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Having Fun! / Romanov story
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:41:26 PM »
Well, this subject is called "Romanov story" because so far I could not find a title for it. I started writing it in May, and so far only 4 people have read it. I'm a Spanish speaker and this is the first thing I write in English, besides essays for college, et all.
I hope you enjoy.

Ps. I'll try to upload chapters as soon as I have them.

The first sensation I had was cold, extremely cold. I felt wetness on my forehead. Immediately I opened my eyes to discover I was in the middle of the woods. I had a towel on my head. Next to me was Olga sleeping, curled up in a blanket.
-What..?- I tried to ask when I was suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice.
-Shhh, stay still.- said a male voice. It was Malama.
My face must've been dramatic. He was as handsome as ever.
-How..? What are you doing here?- I asked.
-We were approaching Ekaterinburg, but one of our spies was patrolling by that house and heard some noises. He came back and told us. Luckily it wasn't too late -he replied with a smile.
-How did we get here? Where are we?- I tried to remove the towel from my head but he stopped me.
-Leave it there. You had fever. You probably still have. I carried you out. You were unconscious, so was Olga and Maria.
-Where's​ Alexei? Or Papa and Mama?
The look on his face changed, he went on his knees to speak softly.
-I’m deeply sorry... -Dmitri said.
Tears came to my eyes. I couldn’t continue listening to him. I hid my face behind my hands, that were covered by a mix of blood and mud. I cried harder, I couldn't understand why I had blood. Was I injured? Whose blood was it?
I wanted answers.
I woke up again, this time I was in a tent, Maria was drinking something and Olga was laying next to me. There was another man drinking what I assumed was tea in front of Maria. She seemed relaxed, but I couldn’t. The last thing I remembered was Dmitri telling me how, Papa, Mama and Alexei were not longer in this world. My mind was blocking everything that happened in that house, on that day, 17th July. And I didn't want to ask, because it was obvious. The only relief is they were by God's side now.
-Where’s Dmitri?- I asked softly.
-He’s outside, patrolling- said the young man- my name is Ivan. I'm a friend of Dmitri.  
-Can he come inside please?
Ivan said yes and went outside.
In that moment Olga started yelling in her sleep. There was pain in her voice. I instinctively put my hand over her mouth to try and calm her.
-Are you alright?- Masha asked.
I touched her forehead and her temperature was high.
-Get me a cold towel, please.
-Here - Maria said.
I was worried. Olga wouldn't wake up. She was shaking, and continued saying things we couldn't understand from her nightmare.
-Dmitri! Come here please!- I begged.
Right away the two men came in. Olga seemed to have a wound somewhere.
-Help me out, take her boots off. And keep the towel on her head.
I checked her. She had nothing on her abdomen, chest or legs. We rolled her to the side and I could see a gigantic blood stain on her white blouse.
-Please don't look. I need to remove the blouse and corset so I can see how bad is it. Maria helped me cover Olga's torso with a blanket as I approached the wound. It seemed like a burn. The men kept holding her as she continued shaking, which was making my job harder.
-I need hot water and alcohol. Is there any here?
-We’ll get you hot water. Sadly the only alcohol we have is vodka.
I raised my eyebrows. I couldn't picture Dmitri with a bottle of vodka and getting drunk.
-Is it useful or not?- he insisted.
-It is. Do you have any bandages? Anything?
He bit his lip trying to think.
-Probably not.
I looked down to the ground. I contemplated my blouse. It was a little big.
-Give me that blanket Maria.
She handed it to me. I started taking my shirt off and replaced it with the blanket.
-Can you make sure they boil the fabric? I'm trying to make a decent bandage, I don't want the wound to get infected.
Maria went outside, she was walking with difficulty. I continued pressing Olga's back trying to avoid her bleeding to death.
Dmitri came back with vodka and the boiled water. He looked a little shocked and covered his eyes with his hands.
I started doing my work. I poured some vodka on the burn. It looked really bad, but it could've been worse. I cut my blouse in two with my hands, and wrapped it around her torso, especially pressuring her back. Now the challenge was, to make her sleep on her side. We couldn’t let her roll over, now that she wasn’t shaking. Maria was by my side, and I decided to let her watch our sister while I went out to talk with Dmitri.
The night was cool. There was a full moon and the silence in the middle of the forest was frightening. I had a constant fear, being aware of dangers such as to be eaten alive by a bear, or killed by the reds.
-Is Olga any better?- Dimitri asked walking towards me.
-I tried to do my best. Now only God will tell. Even though the wound is not the worse, it's still big enough to worry. - I said sitting down next to the fire.
Dmitri sat down next to me.
-Tatiana…-he started- We do not know for sure where is Anastasia. One of our men was in charge of taking her out. I don't know if…
A tear rolled down my cheek. Disgrace was all I could think. A tiny voice inside me told me to not to cry, because now her fate was already sealed. Slowly all the memories of my childhood went through my eyes, knowing those times were over. This episode proved the land I loved dearly, that I considered my home, and its people were trying to kill us. It was very sad, but I felt somehow it was up to me to change this situation.
-Go to sleep please -Dmitri said.
-Like if I could.
-Please - he begged.
I stood up and went inside the tent. Maria fell asleep next to Olga, while Ivan was trying not to fall asleep. It was his turn to patrol.

Olga Nicholaievna / Olga and Mitya
« on: October 29, 2017, 02:48:41 PM »
Well, I thought it'd be fair if they had a separate topic of their own. Here I'll post some pictures of Olga and Mitya. Photo credits to Ilya Grigoryev

Some of these appear in Yandex, other I took them from

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