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French Royals / Siblings of King Louis XVI
« on: January 07, 2006, 02:51:17 PM »
 ..was the elder brother of King Louis XVI.  Does anybody know what he died of?


The Wittlesbachs / Help with Photo ID and/or Caption
« on: February 09, 2005, 10:10:15 AM »
Hi amadeo,

I think I can identify most of the persons in the picture.
The woman sitting in the centre is Queen Maria of Bavaria. At her right side stands her husband King Maximilian II of Bavaria and next to him his father the abdicated King Ludwig I.

The man at Ludwigs right side is probably his brother Prince Karl. The beautiful young woman next to Karl is Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi). The older woman sitting in front of her is her mother Duchess Ludowika in Bavaria (the half-sister of King Ludwig I). All other persons at the right side of the picture are siblings of Sissi. The man sitting at the front far right is her father Duke Maximilian in Bavaria.

At Queen Marias left side stand her sons. The future King Otto I of Bavaria and his older brother Ludwig II of Bavaria.

The persons in the left part of the picture probably all belong to the families of the three younger sons of Ludwig I.

The woman standing next to Ludwig II is probably the Queen of Greece. (I can' t remember her name) The man next to her is King Otto I of Greece, the second son of Ludwig I.

The very tall and bald-headed man next Otto maybe his youngest brother Adalbert. The man sitting thougfully at the table is Luitpold, the third son of Ludwig I, the future "Prinzregent" (I don't know the english word for this title. But it means he reigned for Otto I of Bavaria who ws mentally ill)

The two boys standing behind Luitpold are his sons. The future Ludwig III (right) and (probably) Leopold. The girl standing far right maybe Luitpolds daughter Therese.

The other women and children at the left side of the picture surely  belong to the families of Luitpold and Adalbert (Otto I of Greese didn't have children) but I can't tell who is who.

Ludwig II seems to about 13 years old in this picture. This would mean it was taken 1858/59. Perhaps this additional information helps you to identify the other persons with the help of a family tree.

Regards from Munich, Germany


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