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Title: Were Lenin's Peasants Muslims?
Post by: Превед on October 04, 2017, 11:58:29 AM
I noticed from its Wikipedia article that the village connected with Lenin's (maternal) family estate, Lenino-Kokushkino (originally Kokushkino, in Tatar Apaqay), has a mosque, in addition to a church (a ruined old one and a new one, it seems). Quite logical, as it is located in Tatarstan, just outside of Kazan, with a majority of Tatar inhabitants. My question is thus: Were the peasants on Lenin's estate Muslims or is the mosque a recent addition because of demographic changes?

If this is the mosque it doesn't look that old:

(Lenin also briefly owned the estate Alakaevka in Samara Guberniya, bought for him by his mother, but it was later sold and was not in a Muslim area).