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Hello to all :)

Are there any pics of NiKolaj as a baby or a child ?

When was he born ? In 1882 or 1883 ?

Did he die in 1907 or 1908 ?

Although he was only known as Count Nicolas Sumarakoff-Elston, was his family name Yussupov?

Thank you

Steph :D



Does anyone know Marilia's date of birth? If she is eleven months old, she must be born in July 2004? What about her father date of birth?
Will Marilia be added to the Yussupovs genealogy. It would be great.

Love to all!



Thanks to you Monfort.

I am so pleased to hear about it.

Love to all,


Hello to you all,


It has been my pleasure to please you all. I was so excited when I saw this picture.

Could you please tell me (unless I find it somewhere else in this forum) in which book you found the name of Tatiana's second husband?

Thanks to you all!


Thank you dear Arturo, I understand your feelings and I will ask the same question. Has anyone else seen this picture ?

Please, I am expecting your answers !

Love to all,



Dear Annie,

Thanks for believing me. Some others think that I am lying and my God, why should I?

You can find this book on (Félix Youssoupov : Mémoires, éditions du Rocher).

There you will find the picture of Countess Xenia Cheremeteff Sfiri with her grand daughter Marilia, great great grand daughter of Félix Youssopov.

If you are French, maybe you could help me to prove this. I am not a liar !

Love to you,




I have not the pretention to be an expert of this prestigious family but please try to buy the book on (Félix Youssoupov : Mémoires, éditions du Rocher)  and you will find this picture with the following legend:  Xenia Cheremeteff Sfiri (and it is written Sfiri) avec sa petite-fille Marilia, arrière-arrière-petite-fille de Félix Youssoupov (which means: Xenia Cheremeteff Sfiri and her grand daughter Marilia, great great grand daughter of Felix Yussupov.)

What interest would I have in lying?  I was just pleased to tell you all that the line is yet not broken and I wanted to share this joy with you. That's all. It can so easily be proved. Why should I ly ?

It is no fair insulting someone before knowing the truth.

Love to all,



Thanks again Rudy.

Does any French member possess the new 2005 publication of "Mémoires"? If so could you please have a look at it and see by yourself the picture I am talking about?

And if among you there is someone who possesses computer skills to download this picture, please let me know.

Love to all,



Right Rudy, thank you for correcting me.




Hello again,

Can someone help me a little?

How can I send the scanned pic to this forum?

By the way Tatiana Styris was b orn in 1968 (there is a smiley hiding the date)

Love to all,


 ;)Hello dear Valmont,

Here I have the following facts:

Prince Felix was married to Princess Irina of Russia, this you all know, and they had only one daughter : Irina Youssoupova, called Bebe (1915-1983).

Bebe married count Nicolas Cheremeteff in 1938 and they also had but one daughter : Countess Xenia Cheremeteff (born in 1942).

Countess Xenia married in 1965 Ilias Styris (born in 1932) and they had a daughter : Tatiana Styris (born in 1968).

Tatiana Styris married in 1996 Alexis Giamakoupoulos (born in 1963) and here we are. They have a daughter called Marilia, certainly born in 1997 (I suppose) and who must be 8 years old. I will try to find out if she has little brothers or sisters.

Besides, I will precise that the picture represents not Bebe but Countess Xenia with her little grand daughter Marilia. I recieved the book yesterday (French version of Lost splendor, called Prince Félix Youssoupov : Mémoires, last edition 2005) and there is this picture that I will try to scan. Wish I were more learned in the art of the computer, but I will try anyway!

Love to all


Dear Sandy,

I am happy to tell that the line has not yet died out.   There is a great great grand daughter of Felix called Marilia Giamakoupoulos represented as a baby with her grannie countess Xenia Cheremeteff. I will try to scan the picture for you but I am not very good at it.

Love to you all,


Hello to everyone,

Thanks to Rob and my French friends, I have bought the French version of Lost Splendor simply called "Mémoires" and I am happy to tell you all that Felix and Irina have a great great grand daughter called Marilia Giamakoupoulos, daughter of Tatiana Styris and Alexis Giamakoupoulos and grand daughter of Countess Xenia Cheremeteff, herself daughter of Princess Irina Felixovna Yussupova.  

So the line is not finished as yet. I will try to scan the picture for you. She is represented as a baby with grannie Xenia Chermeteff.

Love to all,



Does anyone know the dates of birth and death of Princess Tatiana, elder sister of Princess Zenaida Yusupov?

When did their parents get married?

Love to all,



I don't know if it was the same in Russia by the time of Felix's birth but in France and most European countries, boys were dressed as girls until their 3rd birthday.  Unfornately, I don't possess the picture showing LouisXIV and his descendants but the young duke of Brittany, elder brother of Louis XV is shown wearing a dress and so is the Prince Imperial son of Napoleon III.

It was not considered either ridiculous or ambigous at those times.

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