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I stumbled across a Web site that claims Alexei was left in command of the bridge when his father and the captain were gone from the Standardt at the outbreak of World War I and that he ordered them to fire on a strange ship that was approaching the Standardt. They fired on the rear of the ship before they realized that it was his grandmother's yacht, The Polar Star. He would have been 9 1/2 or 10 at the time. Is this story even remotely possible? Were the Imperial Family on their cruise when the war broke out?

The same site claims that Alexei was furious with his father when he visited a hospital in 1915 and discovered a ward full of maimed soldiers, one of them a year older than he was. I'm curious about whether this has been reported anywhere in any of the reference texts. I've certainly never heard it before.

Here's the link:

The Hohenzollern / German Royals and Nazism/Royals and the Reich
« on: August 14, 2005, 01:16:10 PM »
When looking for photos of Georg-Donatus and family on line, I came across a site that claimed they'd borrowed the plane that crashed from Goering, a Nazi party member. I also found a photo of Princess Viktoria-Luise's youngest children in Hitler Youth costumes. Princess Friederieke is posed with her two younger brothers, both of them wearing uniforms with swastika arm bands.

Since Georg-Donatus's brother married a British woman I find it really hard to believe there were any real ties between that family and the Nazis. What about Cecile's sisters and their husbands? Did they oppose the Nazi party?

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