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I see that the photos I posted have been removed.  It never occured to me that posting them would be a problem as the link was on the internet.  I do understand now and was not thinking about copywrites.  I apoligize but the thought of having photos of my GGG Grandparents under a copywrite was not in my thoughts.  My first reaction was to remove all our family photos but they are a part of history, in my opinion.

I will continue to enjoy your lively conversations and the photos and portraits you all post.

Thank you. 

The Habsburgs / Palaces,residencies, estates of the Habsburgs
« on: July 05, 2006, 08:55:09 AM »

The Habsburgs / Palaces,residencies, estates of the Habsburgs
« on: July 05, 2006, 08:51:35 AM »


Thank you for your comment.  As I said, we have more, it's just a matter of restoring them and then we will post.

Have a lovely rest of the week.


Yes, we have more and we set them aside because they need to be restored as they have faded.  We hope to have them redone soon.  Another cousin has one or two.  We will post when we can.

The Aloys photos are from family and were given to us when we requested them.  The photos of Aloys were freely given.  We were entitled to them, after all.

Our G Grandfather gave the documents to Arco2's Grandfather and to my Grandmother.  There were letters, telling his and his Father's story.  Separate documents were given to us and provided us with the bloodline.  We have family albums, letters and documents which match and confirm what was  given.

As we mentioned before, there is nothing we wanted from Europe but photos we did not have and copies of any documents we may find necessary to our history.  We want nothing else and are happy with the results.  In Europe we have our roots.  Those who know us, know it to be for our history alone.  There is no other motive.

We may be gone for a short while.  But we will try and stop in over the next few days.  Have a lovely day.

Another of Count Aloys Arco-Stepperg, taken at the same time as the others we posted.  The similarities are evident, especially in the eyes and nose.

Both father and son look terribly bored with photo taking.


Hello britt.25,

Nice to see you.  We love these photos because Papa came from the lush green vistas of Europe to live in what was then nothing but dirt and wilderness.  He could have stayed in the Eastern U.S. where he could have been more comfortable but headed to unsettled territory and made a life in the wild west.

He did quite well, becoming an important member of a small but growing town.  If fact, he brought one of the first pianos to the area, which was written about in the local paper.  My Grandmother learned to play very well, which pleased Papa more than he could say.

He built a lovely home and the family grew.  We believe he enjoyed the newness of this growing country.  Why he went to Mexico is a mystery to us.  We only have his letters from there, to his children but no answers as to why he left.

Again, Count Arco-Stepperg's son, our G Grandfather, in Mexico with a Grandchild, probably Tolstoy's.  This was near the end of his life.  Uncle Tolstoy was in Mexico with him.

We have better photos of Papa but they need to be restored before we can post them.

We enjoy the fact that, even with the different nationalities mixed in, there are similarities with us all.  I am very blonde and fair with green eyes, Arco2 has the Italian skin and eyes, Papa was fair with dark eyes, while some of his children were a combination of both.


This is Count Arco-Stepperg's son: our G Grandfather and his son, Tolstoy.  This was taken about 1900 in Oklahoma.    


Yes, I wanted to go back and check.  If you follow Louis XIV back to Louis XIII, through Maria Queen of France (b 1573) you come to Francesco De Medici Duke of Tuscany (b 1541) then to Cosimo I Grand Duke of Tuscany (b 1519).

Interesting stuff.  Maria Leopoldina has a very colorful past, on all sides.

britt.25 and Thomas.

Thank you for the comments.  The family here has always been well connected in government and personal lives but without revealing ancestry.  It just went along with the personalities.  My Grandmother always said it was "in the blood", and I tend to agree!

We have seen the article about Maria Leopoldina in English.  She was very independent and head-strong.  I admire that greatly.  There is a book about her that Arco2 found, called Das Enfant Terrible Des Konigshauses by Sylvia Krauss-Meyl.  We find her to be so very fascinating and honest.  We do know for a fact that Aloys loved her very much, in fact, adored her.  She was on her way to Anif, to see and stay in the room he had arranged just for her at the castle when she died in the accident.  His sadness was increased by the fact that she never saw what he had done for her.  We feel a great sadness about that, too.

You may be correct about Ludwig XIV.  I will have to check my records.  It is all so interesting.

Yes, we are always looking for informatim, things that we may have missed.  You provide a perfect example in that you posted some beautiful portraits, a couple I had never seen.  This is the type of thing we are looking for.  We would like not to miss anything.  I thank you for posting them.  One never knows what someone has found that could be a missing piece in the line.  We could stumble upon some of the secrets and that would thrill us, no matter what it may be.  It is always an odd feeling to see the Grandparents on the internet, no matter how far they go back, they are still Grandparents.....our blood.

I'm unsure about the portrait of Leopoldina's sister but I think it's the one I remember.  I may very well be remembering wrong and will check into it.  I love the portrait of Ferdinand as a child, it's one of my favorites.  That artist, if I remember correctly, drew all of Maria Theresa's children, or all that survived at that time.

The portrait of Ernestine Countess Arco is one we have.  She was the sister of Ludwig Count Arco-Stepperg, who married Maria Leopoldina, and the daughter of Ignatius (Ignaz) Count Arco-Valley, you are correct.  I know that she was left out of the Arco Genealogy in some cases, but it's so involved that several are missing.  They turn up other places.

Thank you both for posting the beautiful portraits!  We appreciate them so much.  The ones we have not seen amaze us and the ones we have we love seeing again and again!


We only have what we were told in letters and never once was Papa called anything but Aloys Ludwig, after his father and grandfather, and then by his new name.  That is a question we do not have an answer for.  Once his name was changed, that was it.  We don't know if he ever went by Arco-Stepperg but it was changed from something and we do know what his mother's name was.  All we know is that it was necessary for him to change it.  I wish I had an answer for you.

You are not bothering us at all and we are glad to share what we know.  Our goal is to keep the line alive and will answer with all honesty.  We have no reason to do anything else.  As I said before, we just may have questions of our own answered on this forum.  We are open to all information, no matter what it is.  There were so many secrets.  We're just thankful for the letters that were left behind.

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