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The Windsors / Question about peerage and step-children/adoption....
« on: September 15, 2007, 03:19:27 AM »
I have always been facsinated by the british peerage and I felt that this might be a good forum to get a few questions answered, since everyone seems to really know what they are talking about.

Here we go:

Let's say a woman of no rank marries a man of no rank and they have 2 children (a girl and a boy).  The man dies and the woman manages to snag a titled peer (the first husband was wealthy, but not titled...).  Would her children take the precedence of their biological father or their new step-father?

Also, what about adoption?  I assume that it did happen on occasion, when a titled peer would adopt a child.  Would that child be elevated with a curtesy title?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my question or point me in the right direction!!

Their World and Culture / Re: Titles, Ranks and Forms of Address
« on: August 12, 2007, 03:52:49 PM »
After having married an untitled person, a princess or countess didn't keep her title.

So, what about Grand Duchesses?  Would they lose their titles or would their husbands simply be elivated to a higher status?  If one OTMA had married simply a noble Prince, would they no longer be Her Imperial Highness?

Their World and Culture / Re: Titles, Ranks and Forms of Address
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:12:52 AM »
What is the difference between a Prince/Princes who is titled Illustrious  and a Serene Prince/Princess?

Also, what happens to the women when they marry?  If they are a Princess and they marry someone who isn't a Prince, do they keep their title?  How would that work for Grand Duchesses as well?

Also, what about sons and daughters of princes/prncesses?

Their World and Culture / Re: Titles, Ranks and Forms of Address
« on: August 11, 2007, 05:10:03 PM »
Does anyone know of a webiste (or simply have the knowledge) of what the terms of address would be for Grand Dukes/Duchesses, Imperial Princes/Princesses, and all other royals and titled people.   When I say terms of address, I mean this (an example from the british peerage):

Duke - His Grace/Your Grace/ My Lord Duke, etc.
Duchess - Her Grace/ Your Grace/ Madam

Marquess - Lord X/ My Lord Marquess/My Lord
Marchioness - Lady X/My Lady/ Madam

Something like this for all of the royals and simply titled people.  I just find all of the titles really interesting.  Thanks!!

I am a professional actor and, for rehearsal and performance purposes, I have worn more than my fair share of corsets.  Some were cheap (rehearsals...) but I have had several corsets made for me.  I have done my own research on them because I wanted to make sure that I had them made correctly.  Corsets, if made to fit your body, can be very good for you!!!  They can really help your back and posture problems.  While you can lace them too tightly, if you do it correctly, it shouldn't be a problem.  The trick is to lace it up to a fairly snugg fit, but not all the way.  Then, wait 15-20 minutes until your body adjusts to it, then you will be able to lace it up even more.  A woman's body adjusts in the same ways that it adjusts with pregnancy...yes, things inside the shift, but it isn't dangerous unless you don't give you body time to adjust.  I really enjoy wearing them, especially on stage!  I feel much more graceful and elegant because my posture is so much better.  It also helps with my breath support when I sing.  So, don't worry, corsets are fine!!  :o)

Their World and Culture / Re: Titles, Ranks and Forms of Address
« on: May 09, 2007, 01:24:07 PM »
I am wondering about the noble families and the descendents of the would their titles go the farther from the Tsar you get for both men and women (ex: grand-daughters, nephews, etc) before Tsar Alexander III changed the use of titles.  Also, for non-members of the Imperial family, how would their titles be passed down and how would the children, grand-children, nephews, etc, be titles  (Princes/Princesses who were created so...)

I am not sure if that even makes any sense... I would appreciate any help or any point in the direction to a website that might have a list or tables or whatever.  Thanks!!!


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