíll see each other again someday, if you come back over here.
Gharman: Blushes. I hope so.

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace, OTMA are talking to their father about Halloween...
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Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace, OTMA are talking to their father about Halloween...

Nicholas:  I don't know about that.  Halloween is not celebrated in Russia, after all.
Anastasia:  Papa, the children really want this.  After what they've gone through with the measles, I feel they deserve to have some fun.
Tatiana:  I have an idea.
Olga:  What is it?
Tatiana:  The children have made a lot of friends since they started school.  Why don't we call the parents of those friends and tell them about Halloween.
Maria:  Yeah, they could get their children involved.  Our children would then have houses to go trick-or-treated to.
Anastasia: No doubt Gavriil will go too.
Maria:  We can inform Alexei and Kole.  Since Kole also comes from North America, she'll be familiar with Halloween.
Olga:  Let's get busy.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  On the phone. Sure, Alexei and I will help.  Thanks for asking.  Finishes the call.
Alexei:  What is it?
Kole:  We've found a solution to the Halloween problem.  Explains.
Alexei:  Oh, I better go buy some candy then.
Kole:  Bring it to Anichkov.  The main festivities will be there.

Olga and Dimitri C-B's apartment...

Sam:  So, what's all this about you meeting a girl?
Gharman:  Yeah, her name is Alisa.  Explains.
Sam:  I see.  Well, Gharman, I don't have to explain the problem here, I hope.
Gharman:  I don't really see the problem, Mom.  With the Amulet, I can visit whenever I want to.
Sam:  Yes, but you can never tell Alisa where you really come from.
Gharman:  Well, Mom, technically, I never lied. I said I came from San Francisco, that's the truth.  I just never specified the time period.
Sam:  Good point. 
Gharman:  Did you know Alisa is in her first year of Law School.
Sam:  Really, speaking of which...
Gharman:  Mom?
Sam:  I guess you'll be the first of know about this, Gharman.  I've been looking at law schools around St. Petersburg. 
Gharman:  You're thinking of going back?
Sam:  I am.   I feel that, with my powers gone, I need to do something with my life, since I'm out of the witch and vampire business.
Gharman:  Well, I say go for it,  Mom!
Sam:  Thank you.
The phone rings.  Sam picks it up.
Tatiana:  On the other end.  Sam, we have a solution for our Halloween problem.
Sam:  Tell me about it.
Tatiana:  Well...

The next day, October 31, Halloween, at Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  Well, don't you all look great. 
The older children, and Gavriil, are all dressed up.
Tatiana:  Victoria, is that an astronaut you're dressed as?
Victoria:  Yes, Mama, I'm Aunt Kole, going to Mars.
Kole:   Laughs.  I'm flattered.
Ivan K:  Well, we better head out.  The other guys and I will be chaperoning the children.
Maria:  See you all later.

The children have a wonderful time, trick-or-treating at their friends houses.  Later, a whole group of costumed children end up at Anichkov Palace, for more candies and fun...

Nicholas: Well, I'd say Halloween was a smashing success.
Alexandra:  Yes, Nicky, and I wonder...
Nicholas:  What?
Alexandra:  That perhaps we're seeing the start of Halloween here in Russia.
Nicholas:  Smiles.  Who knows?  Anything is possible...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Ivan S and Maria are out for a walk...

Ivan S: See how much the children enjoyed the Halloween party.
Maria: It was good to see them happy again. The palace was so lifeless when they were sick.
Ivan S: At least now theyíre immunized. They can't catch the measles again. 
Maria: Thank God, no. We had such a scare with our little Nicholas.
Ivan S: Look at him now, romping with his friends as if nothing happened.
They look at their son playing happily with his cousins and friends.
Maria: I loved little Victoriaís costume. Seems Kole inspired her a lot.
Ivan S: Itís understandable. What can be more fascinating than a voyage into space? Smiles. You should know, since you made the trip too.
Maria: Smiles back. Yes, I did. And youíre right, itís fascinating.
Ivan S: How did you feel when you were there, walking on the surface of Mars?
Maria: It was amazing. Really amazing.
Ivan S: Tell me more.
Maria: Well, first...

Olga and Dimitri C-Bís apartment...

Sam: Sees her kids are preparing to leave. So itís time?
Alaina: Yes it is. We have to go back to 2011.
Jaelyn: It was nice to finally meet your other family. We had a blast staying here in 1928.
Gharman: We will come back soon, Mom.
Jaelyn: With a mischievous smile. Gharman will be looking forward to it. 
Alaina: Yeah, obviously. They laugh while Gharman gets all red.
Carley: Whatís her name again? Ala... Ale...
Sam: Alisa. Itís Alisa.
Carley: Yeah, thatís it. 
Alaina: Gharman, Iím telling you, you will never hear the last of this.

Sam drops by Anichkov Palace, some hours later...

Anastasia: Where are your kids, Sam? Did they leave already? 
Sam: Yes, they did. They had to. However Iím expecting to see them again soon, perhaps the next weekend or the one after. Theyíll keep me informed.
Maria: Sam, Iím very glad you can enjoy your childrenís company again. This Amulet is a gift from Heaven.
Sam: I agree. Sometimes magic has its good points. Without it, I would be totally unable to keep in contact with my family.
Maria:  Well, there is the magic mail box.
Sam:  That's right.  Still, it's nice to actually see them.
Anastasia: The least we can say is that you are an unusual family. Not everyone can pride themselves on being able to visit their mother, who is living in a different time period.
Sam: Yes, that's true.
Maria: Sam, have you ever thought of asking your children to settle permanently here with you, in 1928?  That way, you would never be apart.
Sam: Thatís impossible. My children belong in 2011. They would have to drop the life they have there in order to come live here with me. That would be too much of a sacrifice. I can't ask them to do that. 
Maria: I understand.
Sam: By the way, there is something Iíd like to tell you about.
Anastasia: What is it?
Sam: Iím planning to go back to law school. Now that I have plenty of spare time, Iím thinking it would be good for me to do something with my life.
Maria: I agree. That is an excellent decision.
Anastasia: It will do you good, Sam. You always liked that stuff after all.
Sam: Thank you both. Listen, I have to go. I promised to Gavriil Iíll take him to McDonaldís this evening.

Later, at McDonaldís...

Sam: Gavriil, I have something to tell you. Explains about her idea of going back to law school.
Gavriil: Itís a pretty good idea, Mom. Actually I...
Sam: What is it?
Gavriil: I too have something to tell you. Iíd like to go to a real school like my pals do.
Sam: Gavriil, Iím very glad to hear that. However, are you sure youíre ready to do this?
Gavriil: Iím pretty sure.
Sam: What made you change your mind about school?
Gavriil: I realized I had no reason to be scared. You will never abandon me.
Sam: Thatís true. I would never do such a thing. 
Gavriil: Mom, the school where Alexander, Dimitri, and the others go looks cool. They made a lot of friends there. Iíd like to go there.
Sam: Then you will. Iíll make the necessary arrangements for your enrollment.

Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Tatiana, do you know where Nastya is?
Tatiana: She, Mashka, and the two Ivanís went into town for dinner.
Alexei: When they get back, thank Anastasia for me and tell her I followed her advice.
Tatiana: I will, but what advice are you talking about?
Alexei: She told me to make up with Olga.  That is, if I didnít want to be skinned alive. 
Tatiana: That, Alexei, was a good piece of advice.
Alexei: It was indeed. And so weíre all off the hook now.
Tatiana: Until next time. I have no intention of dropping that Mount Olga thing just yet.
Alexei: Me neither.
Both laugh.

Meanwhile, in 2011, at Ronen and Hadassahís house...
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Meanwhile, in 2011, at Ronen and Hadassahís house...

Gharman:  Wow, that was a rough landing.
Carley:  Yeah, it's like the Amulet conked out on us.
Gharman:  You're right.  I just tried to use it to go into the kitchen, and it's not working.
Ronen and Hadassah walk up.
Ronen:  Yes,  I'm afraid that's the case.
Alaina:  What do you mean, Grandpa?
Ronen:  I've been reading up on the Amulet Of Hogthor.  Apparently, it's power is not limitless.  If used too often, the power will be drained.
Jaelyn:  So, it's power is gone for good.
Hadassah:  No, it will recharge, but it will take time.
Ronen:  Two months, to be exact.
Gharman:  Two months?  That sucks.
Hadassah:  I'm sorry, but we didn't find out until after you had all left for 1928.
Ronen:  Of course, this means we're going to have to limit our use of the Amulet.
Carley:  What about Mom?
Hadassah:  We can use the Magic Mailbox to inform her.

Anichkov Palace, 1928...

Sam:  Looks like I won't be seeing my kids again anytime soon.
Maria:  What do you mean?
Sam:  This letter just came through the Magic Mailbox. Explains about the Amulet.  No one realized that the Amulet didn't have unlimited power.  I won't be able to see my kids again for two months.
Tatiana:  And Alexei and Kole won't be able to travel to 2071 until then.
Anastasia:  That sucks!
Sam:  Gharman said the same thing when my parents explained it to him and the others.
Olga:   We're so sorry, Sam.
Sam:  Thanks. 
Maria:  At least you have the Magic Mailbox, so you're not totally cut off.
Sam:  Yeah, it's better than nothing. 
Nicholas and Alexandra come in.
Nicholas:  Ah, Sam, there you are.  I've made a few calls to some law schools.  I found one that has an opening.  Gives Sam the address.  You can call them and set up an admittance interview.
Sam:  Thanks, Nicky, I appreciate it.
Alexandra:  Not at all.  After all you've done for us over the years, it's the least we can do to help.

Alexei and Kole's place...

Kole:  Well, I've put Marie down for her nap, and...  What is it, Alexei?
Alexei:  Looks like our plans to go see your family will have to be put on hold. Explains.
Kole:  So, that Amulet can be drained if used too much, like a battery.
Alexei:  So it would seem.  Just that no one knew about that, until Sam's parents looked it up.
Kole:  Well, I can wait, Alexei.  I have you and your wonderful family here, after all.
Alexei:  Thanks, Kole.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back in 1928, at Anichkov Palace...

Maria: Are you okay, Sam?
Sam: Trying to keep it together. Iím going out for a walk. I need to be alone for a moment.
Tatiana: Sam...
Tatiana: Okay. We'll be here if you need us.
Sam just nods and walks off.
Olga: It seems the news has hit her hard.
Maria: Can you blame her. She had found a way to see her children again.  Then, bang, it gets taken away. 
Tatiana: No wonder why she's taking it so hard.
Anastasia stays silent.
Olga: What is it, Imp?
Anastasia: Itís my fault. This is all my fault.
Maria: Why do you mean? How can you be responsible for this?
Anastasia: I used the Amulet way too much. Because of me, its powers are drained.
Tatiana: Nastya...
Anastasia: Sam wonít be able to see her kids again for months.  This is ALL MY FAULT!
Maria: Imp, listen...
Anastasia: NO, I DONíT WANT TO! Runs out of the room.

Meanwhile, in the living room of Anichkov...

Nicholas: Alix, I was thinking we could all go to Spala for the Christmas holidays. We havenít been there in ages.
Alexandra: Thatís a great idea, Nicky. Our children and grandchildren all love Spala.
Nicholas: What about you?
Alexandra: Well, there was a time I hated that place because of the bad memories it brought up.
Nicholas: When Alexei almost died from his hemophilia crisis in 1912.
Alexandra: Yes.
Nicholas: That was a long time ago, Alix. Alexei is now definitively cured from his illness.
Alexandra: I know.
Nicholas: Still, youíre haunted by ghosts of the past, arenít you.
Alexandra: No. Alexeiís accident is long behind us. Spala is now nothing to me but a vacation place. Iíd very pleased to spend Christmas there.
Nicholas: Good, cause I was also thinking we could celebrate Tatiana and her Dimitriís ten year wedding anniversary at the same time. 
Alexandra: Sounds like a plan. I...
At that moment they see Anastasia running by, clearly upset. She is followed by Tatiana.
Tatiana: Nastya, we need to talk.
Anastasia doesnít answer and rushes up the stairs.
Tatiana: Nastya, wait!
Alexandra: Tatiana, can you tell us what's wrong with...
Tatiana: Passes by and climbs the stairs. Anastasia, please, you can't avoid us forever.
Nicholas: What in the name of St. Petersburg is going on here!?
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At that point, Maria and Olga walk up...

Maria:  Well, Papa, it's like this.  Explains about the Amulet.
Nicholas:  I see.  However, it seems Anastasia is overreacting.
Alexandra: After all, no one knew that the Amulet had limited powers.  Not even Sam's family, and they know much more about magic than we do.  Anastasia has nothing to be sorry about.
Olga:  We know that, Mama, but she apparently doesn't.  Hopefully, Tatiana can get through to her.
Nicholas:  Where did Sam go?
Maria:  She was upset too, Papa.  She's gone out for a walk.  However, she's been gone longer than I thought she'd be.  Pauses.  Excuse me, I have a phone call to make.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Anastasia:  It's all my fault.
Tatiana:  Nastya...
Anastasia:  Because of me, Sam is once again cut off from her family.
Tatiana:  Nastya...
Anastasia:  If only I had...
Tatiana:  NASTYA!
Anastasia:  Huh?
Tatiana:  Are you done?  Are you ready to listen to reason now?
Anastasia:  Reason?  After what I did. 
Tatiana:  Nastya, you once accused Olga of having the habit of acting now and thinking later.  Well, guess what, Imp, right now you're doing the same.
Anastasia:  What do you mean?
Tatiana:  I mean that no one, not even Sam, knew that the Amulet didn't have unlimited powers.  Her family, who know a lot more about magic and such, than we do, only just found out.  If they didn't know, how were we expected to.
Anastasia:  Yes, but...
Tatiana: Let me finish.  Don't forget that you were not the only one who used that Amulet.  We all wanted to go to Mars, remember.  Besides, Sam's kids used to get back here.  Also, who knows how many times Lothos used it before Sam got it from him.  In short, Nastya, that Amulet had a LOT of use before you even got near it.
Anastasia:  I....  I....  I guess I'm being silly again, aren't I.
Olga:  In the door.  Yes, you are.
Anastasia:  And how long have you been standing there, Olga?
Olga:  I just got here.  She enters the room, followed by Nicholas, Alexandra, and lastly, Maria.
Alexandra:  Did you make that phone call, Maria?
Maria:  Yes, Mama, I did.
Tatiana:  Phone call?
Maria:  I'll explain later.
Nicholas:  So, Anastasia, do you still blame yourself?
Anastasia:  No, Papa, Tatiana explained it all to me.  That no one knew about the Amulet's limits.
Nicholas:  Exactly.  Now everyone does know.  Lesson learned.
Alexandra:  Anyway, your father and I were talking, and we're thinking of going to Spala for the holidays.
Maria:  I thought we only went there when one of us had issues.
Nicholas:  Yes, quite, however, it's time Spala became a place for holidays again.  What do you all think?
Anastasia:  We'll talk to our guys and get back to you on that.

Meanwhile, in the streets of St. Petersburg, a depressed Sam is standing outside of a bar...

Sam:  Well, maybe one drink won't hurt me.  She starts for the bar entrance, but is stopped by a hand strongly gripping her arm.  She looks and sees Kole.  Kole, what are you doing here?
Kole:  Stopping you from making a terrible mistake.
Sam:  How did you know I was here?
Kole:  Maria called and suggested that I should intercept you.  Turns out she was right.
Sam: Kole, I only want one drink and...
Kole:  And then you'll want another, and then another, and so on. Next think you know, you're an alcoholic again.  Not gonna happen.
Sam:  With respect, Kole, this is none of you damned business.  Now if you'll excuse me.  Tries to go into the bar, but Kole grabs her and pins her against the wall.  What the hell!?  Starts to get angry.
Kole:  Do you really want to mix it up with me, Sam?  Since you don't have your vampire strength anymore, I think I could take you!
Sam:  Now you listen to me...
Sam is stunned silent.
Kole:  I know how you must feel about this, Sam.  However, do you REALLY think that getting smashed out of your skull is the answer?  It isn't.  It will only mask the pain.  That is the trap of alcohol.  You've been in that trap before, Sam, do you want to be in it again?  And then there's Gavriil to think about.
Sam:  Gavriil...
Kole:  Yes.  If you become an alcoholic again, Sam, you can kiss Gavriil goodbye.  If the Adoption Agency found out you were drinking, I can guarantee that they can and WILL take him away from you.  Do you want that to happen?  You've given that little boy a home.  Do you want him to lose it?
Sam:  No...  No, I don't.
Kole:  Then I suggest you turn around and go home now.   Kole releases Sam and steps back.
Sam:  Okay.  Starts to leave.  Geez, Kole, when did you get so strong?
Kole:  Military training, remember.
Sam:  Oh yeah....

Soon, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  How did your errand go.
Kole:  Fine, I think I prevented a disaster.
Alexei:  Good.  Listen, while you were out, Papa called.  Explains about the Spala trip.
Kole:  Sounds good.
Alexei: Yeah.  I did have issues with Spala, due to what happened in 1912, but I've laid those ghosts to rest now.  I'll call Papa back and tell him we're in.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Maria: Sam, youíre back.
Sam: Yes. Thanks for calling Kole. She kept me from doing something very stupid.
Maria: I thought that might help.
Sam: You were right. I was about to make a terrible mistake.
Anastasia: Yet you didnít.
Sam: No, I didnít. Kole brought me to my senses.
Olga: You donít have to tell us what happened. This is between you and Kole.
Sam: No, I want to. Takes a deep breath. I was about to dive back into alcohol. I'm so sorry...   I was so lost...  Breaks into tears.
Nicholas: Itís okay, Sam. We understand.
Sam: I was so stupid. How could I think alcohol would help?  I could have lost Gavriil if I had started drinking again. Pauses. Iím sorry everyone, I donít feel well. Iím going to lay down.
Tatiana: Do you want me to examine you?
Sam: No, Iím fine, Governess. I just need to rest, that's all.

Later, Gavriil comes to see Sam...

Gavriil: Mom, I heard about the Amulet. Iím so sorry for you. Are you okay?
Sam: Iím okay. I just need time to adjust.
Gavriil: Okay. Iím here if you need me.
Sam: Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

With Olga and her Dimitri...

Dimitri C-B: Dive back into alcohol?
Olga: Yes. Thatís what she told us. 
Dimitri C-B: Itís a good thing Kole was there to stop her.
Olga: You can say that again. Poor Sam, she is really depressed by this news.  I wish I could do something to help her.
Dimitri C-B: Why not invite her for dinner at our apartment? It will take her mind off things.
Olga: When she gets back, Iíll ask her.
Dimitri C-B: I heard something about going to Spala for the holidays. Is that true?
Olga: Yes. I forgot to tell you. Papa wants to know if we all want to go there.
Dimitri C-B: Speaking just for me, the answer is yes. I like Spala.

Later in the day...

Anastasia: We spoke to the guys. They all agreed to go to Spala for Christmas.
Nicholas: Thatís excellent. Alexei and Kole said yes too.
Olga: And so did Sam.
Alexandra: Where's Tatiana?
Maria: Upstairs. She's checking on her twins.
Alexandra: Good. So Nicky, you can tell them about your plan. 
Olga: What plan?
Nicholas: We will celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of Tatiana and her Dimitri in Spala. Explains.
Maria: So it'll be at the same time as Christmas.
Alexandra: Yes. We will need your help to set everything up. 
Maria: Of course, you can count on us.
Anastasia: Boy, this is gonna be fun. I love parties.

Sam drops by Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Sam: I canít stay long, Olga and her Dimitri are expecting me for dinner. I just came to thank you, Kole...
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Sam drops by Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Sam: I canít stay long, Olga and her Dimitri are expecting me for dinner. I just came to thank you, Kole.
Kole:  You're welcome, Sam.  I'm sorry I had to get rough with you out there.
Sam:  No problem.  I couple of bruises are worth being prevented from making the worst mistake of my life.
Alexei:  Where's Gavriil?  Didn't you bring him?
Sam:   I did.  He's already at Olga and Dimitri's.  He wanted to check up on Alexander and Elizabeth.
Alexei:  To see how they were feeling.
Sam:  Yeah.
Kole:  I just hope there is no hard feelings between us, Sam.
Sam:  Not a one.  Looks at her watch.  I gotta go.  Leaves.
Alexei:  Kole, I'm sure Sam would not be mad at you.
Kole:  I know.  However, I had to be sure.  I did get a little rough with her.  For a moment, I was sure we'd get into a fist fight.
Alexei:  That didn't happen.
Kole:  I know, and I'm glad.  Anyway, let's have our own dinner.
Alexei:  Sounds good.  At least, now that we're on Earth, we can eat solid food.  That powered stuff we had in the shuttle...  Yuck!
Kole:  I know.  However, until they get around to inventing artificial gravity, like the have on Star Trek and other such shows and movies, we astronauts are going to have to cope with it.
Alexei:  It was well worth it, Kole.  We got to see Mars, after all.
Kole:  Looks at the rock Alexei had given her for her birthday.  Yes, we sure did. 

Anichkov Palace...

Tatiana:  Dimitri.
Dimitri M:  Yes?
Tatiana:  Did you hear, we're going to Spala.
Dimitri M:  Oh no, don't tell me someone here is having another emotional crisis.
Tatiana: Laughs.  No, silly, we're going for the Christmas holidays.
Dimitri M:  Oh, that's okay.   
Anastasia and Maria walk up.
Maria:  What are you two talking about?
Tatiana:  Our upcoming trip to Spala.  Dimitri thought someone here was having an emotional crisis.
Dimiti M:  Well, you can't blame me.  It seems that every time someone here had a crisis, that was where they'd go.
Anastasia:  That's true.  I took off there, with my Ivan, when I first found out I was diabetic.
Tatiana:  And could have died.
Anastasia:  Yeah, yeah, lesson learned, Dr. Governess.
Maria:  Well, hopefully, this time, we'll have a nice peaceful trip, with no emergencies. 
Tatiana:  Amen.

Olga and Dimitri C-B's apartment...

Sam:  Thank you for having us.
Olga:  No problem, Sam.  We're just glad Kole stopped you from making a terrible mistake.
Sam:  Tell me about it.  Every time I started drinking, bad things would happen.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, that won't happen now.
Sam:  I know.  Turns to Gavriil.  So, how are you enjoying your meal...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Sam: Turns to Gavriil. So how are you enjoying your meal?
Gavriil: Itís delicious.
Dimitri C-B: Of course it is. My wife cooked it.
Olga: Oh Dimitri.
Sam: Youíre making her blush. Everyone looks at Olga, who is all red.
Olga: Purposely changes the conversation. So Gavriil, Alexander and Elizabeth told me that you've enrolled in their school.
Gavriil: Yes. Mom went to speak with the school director and everything is settled. Iíll start next week.
Elizabeth: Thatís really cool.
Alexander: Youíll see, our school is great. 
Gavriil: Iím sure. I canít wait to get there.

After dinner...

Sam: The meal was excellent. Youíve become quite a chef, Olga.
Olga: Aw, thank you, Sam, but it was nothing really.
Sam: Well, Gavriil, itís time for us to leave.
Both say goodbye.
Olga: Hugs Sam. Will you be okay?
Sam: Smiles. Yes. Donít worry about me.
Dimitri C-B: Come back whenever you want.
Sam: Thank you both for your support.

The next day, at Anichkov Palace...

Sam: I have a crazy damn idea, Gavriil.
Gavriil: Crazy? That sounds good. Whatís your plan?
Sam: I really feel the need to hit the road for a couple of days. Just you and I. 
Gavriil: Where will we go?
Sam: I donít know. Anywhere our fancy takes us. 
Gavriil: Thatís a hell of an idea, Mom. Iím totally in on it. When will we set off?
Sam: Now.
Gavriil: You mean NOW!?
Sam: Laughs. Yes.
Gavriil: Laughs too. Youíre really crazy. Iíll go pack a few things for our trip. Begins to walk off, and then turns to Sam. You know what?
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: I love you, Mom.
Sam just smiles happily at him.

And so, Sam writes a letter to OTMA, their husbands, Nicholas and Alexandra, Alexei and Kole:

My dear family:

After what happened, I need to go away for a while to take the time to reflect on my life. Iím taking Gavriil with me. 
Please donít try to stop me. This break is important to me. Weíll be back in a few days.

Sincerely yours 


On the road...

Sam: Driving. Enjoying our trip, arenít you, Gavriil?
Gavriil: Definitely. We should do this more often.
Sam: I wonder how they reacted to my letter, back at Anichkov. I hope they understand why Iím doing this.
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Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Stop her?  How can we do that?
Tatiana:  I think she meant trying to call and talk her into coming back.
Anastasia:  Well, if she and Gavriil want a few days alone, I can't blame them.
Alexandra:  At least they haven't left the planet.
Olga:  You still upset about that, Mama.
Alexandra:  Yes, I am.  Oh, I'm glad Alexei and Kole had a great trip, but what if something had gone wrong.
Nicholas:  Alix...
Alexandra:  Don't, "Alix" me, Nicky.  I can't help the way I feel.  That's our son, after all.
Tatiana:  Mama, he's a grown man, and he's not ill anymore.
Alexandra:  That is entirely beside the point. 
Nicholas:  Then what is the point.
Alexandra:  If Kole wants to go get herself killed, that's fine.  However, she has NO right to take our son along with her.
Olga:  Get herself killed!?  Mama, you're overreacting again.
Alexandra:  You may think that, but I don't.  In fact, I'm going to have a word with Kole right now about this.
Anastasia:  Mama...
Alexandra:  My mind is made up!  Heads out.
Maria:  We better call Alexei and Kole and give them a heads up.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  What the heck brought all this on?
Alexei:  Seems Mama was never too thrilled about us going to Mars.  Seems she kept her feelings bottled up, until now.
A knock is heard.
Kole:  We better let her in.  Does so.  Hello Alexandra, I understand you have some words for us.
Alexandra:  Yes, Kole, I do.  What were you thinking, taking Alexei to Mars like that. 
Alexei:  Hey, Mama, it's not like she kidnapped me.  I went with her of my own free will.
Alexandra:  Still, it was Kole's idea.  She piloted the shuttle.  You would never have gotten there without her.
Kole:  Getting angry.  Now hold on, Alix.  In case you've forgotten, I AM a trained astronaut.    I was fully capable of handling any situation that arose.
Alexandra:  Yes, you're trained, but Alexei isn't.  He's still my baby.
Alexei:  Baby!?  Mama, I'm 24 years old!  I'm not that sick little boy anymore.
Alexandra:  You'll always be my baby.
Kole:  Look, Alix, I don't know why you're getting all steamed up over this.  Everything went well.  I don't understand what brought this on.
Alexandra:  Of course you wouldn't understand.  You're not...  Breaks off.
Kole:  Really angry.  I'm not what?  I'm not family, is that what you're saying?  I married your son, bore you a granddaughter, I'm pregnant with our second child, yet I still don't measure up!?
Alexandra:  Kole, I...
Kole:  Excuse me, I think I need some air! Storms out.
Alexei:  Nice going, Mama.

Later, at a St. Petersburg bar, Kole is drinking a Pepsi, when Maria finds her...

Maria:  Kole, you're not...
Kole:  No, relax, it's just a Pepsi.
Maria:  That's good to know.
Kole:  I guess Alexei called and told you what happened.
Maria:  He did.  He's very upset about this.
Kole:  As he should be.  How could your mother think I would deliberately put his life in danger.  If I thought the trip would be dangerous, I never would have suggested it.
Maria:  I know.  However, Mama was just overeating.
Kole:  It was more than that, Maria.  She implied that I wasn't family.
Maria:  Did she?
Kole:  Yes.  Can you imagine how that feels. 
Alexei arrives.
Alexei:  Mama has left.  You can come home now, Kole.
Kole:  Where's Marie?
Alexei:  Olga and her Dimitri are watching her.  Everyone is very upset over this.
Kole:  Yeah, well....
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  That trip to Spala we're planning.  Count me out.
Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  I'm sorry, Alexei, but I refuse to go anywhere near that woman again.  She doesn't consider me family, the hell with her.
Maria:  Wait...
Kole:  Sorry, but my mind is made up.   Finishes her Pepsi.  I'm heading home now. Leaves.
Alexei:  Great.  Now what?
Maria:  I don't know, Alexei, but we better find a way to fix this.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Alexandra: Nicky...
Nicholas: Yes, I heard what happened.
Alexandra: I...  Iím so sorry...  I never wanted to say that to Kole. I was mad at her because of that trip to Mars and got carried away.
Nicholas: I know.
Alexandra: I really screwed it up, Nicky.  Kole hates me now. Alexei probably does too.
Nicholas: Alix, listen...
Alexandra: Why on Earth did I say such a thing?
Nicholas: Alix...
Alexandra: If I could take back what I said...
Nicholas: ALIX!
Alexandra: What?!
Nicholas: Look, whatís done is done. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should call Kole and try to fix things.
Alexandra: Okay. Here goes nothing. Makes the call.  Hello, Kole, itís me Ali....  No wait...
Nicholas: What?
Alexandra: She hung up on me.
Nicholas: Sighs. I guess we will just have to figure out something else.
Alexandra: Nicky, forget it. Itís useless. I told you she hated me.


Anastasia: She really said that? Ah man, thatís not good.
Maria: I donít think Mama meant that. She was angry. People talk a lot of rubbish when they get angry.
Tatiana: Still, poor Kole. Sheís very upset about this.
Olga: I can imagine. Mama told her she was not part of the family.
Dimitri M: To Tatiana. See? We spoke about Spala and guess what happened. Another big crisis!  
Ivan K: Yes, what a coincidence.
Tatiana: Spala has nothing to do with it. Kole didnít run away and go there.
Ivan S: Iím surprised she didnít. Spala is the Romanov Retreat for Problems.
Olga: Itís good she didnít. It would have been difficult to reconcile Mama and Kole, with one in Russia and the other in Poland.
Tatiana: Smiles. Reminds me of a certain fight we two had some years ago.
Olga: Oh yes, I remember. Sam switched our bodies.  
Maria: And finally you and Tatiana mended fences with each other.
Anastasia: So Mama and Kole will do so too.
Tatiana: I certainly hope so.

Back with Sam and Gavriil...

Gavriil: Say, Mom, Iím hungry. Can we stop somewhere and have a snack?
Sam: Thereís a restaurant right here. Letís stop. Parks her car.
Gavriil: I hope they have American food.  
Sam: I donít know. Itís not a McDonaldís, Gavriil. Her mobile beeps.  Sam takes the call.
Gavriil: Who is it?
Sam: Itís Anastasia. She said she hopes our trip is going well and also...
Gavriil: Yes?
Sam: Apparently there was a big fight between Alix and Kole.
Gavriil: Ouch! Weíre lucky to have missed that.  
Sam: Yes, we left just in time. Iím gonna call Kole to check if sheís okay. Does so.  
Gavriil: Well?
Sam: Sheís VERY angry at Alix. Iím afraid there will be other fights in the near future.
Gavriil: Uh oh.  Thank the Lord weíre out of the fire line here.

In a car, near Alexei and Koleís building...

Alexandra: No, itís NOT a good idea.
Nicholas: Give it a try. It might work.
Alexandra: I told you a thousand times, KOLE HATES ME.
Nicholas: No need to shout, I heard you perfectly. Still I think you should do it.
Alexandra: Iím not sure...
Nicholas: Just try, okay.
Alexandra: Very well.

Alexei and Koleís apartment...

A knock is heard on the door. Alexei opens it and sees Alexandra.
Alexei: Why are you doing here, Mama? Donít you think youíve done enough damage?
Alexandra: I just want to see Kole. Is she here?
Alexei: She doesnít want to talk to you. And neither do I.  
Alexandra: Alexei, please. Just hear me...
Alexei: NO! Slams the door in his mother's face.

And so...

Nicholas: How did it go?
Alexandra: Donít ask...
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Nicholas: How did it go?
Alexandra: Donít ask...
Nicholas:  Alix...
Alexandra:  Can we just go home now, please?
Nicholas:  Sighs.  Very well.  Starts the car and they drive away.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Alexei just called. Explains.
Anastasia:  Oh dear, looks like Kole and Mama are nowhere near to making up.
Olga:  I wish...
Tatiana:  Yes, Olga?
Olga:  I wish Sam could help them, like she helped us.  That body switch did us both good.
Tatiana:  I know.  However, since Sam no longer has her powers, that's not an option.   They're going to have to find another way.
Maria:  Well, they better do it soon.  Kole is still adamant that she's not coming to Spala with us.
Anastasia:  That would really suck.  This is supposed to be family trip, and Kole IS part of our family.
Ivan K:   We know that.  The problem is, does your mother know that?
Ivan S:  That's the whole problem.
Olga: I think Mama accepts Kole as part of the family, she just spoke without thinking.
Anastasia:  Why does that sound so familiar?
Olga:  Keep it up, Nastya, just keep it up.
Anastasia:  Hey, I try.
Tatiana:  Ahem!  Back to the problem at hand.
Maria:  Well, we could lock Kole and Mama in the same room, and keep them there until they sort it out.  That's worked, when we've had fights in the past.
Tatiana:  That just might work.  Listen...

Later, at the St. Petersburg airfield, Kole is in her shuttle, when Alexei finds her...

Alexei:  Thinking of flying off to Mars again?
Kole:  Hah!  Your mother just might like that if I did.
Alexei:  Well, if you do, I'll go with you.
Kole:  And we'll take Marie.  We'll build our own house on Mars, prime real estate.
Both laugh.
Alexei:  Listen, I got a call from Anichkov.  They want us both there now.
Kole:  Will SHE be there?
Alexei:  No, she won't.  At least that is what Tatiana told me.
Kole:   Very well.  We'll pick up Marie and head over. 

Anichkov Palace, a while later...

Alexei:  We're here.  What is it?
Maria:  Kole, can I talk to you alone in the study.
Kole:  Sure.  The two of them head to the study.  To Kole's surprise, Alexandra is there.  Before she can react, Maria shoves Kole in the room, then closes and locks the door.  Maria!  What is this?
Maria:  Outside the door.  Sorry, Kole, but it's the only way.  You two have to sort this out.


Alexei:  You all lied to me.  Mama is here.
Tatiana:  Yes, and she and Kole are going to stay in that study until they make up.
Alexei:  The hell with that.  I'm getting my wife and we're outta here!
Nicholas:  Walks up.  Alexei, please, give this a chance.  Your mother feels horrible about what happened.  Give this a chance, that's all we ask.
Alexei:  Reluctantly. Very well, but I'm doing this under protest.

In the study...

Alexandra:  Kole...
Kole:  I have nothing to say to you, Alix.  I think you know why.
Alexandra:  Then you can at least listen to me.  Kole, I was wrong.  You are part of our family.  I just spoke out of turn.
Kole:  Yes, and you made me feel two inches tall.  Did you really think I was endangering Alexei's life by taking him to Mars?
Alexandra:  I was worried, Kole.
Kole:  Well, you shouldn't have been.  As I said, I would never have done it if it were too dangerous.  This is what I do, Alix.  I've made many flights into space.  Alexei was perfectly safe.
Alexandra:  Yes, but...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexandra:  You have to realize what I went through raising him, Kole.  Every time he stubbed his toe, I worried.  You already know what happened at Spala in 1912.
Kole:  Yes, he almost died.
Alexandra:  Well, imagine having that worry for years.  Worrying that one day, he might fall down and bleed to death because no one got to him fast enough.  That is what I lived with for twenty-one years.  Yes, Sam finally cured him, but she couldn't cure me.
Kole:  Cure you?
Alexandra:  Of my bad habit of worrying about him.  Then you two take off to Mars, millions of miles away.  Alexei has never been so far away from me before.  I guess I just...  snapped.
Kole:  Alix...
Alexnadra:  Kole, can you please forgive a stupid old woman who doesn't know when to keep her big mouth shut?
Kole:  Thinks for a moment. Yes, Alix, I think I understand now.  I can forgive you.
Alexandra: Oh thank you.  The two of them hug.
The door opens and the others come in.
Maria:  This is good news.
Alexandra:  Alexei, can you forgive me too?
Alexei: Of course, Mama.  Goes over and hugs his mother.
Anastasia:  This is great.  I'm gonna call Sam and give her the good news...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

On the phone...

Sam: Iím glad the two of them made peace. I was worried there would be other catfights coming. I guess you must be relieved that wonít happen now.
Anastasia: Voice. Yes, we all are. It was feeling like the Arctic here at Anichkov. 
Sam: I can imagine. Weíve been through this before. A lot of times. Anastasia laughs. What is it?
Anastasia: Oh just remembering all those fights me and my sisters had. Darn, we were just so stupid.
Sam: Thatís the point of the fights. Most of the time they're about the silliest things.
Anastasia: Itís true. Well, Sam, Iím going to get going now. Olga is waiting for us. We are going to have a sisterly dinner at her apartment. 
Sam: I see, an OTMA dinner. What about the guys?
Anastasia: They will dine at Anichkov. And Alexei, Kole, Mama, and Papa will have their own private dinner at Jacqueís Bistro.
Sam: Have a good time then. 
Anastasia: Thank you. And what about you and Gavriil?
Sam: Weíre going to hit the road again, in search of a hotel. And then we will have our own little dinner for two.

And so, at the restaurant in the hotel...

Gavriil : That was quick.
Sam: What?
Gavriil: Kole and Alix making up. That was quick. You told me that fights at Anichkov could sometimes go on for weeks.
Sam: It could. One time Olga and Anastasia argued about, well, I donít remember what. The fact remains that Olga tried to apologize over and over again, but Nastya wouldnít listen.
Gavriil: Like Kole did.
Sam: Yes. Except that this situation lasted for days. We all tried to reason with Anastasia, but she was just so stubborn.
Gavriil: And how did it end?
Sam: I locked Olga and Nastya in a room to force them to talk it over.
Gavriil: I see. Like Maria did for Kole and Alix. Sounds like a really good plan. It worked every time.
Sam: Anyway, where do you like to go tomorrow?
Gavriil: I donít know. What about Spala.
Sam: You want to go there?
Gavriil: Yes. Iím kind of interested in it. The Romanov Retreat for Problems.
Sam: Well, why not. However itís quite far from here.  It will take several hours to get there.
Gavriil: Itís okay. I donít mind.

Olga and Dimitriís apartment...

Anastasia: Itís so nice to have a moment like this. It feels like old times.
Olga: I admit I've  missed it. It's been a while since we spent some time together, just the four of us.
Tatiana: Well, if you had not moved out...
Olga: Tanya, donít you start again.
Tatiana: Iím sorry but itís true. If you had stayed at Anichkov, we...
Olga: Tatiana, cut it out. Iím happyly living here in this apartment. I am not going back to the palace. Deal with that.
Maria: Okay, now both of you stop it! I didnít come here to witness a BP fight.
Tatiana: This is Olgaís fault. Sheís just so damn selfish.
Olga: WHAT!?
Anastasia: Mutters to Maria. Oh no. Here we go again. Another BP catfight. 
Maria: Oh God, we will never have peace. 
Olga: SHUT UP!
Tatiana: NO, YOU SHUT UP!
They both look like theyíre about to come to blows.
Maria: Uh oh, this is not good.
Anastasia: God help us, we have two volcanoes that are  threatening to erupt in the room.

Anichkov Palace...

Ivan K: I wonder how things are going with our wives.
Dimitri M: Oh Iím sure theyíre having a great time. It does them good to have some sisterly moments.
Ivan S: Yes, they need that. This year has been hectic. They deserved a ladies night out.
Dimitri C-B: Besides, itís also good for us to be just guys.
Ivan S: I agree. But no booze-up, eh?
Dimitri M: Donít worry, we learned our lesson. 
Dimitri C-B: Yeah. Last time we came within a hairís breadth of being caught by our wives. We donít want that to happen again.

Meanwhile, the fight between Olga and Tatiana continues...
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Meanwhile, the fight between Olga and Tatiana continues...

Tatiana:  YOU ARE SELFISH... Olga slaps her across the face.
Tatiana:  Shoves Olga.  BITCH!
Olga:  Shoves Tatiana back.  SKANK!
Maria:  Hey now, you two...
Olga:  To Tatiana.  GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!
Tatiana:  WITH PLEASURE!  Storms, out, slamming the door behind her.
Anastasia:  Well, our sister night certainly didn't turn out as well as we had hoped.

Jacqueís Bistro...

Alexandra:  Isn't this wonderful.
Nicholas: It sure is.
Kole:  I'm glad we made up, Alix.
Alexandra:  Me too, Kole.
Alexei:  Yeah, I was in an awful position.  Caught between my wife and my mother, not a nice place to me.
Nicholas:  I know the feeling.   As you all know, my own mother gave me a hard time about Alix.
Alexandra:  Oh, that was so long ago.  However, I understand how it must have felt.    I'm so glad Marie and I made up in the end.
Kole:  Speaking of people named Marie, how is our little one.
Alexei:  I'll check.  Calls Anichkov and gets a report.  She's fine, Kole.
Kole:  It was nice of the guys to watch the children while we had our dinner here and your sisters had their get together.
Alexei:  Yes, and...  Breaks off as Anastasia and Maria enter the restaurant.  What are they doing here?
Kole:  They don't look happy.
The Little Pair arrive at the table.
Nicholas:  What's wrong.
Maria:  Mama, Papa, we have a BIG problem...

Anichkov Palace, the guys are watching the children, when an angry Tatiana arrives home...

Dimitri M:  Tatiana?  What's going on?
Tatiana:  I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!  Storms up the stairs.
Dimitri M:  What the heck was that all about!?
Dimitri C-B: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Ivan K:  Yeah, Tatiana looked pretty mad.
Ivan S:  You don't think...
Dimitri M:  I don't know, but I'm going to find out.  Wish me luck.  Starts up the stairs...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Dimitri M finds his wife in their room, pacing...

Dimitri M: Tatiana, whatís wrong? What on Earth happened?
Tatiana: Fills him in. I canít believe Olga is so selfish. I really tried to accept the fact that she had moved out. I really did.
Dimitri M: I know.
Tatiana: However, is it a crime that I missed the times when the Big Pair stuck together.  Of course, that was before Olga decided to move into that stupid apartment.
Dimitri M: Not itís not. Itís a natural reaction.
Tatiana: I knew that her moving out wasnít a good idea. She doesnít care anymore about the Big Pair anymore, she doesnít care about me.  I knew this would happen.
Dimitri M: Tatiana...
Tatiana: You know what she did? She threw me out.  Can you believe that!? After all that weíve been through together, she threw me out!
Dimitri M: Your sister was just angry. You should go and see her and talk this over. Tell her that youíre sorry.
Dimitri M: Tatiana...

Soon, Dimitri M goes back downstairs...

Ivan S: So?
Dimitri M: Dude, the Big Pair did it again. Another fight, I mean.
Dimitri C-B: Oh no.  We've just settled the one between Alix and Kole.
Ivan K: Unbelievable.
Ivan S: What did your wives argue about?
Dimitri M explains.
Dimitri C-B: Oh great. So what do we do this time? Surely we canít lock them in a room together.
Ivan K: Yes, they wonít fall into that trap, like Kole and Alix did. We need to find another way. Any suggestions?
Dimitri M: Shakes his head. No sorry.
Ivan S: Ditto. Iím running out of ideas here.
Dimitri C-B: Same for me. I donít know what to do.
Ivan S: Well, Dimitri, the best you can do right now is to go home check on your wife.
Dimitri C-B: Well, okay.  I will do that. See you all later.

Soon after, at Olga and Dimitriís apartment. Anastasia and Maria are also there, having returned from the restaurant...

Dimitri C-B: Olga, the other Dimitri told me what happened with Tatiana. I think you should try to...  Well, maybe apologize.  To smooth things over.
Maria: Well, you threw her.
Anastasia: Yeah, but in a way, you pushed her buttons.
Olga: Thatís not true, sheís the one who started this.
Dimitri C-B: Whatever. I...
Olga: Dimitri, Iím your wife, you have to side with me.
Dimitri C-B: Uh you know, I prefer not to take sides.
Olga: Dimitri!
Maria: Sorry Olga, but we all think your reaction is a bit excessive here. Okay, Tatiana overreacted too, but she was upset about...
Olga: Tatiana this, Tatiana that. Are you all trying to defend HER?
Anastasia: No, not at all. Weíre just...
Olga: Youíre gotta be kidding me.  She manipulated all of you.
Dimitri C-B: No, Olga, listen ...
Olga storms out. The others follow her.
Maria: Where do you think youíre going?
Olga: Iím going to give HER a piece of my mind.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei: So, the Big Pair are fighting again.  Great.  
Kole:  Yeah, and this time Sam can't pull that Freaky Friday thing on them, since she has no powers anymore.
Alexei:  Still, I can see why this happened.  The BP have been together their whole lives, and now that's not the case anymore.
Kole:  I think Tatiana is overreacting.  It's not like Olga moved miles away, after all.
Alexei:  Perhaps they both need to chill.  
Kole:  Well, I just hope they sort this out.  In the meantime, want to watch a DVD?
Alexei:  Sure, why not.  I'm glad Sam asked her family to send us some, via the Magic Mail box, while we were on Mars.
Kole:  Yeah, I must thank her again when she gets back. Looks at the DVD collection .  How about Charmed?  I always liked that show.
Alexei:  The one with the three witches?  Sure, why not.
Kole:  Truth be told, Alexei, I was always partial to the Rex and Hannah characters.
Alexei:  Who are they?
Kole:  Well....  A knock is heard.  Kole answers the door and finds Anastasia and Maria there.  What's going on?
Maria:  Olga is on her way to Anichkov.
Anastasia:  She wants to give Olga "a piece of her mind".
Alexei:  Sighs.  Okay, we'll be right there.

Anichkov Palace, Olga storms in...

Tatiana:  What do YOU want?
Olga:  Don't play coy with me, you know what I want.  Nice going, turning the others against me.
Tatiana:  What on Earth are you talking about?
Olga:  I mean how they take your side, even though I was in the right.
Tatiana:  In the right?  Are you kidding!?
Olga:  I've told you over and over and over that the BP were not finished when I moved out, but you can't seem to get it through you're stupid head!
At that point, the others arrive.
Maria:  Oh great, they're at it again.
Anastasia:  The Dueling Duchesses rise again.
Kole:  That's it.  This has simply got to stop!  Kole walks up to the BP, grabs them both and drags them towards the study.
Tatiana:  Kole, what the heck...
Olga:  Let go of...
Tatiana:  You can't...
Kole:  I SAID SHUT UP!  Drags them to the study and shoves both of them inside.  YOU TWO ARE GOING TO STAY IN HERE UNTIL YOU SORT THIS OUT!  I DON'T CARE IF IT TAKES A YEAR, BUT YOU TWO ARE GOING TO GROW THE HELL UP!  Closes and locks the doors.
Olga and Tatiana are stunned silent.

Outside the study...

Kole:  Don't let them out until they sort this out.
Alexei:  Wow, Kole, you went all military again.
Kole:  I know, but sometimes tough love is called for.
Maria:  Kole...
Kole:  Sorry for yelling like that, but you lot are the only family I have in this time.  I hate to see you all being torn apart like this.
Anastasia:  Yeah, it does suck.  The BP are usually so close.
Kole:  Exactly, they...  Begins to sway.
Alexei:  Kole, are you okay?
Kole:  Just a slight dizzy spell.  I shouldn't stress out when I'm pregnant, I suppose.  I need to lie down for a while.
Maria:  You can use my bed, Kole.
Kole:  Thanks.

In the study...

Olga:  Well...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

In the study...

Olga: Well, if you think Tatiana and I will reconcile, you're barking up the wrong tree.
Tatiana: Yeah, you're dead wrong. I will never apologize to Olga.
Olga: And neither will I to Tatiana.
Tatiana: At least we agree on something.
Maria: Listen up you two, we won't open the door until you resolve your dispute, understand?
Olga: In that case you will wait hours. Tatiana and I have no intention to...
Anastasia: Very well. We're not in a hurry.
Tatiana: You can't leave us here, it's getting dark.
Maria: Oh we can. You will stay here all night, if necessary, since you two don't want to talk this over.
Olga: Maria, don't be silly.  Open the door now.
Maria: You can keep on dreaming.
Tatiana: Maria Nikolaevna, you open the door this instant!
Maria: Not gonna happen.
Olga/Tatiana: MARIA!
Anastasia: See you tomorrow, you two. Maria and I are heading off to bed now.
Tatiana: What? You can't. Maria and Anastasia walk off. Hey wait, come back here, you two! NASTYA! MASHKA!
Olga: I'm so going to kill them. How the hell can we get out of this room? Tries to break the door down. Ow, that hurts.
Tatiana: Let me try. Does so. OWWW! My shoulder! 
Olga: Well, the door won't open. Guess we have to find another way out.
Tatiana: Like what?
Olga: The windows perhaps.
Tatiana: Looks out the window. No, it's way too high. I don't want to break my neck.
Olga's phone rings. She picks it up and sees it's her Dimitri calling.
Olga: Yes, Dimitri ?
Dimitri C-B: Olga, I've been worried sick. Did you see what time it is? Why are you not home?
Olga: Long story. 
Dimitri C-B: Well, whatever it is, I hope it has nothing to do with Tatiana.
Olga: Um... Well, more or less.
Dimitri C-B: Olga, I'm fed up with this. Come back home now.
Olga: I can't.
Dimitri C-B: Why?
Olga: Kole locked us in the study.
Dimitri C-B: She did? 
Olga: Yes. Can you come and set us free?
Dimitri C-B: I'll be here in a minute. I love you.
Olga: Love you too. Hangs up.
Tatiana: Is he coming to our rescue?
Olga: Yes. He'll be here very soon.

With Maria and Anastasia...

Maria: I'm going to check on Kole.
Anastasia: I'll come with you. 
They enter in Maria's room.
Anastasia: She's asleep. The poor woman must be exhausted.
Maria: Yes, I noticed she was feeling under the weather these last days. Being pregnant can have that effect.
Anastasia: We'd better let her rest.
They go back into the hallway.
Maria: Hey, do you hear that noise?   Goes to a window.  A car is parking in front of Anichkov.
Anastasia: That must be Olga's Dimitri.
Maria: Nastya, did you call  him about Olga and Tatiana?
Anastasia: Er,  Mashka, I think I forgot. 
Maria: Nastya, I told you to inform the Dimitri's.
Anastasia: Well, I told Tatiana's one. He wasn't very thrilled about it, but he agreed. However I forgot all about Olga's Dimitri. Sorry.
Maria: Never mind. Now let's stop him before he opens the door of the study or he will screw up everything.

At the front door, Dimitri C-B enters, looking very angry...

Anastasia: Where are the children?
Dimitri C-B: They're waiting in the car.
Maria: Dimitri, I know why you're here. I can explain.
Dimitri C-B: No need to. Olga told me everything. How could you all agree to let Kole do this?
Anastasia: It was necessary.
Dimitri C-B: No, it wasn't. Definitely not. 
Maria: I think you should listen...
Dimitri C-B: Tell me where my wife is. That's all I want to hear.
Anastasia: Dimitri, unless Olga and Tatiana make up, they won't be leaving this palace. 
Maria: That method has worked in the past. Look at Kole and Mama.
Dimitri C-B: This time it's different. It's dark. You can't lock two people in a room all night just because you want them to settle their disagreement. I won't let you do that to Olga.
Anastasia: Dimitri, you're going to ruin everything.
Dimitri C-B: I don't care. WHERE IS MY WIFE? WHERE IS OLGA?
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At that point, a sleepy Kole arrives on the scene...

Kole:  What the hell is all the yelling about?
Dimitri C-B:  To Kole. So I have you to thank for this!?
Kole:  Still half asleep.  What?
Dimitri C-B:  I mean you locking Olga in the study.
Kole:  Oh, yes, I did do that.
Dimitri C-B:  Well, I'm undoing it.  Heads for the study, with the others following behind.
Anastasia:  Wait, you'll ruin everything.
Maria:  Yes, they have to stay in there.
Alexei:  It's for their own good.
Dimitri C-B:  Sorry, not happening.
Kole:  Positions herself in front of the study door.  Sorry, Dimitri, but they have to stay in there until they sort this out.  It worked for Alix and me, don't forget.
Dimitri C-B:  That was a different situation. 
Kole:  How so?
Dimitri C-B:  Dammit, that's my wife in there, or did you leave your brain on Mars?
Alexei:  Hey, you can't talk to Kole like that!
Dimitri C-B:  Well, then tell her to step aside.
Kole:  That's not going to happen!
Dimitri C-B: Very well.  You leave me no choice.
Dimitri C-B grabs Kole by the shoulders and tries to push her aside.  Suddenly, Kole explodes in a flurry of punches and kicks.  Before everyone knows what has happened, Dimitri C-B is lying on the floor and Kole is standing over him, shaking with rage.
Maria:  Holy cow, Dimitri is out cold. 
Anastasia:  What brought that on.
Alexei:  I don't know, but I'm going to find out. Heads off after Kole.
Maria:  Well, I didn't see this coming.  Should we let Tatiana out, so she can take a look at Dimitri.
Anatasia:  I'm not sure.

Alexei finds Kole standing on the balcony...

Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  How is Dimitri?
Alexei:  He's knocked out.  What happened, Kole.  I've never seen you act like that before.
Kole:  Well, I guess I should tell you.  When I was in the Air Force Academy, I went to a bar one night to relax.  A male cadet, who clearly had too much to drink, started hitting on me.  I told him that I wasn't interested, but he didn't get the message.
Alexei:  What happened?
Kole:  He tried to have his way with me, if you know what I mean.  I guess instinct just took over, because I ended up flattening him.  He wound up in the Infirmary.
Alexei:  I hope you didn't get in trouble for that.
Kole:  No, he never filed any assault charges.  I guess he didn't want it known that he'd been taken down by a woman.
Alexei:  And...
Kole:  The way Dimitri grabbed me just now, that's the same way that cadet did.  I guess instinct took over again. 
Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  I hope Dimitri is okay. 
Alexei:  His body will probably be okay, but I think his ego will take a long time getting over this...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back with Maria and Anastasia...

Maria: I really think we should let Tatiana check on Dimitri. She's the doctor here.
Anastasia: Reluctantly. Well, okay then. We have no other option anyway.
They open the door of the study.
Tatiana: Comes out. What is going on?! We heard screaming. 
Olga: Sees Dimitri lying senseless on the ground. OH MY GOD, DIMITRI!!
Tatiana: Goes into doctor mode. Okay, stand back everyone. I need to examine him.
Olga: Is he okay, Tatiana? Is Dimitri okay?
Tatiana: Well, except for a couple for a bruises, he'll be fine.
Anastasia: At least his jaw is not broken, not like that time when he was punched out by Sam.
Olga: Nastya, Maria, you know what happened?
Maria: Yes. Kole knocked him out.
Tatiana: Very surprised. What!? Why?
Anastasia: He wanted to set you free,  She intended to stop him. He grabbed her by the shoulders to push her aside, and she suddenly lost her temper. We have no idea why she reacted like that.
Tatiana: There must be some explanation.
Dimitri C-B: Regains consciousness. What happened to me. I feel like my head is going to explode.
Anastasia: Dimitri, Kole knocked you out.
Dimitri C-B: Oh no, don't tell me I've been punched out by a woman again.
Maria: Unfortunately, yes. I'm sorry for your ego.
Olga: I don't understand why Kole did that. She usually seems so in control. I see no sufficient reason for her to beat up my Dimitri like that.
Alexei: Comes in. Please forgive her, Olga. I can explain why she did that...


Olga: Dimitri, give me the keys. I'll drive you and the children home.
Dimitri C-B: I guess I can't drive in this state.
Tatiana: You can't. You're still groggy.
Dimitri C-B: Very well. Here they are. Hands Olga his car keys.
Anastasia: Olga, you can't go. You and Tatiana need to have a talk.
Maria: Yeah, we're not going to let you leave before that.
Tatiana: Mashka, Nastya, this is not the priority right now. Olga's Dimitri needs to rest.
Anastasia: He can do that at Anichkov.
Olga: Imp, listen. Let us be. Tatiana and I WILL have a discussion, but later.
Maria: You promise?
Tatiana: Yes, we promise.
Anastasia: It's a done deal then. You may go home, Olga.
Olga: Good. See you all tomorrow.   She and Dimitri C-B walk off.

On their way home...

Olga: Mimics Anastasia. "You may go home, Olga". Thanks for the permission, Nastya. As if I needed it. Amused. Who is the eldest here, I wonder?
Dimitri C-B: And who has acted more grown-up lately?
Olga: You got me. Tatiana and I have been ridiculous.
Dimitri C-B: I'm glad you see that now.
Olga: Still Tatiana has got some issues. I mean, why can't she just let go the fact that I moved out?
Dimitri C-B: Olga, please.
Olga: Okay, okay.  I'll drop it.
Dimitri C-B: Talk to her tomorrow, and, please, no fighting this time.
Olga: Don't worry. We won't argue. I don't want to have Maska and Nastya threatening to lock us all night long in the study again.  Lesson learned.
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Back at Anichkov....

Kole:  So, is Dimitri okay?
Tatiana:  Aside from a few bruises, he's fine. 
Maria:  Although his ego might be a bit damaged though.
Anastasia:  Alexei explained what happened. 
Kole:  Yeah, I'm sorry about that.  However, when Dimitri grabbed me like that, I just saw red.  Next thing I knew, Dimitri was out cold on the floor and I was shaking.
Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  No, I have to say this.  As I explained to Alexei, that air cadet would have raped me if he could.  So just went into instinct mode when I took him down.  The same thing happened just now with Dimitri.  I guess...  I guess I never really dealt with what happened to me back then.
Anastasia:  Yeah, and that is why you lost control here.
Kole:  I guess to.
Tatiana:  Well, Kole, what you did might have helped Olga and myself.
Kole:  How so?
Tatiana:  Olga and I realize that we have to talk about this.  Sort it out.
Maria:  Which is what we've been saying all along.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Nicholas:  So, what's the situation at Anichkov?
Alexandra:  Well, I've just gotten off the phone with them.  Apparently, it looks like Olga and Tatiana might be making peace soon.
Nicholas:  That's good to hear.
Alexandra:  Also, Kole knocked Olga's Dimitri out.
Nicholas:  I'm sorry, what!?
Alexandra:  Well.  Explains.
Nicholas:  Well, I'm glad Dimitri is not hurt.
Alexandra:  His body isn't, but it seems his ego has been damaged again.
Nicholas:  Well, this is the second time a woman has knocked him unconscious, after all.   Yet, I can't imagine Kole doing something like that.
Alexandra:  From what I was told, she completely lost her temper.   From what Alexei told me, when Dimitri grabbed her like that, it triggered a memory of when that other man tried to rape her.  It was all instinct.
Nicholas:  I guess there is still much about Kole we don't know.   
Alexandra:  Hopefully, she can deal with this issue.

Olga and Dimitri's apartment...

Dimitri C-B:  Geez, two times now, I've been knocked out by a woman. 
Olga:  Well, in Kole's case, it was total instinct.  She didn't mean to do it.
Dimitri C-B:  I know.  However...
Olga:  Yes?
Dimitri C-B:  If it turns out that I'm ever knocked out by Gavriil, I'll go into voluntary exile.
Olga: Laughs.  Oh you...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, Tatiana comes to Olga and Dimitri's apartment.

Tatiana: Hello Olga. I came to check on your Dimitri. Does he feel better?
Olga: Yes, he's completely recovered. Can't say the same about his vanity though.
Tatiana: I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do about that.  Both laugh.  Olga, I also came to apologize for last night. I was really stupid.
Olga: And so was I. So no hard feelings, we're good.
Tatiana: Hesitates a moment. Olga, I know I have issues about you moving out. You think I'm overreacting. Can we try to talk this over, without arguing I mean.
Olga: Go on. I'm ready to listen to whatever you wish to tell me.
Tatiana: Well, Olga, what I really wish is that you would come back to Anichkov. Olga tries to speak. No, listen to me, please. I know it's impossible, you don't want to do that.  However,  this is how I feel.  I can't help my feelings.
Olga: No, I guess you can't.
Tatiana: Olga, don't you remember how great it was when we were all living there together. We would see each other all of the time. I miss that. I miss bumping into you when going out of my room, I miss seeing you reading in your library upstairs. I even miss the fights we had together at the palace. Yes, you're living very close to us, but your things are not there anymore and you're not with us 24/7. It isn't the same anymore.
Olga: It's true.  I'm often at Anichkov, but I'm not there all the time. Things have changed.
Tatiana: Don't you miss the old times, even a little?
Olga: Actually I do, sometimes.
Tatiana: Really? Then why don't you...  Oh no forget it. I don't want us to argue again.
Olga: You mean why don't I come back to live with you at Anichkov?
Tatiana: Yes, but I know it's hopeless. You're happy here. You can't go back to the palace just for me.
Olga: Tatiana, it's now your turn to listen to me. You have to believe me, I care a lot about you, just as much as I care about my husband and my children.
Tatiana: But you said...
Olga: Yeah, I said you only came next. Tatiana, I was angry. I didn't mean a word of it.
Tatiana: Anyway, that was hurtful. I thought it was true.
Olga: I swear it was not. We're the Big Pair and we always will be. Nothing can come between us, not even this moving out stuff. I understand that big change about me is not easy for you to deal with. It's okay, Tatiana, take your time.
Tatiana: Okay. I guess it can't be helped. There's no magic solution to fix my problem. Things are different and I have to accept that. Sighs. Well, I have to get going. I've got some work to do at the Center. See you later, Olga. Leaves.
Olga: Thinks to herself. Poor Tanya, if only I could do something to help you...

Spala, Poland...

Gavriil: So this is Spala. It looks lovely. It's a hunting lodge, isn't it.
Sam: Yes, the guys and I used to hunt a lot here. Looks around. Boy, what memories this place brings back. This is where Alexei had his awful haemophilia crisis. He almost died from it. He was only a little younger than you at that time. After that, Nicholas and Alix avoided Spala for many years.
Gavriil: But they did come back.
Sam: Yes, around 1918 or 1919. Demons of the past were long buried by then. Spala again became a holiday place.
Gavriil: Before turning into the Romanov Retreat for Problems.
Sam: Smiles. That's correct. You have no idea of the number of the fights that ended with one of them running away to Spala.
Gavriil: Speaking of fights, Anastasia called back. You were busy upstairs, so I answered the phone.
Sam: Why did she want?
Gavriil: Oh, just advising us to stay away from Anichkov for a few more days. That is until Olga and Tatiana make up.
Sam: What did you say?
Gavriil: You heard me. Another fight occurred after the Kole vs Alix one. However, according to Anastasia, the Big Pair is already on the verge of reconciling, but we better be careful.  
Sam: Yes, it doesn't hurt to stay here a little longer. Still you'll see, they will manage to have another fight down there at Anichkov by the time we get back. Heads to the front door. By the way, are you hungry? I prepared something for lunch.
Gavriil: I sure am. What are we eating?  

Back at Olga and Dimitri's apartment...

Dimitri CB-: Sees Olga is packing up her things. Why are you doing, Olga? Are we going on a trip or something?
Olga: Dimitri, I have to go back at Anichkov, at least for a while.  
Dimitri CB-: Why? What happened?
Olga: Nothing. Tatiana and I talked. Explains. When she left, she looked so sad. I can't stand to see her like that. She's far from being ready to feel okay about me living here.  
Dimitri C-B: Give her some time.
Olga: I did, Dimitri. It's been months since we came to live in this apartment. I thought she would be okay with that by now.  
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, me too. Turns out we were both wrong.
Olga: Poor Tatiana. I feel very guilty about her. I should have known it would be too hard for her to accept this. It's the first time I regret having moved out.
Dimitri C-B: Hey, you're not having second thoughts, I hope.
Olga: I don't know... I'm not sure of anything right now.  
Dimitri C-B: You think going back to the palace for some time will help your sister?
Olga: I hope so.
Dimitri C-B: If you feel like it's the right thing to do, then I'm coming with you. Give me a few minutes to pack some stuff for me and the kids, and I'll be ready.
Olga: Thank you, Dimitri. You're really supportive.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment, Kole in talking to Sam on the phone...

Sam:  Voice.  You knocked Olga's Dimitri out?
Kole:  Yeah, I just saw red.  Explains.  Next thing I know, he's on the floor, out cold.
Sam:  I can understand why  you did it, Kole. 
Kole:  I know.  As I told the others, I never really dealt with it.  Dimitri is okay, though.
Sam:  I imagine his ego took a bruising.  This must remind him of the time I knocked him cold, a few years ago.
Kole:  Yeah, it must.  So when will you and Gavriil be back?
Sam:  In another day or so.
Kole:  Okay, see you then.  Ends the call.
Alexei:  Was that Sam?
Kole:  Yeah, I was just filling her in on the latest.
A knock is heard, Alexei answers.
Olga: I hope we're not interrupting something.
Alexei:  No, come on in.
Olga and Dimitri C-B enter.
Dimitri C-B:  Sees Kole.  Please, don't hit me again.
Kole:  Relax, that won't happen.  I'm sorry, Dimitri, but when you grabbed me like that...
Dimitri C-B:  I know.  Alexei explained it all.
Kole:  So, no hard feelings?
Dimitri C-B:  None.
Alexei:  So, what brings you two by.
Olga:  We've decided to move back to Anichkov, for a while at least.
Kole:  For Tatiana's sake?
Olga:  Yes.
Kole:  I thought as much.
Dimitri C-B:  We were wondering if you two would give us a hand.
Alexei:  Sure.

Later, at Anichkov...

Anastasia:  Welcome back, Olga.
Olga:  I'm glad to be home.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  Hey, you said 'home'.
Olga:  Yeah, I guess I did.
Elizabeth:  Runs up.  Mama?
Olga:  Yes dear?
Elizabeth:  I'm glad we're back.  Alexander and I missed our cousins. Runs off again.
Anastasia:  I guess the verdict is in.
Maria:  And I know what you can do with your apartment.
Olga:  Do tell.
Maria:  Ever since she adopted Gavriil, Sam has been talking about getting her own place.  So...
Olga:  She can take over my former apartment. 
Maria:  Yeah, and it's close to that Law School she'll be going to.
Olga:  I'll talk to her when she gets back about this.
Tatiana:  To Kole.  Is everything okay between you and Olga's Dimitri?
Kole:  It's fine, Tatiana.  Thanks for asking though.

With the guys...

Dimitri M:  So?
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah?
Dimitri M:  Which of the women are you going to take on next?
Ivan S:  Better not be Maria.  She'd lay you flat too.
All laugh.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, rub it in, guys, just rub it in.
Ivan K:  Oh, we will.

Tsarskoe Selo....

Alexandra:  Nicky, I have good news.
Nicholas:  What is it?
Alexandra:  Olga and Tatiana have made up.  In fact, Olga and her Dimitri have moved back to Anichkov.
Nicholas:  Well, that is interesting news.
Alexandra:  Well, Elizabeth and Alexander are happy.  They missed seeing their cousins.
Nicholas:  Well, they have been together their whole lives.
Alexandra:  Just like the Big Pair.
Nicholas:  Yes, just like the Big Pair.  Perhaps we should go visit them now.
Alexandra:  I was thinking the same thing.
Nicholas:  Let's go.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A BP conversation takes place at Anichkov...

Tatiana: Olga, I'm so glad that you made it home.  
Olga: Well, I couldn't stand to see you so sad. So after our conversation, I made my decision and here I am.
Tatiana: Thank you so much for doing this for me.
Olga: You're welcome. I told you that I care a lot about you.  
The two of them hug.
Tatiana: Stay here as long as you like. The palace is still as much yours than it's ours.
Olga: Thank you. I have no plan of going back to the apartment anytime soon.
Tatiana: That's good to hear.
Olga: I'm hearing a big commotion upstairs. We'd better go and see what's happening.
Tatiana: It's the kids, in the nursery. They're pretty excited to be together again, so they're celebrating Alexander and Elisabeth's return.
Olga: I'm going to check on them.
Tatiana: I'm right behind you.  
Both head upstairs.

Later, at tea time, everyone is sitting around the table of the lunch room ,when Nicholas and Alexandra come in...

Nicholas: Hello everyone. Can we join in?
Ivan K: Of course. Take a seat.
Alexandra: Gladly.
Nicholas: Olga, Tatiana, we heard the good news. We're very happy that you made peace.
Anastasia: Yeah, they smoked the peace pipe at last. Let's hope it'll be for good this time.
Maria: Yeah, those BP fights are starting to get tiresome.
Olga: Hey, as if the Little Pair never argue.
Anastasia: At least not as much as YOU do.
Tatiana: That's true.
Alexandra smiles.
Maria: What is it, Mama?
Alexandra: Nothing. It's good to see you getting along so well again. I don't like it when you quarrel.
Anastasia: Well, I don't like that either, but sometimes it can't be helped.
Maria: Especially when there are two stubborn someone's around. Stares at Olga and Tatiana. Naming no names, but you know who I mean, don't you?
Tatiana: I'd be careful if I were you, Mashka.
Olga: Yeah, I have murderous thoughts right now.
Nicholas: Amused. Well, well. Are we watching a Big Pair vs Little Pair fight? Can we take bets?
Everyone laughs.


Alexandra: Tatiana, I can tell Olga's decision made you very happy.
Tatiana: Oh, yes it did.
Alexandra: Now don't rush things. Give her some time to decide what she wants.  Staying here with you or going back to her apartment.
Tatiana: Sure. She can take all the time in the world, if that means she stays longer at Anichkov.  
Alexandra: Oh Tanya.
Tatiana: Mama, do you think there's a chance she'll stay here for good.
Alexandra: Well, I hope so. Anichkov is her home. However, the decision is hers.
Tatiana: I know.
Alexandra: Anyway, I was thinking, would you like to go window-shopping with me?
Tatiana: Yes, I'd like that. Can we take the kids too? They want to see the Christmas shops.
Alexandra: Of course.
Tatiana: We're off then.


Nicholas: Now that your mother is keeping Tatiana busy, we can talk about Tatiana and her Dimitri's anniversary. Have you make a guest list yet?
Anastasia: Nope. We were too busy trying to reconcile people. As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of fights lately.
Olga: Perhaps you didn't have the time, but I did. I made a list.
Nicholas: Go ahead.
Olga: Okay. The family first: Aunts Xenia and Olga and Uncle Misha all agreed to come. And I called Aunt Ella. She said she'll try to make it.
Nicholas: Sounds good to me. Any more names?
Olga: Yes, our cousin Dimitri will be there, as well as Kerensky, Sablin, Rodionov and Nagorney. That's not all. Anya, Sophia, and Sandra will make the trip from London for the occasion. And Vlad and Natalia will come from Canada too.
Maria: Wow, Olga, this is excellent news. I can't wait to see them all.  
Olga: Finally there will be Uncle George. And I also invited Nicholas of Romania. He's being very nice with us when we were at Constanta and he helped us against Carol. So my Dimitri and I wanted to thank him. We thought that'd be a good idea to invite him for Christmas. I hope you don't mind.
Nicholas: Not at all. That's a great list you made, Olga.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Alexei, you could have gone to tea time.
Alexei:  Without  you, Kole.  I couldn't leave you, when you were feeling under the weather like that.
Kole:  Relax, it's just a pregnancy thing.  It's nothing to worry about.
Alexei:  I hope not.
Kole:  Please don't mention it to anyone, you'll have Tatiana running over here to check me out.
Alexei:  Maybe...
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine.  Really, stop worrying about me. 
Alexei:  Well, even since you lost that first baby...
Kole:  Yes, I know.  However, this pregnancy is fine.  Sometimes, however, it just wipes me out.  I'll feel better tomorrow.
Alexei:  I hope so.

Anichkov Palace, Olga is on the phone with Sam...

Olga:  So, what do you think, Sam?
Sam:  Voice.  It's great.  I'll be happy to take over your apartment.  Gavriil and I will have plenty of space.
Olga:  And it's close to that Law School you'll be going to.
Sam:  That too is a bonus.
Olga:  So, when are you two coming back?
Sam:  In a couple of days.
Olga:  I hope so.  We miss you.
Sam:  Miss you too.
Olga:  Later then.  Ends the call.
Tatiana:  Was that Sam you were talking to just now?
Olga:  Yes.  She said she'd be happy to take over my apartment.
Tatiana:  Now that you, your Dimitri, and your children are back here.
Olga:  Yeah.  Elizabeth and Alexander are happy to be back.
Tatiana:  As I recall, Elizabeth didn't want to leave in the first place.
Olga:  I know.  I should have listened to her.  Sometimes kids are smarter than adults.
Both laugh.

Back with Alexei and Kole...

Alexei:  I got the guest list for our Christmas gathering.  Reads the names.
Kole:  Hey, we haven't seen some of those people in a while.
Alexei:  Well, all of them left the country, after all.
Kole:  And the two of us went a lot farther away than they did.
Alexei:  Yeah, we'll have to tell them about our trip to Mars.
Kole:  I can't wait to see their faces...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, a couple of days later...

Sam: Comes in with Gavriil. Hello everyone. We're back.
Maria: Sam, Gavriil! Hugs them. It's so good to see you. A lot has been going on here in your absence.
Sam: So I hear. Gavriil and I were happy to have been away the whole time.
Maria: I can understand. Don't worry, it's much more peaceful now, ever since Olga moved back to Anichkov.
Sam: Hopefully it'll stay that way. 
Maria: So how was your trip?
Sam: It was good. Gavriil and I went to Spala for a few days.
Maria: Speaking of which, have you heard the news.
Sam: No. What is going on?
Maria: Olga has invited Anya, Sandra, and Sophia, as well as Vlad and Natalia, to come for our Christmas party.
Sam: That's terrific. It's been over a year since we last saw them. We'll have plenty to tell them.
Maria: Yes. Alexei and Kole want to tell them all about their trip to Mars. And of course, Anastasia is eager to recount to Vlad her meeting with Count Dracula.
Sam: Cause his name is Vlad, like Vlad the Impaler.
Maria: Exactly.
Sam: Climbs the stairs. I'm going to say hello to the others. See you around, Mashka.

Later, in the kitchen...

Anastasia: Enters. Hey Mashka. What are you doing in your sanctuary.
Maria: Cooking lunch. 
Anastasia: Hmm, smells wonderful. Reaches for the plate.
Maria: Don't even think about it, Imp. 
Anastasia: Oh come on, Mashka, I only want to taste it.
Maria: No.
Anastasia: Just a small piece. I've got the munchies.
Maria: Pff, you're not even pregnant. Anastasia tries again. I said you have to wait until lunchtime.
Anastasia: I'd be starving to death by then, but fine, if you insist. 
Maria: Rolls her eyes. Imp, you're worse than the children sometimes.
Tatiana and Olga burst in.
Tatiana: Maria, I  just wanted to tell you Olga and I will be going out for the lunch. We're going to Jacque's Bistro. Want to join us?
Maria: No. After what happened, you both deserve a Big Pair moment.
Anastasia: I agree. Besides, the meal Mashka cooked looks delicious. I don't want to miss it. I'm staying here too.
Olga: Okay, have a good meal then. She and Tatiana exit.
Anastasia: Olga and Tatiana look like Siamese twins lately. Since Olga came back home, they're inseparable.
Maria: Yeah. That's funny to watch. Searches the kitchen cupboards. Where did I put the salt? Hears a noise behind her and turns round. Anastasia! Stop licking the pot at once...

Soon, at Jacques' Bistro...

Tatiana: Olga, I'm so glad that you moved back to Anickov.
Olga: Smiles. I know. You've told met hat  a hundred times.
Tatiana: I know, but I wanted to say it again.
Olga: Even if you hadn't said anything, I could have guessed.  From the way you're fussing over me ever since I came back to the palace.
Tatiana: Okay, perhaps I'm overdoing it.
Olga: Yeah, maybe a little. It's not like we hadn't seen each other in years.
Tatiana: It's true. I'm sorry.
Olga: That's okay, Tatiana. I don't mind. Takes the menu. So what do you wanna eat? I think I'll have escargots and... Tatiana looks suddenly green. What's up?
Tatiana: If you must know, I still haven't got over the Snail Incident. I don't think I'm able to watch you eating those... things just in front of me.
Olga: Right. I'll have some salad instead. And you?
Tatiana: Looks at the menu. Well...

Sam and Gavriil's apartment...

Gavriil: Mom, that was the last box.  I've put all my things away.
Sam: And mine too. How about having some Pepsi now?
Gavriil: Yes, that's a good idea. I'm thirsty. 
Sam: Wait, there's a letter in the Magic Mail Box. It's from Gharman.
Gavriil: What does it say?
Sam: "Things are going well with us, but it's amazingly boring without you and Gavriil. We can't wait for January, when we'll be able to visit you again. Love, Gharman". He also sent a photo of  the family, and a video game for you. Sighs. God, it's awful how much I miss them.
Gavriil: I miss them too.  Fortunately January will be coming soon. We're already at the 16th of December.
Sam: You're right, only a few weeks to wait. Well, I'm going to write him a reply.

Later, at Kole and Alexei's apartment...

Sam: Can you watch over Gavriil? I have things to work through at the Law School. 
Alexei: Sure, no problem.
Sam: Thank you. I won't be long. Where's Kole by the way.
Alexei: She's laying down. She has been feeling under the weather lately.
Sam: Perhaps she's coming down with something. You should ask Tatiana to check on her.
Alexei: Kole won't hear of it. However, for my peace of my mind, I'll do it anyway.

Some hours later, Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Tatiana, I'm worried about Kole. Can you check on her?
Tatiana: Of course. I'll take my medical bag and head right over.
Alexei: Don't let Kole know that I sent you. She would think I'm overreacting.
Tatiana: That won't be hard to guess, but I'll try.
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Soon, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Tatiana, is this necessary?
Tatiana:  Look, Kole, I know you think this is a waste of time, but you're pregnant.   What if something has gone wrong?
Kole:  Looks worried.  You don't think that's what happened, do you?
Tatiana:  That is why I should check you out.
Kole:  Okay, go ahead.

Meanwhile, in the living room...

Sam:  I'm here to pick up Gavriil, and...  Alexei, what's going on?
Alexei:  Tatiana is checking Kole out, but it's taking forever.   I'm getting worried.
At that point, Tatiana and Kole come out.
Alexei:  Well?
Tatiana:  I have to take Kole to the Center.  I'm sure you'll want to come with me.
Alexei:  Damned straight I will.

Later, Alexei, Sam, and Gavriil are in the waiting room at Tatiana's Center...

Sam:  I've called the others.  They're on their way here now.
Alexei:  Pacing back and forth.  What is going on in there?
Sam:  Alexei, be patient. 
Alexei:  Easy for you to say.  That's not your wife in there!
At that point, Tatiana comes out.
Tatiana:  Alexei, I need to run some tests on you.
Alexei:  Why?
Tatiana:  Because I've just run a blood test on Kole.  I found some strange elements in her bloodstream that I've never seen before.  I think...
Alexei:  Yes?
Tatiana:  I think she may have picked something up on Mars.
Alexei:  Goes pale. A Martian virus?
Tatiana:  That's just it, I don't know.  However, since you were on Mars as long as she was, I should check you out too.
Alexei:  Okay.
Sam:  I'll wait here for the others.

And so, after the test...

Alexei:  Well?
Tatiana:  You're clean, Alexei.  Whatever infected Kole didn't affect you.
Alexei:  Why is that?  As you said, we were on Mars for the same amount of time.
Tatiana:  I'm guessing here, but I think it's because Kole is pregnant.
Alexei:  I don't understand.
Tatiana:  When I woman becomes pregnant, certain changes occur, hormones and such.  I think that whatever has infected Kole was attracted by that.  Of course, I'm guessing here.
Alexei:  How is she?  How's the baby?
Tatiana:  Aside from feeling lousy, Kole seems okay.  And the baby looks fine.
Alexei:  Can I see her?
Tatiana:  Yes, but only for a moment.  She really needs to rest.

And so...

Alexei:  How are you feeling, Kole.
Kole:  In her hospital bed.  Horrible.  From what Tatiana told me, I seem to have picked up a Martian bug.  However, Tatiana says our baby is fine.
Alexei:  And I'm sure you will be, Kole.

Meanwhile, back in the waiting room, Gavriil is wondering about Kole...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Meanwhile, back in the waiting room, Gavriil is wondering about Kole...

Gavriil: A Martian bug. Do you think it's serious?
Sam: I have no idea. I hope not.
Gavriil: Poor Kole. Being bedridden a few days before Christmas, that's not cool.
Tatiana enters.
Sam: So?
Tatiana: I've run a blood test on Alexei and he's fine. 
Gavriil: That's odd. Why is Alexei fine, but not Kole?
Tatiana: Well... Explains about her theory. That's just a theory of course, but I think I'm correct.
Sam: Will Kole be okay?
Tatiana: For now she seems okay, and the baby is  too. However, it's the first time I'm dealing with a Martian virus, so I remain cautious. I'll keep her here under observation for the next few days.
Sam: Does it mean we have to cancel our trip to Spala?
Tatiana: That won't be necessary. If all goes well, she'll be up and about by Christmas. 
Marie begins to cry.
Tatiana: She's hungry. You should go back to the apartment and give her a snack.
Sam: And Alexei?
Tatiana: I'll tell him you went to the apartment. Irina will wait here for the others. She'll explain the situation to them.
Sam: Well, okay then.

And so, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Sam: Feeds Marie with a spoon. There you are, Marie. Her mobile rings.    I hope it's not bad news. Lets Marie eat on her own and answers the call. Yes?
Alexei: Voice. Sam, it's Alexei.
Sam: Is everything all right with Kole?
Alexei: Yes. I came to see her for a few minutes. She's sleeping right now.
Sam: That's good to hear. I was afraid you called because there were more bad news.
Alexei: No, not at all. I was wondering if you wanted me to come to the apartment to take care of Marie.
Sam: That's okay. I can manage. 
Alexei: Very well. I'm staying here at the Center then. Tatiana is going to make further medical examinations on Kole. 
Sam: Keep me informed of the results.
Alexei: As soon as I hear them, I'll call you. Ends the call.
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Back at the Center...

Kole:  I guess I've ruined everyone's Christmas.
Alexei:  Don't talk like that, Kole.  You didn't know this would happen.  Besides, we have a few days yet.
Kole:  Yeah, and I am feeling a little better.  I guess I won't have a War Of The Worlds thing.
Alexei: Huh?  Sorry, Kole, I've never read that book.
Kole:  Oh, at the end, it's a virus that kills the Martian invaders of Earth.
Alexei:  I hope now the same will happen here.

Meanwhile, the others have arrived and are in the waiting area, where Tatiana brings them up to speed...

Nicholas:  A Martian virus?  Are you sure?
Tatiana:  Yes, I am. 
Alexandra:  How is Kole feeling?  How is the baby?
Tatiana:  Kole is feeling okay, and the baby is fine.  I've been monitoring both of them constantly.   However, this is new, I've never dealt with anything like that before.
Anastasia:  No one has dealt with anything like that before.
Olga:  Shades of War Of The Worlds.
Alexei:  Comes in.  Kole mentioned that book just now.  I told her I've never read it.
Olga:  There is a copy in the library.
Alexei:  Well, maybe I'll take a look at it when Kole is better.
Maria:  How is she?
Alexei:  She's sleeping now.  However, she just told me she's feeling a little better.
Alexandra:  That's a good sign.
Alexei:  I'm going to call Sam and give her the news.  She and Gavriil are watching Marie right now.

Later, after another round of tests...

Kole:  Well?
Tatiana:  Well, Kole, it looks like your body is successfully killing the Martian virus. 
Kole:  Really?
Tatiana:  Yes.  I'm guessing of course, but it seems the virus is unable to survive in this environment.
Kole:  Well, our atmosphere is very different from that of Mars.  That might be it.  I guess it is like War Of The Worlds where the Martians died because they couldn't survive on Earth.
Tatiana:  Could be.  Like Alexei, I've never read that book.  However, I'll have to give it a try now.
Kole:  So, I might make it for Christmas after all.
Tatiana:  Yes.  I'm going to tell the others now...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

In the waiting area...

Tatiana: Well, everyone, it looks like Kole's body is slowly, but surely, beating the virus. She should be well again in a day or so.
Nicholas: That's great. Thank you Tatiana. 
Anastasia: Can we see Kole?
Tatiana: No, she still needs to rest. You should all go home now.  That includes you, Alexei. 
Alexei: Reluctantly. Fine. Call me if there's any more news.
Tatiana: I will, but don't worry. Kole will be fine. 

That evening at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: Tatiana just got back from her shift and she said Kole is improving nicely. She's confident that Kole will be able to leave the Center tomorrow.
Maria: Well, that is great news. 
Anastasia: I agree. I'm relieved to hear that Kole is okay. I was concerned about her.
Maria: And so was I. Well, all's well that ends well.
Anastasia: Sounds just right.

Later, with Olga and Maria...

Maria: Olga, I'd like to have your advice on something.
Olga: Of course. What's this about?
Maria: Shows her a photo album. What do you think of this gift for Tatiana and her Dimitri? It's a photo album of their ten years of marriage.
Olga: Flips through the album. It's a beautiful gift. They will love it.
Maria: Well, I thought that would be a great idea.
Olga: You were right. Looks at a photo of Tatiana in her nurse outfit, nursing Dimitri Malama. Below is written "St. Petersburg, 1914". 1914, the first time they met.
Maria: Yes, and here is the picture of their wedding. Do you remember how Tatiana was so anxious about getting married that she went hiding into the Mauve Room?
Olga: Yeah. And you and I had to reason with her for hours until she finally got out and went to the altar.
Maria: As I recall, you did the same thing when it was your turn to get married. You kept pacing back and forth in the dressing room, wondering if you were doing the right thing. We thought there was never going to be a wedding.
Olga: Laughs. Yes, I remember it perfectly. Finally Sam talked some sense into me and I got married. Pauses. By the way, do you know what gift Nastya and her Ivan are preparing for Tatiana and Dimitri's anniversary?
Maria: Yes. They're preparing something special. The wine that will be served at the Christmas party will be the same that was served at Tatiana and Dimitri's wedding.
Olga: That is a lovely present. And you already know mine.
Maria: Sandra, Anya, Sophia, Vlad and Natalia's attendance, right?
Olga: Yes. Tatiana doesn't suspect anything. I can't wait to see her face when they all show up.
Tatiana: Enters. Who will show up?
Maria: Uh, nobody.  I think I have stuff to do upstairs. Bye.
Olga: Yeah me too. I'm coming with you.
They both leave.
Tatiana: What's the matter with them!?
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The next day, at the Center...

Tatiana:  Well, Kole, I don't see any reason why you can't go home now.
Kole:  Are you sure the Martian virus is gone?
Tatiana:  Yes, there isn't a trace of it left in your body.
Kole:  Thank  God.

Later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  It's so good to have you home, Kole.
Kole:  Thank you, Alexei.  Turns to Sam.  How was Marie?
Sam:  She was great.  I had no problems with her.
A knock is heard at the door, Kole answers.
Maria:  Hey, Kole, good to see you home again.
Kole:  Thanks, Maria.  I guess Christmas can go ahead now.
Maria:  Actually, that's why I'm here, to pick you all up and take you to the train station.
Sam:  The Imperial Train is ready to take us all to Spala?
Maria:  Yep.
Alexei:  Let's get our things together and get going.

And so, the Imperial Train is soon on its way to Spala...

Nicholas:  We've just crossed the Polish border.  It won't be long now.
Alexandra: Yes,  I think it will be a great Christmas for all of us.

With Anastasia and Maria...

Maria:  I heard from our special guests.  They will all arrive on Christmas Day.
Anastasia:  Excellent.
Tatiana:  Walks up.  What are you two talking about?
Maria:  Uh, nothing.
Anastasia:  We're just happy that Kole is out of the Center for Christmas.
Olga: Walks up.  Tatiana, I have something to talk to you about. Steers Tatiana away from the Little Pair.
Maria:  That was close.


Tatiana:  Olga, I get the feeling the Little Pair are hiding something from me.
Olga:  Nonsense, it's just your imagination.
Tatiana:  Well, I suppose you're right.

And so, they all arrive at Spala...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

And so, they all arrive at Spala...

Anastasia: Spala at last.
The older children get off the train and rush into the palace, screaming in excitement. They're followed by the adults.
Dimitri M: Me, the other Dimitri, and the Ivan's will carry the luggage inside the palace.
Nicholas: Right. I will help you.

After everyone is settled in, Tatiana and her Dimitri are out for a walk...

Maria: Everyone, listen up, there are a lot of things to do for tomorrow's party. Olga, can we count on you to keep Tatiana out of the way while we're preparing everything?
Olga: Sure. I'll keep her busy until everything is done.
Ivan K: And I'll do the same with Malama.
Maria: Good. Here is the list of what needs to be done. First, Nastya, you will...

When the Malama's come back from their walk...

Olga: Tanya, I was looking for you. There's something I'd like to talk to you about.
Tatiana: Okay. What is it?
Olga: I'd rather tell you that in private. Come with me for a walk.
Tatiana: Olga, I've just returned from one.
Olga: Doesn't matter. Come with me. Drags her outside.
Tatiana: Uh, very well, if you insist.


Ivan K: Hey, Malama, can you come over here. I think there's something wrong with my car. I had it shipped here, so the Imp and I could take a drive, but I can't get it started.
Dimitri M: Okay. let me take a look...

Back with the Big Pair...

Tatiana: So what was that thing you wanted to tell me?
Olga: Oh, just that I'm happy we two are spending time together, after that big fight we just had.
Tatiana: Well, me too, of course. But...
Olga: But what?
Tatiana: Olga, I have the feeling you took me away from the lodge for some reason. You're acting very strange lately, and so are the Little Pair.
Olga: Tanya, I have no idea why you're thinking that. I've told you, it's just your imagination. We're hiding nothing from you.
Tatiana: Not completely convinced. Well, perhaps, you're right.
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Meanwhile, Kole is putting Marie down for a nap, when Alexei comes in...

Alexei:  How is she?
Kole:  Sleeping.
Alexei:  And how are you feeling, Kole?
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine, really.  Tatiana gave me a clean bill of health.
Alexei:  I know.  Just checking.  That Martian virus really spooked me.
Kole:  I can't blame you.  However, I think it was doomed from day one.  The environment of Earth is very different than that of Mars. 
Alexei:  And the virus couldn't survive here.
Kole:  Exactly.
Sam comes into the room.
Alexei:  Hi Sam, where's Gavriil.
Sam:  He's outside with the other children.  I must say that it's nice to be here on vacation and not because somebody is having a crisis.
Kole:  Amen to that.
Sam:  How are you feeling, Kole?
Kole:  I'm fine, Sam.
Alexei: I wonder how you got that virus, Kole?  You said the shuttle's filtration system should have prevented that from happening.
Kole:  Must have been a malfunction somewhere.  I'll have a look at it when we get back.
Sam:  Hey, enough shop talk, Kole.  We're on vacation, remember.
Kole:  That's right.  They all laugh.

The next day, Christmas Day...

Nicholas:  Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone!
Olga:  Thank you, Papa.
Alexandra:  Let's have breakfast.
Anastasia:  I don't know about that.
Maria:  What is it, Nastya.
Anastasia:  The older children.  I'm afraid if they don't get to open their presents soon, they'll explode!
Tatiana:  Oh, Nastya, don't be silly.
Nicholas:  Well, if that is what the children want, I can wait.
Alexandra:  I can too.

So the children head for the presents under the tree...

Kole:  Wow, it's like watching sharks in a feeding frenzy.
Alexei:  Well, that will  be Marie in just a few years. Turns to Sam.  Gavriil looks like he's having fun.
Sam:  He sure is.
Tatiana walks up.
Kole:  Hi Tatiana.  Is everything okay?
Tatiana:  Well, this may seem silly, but...
Alexei:  But?
Tatiana:  I get the feeling that Olga and the Little Pair are hiding something from me.  Would any of you know anything about that?
Alexei:  Sorry, Tatiana, but with everything that was going on with Kole, I wasn't paying attention.
Kole:  And I was too sick to notice.
Sam:  I was away with Gavriil.
Tatiana:  Sighs.  Well, it was worth a try.  Walks away.
Kole:  That was close.
Alexei:  Yeah, but she suspects.
Sam:  We'll have to keep her in the dark for a few more hours, then we can reveal our big surprise to her and her Dimitri...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A few hours later...

Ivan K: Whispers to Olga. The guests have arrived. They're waiting for us in the dining room.
Olga: Excellent. Speaks up. Everyone, may I have your attention, please? It's time to begin our party. 
Tatiana: Party? What party?
Anastasia: You'll see. Now, please, close your eyes, and you too, Dimitri. We'll guide you.
Dimitri M: What? Why?
Maria: Just do it and don't open your eyes before you are told to do so.

And so...

Alexandra: Guides Tatiana. Don't open your eyes just yet. Wait. Opens the door of the dining room. There you go. You can open your eyes now.
Tatiana and her Dimitri do so.
Nicholas, Alexandra, OMA, their husbands, Alexei, Kole, Sam, Xenia, Dimitri P, Misha and Olga A: HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!
Tatiana: What??
Nicholas: You two didn't get a proper ten year wedding anniversary party, so we decided to throw one for Christmas.
Alexandra: We've been planning this for months.
Dimitri M: Wow, thank you so much. I'm very touched.
Tatiana: And so am I. Looks at the table and the decorations of the room. This is so beautiful. 
Maria: We made all of this while Olga was keeping you busy.
Tatiana: Turns to Olga. Ah, that's why you were keeping me away from the lodge. Olga, you are sneaky.
Olga: Laughs. Yeah, I guess I am.
Dimitri P: Comes up to Tatiana and Dimitri. So, cousins, how do you find your party?
Tatiana: It's wonderful, Dimitri. We love it.
Dimitri M: Oh yes, we do. I have to admit everyone kept the secret very well. We had no idea there was going to be a party, nor that any of you were coming. 
Dimitri P: I wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Anastasia: Tanya, Dimitri. Come over here. Shows them the bottles of wine on the table. This is from my Ivan and I.
Tatiana: Dimitri, this wine...
Dimitri M: It's the one from our wedding!
Anastasia: Do you like it?
Tatiana: Of course, we do. We love it. Hugs her little sister. Thank you, Imp.
Maria: Hands them her album. Here is my present.
Dimitri M: Tatiana and he look through it. Mashka, thank you so much. This is very sweet.
Olga: Takes Tatiana by the hand. If you still have time for another gift, there's something I want to show you. Look who's behind this door. Opens it...
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Opens it.  Standing there are Nagorney, Anya, Sophia, Sandra, Vlad and Natalia...
Tatiana:  Wha...
Nagorney, Anya, Sophia, Sandra, Vlad and Natalia:  SURPRISE!
Tatiana:  What?  How??
Anya:  Your sisters contacted all of us weeks ago, and told us about your anniversary party.
Vlad:  We couldn't miss it.  So we all made arrangements to come here to celebrate it with you.
Sandra:  Are you surprised?
Tatiana: Looks back at Olga.  I sure am!

Later, at dinner...

Nagorney:  So, it's true.  You went to Mars?
Alexei:  Yes, Kole and I went there.  It was incredible.  Tells the guests about the trip to Mars.
Kole:  Of course, none of you can mention this to anyone. According to history, humans don't set foot on Mars until the next century.
Sophia:  Of course we'll keep your secret.  It's just incredible, you actually set foot on another world.
Anastasia:  Most of us did.  Tells them about the Amulet Of Hogthor. 
Sandra:  Where is this Amulet now?
Sam:  Back in 2011, with my family.  Explains.
Sandra:  Oh, I see.  Still, Sam, it's good to see you up and around again.
Natalia:  Yes, you were in that coma when we all left Russia.  Of course, we were informed when you woke up, but it's good to see you.
Anya:  Although, is it true you don't have your powers anymore?
Sam:  Yeah, it's true.  However, things have been good for me.  I recently adopted an orphaned boy.  His name is Gavriil.
Sophia:  Really?  Where is he?
Maria:  I saw him with the other children.  They'll be here in a few moments.
Sam:  And I'm going to Law School, or rather I'm going back.  Explains.
Anya:  Wow, a lot has been going on since we left.
Tatiana:  Anya, I have to ask, how are you, Sophia, and Sandra finding London?
Anya:  It's great.  We even got to meet your  Uncle George.
Anastasia:  You did?
Sophia:  Yeah, when he heard we had come to live in London, he sent for us. 
Nicholas:  How is George, by the way.
Anya:  He's great.  He wanted to come here himself, but he had too many other commitments and couldn't get out of them.
Olga:  Vlad, Natalia, how is Canada?
Natalia:  It's a beautiful country.  There is a large Russian ťmigrť population in the West.  That's where we live now.
Olga: I know.
Tatiana:  Perhaps we can visit someday.
Vlad:  We'd like that.
Maria:  Hey, here come the children now.
Sam:  And here's Gavriil...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A knock is heard at the front door and Anastasia answers it. Stand in front of her are Kerensky, Ella, and Nicholas of Romania.

Ella: I hope we're not too late for the party.
Anastasia: Of course not. Come on in.
Nicholas: Walks up. Kerensky, Ella. Good to see you. Turns to Prince Nicholas. You're Nicholas of Romania, right. Nice to meet you.
Prince Nicholas: Nice to meet you too, Sir.
Nicholas: Call me Nicholas. This is a family reunion. No need to be formal.
Prince Nicholas: Very well, Si... Uh, Nicholas.
Kerensky: Well, I'm sorry we're late. Our train was delayed.
Nicholas: That's okay. You're still on time for Tatiana and Dimitri's party.
Ella: Where are they, by the way?
Anastasia: In the dining room. Everyone is waiting for you there. Please, come this way....

After dinner, with Vlad and the Little Pair...

Vlad: So I heard you met my namesake.
Maria: Vlad the Impaler. Yes, she did, thanks to the Amulet. And guess what?
Anastasia: Mashka! That's for me to tell the story.
Maria: Rolls her eyes. Okay, fine.
Vlad: So?
Anastasia: Very excited. So guess what? HE WAS A VAMPIRE!
Maria: Did you have to scream it into our ears, Nastya?
Anastasia: Yeah, I had to. Just imagine, I'm the first person who found evidence about it.
Olga: Comes in. And what about me? I was on the watch while you searched in his room and it's me who actually discovered that he was a vampire.
Vlad: I'd like to hear that story.
Anastasia: Well, it all started when...

With Tatiana and Ella...

Tatiana: Thank you very much for coming, Aunt Ella. I'm very touched. I know you don't really like to leave your convent.
Ella: Well, your sister was very persuasive. She said you'd be very pleased if I would come.
Tatiana: Yes, that's true. I am.
Ella: And I'm glad I agreed to come here. This enabled me to see all of you again, as well as my little great-nephews and nieces.  They have all grown a lot, by the way.
Tatiana: I know. Can you imagine, it's been ten years since Dimitri and I got married. My, how time flies.
Ella: Things have changed a lot over that decade. Look at you now,  you're happily married to the man you love, you and he have five beautiful children.   You're working as a doctor at your own medical Center.
Tatiana: All things that would be unthinkable ten years ago.
Ella: Yeah. As I said, things have changed. But they've changed for the better.
Tatiana: I agree to that. I wouldn't want to turn the clock back. 

With Olga, her Dimitri and Prince Nicholas...

Prince Nicholas: That was a great party. Thank you for inviting me.
Olga: It's who we who should thank you.  You helped us a lot in Romania.
Prince Nicholas: I'm glad I could be of help. My brother can be a real nuisance sometimes. 
Dimitri C-B: I know. Now I'm sure he's holding a grudge against you. You better watch your back.
Prince Nicholas: Don't worry about me. Carol is not in Romania anymore. He's in Italy. We thought it was better if he was out of the country for a while.

Soon after, when Olga and her Dimitri are alone...

Dimitri C-B: I wish I could tell Nicholas about Carol and his intrigues.
Olga: You know you can't. It's part of the future.
Dimitri C-B: I know. Still I wish I could warn him.
Olga: And so do I, but it's impossible. So don't think about it anymore. 
Dimitri C-B: You're right. Let's join the others, shall we...
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Soon after, Kole finds Sam outside the lodge...

Kole:  What are you doing hiding out here?
Sam:  I'm not hiding, Kole.  I just wish...
Kole:  You wish your family could be here too?
Sam:  You read my mind.
Kole:  It wasn't hard to figure it out.  Family and friends gathering like this is bound to bring up feelings.  I feel it to, Sam.
Sam:  Do you now?
Kole:  Don't forget my family is farther into the future than yours is.  In fact, if you don't mind, Sam, when the Amulet is charged again, I was thinking of taking Alexei to 2071 to meet my own family.
Sam:  Of course I don't mind, Kole.  You have a lot to tell your family.  Your trip to Mars, for example.
Kole:  That's true.    Mind you, it's possible they already know. 
Sam:  Yeah, they could.
Kole:  Shall we go back in?
Sam: Sure, let's go.

And so...

Alexei:  Where did you two disappear to?
Kole:  Just some girl talk.
Sam:  It's sorted out now.
Maria:  Walks up.  Hey, everyone, we're about to sit down to dinner.
Alexei:  Let's go.

Everyone is seated at the dinner table, enjoying the meal, when Dimitri M stands up...

Dimitri M:  Can I have everyone's attention please.
Tatiana: Covers her face with her hands.  Oh no...
Anastasia:  Whispers to Maria.  Poor Tanya, she never did like being the center  of attention.
Maria:  That is so true.
Dimitri M:  I just want to say that, for ten wonderful years, I have been married to an angel.  I remember those dark days of 1918, when I thought I had lost her forever, how empty my life would be.  Then, she walked into that McDonald's where I was then working, and I knew I had been given a second chance. 
Anastasia:  Yeah, and poor Tanya fainted dead away.
Tatiana stares dagger eyes at Anastasia.
Dimitri M:  Ahem!  Anyway, we were together again, and have been even since.  Raises his glass.  To my Goddess, Tatiana.
Tatiana:  Honoured, but still looks like she wants to disappear under the table.  Thank you, everybody.


Tatiana:  You really caught me off guard there.
Dimitri M:  I know.  I hope I didn't embarrass you too much.  I know you'd rather not have that much attention on you.
Tatiana:  Smiles.  It's okay, Dimitri.  Your heart was in the right place, and I love you for that.
Dimitri M:  And I love you too...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

After dinner, outside...

Alexandra: So, Tanya and Dimitri, I hope you enjoyed your party. 
Tatiana: Very much so, Mama. 
Dimitri M: Yes. Thank you all very much. It was a pretty amazing surprise.
Tatiana: I couldn't have said it any better myself .We were both stunned when you all showed up shouting "Happy wedding anniversary". Neither of us expected that. 
Nicholas: As you said, it was supposed to be a surprise, so I'm glad you didn't suspect anything until we were ready.
Tatiana: Well, I had noticed Olga and the Little Pair were up to something, but I had no idea what it was about. 
Alexandra: Yeah, it's hard to keep a secret in a family. Still we managed to do it somehow, since you two didn't find out what we were planning.
Dimitri M: That's because we're not as sneaky as Anastasia. Had it been her party, she WOULD have find out.
Anastasia: Walks up. That's true. I would have. I'm not the Imp for nothing.
Alexandra: Oh, we all know that. Your reputation is well established.
Nicholas: Looks at his watch. How about going back inside? It's getting late.
Tatiana: Looks at her watch too. Yes, you're right. Where are the children, Nastya?
Anastasia: They're playing with their toys somewhere in the house.
Tatiana: I'm going to put them to bed. It's time for them to go to sleep.
Anastasia: Yawns. I'm off to bed myself. I'm tired.
Alexandra: And me too. Goodnight everyone.

Meanwhile, Olga is speaking to her guests...

Olga: I was thinking, why don't you all remain here til January 1st? We will celebrate it together. What do you say?
Nargorney: I'm fine with that. I'm currently on leave, so I can stay here for a couple more days.
Dimitri P: Count me in, Olga. I'm staying here too.
Xenia, Olga A, Misha, Ella and Kerensky say yes too.
Natalia: You can add us too.
Prince Nicholas: And me too.
Sandra: After speaking to Anya and Sophia. As well as us.
Olga: Excellent. It's settled then. Rodionov and Sablin will be here too. They couldn't make it for Tatiana and Dimitri's party but they promised me they will be here for the New Year.

So, January 1st 1929...

Family and friends are gathered to celebrate the New Year in Spala when an unexpected guest shows up.
Tatiana: Uncle George!
Nicholas: George! What are you doing here?
George V: Well, I missed Tatiana and Dimitri's party, so I had to make it for January 1st. Happy New Year, everybody. Turns to Tatiana and Dimitri M. And Happy belated wedding anniversary, you two.
Dimitri M: Thank you. Happy New Year right back at you, Uncle George.
Alexandra: I'd like to propose a toast. Raises her glass. To this New Year 1929. May it be full of happiness and joy for every one of us.
All: Amen to that...
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At that point, Kole and Sam exchange a glance.  Soon after, Alexei gets Kole alone...

Alexei:  Kole, what was that all about?
Kole:  What do you mean?
Alexei:  That glance you and Sam exchanged when we all said "Amen".
Kole:  Oh, you noticed. 
Alexei:  Yeah, I did.  So...
Kole:  Well, Sam and I come from the future, so all this is history to us.   This year, 1929, is when the Great Depression will start?
Alexei:  The big economic collapse you told us about years ago.
Kole:  Yes, and Germany will be very hardly hit.
Alexei: Because of all the war reparations from the last war.
Kole:  Which will help Hitler take power in 1933.  All the bad things that are going to happen in the next decade leading up to World War II start this year.
Alexei:  I can see why you and Sam were a little upset.
Kole:  Please don't mention this to the others.  I don't want to spoil the party for everyone else.
Alexei:  I won't, Kole.


Dimitri M:  So, Tatiana, what do you think?
Tatiana:  I'm still overwhelmed.  All the guests that came here, some from thousands of miles away, just to celebrate with us.
Dimitri M:  So, ten years.
Tatiana:  I know.  Where does the time go.  Dimitri....
Dimitri M:  Yes?
Tatiana:  There was a reason I fainted when I saw you at that McDonald's that day.  I'd heard you were dead, killed in the final days of the revolution.
Dimitri M:  And I head the same thing about you.  That the Bolsheviks had murdered you and your whole family. 
Tatiana:  I guess, what with everything that was going on at the time, the news got jumbled for both of us.
Dimitri M:  Considering the country was in total chaos, I would have to agree.  However, we found each other again.  That is all that matters now.
Tatiana:  Smiles at her husband.  Yes, it is.


Nicholas:  Isn't it a wonderful party, Sunny?
Alexandra:  It sure is.  I'm glad everyone could make it.
Nicholas:  Olga and the Little Pair sure pulled it off.
Alexandra:  They sure did.
The Little Pair walk up.
Anastasia:  What are you two talking about?
Alexandra:  Just how much you and your sisters put all this together for Tatiana and Dimitri.
Olga:  Yes, we pulled it off.
Maria:  Did anyone notice that glance that Kole and Sam exchanged when we all said "Amen"?
Anastasia:  I did.  I wonder what it meant.
Maria:  Well, let's go find one of them and ask...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**


Maria: Sam, if you can have a moment...
Sam: Yes?
Olga: We'd like to ask you something. That glance you and Kole exchanged during the New Year toast. What was that about?
Sam: Well...
Anastasia: Well what?
Sam: I'm not sure you want to hear the answer.
Maria: Yes, we do. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.
Sam: Very well. Goes on explaining about the Great Depression and its consequences.

Olga: Goes pale.  So this is the year it all begins.
Sam: Unfortunately yes.
Anastasia: This is unfair. Millions of people are going to suffer and there's nothing whatsoever we can do to stop it.
Sam: This is why I didn't want to tell you about it in the first place. I knew it would upset you.
Maria: Of course it does. Don't tell me you're not upset too.
Sam: Of course I am. Pauses. Look, everyone, this is the New Year. We should all be happy about it. There's no use worrying about a fixed event since it will happen anyway, whether we like it or not.  
Anastasia: Sighs. Yes, you're right. It's pointless.  

Soon after...

Sam: Nicky, I was wondering. When are we going back to St. Petersburg?
Nicholas: In two days, I think. Why?
Sam: I just got a mail from my children. They will be in town next week.
Alexandra: So the Amulet is recharged.
Sam: Yes. Alexei and Kole will be able to visit Kole's parents now.
Alexei: Enters. Well, that's great. And I'm glad about your kids, Sam.
Sam: Thank you.
Alexei: I'm going to tell the good news to Kole...
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And so...

Kole:  That is wonderful news.  I can't wait for introduce you to my parents.  And they have to see Marie, she is their granddaughter, after all.
Alexei:  We can tell them about our trip to Mars.
Kole:  They will be happy to know that I finally made it there.
Alexei:  Yeah, we beat everyone else there by more than a century.


Tatiana:  Hey, Imp.
Anastasia:  Yeah?
Tatiana:  I notice that you've been limping a bit lately.
Anastasia:  It's these stupid bunions on my feet.  They've been acting up lately.
Tatiana:  Well, that is what I wanted to tell you.  There are surgical techniques now to remove them.  If you like, when we get home, I'll perform one on you.
Anastasia:  You mean my feet would be normal?  No more special shoes and stuff like that.
Tatiana:  Yes, you could have normal shoes.
Anastasia:  Whoa...
Tatiana:  Think it over, Nastya.  I don't need your answer right away.
Anastasia:  Okay, I will

At that same time...

Nicholas:  Well, I think the party went well.
Alexandra:  Me too.  It was nice that we came here to Spala to celebrate.
Nicholas:  Instead of one of us coming here to get away from something.  I think the Romanov Retreat For Problems is now a thing of the past.
Alexandra:  Nicky, don't jinx it!
Nicholas:  Laughs.  Sorry about that.

Soon after...

Dimitri M:  Hey, guys, I was thinking.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah?
Dimitri M:  Before we leave, we should go on a hunting trip.
Ivan S:  Excellent idea.
Ivan K:  Don't forget to invite Kole and Sam too.
Dimitri M:  Oh,, don't worry, I won't.  Lesson learned... 
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The evening of the next day... 

Olga: So how did the hunting go? 
Sam: Not bad, not bad at all. Kole and I have been rather lucky this time. 
Dimitri M: And so were we. Let's compare our numbers of kills. I'm sure we guys won against you ladies. 
Maria: Oh come on. Don't turn this into a men VS women competition again. 
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, I'd be careful if I were you, Dimitri. Keep it up with your macho speech and Kole and Sam will knock you out before you know it. Believe me, I'm speaking from experience.
Everyone laughs.
Anastasia: Anyway, guys, we should all start to pack our things, as we're leaving tomorrow.

The following day, after the return trip, when they are all back at Anichkov... 

Anastasia: Ivan, you know what Tatiana told me a couple of days ago? 
Ivan K: What? 
Anastasia: She said I can have a surgery for my feet if I want to. 
Ivan K: Really? I mean, I didn't know it was even possible.
Anastasia: Me neither, but apparently it is. Imagine, my feet would be normal. They wouldn't bother me anymore. 
Ivan K: That sounds really great. Are you going to say yes? 
Anastasia: I will. I'm getting fed up of wearing special shoes and all that stuff. 

Sometime later...

Tatiana: Comes out of the sick room. Yes, Imp? 
Anastasia: If you're not too busy... 
Tatiana: I'm not. I just finished examining Kole.   
Anastasia: And how is she? 
Tatiana: She's doing fine. She's kind of tired, which is normal. She's eight months pregnant, after all.
Anastasia: So it won't be long before we'll welcome another nephew or niece into our family. 
Tatiana: You'll have to wait a bit for that, Nastya. The birth is not expected before mid- February. Pauses. Anyway, why did you wanted to see me?
Anastasia: Well, I made up my mind.  I'm going for this feet operation.   
Tatiana: Okay then. I'll talk to Irina and we'll set a date. I have a very busy schedule, but I'll try my best to operate on you as soon as possible. 
Anastasia: Oh there's no hurry. I'm just glad I will eventually get rid of those damned bunions...
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And so...

Maria:  So, Nastya, you're going to go through with  the operation?
Anastasia:  Yeah, I am.  These bunions have been plaguing me most of my life.  It will be nice to be rid of them.
Maria:  When will the surgery take place?
Tatiana:  Arrives on the scene.  A few days from now.  A spot just opened up.
Anastasia:  So, what will happen exactly.
Tatiana:  Well, after the surgery is complete, you'll have to stay in the Center for a few days.  After which, until your feel heal from the surgery, you'll need a wheelchair to get around.
Anastasia:  Well, that's something I can live with, if it means I can finally wear normal shoes.
Tatiana:  Well, Nastya, I guess I have to tell you this.  24 hours before the surgery, no food or drinks.  Only water.  We can't risk any complications.
Anastasia:  Understood. 
Tatiana:  Good.  I'll call Irina and we'll begin to make preparations.

Alexei and Kole's apartment....

Alexei:  How are you feeling, Kole?
Kole:  I'm fine, Alexei.  I was thinking...
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  We need to come up with some names for the baby. 
Alexei:  Any suggestions?
Kole:  If it's another girl, I would like to name her Amanda.
Alexei:  After your mother?
Kole:  Yes.
Alexei:  That sounds good.
Kole:  And if it's a boy, George.  After my father.
Alexei:  I have no problem with that.  After all, our first child was named for someone on my side of the family.  It's only right that our second child should be named for someone after your side.
A knock is heard.  Alexei answers it.
Sam:  Just thought I'd check up on you two.
Kole:  Thanks, Sam, we're okay.  Where's Gavriil?
Sam:  Out like a light. I guess he had too much fun at Spala.
Kole:  Well, it's nice that he did.  Alexei and I were just discussing names for our upcoming baby.  Explains.
Sam:  Those are good choices.
Alexei:  So, Sam, how are you feeling?
Sam:  Good, knowing that my kids will be able to visit soon.  Now that we know how the Amulet works, we can be careful with it.
Kole:  I've always wondered where Lothos got it from in the first place.
Sam:  Actually, I sent a letter to my family, asking that question.  They asked the Winchester boys to help.
Alexei:  The Winchester boys?  The ones that found you after that building blew up?
Sam:  Yes, them.  Anyway, they discovered that the Amulet originated in the ancient Sumerian civilization.  It was made by a wizard who was friends with King Gilgamesh.
Kole:  The legendary Gilgamesh?
Sam:  Yep.  Anyway, why Gilgamesh wanted it, I don't know.  What I do know is that the Amulet changed hands over the following centuries, until it ended up in Mystic Falls.
Alexei:  With your vampire friends.
Sam:  And it stayed there until  Lothos stole it.  You both know the rest.
Kole:  Well, at least we know that Amulet is being used for good.  As you know, Alexei and I are planning to visit my family in 2071.
Sam:  I know.  I'll get to see my family, and you'll get to see yours.  A good balance, I'd say...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

A few days later, Gavriil returns from school...

Gavriil: How was Law School, Mom?
Sam: Oh good. For now it's mostly revision to me, as I already know the basics. Still it was interesting and I did learn a few things. And how was your day?
Gavriil: Well, school was great, but I have a massive amount of homework to do. I'd better go to my room and start work on it.
Sam: Before that, I'd like to show you something. Look who came here for a visit.
Gavriil: Sees Gharman standing behind Sam. Hey, good to see you, mate!
Gharman: You too, dude. It's been a long time.
Gavriil: Yeah, two months. 
Sam: Alaina, Jaelyn and Carley are in my room. They're unpacking their things.
Gavriil: I'm going to go see them.
Gharman: By the way, you said you a lot of homework to do. Perhaps I can help you with that if you like.
Gavriil: Yeah, sure, I'd like that.


Gavriil: So how has it been in for you, back in San Francisco?
Gharman: Well, the same. Nothing much has happened. And you?
Gavriil: It has been quite hectic. We had a couple of big fights at Anichkov. During one of them, Olga's Dimitri got punched out  by Kole. 
Gharman: Wait, he's been punched out by a woman!?
Gavriil: Yep, and it's not the first time. Mom did it once too, few years ago. Explains.
Gharman: Laughs. Ah man, I wouldn't want to be in his place. Being punched out twice by ladies.
Gavriil: Laughs too. He sure was mortified, and most probably will never get over it.

Anichkov Palace...

Tatiana: Olga, Sam just called. Her children have just arrived.
Olga: I'm glad for her. She must be thrilled by their arrival. I know how much she missed them.
Tatiana: And I'm sure Kole misses her parents a lot too. She hasn't seen them in three years. 
Olga: Yes, she's certainly pretty happy to go back to 2071 for a while.
Tatiana: Anyway, Olga, I was wondering...
Olga: Yes?
Tatiana: Well, it has nothing to do with Sam or Kole, but I wanted to ask you something.
Olga: Go on.
Tatiana: Have you made up your mind about Anichkov? I mean, I don't want to push you, but I'd like to know if you wish to stay here for good or if you want to get back to your old apartment.
Olga: Dimitri and I haven't had much time to discuss this yet, because of your wedding anniversary to prepare, but we will. I'll let you know when we have made a decision.
Tatiana: Well, I hope you'll make the right one.
Olga: Smiles. Such as staying here once and for all?
Tatiana: Smiles back. Yes, something like that.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Sam: Gives the Amulet to Alexei. Here it is, Alexei. Since my kids are back in town, you can use it now.
Alexei: Thank you, Sam.
Sam: When do you think you will leave?
Alexei: After Anastasia's operation. Kole and I have decided we will wait until we're sure Nastya is okay.
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The next day, Anastasia and Ivan K are at the Center as Anastasia prepares to go in for surgery...

Ivan K:  I'll be waiting for you.
Anastasia:  Ivan, don't worry, I'll be fine.
Ivan K:  I hope so.
Anastasia:  It's just an operation on my feet, not open heart surgery.
Ivan K:  I know.  I'm just being overprotective.
Anastasia: Smiles.  I know.
At that point, Tatiana walks up.
Tatiana:  Nastya, we're ready.
Anastasia:  Okay, let's get this over with.
Ivan K:  I'll be right here in the waiting room.

Several hours later, the rest of the family has joined Ivan K in the waiting room, when Tatiana comes in...

Ivan K:  Well?
Tatiana:  The surgery was successful.  The Imp's feet will trouble her no more.
Olga:  Can we see her yet?
Tatiana:  No, she's still up in Recovery.  Perhaps tomorrow.
Ivan K:  I'll be here.
Maria:  We all will.

The next day, everyone comes back.  Ivan K first comes in alone...

Ivan K:  How is my Imp?
Anastasia:  In bed, her feet in casts.  Still feeling a little loopy.  As Tatiana said, I'm gonna be here for a few days.  How are the children?
Ivan K:  Fine.   They're waiting outside with the others, but Tatiana felt it would be more fitting if I saw you first.
Anastasia:  She was right.  Looks down at her feet.  Just think, Ivan, soon I'll be able to wear normal shoes.
Ivan K:  I know.

Outside the room...

Olga:  Tatiana.
Tatiana:  Yes?
Olga:  My Dimitri and I have reached a decision in regards to our living arrangements.
Tatiana:  And?
Olga:  We've decided to stay at Anichkov.
Tatiana:  Hugs her sister.  Oh, Olga, that's wonderful!
Olga:  Yeah, Elizabeth jumped for joy when we told her.  Remember, she didn't want to move in the first place.
Tatiana:  I know. 
Olga:  Besides, Sam and Gavriil have the apartment now.  I hear they're settling in nicely.
Tatiana:  Speaking of which.  I hope Sam has a nice visit with her children.
Olga:  Me too.
At that point, Ivan K comes out.
Nicholas:  Well?
Ivan K:  She's ready to see you all now.
Alexandra:  Good.
Tatiana:  However, we should keep it brief.  Right now Nastya needs rest.
All agree.

Later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Turns to Kole.  Are you ready?
Kole:  Holding Marie.  Ready as ever
Alexei:  Let's go then.  The two of them move closer together and husband, wife, and daughter vanish.

Bangor, Maine, 2071...

Kole:  We made it.
Alexei:  I can see that.  Which way to your house.
Kole:  Follow me.
They go to Kole's house, and Kole knocks.  Her mother, Amanda Munro, answers.
Amanda:  Kole!?  It is really you?
Kole:  It's me Mom.
Amanda:  Sees Alexei.  And this is your husband.
Alexei:  I am.  Pleased to meet you.
Amanda:  Her eyes fall on Marie.  Is this...
Kole:  Yes, this is Marie.  Your granddaughter.
Amanda:  Oh my God.  Oh come in, come in!
Soon Alexei is introduced to Kole's father, George.
George:  So we have a granddaughter now.
Kole:  Yes, Dad, this is little Marie.
George:  She's beautiful.
Amanda:  Oh, we must have a feast.  Then Kole can tell us all about living in the past.
George:  Yes, and how you went to Mars.
Kole:  You know about that?
Amanda:  It was on the news.  They found a rock on Mars on which was carved that you and Alexei were there in 1928.  Of course, everyone thinks it's a hoax.
Alexei:  It isn't.  I carved that rock myself, and hid it in a cave just before we returned to Earth.
George:  Tell us more.
Kole:  Well....

Meanwhile, back in 1929...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At Tatiana's Center, in Anastasia's room...

Maria: How are you feeling, Nastya?
Anastasia: Awful, really. And... Ow, OW! Mashka!
Maria: What? What's wrong?
Anastasia: Looks like she's in pain. Can you call Tatiana for me, please? My feet hurt a lot.
Maria: Sure. I'll call her right away. Presses the bell near Anastasia's bed. Soon after Irina comes in.
Irina: Yes? What can I do for you?
Maria: My sister is in pain. Can Doctor Malama come to see her?
Irina: I'm afraid she can't. She's in surgery right now. Examines Anastasia. I'm going to give you some analgesic to soothe the pain.
Anastasia: Oh yes, please do.   I would appreciate that.
Irina: Once Doctor Malama is available, she will come to see you.
Maria: Okay, thank you very much.

Sam and Gavriil's apartment...

Olga and Dimitri C-B knock at the door and Sam answers it.
Dimitri C-B: Hi, Sam. We just stopped by to say hello to your kids.
Sam: They have gone out to buy some pizzas, but they should be back before long.
Olga: Then we're gonna wait for them.
Dimitri C-B: Anyway, Sam. Olga and I have something to tell you.
Sam: Yes?
Dimitri and Olga smile at each other.
Dimitri C-B: Well, Sam, the apartment is all yours.
Olga: Yes. We're staying at Anichkov for good.
Sam: Tatiana must be overjoyed!
Dimitri C-B: She sure is. And Elisabeth too. She jumped for joy when she heard the news.
Sam: Gavriil will certainly jump for joy too. He likes living here.
They hear footsteps in the corridor and the excited voices of Gavriil and Sam's kids.
Sam: They're back. Great. Goes to the front door and opens it. Hey, kids, look who came to see you...

Later, at Tatiana's Center...

Tatiana: Enters Anastasia's room. Imp, I was told you were not feeling very well. Are you okay now?
Anastasia: Yes, I'm much better. Irina gave me some morphine and it really eased the pain in my feet.
Tatiana: I'm glad to hear that. If you're hurting again, don't hesitate to call me or Irina.
Anastasia: I will. Thank you, Doc.
Tatiana: Well, I'll let you rest now. I have other patients to see. I'll come back and see you later.

Anichkov Palace...

Nicholas: Alix, have you realized. It's been almost six months since my heart attack.
Alexandra: Yes, I know.
Nicholas: You remember, Tatiana prescribed me a six months rest at least. Now it's almost over, perhaps I can resume my full duties. If she gives me the go-ahead, that is.
Alexandra: Yes, it's for her to decide. She needs to examine you before giving you the all clear.
Nicholas: I know. I'll call the Center and will ask for a medical appointment with her.

And so...

Tatiana: Papa, the examinations show nothing wrong. You're good to go.  
Nicholas: At last! I could no longer bear that enforced rest.
Tatiana: Come on, Papa, it was for your own good. You needed that break.
Nicholas: Teases her. You're a fine one to talk. You never take a break from work, even when you're exhausted. Had you been in my situation, you would have found any excuse not to take that rest you forced me to take.
Tatiana: Laughs. As the saying goes, doctors make the worst patients.
Nicholas: That's SO true. Well, I'm off to see my Imp. How is she?
Tatiana: She's okay. She can't wait to be back home.
Nicholas: I can imagine. I'll keep her company. See you later, Tanya.

Sometime later, with Olga and Nicholas...

Nicholas: Tells her about his medical check. So now I can relieve you of the duties you temporarily took over in order to help me.
Olga: Oh I didn't do much. Just that Romanian trip and a few meetings at odd times.
Nicholas: Still I wanted to thank you for that. I know you did that against your will.
Olga: Well, actually...
Nicholas: Yes?
Olga: At first, it's true, I wasn't very keen on it. However bit by bit I started to find it interesting.
Nicholas: Really?
Olga: Yes. I'd like to get more involved in your duties from now on. If you're okay with that, of course.
Nicholas: I am. I'm glad you're finally take an interest in your role as the Heir.
Olga: Smiles. Yeah.Took me some time but I eventually got used to it.

With Sam and her children, somewhere in St. Petersburg.  They all are standing in front of a bar...

Gharman: Fancy a drink? It's my round.
Alaina: That'll be Orangina for me.
Sam: And for me too.  
Gavriil: I'll have a Pepsi.
Carley: Ditto.
Gharman: Okay. Let's get inside. Goes into the bar, followed by his family, and walks up to the counter.  Hey, Alisa, I thought I'd find you here.
Alisa: Surprised. Hey?! Gharman, right?
Gharman: Grins. Right. Turns to the others. This is my family. My mother and my siblings.
Sam: Alisa, nice to meet you.
Alisa: You too. So you're Gharman's mom.  
Sam: Yes. I'm Sam. And this is my other son Gavriil, and my daughters Alaina, Jaelyn and Carley.
Alisa: Pleased to meet you all. What can I do for you?
Gharman: We'd like  something to drink. Coffee for me, Orangina for my Mom and Alaina, and Pepsi for the younger ones.
Alisa: Got it. I'll bring you your drinks right away..
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Bangor, Maine, 2071...

Amanda:  So, Kole, you're pregnant again, I see.
Kole:  Yes, I'm eight months along now.
George:  What are you going to name the new baby.
Kole:  Well, I was going to name it after one of you.
Alexei:  Since our first baby was named after my grandmother, we felt that our second should carry one of your names.
Amanda:  Touched.  We're honoured.  Goes over and hugs Kole.  We're just so happy you're here, Kole.  When NASA said your shuttle was lost, we felt our world had ended.
George:  After losing your brother, and then you, we were devastated.
Kole:  I know, Mom and Dad, I know. 
Amanda:  Then Rick told us you were alive.  He saw you, a few months back.
Kole:  When the Bermuda Triangle brought us all into 2071.  I'm so sorry I didn't get to see either of you then, but we had limited time, before we had to go back.
Amanda:  We understand, Kole.  We were just glad that you were alive.
George:  Even if you were more than a century in the past.
Kole:  Yeah, but things did turn out well for me.  Looks at Alexei and Marie.
George:  We know, Cookie.
Alexei:  Breaks into a grin and looks at Kole.  Cookie!?
Kole:  Goes red.  Yeah, Cookie...
Alexei:  Well, are you going to explain that one?
Kole stays silent.
Amanda:  When Kole was a little girl, she loved cookies.  Couldn't get enough of them. 
George:  She was always going around saying "Cookie!"  "Cookie!"  Hence the nickname.
Alexei can't help but laugh.

Later, Kole is showing Alexei around Bangor...

Alexei:  Where to next, Cookie?
Kole:  Alexei, I love you dearly.  However, if you call me "Cookie" one more time, Olga's Dimitri will be in good company in having his ego bruised by being knocked out by me!
Alexei:  Puts his hands up, smiling.  Okay, Kole, I get it.  Sorry about that.
Kole:  Laughs.  I was just kidding about that.
Alexei:  I know.
Kole:  Well now we should...  Stops and clutches her stomach.  Ow!  Ow!
Alexei:  Kole, are you okay!?
Kole:  Does it look like...  OW!  I'm okay.  Looks down.  Oh no, my water just broke!
Alexei:  But you're not due for weeks.
Kole:  OW!  The baby has other...  OW!  ....ideas...   Looks like, OW, your sisters are not the only ones to have babies early.
Alexei:  I'll call Tatiana at once!
Kole:  That might be a bit hard.... OW!
Alexei:  Slaps his forehead.  Of course, I forgot where, and when, I am!
Kole:  Central Maine General Hospital is not far...
Alexei:  I'll take you there now!

And so...

George and Amanda:  Just arrived with Marie.  Thanks for calling us, Alexei.
Alexei:  You're welcome.
George:  Where is Kole?
Alexei:  They took her in a few moments ago.  A Dr. Ellen Bist...
Amanda:  Ellen is a family friend.  We're known her for years.
Alexei:  Yeah, well Dr. Bist took charge of the situation.
George:  That's good to know.
At that point, Dr. Bist comes out.
Dr. Bist:  Congratulations, George and Amanda, you're grandparents again.
Alexei:  I'm Kole's husband.
Dr. Bist:  Well, then congratulations to you too.  It's a girl!
Everyone is happy.
Alexei:  Hear that, Marie, you have a sister!
Amanda:  Can we see her?
Dr. Bist:  Come on in.

Soon, everyone is in Kole's hospital room.  Kole is holding her and Alexie's second daughter.

Kole:  Mom, meet your namesake, Amanda Romanov.
Amanda:  I'm honoured.
Alexei:  She's beautiful Kole.  Holds Marie up.  Marie, meet your new sister.
George:  How did it go.
Kole:  Don't worry, Dad, I'm fine.  Dr. Bist did a good job.
Amanda:  I must say, that this was a nice surprise.
Kole:  Tell me about it, Mom.
Alexei:  Well, we're going to have quite a surprise in store for the others when we get back to 1929.

Speaking of which, back in Russia, 1929...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Russia, 1929, three days after Anastasia's operation, Anichkov...

Anastasia: Enters in the palace in a wheelchair that is being ushed by Ivan K. Ivan, it feels so good to be home! 
Paul: Runs into her arms. Mama! You're back!
Anastasia: Hugs him. Oh Paul, I missed you.
Maria: I took care of him, Samantha, and Catherine while your Ivan was at the Center with you.
Anastasia: Thank you, Mashka. I hope they haven't been too much trouble for you.
Maria: Uh, they haven't been the perfect angels, but at least they haven't spilled paint all over the place. So yeah, let's just say that they have been rather well-behaved.
Anastasia: Where are the girls?
Ivan S: In the nursery. They're taking their nap.
Olga: Do you want us to wake them up so you can say hello to them?
Anastasia: No, let them rest. I'm going to unpack my stuff first. I'll come to see them after they wake up.
Ivan K: Begins to push her wheelchair towards the lift. Here, Imp, let me help you.
Anastasia: It's okay, honey. I can manage.
Ivan K: Are you sure?
Anastasia: Ivan, I'm not an invalid. My feet may be in plaster right now, but my arms are still functional. I can make the wheelchair move with my hands.
Ivan K: Sorry, for the second time this week, I'm being overprotective. 
Anastasia: Smiles. Well, I don't mind. Actually it's cute the way you're fussing over me. Anyway, if you want to help me, can you carry my suitcase to my room? 
Ivan K: Sure. I'll get right on it.

Some hours later, Olga, the two Dimitri's and Ivan S are out to pick the children up at school, while Ivan K has taken Paul for a walk. So Anastasia and Maria are left alone at the Palace with the younger children.  In the nursery, Anastasia and Maria are chattering while their kids are playing together, when suddenly...

Maria: Sees that Mikhail has picked up something on the floor. What is that, Misha? A kopeck? No, you can't play with that. Give it to me. Before she can stop him, he brings the kopeck to his mouth and swallows it. He soon starts to choke. Oh MY GOD! TATIANA! TATIANA! COME HERE QUICKLY!
Anastasia: She's not here. She's still at the Center.
Maria: Panicked. What? So what do we do?
Anastasia tries to call Tatiana with her mobile but she's so stressed than she's unable to dial the number.
Anastasia: I can't dial the number. My hands are shaking so hard.
Maria: Give me your mobile. Calls Tatiana.
Tatiana: Voice on the phone. Yes?
Maria: Tatiana, Mikhail swallowed a coin!
Tatiana: Is he breathing?
Maria: No, he's not. Please, Tanya, get back here quickly!
Tatiana: Mashka, listen to me very carefully. You're going to do exactly what I'll tell you, do you understand?
Maria: Y...Yes.
Tatiana: Okay. First give him five back blows. 
Maria: Does what Tatiana said. Okay. What's next?
Tatiana: Now give him five abdominal thrusts.
Maria: Abdominal thurst? How do I do that?
Tatiana: Stand behind Mikhail and wrap your arms around his waist.
Maria: Does so. Okay. 
Tatiana: Make a fist with one of your hands and grab it with your other hand. Then give five thrusts into his abdomen. Alternate with the back blows until he spits out the coin.
Soon after Maria does this first aid intervention...
Maria: Tatiana! He's breathing again!
Tatiana: Oh thanks God! Did he spit out the coin?
Maria: Yes, he just did.
Tatiana: Excellent. I'm on my way back home. I should be there in a few minutes.
Maria: Does Mikhail need to go the Center?
Tatiana: No, he doesn't. He's breathing again. That means he's fine.
Maria: Thank you for everything, Tatiana. 
Tatiana: You're welcome, Maria. Ends the call.
Anastasia: Mashka, I'm sorry I wasn't too much of a help.
Maria: Imp, it's not your fault. You're confined to this wheelchair. How on Earth could you have helped me?
Anastasia: That phone call I was unable to make. I'm so sorry. I freaked out. My nerves got the best of me.
Maria: Stop blaming yourself. It can happen to anyone. Anyway, how about some hot coffee to regain our composure?
Anastasia: I'm in.
Maria: Well then, I'm going downstairs to turn on the coffee maker. In the meantime can you keep an eye on the kids?
Anastasia: Of course. I'll call you if something happens. Maria nods and goes down the stairs.
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Bangor, Maine, 2071.  It has now been a few days since Kole gave birth to little Amanda.  Everyone is back in the Munro house...

Kole: Holding Amanda.  Our daughter is here.
Alexei:  I know.
Big Amanda:  I wish...
Kole: Yes, Mom?
Big Amanda:  I wish we could keep in touch.
Kole:  Me too.
Suddenly, Castiel appears.
Alexei:  Hey, it's Sam's friend.
Castiel:  Yes, I'm here to grant your wish, Kathryn Munro Romanova.
Kole: You are?
Castiel:  Holds up a Magic Mail Box.  This is like the one Samantha Cohen has.  Places the box down on the dining room table.  I've already delivered a second one to your apartment in 1929.
Alexei:  So Kole and her parents can send letters back and forth.
Castiel:  Correct.  Farewell. Vanishes.
George:  Could someone please explain what just happened here?
Kole:  Yes, I can.  Explains.
George:  So we can keep in touch, even though you are living in Russia over a century ago?
Kole:  Yes, we can.
Big Amanda:  Good.

Later, Kole and Alexei are out at a bar, having Cokes...

Alexei:  Nice of your parents to watch Marie and Amanda while we came here.
Kole:  Yeah, it's been a while for me.
Alexei:  You've been here before.
Kole:  This is the bar I used to come when I was in Air Force training.
Alexei:  So when that guy hit on you, the one you punched out.  That happened here?
Kole:  Yeah, it did.  However, I won't let that one bad incident spoil my good memories of this place.
Alexei:  I agree.

However, what Kole doesn't know is that the guy she punched out, Mike Baxter, is in the bar.  He sees Kole, but she doesn't see him.
Mike: Thinking.  It's that bitch that punched me out!  I thought she was lost.  Well, she wish she was lost.  I'll teach her to punch me out.  Pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

The Munro house, the next morning.  Someone knocks at the door and Kole answers it.  Standing there are two Military Policemen...

Kole:  Yes?
MP 1:  We're looking for Kathryn Munro.
Kole:  That's me.
MP 2:  Kathryn Munro, you are under arrest for the charge of desertion from the United States Air Force. 
Kole:  WHAT!?
Alexei:  Arrives on the scene.  See here, this is my wife you're arresting!
MP 1:  We have our orders.  I suggest you call a lawyer.  Your wife is gonna need it. 
Alexei watches as Kole is cuffed and taken away.

Later, at the Air Force Base Prison...

Alexei:  Don't worry, Kole, we'll get you out of here.
Kole:  Behind the bars.  Damn, I should have realized this could happen.
Alexei:  How? 
Kole:  Alexei, I've been living in the past for over three years now.  However, in 2071, it's only been a few months since I disappeared.  They don't realize that years have passed for me.
Alexei:  I'll tell them about us.  About how you ended up in the past.
Kole:  Yeah, and they'll lock you up in a psych ward and throw away the key.  The military mind does not easily accept things like the Bermuda Triangle and such.  I never believed myself, until I ended up going through it myself.
Alexei:  So, these people think you just deserted?
Kole:  Yes.
Alexei:  Well, I'm getting you out of there....  Falls silent.  I have an idea!
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  Smiles.  Listen...

Later, back at the Munro house, Alexei is writing a letter...

Big Amanda:  Are you sure this will work?
Alexei:  Positive.  Holds up the letter.  It's finished.
George:  Now what?
Alexei:  Now we set my idea in motion.  Takes the letter and places it in the Magic Mail Box.

Back at the Air Force Base, the Base Commander, General Alan Jordan gets a call from Joseph Scott, the President Of The United States...

General Jordan:  Mr. President!?  I wasn't expecting...
President Scott:  On a wall view screen.  It has come to my attention that you're holding a woman, Kathyn Munro.  Is that correct?
General Jordan:  Yes, I am.  She's being detained for desertion.
President Scott:  I see.  You will release her at once.
General Jordan:  What!?
President Scott:  Did I stutter?
General Jordan:  No sir.  I'm just wondering why?
President Scott:  The Russian Government has filed a protest with the State Department over this.  Seems Ms. Munro is married to a member of the Russian Imperial Family.  They asked the Russian Government to seek Ms. Munro's release.  With the trade talks coming up, we don't want to rock the boat over this one minor incident.
General Jordan:  Sir, I don't see how...
President Scott: General, this debate is over!  Unless you want to end up doing KP duty in Antarctica for the next five years, I suggest you do as I say!
General Jordan:  Knowing he's lost.  Yes sir.

Later, at the Munro house...

Kole:  Back home.  Alexei, how did you do it?
Alexei:  Simple.  I wrote a letter to the current Tsarina of Russia, Tatiana, which explained what happened to you.  I then sent that letter back to 1929, via the Magic Mail Box.  When we go back, I'll place the letter in our Family Archives, with instructions that it be delivered to Tsarina Tatiana on this day.
Kole:  And she read it and arranged my release.
Alexei:  Exactly.  I just wish I knew how they knew you were back.
Kole:  Oh, I found out about that.  Explains.
Alexei:  So that creep wanted revenge for you punching him out.
Kole:  Yes.  However, it looks like he won't be getting it.
Alexei:  Good.
Kole:  Come on, Alexei, Mom says dinner is ready.
Alexei:  Right behind you.

Back in Russa, 1929...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Olga, the Dimitri's and the Ivan's have been informed by telephone of what happened to Mikhail.  They now arrive at Anichkov and rush into the nursery.

Olga: How is he, Mashka? Is he okay?
Maria: Yes, he's breathing normally. Tatiana said there's no need to be worried.
Ivan S: Oh thanks goodness.  Takes his son in his arms. Misha, you just scared us to death!
Maria examines the floor while the others continue to speak.
Anastasia: What are you doing, Maria?
Maria: I'm making sure there are no other coins lying on the floor. I can't figure out how this one ended up there.
Dimitri M: It must have fallen out of one of our pockets.
Maria: Hmm, I guess. Finishes her examination. Well, there's no other coins lying around.
Tatiana: Comes in the room at that moment. Good thing.
Ivan S: Turns to her. Tatiana. Thanks for saving my son's life.
Tatiana: Thank your wife instead. Mashka did all the work. I just guided her by phone.
Olga: It's a good thing you knew the first aid techniques, Tanya.
Tatiana: I'm a doctor, Olga. Of course I know them.
Maria: On this point, Tatiana, I'm thinking maybe we should all learn how to do them. That could be useful.
Ivan S: Considering what happened today, I agree with Mashka.
Tatiana: I approve your decision. If you all willing to do that... All nod. Excellent. The St. Petersburg Red Cross organizes first aid courses every month. I will contact them and see when their next session begins.

Later, Maria goes into the kitchen and sees that Ivan S is cooking something with Elisabeth, Victoria, and Little Alexandra.

Victoria: Aunt Maria, Uncle Ivan is showing us how to make a cake.
Elisabeth: Yes, it's for Aunt Sam and her children. They're coming for tea.
Maria: Ah okay, I see.
Ivan S: So, Angel, how do you find our cake?
Maria tastes it and grimaces.
Ivan S: What? Is it awful?
Maria: Tries not to laugh. Uh, well... Suddenly she bursts into laughter. It reminds me of the cake you made me at the Ipatiev House for my birthday.
Ivan S: Is it as bad?
Maria: See for yourself.
Ivan S: Tastes the cake. Oh my, it's terrible.
Little Alexandra: Disappointed. Oh no. We messed it up.
Maria: Don't be disappointed. I'm going to show you how to make a real cake. How about that?
All the girls: YAY!
Maria: Turns to Ivan. Wanna give me a hand?
Ivan S: Smiles. Of course.
Maria: Right. Can you pass me the flour, please...

Sometime later...

Nicholas: Olga, there is a reception at the British Embassy this evening. Your mother and I are going. Do you want to join us?
Anastasia: Papa, you're asking Olga to come with you!? As if you didn't know what she would say.
Tatiana: Something like. Mimics Olga. " There's no way I'm coming. I'm not cut out to be the Heir!"
Maria: "Yeah, I would only screw it up, as usual!"
Anastasia: "Why was I born the eldest? Tatiana should be Tsarina, not me."
Olga: Shoots death glare at them. I was ACTUALLY going to say yes to Papa's offer.
Everyone is stunned.
Tatiana: What??
Nicholas: Didn't Olga tell you. She's taken an interest in her role as the Heir. She asked me if she could continue to share some of my duties.
Olga: Yes, that's true.
Maria: Who are you and what have done to my sister?!
Anastasia: Yeah, what happened to you, Olga? I will NEVER believe you've become interested in your royal duties.
Olga: You'd better believe it. This is no joke.

At tea time, Tatiana recounts to Sam the recent events...

Sam: Wow, I missed a lot. Looks at Anastasia with her feet in plaster. I'm sorry I've been away lately. I should have come to see you at the Center.
Anastasia: Don't be sorry, Sam. You were with your children, you wanted to spend time with them. I understand.
Sam: Yeah, I was so happy to be with them that I forgot everything else. Still it's no excuse. I should have...
Maria: Sam, we don't blame you. I would have done the same if I had not seen my kids for a long time.
Olga: And me too.
Tatiana: Same here.
Anastasia: I'll fourth that.
Sam: Thank you. Smiles and shows them her Magic Mail Box. Anyway, I have a bit of a news for you.
Alexandra: Yes?
Sam: I just got a message from Alexei and Kole.
Dimitri C-B: How is this possible? They're still in 2071.
Sam: Castiel. He gave them a Magic Mail Box. Explains. And so Alexei has been able to write me a letter, since I got a Magic Mail Box as well.
Nicholas: I see. And what does he say?
Sam: Seems they had a eventful stay. They will tell us all about it once they're back here. Ah, and they have a surprise for us.
Maria: What surprise?
Sam: He didn't say.
Anastasia: I can't wait to see that. What could it be? 
Sam: Guess we have to wait for their return to find out.
Alaina: Takes a piece of cake and tastes it. Whoa, it's delicious. Best cake I've ever eaten.
Gharman: I agree. Who cooked it?
Maria: The children, my Ivan, and me.
Sam: My compliments to the chefs. Turns to Olga. So, Olga, you're going to a reception tonight?
Olga: Yes, at the British Embassy. Explains.

And so, that evening, at the British Embassy...

Nicholas and Alexandra watch Olga smiling shyly at the arm of her husband, greeting and chatting with everybody.
Alexandra: She's doing great.
Nicholas: Yes, she is. I'm so proud of her.
Alexandra: And so am I. She's going to be a great Tsarina someday.
Nicholas: Grins proudly. I know. Offers Alexandra his arm. Let's join her, shall we?
Alexandra: Smiles back. Let's.
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Bangor, Maine, 2071.  Kole wakes up to find Alexei serving her breakfast in bed...

Kole:  Alexei?  What's going on?
Alexei:  Kole, don't you realize what day it is today?
Kole:  Uh, no I don't.  Time travel can play havoc with your sense of what day it is.
Alexei:  Happy Valentine's Day!
Kole:  What?
Alexei:  Yeah, today is Valentine's Day here in 2071.
Kole:  I didn't realize it.
Alexei:  I didn't either.  That is until I took a look at the nearest calendar.
Kole:  So, you're serving me breakfast in bed.
Alexei:  Yeah.  And I'm also taking you out to dinner tonight.  That restaurant you mentioned to me.
Kole:  Vincenzo's Fine Italian Cuisine.
Alexei:  Yeah, you mentioned that you liked to eat there when you were home on leave from the Air Force.   So that's where we're going this evening.
Kole:  Alexei, this is really to much.
Alexei:  Nothing is too much for the love of my life.
Kole:  Oh, my...

That evening, at Vincenzo's...

Kole:  This is great.
Alexei:  Yes, it sure is.  Once again I must thank your parents for watching Marie and Amanda for us.
Kole:  You really didn't have to ask them.  They love spending time with their new granddaughters. 
Alexei:  Yeah, I can tell.  Oh, I used the Magic Mail Box to send a letter home.
Kole:  You didn't mention Amanda.
Alexei:  No, I didn't.  However, I did say that we had a surprise for them.
Kole:  Yeah, we have.  Another member is added to the Romanov Family.
Alexei:  My sisters will be blown away.
Kole:  Yes, but...
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Please don't mention the Cookie nickname when we get back.  If Anastasia finds out, I'll never hear the end of it.
Alexei:  Don't worry, I won't.

A couple of days later, Alexei and Kole are ready to return home...

Kole:  Mom, Dad, I'm going to miss you both.
Amanda:  And we'll miss you, Kole.
George:  Still, with that Magic Mail Box, we'll keep in touch.
Kole:  We will.  Alexei and I will send you letters and pictures.  And I promise that we'll be back again.
Amanda:  I'm sure you will.
Goodbyes are said, and then Alexei, Kole, Marie and Little Amanda vanish, via the Amulet Of Hogthor.
Amanda:  I miss them already
George:  Me too.

Russia, 1929, Alexei, Kole, Marie, and Little Amanda appear in Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  We're back.  Looks at the two little girls.  Marie and Amanda are sleepy.  I'm going to put them to bed for a while.
Alexei:  Goes over to the Magic Mail Box.  Here is the letter I wrote to Tsarina Tatiana about your arrest, Kole.  I'm going to go put it in our Family Archives, where it will stay until 2071.  I'll also tell the others that we're back.  Also, I'm going to return the Amulet of Hogthor to Sam and her kids. 
Kole:  Good.  After Marie and Amanda have had their naps, we'll show the others our surprise.  Yawns.  I'm going to take a nap myself.
Alexei:  Okay, I'll see you later then...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Nicholas and Alexandra arrive, followed by Sam and her children.

Alexandra: Did you all get the same message from Alexei?
Olga: The one that says that he and Kole are back in town? Yes, we did.
Dimitri C-B: And I just got off the phone with him. They'll be here very soon. And they have something to show us.
Anastasia: Ah the big surprise. Finally we will know what it is.
While she's speaking, Alexei and Kole come in.
Alexei: Carrying his youngest daughter in his arms. Yes, Imp, you will. Smiles. Everyone, say hello to little Amanda.
Alexandra: Oh Alexei, Kole! She's so beautiful! Can I hold her?
Alexei: Of course. Passes the baby to Alexandra.
Tatiana: Oh my, Alexei. That was the surprise you were talking about?
Alexei: Yes. Kole went into labour while we were staying with her parents. I took her to the hospital, and she gave birth to Amanda. Sits down. That's not all. We have a lot to tell you, right, Kole? 
Nicholas: Go on, please.
Alexei: Remember that guy Kole punched out in that bar when she was in the Air Force Academy? Fills them in on his revenge, Kole's arrest, and President Joseph Scott's intervention.
Anastasia: Wow! The President of the United States called in person?!
Alexei: Yeah, that was pretty amazing. Turns to Sam. And so, Sam, how went your children's visit?
Sam: Great. It was really good to have them around, but unfortunately their stay has been too short. They have to go back to 2011 now.
Alexei: You will see them again in a couple of months, Sam. 
Sam: I know, I know. Still it's hard to say goodbye to them.

And so, at Sam and Gavriil's apartment...

Sam: Looks at her kids and sighs. Well, here we go again.Time for you to return to 2011.
Jaelyn: No.
Sam: What?
Gharman: No. We're not leaving.
Sam: I'm sorry??
Alaina: Mom, we're staying here. Sam wants to protest. No, hear me out. We DON'T want to leave you again. You have no idea how much we missed you during those two months.
Sam: Look, I missed you too. A lot. I wish you could stay here with me, but it's simply impossible.
Alaina: Why? Why don't you want us to live with you?
Sam: Because your lives are in 2011, not here. You belong there. You have your family, your friends, your school.
At the word "school", the children look uneasy.
Sam: What's going on?
Gharman: Well...
Sam: Yes?
Alaina: Mom, er... There's something you need to know. Explains to her that for the past few months, Gharman and she have been skipping school a lot, and Carley and Jaelyn's school marks have dropped considerably.
Sam: WHAT?! What happened?
Gharman: Since we learned that the power of the Amulet had been drained, and that we couldn't see you for several months, that really lowered our spirits.   
Jaelyn: Mom, you have to understand. We thought we could visit you anytime we wanted, and then BANG, it's taken away from us. We didn't have the heart to concentrate in school anymore. Sam gets up and walks towards the front door. Mom? Mom? Please?
Sam: Please, let me be. I... I need to be alone for a while. Leaves the apartment.

With Sam... 

Sam: I really am a failure as a mother. I had no idea my kids were feeling that bad. What on Earth can I do? I certainly can't let them stay with me, but I can't go and live in 2011 either.  I have Gavriil to take care of, and he belongs here. Seems we have hit a dead end. Thinks for a long time. Well, the best I can do is to go back to 2011 and stay with my kids for a while. Let's hope that will sort out their problem and help them to feel better. 

Later, Sam calls Maria...

Sam: Mashka, I have a favor to ask you. I have to go back to 2011 for some time. Would you mind looking after Gavriil while I'm gone?
Maria: Voice. Yeah, no problem. 
Gavriil: Who has been listening in. Hey, Mom, wait a minute. There's no way you're going without me. If you go, I go too.
Sam: To Maria. I'll call you back, okay. Hangs up. Gavriil, I'll be away for several weeks. You can't miss school for such a long time.
Gavriil: Hey, you have school too. Law school. And you'll be skipping it. Obviously it's not a problem for you, so why is me skipping school should be?
Sam: I will skip Law school,that's true. I'm doing this because I have no other choice. My kids need me.
Gavriil: I'm your child too. Why can't I...
Sam: Interrupts him. Don't make things any harder, Gavriil. I already had a hard time convincing Gharman and the girls to go back to 2011. They only agreed to do that when I told them I will go with them. 
Sam continues to talk with Gavriil. After a heated discussion, he comes around to Sam's point of view and agrees to stay at Anichkov.
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A short time later, Kole finds Sam in a bar...

Kole:  Don't tell me I'm going to have to drag you out of here.
Sam:  Relax, Kole, I'm just drinking a Coke here.
Kole:  Okay, I'll have one too. Is served her Coke.  So, I heard what happened.
Sam:  Yeah, I guess you would. 
Kole:  I'm guessing you're facing a tough choice.
Sam:  Understatement of the centuries.  Of both our centuries in fact.  Turns to Kole.  How could I have not known that Gharman and my other kids were neglecting their school work?
Kole:  Uh, Sam, you're in 1929 and they're in 2011. 
Sam:  Yes, but my parents could have told me via the Magic Mail Box.  Why didn't they?
Kole: I don't know, Sam.  You'll have to ask them yourself.
Sam:  Oh, I'm going to do just that.
Kole:  Well, I just heard from Nicky and Alix.  They told me that your Law School allows time off for family emergencies.
Sam:  I know, and this is one.  It's nice that I can resume if..., I mean, when I come back.
Kole:  If?
Sam:  Kole, I told you that I wasn't much of a mother to my kids.  What is this is karma, punishing me for that.
Kole:  Sam, that's crazy.
Sam:  Is it?
Kole:  Well, what about Gavriil.  You can't take him to 2011, because of his role in history.  After all, he's going to lead the liberation of this city from the Germans in 1944.
Sam:  Yes, but that won't happen for another fifteen years.
Kole:  What are you thinking?
Sam:  That I could take Gavriil to 2011, raise him there, and then bring him back in time to liberate this city.
Kole:  I don't think it's gonna be that easy.
Sam:  Sighs.  I know.

San Francisco, 2011, Sam and her kids have returned home and Sam confronts her parents...

Sam:  When were you two going to tell me?
Hadassah:  Tell you what?
Sam:  Don't do that, Mom.  You know damned well what I'm talking about!
Ronen:  Don't talk to your mother like that, Samantha!
Sam:  Sorry, Dad.  It's just that Gharman admitted to me that he and his sisters have been neglecting their school work because they were missing me.  Unless, of course, you two didn't know about it.
Hadassah:  No, Sam, we knew.
Ronen:  However, we couldn't tell you.
Sam:  Why not!?
Hadassah:  Because they made us promise not to.  They wanted to tell you themselves the next time they saw you.
Sam:  And they did.  This was one hell of a bomb they dropped on me.  Do you two realize the awful position I now find myself in?
Ronen:  We understand.
Hadassah:  However, there was nothing we could do, Samantha.  Our hands were tied.
Sam:  Yeah, and now I have to try and sort this out.  Sighs.  I wish...
Ronen:  Yes?
Sam:  Right now I wish I still had my powers.  However, that ship has sailed.  I'm gonna have to find another way to sort this mess out.

Russia, 1929, Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Well, Gavriil is all settled in.
Anastasia:  How is he coping with all this going on?
Maria:  As well as can be expected.  He understands why Sam had to go back to 2011, but he doesn't like it.
Anastasia:  I can't blame him.
Maria:  I feel sorry for poor Sam.  What a position to be in.
Anastasia:  Amen, sister.
The BP enter the room.
Tatiana:  The children are playing with Gavriil.
Olga:  They're hoping to cheer him up.
Anastasia:  Let's hope they can.

Tsarskoe Selo, Nicholas gets a phone call from Kerensky...

Nicholas:  Yes?
Kerensky:  I hear you're resumed your full duties.
Nicholas:  I have.  Although Olga is going to help.
Kerensky:  That's good.  Listen, the reason I'm calling is the the President of France has issued an invitation for you and your family to visit his country.
Nicholas:  That's great.  I'll let them know.
Kerensky:  I'll call you back when the itinerary is set up.
Nicholas:  Excellent.  Ends the call.
Alexandra:  Comes in.  Who was that?
Nicholas: Kerensky.  Explains.
Alexandra:  Oh, Nicky, it sounds wonderful.  Paris is a beautiful city.
Nicholas:  I'll call Alexei and the girls and inform them...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Maria comes into Gavriil's room and finds him sobbing on his pillow case...

Maria: Gavriil? What's wrong? Sits on his bed. You miss Sam, right? He nods. Oh Gavriil. Hugs him. She will be back soon, you'll see. As soon as things are settled in 2011, she will return here.
Gavriil: Will she?
Maria: Surprised. Yes, it might take a few weeks, although I hope it'll be settled before that.  However, she will come back.
Gavriil: I hope you're right.
Maria: Worried. Why are you saying that?
Gavriil: She's with her family now. Why would she come back here?
Maria: Because of you, because of us. We're part of her family too. And she would never leave you behind, Gavriil.
Gavriil: She just did.
Maria: No, it wasn't like that.
Gavriil: Angrily. Oh really? So how was it like?
Maria: I thought you understood why Sam had to go.
Gavriil: I do, but, I'm worried.
Maria: Gavriil, she will come back.
Gavriil: Are you sure?
Maria: Yes, I'm positive. I know Sam well enough to assure you of that.
Olga: From the staircase. Can I have everyone downstairs? I just got a phone call from Papa, and I have some news.
Maria: Speaks up. Okay, we're coming down right away, Olga. 

And so, Olga tells them about the invitation...

Anastasia: That sounds really great. However...
Olga: So excited that she doesn't pay attention. I can't wait to show Paris to my kids. The Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's tomb...
Tatiana: Olga.
Olga: And It'll be interesting to see the iconic places of the French Revolution.
Anastasia: Olga.
Olga: Also, I...
Maria: OLGA!
Olga: What?
Maria : I understand you're excited, but haven't you forgotten something? The children. They have school.
Anastasia: Besides I'm still in a wheel chair. I won't be able to come with you.
Ivan K: I'm staying with you then, Comrade Imp. And we'll watch the children together.
Ivan S: Are you sure you will be to manage eighteen kids? That's a lot to watch.
Anastasia: Well, we can always call Aunt Olga for help. She will be pleased to look after her little nephews and nieces.
Dimitri M: That sounds like a good idea.


Anastasia: On the phone. Thank you, Aunt Olga. I'll call you back when I have the dates. Hangs up.
Ivan K: So? What did she say?
Anastasia: She said yes. She's pretty happy to spend some time with us and all the kids.
Ivan K: Splendid. 
Maria pops in.
Anastasia: Hey Mashka, have you heard? Aunt Olga agreed to help us with the babysitting.
Maria: Looks preoccupied. Yes, I heard. 
Ivan K: What's going on, Maria?
Maria: It's Gavriil. Sam entrusted him with me when she left. How can I go on a holiday to France and leave him here?
Anastasia: Don't worry about that. Sam won't mind if Ivan and I watch over Gavriil for a couple of days.
Ivan K: Yes, I'm sure she won't.
Maria: All the same, I will write her a letter through the Magic Mail Box and ask her if she's okay with that.

Back in 2011, Ronen and Hadassah's house. Sam receives Maria's message...

Sam: Writes back. "I have no problem with that, Mashka. Thanks for asking me though. Have fun in France. Sam". 

Sometime later...

Hadassah: Sees that Sam is about to go out. Sam? Where are you going?
Sam: I'm going to see the teachers at the school. To talk with them about my kids's issue.
Hadassah: You know you can't tell them about the Amulet and your former magical abilities.
Sam: Yes, I'm not that stupid. If I do, they will call the psychiatric hospital. My God, that's complicated. I can't explain to them the real reason why my children are so upset. And I have no idea how I'm supposed to sort all this mess out.
Hadassah: Honestly, I doubt you can. There is no easy fix for this kind of problem.
Sam: Great, Mom. Thanks for your comforting words.
Hadassah: I'm sorry, but you have to face reality. Sometimes in life there are no problems and sometimes in life, there are no solutions.
Sam: There HAS to be a way. At least I'm going to try to find one. See you later, Mom. Exits.
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Russia, 1929, Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  So, we're going to France?
Alexei:  Yes, we are.  As soon as the details are worked out.
Kole:  Geez, I can barely speak a word of French.
Alexei:  Don't worry, Kole, all of us were taught French from an early age.  We'll help you.
Kole:  That's good to know.  What about Marie and Amanda?  
Alexei:  Since Anastasia can't come, because she is still in a wheelchair, she volunteered to watch the children.  Her Ivan is staying with her, and my Aunt Olga is also going to help out.
Kole:  So none of the children will be coming with us.
Alexei:  No, they have school, remember.
Kole:  Yeah, that's right.

Anichkov Palace...

Ivan K:  Something wrong, Imp.
Anastasia: Oh, I'm just a little jealous that everyone gets to go to France except us.
Ivan K:  I know how you must feel.
Anastasia:  Still, it will be nice to be here with you and the children, plus Aunt Olga.
Ivan K:  We're going to have a real Daycare Center going on here.
Anastasia:  Laughs.  Yes, that is so true.

Tsarskoe Selo, Nicholas gets a call from Kerensky...

Kerensky:  On phone.  I just heard back from Gaston Doumergue, the President of France, in regards to your visit..
Nicholas:  And?
Kerensky:  It's scheduled to start this weekend.  Is that okay with you?
Nicholas:  It is.  Thank you.  Ends the call.
Alexandra:  Comes in.  Was that about our trip to France?
Nicholas:  Yes, it's scheduled to start this weekend.
Alexandra:  Well, I just heard from Anichkov.  Since Anastasia is still in her wheelchair, she decided to stay behind, and her Ivan is staying with her.  They've volunteered to watch all the children.
Nicholas:  All of them!?
Alexandra:  Don't worry, Nicky, your sister, Olga, has volunteered to help.
Nicholas:  That's good to know.  I'm going to call Anichkov myself and inform them that we leave this weekend.  Reaches for the phone.


Anastasia:  Hey, I just heard back from Aunt Olga.
Maria:  Is it about the babysitting.
Anastasia:  Yeah, it is.  Apparently, she got Aunt Xenia to volunteer too.
Maria:  That's good.  You and your Ivan will have more help.
The BP enter.
Tatiana:  We just heard from Papa about our trip.
Maria:  When will it take place.
Olga:  This weekend.
Maria:  Well, we better get ready.
Anastasia:  I am SO jealous of you all right now.  Still, I hope you all have a great time in France...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back in San Francisco, 2011. Sam is having a conversation with the principal of her kids' school, Adam Wright.

Adam Wright: You know what's the problem with your children?
Sam: Believe me, I kn...
Adam Wright: Interrupts her. The problem, Ms. Cohen, is that you're never here. Your children are being brought up by their grandparents. They only see you occasionally. And, as you have noticed, it has affected their school work.
Sam: Mr. Wright, I KNOW what the problem with my kids is. I'm not here to discuss that. I'm here to talk about possible solutions with you. So if you have any suggestions...
Adam Wright: Yes, I have. Be more present in their lives. 
Sam: Sorry, but you're not very helpful here. I'm unable to do that.
Adam Wright: Why?
Sam: Has to think for a while. Because.. Because... I live on the other side of the world, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Adam Wright: Thinks to himself. How strange for a mother to live so far away from her children. Speaks up. Well, Ms. Cohen, we're living in the 21st century. There are airlines all over the planet. From St. Petersburg, you could be in San Francisco in less that 24 hours. You could visit your children on a regular basis, if you wanted to.
Sam: Uneasy. Yes, but.
Adam Wright: But what?
Sam: Knows that she can't explain more. Sorry, I... Er, have to go. Bye, Mr. Wright. Leaves hastily.

After Sam returns home...

Hadassah: So, how did it go?
Sam: Angry. Not very well. The conversation went nowhere, AS I COULD NOT EXPLAIN TO HIM WHY THE HELL I CAN'T SEE MY KIDS ON A REGULAR BASIS!
Hadassah: Hey, chill, Sam. At least you tried to do something. It's not your fault if it didn't work.
Sam: Yeah, sorry, Mom. I'm very frustrated right now. I'm trying to figure out a solution, but nothing seems to be working. 

1929, Anichkov Palace, the next day...

Maria: Hey guys, have you realized?
Anastasia: What?
Maria: It's 28th of February today.
Tatiana: Oh my, it's Sam's birthday.
Olga: Looks sad. Yes, and she's not here to celebrate it with us.
Tatiana: Olga, please, she's with her family. That's good for her.
Olga: I know, but... Well, I miss her. I wish she was here with us.
Maria: Yeah, I miss her too. I hope she's having a great birthday in 2011. 

Speaking of which, in 2011...

Sam is having her breakfast when her children, her parents, her brothers, and sister come into the room. Gharman is holding a big cake with candles.
Children: Happy Birthday, Mom !
Sam: Touched. Aw, thank you. Gharman puts the cake on the table and Sam blows out the candles.
Serenity: Make a wish, sis.
Sam: Closes her eyes. Done.
Jason: What did you wish for, Sam?
Sam: Smiles. I can't tell you. You know what they say: "if you tell your wish, it won't come true".
Hadassah: I think we all know what you wished for anyway.
Ronen: Yes, to find a way to solve the difficult issue you're facing.
Sam: Yeah, that's true. Thinks to herself. Too bad wishes don't come true...

Back in Russia, 1929, Anichkov Palace....

Maria: Imp, if you want, I can stay here with you and your Ivan.
Anastasia: Instead of going to France?! No, Mashka, I can't ask you to do that.
Maria: I don't mind, really.
Anastasia: No, that's okay. Go to France, take pictures of Paris for me and don't forget to fetch me some souvenirs.
Maria: I will. Are you sure that's okay for you?
Anastasia: Yes, don't worry about me.
Maria: Alright. I'm going upstairs to pack my things for the trip then.
Anastasia: And I'll go check on the babies in the nursery. See you later.

A few days later, in Paris, France, the Imperial Family meet the French President, Gaston Doumergue.

Nicholas: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Doumergue.
Gaston Doumergue: Tout le plaisir est pour moi. Switches to English. The pleasure is mine. I'm delighted to finally meet you, Sir.
Nicholas: Please call me Nicholas. Turns to his family. This is my wife Alexandra, my daughters Olga, Tatiana, and Maria and their husbands, and my son Alexei and his wife, Kole.
Gaston Doumergue: How do you do? To Nicholas. What a lovely family you have. 
Olga: Monsieur le Prťsident, nous vous remercions beaucoup pour votre invitation.
Tatiana: Yes, thank you very much for inviting us. We have always wanted to visit Paris, but never found the time to do so.
Gaston Doumergue: I understand you've been to France before, several years ago.
Maria: Yes, something like twenty years ago. We were just kids at the time and we don't remember much of it.
Gaston Doumergue: Well then, I'm going to show you around the city.
They begin to walk around the streets of Paris.
Gaston Doumergue: See this bridge ahead of us?
Dimitri M: Yes?
Gaston Doumergue: It's the Pont Alexandre III.
Maria: Alexander III, like our grandfather?
Gaston Doumergue: Yes, precisely.
Nicholas and Alexandra exchange smiles.
Alexandra: I remember laying the foundation stone of this very bridge with Nicky in 1896.
Nicholas: Yes, I remember too. Turns to the others. Do you know why this bridge was built?
Tatiana: Uh, well...
Olga: No idea.
Maria: Same here.
Gaston Doumergue: It was built to symbolize the Franco-Russian friendship, established through the signing of the alliance of 1891 between the Tsar Alexander III and the then French President, Sadi Carnot.
Tatiana: Wow, I see!
Nicholas: And since then, France and Russia have always been on good terms. Can't say the same thing of the time before the alliance.
Olga: Ah yes, the French Invasion of Russia in 1812, by Napoleon's army.
Alexandra: Exactly. For a long time after that, Russians and French hated each other a good deal.
Gaston Doumergue: That's right. It's a good thing that time is long gone. Anyway, speaking of Napoleon, we arrived at the Invalides. Points a building in front of them. There it is. Inside, the DŰme of the Invalides contains Napoleon's tomb. Would you like to take a look at it?
Olga: Almost screams in excitement. YES, OF COURSE! Everyone looks at her. Uh, sorry. Of course, we'd like that very much.
Gaston Doumergue: Smiles. Very well. Please follow me. He enters in the Invalides, followed by Nicholas and his family.
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Soon they are looking at Napoleon's tomb...

Kole:  One of the greatest military leaders in history.  Looks at the others.  Uh, no offense.
Nicholas:  None taken, Kole. 
Maria:  I gotta take some pictures for Nastya.  Does so. 
Tatiana:  I feel sorry for her, missing all this.
Gaston Doumergue:  So, are you all enjoying the tour.
Nicholas:  Yes, we are.
At that point, a man in a military uniform walks up.
Man:  You're the Tsar of Russia, right?
Nicholas:  I am.  You're in the French Army, unless I'm mistaken.
Man:  I indeed have that honour.  I served my country in the war.  I'm Charles de Gaulle. 
At the mention of the name, Kole's eyes go wide.
Alexei:  Kole, what...
Kole:  Under her breath.  Not now.
Alexei:  Okay.
Charles de Gaulle:  I hope you enjoy your visit to our country.
Nicholas:  We will, thank you very much.
Gaston Doumergue:  So, where would you like to go next.
Alexandra:  If you don't mind, could we go to our hotel now and settle in. We can tour some more tomorrow.
Gaston Doumergue:  Of course, your hotel is waiting.

Later, after everyone has settled into the hotel...

Alexei:  Okay, Kole, out with it.
Kole:  Huh?
Tatiana:  When that Mr. de Gaulle introduced himself to us, you looked like you recognized his name.
Kole:  That's because I did.  Charles de Gaulle is destined to become one of the greatest men in France's history.
Nicholas:  How so?
Kole:  Well.  Explains about Charles de Gaulle and the Free French in World War II.  He's going to keep the French people inspired, despite four years of German occupation.  After France is liberated in 1944, he'll lead a parade through the streets of Paris.
Alexei:  Ah, I see why you couldn't say anything until now.
Kole:  Yeah, I couldn't risk messing up the future.  I always have to be careful whenever I meet someone I know who is going to be famous.
Maria:  Well, Kole, thanks for telling us.

Later, at Anihckov, Anastasia is having a video chat with Maria...

Maria:  On the screen.  Well, the first day went well.  We even met a famous future historical figure.  Tells her about the encounter with de Gaulle.
Anastasia:  Man, I wish I was there.
Maria:  How are things going back home?
Anastasia:  Fine.  The children are behaving well.  Still, Gavriil seems sad.
Maria:  Well, that's understandable.  He misses Sam.  Has there been any news from her, anything in the Magic Mail Box?
Anastasia:  Nothing so far.  However, I'll let you know if she does contact us.
Maria:  Okay.  Anyway, Nastya, I took some pictures today, I'll e-mail them to you now.
Anastasia:  Thanks, Mashka.

Later, Alexei and Kole are out having dinner at a French restaurant...

Alexei:  Are you having fun, Kole?
Kole:  I am.
A waiter walks up and speaks French to them.
Kole:  What did he say?
Alexei:  He said would we like to order now.
Kole:  Tell him I need a few more minutes to decide.
Alexei:  Okay.  Speaks French to the waiter.  The waiter nods his head and leaves.
Kole:  Man, without you, I'd be totally lost here.
Alexei:  Mr. Gilliard taught us well. 
Kole:  Your French tutor.  It's good that he stayed loyal to your family, even when it seemed Russia hated all of you.
Alexei:  Yes, our lessons continued despite what we going on at the time.  Pauses.  Kole...
Kole:  Yes?
Alexei:  I was thinking about what you were talking about earlier, about the German occupation.  Will Paris, I mean..
Kole:  Will Paris be destroyed?
Alexei:  Well, yeah, that is what I was wondering.
Kole:  No, it won't.  Hitler will order it destroyed, when the Allied armies are about to retake it in 1944, but the German commander, Speidel, will refuse to carry out the order.  Seems that Speidel is not quite the barbarian his boss is.   I even saw a movie about that incident, it was, will be called, Is Paris Burning?
Alexei:  Well, it's good to know that this city will still be here for future generations to visit.
Kole:  I agree.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, after breakfast...

Dimitri C-B: Sees that Olga is absorbed in a book. What are you reading, honey?
Olga: A book comparing the French Revolution with the Russian one. Very interesting.
Dimitri C-B: Well, those two events sure have a lot in common. Autocracy was already archaic at the end of the 18th century. It was totally antediluvian, and Louis XVI failed to see this.
Olga: Yes, just like we did. However, in our defense, and his, it wasn't all our fault. I think both Revolutions were inevitable. They were bound to happen, no matter what. Nobody could have prevented them.
Dimitri C-B: Well yes, but after the October Revolution, your family managed to change the situation.  You beat those Bolshies thugs, and established a Constitutional Monarchy. 
Olga: Yes, thanks to Kerensky and the Bellerophon crew's help. Louis XVI was not so lucky. I believe he did try his best to make things better. He just didn't understand that times had changed. People hated autocracy. They wanted social equality.
Dimitri C-B: Yes. I read a book about it. He agreed to establish a Constitutional Monarchy.  Of course, he thought that he could still reign as an Absolute Monarch and that the aristocracy could still have its old privileges. It just couldn't work.
At that moment Alexandra and Nicholas enter.
Alexandra: What were you two talking about?
Dimitri C-B: We were comparing the Russian and French Revolutions.
Nicholas: Ah, what a fascinating topic. Care if I join you?
Alexandra: Hold on a second. Do you know where Tatiana, Maria, and their husbands, are?
Olga: They went for a walk. They wanted to see the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. 
Nicholas: And you didn't go with them?
Olga: No, Dimitri and I wanted to visit the Louvre museum first. 
Alexandra: Smiles. Then why are you still here?
Olga: Shows her the book she was reading. I guess I got so absorbed in this book that I forgot about the rest. 
Nicholas: Well, we were about to go visiting the Louvre as well. Do you want come with us? We can discuss the French and Russian Revolutions on the way.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, sure.
Olga: We'd like that.
Alexandra: Great. Let's go then.

Meanwhile, in the Paris metro...

Maria: Are you sure this is the way to the Eiffel Tower?
Dimitri M: Looks at his metro map. Yes, I think it is.
Tatiana: You're really sure? We've we're turning round and round in the subway for an hour now.
Dimitri M: Well, I'm not 100% positive. The plan is kind of hard to read. I'm not used to all these French names. 
Ivan S: Let me give it a shot. Examines the plan. Urgh, why is it printed so small?
Dimitri M: Yeah, I know. Not very practical.
Ivan S: Can someone tell me in which station we are?
Maria: Looks around. It's La Defense. It's written on this panel here.
Ivan S: Okay, La Defense. Where is it on the map? Examines it again. Ah, there it is. And the Tower Eiffel is... Aw man !
Tatiana: What?
Ivan S: We went completely in the wrong direction. Actually, we're quite far from the Eiffel Tower. 
Everyone looks at Dimitri M.
Dimitri M: Hey, I'm sorry, okay. As I said, getting my bearings in a French subway is not really my thing.
Maria: Yeah, we thought as much.
Tatiana: To Ivan S. So what is the right way, Ivan?
Ivan S: Over here, follow me...

Anichkov Palace...

Ivan K: Still no news from Sam?
Anastasia: Just a short note to thank us for our birthday wishes. And that's all.
Ivan K: Hm okay. She didn't say anything about how life is going back there in 2011?
Anastasia: Actually, she did. And apparently her problems are far from being resolved. She's still struggling to sort them out.
Ivan K: So she won't make it home anytime soon?
Anastasia: I'm afraid so.
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Meanwhile, Alexei and Kole are sitting down to lunch at Le Jules Verne Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower...

Kole:  Thanks for bringing me here, Alexei.
Alexei: Well, Kole, I know that you like Science Fiction, and this restaurant is named after one of the greatest Science Fiction writers that ever lived.
Kole:  That's true.  Much of what he wrote about came to pass.  Submarines going to the depths of the seas, men walking on the Moon. I wish..
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  I wish I could tell him about our trip to Mars.  I wonder how he would have reacted. 
Alexei:  Hard to say.
Kole:  I would like to think he would have been thrilled.  About knowing that something he wrote about really happened, or close to it, since he wrote about going to the Moon, not Mars.  Did you know that a lost novel of his will be discovered in the late 1980's by his great-grandson.  It would be published in both French and English in the early 1990's.
Alexei:  Really?  What's it called?
Kole:  Paris in the Twentieth Century.  He wrote it in 1863 and it depicts Paris in 1960, ninety-seven years into the future.  The book's description of the technology of 1960 was in some ways remarkably close to the actual technology of the 1960's . The book described in detail advances such as cars powered by internal combustion engines, together with the necessary supporting infrastructure such as gas stations and paved asphalt roads.  There were elevated and underground passenger train systems and high-speed trains powered by magnetism and compressed air.  There were skyscrapers, electric lights that illuminate entire cities at night, fax machines, and elevators.  There were primitive computers which could send messages to each other as part of a network somewhat resembling the Internet. Plus many other devices and concepts that came to pass.
Alexei:  Geez, was this guy a time traveller, like you are, Kole?
Kole:  Laughs.  I've often wondered that myself.
Alexei:  Why was the novel not published in 1863?
Kole:  Apparently Mr. Verne's publisher felt that the novel was too pessimistic.  So Mr. Verne put the manuscript away somewhere, where it would remain forgotten for more than a century.
Alexei:  Whoa!
Kole:  The book ever depicts a giant lighthouse tower in Paris, which stand right around the same area that this Eiffel Tower stands.
Alexei:  It's like he could see the future.
Kole:  I know.
At that point, Alexei's cell goes off.  He takes the call.  Soon...
Alexei:  Well, that was Tatiana.
Kole:  I've been wondering where they are.  They were supposed to meet us here.
Alexei:  Well, there was a mix-up at the subway.  Explains. They got on the wrong train.  They're on their way now, but it's gonna take them a while to get here.
Kole:  Well, while we're waiting, let's take a look around the Tower.


Nicholas:  Well, Olga, that book is very insightful.  There are quite a few parallels between my reign and that of Louis XVI.
Alexandra:  And there was his wife, Marie Antoinette.  She was hated because the French people saw her as a foreigner that didn't care about them.  Sound familiar?
Olga:  Mama, it's not the same.
Alexandra:  Isn't it.  I wasn't winning many popularity contests when I first came to Russia.
Olga:  Yeah, Mama, it's just that sometimes I forget how it was back then.  Russia has come a long way since those dark days.
Nicholas:  We were lucky that Russia gave us all another chance.   Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette didn't have that kind of luck, Robespierre saw to that.
Olga: I guess Lenin was Russia's Robespierre.  At least that's what the book says.

Soon, they arrive at the Louvre, and are staring at the Mona Lisa...

Dimitri C-B:  The famous Mona Lisa.  I wonder who she was.
Olga:  People have been wondering that for hundreds of years, Dimitri.  No one really knows.
Nicholas:  Still, it's one of the most famous pictures in history. 
Alexandra:  I certainly agree.

Anichkov Palace...

Victoria:  Aunt Nastya.
Anastasia:  Yes?
Victoria:  I'm getting worried about Gavriil.  He's not eating his lunch.
Anastasia:  Okay, I'll go and talk to him...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Gavriil's room...

Anastasia: Hey, Gavriil, there you are. Are you okay?
Gavriil: No, I'm not. I'm definitely not. Why does Mom never send me any messages!? I've barely heard from her ever since she went to 2011. Why? Did she forget about me?
Anastasia: No, of course not. I guess she has her hands full with Gharman and the girls, so she has no time to write to you.
Gavriil: Seriously!? She has no time to write a letter telling me that she's doing fine??
Anastasia: She actually did. She sent a short note to all of us for her birthday.
Gavriil: Yeah, but she didn't send any to ME.
Anastasia: Look...
Gavriil: No, I don't want to hear anymore of it. Leave me alone, please.
Anastasia: Gavriil, I...
Gavriil: PLEASE!
Anastasia: Understands there's nothing she can do. Well, okay. I'll be there if you need me.


Ivan K: So, did you speak to Gavriil? How did it go?
Anastasia: Don't ask.
Ivan K: I guess that means it didn't go well.
Anastasia: No, it didn't. Explains. He misses Sam, and I don't know what I am supposed to say to comfort him.
Ivan K: Only Sam can fix this. I'm going to send her a message and tell her about Gavriil.
Anastasia: Tell her about Gavriil? No, that is not a good idea. She already has enough problems with her other kids. She doesn't need to deal with another one.
Ivan K: And what about Gavriil? He needs his Mom. We both know we can't replace her.
Anastasia: I know that, but trust me, we have to find a way other than filling Sam in. That would only make things worse for her.
Ivan K: Okay. So what are you suggesting?
Anastasia: How about you taking Gavriil and the older children to the cinema? I heard there's a nice kid's movie showing right now. That sure would take Gavriil's mind off things. I'll stay here with Aunt Olga and Aunt Xenia. We'll watch over the babies together.
Ivan K: Okay. Yet, what if Gavriil doesn't want to come with me and the kids?
Anastasia: I'm sure Victoria and the others will be able to convince him.
Ivan K: Alright. I'm off to tell them then.

San Francisco, 2011...

Ronen: Sam?
Sam: Yes?
Hadassah: There's something we'd like to talk to you about.
Sam: I'm listening.
Ronen: We got in touch with your friends in Mystic Falls, and...
Sam: Why? I don't see how they can help me.
Hadassah: Actually, they can. Shows her something.
Sam: What is it? A key?
Ronen: Yes, it is. They sent it to us. It was created by all of your wizards friends. Mystic Falls told them about your problem, and they decided to create this especially for you. Since you helped them countless times in the past, they said it was the least they could do for you.
Sam: Looks at the key. And how is it supposed to work?
Hadassah: Put it in any lock and it'll bring you to 1929. Use it in 1929 and it'll bring you back here.
Ronen: And contrary to the Amulet, its power won't drain. You'll be able to see us on a regular basis.
Sam: Wow, that's really good to know! 
Ronen: However...
Sam: Yes?
Ronen: It was made for this sole use. You can't gallivant off to some other times or places. And you're the only one who can use it.
Sam: So Gavriil won't be able to come with me to visit you all?
Hadassah: Yes, he will. We told your friends about him, and they said you will be able to bring him with you. However only him and no one else. The magical key is not powerful enough to teleport more than two people.
Sam: That's good enough for me. Smiles to her parents. This is really fantastic news. Thank you very much for what you did.
Hadassah: You're very welcome.
Sam: Do Gharman and the girls already know?
Ronen: No. We thought it'd be best if it was you who'd tell them the surprise.

And so...

Alaina: WOW! That is great news, Mom!
Gharman: Yeah, totally! And... Oh no!
Sam: What?
Gharman: That means I won't be able to see that girl, Alisa, anymore.
Everyone laughs.
Sam: Yes, I'm sorry, Gharman. It looks like it.
Gharman: Unless I'd use the Amulet and...
Sam: No. No more time travel with the Amulet, now that we have another way to see each other.
Alaina: What are you going to do with the Amulet, by the way? 
Sam: My friends in Mystic Falls will take care of it.
Jaelyn: And what about Alexei and Kole? They won't be able to visit Kole's parents now with the Amulet out of the way.
Sam: They will. Mystic Falls will send it to them when Kole wants to go back to 2071.
Carley: And then, after their time travelling is done, they'll send the Amulet nacl to your vampire friends.
Sam: Exactly. Well, since things are settled down now, I have to go back to 2011 myself. She says goodbye to her children and her parents, uses the key and vanishes.

Meanwhile, back in 1929, Paris, the Eiffel Tower...

Alexei: Sees Ivan S, Dimitri M, Maria and Tatiana coming. Ah, here they are at last. 
Maria: Sorry for taking such a long time. It was because of Dimitri. For an army guy, he's not really good at reading maps.
Dimitri M: Only French ones. I'm not fluent in French.
Alexei: Guys...
Ivan S: To Dimitri M. Neither am I. Still I managed to bring us all here, and we didn't get lost even once.
Dimitri M: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep it up, see if I care.
Alexei: Ahem! Would you like to visit the Eiffel Tower, yes or no?
Ivan S: Turns to him. Yes, of course.
Alexei: Kole and I already took a look around, so I suggest we'd all go up the Tower and look at the view. What do you say?
Tatiana: I'm in.
Maria: And me too.
Kole, Ivan S and Dimitri M say yes too.
Alexei: Good. Let's go then.
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Anichkov Palace, Anastasia is astonished to see Sam emerge from one of the closets...

Sam:  It works.
Anastasia:  Sam?  Where did you come from?
Sam:  2011, with this.  Holds up the key.
Anastasia:  A key?
Sam:  Not just any key.  Explains.
Anastasia:  Hey, that's cool.
Sam:  Before you get any ideas, Imp, you should know this.  1.  I'm the only one that can use the key.  2.  It only goes from here to 2011 and back again, nowhere else.  3.  I can only take one other person with me when I use it.  So, naturally it will be Gavriil.
Anastasia:  Makes sense.  Still, it's a great solution that allows you to be with your kids in 2011 and Gavriil here in 1929.  He'll be so happy to see you.
Sam:  Where is he?
Anastasia:  Ivan took him and the older children to the movies.  They should be back before long.
Sam:  Good, I want to see Gavriil again.  I've missed him.
Anastasia:  And he feels the same way.

Back in Paris...

Kole:  So, did you all enjoy the Eiffel Tower?
Tatiana:  We did.
Maria:  What's our next stop?
Alexei:  Notre Dame Cathedral. 
Ivan K:  As long as Dimitri is not directing us, we should get there before midnight.
Dimitri M:  Keep it up, Ivan, just keep it up!

Soon, at Notre Dame...

Kole:  Where's Quasimodo? 
Alexei:  Qua...  Oh you mean The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.
Kole:  Yeah, although my only knowledge of that story comes from the Disney film that was released, will be released, in 1996.
Tatiana:  What kind of movie is it?
Kole:  It's a cartoon.  Disney will make a lot of them.
Tatiana:  Sounds like something the children would enjoy.
Kole:  They would.  When we get back, I'll use the Magic Mail Box to see if my parents could send us some of the DVD's.
Tatiana:  The children...
Dimitri M:  You miss them, don't you.
Tatiana:  Yes.  I wish we could have brought them with us.
Dimitri M:  Maybe next time.
Maria:  Hey, I just got a next from Nastya.  Sam's back.
Kole:  She is.  Did she get her children sorted out.
Maria:  Sam wants to wait until we all get back home, then she'll explain.
Alexei:  Sounds nice. 
Tatiana:  Well, let's go in.

Later, everyone meets back at the hotel...

Nicholas:  It sounds like you all had fun.
Tatiana:  We did.
Ivan K:  Although, thanks to Dimitri here, our tour went on a little longer than expected.
Dimitri M:  You make one little mistake.
Maria:  What's on the agenda for tomorrow?
Alexandra:  We're all going out to the Palace Of Versailles.
Kole:  Sounds interesting.  A lot happened there, including the treaty that ended the last war.  And unfortunately, planted the seeds for the next one.
Nicholas:  That's true, Kole, but it's history.
Kole:  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it.  I've never been there.  I want to see that Hall Of Mirrors they have out there.
Alexandra:  Well, I suggest we get to bed early.  We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.
Tatiana:  So, Olga, how did you day go.
Olga:  Well...


Alexei:  Something on your mind, Kole?
Kole:  Oh, just a story I heard about an even that supposedly happened during the Reign Of Terror, when they were lopping people's heads off.
Alexei:  What is it?
Kole:  The story concerned one executioner, who loved his job. 
Alexei:  He liked cutting people's heads off?
Kole:  Yeah, he did.  However, one day, he cut off someones head and, as always, held it up for all to see.  According to the story, the eyes in the head moved and stared at the executioner.
Alexei:  Man, that's creepy.
Kole:  I'll say.  According to the story, the executioner screamed and dropped dead of shock right there on the spot.  I don't know if this story is true or not, but it does sound spooky.
Alexei:  I'll say...

***I've heard that story myself, so I thought I'd have Kole tell it here***
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, the next day...

Sam: Fills Gavriil in on the magical key. I can bring one person with me, so of course, it'll be you.
Gavriil: That's awesome, really. And I'm so glad you're back.
Sam: But?
Gavriil: What?
Sam: I'm hearing a but coming on.
Gavriil: Okay, fine. There's one thing I don't understand. The whole time you were gone, you hardly wrote to me.
Sam: Yes, but...
Gavriil: Seriously, you could have written. Even a few words would have done it for me. Yet you didn't. Why?
Sam: I...I don't know. I was so focused on helping Gharman and the girls that...
Gavriil: You forgot about me.
Sam: No, that's not true. I missed you a lot. And I'm sorry I didn't write. You're right, I should have. I'm so sorry. Hugs him.
Gavriil: Well, that's okay. You're back now. For a moment I thought you would stay there in 2011.
Sam: What? I would never do that without you. I would have brought you there with me. Besides, there's a thing I understood while I were in 2011.
Gavriil: And what is it?
Sam: I figured out my life is here, with you and OTMA. It's not in 2011 anymore. I belong here.
Anastasia: Enters at that moment. I sure am glad to hear that, Sam.
Sam: Nastya? Are you spying on us?
Anastasia: Nope. I just got here. Anyway, would you two like to have a piece of cake? I just baked one. So if you're interested...
Gavriil: Of course!
Sam and Anastasia laugh.
Anastasia: Alright. It's waiting for you in the kitchen.
Sam: I'd like to take a bite as well.
The three of them head to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in Versailles...

Ivan S: So this is the place where the Treaty of Versailles was signed.
Nicholas: Yes, in the Hall of Mirrors. The treaty that ended the first war, and that will cause the second one.
Alexei: It's actually one of the many causes of WWII. The Great Depression is one of them too.
Olga: Steps in. Hey, you two. We're going to take a look around the gardens. 
Alexei: We're coming.
Alexandra: I'd like to see the Petit Trianon too, if that's okay. 
Nicholas: Yes, of course.
Olga: The Trianon. Wasn't it the favorite place of Queen Marie Antoinette?
Alexandra: Yes. She loved to go there, away from court life and her royal responsibilities. Pauses. She and I sure have a lot in common, isn't that so.
Olga: "Had", Mama. You're not like her anymore.
Alexandra: Yeah, I guess I've come a long way since the Revolution...

Back at Anichkov...

Anastasia: So the cake?
Ivan K: ...Was delicious. Thank you, Comrade Imp.
Gavriil: Eating the rest of the cake. Yep, it was.
Anastasia: Checks her mobile. Hey, I got a text from Tatiana. They're visiting the Palace of Versailles.
Sam: They say it's very beautiful. Tell her to take pictures for us.
Anastasia: Mashka is already playing the photographer for us, and it looks like she's taking it very seriously, from what Tatiana says.

Meanwhile, in front of the Palace of Versailles, everyone is posing for a group photo...

Maria: Tanya, stop texting and look at the camera.
Tatiana: Fine. Sighs and puts her mobile in her pocket. Hurry up, Mashka, I'm starting to have pins and needles in my legs.
Maria: I'm doing my best. Olga, can you move a little to the left, please?
Olga: Steps aside. This way?
Maria: No, I said "the left", not "the right".
Olga: Oops, sorry.
Maria: Okay, everyone, stand still. Snaps a picture and looks at it. The photo is a little blurred. I have to take another one.
Tatiana: Aaargh, no! 
Maria: Come on, everyone, it's for Nastya. Takes another picture. This one is good.
Olga: Great. Now we can finally go and see the Trianon.
Maria: And we will take a group photo in front of it. And also inside. Nastya will love that.
Tatiana: Rolls her eyes. Oh no, not again...
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Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  So, is Gavriil asleep?
Sam:  Yeah, he just dropped off a few moments ago.  See Anastasia looking at her laptop.  Latest pictures from France.
Anastasia:  Yeah, they're all at Versailles now. Looks disappointed.
Sam:  You wish you could be there too.
Anastasia:  Yeah, I do.  I mean the pictures are great, but it's not the same as being there.
Ivan K:  Enters.  Well, there is only one solution then.
Anastasia:  What is it?
Ivan K:  When you get back on your feet, the two of us will take our own trip to France.
Anastasia:  You mean that!?
Ivan K:  Of course.  I know how disappointed you are that you missed out on going.
Anastasia:  Ivan, that's great.
Ivan K:  Anything for my Imp.

Back at Versailles, the group has split up and is exploring.  With Nicholas and Alexandra...

Alexandra:  I wonder, Nicky?
Nicholas:  What is it, Alix?
Alexandra:  I wonder that if, had Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette been given a second chance, like we were, would they have changed their ways?
Nicholas:  Difficult to say, Alix.  It was a different time, after all.
Alexandra:  Yes, but the parallels between us and them are a lot alike.  Both us and them were autocrats, both were ousted by revolutions, and both faced death.  The big difference is that we lived, they didn't.
Nicholas:  Well, Alix, I really don't know what would have happened.  As I said, the world was different in those days.  There were a lot more autocratic rulers back then.  Of course, by our century, it was badly outdated. 
Alexandra:  Of course neither of us saw that, because we didn't want to.
Nicholas:  Yes, it took a revolution to wake us up.  However, it worked.
Alexandra:  Amen, Nicky, amen.

With Alexei and Kole...

Kole:  Whoa!
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  I suddenly feel oppressive for some reason.
Alexei:  Me too.  I wonder why?
Kole:  I don't know.  We should rejoin the others.
Alexei:  Yes, let's..  Stops.
Kole:  What is it, Alexei.
Alexei:  Kole, do you remember seeing that gazebo when we came down the path.  Points to the gazebo in question.
Kole:  No, I don't.  What's going on?
Alexei:  I don't know.  However, we keep moving.
The two of them notice a lady sketching on the grass, looking at them.
Kole:  Alexei...
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  That lady over there.  I'd swear she was Marie Antoinette!
Alexei:  Looks at the woman.  You're right, Kole.  She's identical to the picture of her we saw in the palace.
Kole:  But that means... 
Alexei:  We're more than 140 years in the past! 
Kole:  Okay, now I'm freaking out!
Alexei:  It's like our own MoberlyĖJourdain incident.
Kole:  What!?
Alexei:  Back around the turn of the century, two ladies, Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, were visiting here, when they claimed to have gone back in time, like we seem to have.  They claimed to have seen Marie Antoinette, doing exactly what she seems to be doing now.
Kole:  Sketching on the grass.
Alexei:  Yeah.  Let's get out of here.
The two of them walk on.  They see some men who, look like palace gardeners, who tell them to continue on their way.  They notice a cottage with a woman and a girl in the doorway. The woman is holding out a jug to the girl.  The whole vista seems surreal and eerie.
Kole:  Alexei, do you think we can...
Suddenly, the scene returns to normal.
Alexei:  What the heck just happened here?
Kole:  I don't know.  However, I'm feeling better now.
At that point, Olga and her Dimitri walk up.
Olga:  So there you two are.
Dimitri C-B:  Where did you both disappear to?  We've been looking for you both for the last ten minutes.
Kole:  You wouldn't believe us if we told you.
Olga:  Try me.
Alexei: Well...

The Moberly-Jourdain Incident has always fascinated me.  So I thought I'd have Alexei and Kole have their own version.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexei: Well... Explains.
Dimitri C-B: Stunned. Wait, WHAT?!
Alexei: You heard us. We think it was Marie-Antoinette that we saw.
Olga: Her ghost? You saw her ghost? That's creepy.
Alexei: I'm not sure it was a ghost actually.
Dimitri C-B: What do you mean?
Alexei: Explains about the Moberly-Jourdain incident. It looks like those two ladies slipped back in time, and...
Olga: Interrupts him. If it's true, of course.
Alexei: Since Kole and I experienced the same thing, I tend to think they were telling the truth.
Olga: Let's see if that happens again.
They wait for a while, but nothing happens.
Dimitri C-B: Well, Olga, looks like Marie-Antoinette doesn't want to see us.
Everyone laughs. Soon after, Nicholas and Alexandra walk up.
Alexandra: Everyone is looking for you. What are you all doing here? 
Olga: Jokingly. We're waiting for Marie-Antoinette to show up.
Nicholas: I'm sorry!?!
Alexei: Let me explain...

Some time later, Alexei is chatting with Anastasia via webcam...

Anastasia: Wow, wow, wow! Say it again. You saw what?
Alexei: Not what, who.  We think we time travelled to the 18th century and saw Marie-Antoinette.
Anastasia: How can that even be possible? You didn't have the Amulet.
Alexei: I'm as clueless as you are, Nastya.
Anastasia: Well, if it happens to me and my Ivan, I'll let you know.
Alexei: If?
Anastasia: Yes. I forgot to tell you, Ivan and I will be coming to Paris as soon as I'm able to walk again.
Alexei: I'm really glad for you. Paris is a beautiful city, you'll see. Pauses. Anyway, I've to go, Nastya. We're leaving in a few hours, and Kole and I have to pack our things.
Anastasia: See you tonight then. Signs off.


Gaston Doumergue: I hope you enjoyed your stay in Paris.
Maria: Oh yes, very much. Thank you for the invitation.
Alexei: Mutters to Olga. Do you think we should tell him?
Olga: In the same tone. About what you and Kole saw? Hmm,why not. Aloud. Excuse me, Monsieur, I wonder, have you heard of the Moberly-Jourdain incident?
Gaston Doumergue: Yes, of course. 
Dimitri C-B: And what is your opinion on it?
Gaston Doumergue: Well, I've always been fascinated by it. I don't know if they really slipped back in time, or if it was a mirage caused by the heat. Very mysterious case. No one will ever know, I guess.
Alexei: Well, perhaps...
Gaston Doumergue: Yes?
Alexei: You might call us crazy, but Kole and I actually saw the same thing. I could swear we saw Queen Marie-Antoinette sketching in the gardens of the Trianon...
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Later, in the dining car of the Imperial Train, on the way back to Russia...

Tatiana:  Poor Mr. Doumergue, the look on his face when you told him about what happened to you.
Alexei:  I know.  It still baffles me.
Kole: Actually, I've been thinking about it.  You all know how I got to your time.
Nicholas:  Your shuttle flew through some kind of hole in time from 2071 to 1925.
Kole:  Yeah, and I wonder if that's what happened to Alexei and I, not to mention those two ladies in 1901. 
Olga:  You mean a hole in time, like the one you went through, Kole?
Kole:  Yes, but on a much smaller scale, of course.
Alexandra:  It's possible, I suppose.
Alexei:  I wonder, could we have warned Marie Antoinette somehow?
Kole:  I don't think so, Alexei.  Fixed event in time.  You can't mess with those, as you should remember.
Alexei:  Yeah, I know.

Anichkov Palace...

Sam:  A hole in time, it's possible.
Anastasia:  Yeah, that's what Alexei described.
Sam:  Well, I did encounter a few of them during my witch days. 
Anastasia:  And Kole came through one herself, a few years ago.  A line from Hamlet comes to mind here, there are more things in Heaven and Earth, or something like that.

Soon, the others arrive back at the Palace.  The children all run to their respective parents...

Maria:  So, Nastya, how were they?
Anastasia:  No problems, Mashka. 
Tatiana:  It's good to see the children again.  Looks at hers.  We missed you.
Victoria:  We missed you too, Mama.
Kole:  How are Marie and Amanda.
Anastasia:  Right now they're still asleep.   My Ivan is with them now.  He'll bring them down when they wake up.
Sam:  Comes in.  Welcome back.
Olga:  Likewise, Sam.  Is everything sorted out in 2011.
Sam:  It is.  And thanks to the magic key, I can visit whenever I want.
Nicholas:  That's good to know.
Alexandra:  Yawns.  God, I'm so tired.
Nicholas:  I guess you would be, Alix.  It's been a long trip for all of us.  We'll take our leave of you all now and head back to Tsarskoe Selo.  He and Alexandra say their good-byes and leave.
Tatiana:  Perhaps we should all get some rest.  We can look at the pictures we took in the morning...

Soon, Alexei and Kole arrive back at their apartment with Marie and Amanda...

Alexei:  Well, it's been quite a year for me.  First I get to go to Mars, then I get to go back in time.
Kole:  Yeah, it makes you wonder, what will happen next.

Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  So, Ivan, do you think we'll go through the same thing that Alexei and Kole did, when we go to France?
Ivan K:  I don't know, Imp.  It's possible, I suppose.
At that point, Sam comes in.
Sam:  I just wanted to say that Gavriil and I are heading back to our apartment now.
Anastasia: Okay, Sam.  Thanks for helping here.
Sam:  No problem.  Leaves.
Ivan K:  I guess we better see to our own children.
Anastasia:  I'm right behind you...
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Anichkov Palace, two weeks later...

Tatiana:  Are you ready, Nastya?
Anastasia:  More than ever.  Let her rip, Doc.
Tatiana:  Right.  Very slowly, Tatiana removes Anastasia's casts.  There we go.  What do you think, Imp?
Anastasia:  Looks at her normal looking feet.  They look great, Tatiana,  Thank you.
Tatiana:  You're welcome.
Ivan K:  Now for the next step.
Anastasia:  Here we go.  With Ivan's help, Anastasia rises from her wheelchair.  Yay!  I can walk.
At that point, Maria and Olga come in.
Olga:  How's it going?
Anastasia:  As you can see, Olga, I'm walking.
Maria:  Great.  Looks at Ivan K.  Everything's ready.
Olga:  We're ready to look after your children.
Ivan K.  Excellent.
Anastasia:  What's going on?
Ivan K:  Did you forget, Comrade Imp, about our own trip to France?
Anastasia:  That's happening now?
Maria:  Yeah, it is.  It's all been arranged.  You'll both stat at the hotel that we did, in Paris.
Anastasia:  Thank you all.
Tatiana:  Well, Nastya, you looked after our children while we were in France.  It's only fair we do the same.
Anastasia:  Hey, where's Alexei.  He should have been here for this too.
Maria:  Well, Nastya, he and Kole have taken off for some alone time.
Anastasia:  Where on Earth did they go?
Maria:  Who said anything about being on Earth?

Kole's shuttle, Earth orbit...

Alexei:  Well, nothing beats alone time like this.
Kole:  I'll say.  It was nice of Sam to volunteer to look after Marie and Amanda until we return.
Alexei:  Yep, now let's have that wine, even if we have to drink it out of squeeze tubes. 
Kole:  Hey, we're getting a signal from Earth.  Replies.
Anastasia:  On screen.  Hey, you two, you're not planning on flying away to Mars again, are you.
Kole:  Laughs.  No, Anastasia.  Alexei and I just wanted some alone time.
Alexei:  And this is the best place for it.  We'll be back down to Earth tomorrow morning.
Anastasia:  Well, I just wanted to tell you both the good news.  My casts are off and my Ivan and I are leaving for France soon.
Kole:  That's wonderful, Anastasia.  I'm glad you're getting to go there at last.
Anastasia:  Me too.  Anyway, I gotta go pack now.  See you both later.  Ends the transmission.
Alexei:  I hope they have fun.
Kole:  Me too.

Tsarskoe Selo...

Alexandra:  Nicky, I've just gotten some disturbing news.
Nicholas:  What is it, Alix?
Alexandra:  You remember the Children Of The Empire? 
Nicholas:  Those crazy fanatics who wanted to restore the Old Empire? 
Alexandra:  Yes, them.  It seems they're back in business.
Nicholas:  I thought they were finished when Felix died.
Alexandra:  So did I.  However, it seems they have a new leader.  One we both know.
Nicholas:  Who is it?
Alexandra:  It's Grand Duke Kirill...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

On the airplane to France...

Ivan K: So, Imp, what do you want to visit first?
Anastasia: Flipping through a tourist guide. I'd like to see the Catacombs.
Ivan K: The Catacombs? Hm, that's an interesting choice. Why do you wanna go there?
Anastasia: Well, they say it's creepy, and you know I like creepy things.
Ivan K: Grins. And I like them as well. It's settled then. We'll go there as soon as we have unpacked our things at the hotel.

Alexander Palace...

Alexandra: Do you think we should tell the others about Kirill?
Nicholas: Not yet. I need to discuss the matter with Kerensky first. I'll call him right now and...
Alexandra: Wait, look what's on TV.
The words "BREAKING NEWS" appear on the TV screen.
Anchorman: And now the speech of the new leader of the Children of the Empire, the Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich.
Kirill: On the screen. "I, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, wish to launch an appeal to all the Russian citizens. As you all know now, I took over from the late Prince Felix Yussopov, and I assume the responsibilities of new leader of the Children of the Empire. Nicholas II, who dares calling himself our Tsar, is nothing but a traitor. He betrayed all of us, led our country to a revolution, and trampled on all our traditions. He and his family are no longer worthy to be at the head of Russia. As their next of kin, the crown then comes down to me. I therefore proclaim myself as the sole legitimate Tsar, and ask you, Russian people, to join me in my fight against Nicholas the Tyrant. If you too can't stand the so-called New Regime, if you don't want our country's policy to be dictated by a Jewish witch, if, like me, you want to go back to the happy days of the Old Empire, don't hesitate. Come fight with me."
Anchorman: I have just heard that Adolf Hitler openly manifested "his unwavering support to the Grand Duke Kirill", to quote his words. The new leader of the Children of the Empire has moved to Berlin, where he made this appeal to the Russian people.
Alexandra turns off the TV. Right after the phone rings and Nicholas answers it.
Nicholas: Yes?
Maria: Voice. I suppose you heard the news?
Nicholas: About Kirill? Yes, we did.
Maria: Darn it, I thought we got rid of the Children of the Empire for good when Olga shot Felix. And now they have Hitler's support. Seriously, I'm fed up of them. They threatened our family once again. And Sam as well! Surely they'll try to kill her. Someone must tell her what's going on.
Nicholas: I will. And I'll send bodyguards to ensure her and Gavriil's protection, in case the Children of the Empire try to make a move against them. 
Maria: Okay. Uh...
Nicholas: Yes?
Maria: Perhaps we should tell Nastya and Ivan to cancel their trip and come back here.
Nicholas: No. Anastasia wanted so badly to visit France. Leave her be. Kirill won't do her any harm. He doesn't know she's in Paris.
Maria: You don't know that. Perhaps he's already sent thugs for her.
Nicholas: Relax, Mashka. She'll be fine.

Maria: Well, maybe. See you later. Ends the call. I'm sorry, Papa, but for my peace of mind, I'm still going to ask Nastya to come back here.

Paris, France...

Anastasia's cell phone rings. She picks it up.
Anastasia: Hello? Mashka? Wow, wow, slow down... What? Kirill? No way?
Ivan K: What's going on. Anastasia signals him to be quiet. Come on, tell me, please.
Anastasia: Shush, Ivan. I can't hear Maria speaking. To Maria. What did you just say?
Maria: On the phone. You might be in danger. You have to go back here right now.
Anastasia: Are you kidding me? No, we won't. I've been planning this trip for like forever. I'm not going to cancel it, just because some crazy guy threatened us.
Maria: He's not some crazy guy. He's our uncle. And you seemed to have forgotten everything the Children of the Empire did to us. They ARE dangerous.
Anastasia: I don't care. I'm not going to stop living because of that. We are NOT going back, period.
Maria: Sighs. Okay, fine. Promise me you'll be careful.
Anastasia: Sure, we will. Don't worry about us. We can take care of ourselves. See you in two days, Mashka. Hangs up.
Ivan K: So what was it all about?
Anastasia: Well... Explains.
Ivan K: You made the right decision, Imp. I'm sure we're safe here. Besides, if the Children of the Empire try anything against us. Shows her a gun he's carrying in a holster. They'll meet their match.
Anastasia: You have a gun?!
Ivan K: Yeah. We had quite a lot of adventures before. That taught me to always take a gun wherever I go. Smiles. Anyway, If you're ready to go, let's go see the Catacombs.
Anastasia: I'm more than ready. Let's go...

Meanwhile, Alexandra is talking on the phone with Sam...
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Alexandra:  Voice.  Have you heard about Kirill?
Sam:  Yeah, I his broadcast.  Looks like that traitor is back to ruin all our lives.
Alexandra:  Nicky is sending some Cossacks to guard you and Gavriil.
Sam:  Thanks, Alix, I much appreciate it.

Soon, Alexei and Kole drop by...

Kole:  Seems the Children Of The Empire are like the Hydra.  You chop off one head, Felix in this case, and another takes its place, Kirill.
Alexei:  Yeah, that damned traitor sided against us in the Revolution, and now he's doing it again.  Judas and Benedict Arnold are in good company with Kirill.
Kole:  Sam, how are you feeling about all this.
Sam:  Horrible.  I thought all that nonsense was over when Felix died.  However, as you said, Kole, you chop one head off the Hydra and another takes it place.  And it's not just me this time, I have Gavriil to think about. 
Kole:  Does Kirill have any real support.  From what you all told me, Felix never did.
Alexei:  That remains to be seen, Kole.
Sam:  And Kirill partnering up with Hitler.  That cannot be good for anyone.

Anichkov Palace...

Dimitri C-B:  Well, we're all prepared.  If Kirill tries anything, we'll be ready for it.
Olga:  Yeah, but I wish it wasn't necessary. 
Tatiana:  I know.  Felix caused us so much trouble a few years ago.  Now with Kirill wanting to pick up where he Felix left off.
Maria:  Yeah, and he's teamed up with Hitler.  If Kirill's vision for Russia is anything like Hitler's vision for Germany, we're all in trouble.
Ivan S:  Well, I just heard from the other Ivan.  He and Anastasia have safely arrived in France.
Tatiana:  That's good to know.
Ivan S:  He also told me he's carrying a gun, just in cast anyone gives them any trouble.
Dimitri M:  And we should do the same.
Tatiana:  Yes, but...
Dimitri M:  What is it?
Tatiana:  We should also continue our everyday lives.  Let's send Kirill a message that he will NOT intimidate us, no matter who he partners up with.
Maria:  I couldn't have said it better myself.
Olga:  I agree.
The guys agree with their wives.

The Catacombs, Paris...

Ivan K:  Well, Comrade Imp, you were right.  This is a creepy place.
Anastasia:  I know.  Looks around.  Where is the rest of the tour group?
Ivan K:  Whoops!  Seems we must have wandered off on our own.
Anastasia:  Well, we better find them, and...  Breaks off as the sound of eerie organ music can be heard.  No way!
Ivan K:  Where is that music coming from?
Anastasia:  Why do I feel I'm trapped in an old horror movie?
The eerie organ music continues.
Ivan K:  Well, I suppose we better follow it and see where it leads up.
Anastasia:  When I said I wanted an interesting trip, I wasn't imagining this!

Berlin, an undisclosed location, a meeting is taking place between Kirill and Hitler...

Kirill:  I want to thank you for your support.  I never could have done this without you.
Hitler:  Think nothing of it.  It will be good to have an ally who thinks much like me, especially when it comes to the Jews and other subhuman races.
Kirill:  Yeah, I know.  Kerensky and Nicholas The Traitor have allowed them to move to Russia in droves.  Even as we speak, they infect Russia like a cancer.
Hiter:  You lot sure knew how to put them in their places back in the day.
Kirill:  Yeah, it's too bad we got rid of the old ways.  However, once I am Tsar, and once Russia is again a true empire, I will bring back those old ways.
Hitler:  I too have plans for dealing with the Jews and the others that cost Germany her victory in the war.  They must be made to pay for their crimes.
Kirill:  And I support whatever payment you dole out.  I read your book, and I know you are the right man to lead the world into a better future.  And I will be right there with you. 
Hitler:  Excellent.  As you know, I have big plans for Germany in the future.  And you have the same ideas for Russia.  You are much better suited for this than you predecessor was.
Kirill:  Felix was a good man, however, he made one fatal mistake.  He moved too fast, he wanted everything to happen overnight.  However, change such as what we want takes time.  Time and patience.
Hitler:  Fills too glasses with Schnaps.  A toast then.  A toast to the new alliance between the National Socialist Party and the Children Of The Empire.  A toast to the new future we will build together.
Kirill:  And God help ANYONE who gets in our way...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The Catacombs, Paris...

Anastasia: Sounds like the creepy music came from this way. Points at a dark corridor in front of them. On the wall is written "No trespassing. Landslide risks".
Ivan K: Not sure this is a good idea. Besides, the music has stopped. We'd better backtrack.
The music starts over again.
Anastasia: Told ya. It's coming from there. Sees that Ivan is hesitating. Come on, don't be such a chicken. It'll be fun.
Ivan K: Imp, it's too dangerous. I'm not letting you go in there.
Anastasia: Too bad you can't stop me. Enters in the corridor.
Ivan K: Nastya, come back here!
Anastasia: No way. There's something weird going on in these Catacombs, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Turns to Ivan. So are you coming, yes or no?
Ivan K: Rolls his eyes. FINE! However, you'll stay right next to me, and at the slightest sign of danger, we'll ...
Anastasia: Run. Understood, Comrade Ivan. Now, let's go exploring.

Hours later...

Ivan K: Seems to me we're going round and round in circles.
Anastasia: I have the same impression. That means...
Ivan K: We're lost. 
Anastasia: Yeah. And that music. It's like it's coming from nowhere. Whoever is playing it sure gets a kick out of giving us the runaround.
Ivan K: Could be a ghost. That would explain why we didn't find him or her.
Anastasia: Wow, that's spooky. Even if we dealt with ghosts before. I don't really like being around them.
The music stops again. 
Ivan K: I have the strange feeling that the organist is listening to us. 
Anastasia: Looks uneasily around her. Yeah, me too. 
At that very moment, they hear a loud noise and see that above them, the ceiling is cracking.
Anastasia: What the heck is going on!?
Ivan K: It's a landslide! RUN!!
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And so...

Ivan K:  Imp, are you okay?
Anastasia:  Yeah, I am.  However, the way we came is totally blocked.
Ivan K:  Yeah, but the other way is clear.  Let's try that way.
They start walking.
Anastasia:  Something just occurred to me.
Ivan K:  Which is?
Anastasia:  If we hadn't gone to check out where the organ music was coming from, we might have been crushed in that first landslide.
Ivan K:  That's right.  How strange.
They emerge from the Catacombs. 
Anastasia:  Right, I know what our next move is.
Ivan K:  Which is?
Anastasia:  I want to go to the library and do some research on those Catacombs.  I want to see if anyone died down there.
Ivan K:  Sounds like a plan.
Anastasia:  You know, Ivan, that whole thing reminded me of Phantom Of The Opera.
Ivan K:  Me too.  However, wasn't that just a story.
Anastasia:  Perhaps, or...
Ivan K:  Or?
Anastasia:  I was thinking that perhaps the author based the story on a real life incident.
Ivan K:  You think that's what happened?
Anastasia:  That's what I'm hoping to find out.

Russia, Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Well, I just heard from Anichkov Palace.  Apparently, they're not going to let his Kirill business affect their lives.
Alexei:  Well, good.  If we start cowering in fear, Kirill wins.  Still, I would feel a lot better if he hadn't partnered up with Hitler.  When does Hitler take over Germany again?
Kole:  In 1933.
Alexei:  Only four years from now.  Doesn't Russia sign some treaty with Germany, or something like that?
Kole:  Yes, in 1939, a Non-Aggression Pact. 
Alexei:  I wonder if Kirill will have something to do with that.
Kole:  I honestly don't know.  However, we know that Hitler will break that pact in 1941 when he attacks Russia.
Alexei:  Still, I'm curious to see if Kirill was involved.
Kole:  I wish I could tell you, but I'm not really sure.
Alexei:  Well, maybe Sam will know.  I'll ask her.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Hey, something happened to Nastya and Ivan in France.
Olga:  Oh no, did Kirill do something?
Maria:  No, nothing like that.  Explains.
Tatiana:  Sounds like what happened in Phantom Of The Opera.
Maria:  Nastya said the same thing.  She's going to check and see if she can find out whether the story was inspired by a real life event.
Tatiana:  Wow, first Alexei and Kole have that incident at Versailles and now Nastya and her Ivan have this strange event happen to them.
Olga:  Geez, and nothing supernatural happened to any of us.  No fair!
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

National Library of France, Paris...

Ivan K: Hey, Imp. I found something.
Anastasia: Yeah?
Ivan K: Shows her an old newspaper. That article was written by Gaston Leroux himself. He was convinced the Phantom of the Opera existed. He said he based his book on facts that really happened in the Opera Garnier.
Anastasia: What facts?
Ivan K: Reads. "On May 20th 1896, the big lustre fell during a representation of the Faust of Goethe and killed a spectator. Odd coincidence: the victim's seat was seat number 13."
Anastasia: My, that is so strange.
Ivan K: Indeed. Listen to what comes next. "Some time later a machinist was found hanged... A dancer of the Opera Garnier ballet class fell on the thirteen step on the great staircase and died instantly". Looks at Anastasia and goes on. "Several witnesses claimed to have seen a strange man in the corridors of the Opera. He was wearing a mask hiding his face and mysteriously disappeared out of nowhere."
Anastasia: That story keeps getting weirder.
Ivan K: Isn't it. Continues to read. "Others said they heard eery organ sounds coming from the ground."
Anastasia: This is terrifying. And definitely exciting.
Ivan K: Still I don't see how this is related to the strange events that happened to us in the Catacombs.
Anastasia: I hope we'll find the answer at the Opera Garnier.
Ivan K: Right. Let's pursue the investigation there, Detective Imp.

With Alexei and Sam...

Alexei: Sam, I was wondering about the Non-aggression Pact between Russia and Germany.
Sam: Yes?
Alexei: Will Kirill be involved in it?
Sam: Yeah, he will.
Alexei: How so?
Sam: Trust me, you don't want to know.
Alexei: Come on, Sam, give me some explanation. What will Kirill do?
Sam: Uh...
Alexei: Yeah?
Sam: Hesitates. He... Well, he'll... Okay, fine. I'm gonna tell you. With Hitler's help, he will take control of the Russian Government, and then kick your father out of the throne.  After that, he will sign the Non-aggression Pact with Germany. Then, to top it all off,  he'll crown himself Tsar. 
Alexei: That can't be true! Please, Sam, tell me you're joking.
Sam: I'm not.
Alexei: What will happen next? Will Papa retake the throne?
Sam: Yes, after two years, thanks to the Allies.
Alexei: Two years. That means 1941. That's when...
Sam: Yes. When Germany will declare war on Russia.
Alexei: This is... No, it can't be... I mean...
Sam: Alexei, you have to promise not to say a word about it to your family. If they'd learn about it, that might change the course of history. 
Alexei: I.. I get it. However can I at least tell Kole?
Sam: Only to her then.
Alexei: Sure. We'll keep the secret, I promise.
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Soon, at Alexei and Kole's...

Alexei:  What's that book you have there, Kole?
Kole:  This.  Holds up the book, titled Russia In The Second World War.
Alexei:  Where did you get that?
Kole:  After you told me what Sam told you, I sent a letter to my parents via the Magic Mail Box and asked them to send me this.  Opens the book.  Don't worry, I don't plan to show this to anyone else, and I will send it back to my parents when we're done with it.  Looks down at the book.  Ah, here we are.
Alexei:  What does it say/
Kole: Reading.  In 1939, the Children Of The Empire, a group in Russia that wished to return the country to its Imperial past, seized power in Russia.  Lead by Grand Duke Kirill, and backed by arms and logistical support from Nazi Germany, the new Kirill led goverment lost no time in signing a Non-Aggression Pact with Germany.  This left Hitler free to concentrate on the West when the Second World War began, that same year.
Alexei:  Uh, does it mention what happened to all of us.
Kole:  Yes, it does.  Continues.  For the second time in his reign, Nicholas II lost his throne, even if said throne was only a figurehead position.  However, Kirill was more merciful than Lenin had been.  Nicholas, his wife, Alexandra, and their whole extended family, were exiled to the Crimea, where they were held in house arrest in their Livadia palace.
Alexei:  Better than Ipatiev House, I guess.
Kole:  Goes on.  However, what Kirill didn't realize was that Nicholas and his family, from the time they arrived at Livadia, were contacted by British Intelligence and remained in contact with them as the war began.  Covertly, they began to organize guerrilla cells against the Kirill Government.  This steadily escalated until the Kirill regime was overthrown in early 1941.  However, Kirill himself fled to Germany before he could be captured.
Alexei:  And that's when Hitler decided to attack us.
Kole:  Yeah, he didn't like losing a faithful ally.  You know what happened next.
Alexei:  What happened to Kirill in the end.  I never asked Sam that.
Kole:  According to this book, he tried to flee Europe at the end of the war, in 1945.  However, he was captured by the Allies.  He was extradited back to Russia.  In 1946, he was tried as a Nazi collaborator.  He was found guilty and executed.
Alexei:  So he does get his comeuppance in the end. 
Kole:  Closes the book.  Yes, he does.  Well, I'm sending this book back to the future.  Still, I wish...
Alexei:  You wish we could tell the others.
Kole:  Yeah.
Sam:  Well, I promised Sam we wouldn't.  You know what happened when I tried to change history.
Kole:  I know.  It's just that the books tells us what Kirill does when he's in power.  He starts having Jews rounded up and shipped to Germany.  You know what happens to them after that.
Alexei:  Yeah, I know.  The Nazis make the Old Empire pogroms seem like amateur hour.
Kole:  And we can't stop it.
Alexei:  I know.  Sometimes history sucks.

Opera Garnier, Paris, Anastasia and Ivan K. are going through the records there...

Anastasia:  Ivan, look at this.
Ivan K:  What is it, Imp?
Anastasia:  According to this, there was a man named Professor Petrie.  As a poor and starving composer, he had been forced to sell all of his music, including an opera that he himself wrote, to Ambrose D'Arcy, the then owner of the Opera Garnier, for a pitifully small fee.  He thought that his work being published would bring him recognition. When he discovered that D'Arcy was having the music published under his own name, Petrie became enraged and broke into the printers to destroy the plates. In burning sheet music that had already been printed, Petrie unwittingly started a fire, then accidentally splashed acid on his face and hands in an effort to put it out, thinking it was water. In terrible agony, he ran out, jumped into the river, and was swept by the current into an underground drain.  His body was never found.
Ivan K:  Imp, that happened decades ago.  Surely this guy can't be still alive today.
Anastasia:  No, it doesn't seem likely.  Which means...
Ivan K:  The Phantom Of The Opera is now a real phantom.

I used the 1962 Hammer movie version of Phantom Of The Opera for this back story.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Ivan K: Still searching in the archives. Hey Imp, check this out.
Anastasia: What is it?
Ivan K: A map. A map of the Catacombs. The network spreads all over the place, beneath Paris's streets, including below the Opera Garnier.
Anastasia: Below the Opera? Whoa, that is interesting. Examines the map. Here, this is the exit we used to get out of the Catacombs. And guess what, it's only a few streets away from the Opera.
Ivan K: So the Phantom is haunting the Opera as well as the nearby catacombs.
Anastasia: I think so. He must have used the Catacombs as a hiding place back before he became a ghost, and when he was looking for a way to take revenge on the owner of the Opera.
Ivan K: The map says there's an entrance to the Catacombs somewhere in the Opera. That must be why people thought the Phantom was a ghost. They saw a mysterious person appearing and disappearing in the Opera. He was actually using the Catacombs entrance to enter and exit the building.
Anastasia: Let's go find this entrance. With any luck, we may find the Phantom's hideout.

Sam and Gavriil's apartment...

Gavriil: Is everything okay, Mom. You seem upset.
Sam: No, I'm fine. It's just that I have an important exam tomorrow and that's stressing me out. I don't want to fail it.
Gavriil: You won't. I mean, you passed the exams for the first year of Law School before.
Sam: That was a long time ago.
Gavriil: So what. Besides you know the Civil Code inside out.
Sam: Yeah, but...
Gavriil: And you're the best lawyer I know.
Sam: I don't think you know that many lawyers, do you.
Gavriil: Well, no, actually. Still I know I'm right. I know you will pass this test. Heads towards the front door. Why don't you go out for a walk with me to get some fresh air?
Sam: Uh, I'm not sure...
Gavriil: Come on, a short walk, and then you can go back to brushing up on your law as much as you want.
Sam: Okay. I'm coming.

Anichkov Palace...

Olga: On the phone with Anastasia. So, Imp, how is your investigation going.
Anastasia: Voice. Well. Explains everything that she and Ivan found out. 
Olga: Whoa. Did you find that entrance to the Catacombs?
Anastasia: Not yet. We're still looking for it. We don't know exactly where it is located in the Opera. The map isn't very accurate.
Olga: Well, good luck in your search. And hopefully you won't come across the Phantom again.
Anastasia: Actually I hope we will. I want to thank him for saving our lives.
Olga: That's strange. I always thought the Phantom of the Opera was some kind of cruel and inhuman creature. It looks like he's not that evil after all.
Anastasia: Yeah, in my opinion he was a misunderstood person. The real villain of the story was Ambrose D'Arcy, the owner of the Opera.
Olga: Keep us informed, and please be careful. Even if the Phantom doesn't seem evil, be on your guard nonetheless. You never know.
Anastasia: Of course. I'm going to let you go now. Ivan just told me he found something. 
Olga: Okay, bye. Ends the call.

Opera Garnier, Paris...

Anastasia: So Ivan, what is it that you found...
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Opera Garnier, Paris...

Anastasia: So Ivan, what is it that you found?
Ivan K:  I think it might be the secret passage to the Catacombs.  Tries the hidden door.  I can hardly move it.
Anastasia:  Well, it hasn't been opened in decades.  Boy, I wish Mashka was here with her strength.
Ivan K:  Wait, it's moving.  The door creaks open.  Shall we?
Anastasia:  Let's.  The two of them enter.
Ivan K:  Hmmmm, this must be a different area than the one we were last in.
Anastasia:  Yeah, these things go for miles under Paris.  Let's get exploring.
Ivan K:  This could take all day.
Anastasia:  Then we better get to it.

St. Petersburg, Sam and Gavriil are out walking, and run into Kole...

Sam:  Kole, you out walking too?
Kole:  Yeah, I gotta walk off this baby fat, after all.
Sam: Rubbish. You hardly gained any weight at all.
Kole:  Flattery will get you no where.  So, how is the studying going?
Sam:  Hard.  I guess I forgot how hard it was, hitting the books.
Kole:  Ah, I'm sure you'll do well.  You already proved your worth as a lawyer when you defended Tatiana against that silly murder charge, I few years ago.
Sam:  Yeah, but I was winging it then.
Kole:  Well, I certainly couldn't tell.  In fact I....  LOOK OUT!  Shoves Sam aside as a gunshot rings out.
Sam:  What the hell!?  Sees a man running away.  Kole, what...  KOLE!
Kole:  Looks down at the bullet wound in her stomach.  I think I'v been plugged.  Falls to the ground.
Sam:  Whips out her cell phone.  Tatiana!  We have an emergency! 

Soon, at Tatiana's Center...

Alexei:  What's going on?  How is she!?
Olga:  We don't know yet.  Tatiana is still in surgery.
Alexei:  What happened, Sam?
Sam:  I don't know.  Kole shoved me aside, a gunshot rang out, I saw a man running away, and the next thing I know, poor Kole is wounded.
Nicholas and Alexandra arrive.
Nicholas:  I just heard from the St. Petersburg police.  They caught the man that shot Kole.  Apparently, he's a member of the new Children Of The Empire.
Maria:  Damn!  I should have known.  Perhaps we can use that to deal with them.
Alexandra:  I wish it were so.  Kirill has issued a statement from Germany.  He said that the man was acting alone and without orders.
Sam:  Yeah, and I have this Bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
Nicholas:  Unfortunately, the man himself is saying the same thing, that Kirill never sanction his actions.
Sam: CYA.
Alexandra:  What?
Sam:  I'll explain later.
At that point, Tatiana comes out.
Alexei:  How is she?
Tatiana:  Very lucky.  The bullet missed all her vital organs.  She's up in Recovery now.  You can see her in a few hours.
Olga:  What about Nastya?  Does she know about this yet?
Maria:  No, I tried to call her, but I got her voice mail.  She must have turned her phone off.  I've left her a message.

A few hours later, Alexei is allowed to see Kole...

Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  Sorry about that.
Alexei:  About what?
Kole: No doubt scaring everyone to death.
Alexei:  What happened, Kole?
Kole: I saw this guy aiming a gun at Sam and just reacted. Do you know what it was all about yet?
Alexei:  Apparently, he was a rogue operative for the Children Of The Empire, or so that's what Kirill says.
Kole:  Yeah, they did have it out for Sam, didn't they.
Alexei:  I know, Kole, I know.

Germany, an undisclosed location...

Hitler:  I thought you said you were going to take it slowly this time.
Kirill:  I am.  That idiot was not acting under any orders I gave.
Hitler:  Still, Kirill, you are going to have to control your followers.  If we are to obtain our goals, we can't make any moves that could ruin us all.
Kirill:  I know.
Hitler:  And you must punish those that disobey orders.
Kirill:  Oh, don't worry about that.  It's been taken care of.

St. Petersburg jail, the ward is bringing the man that shot Kole some food.  The man is found dead, his throat cut from ear to ear...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

With Ivan K and Anastasia...

They continue to explore when suddenly a group of rats emerges from a hole in the wall next to them and runs straight towards them.
Ivan K: Stay behind me. Brings out his gun and fires shots into the air to scare the rats. Panicked, the group of rats turns back and runs away. See, Nastya, they're gone. Notices that Anastasia is shaking. Nastya?! You okay?
Anastasia: Still shaking. Y-yeah, I am. It's just... I hate those animals.
Ivan K: Well, I'm not a fan of them either. Anyway, they won't hurt us now. They're all gone. Look.
Anastasia nods and slowly calms down.
Ivan K: If you don't want to continue, we can...
Anastasia: No, no, it's fine. I want to find the Phantom's hideout. It's not going to be some rats that will stop me.
Ivan K: That's my Imp. 
They soon arrive at a junction.
Anastasia: So which track do we follow? The right or the left?
Ivan K: Hmm, the left.
Anastasia: Why?
Ivan K: I don't know. I have a feeling it's the right direction, I don't know why.
Anastasia: Okay. Let's go that way then.
Ivan K: Pulls a piece of chalk from his pocket and draws an arrow on the wall. That way we are sure to find our way back.
Anastasia: Clever. I see someone has been reading Hop-o'-My-Thumb. 
Ivan K: Guilty. Except that I improved his technique.
Anastasia: Yeah, I noticed that you didn't use pieces of bread.
Ivan K: No, I didn't have any at hand.
They laugh.

After a while...

Anastasia: Ivan, listen. It's that music again!
An organ music can be heard.
Ivan K: Yep, you're right.
Anastasia: Sounds like it's very close to us.
Ivan K: This way. Follow me...

They enter in a room lit by a chandelier. Music scores are piled up in a corner. At the far end of the room, a ghostly figure plays a melody on a large organ. The music finishes, the person turns to face them.
Ghost: I was waiting for you.
Ivan K and Anastasia look at each other, stunned.
Ivan K: You what?!
Anastasia: Who are you?
Ghost: I thought you figured this out already. You've been searching for me the whole day, after your little mishap at the Catacombs.
Ivan K: No way! You mean you're...
Anastasia: The...
Ghost: Phantom of the Opera, yes. I am.
Ivan K: I don't understand. You said you were waiting for us. Why? 
Phantom: I'm going to explain it all to you. I chose you because you have dealt with ghosts before.
Anastasia: How do you know that?
Phantom: That's not the point. I thought then you might be able to understand and help me, since you have a certain experience in supernatural things.
Ivan K: Go on, please.
Phantom: Well, you see, I am the one who guided you in your investigation right from the start, from the moment I saved you in the Catacombs. 
Anastasia: You did?
Phantom: Yes. Pauses. You have to understand that I've been searching for a long time for someone who might help me fulfill my task. However nobody ever dared to come close to me. They were scared of me, thinking I was a monster. And now, people have forgotten my existence or think I'm just a legend.
Anastasia: You need help. For what.
Phantom: A short time before dying, I made myself a promise. I swore that I wouldn't stop until justice would be done, until everyone would learn the truth about Ambroise d'Arcy and myself. That's the reason why I wander endlessly here, unable to find eternal rest. I'll be able to join the afterlife only when people will learn what monster d'Arcy was and how he destroyed my life. And I need your help for that.
Ivan K: How?
Phantom: Gives them a sheaf of papers. Here. They are my memoirs. I wrote my entire life story inside. Make it known to the world, and I'll be able to find eternal rest. Will you do that to me?
Anastasia and Ivan look at each other and nod.
Anastasia: We will...
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Back at the hotel...

Ivan K:  Wow, the memoirs of the Phantom Of The Opera.  Who would have guessed.
Anastasia:  I know.  Now we have to fulfill our promise to him.
Ivan K:  How.
Anastasia:  We'll take the manuscript back to Russia with us.  Olga has been in contact with a publishing in regards to the book she's working on, so I'll ask her to submit the Phantom's memoirs to them.  I'm sure they'll agree.
Ivan K:  Good idea, Imp.
Anastasia:  Pulls out her phone and turns it on.  I'll call now and...  Hang on, there's a message from Mashka.  Listens and goes pale.
Ivan K:  Anastasia?  What is it?  What's wrong?
Anastasia:  Kole's been shot.
Ivan K:  What!?
Anastasia:  Yeah, apparently one of Kirill's goons tried to shoot Sam and Kole intervened.  Thankfully, she wasn't seriously wounded.  She's at Tatiana's Center, recovering.  I'm going to call home.  Does so and is soon speaking to Maria.
Maria:  Voice.  Yeah, Nastya, that's what happened.  And guess what, the shooter himself is now dead.
Anastasia:  How did that happen?
Maria:  We don't know.  He was in jail and they found him dead.  We think Kirill had him taken out because what that guy did, trying to kill Sam, and not sanctioned. 
Anastasia:  The Children Of The Empire seem much more organized this time.
Maria:  Yeah, Nastya, and that's what scares us.
Anastasia:  Well, Ivan and I will be coming home soon.
Maria:  Nastya, you really don't have to...
Anastasia:  Yes, we do.  Besides, we've had an experience of our own here.  I can't explain over the phone.  We'll fill you all in when we get back.

Tatiana's Center...

Kole:  Stop hovering over me, Tatiana, I'm fine.
Tatiana:  Sorry, Kole, but you are my sister-in-law, after all.
Kole:  Yeah, I know.
At that point, Sam comes in.
Sam:  How is the patient?
Kole:  The patient is fine, thank you.
Sam:  Okay, Kole, but I have to ask, what were you thinking?
Kole:  I wasn't.  I mean I didn't think, I reacted. 
Sam:  That military training again?
Kole:  Yeah, that. 
Sam:  Well, I have some news.  Explains about what's happened to the shooter.
Kole:  So the guy is dead?
Sam:  Yeah, they think Kirill had him taken out because his actions weren't authorized.  Seems Kirill dislikes me, but he doesn't have the same fanatical hatred for me that his predecessor did.
Kole:  Well, that is good news, I suppose.

Anichkov, the next day...

Tatiana:  What is it that Nastya has to tell us.
Maria:  I don't know.  She wouldn't say over the phone.  She said it had to wait until she got back here.
Olga:  You don't think this is something the Children Of The Empire did.
Tatiana:  No, Olga, she would have told us if that had happened.
At that point, Anastasia and Ivan K walk in.
Maria:  Well, Nastya, what is it?  What's the big secret?
Anastasia:  This.  Holds up the manuscript.  I present you all with the memoirs of the Phantom Of The Opera...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anastasia: This. Holds up the manuscript. I present you all with the memoirs of the Phantom Of The Opera. 
Silence falls.
Anastasia: Looks around. Are you deaf? Didn't you catch what I said?
Maria: What, no we're not deaf. We...
Tatiana: We're just too stunned to speak.
Olga: I'm not stunned. I'm more skeptical actually. Are you sure, Nastya, this isn't one of your belated April's Fools pranks, cause it looks like one to me.
Anastasia: No, I swear. I'm not joking. These are truly the Phantom's memoirs.
Tatiana: Can you please explain how these documents have come into your hands?
Anastasia: Sure. I've been dying to tell you this story. But, first. Turns to Olga. Are you still in touch with that publisher you contacted for your book?
Olga: Yes. I have his phone number in my notebook if you want. Why?
Anastasia: I'm going to explain it in a minute. Smiles. So everyone, are you ready to hear Ivan and I's incredible adventure?
Maria: Don't keep us in suspense, Imp. You know we all want to.
Anastasia: Smirks. Well, let's begin...

Later in Kole's room, at Tatiana's Center...

Anastasia: Bursts in. HEY KOLE! Whoops sorry, did I startle you?
Kole: Oh hey, Imp. No, don't worry, you didn't.
Anastasia: How are you doing?
Kole: Smiles. I'm okay. And I swear if someone asks me this question one more time...
Anastasia: Well, we're worried about you, you know. You could have gotten yourself killed.
Kole: I didn't, so stop fussing over me, please. Pauses. So Nastya, I heard you and Ivan had quite an adventure in Paris?
Anastasia: You can say that again. It was thrilling.
Kole: I'm all ears, Imp.
Anastasia: Okay...

Alexander Palace, Sam is having tea with Nicholas and Alexandra...

Sam: I've been thinking a lot about the incident of the other day, when Kole got shot. And there's something about it that troubles me.
Nicholas: Yes?
Sam: Where were the bodyguards? Our bodyguards? The ones who were supposed to protect us against the Children of the Empire?
Alexandra: I don't know. I haven't thought about them.
Sam: I have. I'm pretty darn sure they were not there when Kirill's thug tried to kill me.
Nicholas: What? I expressly told them not to leave you alone even for a minute. 
Sam: They may have been bribed by the killer. A sort of -We-stay-away-while-you-do-your-dirty-work- deal.
Alexandra: What, are you sure?
Sam: No, I'm not. It's just a thought, but that could explain their mysterious absence.
Nicholas: Yes, you're right, it could. Their absence is indeed very strange. I'm going to call Kerensky and ask him to investigate on those men.
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And so...

Kerensky:  On the phone.  Yes, it is rather strange, now that you mention it.
Nicholas:  I was thinking the same thing.  Those men might have been bribed somehow.
Kerensky:  Tell you what, I'll look into it and get back to you.
Nicholas:  Thank you.

Anichkov Palace...

Olga:  Nastya.
Anastasia:  Yeah?
Olga:  I just called the publisher about the Phantom's memoirs.
Anastasia:  And?
Olga:  They've agreed to take a look at them.  They've scheduled a meeting for three o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Anastasia:  Excellent, I'll be there.
Olga:  I must admit, I'm curious how this will all come out.
Anastasia:  Well, I just want to see the memoirs published.  That poor man has waited long enough.

Alexei and Kole's apartment, Alexei is helping Kole inside...

Alexei:  Kole, are you sure you're ready to come home?
Kole:  Don't you start!
Alexei:  What do you mean?
Kole:  I mean that Tatiana all but strapped me down to keep me from leaving.
Alexei:  Well...
Kole:  Alexei, I'm fine.  Trust me.  Besides, I wanted to see Marie and Amanda.
At that point, Sam arrives.
Sam:  So, what Tatiana said is true, you discharged yourself.
Kole:  Yeah, I did.  I wish everyone would stop fussing over me.  I'm fine.
Sam:  Well, I guess you are.  Listen, I realized something.  Explains about the lack of bodyguards.
Kole:  Yeah, that's right.  They're suppose to watch us 24/7.  What happened.
Sam:  We think Kirill's goon might have bribed them. 
Alexei:  Is that true?
Sam:  It could be.  Your father and Kerensky are looking into it.

The office of the publisher, the next day...

Publisher:  Well, this is...interesting.
Anastasia:  It sure is.  So?
Publisher:  Alright, you've convinced us.  We'll publish it.
Anastasia:  Yes!  The Phantom will be so happy.
Publisher:  Who?
Anastasia:  Uh, never mind.  Thank you very much.  I'll see myself out.

Anichkov Palace...

Ivan K:  Well?
Anastasia:  They've agreed to publish the memoirs.
Ivan K:  That's great!
Anastasia: It's great to see that poor man finally get the recognition he so rightly deserves...
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  Kole, are you sure you should be walking right now.
Kole:  Rolls her eyes.  Alexei, I'm fine.  Trust me.
Alexei:  Hey, I'm your husband, it's my job to worry about you.
Kole:  Oh you.  Sits down at the kitchen table.
At that point, the phone rings.  Alexei answers it.
Alexei:  Hello?
Nicholas:  Oh phone.  Alexei, how are you and Kole doing?
Alexei:  We're fine, Papa.  Thanks for asking.
Nicholas:  Just checking.
Alexei:  How is the investigation into those guards going?
Nicholas:  That's another reason I'm calling.  The investigation team has uncovered, in their words, 'unusual financial transactions' in the bank accounts of those men.  In plain simple English, they received money that wasn't officially on the books.
Alexei: I see.
Nicholas:  When I find out more, I'll let you know.
Alexei:  Thanks, Papa.  Ends the call.
Kole:  What was that all about?
Alexei:  Well.  Explains.
Kole:  So, it looks like those men were on Kirill's payroll.
Alexei:  So it would seem
Kole:  Geez, how much more complicated can our lives get.

St. Petersburg Air Field, a reporter from the National Intruder has slipped in.  He slowly approaches Kole's shuttle.

Reporter:  Thinking.  This ought to be a great scoop.

The next day, the following appears in the National Intruder.



Pavel Chukov

One question this reporter has always wondered about Katerina Feodorovna, the wife of former Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich, is just exactly where she came from.  Although I did years of research, was unable to come up with any mention of her prior to the year, 1925.  It was like she had just dropped out of the sky, well, perhaps she did.

In his investigation, this reporter paid a visit to the mysterious air craft she maintains at the St. Petersburg Air Field and uncovered startling evidence of a visit to the planet Mars.  So, I have to wonder, did Katerina Feodorovna visit Mars, or, perhaps did she come here FROM Mars!

The Romanov Family has married non-Russians, are they now marrying non-humans too?  Are the former Tsarevich's two daughters half-Martian.

This reporter wants to know...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, at breakfast...

Dimitri M: Reading the National Intruder. Hey, they did it again!
Olga: Who?
Dimitri M: The National Intruder. And this time, the situation may be more serious than usual.
Maria: What do you mean? What did they say?
Dimitri M: I don't know how, but somehow they found out about Kole and Alexei's trip to Mars.
Ivan K: What?
Dimitri M: Yeah, and that's not all. Reads the article aloud.
Olga: Laughs. So Kole is an alien, according to them? Dimitri, this is so ridiculous that no one can believe that.  
Dimitri M: I know, but what about the trip to Mars? That journalist, Chukov, says he has proofs. Suppose he reveals them to the public. What will we do? That could cause a major change in the history of space exploration. And then there's also the risk the National Intruder might find out the real truth.
Anastasia: That Kole actually comes from the future.
Dimitri M: Yes.
Maria: That will be catastrophic.
Dimitri C-B: So what do we do?
Tatiana: We need a family reunion. Right now...

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei: Holding a copy of the National Intruder. Kole, I have to show you something. You're not going to like it...
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Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  Take a look.  Puts down the copy of the National Intruder, which Kole picks up and reads.
Kole:  After she's finished the article.  I'm a Martian!?
Alexei:  I know, it's ridiculous.
Kole:  How did this reporter find out about our trip to Mars.
Alexei:  I'm gonna find out.  He calls the air field and soon learns what happened.  Apparently, the reporter sneaked onto the air field and into your shuttle.
Kole:  Great, this is all I need.
Alexei:  Yeah, I...  His cell rings and he answers it.  What?  Okay, we'll be right there.  Ends the call.
Kole:  What is it?
Alexei:  They want to see us at Anichkov Palace. 
Kole:  I'm guessing it's about this stupid article.
Alexei:  Yeah, it is.  Let's go.

Anichkov Palace, a while later, everyone is there...

Nicholas:  Well, I guess you all saw the National Intruder article about Kole.
Tatiana:  Yes, Papa, we did.
Anastasia:  Like anyone is going to believe Kole is a Martian?  How stupid would that be.
Maria:  That's not the problem, Nastya.  It's the fact that history could be changed.
Olga:  Right, Kole and Alexei's trip to Mars is supposed to be secret.
Kole:  Olga is right.  Humanity is not supposed to go into space for a few decades yet.  If this gets out...
Alexei:  They might find out you're from the future, Kole.
Alexandra:  Nicky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Nicholas: Yes, the Nazis.  They would love to get their hands on any information about the future, including Kole herself.
Kole:  And it's not just that.  The Nazis had some of the best rocket scientists in the world, some will even be, after the war, brought into the American space program, men such as Wernher von Braun.
Anastasia:  Who's he?
Kole:  One of there top rocket scientists.  He'll help develop the V2 rockets which Germany will fire at London late in the war.  Afterwards, he'll agree to work for the Americans and, in fact, helped design the rockets that got the U.S. to the Moon in 1969.
Sam:  I see where Kole is going with this.  If the Nazis somehow get a hold of her shuttle...
Kole:  It might help them win the war.
Tatiana:  Well, we can't let that happen.
Maria:  So, how can we make sure this doesn't happen.
Kole:  Actually, I do have a plan.  Turns to Sam.  Sam, I'll need your help on this.
Sam:  What's the plan, Kole?
Kole:  Well...

San Francisco, 2011, Ronen and Hadassah's house...

Ronen:  I wonder if...  The closet door opens and Kole and Sam arrive.
Kole:  That key of yours sure came in handy here.
Sam:  Yeah, it did.  Turns to her parents.  Mom, Dad, this is Kathryn Munro.
Kole:  Shakes hands with Sam's parents as introductions are made.  Call me Kole.
Hadassah:  You're the one that married the former Tsarevich.
Kole:  Yes, that would be me.
Ronen:  You're from the future too, right.
Kole:  I am.  Sixty years from now.
Sam:  Mom, Dad, I wish this was a social call, but we need your help.
Hadassah:  What is it, Sam?
Sam:  We need the Amulet Of Hogthor.
Ronen:  Is it that critical.
Sam:  I'm afraid it is, Dad.
Ronen:  Right, I'll get it.  Leaves.
Hadassah:  Is there a major crisis going on back there, Sam?
Sam:  Not if we can help it.
Ronen:  Returns with the amulet.  Here you go.
Kole:  I'll take it.  I'll be sure to return it when I'm done.
Sam:  No, Kole, why don't you keep it.
Kole:  Really?
Sam:  Yes, I have the magic key to visit my family.  It's only fair you have something to visit yours.
Kole:  Thanks, Sam.  Turns to Ronen and Hadassah.  Nice to have met you both.  Vanishes.
Hadassah:  Sam, what is going on?
Sam:  Well, it's like this, Mom...

Russia, 1929, Kole and Alexei are strapped into Kole's shuttle...

Kole:  Here we go.  She works the controls and the shuttle takes off.
Alexei:  I'll never get tired of this.
Kole:  I know.  Too bad we'll have to cut back, but we can't risk messing with history. 
The shuttle leaves Earth's gravity and heads into space.
Alexei:  Here we go.
Kole:  Yeah, the Moon is coming up.  Kole pilots the shuttle around to the far side of the Moon.  We'll land there, in the Mare Ingenii.  She sets the shuttle down on target in the Mare Ingenii.
Alexei:  So, we'll keep the shuttle here on the Moon?
Kole:  Yes, and best of all, this is the far side of the Moon. It's never visible from Earth, so even a telescope won't be able to see the shuttle.  Come on, Alexei, we need to get into the space suits, before I shut the power down.  They get into the space suits and Kole powers down the shuttle.
Alexei:  Kole, what about when the astronauts come here?
Kole:  That won't happen for another forty years.  It's not an immediate concern, Alexei.
Alexei:  Yeah, you're right, Kole.  And now...
Kole:  Holds up the Amulet Of Hogthor.  We go home.  Both vanish.

Alexei and Kole's apartment, the couple both appear...

Alexei:  We're back.
Kole:  Yep.  We'll keep the space suits here, in case we want to go to the shuttle again.  And Sam said I could keep the Amulet, for when I want to visit my family.
Alexei:  That's great.  Let's get out of these space suits and then I'll call Anichkov and tell them your plan worked.
Kole:  Yeah, now that reporter will have no evidence to back up his story...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace...

Kole: We did it. The shuttle is now well hidden. No one can find it.
Alexandra: I'm afraid that won't be enough.
Alexei: What do you mean? What's going on?
Olga: Shows him a newspaper. This is this evening's edition of the National Intruder.
Maria: Read the story on page 2.
Alexei: Opens the copy of the tabloid. On page 2 is an article on Kole with big pictures of her shuttle. The last photo shows a rock on which it's written "RUSSIAN EXPEDITION TO MARS, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 1928. CREW: ALEXEI NICHOLAIEVICH ROMANOV AND HIS WIFE, KATERINA FEODOROVNA. WE GOT HERE FIRST!" Oh no, damn it! 
Tatiana: How did he manage to find this photo?
Kole: I think I know how. Before we left Mars, Alexei took a picture of that stone. I must have forgotten it inside the shuttle. I suppose that's where the reporter found it.
Anastasia: Guys, we really need a plan B.
Alexei: I'm running out of ideas right now.
Anastasia: Well... The phone rings and she answers it.  And after she hangs up.
Tatiana: Who was it?
Anastasia: Kerensky. The Air Field staff called him. It's crazy what's going on out there. Hundred of people are gathered in front of the gates and screaming they want to see "the shuttle of the alien"...
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Dimitri C-B:  Standing at the window.  The Air Field is not the only place attracting a crowd.
Olga:  Walks over and looks out the window.  Oh no!
Outside Anichkov Palace, a huge crowd has gathered.  Some are carrying signs reading WHERE IS THE ALIEN!  WE WANT THE ALIEN!
Dimitri M:  Oh, this is not good.
Maria:  This reminds me of that crowd that came after Sam that one time.
At that point, Kole runs out of the room.
Alexei:  Kole!  Goes after her.
Tatiana:  I hope she'll be okay.
Anastasia:  Well, I can't blame her for being upset, what with everything going on.

Meanwhile, Alexei has caught up with Kole.  She's in tears.

Alexei:  Kole...
Kole:  Your mother is right, hiding the shuttle wasn't enough. It's never going to stop.  They actually think I'm an alien from Mars. 
Alexei:  Kole, there must be something we can do.
Kole:  There is.  I have to leave.
Alexei:  Leave?
Kole:  Yes, I have to go back to 2071, for a while at least.  As long as I'm here, your family is at risk, and I can't let that happen.
Alexei:  Kole, they're your family too.
Kole:  I know.  That is another reason I can't let them face this.  With me gone, things might calm down.  And...
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  I have to take Marie and Amanda with me.  The article mentions them, they'll be persecuted too. 
Alexei:  Well, then there is only one solution.  I'm coming with you.
Kole:  But...
Alexei:  No buts, Kole.  You're my wife, where you go, I go.

And so...

Nicholas:  Alexei, are you sure about this.
Alexei:  I am, Papa.  Looks at Kole, who's holding Marie and Amanda.  We'll be staying with Kole's parents.
Kole:  When Sam gets back, ask her to look after our apartment until we return. 
Alexandra:  We will.  Still, I wish this wasn't necessary.
Alexei:  Me too, Mama.  However, we'll keep in touch via the Magic Mail Box.  You can tell us when things have calmed down enough for us to come back.
Goodbyes are said and then Alexei, Kole, Maria, and Amanda vanish to 2071.
Anastasia:  Oh, this sucks on so many levels.

Bangor, Maine, 2071, George and Amanda's house...

George:  Kole?  Alexei?  This is a surprise.
Kole:  Dad, Mom, we need to stay here for a while.
Amanda:  Why?  What's happened?
Kole:  Well...

Anichkov Palace, 1929, Sam returns...

Sam:  Well, what did I miss?
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anichkov Palace, 1929, Sam returns...

Sam: Well, what did I miss? Everyone keeps silent. Why do you all look so gloomy? Nothing bad happened, I hope?
Alexandra: You might want to sit down, Sam. 
Sam: Okay now I'm worried. What is going on?
Alexandra: Well...
Before she can explain anything, a Cossack officer and his men suddenly burst in.
Officer: Sorry to interrupt you all. I need to talk to the Tsar.
Nicholas: Steps forward. Yes?
Officer: My men and I have to bring all of you to Tsarskoe Selo. You can't stay here. The Prime Minister thinks it isn't safe for you.
Nicholas: I'm not leaving. I'm not afraid of a bunch of people screaming at our windows.
Alexandra: And neither am I.
Olga: Ditto.
Tatiana: I'll second that.
Anastasia: Yeah, but what about the children? We can't let them stay here with us. Things might get dangerous for them here.
Ivan K: I agree, and I think you ladies should go to the Alexander Palace with them as well. 
Anastasia: What? No way. It's not because we're women that...
Dimitri C-B: There's no macho speech here. We don't want anything to happen to you, that's all.
Maria: We can take care of ourselves, thank you very much.
Sam: Who has stayed silent since the beginning of the conversation, decides to intervene. OKAY EVERYONE! Can someone be kind enough to explain to me what's happening here? Why does Kerensky think it's not safe for us here? And where are Kole and Alexei?
Alexandra: Listen to me, Sam. Tells her of the recent events that happened while she was away.
Sam: So Kole and Alexei are... GONE!? 
Tatiana: Yes. They left for our safety.
Sam: I'm going after them.
Olga: How? They took the Amulet with them, and your key can only bring you to your family.
Sam: Right. I forgot.
Officer: Speaks up. Look, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I HAVE to take you all to a safer place. These are the orders I received from the Prime Minister.
Nicholas: And here are mine: Escort my family to Tsarkoe Selo. Meanwhile I'll try to calm the crowd. Heads to the door.
Alexandra: I'm going with you, Nicky.
Officer: I can't let you do that, Sir.
Nicholas: Yes you can. Just do as I say.
Officer: Hesitates. Well... If you insist, I can't go against your will. Alright then. I'll leave some of my Cossacks here to ensure your protection. Thinks to himself. Let's hope that will be enough. If anything happens to the Tsar, I'm dead.
Nicholas: Thank you.
Maria: Papa, we're not...
Nicholas: Yes, you are. You're leaving without me.
Maria: No.
Ivan S: Sees that Nicholas is pretty determined. Mashka, I think there's no point arguing. We should do as he said.
Anastasia: But...
Nicholas: Please do it. Your mother and I will join you as soon as things have calmed down here. Alexandra and he leave the room and go down to the courtyard.
Sam: I agree with Ivan. We should follow Nicky's orders.
Tatiana: I'm VERY surprised you said that. 
Sam: Well I don't usually agree with your father, but he's right here. Leaving is the best thing for us to do at this point.
Tatiana: Sighs. Fine. Turns to the officer. We're ready to go.
Officer: Good. If you please follow me. We'll take the back door out...

Meanwhile, in Berlin...

Hitler: What a master stroke, my dear Kirill. I'm impressed.
Kirill: You mean that National Intruder thing? Oh it was so easy. The tabloid's director is in my pocket. And it's nothing really, just a dry run to put out feelers. 
Hitler: Don't be too modest. It has shaken the whole country. I've even heard there are riots going in St. Petersburg. 
Kirill: Oh Kerensky and Nicky will get over it. The shake-up wasn't strong enough to topple the government, but it was strong enough to cast suspicion against Nicky and his family. And that was my plan. Discrediting the royal family is always the way when you want to overthrow a monarchy.
Hitler: So you're planning on continuing?
Kirill: Of course. That was just Part One of my plan.
Hitler: Well, Kirill, you know you have my full support...
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Bangor, Maine, 2071.  Kole is in a bar, drinking a Pepsi, when Alexei arrives.

Alexei:  There you are.
Kole:  Yeah, sorry for just leaving like that.  However, I needed time to think. How are Marie and Amanda?
Alexei:  They're fine, your parents are looking after them.  It's you I'm worried about. 
Kole:  I guess that's true.  Considering this whole thing is my fault.
Alexei:  Your fault?
Kole:  If I hadn't insisted we take that trip to Mars, we wouldn't be in this situation.  I should have considered the ramifications.  As your father is keen to say, actions have consequences.
Alexei:  Kole, that's rubbish, and you know it.  I wanted to go to Mars just as much as you did. 
Kole:  Yes, but I was the one that made it possible.
Alexei:  Now that's enough of that kind of talk.  If anyone is to blame, it's that stupid reporter who didn't have the common decency to mind his own damned business. 
Kole:  A decent tabloid reporter?  There's no such thing.
Alexei:  Exactly, he's the one that started all this, not you.
Kole:  Yeah, I suppose you're right, Alexei.
Alexei:  So, no more of this "it's all my fault" rubbish, okay.
Kole:  Yeah, okay.

George and Amanda's house, soon after, Kole and Alexei return...

Amanda: I see you found her, Alexei.
Alexei: Yeah, I did.
Kole:  How are the girls, Mom?
Amanda:  They're great.  Marie and my namesake are both sound asleep.
Kole:  That's good to know.  At least here no one thinks they're half-Martian.
Amanda:  Kole, that is so silly.  How can anyone believe such nonsense.
Alexei:  You have to remember, Mrs. Munro, that in 1929, no one knows much about space travel. 
Amanda:  You're right.  And what's this "Mrs. Munro" stuff, Alexei?  You're family now, it's Amanda and George to you.
Alexei:  You're right, Amanda.  Sorry about that.
Amanda:  And don't you forget it.

Upstairs, a few moments later, Alexei and Kole are checking on their daughters...

Kole:  Look at them, not a care in the world.  I wish I was the same for us.
Alexei:  Yeah, I know.  Begins writing something.
Kole:  What's that?
Alexei:  A note home.  I'm going to ask how it's going back there.  Sticks the note in the Magic Mailbox.  When Sam gets back, she'll read the note and get back to us.
Kole:  I hope so.  I want to go back, Alexei.  However, I can't not as long as they think I'm spearheading the Martian invasion of Russia.  As I said, I can't put our family through that.
Alexei:  I know, Kole, I know.  Let's just hope that soon, reason will reassert itself back there...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At Alexander Palace, everyone is anxiously waiting for news...

Tatiana: What are Papa and Mama doing? Why is there no news of them yet?
Dimitri M: I don't know, Tatiana. Let's stay calm, I'm sure they're okay.
Anastasia: Angrily. How can you know? No one does. That's just stupid to say that.
Maria: Nastya, he's only trying to comfort us.
Anastasia: Well it's NOT working, so why don't he just shut up!
Ivan K: Nastya!
Anastasia: Realizes she's gone too far. I'm really sorry, Dimitri, it's just I'm all on edge not knowing what's going on at Anichkov.
Dimitri M: I know, and you don't have to apologize, Imp. You were right, it was stupid of me to say that. It didn't help at all.
Anastasia: Dimitri, it's okay, forget it.
Olga: Well, everyone, I'm going to try calling Papa and Mama again. Takes her mobile and walks off. A few minutes later, she's back.
Sam: So? I suppose you couldn't get them on the phone again?
Olga: Sighs. Yes. 
Dimitri C-B: Did you try calling Kerensky instead?
Olga: I did, but it went straight to voice mail.
Tatiana: Suddenly turns towards Sam. Sam, you're from the future. You know what's supposed to happen. Papa and Mama will be okay, won't they? Sees Sam hesitating. Sam?
Sam: From what I knew, they would.
Maria: From what you knew?
Sam: Yes. What I'm trying to say is that something doesn't seem quite right about today's events.
Anastasia: What do you mean?
Sam: Well, I know Russian history rather well, especially the period we're living and are about to live, and, oddly enough, I can't remember that specific event happening at all. 
Olga: You've probably forgotten it.
Sam: It could be. Or...
Tatiana: Or what?
Sam: Or someone or something is changing history. Which explains why I can't remember this National Intruder thing, as well as the riots. Because they were NOT supposed to happen. Sees that everyone looks incredulous. Yeah I know, I can't prove my point. However that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Ivan S: If your theory is correct, then...
At that moment, the front door opens and Nicholas and Alexandra appear...

Later, at dinner...

Maria: So Papa, Mama, tell us again what exactly happened at the Palace?
Nicholas: Your mother and I went to speak with the rioters, and believe it or not, as soon as they saw us, they lowered their weapons and calmed down. We then talked to them, and without too much trouble.  We were able to convince them that the National Intruder lied.
Alexandra: Actually it has not been easy at all. We talked and talked for literally hours, until it got through to them. Then after things had cooled down at Anichkov, we went to the Air Field and started our persuasion thing all over again.
Nicholas: And finally we went the Duma where I officially denied the journalist's words. My speech has been broadcast live, including on the Internet. You didn't see it, did you?
Anastasia: No, we didn't turn on the TV. We were too busy worrying about you.
Alexandra: I can imagine. I'm glad this whole thing is over now. Kole can return here safely now.
Nicholas: Yes, there's no threat against her anymore.
Maria: Sam sent a letter to her and Alexei. They should be here very soon.
Nicholas: Excellent. 
Ivan S: Clears his throat. Actually, Nicky, there's something we need to talk about. Looks at Sam. Come on, tell him.
Nicholas: Yes, Sam?
Sam: Well. Explains her suspicions about the recent events. I wrote to my family about it, hoping they might be able to help. Of course for them, all of this IS history, since they're living in 2011. If the course of our current history has been altered, they wouldn't know about it. However I thought they might have heard of a way or a thing able to change historical events. And they did.
Alexandra: Yes?
Sam: The Amulet of Hogthor. You already know that using it too much would drain its powers. Well, my father just discovered that it also could cause irreversible damages to the temporal fabric. Meaning...
Olga: Meaning that it could alter history.
Sam: Yes. Remember a couple of months ago.  About how much we all used the Amulet? Well, here are the consequences.
Anastasia: Why only now?
Sam: I don't know, but the thing is, it's true. The consequences are real. And there's nothing we can do to fix this mess.
Tatiana: How many historical events did the Amulet alter?
Sam: No idea. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Anastasia: Hey, what about Kole and Alexei? They're still in 2071. To get back here, they will have to use the Amulet, and God knows what this will bring about.
Sam: Don't worry, Imp. It's only its intensive use that causes problems. Kole and Alexei barely used it since it has been reloaded. Their return journey won't change history. And they will still be able to visit Kole's parents from time to time, on condition not to overuse the Amulet.
Kole, Alexei and their daughters appear behind them.
Alexei : So what's this about the Amulet, guys? Sam wrote to us about it, but we didn't quite understand what's going on...
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Sam fills them in.
Kole:  The Butterfly Effect.  Everyone, except Sam, just looks at her.
Anastasia:  And that is?
Kole:  Whoops, did it again.  You won't know about it yet.  Anyway, Ray Bradbury wrote, or will write, this story.  Tells them the plot of the Bradbury story, A Sound of Thunder.
Olga:  So because a butterfly got crushed centuries ago, the Nazis took power!?
Kole:  Well, the story didn't identify then as specifically Nazis, but yes.
Tatiana:  That really doesn't make sense.
Kole:  No, it doesn't.  However, it does fit in with what Sam just said.  The Amulet has made some changes to the past.  One thing is certain, we can no longer rely on our families to give us accurate information.  Whatever changes we caused, they're living in them.  The future they're in is no longer the one Sam and I remember.
Maria:  My brain hurts!
Alexei:  Well, we're just going to have to be careful about using the Amulet from now on.
Kole:  Right, we'll use it to visit my family, only, or to go to the shuttle.  That's it.  Looks at Anastasia.  Right?
Anastasia:  Why are you looking at me that way, Kole?
Olga:  I think you know the reason why, Imp.
Anastasia:  Yeah, okay, I got it.
Kole:  Good.  
Nicholas:  At least the immediate crisis seems to have passed.  For now that is.
Alexei:  With the shuttle hidden on the Moon, it's not like they'll be able to get to it.
Alexandra:  We're just glad you're both home again.
Alexei:  Me too, Mama.
Anastasia:  Turns on the television.  Look, they're replaying Papa's speech.

Nicholas:  On the television.  ...And the very idea that my daughter-in-law is a Martian is absolute rubbish.  I can assure you all that she's as human as the rest of us.  The National Intruder is known for making up, or exaggerating things.  Just last year, after my heart attack, they claimed I was abdicating.  Of course, that is clearly not what happened.  I remain your Tsar.  Please consider this the next time they print one of their ridiculous articles about any member of my family...

Alexandra:  Looks like you got through to the people, Nicky.
Nicholas:  Yes, but...
Alexandra:  What is it?
Nicholas:  I get the feeling that we haven't seen the end of the National Intruder's assault on us just yet.
Alexandra:  Surely they have no credibility at all now.
Nicholas:  I wouldn't underestimate them, Alix.


Kirill: Damn! I underestimated the appeal that Nicholas The Traitor has on the Russian people.  They love him now.
Hitler:  Yes, he does seem to have rehabilitated himself and his family once he gave up the autocracy.  
Kirill:  Still, we're not beaten yet.  Goes to the phone.
Hitler:  What's your next move.
Kirill:  Not only is the owner of the National Intruder one of my most loyal supporters, but he's also a very talented forger.
Hitler:  You mean...
Kirill:  Yes, he can copy anyone's handwriting, including that of Alexandra Feodorovna.  Calls the owner of the National Intruder.  Igor, we're going to Plan B...

The next day, the following article appears in the National Intruder...


The National Intruder, through an inside source at Tsarskoe Selo, has acquired copies of the private journals of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.  These journals reveal something that the Empress has kept secret for decades, namely that she and her so-called close friend, Anna Vyrubova were, in fact, really lesbian lovers.

Turn to Page 2 for the first journal entry...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later that day, in the National Intruder offices...

Secretary: Opens the door of Igor Averine, the National Intruder director. Sir, there are visitors for you.
Igor Averine: Tell them to come back later. I'm too busy to see them.
Secretary: They're the Imperial Family, Sir, so...
Igor Averine: Raises his voice. So what ? If they wanna have a word with me, they'll have to do what everybody else does, and make an appointment with me.
Secretary: But...
Igor Averine : If you don't want to do as I say, I suggest you start looking for another job. I don't want to have such a troublesome person working for me.
Secretary: No, Sir. It's alright, I'll give them your message.
Tatiana: Suddenly bursts in. No need to. We heard it perfectly. You shouted so loud that everyone here caught it. Maria and Anastasia appear behind her.
Maria: Anyway, we don't care. We're not leaving until we have a discussion with you.  
Anastasia: Yes. An in-depth one. You know what it's about. Holds a copy of the latest National Intruder out to Averine. SO CARE TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU PUBLISHED THAT PACK OF LIES ABOUT OUR MOTHER!? Ö

Meanwhile, at Anichkov Palace...

Olga: That's ridiculous! Why couldn't I go with Tatiana, Nastya, and Mashka? I too have a few things to say to that National Rag.
Alexei: Because the National Intruder still has that restraining order they issued against you a couple years ago.
Nicholas: Besides, Olga, I need you with me. I have an important meeting with the Duma, and I'd like you to come with me, as well as Kole.
Kole: Why me ?
Nicholas: Because, after the meeting, I have to make another speech at the Winter Palace about the whole Martian thing that stupid journalist said about you. It'd be good if you'd be there with me.
Kole: Why another speech ? I thought you had convinced the people about me not being a Martian.
Nicholas:I did, but Kerensky believes a public speaking with you by my side is still necessary.
Kole: Well okay, if that's really indispensable.
Nicholas: Good. Turns to Alexei. While we're away, keep an eye on your mother. Make sure she doesn't learn about the latest article of the National Intruder. I insist on that. I don't know how she would react if she find out the filthy lies they wrote about her.
Alexei: I know. I give you my word that won't happen. The best would be to keep her out of town for a few days, until you find a way to muzzle those bastards.
Nicholas: Well, I'm not sure we can muzzle them. Kerensky has already asked the Duma to examine the possibilities of closing the National Intruder without making a national landslide, but he's not optimistic about it. He's convinced that will only make things worse.
Olga: So what other option do we have ?
Nicholas: I don't really know. We're going to discuss it at the meeting of the Duma.
At that point, Alexandra who has been babysitting the youngest children upstairs, comes into the room.
Alexandra: The babies are all taking their nap, so I thought I would come and join you. So what were you talking about ?
Alexei: Embarrassed. Well uh, we were talking about... Er our vacation to Livadia...  
Kole: Joins in. Yeah, after what happened, Alexei and I need some time to relax...  
Alexei: And we were wondering, Mama, if you would agree to come with us and help with the children .
Alexandra: Yes, of course, with pleasure. When do you want to leave ?
Alexei: This afternoon.  
Kole: Is it okay for you, Alix ?
Alexandra: Well that's a bit hasty but no problem. I'll be ready.
Unseen from Alexandra, Alexei, Kole, Olga and Nicholas smile secretly to each other, knowing their trick to get her out of town, worked..
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Back at the National Intruder...

Igor Averine:  I don't know what you three are getting so upset about.
Igor Averine:  Hey, I have a copy of one of her journal entries. Shows it to them.  That is her handwriting, isn't it.
Maria:  It proves nothing.  Handwriting can be faked.  And you forgot one thing.
Igor Averine:  And that is?
Maria:  We were there, you slime ball!  Do you think that you, who never set foot in Tsarskoe Selo, knows more about what went on there than we do.  We grew up there.
Tatiana:  I suspect that you've somehow concocted this whole lie.
Igor Averine:  Yeah, will I dare you three to prove it!

Back at Anichkov, Alexandra is with the children, when her cell phone rings.  Looking at the caller ID, she sees it's Anna Vyrubova and answer it...

Alexandra:  Anna, how are you?
Anna:  On the phone.  Oh, Alix, it's horrible, just horrible.
Alexandra:  What?
Anna:  How could they write something so awful.
Alexandra:  Anna, what on Earth are you talking about!?
Anna:  You don't know?  Oh God, they must have tried to shield you from it.
Alexandra:  Shield me from what?  Anna, what's going on?
Anna:  Brace yourself, Alix...

A short time later, Kole comes in and sees the look on Alexandra's face...

Kole:  You know, don't you.
Alexandra:  Yes, Anna called me not too long ago and told me about that awful article in the National Intruder.
Kole:  I'm sorry, Alix, but Nicky asked us not to tell you.  Please don't be angry.
Alexandra:  Oh, I'm not.  I can understand why Nicky did that. 
Kole:  Alix, I am so sorry this happened.
Alexandra:  Well, Kole, they said much worse about me in the Old Empire.  Still, that was back then, this is now.  First you, then me.  It's like the National Intruder has a personal thing against us.
Kole: Yeah, it does.  Hmmmmm...
Alexandra:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  I have a hunch.  Just a hunch, mind you, but I would like to follow it up.  I'm going to borrow Anastasia's laptop.  Does so.
Alexandra:  What are you looking for, Kole?
Kole:  I'll know soon.  I really want to help you, Alix.
Alexandra:  I'm glad, Kole.  We need to stick together on this.  When you and I had that awful fight...
Kole:  Alix, think nothing of it.  We both said things we didn't mean.  You're my family, all of you are.  You took me in when I had literally nowhere else to go.  An attack on you, I consider an attack on me, and I'm gonna do something about it.  Ah, here we are.
Alexandra:  What have you got there, Kole?
Kole:  The National Intruder's website.  Ah, here is a picture of Igor Averine, the man who's given us so much grief. Opens another window.  Now, to do some snooping around.  Hello!
Alexandra:  What is it, Kole?  What did you find?
Kole:  I decided to check out Kirill, during the revolution.  I had a hunch, and it seems I was right.  Look at this.  Shows Alexandra a picture of Kirill and his followers during the revolution.  Look at the man behind and to the left of Kirill.
Alexandra: Looks at the picture. Oh my God, it's Igor Averine.  He was one of Kirill's cronies?
Kole:  Was, and I bet he still is. 
Alexandra:  So, Kirill is the one behind all this.
Kole:  Well, Alix, it's not 100% proof, but it does support the notion.
Alexandra:  Yes, Kole, I agree.  Come, we must tell the others about this...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back at the National Intruder...

Igor Averine: Yeah, will I dare you three to prove it!
Maria: Oh we will. Just wait, you'll see! She and her sisters storm out.

Back in the car...

Maria: I'm so angry that if I could, I would have smashed him right in his arrogant face!
Anastasia: Then we're two, sis. 
Tatiana: We're three actually. I was within an inch of being arrested for assault.
Anastasia: Seriously? You looked so composed during the conversation.
Tatiana: Yeah, I looked calm, but believe me, I was about to blow up.
Maria: So Mount Governess, what do we do now? Burn Averine's house to ashes?
Tatiana: The idea is tempting and he would most definitely deserve it. Yet that won't help our cause much. We need to find evidence that Mama's so called "journal entries" are a complete fabrication.
Anastasia: Okay. Where do we begin?
Maria: How about another lawsuit for defamation against the National Intruder? 
Tatiana: No. That would take months to succeed, and even if it does, Averine will have plenty enough time to destroy the evidence before the trial happens.
Anastasia: Then what about the Dracula method? 
Maria and Tatiana just look at her.
Maria: I'm sorry? The what!?
Anastasia: Let me explain. When Olga and I paid a little visit to Vlad the Impaler, I wanted to prove that he was a vampire, if you recall.
Tatiana: Yes, we do. You went to search his room while Olga was on watch.
Anastasia: That's right.
Maria: And you didn't find anything.
Anastasia: True, but this method might work with Averine. I suggest we go searching his house.
Tatiana: Are you crazy? That's illegal. We can't do that.
Anastasia: I don't care if it's illegal or not. I want to clear Mama's name.
Maria: Yes, but what if we're arrested for breaking into his house?
Anastasia: I'm willing to take the risk. Are you?
Tatiana: Well... I don't know... Besides, we might not find any proof at all.
Anastasia: Or we might find a ton of evidence. We can't know that until we try.  Pauses. So are you with me ?
Maria and Tatiana look at each other.
Maria: Um well okay. However, we'll have to be extra careful, right?
Anastasia: Of course. I don't wanna end up in jail. Turns to Tatiana. So what do you decide?
Tatiana: Sighs. Very well, count me in. Mutters to herself. I know I will regret it. I just know it...

At Anichkov, Kole is explaining what she has discovered about Igor Averine...

Kole: Ö And so, this is why I suspect Averine is in cahoots with Kirill.
Nicholas: That sure explains why the National Intruder is so set against us. Pauses. Um, Kole, I hope you didn't talk to Alix about it? She mustn't know about...
Alexandra: Suddenly bursts in. Mustn't know what? The National Intruder's article about me?
Olga: Mama, you... knew?
Alexandra: Yes. Anna called me. She told me about the lies they have printed about me and her.
Nicholas: Look Alix, I'm terribly sorry I hid those things from you and...
Alexandra: Don't apologize. I don't blame you. Looks around. Now we need to tell the news to Tatiana, Mashka and Nastya. Where are they, by the way ?
Olga: Last time I checked, they were in the offices of the National Intruder. They wanted to have a "talk"  with the director. 
Alexei: That was hours ago. They should be back home by now.
Olga: I'll call them. Tries Tatiana's cellphone, then Maria's and Anastasia's. Well, that's odd.
Kole: What?
Olga: All of them have turned off their cells. I wonder what they're up to...

Meanwhile, in a parking near Igor Averine's house...

Tatiana: So detective Imp, how do we get into his house?
Anastasia: Through the back door. 
Maria: And how will we open it ?
Anastasia: With this. Shows them a hairpin. I saw a video about it on the Internet. It's very easy, and it doesn't break the lock.
Tatiana: You watched a video about lock picking? I'm afraid to ask why .
Anastasia: I thought that might be useful someday. Turns out I was right.
Maria: You thought it'd be useful? Useful for what? Were you planning a robbery?
Anastasia: Of course not, you silly. I thought it'd come in handy for my detective work.
Tatiana: Arrives in front of the back door. Then show us your talents, Sherlock Holmes...
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Back at Anichkov...

Kole:  You know, Alexei, call it Woman's Intuition, but I'm worried about your sisters.
Alexei:  How so?
Kole:  Why would they have shut off their cell phones, unless...
Alexei:  Unless they're doing something that they shouldn't be doing, and don't want to be interrupted.
Kole:  My thoughts exactly.
Alexei:  What do you think they're doing, Kole?
Kole:  I'm not sure, but I have a hunch.  You up for a road trip, Alexei?
Alexei:  Where are we going?
Kole:  I'll explain on the way.

Back at Igor Averine's house...

Anastasia:  And there we go.  No pesky burglar alarms, how nice.  The three of them enter the house.
Tatiana:  I don't like this, Nastya.
Maria:  Look, do you want to help Mama or not?
Tatiana:  Well, yes, but...
Maria:  Then we have to do this.
The three of them make it into Averine's study.
Maria:  What are we looking for?
Anastasia:  We'll know when we find it.  Let's start searching this place.  They do so.  Soon..
Maria:  Hello!  What's this?
Anastasia:  What have you got there, Mashka?
Maria:  Copies of old Imperial decrees from before the Revolution.  And look, Mama's signature is on a bunch of them.  Look at this.  Holds up some pieces of paper with the signature scrawled all over them.
Tatiana:  What does this mean.
Anastasia:  It means that this son of a bitch learned how to forge Mana's handwriting. 
Maria:  Which means those supposed journal entries are all fake.
Igor Averine:  Appears in the door, holding a gun on the three of them.  Well done.
Anastasia:  Damn, caught!
Igor Averine:  Yes, and this will make a great front page story for tomorrows edition.  GRAND DUCHESSES CAUGHT BREAKING AND ENTERING.  Oh, yes, Kirill will love this.
Maria:  So, it's true.  You are working for him.
Igor Averine:  Of course, I am.  This is the best way to get rid of Nicholas The Traitor and his family, turn the public against them.
Tatiana:  So you did forge those journal entries about Mama and Anna Vyrubova?
Igor Averine:  Yes, and I had a ball doing it.  I've always hated that German cow.
Maria:  Hey, that's our mother you're talking about.
Igor Averine:  And what are you going to do about it.
Kole:  Comes up behind Averine.  This!  When Averine turns, Kole punches him right in the face, he falls down unconscious.  Consider that payback from Alix and me both!
Anastasia:  Little brother, Kole, are we glad to see you.
Alexei:  Kole did sense that something was up.  Turns out she was right.
Kole:  Did you get it all, Alexei?
Alexei:  I did. 
Tatiana:  What are you two talking about?
Alexei:  Holds up a video camera.  We got Averine's whole confession on tape.  Now, to turn it over to the authorities.
Anastasia:  Yeah, but I have another idea.  Takes the video camera and hooks it up to Averine's computer. There we go.
Tatiana:  What have you done, Nastya.
Anastasia:  I uploaded the video of Averine's confession to the Internet.
Alexei:  Where countless people will see it. 
Anastasia:  Yeah, it will give this creep a taste of his own medicine.  The only difference is that, unlike the fake journal entries, his confession is true.  And now all of Russia will be able to see it. I think Mr. Averine's credibility is about to take a nose dive.
Maria:  Little sister, you're good.
Anastasia:  I know.  Unhooks the camera and gives it back to Alexei.  Let's blow this joint.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Berlin, Germany, Hitler is watching Averine's video...

Hitler: Calls Kirill. Have you seen the new video that's spreading all over the web?
Kirill: No, I haven't. Why ? Is it about the National Intruder's last article?
Hitler: Uh yes, more or less.
Kirill: Can you be more specific ?
Hitler: I'm afraid I can't, my dear fellow. I think you should see that for yourself.
Kirill: Well then okay. I'll take a look at it.
Hitler:Just so you know, Kirill, what happened doesn't change anything for me. I'm still on your side and I'm still willing to help you.  Together we will win... Eventually.
Kirill:I don't understand? What on Earth happened?
Hitler: Just watch the video. You'll see...

Meanwhile, TMAA and Kole are back at Anichkov and are explaining to the rest of the family the recent events..

Anastasia: Ö And before Averine could make a move, Kole knocked him out. Mimics the gesture. Just like that!
Alexei: Laughs. You should have seen that. He was laying on the floor totally unconscious.
Tatiana: And that's when Nastya had the greatest idea ever.
Kole: Yes, she did. Opens the link to Averine's video on her laptop. Check this out. It's worth it. They do so.
Olga: Great! Now people finally know what the National Intruder wrote is total rubbish. And not only people in Russia but everyone all around the world.
Anastasia: Yes. The video's reached 1 million views in less than an hour. And the number of views keeps increasing. 
Nicholas: Smiles. Excellent, that's excellent. Turns to Alexandra. Did you hear that, Alix ? Sees that Alexandra is trying her best to stop laughing. Alix?! What is it?
Alexandra: Oops sorry. I wasn't laughing at you, Nicky. It's just what Kole said to Averine when she punched him. "Consider that payback from Alix and me both!". That's just the best sentence ever!
Maria: I agree. It should be the quote of the year!

Later, Nicholas finds Alexandra alone on the computer...

Nicholas: What are you doing, Alix ?
Alexandra: I'm reading the comments on Averine's video. Hear that, Nicky, Kole and Averine has become YouTube sensations. Reads aloud. "You go girl, that punch was amazing!" , "Haha, in your face, Igor, you deserved it, bastard!" "Go hang, Igor, long live the Romanovs!".
Nicholas: Averine better hide himself before people come get him. He will be in for a rough time if they find him.
Alexandra: What's happening to him anyway? What will Kerensky do with him?
Nicholas: The Duma has decided to exile him. Averine has got two hours to leave the country. After this deadline, if he's still in Russia, he will be put in jail and charged with treason against the Crown.
Alexandra: What about the National Intruder? Will it be shut  down?
Nicholas: Yeah, I think it's the end of that tabloid. Most of the staff has been found guilty of complicity with Averine, and they have been arrested.
Alexandra: Good. Now we're finally going to have some peace and quiet. 
Nicholas: Yes but for how long? We haven't seen the last of Kirill. He's still determined to get my thrown. He won't stop till he succeeds.
Alexandra: Nicky, he will NEVER succeed. We won't let him. Suddenly sees Sam at the door. Unknown to Alexandra and Nicholas , Sam has heard Alexandra's last words.
Alexandra: Sam? What's this with the queer look? What's going on?
Nicholas: Yeah, you look upset. Something happen?
Sam: Well I couldn't help overhear what you said, and...
Alexandra: And what?
Sam: No uh, nothing... Forget what I said.
Alexandra: Sam, obviously there's something wrong. Come on, talk to us.
Sam: I.. I can't. It's just... I can't... Suddenly leaves the room.
Nicholas: Sam!
Alexandra: What's wrong with her?

Alexei and Kole's appartment, Kole gets a call from Sam...

Sam: Voice. Kole, I need your help. Remember our conversation about Kirill and World War II?
Kole: Of course.
Sam: Do you remember, I expressly asked you and Alexei not to talk about it to the others.
Kole: Yes ?
Sam: Well, I just made a blunder about it in front of Alix and Nicky. Explains. Silly me. I didn't do on purpose but when I heard Alix's words about Kirill, I couldn't help but react... 
Kole: I understand, Sam.
Sam : Now they of course want to get to the bottom of it. And I don't know what to tell them. I can't lie to them, can I.
Kole: Sam, don't stress yourself about it. Perhaps Kirill's revolution won't happen. With all the changes the Amulet has done, we can't be sure of any future event now.
Sam: I asked my family about it. It WILL happen. The Amulet hasn't affected it. Sighs. So what am I going to say to the others...
Kole: The truth. I guess there's no other choice. As you said, you can't lie to them...

St. Petersburg airport, Igor Averine is buying his airline ticket when his mobile phones. He sees that it's Kirill...

Kirill: Voice. Igor ?
Averine: Yes ?
Kirill: I just saw the video of your disaster.
Averine:I can explain, Kirill. Please, it's...
Kirill: Igor, my friend, you know I don't like failures. 
Averine: Give me another chance. I promise I'll do better next time.
Kirill: I'm afraid it's too late for that. Farewell, Igor. We won't be talking again. Hangs up.
Averine: No, no, please, Kirill... He suddenly recognizes two thugs of Kirill's in front of him. Oh no, God help me...
Thug No 1: Puts his hand on Averine's shoulder. How about we go for a ride, Igor?
Thug No 2: Don't try to resist, or we will shoot. The two of them grab him and drag him away.

Evening edition of St. Peterburg newspapers: 

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The next morning, OTMA and DIID are reading about Averine's death...

Anastasia:  Reading the paper.  Toxicology reports indicated that Avenine's blood was full of vodka.  Police theorize that Averine, upset over his pending expulsion from Russia, got drunk and accidentally drove his car into the Neva.   Puts the paper down.  What do you all think.
Maria:  I think Kirill set it up to look like an accident.
Anastasia:  I was thinking the same thing.
Olga:  I have no sympathy.  None at all.  He got what he deserved.
Tatiana:  Olga...
Olga:  I mean it.  He caused us nothing but trouble.  Besides, he knew what kind of people he was working with.
Dimitri C-B:  Olga's right.  I mean look who Kirill has partnered up with.
Ivan K:  Yeah, when you deal with people like that, you should know bad things will happen to you.
Anastasia:  Averine sleeps with the fishes.  Everyone just looks at her.  Come on, you remember that movie that Sam showed us a few years ago, the one about the Mafia.  The Godfather, I believe it was called. That's where that line came from.
Ivan K:  Oh, yeah, I remember.  Well, it is kind of fitting here.
At that point, Nicholas and Alexandra arrive.
Tatiana:  Mama?  Papa?  Is anything wrong?
Nicholas:  No, Sam asked us to come here.
Maria:  Why?
Alexandra:  She didn't say.

Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Alexei, have you seen our spacesuits?
Alexei:  No, why?
Kole:  Because they've disappeared.
Alexei:  What?
Kole:  Yeah, they're not where I hid them.
Alexei:  Who could have taken them?
Castiel: Appears.  I did.  I moved them to your shuttle, and then I moved it.
Kole: Moved it where?
Castiel:  To your uncle's farm, back in 2071.
Alexei:  Huh?
Kole:  My Uncle Robert, my father's brother.  He has a huge farm in Northern Ontario, Canada.  My shuttle could be hidden there.  Turns to Castiel.  Why did you move my shuttle.
Castiel:  Because I had to arrange it so you couldn't use the Amulet of Hogthor anymore.  I'm sure you know why.
Kole:  The damage to time.
Castiel:  Yes.  The Amulet please.
Kole:  Okay.  Hands it over.  My family...
Castiel:  I've taken care of that.  Produces a key, which he gives to Kole.  This is like the one Samantha Cohen has.
Kole:  Meaning it will take me to my family in 2071 and back here again.  Nowhere else.
Castiel:  You and three others.
Alexei:  Meaning me, Marie, and Amanda.
Castiel:  Yes.  Take care, my friends.  Vanishes.
Alexei:  Well, I didn't see this coming.
Kole:  Neither did I.  Still, now we can visit my family without worrying about damaging time.  I must tell Sam about this.  I'll be right back.

Sam and Gavriil's apartment...

Gavriil:  Is something wrong, Mom?
Sam:  No, not really.  It's just that I have to give some news I'd rather not give.
Gavriil:  What is it?
Sam: I'll explain later.  Eat your breakfast.
At that point, Kole arrives.
Sam:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Castiel just paid me and Alexei a visit.  Explains what happened.
Sam:  So you now have a key like I have.
Kole:  Yeah, it will take me, Alexei, Marie, and Amanda to 2071 and back again.  No more gallivanting around time.  No more worrying about damaging time.
Sam:  Yeah, that's good.  Anyway, I gotta go and tell the others about Kirill now.
Kole:  I'll come with you...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later, at Anichkov Palace, Sam is telling the others about World War II and Kirill...

Sam: Very embarrassed. Ö So in 1939, thanks to Hitler's help, Kirill will... Er... Trails off.
Nicholas: Will what? Come on, Sam. What will Kirill do?
Alexandra: You can tell us, Sam. Nothing from this jerk would surprise me anymore.
Sam: Goes all red. Well, it's... It's complicated. Looks at Kole who gestures her to go on. All right. Turns to face Nicholas. Nicky, in 1939, Kirill will remove you from the throne, hold you and your family captive at the Livadia Palace, and crown himself Tsar.
Silence falls.
Kole: Sees that Sam is too upset to go on, and comes to her aid. Hey don't worry, everyone, Kirill will treat us well. This captivity will have nothing to do with the 1917-1918 one. We will just be kept under watch, that's all. NO ONE will try to kill us. Sees that Olga is very pale. Olga, listen to me. We WILL be okay.
Olga: How can you say that ?! Papa will be dethroned and we will all be in prison again! And you call that "being okay"!?
Alexei: Calm down, Olga. Kole is right. Kirill won't do us any harm. Also, in 1941, the Allies will send an army to rescue us. After that, we will kick Kirill and his men out of Russia without any difficulty.
Anastasia: Alexei, how do you know that? Realization hits her. You knew! Kole and Sam told you about it?
Alexei: Yes, they did. I've known about Kirill's revolution for several months now.
Maria: And you didn't think of telling us!?
Tatiana: How you could have kept this from us. Turns towards Sam and Kole. And you both as well.  You should have told us long ago.
Sam: Don't blame Kole and Alexei. I made them promise not to tell any of you about it. 
Alexandra: Why!? Didn't you think we had a right to know the truth as well?
Sam: Please try to understand, Alix. You were not supposed to know about these events, so I didn't want to cause a big mess of history. 
Olga: Yet you told Alexei about it.
Sam: Yes, only because he started to ask questions about the Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 between Germany and Russia. I couldn't lie to him, so I told him everything. Same thing with you. I stupidly dropped a hint about Kirill in front of you, so I had to tell you the whole truth.
Nicholas: Still Tatiana is right. You should have told us long ago. What difference could it make in history, since you already filled us in about a lot of future things.
Maria: Yeah. Like when you told us about what Carol will do during World War II, for instance.
Nicholas: Exactly. 
Sam: I know. This time it's different. I was afraid the news about Kirill would upset you. I'm aware of how much your last captivity had affected you.  I didn't want any of you to grab a gun and go kill Kirill, just to prevent the Revolution of 1939 to happen.
Alexei: Like I did with Hitler. Remember all the consequences it had. I lost Kole. All pf our futures were changed, and not for the better. Looks at everyone. Please don't be as stupid as I was. Don't do anything to stop Kirill. We can make it through this future revolution and captivity together as a family. I know we can if we stick together.
Alexandra: Smiles. You speak words of wisdom, Alexei. Hugs her son. You're right. We CAN make through this together.
Nicholas: And we will. We already survived one war and a revolution, we can survive another. We're strong together.
Alexei: Speaking of war, Papa, there's another thing you need to know. Explains about 1941 and Hitler's declaration of war against Russia. That's why Hitler attacked us. He couldn't stand to see his ally lose...

Later, Anastasia finds Maria crying on the balcony...

Anastasia: Mashka? What's going on!?
Maria: Wipes her eyes. N-nothing. I'm...Fine.
Anastasia: You're upset about what Sam told us, right.
Maria: Yeah. Nastya, I don't want to go through another revolution. I won't be able to handle it. I know I won't. 
Anastasia: Hugs Maria. Oh Mashka. I understand how you feel. I'm afraid too. I really don't want to live through another imprisonment. Still, remember what Papa said. We will pull through because we're stronger when we're together. 
Tatiana: Comes up from behind with Olga. You better believe it, Mashka. Nothing can tear our family down when we're together. Wraps her arms around both Maria and Anastasia's shoulders. 
Olga: I couldn't have said it better myself, Tanya. Joins the group hug.

Later Kerensky calls Nicholas...

Kerensky: Voice. Are you watching the TV right now?
Nicholas: No. Why?
Kerensky: Kirill is being interviewed by German television at this moment. You should see this. He's talking about Averine and the National Intruder.

After finishing the call with Kerensky, Nicholas turns on the television, and the whole family watches Kirill's interview...

On television...

Anchorman: Your Highness, there have been a lot of rumors going on about the National Intruder and you. Is is true that you bribed the director, Igor Averine, and asked him to publish those last explosive revelations about the Romanov family.  Which, as you remember, all proved to be forgery?
Kirill: I never bribed anyone, and I didn't even know this Mr. Averine. I've never met him. 
The anchorman shows him the photo of Averine and him taken in 1917.
Kirill: Gets angry. It's a fake . A total fake . I told you I never met the man . The persistent rumor about our so called "partnership" is a lie made-up by the Romanovs to discredit me. We all know how good at telling lies this family is . Look at Nicky, didn't he swear at his coronation that he would preserve the Autocracy? Yet Russia is now a Constitutional Monarchy. He killed the Old Empire and gave the power to a bunch of traitors and Jews. 
Anchorman: I see. So you have nothing to do with the National Intruder's recent campaign against the Romanovs.
Kirill: Yes. I have nothing to do with that.
Anchorman: All right. Speaking of Igor Averine's sudden death, according to a recent poll on the social networks, 95% of people around the world believe that he was murdered. Pauses. And that you ordered his killing.
Kirill: Really ? Why would I have wanted to murder a man I didn't even know?
Anchorman: Yes, of course. That's just a poll, you know.
Kirill: Maybe, but I suspect the Romanovs are behind that too. They would do whatever it takes to get me out of the political scene. Well tough luck for them, I'm still here, and I have no intention to disappear. Russia needs me. I will fight till the end for my country.
Anchorman: Thank you, Your Highness for this interview...
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Nicholas:  Turns the television off.  Well, that was...interesting.
Olga:  WE'RE trying to discredit HIM!?
Anastasia:  Yeah, pot meet kettle here.  That guy has done his very best to drag our names through the mud.  And now he's accusing us of doing it to him.  Geez...
Tatiana:  How about how he denied all knowledge of knowing Averine.
Kole:  CYA.
Alexei:  What was that you said, Kole?
Kole:  CYA.  It means Cover Your Ass.  When we exposed Averine, he became a liability to Kirill.  The only way that Kirill could save face was to deny all knowledge of Averine and his activities.  CYA.
Alexei:  Yeah, I guess he did.
Sam:  Did you all hear the way he said "Jews".  Like a swear word.
Alexandra:  He's starting to sound like Hitler already.  Spewing the same vile.
Maria:  I just wish we could do something about him.
Kole:  Yeah, but we can't.  It's history, and you can't mess with that.
Alexei:  A lesson I learned the hard way.  If Castiel and that Angel of Time, what was his name again?
Sam: Roga.
Alexei:  Right, if Castiel and Roga hadn't managed to put things right, I shudder at what the future would be.  It would sure be a lot worse that it will be.
Kole:  Speaking of which, I have news.  Tells them all about the key that Castiel gave her.
Anastasia:  So your key works like Sam's does.
Kole: Yeah, it will take me and three others, to my family in 2071, and back here again.
Maria:  And the Amulet of Hogthor?
Kole:  Castiel took it away.
Tatiana:  How will you get to your shuttle?
Kole:  I won't have too.  Castiel moved it to my uncle's farm in 2071.
Olga:  Well, I guess it's safe there in the future.
Nicholas:  Anyway, I was thinking...
Alexandra:  Yes, Nicky.
Nicholas:  How about a vacation to Livadia.  I think we've earned it. 
Alexandra:  That's a wonderful idea. 
Tatiana:  Yes, the children have the next few days off from school.   Apparently, the school is having some emergency renovations being done, meaning it's going to be closed.  The timing is perfect.
Olga:  I'm all for it.
Everyone else agrees.
Nicholas:  So, we're off.
Sam:  Great, this will be nice for Gavriil.  This will be his first visit to Livadia.

Livadia, the next day...

Tatiana:  To the children.  Don't run so fast!
Maria:  Uh, they're not listening. 
Anastasia:  I guess they're just happy to be here.
Olga:  So are we all.  As I once said, St. Peterburg is where we work, but Livadia is where we live.
Anastasia:  I hear you, sister.

At the beach...

Kole:  The water looks nice.  I wish it wasn't October, and we could go swimming. 
Alexei:  Yeah, it is October.  I wonder...
At that point, the children come running up.
Victoria:  Aunt Kole!  Aunt Kole!
Kole:  Yes?
Victoria:  We were wondering, are we going to have Halloween again?
Kole:  I don't know. 
Little Alexandra:  Our friends at school had fun last year.  They've told others about it, and now they want it too.
Kole:  Well, you go talk to your parents.  I'm sure we can arrange something.
Children:  YAY!  All run off excited.
Kole:  Looks like Halloween in Russia is here to stay.
Alexei:  Yeah, and before that, on the 28th, is your birthday, Kole.
Kole:  Oh, and what do you have in mind.
Alexei:  Ah, that's a secret.
Kole:  Oh you!  Gets up.  Anyway, I better check on Marie and Amanda.
Alexei:  I'll come with you.


Gavriil:  Mom, what is this place?
Sam:  This is Livadia.  The Romanovs come here for vacations.
Gavriil: I like it.
Sam:  I'm glad you do.  Come on, I'll show you around.

With Nicholas, Alexandra, OTMA and DIID...

Nicholas:  Is everyone all settled in?
Olga:  Yes, Papa, we are.
Tatiana:  I've checked the medical supplies.
Anastasia:  Tatiana, we're on vacation, remember.
Tatiana:  You can never be too careful, Nastya.
Maria:  I'm just glad that we can relax, now that the National Intruder is out of our lives.
Alexandra:  I agree.
At that point, the children come running in...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

At that point, the children come running in...

Little Nicholas: We have something VERY important to ask you!
Maria: Amused. Yes? What do you want?
Little Nicholas: Our friends at school are going to celebrate Halloween again, and we'd like to join them.
Elizabeth: Yeah. It was so cool last year, going trick-or-treating. We want to do that again.
Victoria: So what do you say? You okay with that?
Dimitri M: Of course. I don't see why you shouldn't celebrate it again.
Tatiana: Ditto. We could even invite all of your friends to Anichkov like we did last time.
Olga: Sounds like an idea.
Anastasia: Yeah, I like it. Grins. While the kids will be playing outside, we'll eat all their candies.
Tatiana: You can't do that, Nastya. You're diabetic.
Anastasia: Argh, Governess. You just ruined my dream.
Everyone laughs.
Anastasia: Speaking of which, you just reminded me that I have to do a blood sugar test.
Maria: I'll come with you, Imp. I want to check on the babies in the nursery.
The two of them head towards the palace. Sam and Gavriil arrive soon after.
Sam: So what were you all talking about ?
Tatiana: We were discussing Halloween plans. The children want to celebrate it again.
Sam: Smiles. I can understand why. That sure is a fun day. Turns to Gavriil. I'm sure you agree with me.
Gavriil: Definitely. I really can't wait for that day to come.
Olga: Well since I think every kid in Russia will celebrate it in the years to come, perhaps we could make it a school holiday.
Sam: I don't know. It's not a holiday in the U.S. or in Canada.
Olga: Yes, but it is in England and France. I checked up on it online.
Nicholas: Well why not. It's not a bad idea. I guess we could do that. I'll discuss it with Kerensky once we're back in St. Petersburg.

Later, DIID are talking about Kirill...

Dimitri M: I regret I couldn't have seen Kirill's face when he saw that his little plan with the National Intruder had failed.
Ivan S: Yeah. He must have been really furious.
Ivan K: Looks like this jerk doesn't like to lose, does he.
Dimitri C-B: Yeah, but we know it's only a question of time until he gets back at us.
Ivan K: Ah dude, don't talk about that. Our wives are enough upset about it. Kirill's revolution, our future imprisonment, and everything else.
Dimitri M: To be honest, so am I. The first war was already horrible enough, but this next war will be much worse. A lot more of innocents will die. Millions and millions of them because of a maniac's megalomania.
Ivan S: True. Also in the last war we were all single. Now we all have a family to think about. And it makes me sick knowing what my poor Angel and our children will have to go through.
Dimitri C-B: Same with my wife and my kids.
Dimitri M: Ditto.
Ivan K: I agree to that as well.
The guys go quiet, reflecting on what the future holds for them and their families...

A short time later. Sam and Gavriil are alone walking in the garden...

Gavriil: Mom, about this next war. I don't remember its name. WW...
Sam: World War II.
Gavriil: Yes. You and I, will we be imprisoned like the others here in Livadia?
Sam: Yes. We will be put under house arrest with everyone else.
Gavriil: I see.
Sam: Please tell me you're not upset about it. We will be fine, believe me.
Gavriil: Oh I know that and I trust you. Anyway...
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: Alexander, Dimitri, Nicholas and I have talked about the war. When it begins, we will enlist in the army and kick that Hitler freak's butt out of Russia.
Sam: Smiles. I'm sure you will. To herself. I know you will...

That evening, with OTMA...

Anastasia: Seated with her laptop on her knees. Hey everyone, I have some news.
Maria: What is it, Imp?
Anastasia: I just received an email from Vlad and Natalia.
Tatiana: How are they ?
Anastasia : They're doing really great. They wrote that they would love if we could go and spend the Christmas holidays with them. So they can make us discover Canada.
Maria: Sounds like an excellent idea. I'm all for it.
Olga: I second that. Canada is a beautiful country. Besides, it's been a long time since we saw Vlad and Natalia.
Tatiana: I third that.
Anastasia: So we all agree then. Let's go ask the others...
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And so...

Nicholas:  Canada?  I think that's a splendid idea.
Alexandra:  I agree.  It will be nice to see Vlad and Natalia again. 
Kole:  We can visit Ottawa first.
Alexei:  Yeah, that's true, Kole.  You were born there, after all.
Kole:  I was.  So I wouldn't mind seeing Ottawa again.
Nicholas:  Well, we'll go to Ottawa first, and then go out to see Vlad and Natalia after that.
Alexandra:  Sounds good to me.
Nicholas:  We'll organize the itinerary when we get back to St. Petersburg.

The next day, on the beach with OTMASK...

Maria:  I wish it wasn't fall.  Then we could go swimming.
Anastasia:  Yeah, that would be nice.
Kole:  To Sam.  Where's Gavriil?
Sam:  He's asleep.  Looks like all that running around with the other children wore him out.
Tatiana:  You're really doing a wonderful job raising him, Sam.
Olga:  I agree.
Sam:  Thank you all.
Kole:  Looks at her watch.  Well, I have to go.  I'm meeting Alexei for a picnic lunch. 
Maria:  You go and have you picnic, Kole.  I'll keep an eye on Marie and Amanda until you get back.
Kole:  Thank you, Maria.  I'll see you all later.  Leaves.
Olga:  I'm so happy that she and Alexei found each other.
Tatiana:  Me too. 
DIID arrives on the scene.
Dimitri M:  There you all are.
Dimitri C-B: Your mother sent us to find you all.  She says lunch is ready.
Anastasia:  Well, let's go then.

In the woods with Alexei and Kole, having their picnic...

Alexei:  So, Kole, does this spot look familiar to you?
Kole:  Looks around.  Isn't this where...
Alexei:  We made love for the first time.  Yes it is.
Kole:  You actually remembered the spot.
Alexei:  It was easy for me.  It was the first time I....  I mean it was...
Kole:  Takes his hand.  I know what you mean.
Alexei:  Yeah, considering that there was a time I thought I'd never live to see the day I'd get married, let alone have kids.  Chances are, Kole, had I not been cured, I'd likely be dead by now.
Kole:  Alexei, please.  You know I don't like it when you talk like that. 
Alexei:  I'm sorry, Kole, I know that it upsets you.
Kole:  We all know that the future is not going to be easy on any of us.  Let's just relax and enjoy our peaceful lives while we have the time.
Alexei:  I agree.  Let's eat.

Berlin, Germany...

Kirill:  You wanted to see me?
Hitler:  Yes, it seems we have another ally, willing to join us.
Kirill:  Who is it?
Hitler:  Come on in.
The door opens and Carol of Romania steps into the room.
Hitler:  Welcome to our team, Prince Carol.
Carol:  Yeah, those Romanovs have given me nothing but trouble.  Olga choosing that commoner over me.
Kirill:  Tell me about it.  That should have never been allowed to happen.
Carol:  So, yeah, I want to join you.  Where do I sign on...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

The next day, Gavriil is looking for Sam and finds her in the garden, reading her Law books...

Gavriil: Hey, Mom, we're supposed to be on vacation. You shouldn't be working.
Sam: Yeah, I know, but I have another Law exam next week. I don't want to fail it.
Gavriil: Why, you passed the last one hands down.
Sam: Still...
Gavriil: Oh come on, Mom. Take a break. Why don't we go sightseeing together in Yalta?  You haven't shown me around the city yet.
Sam: Good idea, Gavriil. I like that. 
Gavriil: Great. Let's do it...

OTMA are having a lunch of their own in a restaurant in Yalta...

Olga: I missed this. Spending time together, just the four of us.
Maria: Yeah. We clearly needed this. It's been ages since we've done something like this.
Tatiana: Remember the last time? It was when Olga and I had that horrible fight about her apartment.
Olga: Oh yeah. Don't remind me. That whole thing was pretty silly.
Tatiana: I agree. We were both stupid.
Anastasia: You can say that again, Governess. It's good we can finally spend time together without having one of us erupting lava.
Maria: Good saying, Mount Imp.
Everyone laughs, glad to be able to relax after the tense events of the last weeks.

With Sam and Gavriil, in Yalta streets...

Gavriil: Wow, I've never seen a city that looks so white. It's beautiful.
Sam: I know. And it's even more beautiful at night, you'll see. I'll show you that tonight. In the meantime, how about we go hiking in the mountain for the rest of the afternoon?
Gavriil: Yeah! 

Berlin, with Kirill, Carol, and Hitler...

Kirill: Well, Adolf, I made a big mistake. I completely underestimated those Romanovs. They're smarter and much more popular that I thought.
Hitler: I made the same mistake, Kirill. From now on we need to be more careful if we don't want to screw up our chances of success.
Carol: So, Kirill, what's our next move ?
Kirill: I suggest we keep our heads down for now, until the scandal about the National Intruder has cooled off.
Carol: But...
Hitler: Be patient, Carol. All things come to those who wait...

Meanwhile, with Alexei, Nicholas and Alexandra...

Nicholas: So, Alexei, your mother and I have heard you were planning something special for Kole's birthday.
Alexandra: If you want some help, we'll be more than happy to give you a hand.
Alexei: Thanks, Mom. Yeah, I could use a little help from everyone.
Nicholas: Okay. I'll talk to the others about it as soon as they're back from Yalta.
Alexandra: So what is your plan, Alexei ?
Alexei: Well...
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The morning of October 28th, Kole wakes up to find the following note on the bedside table..


So Kole does just that and...

All:  Surprise!
Kole:  Wha...
Alexei:  Walks over and gives his wife a big hug and kiss.  Happy Birthday, Kole!
Kole:  Oh, yeah, it is my birthday.
Anastasia:  Points to the table loaded with food.  We went all out for you.
Maria:  Yeah, it's your special day.
Kole:  Thank you all.
Alexei: And there's more.  Calls out.  You can come in now.
The door opens and George and Amanda Munro enter.
Kole:  Mom!? Dad!?  But how...
Alexei:  I borrowed your key, went to 2071, and asked them here.  I hope you don't mind.
Kole:  What a wonderful gift!  Runs over and hugs her parents.  It's so good to see you both.
Amanda:  Likewise.
George:  When Alexei invited us, we jumped at the chance.  
Kole:  Almost in tears.  It's so good to see you both.

Soon all are seated at the table...

Tatiana:  Make a wish, Kole.
Kole:  Looks at her parents.  I already had a wish granted, I've wanted my parents to visit me here for ages now.  
The children walk up with another banner they had made themselves.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT KOLE!
Kole:  Oh, that's lovely.  Thank you all.
Sam:  Well, it's nice that I'm able to make to another birthday of yours Kole.  I'm not off fighting vampire hunters or lying in a coma.  
Kole:  Amen.

Later, Kole is giving her parents a tour of Livadia...

Kole:  So, what do you think?
Amanda:  It's a lovely palace, Kole.
George:  I can see why the Romanovs loved... love to come here.
Amanda:  Kole...
Kole:  Yes, Mom.
Amanda:  I just want to say that your father and I are pleased that you're happy here.  For a long time, we wondered how you would cope, being stranded so far from home, in both time and space.  However, I see that we had nothing to worry about.
Kole:  Thanks Mom.  And don't forget that, with the key, we can visit each other whenever we want to now.
At that point, Alexei walks up holding little Marie and Amanda.
Amanda:  It's our grandchildren.  
Alexei:  I thought you'd like to see them.
George: Thank you.  He takes Marie and Amanda takes her namesake, little Amanda.
Amanda:  They're sure growing, aren't they.
Kole:  Yes, they are.  I was thinking...
Amanda:  Yes.  
Kole:  Mom, Dad, can you stay for Halloween, it just three days away.
George: I don't see why not.
Kole:  Good.  You are going to see something special.
Amanda:  Yes, it fits.
Kole:  Huh?
Amanda:  Since we found out you were back here, Kole, your father and I read up on a lot of Russian history from this time.  It says that Halloween first appeared in Russia around this time.  Now we know why.
Kole:  Because Sam and I introduced it.
George:  Yes, it's history.
Alexei:  Kind of neat, if you ask me.
George:  Oh, that reminds me.  Hands Marie to Alexei and pulls en envelope out of his pocket.  This is for you, Kole.
Kole:  Takes the envelope and opens it.  It's a birthday card from the Tsarina Tatiana.
Alexei:  Olga's descendant in your time?
Kole: Yes.
Amanda:  We received it a few days ago.  We were going to send it to you through the Magic Mailbox, but then Alexei showed up to invite us here.  So we decided to give it to you in person.
Kole:  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  Turns to Alexei. This is the best birthday ever.  Thank you so much.
Alexei:  You're welcome, Kole...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

That eveningÖ

Alexandra: Nicky, where will we celebrate Halloween? Livadia or Anichkov?
Nicholas: We're only three days away from the 31th October. Livadia seems a better choice to me.
Alexandra: Sounds good to me. Only our grandchildren won't be able to invite their friends from school.
Nicholas: What are you talking about, Alix?
Alexandra: Remember, Tatiana talked about this when the children asked to have Halloween again.
Nicholas: Oh, yeah, now I remember. And I know just how to solve the problem. A couple of schools in Yalta are interested in celebrating Halloween. Let's invite them here. 
Alexandra: Well that's a lot of people, Nicky. I'm not sure...
Nicholas: Come on, Alix. Our grandchildren will love it. They like to make new friends.
Alexandra: Smiles. Okay, okay. Go for it, Nicky.
Nicholas: Great. I'm going to call the headmasters of these schools.
Alexandra: And I'll talk to the children...

Two days later, Kole and the children are busy preparing for Halloween in the living room, when Sam comes in...

Sam: Looks around. Wow, awesome decorations. Good job, all of you.
Victoria: Thanks, Aunt Sam. 
Kole: Wanna join us ?
Sam: Sure. Why not. Sits down. What is there to do?
Kole: The decorations are finished, but I still need help with the children's costumes.
Sam: I'm on it. Begins to work on one of the costumes. So, Kole, where are your parents?
Kole: Upstairs. They're babysitting Marie and Amanda.
Sam: Good for them. 
Kole: Yeah. They're very happy to do that. They didn't have many opportunities to enjoy their status as grandparents before.
Sam: I bet. Pauses. Hey, wait a minute. What's that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen?
Kole: Maria's cooking for Halloween. And her sisters are giving her a hand.
Sam: Hmmmm. Judging by this divine smell, tomorrow's meal promises to be delicious...

Halloween morning, in the children's rooms...

Little Alexandra: Shakes Victoria. Wake up! Wake up! 
Victoria: Still half-asleep. What?
Little Alexandra: IT'S HALLOWEEN TODAY !
Victoria: About to go back to sleep. Hallo-what ? Suddenly realizes it. HALLOWEEN ! IT'S HALLOWEEN! Jumps from her bed. Come on, let's wake the others up!
Little Alexandra: Shakes Elizabeth. Wakey, wakey, sleepy head ...
Soon the children and the adults are all awake, thanks to little Alexandra and Victoria...

At breakfast...

Elizabeth: Mama, when will the kids from these Yalta schools arrive here?
Olga: For lunch, honey. Don't be in such a hurry.
Elizabeth: I can't wait.
Little Nicholas: Me too. This is going to be an awesome day.
Little Dimitri: I wish it were already this evening. So we could go...
All the children: TRICK-OR-TREATING!
The adults laugh, very amused to see how much the children are excited...

The evening finally comes, and all the children put on their Halloween costumes...

Alexandra: You all look gorgeous, seriously.
Little Alexander: I'm glad you like our costumes, Grandma. Turns round. Guess who I'm supposed to be?
Alexandra: Uh no idea.
Olga: He's supposed to be Luke Skywalker. 
Alexandra: Luke who ?
Olga: It's a character from the Star Wars movies. We have watched them recently with the kids.
Alexandra: I see. And you, Elizabeth ? Who are you supposed to be?
Elizabeth: I'm Snow White.
Little Alexandra: And I'm the Evil Queen. Shows her the apple she's holding in her hand. Don't you want to taste this delicious fruit?
Alexandra: Grins. Sweetie, are you trying to poison your grandmother?
Little Alexandra: Smiles back. Maybe. I'm the Evil Queen after all.
Alexandra: Can't help but laugh when she hears little Alexandra's answer. You sure are a funny one, darling. Turns to Victoria. And so, you Victoria? Who are you tonight?
Victoria: I'm Maleficent, Grandma.
Anastasia: Hey Governess, this is totally not creepy. Your daughters dressed up as the most terrifying witches ever. 
Tatiana: Jokes. I agree. Perhaps I should be worried.
Nicholas: Turns to little Dimitri. You're a zombie, right. Little Dimitri nods.
Little Nicholas : And I'm a ninja warrior. 
Nicholas: Wow. Sounds cool. And you Gavriil?
Gavriil: I'm a werewolf.
Alexandra: Well, it's time to go trick-or-treating with your friends.  Your grandfather and I will go with you.
Sam: Have fun, kids. Don't forget to bring us lots of candies.
Gavriil: We will, Mom .
Nicholas and Alexandra go outside, followed by the children who all rush towards the door and scream with joy...

Later, after the children have collected an impressive amount of sweets and are now all in bed, the adults are indulging themselves with a bag of candies that the kids have given to them...

George: That was nice of the children to give some of their candies to us.
Sam: Yes. That was sweet of them.
Amanda: Did you see that smile on their faces when they came back from their trick-or-treating?
Nicholas: Yes. Looks like they had lots of fun today.
Alexandra: They sure had. The Halloween celebrations were once again a complete success.
Nicholas: I think it'll become a tradition in Russia very soon. More and more schools are interested in it. Turns to Olga. I haven't forgotten your holiday idea, Olga. I'll talk this over with Kerensky when we're back in St. Petersburg, as I told you.
Olga: Thank you, Papa. Also don't forget we have to organize our itinerary for our Canada trip.
Amanda: You're going to Canada ?
Alexei: Yes. In December. We have been invited by some friends. They want to show us around their adopted country. Explains...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Two days later, George and Amanda have taken their leave, and the Romanovs are back in St. Petersburg.  Sam and Kole are now drinking a Pepsi at a table of a bar, near their building. Sam frequently peers at Kole who hasn't said a word since they entered  the bar...

Sam: Can't hold back anymore.  Okay, out with it. Tell me what's wrong.
Kole: Uh nothing. I'm perfectly fine.
Sam: Kole, I'm your friend. I know that something's amiss.
Kole stays silent.
Sam: Kole ?
Kole: Well...
Sam: Yes ?
Kole: I... I was thinking about my parents... Sam, if only things were different... Sighs. I really wish... Trails off.
Sam: I know. You wish that you and your parents didn't have to live in two different eras. Kole nods and listens to Sam while trying to keep it together. I'm living the same crazy situation, Kole. However at least we can see our respective families on a regular basis. Take comfort in that.
Kole: You're right. It's great that I'm able to visit my parents. It wasn't the case a few months ago. I should be happy for that.  Wipes her eyes. I really don't know why I'm reacting so silly all of a sudden.
Sam:  Don't say that, Kole.  Your reaction is understandable. The magical key is not a perfect solution. You can see your parents on a regular basis. However that doesn't change the fact that their lives are in 2071 and yours is here in 1929.  You can't share it with them.
Kole: Yes, that's exactly what I'm feeling, Sam.
Sam: Well, I don't have a magical solution for it, but you should follow my advice. Go spend some quality time with your parents in 2071. You need it. 
Kole: Spend some time with them ?
Sam: Yes. A few weeks, a month, two months, I don't know. As long as you wish.
Kole: Well that's not a bad idea. That's a very good one actually. Yeah, I think I really need to go back to my old home and clear my head...

Later, Kole has talked to Alexei, and now they're telling the others about their decision...

Olga: What ? 
Maria: Six weeks?
Alexei: Yes. Kole and I will be staying with her parents until late December. We'll be back for our Christmas trip to Canada.
Alexandra: Six weeks. That's a long time.
Alexei: I know, Mama, but Kole needs it.
Alexandra: Then do it. I won't stop you. We will miss you both a lot though.
Tatiana: What about the girls? Are you taking them with you?
Alexei: Yes.
Anastasia: And when do you leave?
Alexei: Today, as soon as we have packed our things.
Sam: Enjoy your vacation then. Gavriil and I are also planning to pay a little visit to my family in 2011. 
Nicholas: What? You too?
Sam: Oh it'll be just for the weekend. We'll leave this afternoon, as soon as my exam is finished. Keep your fingers crossed, by the way.
Alexandra: We sure will, Sam. Looks at Kole, Alexei, and Sam. However it'll be very empty here without you all.
Sam: I'll be back in a couple of days, Alix. It's not like I'm leaving forever.
Kole: And neither are we.Those six weeks will go by in no time, you'll see.
Nicholas: I hope so. As Alix said, it won't be the same here without you...

In the afternoon. Kole, Alexei, Sam and Gavriil have left. The rest of the family is gathered in the sitting room of Anichkov Palace...

Olga: Aw man, I hate it when one of us is absent. Our family feels incomplete.
Maria: Especially when it's four of us.
Tatiana: Yes, but thinking about it will do us no good. We need to take our mind off it. Let's talk about something else.
Anastasia: I have the perfect topic for that. I just received an email from your publisher, Olga.
Olga: And ?
Anastasia: He told me the Phantom's memoirs came out today.
Alexandra: I'm glad to hear that. Everyone will finally learn his true story. That's what he always wanted.
Ivan K: And he will finally be at peace with himself. The poor soul deserves it.
Anastasia: Still reading the email. Well it's odd...
Dimitri M: What ?
Anastasia: A lot of strange things happened during the printing.  Mysterious shadows prowling around the offices, machines that inexplicably kept breaking down for no reason. Not to mention that the building almost caught fire once.
Ivan K: Wow. That's a lot. 
Maria: Clearly someone didn't want the manuscript to be printed. But who? And why?
Dimitri C-B: Could it be a descendant of the owner of the Opera, D'Arcy? He wouldn't want anyone to learn the truth about his ancestor.
Ivan K: Could be. I guess we'll never know for sure...

Later, with Nicholas and Olga...

Nicholas: Olga, I spoke today with Kerensky. And I'm happy to tell you he accepted your law proposal about Halloween.
Olga: He did ?
Nicholas: Yes. It will become a public holiday starting from next year.
Olga: Oh I'm really glad to hear that, Papa...

While Olga and her father's conversation continues, Anastasia and Ivan K are having a walk in the garden. Suddenly without any warning, they find themselves in the Misty Field. Standing in front of them is the Phantom of the Opera...

Ivan K: What? How did we get here?
Phantom: I made it so, because I wanted to thank you. My memoirs are finally published. You kept your word.
Anastasia: Yes, we did. However the publisher went through many difficulties. Someone tried to stop the publication of your book. 
Ivan K: We think it could be one of D'Arcy's descendants.
Phantom: No, it's not. It was D'Arcy himself.
Anastasia: You mean his ghost?
Phantom: Yes. When he saw I entrusted you to publish my manuscript, he did everything he could to prevent that happening. And he almost succeeded. Crowley and I stopped him just in time. He was about to set fire to the whole building when we arrived.
Ivan K: Yes, the publisher told us about that incident. Of course he didn't know what was really going on. 
Phantom: Anyway, D'Arcy won't be a problem now. Crowley took care of him. He won't be able to come back to Earth anymore.
Ivan K: Good to hear. That man is truly evil. I wouldn't ever want to cross his path.
Phantom: You will never have to. And neither will I anymore. Thanks to you,  I'm freed from my curse. I'm finally able to rest in peace. Begins to fade away. Farewell. I won't forget what you did to me. Vanishes into thin air, and Anastasia and Ivan find themselves in the garden of Anichkov once again...
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Bangor, Maine, 2071...

George:  Kole, Alexei, we weren't expecting to see the two of you again so soon.
Kole:  I had to come, Dad.  Your visit to the past made me realize that I need to spend more time with the two of your.  I hope neither of you mind.
Amanda:  Of course not, Kole. 
George:  How long are the two of you planning to stay?
Kole:  Six weeks.
Alexei:  After that, we're going to pay a visit to Canada, the Canada of 1929 that is.  We're going to visit friends we have there.
Amanda:  Looks at little Amanda and Marie.  Well, we're happy to have the four of you here again.  Come, we'll make up the guest room.

Later, Kole comes into the living room, after having put Marie and little Amanda down for their naps, and sees Alexei and her parents looking at a scrapbook...

Kole:  What's that you have there?
Amanda:  We're just showing Alexei some pictures of you, Kole.  Holds up the scrapbook.  Here is your graduation from the Air Force Academy.  The picture shows Kole proudly standing there in her uniform.
Kole:  I remember that.
Alexei:  It must have been great for you, Kole.
Kole:  It was.  As you know, Alexei, I love to fly.
Alexei:  I remember that time you and I flew for the first time together.
Kole:  Oh, yeah.  That was one for the books.
Amanda:  What happened?
Kole:  Well.  Tells her parents about the flight.  And when we landed, Alexei fainted dead away!
Alexei:  I had never flown before that.  My nerves got the best of me.
Kole:  You really scared me what that happened.  Luckily, Tatiana told me that nothing was really wrong with you.
Alexei:  And I have flown with you since then.
Kole:  Yeah, no fainting that time.  Everyone laughs.
George:  I just realized something.  Kole and Alexei will be here for Thanksgiving.
Amanda:  Yes, they will.  Turns to Kole and Alexei. Consider yourselves invited for Thanksgiving dinner.
Kole:  Of course we'll be here, Mom.
Alexei:  Oh yeah, your Thanksgiving happens at the end of November, right.
Kole:  The last Thursday in November, that's right, at least here in the U.S. that is.  In Canada, they have it on the second Monday in October.
Alexei:  Another holiday that Russia doesn't have. 
George:  Oh, that reminds me.  Gets up, gets a book, and comes back.
Kole:  What's that?
George:  A book about Russian history.   You two might find this interesting.  Reads the book.  And, starting in 1930, Halloween became an official holiday in Russia.
Alexei:  Well, how about that.
Kole:  And Sam and I helped make that happen.  We became part of Russian history ourselves.
Alexei:  To say that this is cool would be the understatement of the year...
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Bangor, Maine, 2071:  Thanksgiving...

The Munro family are sitting around the dinner table, celebrating Thanksgiving...

Alexei:  Now, this is wonderful.
Kole:  I agree.  Looks at her mother.  The turkey is great as always, Mom.
Amanda:  Thank you, dear.
George:  The best thing, Kole, is having you here with us. 
Amanda:  And Alexei and our two grandchildren.
Kole:  That's the great thing about this key, I can come home whenever I like. 
George:  Yes, that's true.
Alexei:  So tell me about Thanksgiving.  We don't have it in Russia.
Kole:  Well...  Explains the history of the U.S. Thanksgiving.
Alexei:  After Kole has finished.  That's quite a story.
Kole:  There's more.  One of the tradition is for a family to go around the table and say what they're thankful for.
Amanda:  That's true.  Kole, why don't you start?
Kole:  Okay, Mom.  Stands up.  Four years ago, I found myself stranded in a strange land and cut off from my family and friends by more than a century of time.  I had nowhere to go.  However, some wonderful people took me in and gave me a home.  Looks at Alexei.  One of those people became my husband, and we had two beautiful daughters.  Looks over at Marie and little Amanda, sleeping nearby.  And now I have a means to come home and bring them here for visits.  I couldn't ask for me.
George and Amanda:  Amen.
Alexei:  Stands up.  Well, I'm thankful for pretty much the same thing Kole is.  Had she not ended up back in my time, I would not have the wonderful wife and two daughters I have today.  Looks at George and Amanda.  And I wouldn't have the extended family I have today.  Happy Thanksgiving.
All:  Amen.

Later, Alexei and Kole are taking a walk outside...

Kole:  That was a lovely toast.
Alexei:  Thanks Kole, I'm glad you liked it, considering I was making it up as I went along.
Kole:  I'm glad we were able to come here for Thanksgiving.  I was wondering...
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole: I was wondering if we could make this an annual thing?
Alexei:  I don't see why not.  I mean we have the key now, and, as I said, Russia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.
Kole:  Thank you, Alexei.
Alexei:  Smiles at his wife.  Anything for you, Kole...
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December 1, 1929, Back at Anichkov, Anastasia and Ivan K. get a visitor, Castiel...

Anastasia:  What brings you here?
Castiel:  I wanted to give you this.  Holds up a book.  It's a copy of the Phantom's Memoir. 
Anastasia:  Takes the book and opens it.  Hey, he personally autographed it to me and Ivan.
Castiel:  He asked me to bring him a copy so he could do that.  It was his way of thanking you for helping him get his story out.
Ivan K: Always glad to help.
Castiel:  Take care.  Vanishes.
Anastasia:  Come on, Ivan, we must tell the others about this.

And so...

Nicholas:  That was nice of the Phantom to give you this book.
Anastasia:  Yeah, it was his way of thanking me and Ivan for agreeing to help him.
Maria:  Talk about an early Christmas gift.
Tatiana:  Yea, Christmas is still a few weeks away.
Alexandra:  Tell them, Nicky.
Olga:  Tell us what?
Nicholas:  Our trip to Canada is all arranged.  We leave in two weeks.
Maria:  Excellent.  Plenty of time for me to pack.
Anastasia: Knowing you, Mashka, it will take you two weeks just to pack.
Maria gives Anastasia dagger eyes while everyone else laughs.

Later, Maria is checking on the younger children when the closet door opens and Alexei, Kole, Marie, and little Amanda are back...

Kole:  Hello everyone!
Maria:  Kole, Alexei, you two are back sooner than expected.
Kole:  Spending Thanksgiving with my family really cheered me up.
Alexei:  Yeah, we had a great time.
Kole:  Alexei and I are going to spend every Thanksgiving with my family, if no one minds.
Maria:  Of course not.
Alexei:  So, what's been going on here?
Maria:  Well. Tells them about the Phantom's gift to Anastasia.
Kole:  That sounds cool.
Maria:  And our trip to Canada has been finalized.  Explains.
Alexei:  Good to know that everything seems to be on track.
Kole:  Let's go tell everyone that we're back...
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December 21, 1929, the plane carrying the Imperial Family arrives at Ottawa International Airport.  The IF are greeted by Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King (henceforth to be referred to as WLMK).

WLMK:  Welcome to Canada, Your Highness.
Nicholas:  Thank you, we're honoured to be here.  You can call me Nicholas.  Since the autocracy ended in Russia, we've tended to downplay the royal titles.
WLMK:  If you wish.
Nicholas:  Gestures to the rest of the family.  This is my wife, Alexandra.
Alexandra:  Pleased to meet you, Prime Minster.
Nicholas:  Gestures to OTMAA.  There are our daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia.  And this is our son, Alexei.
Introductions are made.
Nicholas:  And these are their spouses.  Introduces the Dimitri's, the Ivan's, and Kole.  And, finally, their children.  Introduces the children.  And, last, but certainly, not least, this is our friend, Samantha Cohen.
WLMK:  Wow, there are quite a lot of you.  Well, we've booked the whole top floor of the Chateau Laurier for you lot. 
Kole:  The Chateau?  Wow.
Alexei:  I guess that's where VIP's stay.
Kole:  Yep.
WLMK:  Shall we?
Nicholas:  Lead on.

Soon, in the Chateau...

Anastasia:  Wow, this place is great.
Maria:  Yeah, we're right next to the Canadian Parliament buildings.
Tatiana:  Comes into the room.  Well, the children are all settled in.
Olga:  How are they.
Tatiana:  Sleeping.  The long plane ride wore them out.
At that point, Nicholas and Alexandra come in.
Nicholas:  Your mother and I are going to a luncheon with Prime Minister King. 
Alexandra:  We'll be back in a few hours. 
Olga:  Okay, the rest of us will go sightseeing.
Sam:  I'll stay here and watch the children until you all get back.
Maria:  Thanks, Sam.  I'm sure they won't be much trouble.
Anastasia:  Grins. While they're asleep, that is.
Sam:  Don't worry, Imp.  I can handle it.  See you all later.

Soon, OTMA and their husbands are walking along the Rideau Canal... 

Anastasia:  According to Kole, when the canal freezes up, it becomes the worlds longest skating rink.
Ivan K:  I can see that. 
Maria:  I wish we could go skating on it right now.   However, from what we were told, it hasn't been frozen long enough.
Tatiana:  Well, Mashka, a case of hypothermia would not be fun for any of us.
Maria:  Hypo....  What?
Tatiana:  Well.  Explains.
Maria:  Yeah, that would be a downer.
Anastasia:  I'll say.
Olga:  Hmmmmmm...
Dimitri C-B:  What is it, Olga?
Olga:  I was just thinking that someday this will be us, Dimitri.  Travelling around the world, meeting head of state, staying in fancy hotels.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, who would have thought it.  Oh, I don't mean you, Olga.  However, there was a time that me and the other guys here would never have been able to do that.
Dimitri M:  Yeah, with us being commoners and all that.
Olga:  Those days are long gone.
Tatiana:  You guys were never commoners to us, even when the Old Empire was still around. 
Ivan S:  Yeah, but me and the other Ivan were Bolsheviks at one time.  Who'd have thought we'd end up married into the Imperial Family.
Maria:  Yes, but you two never really bought into all that rubbish that Lenin was spouting.  You just kind of got swept up in the moment.
Ivan K:  Yeah, I guess we did.
Anastasia:  And that's all behind you now.  Shall we continue our walk?
Ivan K:  Let's.  Looks around. Where did Alexei and Kole disappear to?
Anastasia:  They said they wanted to go somewhere else.  They didn't say where though... 

Meanwhile, Alexei and Kole are visiting the Ottawa Civic Hospital...

Kole:  Well, this is where I was, will be, born.
Alexei:  This is the hospital?
Kole:  Yes, but the actual wing where I was born hasn't been built yet.  This hospital will expand quite a bit in the decades to come.
Alexei:  Yeah, I guess it will.
Kole:  I wish...
Alexei:  Yes?
Kole:  I wish we could visit the Canadian National War Memorial, but it won't exist for another ten years. 
Alexei:  Ten years?
Kole:  Yeah, it will be opened in 1939 to commemorate the First World War.  Just in time for the Second World War to start. 
Alexei:  Talk about ironies.
Kole:  Tell me about it.  Looks at her watch. We better be getting back, I want to be there when Marie and Amanda are awake.
Alexei:  Let's go...

The Ottawa Civic Hospital is where I myself was born.  And it's true about the War Memorial opening just prior to World War II.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Alexei and Kole soon rejoin the rest of the group...

Tatiana: Hey, you two. Where have you been?
Kole: Not far from here. I just showed Alexei the Ottawa Civic Hospital. That's where I was born, or to get technical, will be born. 
Alexei: And what did you all visit while were away?
Ivan K: Oh we just walked along the Rideau Canal, dreaming about skating. Too bad it's impossible at the moment.
Maria: I'm sure Sam would have managed that back when she still had her powers.
Ivan S: Yeah, that wouldn't have been a problem for her.
Dimitri C-B: Oh man I would have loved to see the looks on the passers-by when they saw the canal become frozen all of a sudden. Wouldn't they all have been flabbergasted!
Everyone laughs.
Alexei: For sure they would have been, dude.

After a while...

Olga: To TMA and Kole. I don't know about you, but I'd like to go back to the Chateau. I want to relieve Sam from babysitting. She hasn't been able to visit much of the city yet.
Kole: Good idea. I wanted to do that as well.
Alexei: I'll come with you two.
Dimitri C-B: And so will I.
Olga: To the others. What about you guys?
Maria: We'll keep on exploring the surroundings. Tell Sam to meet up with us at the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, when she has finished her tour. We'll be waiting for her there.
Olga: Okay. I'll be sure to tell her that...

Sometime later, Alexei, Kole, Olga and her Dimitri C-B are back at the hotel, and Sam is about to sight see Ottawa on her own...

Sam: Reading a tourist guide. Wow there are so many things to visit. I don't know what to begin with. 
Olga: You should ask the expert here, Sam.
Kole: Smiles, knowing Olga is talking about her. Well yes, I can give you one tip or two if you want.
Sam: Yes please do, Kole. So tell me, what are the must-see places of this city?
Kole: Hm, let me think...
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Kole: Hm, let me think.  You can start with the Canadian Parliament Buildings, they're right next door.  After that.  Suggests a few more sites and then mentions the rendezvous point.
Sam: Thanks, Kole.  See you all later.  Leaves.
Kole:  I hope she has a good time.
Alexei:  Me too.  Looks at Marie and Amanda.  Still, she did a great job watching the girls for us.
At that point, Nicholas and Alexandra return.
Olga:  Mama, Papa, how was your luncheon with the Prime Minster? 
Alexandra:  We had a lovely time.
Nicholas:  Are the others still out sightseeing?
Kole: They are, and now Sam has gone as well.
Nicholas:  Good.  Anyway, we've booked out flight out west.  We leave in two days. 
Alexei:  We're exactly are we going.
Alexandra:  We'll fly out to Regina, Saskatchewan.  Vlad and Natalia will meet us there and take us to their farm.
Nicholas:  We should arrive just in time for Christmas.


Dimitri M:  Uh, I don't know how to say this...
Tatiana:  What is it, Dimitri?
Dimitri M:  I think we're lost.
Anastasia:  Oh no, not again!
Maria:  This is Paris all over again. 
Anastasia:  What is it with men and maps.
Ivan K:  Hey, let me try.  Takes the map from Dimitri. 
Anastasia:  Well?
Ivan K:  Yep, we're lost.
Maria:  Great! 

Back at the Chateau, Kole gets a phone call...

Kole:  Hello?
Anastasia: Kole, our guys got us lost again. 
Kole:  Like in Paris?
Anastasia:  Yeah.  Can you help us?
Kole:  Describe your surroundings. 
Anastasia:  Okay.  Does so.
Kole:  I know where you are.  Stay there, I'm on my way.  Hangs up.
Alexei:  What happened?
Kole:  Well.  Explains.
Alexei:  Again!?
Kole:  Yeah, it seems that lot has the darnedest luck with foreign capital cities.  Luckily, I know where they are.  I'm off to rescue them.
Alexei:  Wait, I'll come with you.  Turns to Nicholas and Alexandra.  Can you two..
Alexandra:  Watch Marie and Amanda until you get back.  Of course.
Alexei:  Thanks, Mama and Papa.  He and Kole leave.
Nicholas:  Seems everyone is having an adventure today...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Back with TMA and the guys...

Ivan K: Dimitri, dude, this is the last time I let you be our tour-guide.
Anastasia: Yeah, obviously maps and you are like chalk and cheese.
Seeing everyone laughing, even Tatiana, poor Dimitri M goes all red.
Ivan S: Did I ever tell you how Malama and his regiment got lost in the middle of nowhere during last war because he couldn't read the map the general gave to him... Before he can finish, Dimitri M puts his hand over his mouth.
Tatiana: Aw come on, I want to hear it.
Maria: Me too.
Anastasia: Me as well.
Ivan K: And me.
Ivan S: Breaks free. Four against one. Dimitri, you're outnumbered.
Tatiana: So what's the story, Ivan?
Ivan S: Ignores the deadly glares of Malama. Well, it all started when...

With Alexei and Kole...

Kole: We're almost there. Just a few streets to go. We should find the others soon.
Alexei: Good. Jokes. Next time, they should choose a leader other than Malama. He's a great guy, but when it comes to maps, well... The least we can say is that it's not his strongest point.
Kole: Grins. Odd isn't it, for an army guy.
Alexei: I wonder how he managed to lead his men into battle during the war without getting lost. He doesn't realize that while walking they had reached the point of the rendezvous.
Kole: You should ask him in person. He's right in front of you.
Dimitri M: Looks at Alexei with his arms folded. You were saying?
Alexei: Uh nothing, just...  Clears his throat. Nothing...
Dimitri M: Yeah. Yeah. As if...
Ivan S: Alexei, if you want to have an answer to your question, you came at the right moment. I was about to tell a good story about Malama and maps.
Dimitri M: Oh no. Can't we forget it and move on to another topic please?
Tatiana: No way. We all wanna hear the story of your little mishap, Dimitri.
Dimitri M: Rolls his eyes. Aw man. Mutters to Ivan S. Thanks for the humiliation, dude. I'll get even with you for this,.
Ivan S: Just laughs. Any time, buddy. Turns to the others. So I was saying, in June 1915, Malama was at the headquarters when...  Begins to tell the story in front of an exasperated Dimitri M.

Meanwhile, at the Chateau...
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Meanwhile, at the Chateau...

Olga:  Well, the children are finally asleep.
Dimitri C-B:  That's good.
Nicolas:  I wonder how the others are faring.
At that point, the other return.
Alexei:  We've rescued the lost tourists. 
Ivan S:  Yeah, we got lost, no thanks to Magellan here.  Gestures to Dimitri M.
Dimitri M:  Yeah, they even insisted I tell them how I got my regiment lost in 1915, because I misread the map the general gave me.
Nicholas:  Wait, what was the name of that general.
Dimitri M:  Zaroff, I think.
Nicholas:  Well, then, it's a good think you got your regiment lost.  You saved all their lives.
Dimitri M:  I don't understand.
Nicholas:  What no one knew at that point, was that General Zaroff was, in fact, a German agent.  He sent you lot to a certain area, knowing full well that the Germans would bombard it with artillery shells. 
Tatiana:  That means they would have been all killed.
Nicholas:  Yes, but since Dimitri led the regiment to the wrong area, that didn't happen. 
Alexandra:  You all see, by getting his men lost that time, Dimitri saved them all.
Dimitri M:  Now smiling.  So, my bumbling on that occasion saved lives.
Nicholas:  Yes, it did.
Tatiana:  Dimitri, I'm so sorry.  I...
Dimitri M:  It's okay, none of you knew, in fact, I didn't know.
Ivan S:  Well, I want to say sorry anyway.  Dude, you're a hero.
Ivan K:  I agree.   
At that point, Sam returns.
Sam:  What did I miss?

Two days later, the IF arrives in Regina, Saskatchewan...

Anastasia:  Look, Vlad and Natalia are waiting for us.
Maria:  Along with about a hundred other people.
The IF get off the plane and are quickly mobbed by ethnic Russians.
Kole:  I feel like a movie star at a Hollywood premier.
Alexei:  Yeah, I wonder what happened.
Vlad and Natalia walk up.
Vlad:  I am so sorry.  This our fault.
Alexandra:  Your fault?  How so.
Natalia:  Our son went around telling his friends that the Tsar and his family were coming to visit us.  As you can see, word got around.
The Russians are awed at the IF.
Tatiana:  I guess most of them have never seen us in person before.
Olga:  I guess not.
Nicholas:  Well, we mustn't disappoint them.  The Imperial Family begin to work the crowd, shaking hands, exchanging greetings, etc.
Olga:  I guess I can consider this on the job training for the future.
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, I guess you can...
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Later, at Vlad and Natalia's farm...

Vlad:  I am so sorry about all that.
Nicholas:  No problem.  I rather enjoyed meeting those people.
Alexandra:  Me too.  Seems that they too have embraced us, since we abandoned the autocracy.
Vlad:  Well, it was the Old Empire that their ancestors came here to escape from, an empire that no longer exists.
Nicholas:  Amen to that.

Soon, at dinner...

Vlad:  Stands up.  I want to formally welcome you all to our farm.
Natalia:  I hope you all enjoy your stay.
Tatiana:  We will. 
Anastasia:  Yeah, the children are looking forward to spending Christmas here.
Maria:  We might stay for New Year's as well.  See in 1930 together.
Natalia:  That's a lovely idea.
Olga:  I guess it's settled then. 
At that point, the children come running in.
Victoria:  We love the Christmas tree you have up, Uncle Vlad.
Vlad:  Thank you, Alexandra.
Victoria:  Laughs.  I'm Victoria.  Points to little Alexandra.  That's Alexandra!
Vlad:  Whoops, I'm sorry.
Little Alexandra:  It's okay, it happens all the time. 
Vlad:  Turns to Tatiana.  How can you tell those two apart?
Tatiana:  Mother's instinct. 
Vlad:  Well, perhaps you should have the two of them wear name tags, so others can tell them apart.
Everyone laughs.

Later, Kole finds Sam outside alone...

Kole:  Thinking about the future again?
Sam:  Yeah, I am.  Maria's comment about seeing in 1930 really hit it home for me.  In three years, Hitler will take power in Germany, in nine years, he'll start World War II.  And I'm not even mentioning the horrors of his regime.
Kole: I know.  I think about it too, Sam.
Sam:  What makes it worse is that I know that another version of me will be there.  My younger self, whom Josef Mengele will torture.  And there's not a damned thing I can do about it.
Kole:  Sam, I can't even begin to imagine what you're feeling right now.  All I can say is that we know that you, your younger self that is, survives it. 
Sam:  Yeah, I survive it.  However, millions of my people will not be so lucky.  Turns to Kole.  Kole, what I'm about to tell you stays between the two of us, not even Alexei is to know.  Promise?
Kole:  Of course, I promise.  What is it you want to tell me?
Sam:  Sometimes I wish I could just go back to 2011 and put all this behind me.  Don't get me wrong, Kole, I love you all as much as I love my own family.  However, when I think of the coming horrors, and the fact that I'll have to live through it all again, it's tempting just to return to the future and not have to worry about it.
Kole:  But Gavriil...
Sam:  Gavriil is actually the reason why I haven't done it.  And it's not just because he has an important role to play in the coming war.  Russia is his home, I can't take him away from it, no matter how much I want to at times.
Kole:  Sam, I understand how you feel.  I don't fancy the thought of going through World War II myself, especially now that I have Marie and Amanda to think about.  I could permanently go back to 2071, and Alexei would go with me, no questions asked.  However, I could never ask him to leave his family behind.  All we can do, Sam, is hope for the best.
Sam:  You're right, Kole.
Kole:  Come on, Sam, let's go back, before someone comes looking for us.
Sam:  Lead on...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Anastasia and Maria arrive at that point...

Maria: Come on, you two, we were looking for you everywhere. What were you talking about? 
Anastasia: Oh let me guess. From the look on your faces. You were probably thinking about the future, Hitler, and all that stuff, right? Well, you better stop it right now, because no gloomy thinking will be allowed today.
Maria: Yeah, it's Christmas and we're here to celebrate it. Don't forget that.
Sam and Kole look at each other and smile.
Sam: Okay, okay, we get it. No brooding tonight.
Maria: No brooding at all, you mean. Look Sam, we overheard what Kole said. She's right about the future.  Let's stick together and hope for the best.
Anastasia: Yes, we are together, a family, that is what matters the most. No matter how hard these years ahead of us will be, if we stick together nothing can bring us down.
Sam: Touched, but jokes to hide it. Go on like that, Imp, and you'll make me cry.
Maria: Well if you want to, no problem. You have three free shoulders to cry on. Points at herself, Anastasia and Kole, who both agree to her statement.
Sam: Very moved. Thank you all. You always know how to cheer me up.
Anastasia: Sees that Sam is clearly at the edge of tears and decides to change the subject. It's getting chilly here. I suggest we go join the others inside. They all waiting for us. 
Kole: Good idea. Let's go...

Later, everyone has gathered around the Christmas tree in the dining room...

Vlad: It's high time we light up this tree, what don't you think, kids? 
All the children scream with joy: YEAH, UNCLE VLAD!
Natalia: Laughs. Sorry, you can't all do that. Only one person can light up the candles on the tree.
Children: Cry all together. ME! ME! 
Olga: Uh, uh, the choice is going to be tough...
Tatiana: You said it, sister.
Anastasia: Any solution?
Victoria: Yes. Let's play the short straw game. The winner will light up the Christmas tree.
Elizabeth: Sounds fair. Let's do it...

While the children are playing...

Alexandra: Victoria had a pretty good idea. She's one smart girl.
Anastasia: Yep. And definitely the leader of the pack.
Sam: Well she's not Tatiana's daughter for nothing.
Maria: That's "GOVERNESS.2.0" for you, Sam.
Everyone laughs.
Nicholas: Turns to the kids. So who won?
Paul: Shows his straw. Me! Oh yeah!
Little Dimitri: Oh no!
Victoria: Smiles. Well never mind. We'll do it again next year.
Elizabeth: Jokes. And this time I'll win. Prepare yourself to a crushing defeat.
Victoria: In the same tone. Oh yeah? I'd say prepare yourself! You gonna lose miserably, girl.
Elizabeth: In your dreams!
Alexandra: Watching the scene. Boy does it bring back memories of four little girls we used to know, doesn't it, Nicky?
Nicholas: Glances at OTMA. Oh most definitely!
Anastasia: Chuckles.  Papa I hope you're not talking about us.
Nicholas: Really? Who do you think I'm talking about then?
Tatiana: Interrupts. Ahem, excuse me. If you have all finished messing around, you could admire Paul's work. He's done with the candles.
All of them turn their attention to the little boy. With her father's help, he has light up all the candles of the Christmas tree, which is now dazzling in the middle of the room.
Dimitri C-B: Good job, buddy. It's beautiful.
Olga: It is indeed.
Vlad: Looks at his watch and sees it's midnight. Well everyone... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Nicholas: Merry Christmas to you too, Vlad. 
Alexandra: And thank you so much for inviting us.
Natalia: You're welcome. It's a pleasure to have old friends over for Christmas.
Vlad: Come on, kids, you may open up your presents now!
All the children: THANKS, UNCLE VLAD! Rush to the Christmas tree. At the foot of it are dozens of beautifully wrapped gifts...
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Anastasia:  Wow, it's like watching sharks in a feeding frenzy.
Maria:  Yeah, but look at the children, they're having a great time.
Alexandra:  Yes.  Looks at OTMA.  And that was what you four were like when you were that age.
Tatiana:  Yeah, Mama, you're right.  I does bring back nice memories.
Olga:  And now we can pass this on to our own children.
Alexei:  I just wish Marie and Amanda were old enough to take part.
Nicholas:  Well, perhaps next year Marie will be.
Alexei:  Yes, that's true.
Sam:  Looking at Gavriil opening his presents.  And Gavriil is enjoying his second Christmas with a real family.
Maria:  That's true, Sam, he is. 
They continue to watch the children open their presents.

Later, Alexei and Kole are out taking a ride by horse carriage...

Alexei:  So, Kole, are you having a good time?
Kole:  Yes, I am.  Still, I did get worried about that Christmas tree.
Alexei:  Why?
Kole:  Those candles.  In my time, candles are no longer used to light Christmas trees.  They're a fire hazard.
Alexei:  How come you didn't say anything?
Kole:  I didn't want to spoil the mood.  However, we should talk to the adults about this, when the children aren't around.  I hope you understand why.
Alexei:  Of course, I do.  I agree with you.
Kole:  Then it's settled.  Until then, let's enjoy our carriage ride.

Back with Maria and Anastasia...

Maria:  Well, I'm off to the kitchen.
Anastasia:  Why?
Maria:  I offered to help Natalia with Christmas dinner.  She accepted.
Anastasia:  Why didn't you say so.
Maria:  Okay, Nastya, you can help.  But...
Anastasia:  But what?
Maria:  If one piece of food goes into your mouth before dinner is served, I'm going after it.  Understood?
Anastasia:  Gulps.  Understood. 

With the Big Pair...

Olga:  The children are so happy.
Tatiana:  I know.  As Papa said, it was like when we were little.  Do you remember those Christmas's, Olga?
Olga:  Yes, I remember.  Those were wonderful times.  Of course, we didn't know how things were in Russia back then, for the peasants and such.
Tatiana:  No, we didn't.  However, that was back then.  This is now.  I'm glad our children are growing up in the new Russia, not the old.
Olga:  Me too, Tatiana, me too...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later with Alexei and Kole, Nicholas and Alexandra. The four of them are sitting around the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. The others are either busy in the kitchen or babysitting their children...

Nicholas: So you were saying, Alexei? Those candles? What exactly is the problem with them? 
Alexei: As Kole told me, the tree is highly flammable with the candles on it. It really is too dangerous. We can't take that risk any longer.
Alexandra: But why? We did it for years, ever since you were a little child and even before. Nothing ever happened.
Kole: You were lucky then. Explains about fire hazards and Christmas candles. I'm not exaggerating. They did cause many fires. A lot of people burned to death because of them. 
Alexandra: I see. Sighs. Well, I guess we should stop using them. The children will be so disappointed.
Kole: We can use fairy lights instead. The kids will love it.
Nicholas: Fairy..what? Kole explains. Sounds great. That might be a good alternative to candles.
Alexei: Good. And with that there is no risk of being burnt alive. 
Alexandra: Kole, do you know where we can buy those things?
Kole: I don't think there is any in the shops here, or anywhere else anyway. People won't start using fairy lights for years. I'll ask my parents to send us some through the MMB.
Alexei: Wow, MMB? What is that??
Kole: The MMB. The Magic Mail Box. That's what Sam and I call it now.
Alexei: I like it. The MMB it is then...

With Olga and Dimitri C-B. They are walking around outside. A group of children see them and come to greet them...

Girl n#1: You're Grand Duchess Olga, right? The Heir to the throne of Russia?
Olga: Smiles at her. Yes I'm the Heir, but there's no "Grand Duchess" here. Just call me Olga.
Girl n#1: Becomes all red. Really? Olga nods. Thank you, Your Highn... Uh I mean Olga. 
Girl n#2: Turns towards Dimitri. And you're her husband? So you're a prince or something?
Dimitri C-B: Laughs. Nope, I'm just Dimitri. Nothing more.
Girl n#2: Impossible. My dad said you need to be born royal to marry a princess.
Before Olga and Dimitri can answer, a little boy interrupts...
Boy n#1: Please can I take a picture of you? I wanna prove to my family I really met you. They are never going to believe me otherwise.
Olga: Sure, sweetheart. He takes a selfie with her and Dimitri.
Boy n#2: Please, please, me too. Can I have a photo of you?
Right after all the kids begin to scream loudly, begging for pictures and autographs. Sure enough some adults notice the scene and join in. Soon a big crowd is circling around Dimitri C-B and Olga...
Dimitri C-B: This is getting intense. We should leave.
Olga: Agree but how? There are too many people around us. We can't even make a move.
Fortunately hearing the noise of the crowd a policeman comes to Olga and Dimitri's rescue...

Later when they are safe and sound, back in the farm...

Olga: What just happened was totally crazy. And scary as well.
Dimitri C-B: We should get used to it. This will be our lot for the rest of our lives.
Olga: I know. Still I'm amazed. I mean, people actually love us.
Dimitri C-B: Of course they do. We're probably the most popular Royal Family in the world.
Olga: Yes, but it wasn't the case 12 years ago. I haven't forgotten. The Revolution, all these people screaming they hated us... It was terrifying.
Dimitri C-B: And all of this belongs to the past now, Olga. That period is gone for good.
Olga: Looks hard at him. Is it? Is the Old Empire really dead? Then what about Kirill and the Children of the Empire? Or what about that little girl we just talked to? Did you hear what she said about royal marriages?
Dimitri C-B: She was just repeating what her dad told her.
Olga: That's exactly my point. Don't you see the problem here? I thought that after all these years, the mentalities had changed. I was dead wrong, wasn't I. 
Dimitri C-B: Olga, it's okay. Why are you overreacting about that kid's reaction. This is just a detail, really.
Olga: No. It shows that the Old Empire will never be dead completely, as long as there will people to believe in its stupid outdated rules.
Dimitri C-B: Olga...
Olga: Don't "Olga" me, Dimitri. I'm too upset to discuss with you. I need some time alone to clear my head. Storms out, leaving the poor Dimitri completely disconcerted...
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Soon after, Olga runs into the little girl from before...

Olga:  You again?
Svetlana:  Yes, my name is Svetlana.  My friends call me Sveta.  I wanted to apologize to you for those things I said about your husband.  My mother just told me that things are different in Russia now.  Is that true?
Olga:  Yes, Sveta, is it.  We can marry whomever we choose now, we can do it for love, not political reasons.
Sveta:  That sounds nice.  I am so sorry for being such an El Dopo. 
Olga:  Laughs.  El Dopo?  What's that?
Sveta:  That's what my brother calls me sometimes.  This time, he was right.
Olga:  Don't say that, Sveta, you just didn't know.  Have you ever been to Russia?
Sveta:  Shakes her head.  No, I was born here in Canada.  My parents came here many years before that.
Olga:  Ah, I see.
Sveta: Perhaps, someday, I can come a visit you in Russia?
Olga:  I'd like that.
Sveta: Thank you, Olga.  Anyway, I have to go home now. Bye.
Olga:  Bye Sveta.  Watches as Sveta walks away.  Well, that was nice.
Tatiana:  Arrives on the scene.  There you are!  Your Dimitri told me what happened.  Am I going to have to lecture you about overreacting again, Olga?
Olga:  No, Tatiana, I'm fine.  Let's go back.
Tatiana:  What happened?
Olga:  Let's just say a little angel made me see the light.

Back at the farm...

Dimitri C-B:  Olga...
Olga:  I'm fine now, Dimitri.  Sorry for overreacting like that.
Dimitri C-B:  What happened?
Olga:  Well...


Sam:  I see you've convinced everyone to switch from candles to fairy lights.
Kole: Yeah, I felt I had to.  There is a lot of people in this time I care about.  I don't want to see any of them get hurt.
Sam:  I feel the same way, Kole. 
Kole:  Funny, isn't it, Sam.  You and I are not native to this time, yet we've become fully part of it.
Sam:  Yes, we have. 
At that point, Alexei arrives on the scene.
Alexei:  Everyone is leaving for evening services at the local Russian Orthodox Church.
Kole:  Okay, Alexei, I'll be right there.
Sam:  You all go enjoy the services.  I'll stay here and watch the children until you all get back.
Kole:  Okay...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

January 1st 1930. It's lunch time and everyone is sitting around the decorated table, when Vlad switches on the TV...

Natalia: Oh no turn it off, please. It's a day of celebration today. And we have guests.
Vlad: I know but Kirill is going to make a New Year's speech on German TV. I don't want to miss that. Turns to the others. I hope you don't mind?
Nicholas: Not at all. I'm also interested in seeing it.
Alexandra: Yes, me too. I wonder what lies he's going to say on us this time?
Nicholas: I bet twenty rubles he's going to ramble once again about "Nicholas the Traitor"...
Sam: And the Jewish witch who rules Russia..
Olga: And how great life under the Old Empire was...
At that moment, Kirill appears on television and starts his speech, which is precisely about what they just said.
Anastasia: Rolls her eyes. Same old tune, Kirill. Change the record, it's getting boring.
Tatiana: Hey hold on a sec. Points at the screen. These two men next to Kirill. The first one is...
Kole: Yep. Definitely Hitler. And the second...
Sam: Looks closely. That's Carol!
Maria: Say that again?!
Nicholas: Impossible!
Sam: See for yourself. It's him.
Natalia: What is he doing here?
Sam: I bet he decided to join them. You shouldn't be surprised, you all know now which side he will choose during World War II.
Vlad: Nope. Care to explain because I'm kind of lost here.
Natalia: As I am, Sam. What are you talking about?
Sam: Oops, sorry, forgot you weren't there when I explained it all. Well. Fills them in on Carol's role.
Vlad: So he became one of them. A Nazi. 
Natalia: I can't believe it. Romania always had a good relationship with Russia. And Carol fought on our side during the last war. This doesn't make any sense.
Sam: It does. Carol still holds a grudge against the Romanovs. I guess you know what happened during the official trip of Olga and her Dimitri in Romania last year.
Vlad: Yes, we more or less heard there was a diplomatic incident , although it had been quickly covered up. I think Carol insulted Dimitri and has been decreed persona non grata in his own country since then, am I right.
Dimitri C-B: Yep, that's the entire truth.
At this point, on the screen, Kirill has finished his speech and Carol, Hitler and he are doing the Nazi salute in front of the huge crowd of their followers who are cheering very loudly.
Sam: Gets up to leave the room. I can't watch it anymore. The whole thing makes me sick.
Vlad: Quickly turns the TV off. Sorry Sam. I think we watched enough of it anyway.
Natalia: Turns her attention to the meal. So who wants that delicious cake Maria has baked for us this morning...
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Later, Kole finds Sam alone...

Kole:  I thought so. 
Sam:  Thought what?
Kole:  That broadcast hit you harder than you let on back there.  I see that you've been crying.
Sam:  That obvious, huh?
Kole:  Yeah, it is.  Mind you, Sam, I can't blame you, considering that we know what's coming.
Sam:  It's more than just that, Kole.  Did you notice those crowds clapping and cheering as the three of them did the Nazi salute.  Is that crowd totally blind to what Hitler, Kirill, and Carol represent?
Kole:  I know, Sam.  However, we have to remember that the really bad stuff is still some years away.  Right now it's all just talk.
Sam:  I know, but still.  Six million of my people are going to be slaughtered, Kole.  Six million.  And those three thugs are going to be willing parts of it. It makes me want to throw up.
Kole:  Sam, I know how you feel.  I wish we could stop it before it starts, but we can't.  We're just going to have to get through it the best we can.
The two women hug.


Olga:  To think that they wanted me to marry that creep!  It makes my flesh crawl just thinking about it.
Dimitri C-B:  I wish Carol was here right in front of me.  I'd give that guy the beating of his life.
Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia walk up.
Anastasia:  Let me guess, you two are bashing Carol, right?
Dimitri C-B:  Yeah, we are.  I was just saying that I'd love to beat the you-know-what out of him.
Maria: I hear you.  I'd like to have a go at him myself.
Tatiana:  Of course, if you two did that, I'd be obligated as a doctor to patch him up, even if I didn't want to.
Olga: Where did Sam go?
Alexei:  Walks up.  She and Kole are outside.  That broadcast hit Sam pretty hard, but she covered it up.
Anastasia:  But Kole saw through that.
Alexei:  She did. 
Maria:  That wife of yours is a real smart cookie.
Alexei:  She sure is.
Tatiana:  Why don't we go find them.  Maybe we can help cheer Sam up ourselves.
Olga: Let's go.  Carol is NOT going to ruin this holiday for us.
Tatiana:  Amen to that, sister.  Amen to that.
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Later on that day, Gavriil finds Sam alone sitting on a bench outside the farm...

Gavriil: Hey Mom, is everything okay? You seem upset.
Sam: Me? Oh no, no I'm fine. Don't worry.
Gavriil: You sure? I saw your reaction when that stupid Kirill made his speech. You were as white as a sheet.
Sam: It's... Well... Searches for her words. It's nothing really. Stop worrying about me.
Gavriil: Mom, I'm not a kid okay. If you tell me, I'll understand. Why did that speech make you so mad?
Sam: Hesitates. It wasn't the speech itself. I'm used to all this silliness he said. It was this...
Gavriil: What?
Sam: This salute they all made right after. The Nazi salute. Explains the meaning of it.
Gavriil: Stays silent for a while, reflecting on it. Mom.
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: About that, the coming war, I mean. I have something really important to tell you.
Sam: I'm all ears.
Gavriil: Since we learned about it, the boys and I have decided that we will join the fight when it breaks out.
Sam: Yes, I remember you talked to me about this.
Gavriil: You're right. Since that, I've been doing some thinking.
Sam: Oh really?
Gavriil: Yes. I've made up my mind. I wanna join the army NOW. So I'll be ready when the times comes.
Sam: Stunned. W-What? Wow, wow...What are you saying?
Gavriil: I'm saying I want to join a military school in September. I wanna be in the Air Force, like Aunt Kole was. I wanna fly like her.
Sam: But.. YOU'RE ELEVEN YEARS OLD! You're way too young, Gavriil.
Gavriil: I'm almost 12 actually. And military cadets schools accept children from 8 to 15. I've done some research online.
Sam: No, that's a no. I won't let you do that. 
Gavriil: But why?
Sam: BECAUSE you're a kid. Kids are supposed to go to normal schools, public schools. Besides you've never been in the army before. You talk about things you know nothing about. And finally, I don't think you're ready for that.
Gavriil: Gets angry. No, it's you. You're the one who's not ready.
Sam: I'm sorry?!
Sam: Don't shout at me. I'm your mother. I know what's best for you.
OTMA arrive right at that point...
Tatiana: We heard someone yelling. Is something wrong?
Gavriil: No. It's just Sam making a fuss about nothing. Goes into the house and slams the door, while Sam looks suddenly terribly hurt.
Olga: Sam? What's up with you?
Sam: Didn't you hear what he just called me...
Maria: No I haven't noticed. What did he say?
Sam: With tears in her eyes. He called me Sam...
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Anastasia:  So, exactly what happened.  What brought this all on?
Sam:  Well.  Explains.  It's just not right.  Children that age should not be thinking about armies and wars, and such.  They should be playing, watching cartoons, eating ice cream.  It's just not right!
Tatiana:  Well, Sam, there isn't really anything we can do about it.  We know the future, we can't change it.
Olga: As Alexei found out the hard way.
Sam:  Yes, but that doesn't change how I feel about this.  I wish...
Maria:  You wish?
Sam:  At this moment, I wish I still had my powers.  I could wipe Gavriil's memory of learning about the war.
Anastasia:  And then what, Sam?  Would you do the same to our kids, even if we didn't ask you to.
Sam:  Well, I...   Truth be told, I hadn't really given it much thought. 
Tatiana:  Well, you should, Sam.  What if we didn't want you to erase our children's memories. 
Olga:  Yes, that would be our decision to make, not yours.
Maria:  With great power, comes great responsibility. 
Sam:  Someone told you about Spider-Man, right?
Maria:  Yeah, it was Kole.
Sam:  Of course, the point is moot.  My powers are gone forever.  Sighs.  The immediate problem is regaining Gavriil's trust.
Tatiana:  What makes you think you've lost it?
Sam:  I just told you he called me "Sam" and not "Mom".
Anastasia:  I don't think he meant that.  He's just upset.
Maria:  Yeah, kids throw tantrums all the time.  He'll cool down.
Sam:  You all think so?
Olga:  Hey, we all have kids of our own, some around Gavriil's age.  Trust us, we know what we're talking about.

Meanwhile, Kole has found Gavriil...

Kole:  Gavriil, what's wrong?
Gavriil:  Oh, hi Aunt Kole.  I had a fight with Sa...  I mean, Mom. 
Kole:  What about?
Gavriil:  I told her I wanted to be an air force pilot, like you were.
Kole:  You do?  Since when?
Gavriil: Since I found out about that war we're going to be in.
Kole:  Gavriil, that's years away.
Gavriil:  Yes, but it's still coming.  And...
Kole:  Yes.
Gavriil:  I want to to go Mars, like you and Uncle Alexei did.
Kole:  I see.  Gavriil, you know that can't be done.  Humans are not supposed to go into space for decades to come.
Gavriil:  But you and Uncle Alexei did.
Kole:  Yes, but that was a secret, remember.  Only we in the family know about it.  No one else can.
Gavriil:  Why not?
Kole:  Because it's history, Gavriil.  Like the war that's coming, and we can't mess with that. Still...
Gavriil:  What is it, Aunt Kole?
Kole:  Just an idea I have.  Raises her voice.  Hey, Castiel, you there?
Castiel:  Appears, holding two spacesuits, one child size.  Here you are.
Gavriil:  Where did he come from?
Kole:  Castiel's an Angel, Gavriil.  He has lots of powers.
Gavriil:  Like my Mom used to have?
Castiel:  Yes.  You could say that your adopted mother and I are old friends.  Holds out the space suits.  You'll need these.
Kole:  Takes the big space suit and hands the smaller one to Gavriil.  Here, let me help you into this.  Helps Gavriil into his space suit and then dons hers. We're ready, Castiel.
Castiel:  Let's go.  All vanish.

Utopia Planetia, Mars...

Gavriil:  Is this...
Kole:  Yes, this is Mars. 
Gavriil:  And these suits...
Kole:  It's so we can breath the air.
Gavriil:  Points to Castiel.  He doesn't have a suit.
Castiel: I'm an Angel.  I don't need one.  You two look around, I'll wait here.
For the next hour, Kole shows Gavriil around, including the cave where Alexei hid the rock with RUSSIAN EXPEDITION TO MARS, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 1928. CREW: ALEXEI NICHOLAIEVICH ROMANOV AND HIS WIFE, KATERINA FEODOROVNA. WE GOT HERE FIRST! carved on it.
Gavriil:  This is so cool, Aunt Kole.

Back at the farm a short time later, Castiel, Kole, and Gavriil reappear.  Castiel waves his hand and the space suits disappear.

Kole:  Thanks, Castiel. 
Castiel:  Tell Samantha Cohen that she owes me one.  Vanishes.
Kole: Gavriil, I think you need to go talk to your mother now.
Gavriil: Okay, Aunt Kole.  Runs off...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

Gavriil: Sees Sam still sitting on the bench. Mom! Hey Mom! Rushes over to her. Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I...
Sam: Smiles and hugs him. It's okay. No need to explain. Let's draw a line under our stupid fight.
Gavriil: Grins back at her. You're the best, you know that? Anyway, I bet you dollars to doughnuts you will never guessed where I just went to!
Sam: Racks her brain. I don't know. In town? To the pix? 
Gavriil: Shakes his head. Nope. I went to... Makes a pause to keep her in suspense. MARS! 
Sam: Looks at him and breaks into laughter. Yeah and I have this bridge to sell in Brooklyn. 
Gavriil: It's the exact truth. Ask Aunt Kole if you don't believe me. There was this man, an Angel, and a friend of yours...
Sam: Realization hits her. Castiel.
Gavriil: Yes, that name. Describes what happened. He said you owed him one now.
Sam: Oh, I have no doubt about that. Someday he'll come back and ask me to lend him a hand in return.
Gavriil: If that means going to an adventure, I want in.
Sam: Don't even think about it. It's a no. Castiel's adventures are usually downright dangerous.
Gavriil: All the more reason for me to tag along. Who would protect you if I'm not there?
Sam: Laughs. I'm an adult, I can take care of myself, thank you very much.
Gavriil: Pretends to go along with her. Alright..If you say so. To himself. No matter what you say, Mom, when Castiel asks for your help, I'll be there.
Sam: How about going for a walk in town before dinner?
Gavriil: Sure thing. By the way..
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: I suppose you don't think better of my military school idea?
Sam: Stops and looks intently at him. You really wanna go there, don't you.
Gavriil: Yes, me and Dimitri. Alexander isn't that interested.
Sam: Gavriil, I already told you my answer. I don't want you to...
Gavriil: Please Mom...
Sam: Sighs. Well I can't make you any promises but I'll have a think about it. When I'm ready I'll let you know about my decision. Do we have a deal.
Gavriil: Absolutely.
Sam: Good. Let's take that walk now...

Later, as Sam brings Tatiana and her Dimitri up to date about Little Dimitri's wish...

Tatiana: What? Our son too?
Sam: Yep. Gavriil and him. They both want to attend a military school in September.
Tatiana: This is out of the question of course. Dimitri is way too young to think of that.
Dimitri M: Hey honey, can we discuss it first before making any decision.
Tatiana: I'm sorry?
Dimitri M: Lighten up, Tanya. I honestly don't see why you get all worked up about their idea.
Tatiana: Because they're just kids. They shouldn't be in the army.
Dimitri M: I was a cadet in the Imperial Cavalry when I was about their age. And Shakh-Bagov too, in the Grenadiers Corps. Not to mention Alexei himself. He was appointed corporal in the infantry when he was not even thirteen.
Tatiana: That was a different time, we were under the Old Empire. Everything was backward. The New Empire abolished this "child-soldier" silliness.
Dimitri M: I don't think it was silly. It taught me a sense of duty and discipline. At the end of the day it did me good. Besides it's not like our son would go the front. A military school is more like a boarding school, aside from the fact the pupils are part of the army, and thus have military training. It's not big deal really. I went through this, and I told you, it was a positive experience. Ask the other Dimitri, he will tell you the same thing.
Sam: Interrupts. I have to say, I'm like Tatiana, I'm not over-keen on our kid's idea. I want my Gavriil to have a normal childhood, happy and carefree, before the Hell of World War II.  When that time comes he will enroll in the army. Not before.
Dimitri M: I hear you, but haven't you forgotten something? Gavriil is meant to play an important role in that coming war, and perhaps his wish of joining a military school is the first step of it. In that case you can't prevent him from doing so. Otherwise you will risk messing up with history. You'd better go with the flow, Sam.
Sam: Caught off guard. Well, from this perspective... You could be right... Maybe it's in the cards.
Tatiana: Thoughtfully. It could be... And Dimitri, what you said about Gavriil may apply to our son as well. Perhaps we should give the go-ahead to him about that military school.
Dimitri M: Nods. Yes.
At that point Sam's mobile beeps. 
Sam: Ah that means I got a new letter in the MMB. Let me take a look at it. Begins to read the message:




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Sam:  Oh my God!
Tatiana:  Sam, what is it?  What's wrong?
Sam:  My....  My father is dead.  Shows Tatiana the message.
Tatiana:  Oh, Sam, I am so sorry. 
Sam:  Pulls out her magic key.  I have to go back to 2011 now.  Tell the others...
Tatiana:  Of course I'll tell them, Sam.  You go look after your family.
Sam:  Opens a closet door.  Come on, Gavriil.
Gavriil:  I'm right here, Mom, I'll be there for you.
Sam:  Smiles despite the situation.  I know you will.  Let's go.  Tatiana, tell the others we'll meet them back in Russia later.  Sam and Gavriil head through the door and vanish to San Francisco of 2011.
Dimitri M:  Poor Sam. 
Tatiana:  I know.  Come on, Dimitri, we must tell the others right away.

And so...

Nicholas:  What a terrible thing to happen. 
Alexandra:  I can understand Sam wanting to go back to her family.
Maria:  Do you think she'll be okay?
Anastasia:  Yeah, she's had a lot happen in her life, you don't think...
Olga:  Don't think what, Nastya?
Anastasia:  That this might make her fall off the wagon.
Kole:  I don't think so, Anastasia.
Anastasia:  Are you sure, Kole?
Kole:  Yeah, I am.  Because she has Gavriil.  She knows what will happen if she starts drinking again.
Maria:  They'll take him away from her.
Kole:  That's right, they will.
Tatiana:  Well, I suppose there is nothing we can do until Sam returns.
Anastasia:  We can buy a sympathy card, all sign it, and then send it to her through her magic mailbox.  We'll do that when we get back to Russia.
Nicholas:  Speaking of which, we're going back tomorrow.  I was going to tell everyone at dinner, but with this happening.
Alexandra:  We understand, Nicky, we understand.

And so, the gang bids a farewell to Vlad and Natalia and heads home to Russia.  The next day, Kole is on the roof of her and Alexei's apartment building.

Kole:  Castiel!  You get you Angel butt down here now!
Castiel:   Appears.  What is it?
Kole:  You know damned well what it is.  Sam's father.  You knew this was going to happen, right?
Castiel:  Yes, I did.  There was nothing I could do about it, it was out of my hands.
Kole:  And you didn't think to warn her.
Castiel:  What good would that have done?  If it's any comfort, her father is in Heaven.  He made it.
Kole:  Somehow, I don't think Sam and her family will find that comforting.  It doesn't lessen their loss.
Castiel:  Sorry, but once again, it was out of my hands.  Vanishes.
Kole:  Yeah, thanks for nothing.

Later, at Sam's apartment...

Anastasia:  Well, we've all signed the sympathy card.  Sticks it into the Magic Mail Box.
Maria:  I wish we could do more for them.
Tatiana:  Me too, Mashka, but right now all we can do is lend support from here.
Olga:  I hope it will be enough...
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**This bit was written by Wakas and edited by me.**

2011, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, three days after Ronen's death. Sam is leaning on the parapet of a little bridge in the middle of the park.  Lost in her thoughts, is absently gazing into the water when
Gavriil arrives...

Gavriil: Mom?
Sam: Mmm?
Gavriil: Insistent. Mom?
Sam: Glances at him. What?
Gavriil: It's time. Everyone is waiting for us.
Sam: Time for what?
Gavriil: With a queer look on his face. You know. The burial ceremony.
Sam: Looks like she hasn't understood a word of it. The burial, you said. Of whom?
Gavriil: But Mom... You know who.
Sam: Absent-minded. I do?
Gavriil: But yes, it's... Stares at her. Mom, are you sure everything's okay.
Sam: With a far-off look. Mmm. Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it be.
Gavriil doesn't answer and silently studies Sam's face.
After a pause...
Gavriil: Mom.
Sam: Yes?
Gavriil: They're all waiting for us.
Sam: I'm coming.
The two of them slowly walk away...

At church just before the funeral, Gavriil takes Gharman aside...

Gavriil: Mom's not in her normal state, Gharman.
Gharman: I've noticed. Something's up. 
Gavriil: It's like she doesn't even realize Grandpa is dead. I don't like the look of it, Gharman. It promises nothing good...

Back in 1930, in Russia, Anichkov Palace...

Alexei: Any news from Sam?
Maria: Not from her personally. We received a quick note from Gavriil thanking us on Sam's behalf.
Kole: I don't know why, but there's something about it that sends me strange vibes.
Nicholas: What do you mean?
Kole: I can't explain. It's like a voice in my mind telling me Sam is in trouble.
Alexandra: I hear the same thing, Kole. The two of them look at each other.
Olga: Unfair. Why don't WE hear anything. 
Anastasia: Not everyone have psychic abilities, Olga.
Olga: Tell me about it.
Dimitri C-B: Ahem! Keep with the topic at hand. Sam needs our help. Do we all agree on this?
Maria: Yes.
Ivan S: Obviously.
Ivan K: Ditto.
Anastasia: Like Ivan said.
Tatiana: And I second that.
Olga: And I third that.
Alexei: And I fourth that.
The rest of the group agrees as well.
Dimitri C-B: Good. So any suggestions as to how we can effectively support her.
Dimitri M: What about Castiel.
Kole: I doubt he'll want to be on board. He's done already a lot for us. Asking him to teleport us to 2011 will be seen like overstepping to him.
Dimitri M: Mumbles. Right. So much for this idea.
Alexandra: What other options do we have?
Alexei: Not much, I'm afraid. Other than writing another letter to Sam. I don't see what else we can do...

Back in 2011, Ronen and Hadassah's house, after the funeral...

Gharman: Sees Sam taking some coffee and then nervously pacing back and forth the kitchen. Uh Mom, this is like what, your eighth cup of coffee today? Are you sure this is really helping.
Sam: Aggressively. It's none of your business, Gharman.
Gharman: Astonished by her tone. Mom, I was just saying...
Sam: Cuts it short. What? You'd prefer if I drink alcohol instead? 
Gharman: Uh no, of course...
Sam: Then shut up and let me be. Puts down her cup and takes her coat. It's stuffy in here. I'm going out for a walk.
Gavriil: Gets up. I'm going with you.
Sam: Oh no you don't. Exits, leaving the others all dumbfounded by her behavior.
Gavriil: Whoa. Something is definitely wrong.
Gharman: You said it, bro...

Sam is alone, walking in San Francisco streets. She suddenly takes from her pocket the message Hadassah wrote to her, and forces herself to re-read it calmly...

Sam: Aloud. "SAM, YOUR FATHER HAD A RUPTURED ANEURYSM... THEY TOOK HIM TO THE HOSPITAL, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE... HE DIED IN THE AMBULANCE WITHOUT REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS...". Pauses. Okay, Sam, accept it. Your dad is. Takes a deep breath. Dead. Stops walking. DEAD?! No, I can't, I can't accept that. It can't be true. It can't be true. Breaks into sobs. Dad, dad... Where are you?...

Unnoticed by San, everything around starts spinning and gradually fades away. She suddenly lifts her head and finds herself in the Misty Field...

Sam: Looks around. Dad is it you? Are you here?
Ronen's figure materializes in front of her.
Ronen: I'm here, Sam.
Sam: Oh Dad. Tries to hug him but her arms meet emptiness.
Ronen: Smiles. Sam, you can't. I'm not corporeal anymore.
Sam: So it's true. It wasn't just a bad dream. I tried to persuade myself it was.
Ronen: Don't be sad, daughter. I may have gone off to the Afterlife, but that doesn't mean everything is over now. My spirit will be with you always.
Sam: Gloomily. Will it.
Ronen: Yes. You won't see me with your eyes though, but you will always feel my presence by your side, every time you need me. That's a promise.
Sam: Thank you, dad. 
Ronen: Now you must go. Your children are worried about you. And the rest of your family in Russia is too...
Ronen's form disappears and Sam finds herself back in San Francisco streets...
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Back in 1930's Russia, Castiel appears in Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Kole:  Startled.  Geez, don't you ever knock!?
Castiel:  Well, that would be kind of pointless, don't you think?
Kole:  Yeah, I guess so.  What do you want now?
Castiel:  I just wanted to say that I considered what you said.  
Kole:  And?
Castiel:  I arranged it for Sam to have a visit from her father.
Kole:  In the Misty Field?
Castiel:  Yes.
Kole:  Well, it's good to see that you listened to me.
Castiel:  Well, Sam is a friend, after all.  Back when she was a witch, she did help me out a few times.  I figured I owed her one.  Vanishes.
Kole:  Oh, okay.
Alexei:  Comes into the room.  Who were you talking to just now?
Kole: Castiel was here again.  Tells him what Castiel said.
Alexei:  Well, that was nice of him.
Kole:  Yeah, it was.  Heads to the phone.  I'm going to call the others about this.

Anichkov Palace...

Maria:  Hey, everyone, Kole just called.  Informs them of what Kole told her.
Anastasia:  So, Castiel set up a visit from Sam's father.  
Maria:  Yeah, he did.
Tatiana:  Well, at least it gave them a chance to properly say good-bye.
Olga:  I hope that helps Sam with her grief.  I mean we got to see our relatives in the Misty Field.
Maria: And I got those visits from Little Tatiana's birth mother, when she gave me her blessing to raise her daughter.  
At that point, Nicholas and Alexandra enter the room with grim faces.
Olga:  Mama, Papa?  What is it?
Nicholas:  Holds up a newspaper.  I think you all ought to see this.  He puts the newspaper down and they all read it:


Yes, we are back folks.  After a complete housecleaning, in which all the previous staff, who worked for the disgraced Prince Kirill have been fired, we are back and better than ever.  

For our fans, you're favourite paper has risen from the dead!

Anastasia:  Great, the Let's Get The Romanovs rag is back.  
Tatiana:  Well, all we can hope is that, with Kirill's cronies gone, it will not be so bad.
Olga:  Ever the optimist, Governess.
Maria:  Well, the Constitution does allow free press now.  I guess we're going to have to take the good with the bad.

Alexei and Kole's apartment, Kole is on the phone with Maria...

Kole:  You're joking!
Maria:  I'm afraid not, Kole.
Kole:  The paper that tried to out me as an alien invader from Mars is back?  How can that be?
Maria:  Apparently, they fired all the staff that worked for Kirill and are claiming that they are, in their own words, "better than ever".  
Kole:  Yeah, and I have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
Maria:  Well, we're just going to have to wait and see.
Kole:  Yeah, I guess so.  Thanks, Maria, for the heads up.  Ends the call.
Alexei:  So, the National Intruder is back.
Kole:  Yeah, it is.  Shakes her head.  These tabloids are like vampires, you need the stake to keep them dead.  No offense to Sam's friends, of course.
Alexei:  Speaking of Sam, should we tell her about this?
Kole:  No, not right now.  She has enough to deal with at the moment.  We'll wait until she gets back.
Alexei:  Good idea...
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A few days later, at Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Alexei:  What's all that you have there, Kole?
Kole:  At her laptop, surrounded by books.  I've decided to transfer our family tree to computer.  Might make it easier in the future.
Alexei:  Kole, have you any idea what you're taking on here?
Kole:  Yeah, I know.  All those names, Nicholas, Alexander, how do you keep track?
Alexei: Laughs.  I know.
At that point, OTMA come in with more books.
Tatiana:  Here you go, Kole?
Olga:  That should be all of it.
Maria:  All we can find that, is.
Anastasia:  The farther back you go, the harder the information is to find.
Kole:  Given Russia's history, I'm not surprised.  I did find something interesting though.
Alexei:  Yes, what is it?
Kole:  Well, there is the question if Catherine The Great's son, Paul, came from her husband.  She had a few lovers.
Tatiana:  Kole, everyone knows that.
Kole:  Yeah, but it's the implications that get me.  If this is true, then none of you are real Romanovs
Olga:  Well, there is really no proof either way.
Kole:  I guess.  Still, it is interesting, isn't it.
Alexei:  I guess so.  For more than a century our family could have been claiming a title that never belonged to them.
Tatiana:  Well, Catherine was still the mother, right.  That counted for something.
Kole:  Yeah, I guess it would.  Mind you, I don't suppose it matter much now.
Anastasia:  Still, I would rather than the National Intruder not get a hold of this.
Maria:  Yeah, they say that they're a different paper now, but I'll believe it when I see it.
All agree. 
At that point, the phone rings and Kole answers it.
Kole:  Hello?  Who?  What?  Okay, I'll tell them.
Alexei:  What is it, Kole?
Kole:  Someone wants to talk to you all.  You won't believe who it is?
Maria:  Well, don't keep us in suspense, Kole?  Who it is?
Kole:  Victoria Melita AKA "Ducky".
All are astonished that the wife of their enemy, Kirill, is on the line...

San Francisco, 2011...

Sam: So, Gavriil, are you ready to go back to 1930?
Gavriil:  Yeah, Mom, I am.  What about you?  Are you okay now?
Sam:  Yes, I am. Tells Gavriil about her visit with her father.
Gavriil:  So, you saw Grandpa in that Misty Field?
Sam:  Yes, I did.  And believe me, it helped a lot.  So, are you ready to go back?
Gavriil:  Yes, I am.
Sam: Right, we'll go say good-bye to everyone here, and then we'll go.
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Alexei and Kole's apartment...

Olga:  On the phone with Ducky.  What on Earth do you want?
Ducky:  Voice.  Olga, please, I know you may not trust me..
Olga:  Damn straight I don't, considering what your husband has done.
Ducky:  That's why I want to talk to you all.  Please, give me a chance.
Olga:  Looks at the others.  Okay, where do you want to meet?
Ducky:  Alexander Palace, tomorrow morning.
Olga:  Okay, Ducky, we'll all be there.  Hangs up.
Tatiana:  Well?
Olga:  She wants to meet us at Alexander Palace.
Maria:  Why?
Olga:  She didn't say.
Anastasia:  Well, I have to admit, I am curious.  All agree.
Olga:  Okay, we'll see where this goes.

The next morning, everyone is at Alexander Palace, in Nicholas's study, waiting for Ducky...

Alexandra:  Well, Nicky, I have to say,  I'm not too thrilled about this.  I mean she did leave my brother for Kirill, after all.
Nicholas:  I know.  Still, I want to know what this is all about.  Ducky went to Germany with Kirill.  Why is she back in Russia now?
Kole:  Yeah, Alexei told me about how Ducky was married to your brother.
Alexandra:  Yes, and she caused quite the scandal when she left him for Kirill.  Mind you, scandal was par for the course in the days of the Old Empire.  
Nicholas:  Yes, a lot of stuff like that happened back then.  
At that point, Ducky is shown into the room.
Nicholas:  Hello, Ducky.  Interesting to see you again.
Ducky:  Thank you all for agreeing to see me.  I know none of you have a reason to trust me.
Alexandra:  That goes without saying, Ducky.  Considering what your husband is currently doing and the company he's keeping.
Ducky:  Alix, that's why I'm here.  I've....  I've taken the kids and left Kirill.
Nicholas:  Left him?  Where are your kids?
Ducky:  In a St. Petersburg hotel.  I talked to Prime Minister Kerensky, before contacting all of you.  He agreed to have a police guard placed on the kids, in case...
Alexei:  In case Kirill tried to take them back.
Ducky:  Yes, that's it.
Nicholas:  Ducky, what is going on?
Ducky:  Well, as you all know, Kirill and I went to Germany.  I knew that he had assumed leadership of the Children Of The Empire.  However, I tried to keep out of it myself.  I focused on our kids.
Alexandra:  And..
Ducky:  Well, we had barely settled in Germany, than Kirill starting meeting that man, that evil, horrible little man..
Nicholas: Adolf Hitler.  Yes, we know of him.
Ducky: At first I tried to brush it all.  However, I would hear them talking.  The things they talked about...  Killing people because they were Jewish.  My God, is that true?
Nicholas:  Yes, it is.  They consider Jews the lowest life form on Earth, and want to wipe them out.  And that is that they intend to do, when they take power, both in Germany and Russia.
Ducky: Visibly shaken.  I knew it.  I tried to convince myself that I'd misheard them, but I didn't really believe it.  That's when I made my decision.
Tatiana:  To leave Kirill.
Ducky:  Yes.
Anastasia:  And so you came to us.
Ducky:  Because I wanted you all to know that I wanted no part in all that.  Yes, I knew that Kirill wanted to restore the old Empire.  However, I never dreamed he would go to such lengths.  Please, you have to believe me.
Nicholas:  We believe you, Ducky.  
Ducky:  Thank you.  
At that point, Kerensky arrives.
Kerensky:  Hello everyone.
Nicholas:  To Kerensky.  What brings you here?  Did Ducky ask you to come?
Kerensky:  Actually, yes.  Turns to Ducky.  I just wanted you to know that I've accepted your request for asylum for you and your kids.
Ducky:  Thank you.
Kerensky: I have a police escort waiting outside.  They'll take you and your kids to a safe house.
Ducky:  Thank you.
Nicholas: Well, I certainly didn't see this coming.

Later, at Anichkov Palace...

Anastasia:  Well, that was interesting.
Maria:  Understatement of the year, Nastya.
Tatiana: Still, I can understand why Ducky did this.  I mean who would want to raise their kids around the likes of Hitler and his cronies.
Olga:  Still, I don't imagine Kirill is going to be too thrilled about this.
At that point, the closet door opens and Sam and Gavriil emerge.
Sam:  To everyone.  Well, what's been going on here...
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This is a one off birthday special entry...

October 28th, 2071, orbit of Mars...

Kole:  Looks down on Mars, in which her shuttle is orbiting.  Well, Alexei, there it is, the Mars One Colony.  What do you think?
Alexei:  It's impressive, Kole.  I see why you wanted to be here for your birthday.
Kole:  Yeah, and I'm sure my parents appreciate the more than two months they'll get to spend with Marie and Amanda while we're gone.   Holds up the time key.  These keys are great, aren't they.
Alexei:  Yeah, they are.  And the best part is that they can return us to 1930 on the same day we left.  So, as far as my family and Sam are concerned, we will only be gone a day.
Kole:  Smiling.  Confusing is it.  Puts the key away and opens a communication the surface of Mars.  This is Major Kathryn Munro, requesting permission to land.
Voice:  Permission granted, Major Munro, welcome to Mars.

Soon the shuttle has landed and Kole and Alexei have been shown into the main colony area.  They meet the colony leader, Dr. Benjamin Driscoll..

Driscoll:  Major Munro, I hope you had a good flight out from Earth.
Kole:  I did, and please call me Kole.  Gestures to Alexei.  This is my husband, Alexei Romanov.
Driscoll:  Romanov?  Any relation to the Russian Royal Family?
Alexei:  Uh, yeah, I'm a distant relative, you might say.
Kole:  So, what is this about a rock you people found not too long ago?
Driscoll:  Yeah, you did mention something about it when you first asked to come here.  Come on, I'll show it to you.


Kole:  So that's the mysterious rock.  Winks at Alexei, who winks back.
Driscoll:  Yes, it is.  Of course, we think it's a hoax, it must be.  A flight to Mars was just not possible in 1928.
Kole:  No, I guess it wasn't.  Winks at Alexei again.
Driscoll:  The odd things is one of those names, Alexei Romanov.  Turns to Alexei.  It's the same as yours.  Looks at Kole.  Isn't Katerina the Russian version of Kathryn?
Kole:  Yes, it is.  Amazing coincident, isn't it.
Driscoll:  Yeah, it is.  It must be.
Kole:  So, is that buggy ready?
Driscoll:  Yes, it is.  Follow me.

Later, Alexei and Kole are out in a surface buggy, visiting Utopia Planetia, where they had landed in 1928.

Alexei:  Well, here we are again.
Kole:  Yeah, only more than a century later.
Alexei:  Smiles.  Poor Mr. Driscoll.  He'll never know how close to the truth he really is.
Kole:  I know.  However, you know we can't tell him the truth.
Alexei: I know.  Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.
Kole:  What's that?
Alexei:  Your birthday present.  Hands the paper to Kole.
Kole: After reading the paper. You bought me a star?
Alexei:  Yes, I did.  Points to the sky.  There it is, in the Constellation of Scorpio.
Kole:  Of course, since I'm a Scorpio, being born on October 28th.  I love it, Alexei.
Alexei:  I knew you would.  Happy Birthday, Kole.  I love you.
Kole:  I love you, Alexei.
Under the Martian sky, that includes the star named for Kole, the two of them kiss...