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Title: "Capriolen" by Hauck - Ernie of Hesse as a"Men who loved Men"
Post by: kate1512 on July 01, 2020, 08:50:00 AM
New book "Capriolen" by Hauck Barbara  (At the time, "Men who loved Men" was banned in Germany under Article 175 of the Criminal Code. Hessian Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig (1868-1937) tried to circumvent these forbidden friendships on the island of Capri. Far from home, the young regent was able to chase his feelings, intimate friendships and loveaffairs with men. Paperback edition, in German only, 268 pages, 26 photos) is coming (
 Does anyone know anything about it? May be the auther is somewere here.. ))
I believed that not so long ago the only known source of homosexual stories about Ernst Ludwig were Victoria-Melita`s words in retelling of the one of romanian princesses. So I wonder to know is this book a kind of yellow-press-stories or something more true-historical...