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Conspirator Lenin in Exile by Helen Rappaport

A fine book on what Lenin was doing in the years before 1917

errata ect
page 294 should be Southwestern Front not Southwestern army
page 249 General Mikhail Alekseev was the chief of Staff not Commander of the Southwestern front

for more on Japanese Colonel Motojirio Akashi and his financing of the 1905 revolution see the book "The Tide at Sunrise"
Vladimir Lenin's sister maria worked as a nurse on a Russian hospital train in WW I from my notes from the Book "Russia's Sisters of Mercy in the great War"

Imperial Russian History / Re: The Legacy of Nicholas II
« on: April 07, 2019, 06:07:31 PM »
The protests that led to "Bloody Sunday" were because of the surrender of the fortress of Port Arthur by it's inept commander.

If you do a new publication of your fine Alexander III book please note my comments and errata.

Having Fun! / Re: OTMA on horses
« on: April 07, 2019, 05:53:29 PM »
Nicholas II when he reviewed the troops often did it on horseback. pre-1905 Nicholas I believe often went horseback riding with only one Cossack to guard him.

Alexandra could also ride fairly well I believe

Olga A also could ride very well

Having Fun! / Re: Then and now (Locations, clothes, etc)
« on: April 07, 2019, 05:50:01 PM »
In the youtube video "Official Entries of Tsar Nicholas II and his Family around 13.05 there is a film clip of them passing monument with the date 1854-1856. This is most likely a Crimean war memorial. I would possibly say in Sevastopol.  Can anyone tell me where the monument is and if it is still around?

note in the video:
Alexandra doing a lot of head bowing
Maria N around 2.52 looking miserable
Ella in her nuns robes
Alexei being carried I would say during the 1913 tercentenary celebrations
Anastasia being somewhat shorter than her sisters

1906-1914 Home Movies of the Romanovs (speed corrected w/added sound) I found this interesting. However they are speaking Russian and i don't speak the language. Anyone care to translate?

Imperial Russian History / Re: The Legacy of Nicholas II
« on: April 05, 2019, 12:04:02 PM »
Nicholas II became bloody Nicholas do to the the Russo-Japanese was which was a disaster to Russia and Nicholas. Of course it did lead to the creation of the Duma ect.

If you want to see how inept the Russians were see the youtube presentation " The Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron Voyage of the Damned' while it is LOL funny it is also true see the books:
The Fleet that had to die
The Tide at Sunrise
The Tsar's Last Armada

As for the start of WW I see on youtube:
National WW I Museum and Memorial
Chris Clark The Sleep Walkers
Max Hastings Catastrophe

Some of the men you see in the 1919 movie the Lost battalion were actual members of this unit. Some of the film clips are of their unit the 77th Infantry Division.

also on youtube I found
"Official Entrances of Nicholas II and Family"

Having Fun! / Re: OTMA on horses
« on: April 01, 2019, 12:11:45 PM »
From what I have read on QEII reviewing the troops on horseback requires some above average riding skills and a trained horse.

I have also read that Olga and Tatania did ride very well.

Nicholas II was an excellent horseman. I have also read where he did go for rides on a fairly regular basis in the first ten years as Tsar.

Glad to be of help>

I should also like to point out that Ayoob and others mention accounts where the suspect is shot 5 or 6 times with a 38 Spl or several times with a 9mm and the suspect still is able to do serious harm or kill the person who shot him before he dies.

some more errata and comments:
me page 138 should be for not force and page 134 should be upcoming books 2016

page 31 you mention GD NNs children I assume you mean GD NN the elder since the younger didn't have any children
page 50 Beletsky in exile Stephen Beletsky was shot by the Cheka in September 1918
pages 250-1 Purichkevich 3 shots fired according to the writing of Massad Ayoob who is a forensics expert has wrote a number of books, has numerous videos on youtube and analysis gunfights ect. for Purichkevich to get the number of shots he fired wrong is commen Ayoob points out that many police officers and civilians involved in shootings often can't remember how many shots they fired. As for missing Rasputin there are police officers who were excellent shots have better pistols with better sights and a few have missed close range suspects in broad daylight in their first gunfights
page 317 General Ruzski at Stavka he was at Pskov
page 350 General Bartov 1st Caucasian Cavalry division he was the commander of the I Caucasus Corps at this time

I have read the book and here are some errata and comments:
page 37 Lieutenant Schmidt an officer that led a mutiny of the Black Sea Fleet which failed
page 98 Purishkevich 3 carriage train real "Hugh train very well equipped. Which has a operating car, a large Pharmacy, a library, an Officers store and kitchen for 20,000 men."
page 100 Countess Cantacuzene should be Princess
page 101 General Kolchak should be Admiral
page 138 11th Armed forces should be 11th Army this is part of the Austrian Black-Yellow Offensive see online Austria-Hungaries last War 1914-1918 Volume 3 pages 1-199 force this battle
page 174 Felix Yussopov the Elder was fired as Governor of Moscow in 1915 he was not there in 1917
page 193 General Alexeev was not replaced by General Gurko Alexeev fell ill and had to recover and Gurko was the acting chief of staff
page 134 Kovno see upcoming books on Douglas Snith's Rasputin book for what happened
page 323 3rd Rifle Regiment should be 3rd Guards Rifle regiment
page 88 General Belyaev did not become war minster until early 1917 in 1915 he was I believe assistant war Minister

new on youtube the original 1919 silent movie The Lost Battalion. The 2001 one is also on youtube There is a rather good presentation in the National WW I Museum and Memorial "hell's Half Acre The True story of the Lost Battalion"

I also found on youtube a newly posted video that is one of the funniest I have ever watched "The Russian 2nd pacific Squadron- Voyage of the Damned"

Rasputin / Re: Ella's Role
« on: March 24, 2019, 08:37:46 PM »
I would say yes Ella did know about the plot in advance and after the murder sent congratulatory telegrams to Dmtrin P and Zinaida Yusupova that were intercepted and copies sent to Nicholas and Alexandra. See the book "Killing Rasputin" M Nelipa

If you go on youtube you will find some presentations on Olga A

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