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This book is on my must read list Margarita.

not books but photos of Russia taken by the Germans mostly during WW II go to: forum section life in the third reich and weimer republic a posting Civilian Life in occupied Soviet Union photos and documents lots of pictures in color and black and white Allied vehicles section 5 may 2017 posting period east front color pictures from http/

looking at some of these photos I would say in many of them they were scenes the IF would have seen and would have been familiar with.

Not WW I related but on youtube there are some 50 music videos on historical figures and events at historyteachers included Marie-A Catherine the great, Mary Queen of Scots, Henry 8th, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I ect that I think some of us might like.

Two more books of interest:
A Sentimental journey Memoirs 1917-1922 Viktor Shklovsky revolution  and civil war memoirs by a future Soviet writer. He was in Petrograd when the feb/mar revolution broke out.
Artillery in the great war Paul Strong & Sanders marble dealing with the artillery of all the major armies of WW I and how well they performed or in the Russian case how they often failed to perform.

Having Fun! / Re: Operation Rod of Iron: AU fic
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:46:00 PM »
Ann good points on the clothes but in Russia during the Civil war clothing was hard to come by. I would say of the agents some would be in uniform or parts of uniforms some would be in Russian peasant clothing no suits and ties. The women would be wearing dresses or skirts and blouses a mixture of western and Russian peasant attire. Note many of the soldiers and officers in the White armies in Siberia were often described as ragged looking. uniforms would not be only Russian it could include German, Austrian and British. The first two were from POWs the latter were sent as aid during the Russian Civil war. Also being March in Siberia everyone would be wearing heavy coats. Also note for a woman to wear a hat or a man to wear a starched collar was enough to sometimes get you arrested as a bourgeois by the reds during the Russian civil war.

I don't think Kolchak would have discussed this sort of plan in front of his cabinet for security reasons. I also don't think the Whites at this time would have had photos of all the men involved. Admiral Kolchak from what I have read about him doesn't look like the sort of man to have had anything to do with this sort of plot. I should also point out at this time the Whites were confident that they were going to defeat the Reds by the end of the year 1919.

I'll have more keep up the good work

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:33:44 PM »
North Korea is the worlds only remaining Stalinist/Communist state. Dumb and his father and grandfather sometimes have or had purges where someone who falls out of favor gets shot or sent to the North Korean version of the Gulag along with most or all of their family including distant relatives who sometimes don't know the victim.

Having nuclear weapons also means North Korea and Kim Jung Um are too big too fail as they say. If North Korea implodes there will be nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of terrorists. It could also read to millions of refugees flooding into South Korea or China or both which neither nation wants. So it looks like the world may be stuck with this monster for a long time to come and no doubt he will continue to cause trouble.

I found some Cheka movies on the site Cheka:

The Fiery Miles (Miles of Fire) on youtube a "Red Western" loosely based on the John Ford Movie "Stagecoach" has English subtitiles

other not on youtube:
Dead Season
At Home among Strangers
The Adjutant of his Excellency (miniseries)

Post Soviet:
The Chekist

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:20:56 PM »
Along the Korean DMZ there have been many "incidents" since the cease fire of 1953. Look at Korean DMZ on wiki and there is a lot that even wiki doesn't mention.  Kim Jung Dumb and his father and grand father have a history of causing them. Part of the reason I think Kim Jung Dumb is causing trouble right now is the South Korean president has recently resigned and the country has a acting President.

As for the Chinese their President came away from his meeting with President trump impressed with him. In part do to the missle strike on Syria and in part do to trumps daughter Ivanka's children singing ect to him in Manderin Chinese. Also from the Chinese point of view the status que in Korea in good for them they have little to worry about on the Chinese/Korean border as long as the country remains divided as it is. A war could change that as could Korean unification under a pro-western South Korean government.

Yes Rasputin the Mad Monk same movie

The movie "The Promise" dealing with the Armenian genocide is do out soon. No doubt the Turks will be "upset" about it The National WW I Museum has a presentation dealing with it called "They can live in the desert but no where else."

not a movie but a documentary: PBS The American Experience: The Great War dealing with the US and WW I. As columnist George Will wrote on it "Watch it and wince"  some things in it:
The Meuse-Argonne Offensive the deadliest battle in US military history
Blacks getting shot and lynched by the hundreds
Civil liberties violations in the US during WW I

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 20, 2017, 04:47:59 PM »
It looks like Kim Dumb is just doing his usual blustering. If he was to start Korean war no 2 he would be lucky to survive it. If war should break out the opening months will be like the Somme, Verdun, the Isonzo battles on steroids. However the South Koreans have a much larger population. as well as a well equipped, well trained, well led military add to this the DMZ is one of the most heavily fortified area on earth. Add to this they are backed up by the US and have other countries as Allies. After the South Koreans fully mobilize their military the North Korean advance will be stopped and they will start attacking north. I have heard the Chinese are telling Kim Dumb to calm down or else. So the chances of war are remote.

Here are some more examples of Russian anti-Semitism ect

The book Prologue to the Revolution Michael Chernivsky minutes of the council of minsters these men are shocked by the Pogroms committed by the Russian army but then go on to say that Jews control the world banking system ect!? One must point out that the Russian army wasn't the only army behaving badly in Poland. The Austrian army also behaved rather badly as well.  The book Nationalizing the Russian Empire in discussing the 1915 Pogroms in Poland  mentions the Cossacks were the worst offenders but it also mentions time where citizens, police, soldiers and even on a few occations Cossacks intervened to stop them.

Alexander III in the book Pogrom was sad and disturbed that soldiers preferred to attack Jews instead of the Pogromists. Was shocked to hear of an officer taking part in a Pogrom. When he read that military court were too indulgent towards Pogromists he wrote "This is unforgivable!"

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:54:11 PM »
I would also say there is probably not going to be any commemoration of the October/November 1917 revolution. No doubt Putin like to commemorate Chekists day 20 December big time but this might not go down very well with many people. 2018 is a election year in Russia and I am almost willing to bet Putin will win of course this is going to cause him more trouble.

thanks JPG

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:54:50 PM »
Early this morning 4 Apr I saw on Cspan a program by the Atlantic council on Human rights in Russia on these protests that was quite interesting.

The Habsburgs / Re: Emperor Franz Joseph
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:50:55 PM »
The horse drawn hearse used to transport FJs body in 1916 was next used to transport the body of former Empress Zita at her funeral.

The Russian Revolution / Re: 100 Years Later
« on: March 27, 2017, 05:23:36 PM »
I said before in a above post the Russians might get fed up with Putin one day and it looks like many of them are. Who knows they might have a revolution.

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