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Dear, Patrokl!

I have a question about Guard Artillery Regiment, Rank of Sargeant, Circa 1890'S uniform. It bears a medal for 100 years of Napoleanic Wars which was given in 1912, I know it was probably added to the uniform, would the seargant wear this old pattern uniform in and after 1912, your truly, Vlad. :)

Dear, Patrokl!

You spoke about the paint differences, I looked at the fakes and your boards, is the difference in luminescence? Modern paint has more shine to it and the old pain should be more opaque? Don't know if that sounds right? Thanks, Vlad.

Patrokl, as always wonderful and extremely rare boards - thanks for sharing. Once again, I understand that there were tens if not hundreds of diffferent fonts with which the numbers were done. I've see a picture of three artillery men from the same regiment (sitting together) and they all have different fonts on their boards.

Compared to the Russian forums, it's wonderful here. At least here Patrokl shows his collections once in a while, on the Russian forums, they don't answer at all and since most of the people are theorists (is that a word), all they do is theorise. So unfortunately be happy with what you get (I'm in the same boat as you though). :)

Since the other topic dissappered, reposting, maybe we'll get more info this time, thanks. So far it could be a university of the Forest Ministry, Railroad Ministry or Justice Department.


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What to do if my message has disappearred, repost it or wait 'till it might come back ???

The medal is "Za Userdie" (don't know the English translation) with Alexander II's bust. A very strange picture, not mentioning his drugged/drunk look, very strange set of epaulettes, which look like cleaning brushes.

Do these look Russian? I thought they are pre 1837 because they have 3 rolls and not 4. Thanks for any info.

Truthfully, I don't understand why you're so persistent at hiding his identity, we're not in Russia - he's not going to get killed and nobody will rob him of his shoulder board.

Please accept my appologies.

First of all I don't understand why it was posted on one forum and can't be posted on another and second of all, noone would be able to id the board without seeing a picture, so the next reply would have been to post a picture.

Once again, my sincerest appologies to both of you.

Any time, sorry it's a fake. You know I stopped buying Russian Militaria from Ebay - 9/10 are fake. :'(

I'm sorry to cut, in, but to speed up the process, i think this is the board in question - on the other forum, it was decided that is it is praporshik of the Western Volunteer Army under count Keller, thus the "K". :)

Hey George, saw that you bought the tunic and I already posted the questions to the other forum - unfotunately the outcome is no good :'(  If you can read Russian here you go, if not - the forumians from the other forum said the boards are fake, also showed them the cap, same conclusion - what we can also do is ask Patrokl - he'll definitelu tell us if the boards are fake - sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :-[

This is not a Russian uniform, since there's a cross on the busby, I would guess this is a Bulgarian Hussar ???

Send it to Patrokl, we'll se what he says

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