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 Does anyone have the technology and/or knowhow to paste a tiara on to a photograph of the Duchess of Windsor to let us see?

Here's my version of Wallis, as you requested.    I doubt Wallis would have worn a tiara other
than in the most formal circumstances, such as imagined below.   As she matured, I would guess that a tiara
probably seemed a bit comical to her in light of history, and in bad taste.  She certainly didn't need one.

I felt a bit uncertain about posting this, as I know this site is often used for historical research.
I hope no one is offended by this altered image, and no disrespect was intended by posting it.


Here's a short interview with Wallis and David. I had not seen this before!  :)

Thank you for the photos,'s a few more.

David and Wallis "at court" at Fort Belvedere.

Almost unrecognizable in this heavily retouched photo for a magazine cover
about the time of the Abdication.

Now in exile, David and Wallis are condemned to a trivial existence among Cafe Society.

On a yachting trip with her friends Katherine and Herman Rogers.

In the perfect world she created for David, in the salon in the Bois de Boulougne,
it's rather odd that this portrait of Queen Mary, the woman who forever scorned
Wallis, has such a prominent position.  I wonder how many times while entertaining the
likes of Cole Porter, Elsa Maxwell, and Elizabeth Taylor, that Wallis' eyes glanced upward
towards this portrait, and what she must have thought.

After her first or second facelift...trying to erase the inevitable march of Time.

Egyptian gilt-metal necklace as shown above, along with gold bracelet & earclips,
Circa 1960's.

I enjoy reading all the wonderful threads on this site, but the subject of Wallis or David is like the tinkling of a dinner bell arousing a 10-year old tabbie to a can of Photobucket tuna.    Sorry if some of these are repeats, but I can't remember what has been posted.   Wallis, the "Almost-Was" Royal.   

On the Nahlin cruise.

Imagine Queen Mary photographed napping at Balmoral or Sandringham in this
manner.  She wouldn't have put herself in the position, but it's a bit fun, (and
with a shudder!) just to imagine it.

I'm probably too biased and have read too much about Wallis to now think of her as "elegant."   Her clothing may have been, but I can think of many other adjectives to more accurately describe her, some flattering, some less so.    Fashion and jewelry were her passion, and on the surface, she worn them well.

I don't know enough about Camilla to judge her as critically as Wallis, so I probably shouldn't compare the two, to be fair.

But I like what I see so far.  :)

Judging from the above two pics, I think Camilla pulls it off better than Wallis.   The Duchess of Windsor dressed for attention.  In her own words, "I am nothing to look at.  I'm not a beautiful woman.  The least I can do is attempt to dress better than anyone else in the room."   

The Duchess of Cornwall, while not classically "beautiful," seems to have a confidence about her image that maybe Wallis lacked.  In all the pictures of her posted here, I've never viewed Camilla as anything but an elegant, and sometimes understated, consort to Charles.  Everyone has hits and misses now and then, and if she does, it seems that Camilla errs on the side of good taste.


I've always wondered if the photographer intended any symbolism with the wire "loop" in this photo.

This was taken while she was still Mrs Simpson, but involved with the King.  Sort of remind's one of a hangman's noose, doesn't it?

Wallis and David in their apartment at the Waldorf, New York.  From the televised interview with Edward R. Murrow. Neither came across as particularly comfortable in this interview.  Wallis, especially, with her high-pitched and rather loud voice.  The most awkward part of it to watch was Murrow's question "have either of you ever thought of what MIGHT have been.?"  A reference of course to the abdication.   They both looked at each other in silence, David folded his hands on his knees and pitched forward, stumbling a few times before the words came to him.  "Well, Mr Murrow, <clears his throat> I think you must be referring to the events of 19 hundred and 36.  Well I must say most emphatically that the answer is no."   Wallis, during his lengthy response, mimicked his position, hands on knees, and pitched forward to stare at the floor.
It was obvious to see her discomfort, that she knew the question had come out of nowhere, landed in David's lap, and even though he was talking, that the eyes of the world were concentrating on her. Murrow changed the subject, and Wallis gave a demonstation of her skill of playing ball and jacks.     It was one interview I'm sure they both regretted granting.

Sometimes it's better not to be King.  :)


Wallis visits David's grave at Frogmore in 1973, with Mountbatten and the Duke of Kent.

I thought there was only a mausoleum at Frogmore, but are there other burial plots like David's (and now Wallis') as well?

Does anyone have a photo of either or both inscriptions?   I would love to be able to see them.  Thanks.  :)


I can't help but admire David and Wallis, in spite of all of their everyday common flaws.  Two people, propelled into fame and history, who found each other and devoted a lifetime to living life as they chose to do.   In the end, the world was better because of it.


I don't know whether the outfit sold at the Sept 16 1997 Sotheby's auction, or if it's the one referred to in the previous QM Pt 3 thread.   I would guess David had several in his wardrobe.   Here's a rather fuzzy shot of him in Uganda, 1928, in the center, standing, with the cane.  He's not wearing his "designer shorts" as shown in the previous photo above. 

Closeup of the Sotheby's outfit, with the customized shorts.

I am not a collector...if fact I've been pruning down my "stuff" for the past few years.  I enjoy seeing photos of what's in public and private collections, wonderful websites like this, and admiring them as such.   But if I WERE a collector of memorabilia, something like this doll would be fascinating to have.   It's a chimney-sweep figure, made by Queen Mary, then Princess of Wales, and given to David as a child.  He kept this doll by his bedside until he died.   Such an incredibly personal item...when I think about it, too personal and private really for me to consider, but what a fantastic historical item, and the intimate connections and stories probably behind it.  It was seen still in David's bedroom, on his nightstand, after the Windsor Villa's restoration by Mohammed Al Fayed, shown on the "Edward on Edward" video produced in 1996..  It was offered (for $800-1200!) on the Sotheby's auction at the same time as the safari outfit in 1997.   For me, this type of item would be worth more than a closet full of the Windsor's finery.


This post seemed more appropriate in the D&D of Windsor thread rather than continue in the Queen Mary Pt 3 thread.

I'm not sure if this is the same safari outfit referenced by boffer and RN in that thread, but this one was offered in the Sotheby's auction, estimated opening bid $1500-2000.   Circa 1925.

As David described it:
When in East Africa I designed a special type of safari shorts.  These were made of thick khaki drill, which could be worn long, in the bush, to protect the knees from long grasses and thorny underbrush, or could be buttoned up above the knee for the sake of coolness on the march in more open country.  (A Family Album p.86)

Seems like a very sensible innovation, but I'm wondering whether it was one his father approved of.  Not that it mattered much to David.  ;D

I always get a kick reading any new posts about David and Wallis.   But the idea that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons was "in love" with David is a new one to me.  Maybe my reading has been limited, but I always thought that at least one reason she turned down Bertie's proposals was her distain for assuming a royal life...and all it entailed.   And this when he was second-in-line for the throne, so it seems a bit difficult to imagine that she entertained much desire to become David's wife at all.   Maybe she was intrigued by his free spirit, so unlike the stuffiness of the traditional royal family.  I've always believed her animosity towards Wallis stemmed from her being the official reason for David abdicating (a mere convenient excuse), and placing her and Bertie in a position neither was ready for or wanted.  All of which, she believed, lead to Bertie's early death.  Still,  the suggestion of love between her and David is an exciting "what if..'    I guess we'll never know for sure.

The Windsors / Re: Princess Diana
« on: September 01, 2006, 01:50:36 AM »
Who knows whether or not she had affairs, but Prince Harry looks much more like James Hewitt than Prince Charles.

You can't convince me otherwise.


I haven't been posting that long here on this site, but I want to say that this thread has been my favorite, and have so enjoyed everyone pictures and comments.    I can't explain my fascination with this couple, and was amazed to discover that there is actually a Duke and Duchess of Windsor Society, based in nearby Palm Desert, California.   Of course I immediately joined! ;D ;D ;D

Mary, Countess of Harewood, and David, March 1953.

Wallis gyrating to the latest dance in 1968.  No doubt David was sitting this one out.

Wallis' last photo in 1979 or 1980.

This is how I choose to remember Wallis, in her last days as Mrs Simpson, in 5 Bryanston Court, flattered by the attention of the King, and about to have the world at her fingertips, so it seemed.   The second storey row of windows between the yellow arrows was the Simpson flat in Bryanston, on George St, London.    I took the picture in 2004, got a peek inside at the lobby and had a short friendly chat with the doorman inside, but afterward spent quite a few minutes outside gazing up at the windows, imagining Wallis parting the sheer curtains as a black limousine drives up, and a slight figure in a grey suit dashes to the front door.   "He's here" she announces to her dinner guests, as their romance begins.

I only missed it by some 70 years, but it's the closest I've come to David and Wallis.

Didn't Queen Mary leave them to the Duke in her will, as sort of a gesture of forgiveness, or something like that?

I'm not sure if this is the set or not but, yes, she did leave a pearl necklace to David to give to Wallis.

This might be the necklace.  But I have to wonder...what satisfaction could Wallis have had, wearing it?   Pearls are pearls, just seems a bit wierd to wear the jewels of someone who refused to see you.   

Speaking of illegitimate progeny, this photo nonsense purports to be David's son by a certain Vera Seely, of 1934.  From the book "King of Fools" by John Parker.   I have no proof, but I dismissed the book as just another Kitty Kelley-type smear rag in search of a cheap buck.   

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