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Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: Governess to Vladimir Alexandrovitch
« on: February 17, 2005, 02:25:03 AM »
Lisa,  Thank you for attempting to answer my questions. I would like to correct myself, that the Vladimir I refer to is the son of Grand Duke Paul born, I believe in 1897, that is Vladimir Pavlovich Paley, sorry!

Servants, Friends and Retainers / Governess to Vladimir Pavlovich Palei
« on: February 16, 2005, 06:20:36 AM »
Hiya everyone, I was wondering if any of you Romanov geniuses could help me out with a little family history poser that has been bugging me for several years.

I have some letters that indicate that an ancestor of mine, Emma Datlen (born Dover, England 1843) was Governess-tutor to Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovitch's children.

The letters state that Emma went to Paris and was employed there and that she would often travel to Russia aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway. She was apparently with the family at the time of the revolution as the letters say "She was lucky to get out, maybe made her way up through Finland."

I know that GD Paul and his family were living at Boulogne-sur-Seine, Paris so the circumstancial evidence supports the claim.

I am currently reading "Memories of Russia 1916-1919" by Princess Paley. I have had a sneaky flick through the pages and discovered that the daughters Irina and Natalia had a Governess called "Miss White" but I am unable to find any mention to Vladimir's Governess.

I wrote to Ivor Paul Gilbert, President of the Imperial Russian Historical Society, to see if he could offer any assistance but he replied that he could not find any reference to Emma in any of the books on the Grand Duke.

I have some questions:

1) Does anyone know who was Vladimir's Governess or how can I find out.

2) Would Vladimir have been in need of a Governess when the family moved to Tsarskoe-Selo?  I think he would have been about 21 and in the military.

3) Did Irina and Natalia have another Governess at any time other than Miss White?

4) I have thought of asking a Paris based researcher to look in the 1900 census but does anyone know the exact address?

If anybody can answer any of the questions above or offer any advice or comments then I would be very grateful.

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