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The Windsors / Grace and Favour residences
« on: April 05, 2006, 12:18:44 AM »
I was enjoying the Royal Interiors thread (newbie that I am, trying to catch up to the rest of you!) when a question came to mind.  I am curious about the Grace and Favour system, specifically for servants of the Crown, and other non-royals. I'm assuming the honor provides for rent, but anything else?  Utilities?   Also, is this system on the wane?  I toured several vacant G&F flats in Hampton Court last May, and was told by a guide that now after a tenant vacated an apartment, that these were no longer being occupied.   Is this specific only to Hampton Court?   Or to all such properties?

What a treat it was to visit Princess Margaret's apartment at Kensington last year.  It seemed that these rooms had only been on public display since 2004 or so.   There was a bit of remodelling being done at the time, and I'm wondering if anyone has visited her rooms since then and what has been done?   Thanks!  :)

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