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Here, I am posting the Romanov-related DNA information and literature published in the scientific literature (I finally learned how to post photos). FA is also preparing the list at the official AP site, which is supposed to have more ďneutralĒ viewpoint. I added my analysis, but I encourage everyone to read it critically.

I never received formal education in molecular genetics or forensic science. I taught myself using material from internet and TV programs like CSI. That is why I often find the rationale of the critics of DNA testing slothful and/or deceitful. If I can find anything, anybody can.    

This thread is for the purpose of scientific resources. Please feel free to cite or cut/paste to your own thread to make an argument. I would like to restrict this topic to based-on-the-fact-arguments. I understand that it is also intriguing to explore your wild imagination regarding the DNA testing, but please post them in other topics. There are many interesting conspiracy theory related threads.  

The whole science community is moving toward the direction in which all old scientific articles should be open to public on internet (see this week's Nature). But I canít post the whole research article itself at this point because of copy right issue, so Iíll try to post other related article, figure, editorial, review etc.  

If you know any DNA-related articles that I donít know of, please post it or send it to my email address. I would appreciate it.


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