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Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Romanovs, by Staffan Skott
« on: September 22, 2004, 12:28:38 AM »
I think this amazing book has not been mentioned here before (correct if I'm wrong!)

I don't know if it is ever translated in english. It's originally a swedish book by a journalist and writer Staffan Skott, who has made an enormous job by interviewing the Romanov family members who survived the revolution. The book tells the history of the Romanov rulers and their families as well as the grand dukes, including the terrible fates some of them suffered, but it mostly focuses on the "survivors". They have lots of interesting stories to tell. I have a copy in finnish, it is called "Romanovit. Keisarisuku. Keitš he olivat? Mitš heistš tuli?" (Romanovs. The imperial family. Who were they? What became of them?) The publisher is Schildts and it came out in 1989.

The book has a good illustration (black and white photographs). Some of the photos I've never seen elsewhere.

Does anybody know if the book has been translated in english and has somebody else here read it?


Has somebody read the novel called "The Snow mountain" by Catherine Gavin? It was written in 1970's. The main character is GD Olga Nicolaevna. Although it's fiction, it has a great deal of historical facts and deep psychology in it. Of course, the writer has created a romance of Olga with an officer called Semen Karlovich, who also tries to rescue his "princess" from Ekaterinburg. But the settings, plot and chracterisation of the family members are quite good and realistic! It was one of the reasons I got interested in Olga Nicolaevna's character.

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