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I'm glad trees died for this book.  Its not perfect, but I found the different perspective, aside from the usual N&A point of view, interesting.  Would buy it again, not a waste of $$$ or (ha!) trees.

I can't wait!  This sounds fascinating!

am just finishing this book.  delightful!  MK's charm, kind heartness and bravura dancing shine thoughout.  what a life!! 

I would be surprised if she and the Tsar didn't have contact through out his life.

ordered!!  from!  can't wait to read it!!

(sorry, I am a little late to the discussion)

will be ordering this book when I return home for the summer

until then my mind is blown.  MF was in on a plot to overthrow Nicholas???  I just can't believe this.  her diary gives no indication. 
Marie, Yussopovs, even Ella I can understand.  but the Tsar's own mother!!

I was lucky enough to stumble across "Romanov Autumn" by Charlotte Zeepvat in a used book store in the US.  at a good price too!

I love this book!  evocative of the time periods, new (to me) photographs, balanced portrayals of the various personalities of the time, the palaces, the politics.  and her beautiful drawings!!

one of the best books on the Romanovs!  highly recommended if you can find it.

I must confess to savoring it as a greedy child would hoard candy! It's solid history beautifully told and so I am anxious not to finish it! I'm about half way through but it's classic Massie. Bravo!!

this.  100% agree.

the teenage Grand Duchess' stay out all night.  and no one notices.   they sleep around with commoners encouraged by their royal relatives.

ya think?

dreadful trash.  don't waste your time or money!

I enjoyed this book.  the descriptions of the ballet, costumes, the palaces, jewels, personalities are wonderful.  especially in the first half.  the second half takes a bizarre and definately unhistorical turn.  not sure why the author felt she had to go into such fantasy - she had a perfectly good story going without it.  still, the writing is very evocative.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Atlantis Magazine
« on: August 02, 2010, 08:59:45 PM »
what is online is great.  wish there was more.

20 minutes!!  for those who survived the first round - I can't imagine the horror!!  I pictured it in my mind as something that went very quickly - a minute or two at most.
Ms Rappaport does an excellent job of conveying the scene in her book.

a fine read, gripping and real.  the lack of footnotes is most unfortunate.

is there documentation for the 20 minute theory of the killings?  and for the seventy bullets?  seven (or eight) men, seventy bullets and it took 20 minutes??!!

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