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interior of the Intercession Cathedral at the convent of Martha and Mary


Did you take this picture?

If so, when? 

I see that the icons of Saints Elizabeth and Barbara are in the center of the Church along with that of Father Mirtofan. Relics are also present.

What feast day was it? 

The photo was taken in autumn 2007, before the restoration of the Convent.

but the testimonies of the guards had only one aim - to blacken the Empress.
And almos ALL of the Romanovs were like Ella in their meekness, remember  Grand Dukes Paul, Dimitri, Nicholas and George executed at the saints Peter and Paul

I think Ella lived her later life as more of an example of Orthodox faith than her sister Alix was.

For me Alexandra is the embodiment of true orthodox saint

I think Ella lived her later life as more of an example of Orthodox faith than her sister Alix was.

The Empress was a very reserved person, but one should not think her less faithful to the Orthodoxy and help to the poor.
Only one glance, one study of her activity during the years of the first world war (the last years of life of Alexandra and her family)
will show you the Empress as one the most merciful tsarinas of the Russian Empire
I can not agree with you when you assert that in her later life Alexandra was less inclined to follow the canons of Orthodox faith.

How many statures are there ?  ???

only one :-)
but the statue is now under constant replacement


Ella in formal dress with her lady-in-waiting Kitty (Yekaterina Kozlianinova)


interior of the Intercession Cathedral at the convent of Martha and Mary


apartments of Ella at the Convent of Marta and Mary (in the process of restoration)

Indeed...One of my reason to covert to Orthodoxy was because of her inspiration...

i know many people who have chosen Orthodoxy because of the inspiration of the Holy Imperial Family and the Grand Duchess

sorry, the second part does not exist. Since the aim of the video broadcast was to show live the Divine service at the Convent, and there is a two hour difference in time between Moscow and Jerusalem they could not show the parallel broadcast

There is another documentary made on the life of Saint Elizabeth and is available in Russian and English. (Russian version) (English version)

Has anyone seen this documentary?

thank you so much for the links
i've never seen this documentary

Thank you very much, Ania. Beautiful documentary. It is very useful to see what are people doing with ste Elisabeth'ideas in our times. How many people and projets is she inspiring!

yes, her life and her deeds can be considered as a neverending source of inspiration for many people

one more link
the video shows Pascha broadcast from the Convent of sts Martha and Mary and the church of st Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem (where repose the holy relics of the Grand Duchess),%20%f0%e5%ef%ee%f0%f2%e0%e6%e8,%20%ee%e1%f1%f3%e6%e4%e5%ed%e8%ff/%cf%f0%e0%e7%e4%ed%e8%ea%20%cf%e0%f1%f5%e8%20%e2%20%cc%e0%f0%f4%ee-%cc%e0%f0%e8%e8%ed%f1%ea%ee%e9%20%ee%e1%e8%f2%e5%eb%e8%20(%d2%c2%d6%202008-04-26).wmv

this time you don't have to look through the "terrible" list of random cyrillic letters,
just click on the link above and the download process will start ( it is Windows media file)

Thank you for these clarifications. I'm a Catholic and I was always interested in the differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. I'm specially interested in knowing what kind of Holy power Holy Martyrs has to help sinners near God.

I'm seeing that Martyrs, in Catholic Faith accomplish a similar role than in Orthodoxy.

Thanks for your insight, Anna_K. As for the Ikon, it's beatiful.


You're welcome!

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