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Research Russian Roots / Born in Russia about 1910
« on: March 12, 2008, 05:39:57 PM »
I am searching about my grandmother history. She was born in Russia in the year of 1910.  She already die in 1985.  Her name was Anna Vochminova.
 Anna was saved during revolution and adopted by widow merchant Nadezda Vochminova who consequently married a Czech legionar named Josef Bednar(Omsk or Yekaterinburg) who took her with his military unit when they were evacuated back to Czechoslovakia via Vladivostok and Italy.
All my family would like to know, who she really was.  My mother told me that her mother(Anna) told her some memory from her past when she live in Russia, before she was adopted. She was only young girl, but she remembered that she lived in the monastery and every Sunday some lady came visited her. Sometimes she took her to nice palace with waterworks and colonade.
I have some picture of my grandmother. I woud like to show to you.

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