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Imperial Transportation / Some car by the mark DUX?
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:08:40 PM »
Does anyone know what kind of a car was something by the mark DUX that existed at least in the time of the Russian Revolution?

I have not found anything in West except probably some bus by the mark DUX.

Nowadays there are at least here madrases for beds by the mark DUX - are seats the only thing left of Dux?

Is there something to say about the Technical University or Highschool for Engineers in St. Petersburg for youngsteers who were born around the year 1880?

Who could come a student there? Was it expensive? Could someone grown up in some monastery enter The Technical University in St.Petersburg?

What kind of education was given?

What kind of jobs and positions could such Engineers get after their examination?

Does someone but me have some mark in heavy metal of an Engineer that was then carried in black or white uniform jacket?

Yes, I would like to know something about the Rurik families. Has somebody something to tell me?

St. Petersburg Technical University... INQUIRY... Could you probably help me? I have a rather heavy “mark” that has belonged to an engineer who is said to have attended and examinated from your Technical University. This mark is called here as an mark of an engineer and given by your university. But is this so or could this be something else? There is no-one to ask here. He carried this “mark” on the right side of his uniform... (in one picture black and in an other white uniform). On this mark there are for example the Double-headed eagle with a crown, wreath going around the middle where there is the St. Georg fighting, eight very tiny seals (=simple coat of arms?) four of which in either side of the St. Georg, some hammer or the like etc. Its height is about 5 cm and width about 4,5 cm. He was born in 1883 so this is already ancient history. Did your university give this kind of marks to their educated students or do you have any idea what this could be? Do you have any register of the names of the students educated by your university so long ago? Any knowledge of their background? Parents? Connections to some monastery? I would be very grateful if you could help me in this matter somehow. I need finally to find some suitable place for this thing. I have no idea where in Russia send this inquiry of mine to start with and I found this mail-address of yours on you page. A problem is also that I don’t know any Russian. Thank you so much in advance for you possible co-operation and greetings...


Do you know anyone anywhere who is a painter / sculpture / drawing, but also some descendant of some Emigrants from Russia from the times of the Russian Revolution?

I don't know anyone. There might have been "many" in Paris soon for about a 100 years ago... persons like Marc Chagall who was even a Jew or Tamara Lempicka who traveled to America before the war broke out... The Fabergé family is known and they have even some Huguenot roots...

In case you know someone, please, let me know... and if you have some pictures... can we have some... it would also be nice to have some pictures of old houses, cars etc in the Russian area before the Revolution... they could maybe made to something...

Thanks a lot for your possible answers and greetings, Painter's Gallery,


4. Marriage and children...

Could there have been descendants / members of his family been placed into some monastries or have there been anybody living anywhere else? Does somebody know something?

I could imagine it might have been difficult for anybody living person to have that surname. Could the name have changed somehow?

I am aware of that my questions are completely crazy and I am a village idiot here!!!

In the world of today there are so much people now, that there is no space any more and living and getting food becomes still more difficult all the time. The people with real "upper class" qualifications are disappearing more and more all the time. So now the waging war is going on all over among the more "lower class" people. Those who are now waging war need just more oil and land for their people all the time. How has the American history been - tell that! However, somewhere someone is still waging war in order to defend some of their own people somewhere whose existence is threated somehow. Are maybe very poor people living somewhere where there are some riches, such as oil? Somebody surely wants to throw those poor people out! Everything in this world is based on the fact that there is oil available - as well as electricity. And people should consume all the time more and more of them and the economical growth of the modern states is grounded on this fact. But this is a lie and it cannot go on anymore. The food should not be transported from far away places, but produced in the same places where people live and the resources they have there on the spot. Maybe it doesn't take long and we have to start to form our societies to work in the way as they did already before the French Revolution.

Maybe the Amish people live much in that way without electricity and oil and such groups will one day serve as some examples as most of the people have already lost all the skills of living without oil and electrictiy. We had storms here and a lot of people where without electricity for days. They couldn't cook, wash anything or even use the telephone, internet or see TV, listen to radio or write letters! The modern infrastructure finished working and that is in fact a catastrophe in a modern society! Maybe you should even be able to write long letters by handwriting - something that not everybody does any more by good and quick handwriting! What about a modern media-centre that is working without any electricity? In an emergency situation I might start one.

The fact that people from all over the world are moving into the European area in order to get a better, modern (!!!!?????) living standard based on private and state consumption, is not functioning at all and it must be coming into end. It has to be stopped as soon as possible as complete false and missleading people. And we have to start building functioning, good "welfare" societies all over the world in those places  where there is a lot of land still. Those "welfare" societies have to be built on mutual caretaking of every individual in that society and not on some ideas given by marxism, socialism, feminism and other isms. But this may not be the right place to develop these ideas in details. The values such as honesty, love of your neighbour (love your neighbours as you love yourself), respect for other people, humanity, hardworking for real reasons and motives etc - those values you could maybe call "nobel values", should be appreciated!

In Russia the Christian religion is waking into life -  isn't it. Russia is a rich and wide country and there is a lot of space. However, some Russian people are still moving out and fleeing the living conditions they may thing are too bad instead of trying to build a better world there. But why not change the direction and start moving back to Russia and start building it a new and in a new way very modern and durable society there that is not build on the need of getting more and more oil and electricity all the time? Russia needs highly educated craftsmen and other people! Russia needs money, too! And somehow the fact that the decendants of Russian people abroad all over the world don't even speak Russish any more, must be arranged! Could somebody, please, start learning us Russish here somewhere!

Can you find more articles? Write into Wikipedia articles about Russian emigrants in your area if there are not any yet!

More about this in blog, adress:

Do you know what kind of business and branches did some Russian emigrants run and work in after having fled the Soviet Union and the Russian Revolution? Do you know how did they make their living and where did they end - in the rich world or maybe in the real poverty and very hard life? Even the Wikipedia for example tells that for example in Asia some of Russian emigrants ended in prostitution in order to make their living.

Might there be some connection from this to the modern human trafficing criminality - and for example prostitution and phedofilia running big money by the help of the internet? For some reason it seems as if the Russians had some bad image and reputation and I am wondering why and what is that about? At least our people were more civilised, more Christians, more of everything than the local population here. And a fact is that we have not mixed completely with the local population, but are more a part of the the dying out population here, if we don't do something very soon.

I surely think the modern Russia should handle the question of the descendants of the Russian emigrants all over the world very soon. They surely could be used to build a modern Russia of today with their double citizenships. But a problem surely is that the Russian emigrants don't have a homogenous background, if their historical roots are studied, but might have different ethnical backgrounds, however, from the European and Russian areas.

And the background and roots of the Russian emigrants may carry the history of the states of today. Is there still some dynamite today? And it is said that there were the times before the Russian Revolution, too, when Russia had an upper class with too many people with some foreign background. And it is surely interesting how those people had ended in for example St. Petersburg - a new built city then and with its windows opened to Europe. This question may also carry something from the problems created by the French Revolution, when France was made a Republic and surely a lot of people fled France then as well as in the times of the religious wars somewhat earlier. Then France throuw out its population that was protestantic, the Huguenots. It has been said that it was a pity that the Hugenots were throuwn out of the country. And maybe there were some who ended in St. Petersburg, too, where a new city was under building. And doesn't all this have a lot to do with the borth of the various "isms" that were having their effect and that were not Christian any more, but atheism. And now the European and Russian areas have ended into a blind alley where the Christian religion has been trown away as something stupid and the areas are soon in the power of some pagans. Please, correct my thought that are wrong and let me know what is right in this instead! It seems already to be a war going on in the old Russian and European areas where the atheism seems to be winning and the Christian religions are dying out. So the pagans seems to be winning at the moment!

All this might be something, that somebody should write a short story about that was easy enough to be red by anyone.

P.S. If you know, please, let us know how the Russian emigrants in your living area managed and made their living through the years since the Russian Revolution! Maybe we are collecting here something that will have some historical value! That might be nice. The teenagers in our family today don't know anything about their roots. They don't even know the names of their ancestors even though we have a list of them. These things are not even allowed to be discussed in our family! So even these people with some roots are becoming rootless people without any values, that have been carried through generations, but have already been broken in my generation. So now I am a last village idiot - without any living children of my own - who is shouting about all this to those people all over the world who hopefully have children and want to improve their "Russian identity". A big part of the Russian identity surely is European and has even "important" connections to the old Royal Houses in the European area. But today soon every royal house has "married the revolution" to themselves and into their country. In just some generations they will be nothing but ordinary rich people - many of them lacking the real upper class qualifications and others can ask how did they receive their riches and want to give it all to the people? And maybe the 99 % of the population will start waging war against them! And maybe this crazy world is just a product of the exploating capitalism run by all kind of bankers and investors just running after still more money all the time, that soon must be taken from the skin of every neighbour!

Can you find more articles?Write into Wikipedia articles about Russian emigrants in your area if there are not any yet!

From blog, adress:

This is my contribution to this subject:

The regular vehicle inspection that is done every year for every car here had been moved over to foreign, big enterprizes. But now it has been moved over back to Finnish actors and enterprizes.

I found this somewhat interesting as my Russian emigrant grandfather started the first car school here in Finland sometimes after the First World War. He never run the business by himself but grounded it for his sons who had returned from the war and got married and started their families. In our family it is said the war and the car school have been the reasons why my uncles didn't study at the university. My grandfather was an educated Engineer from St. Petersburg. Then the car school gave living for the whole family - my grandmother and the girls of the family. And then my grandfather moved abroad because of the security reasons for the rest of his life. Before he died as an very old man he returned, however, to Finland and died here.

During the years when he lived abroad he, however, visited us regularly. He is buried on the very old Russian Orthodox graveyard here - now very near to the big motorway - and my grandmother is naturally buried in the same graveyard though she was not an Russian Orthodox (= the Eastern Catholic Church), but had her Huguenot roots (= Christian protestants from France, who had fled from there). My relatives are joking when they use to say that now he is resting near all the cars he loved for the rest of the times. However, the cars school was not the only business of his, but he worked on some other branches, too.

There has been big changes in this bransch - the car school business. If it once was a florishing business that is not the case any more and might get more tuff all the time. My uncles later had two car schools and they have been educating also in Russish trough the years. Already very many years ago I heard that people from Russia came to us here in order to get a driver's licence that was valid in the European Union areas. That is why it is not impossible that our surname is still known at least in St. Petersburg, only 350 km from here - and maybe even somewhere else.

But there doesn't exist any more any car school with our surname as my last uncle retired as a very old man and my cousin suddenly died. But more than 10 years ago somebody offered me a lot of money for this surname of ours. Might it still have some value? Might I carry on some business with our name in the global world of the whole Russia and the European Union? And what business in that case?

Do you know some people with some Russian roots living anywhere in the world? There is a big interest to know how their homes look - ordinary and even "poor" homes! Pictures from homes of rich and very rich people end in magazines and history books, but these are a somewhat more difficult thing. Now there is a place on the internet and pictures are collected: 

Hi Everybody with at least some Russian roots all around the world!

Happy New Year 2012!

I just want to open a discussion about this topic. This because I have often been thinking since the fall of the Soviet Union, that what about if Russia invited all people around the world with some Russian roots to go back and live and build the whole Russian area? Russia is a big and rich country who needs people with all kind of skills.

Two of my grandparents were Russian emigrés (emigrates) but, however, I don't know any Russian language. But I have often been thinking why were they among the last people to leave and why didn't they travel somewhere further - to Paris, to America, or elsewhere but stayed only about 350 km from St. Petersburg. Now I think that they might have been among such responsible people, who wanted to be among the first people to return, if that had become possible. But that didn't happen and they stayed in the West not far away from Russia and St.Petersburg.

Many countries also give their nationality /citizenship to people who have two grandparents from that country. This is also a fact Russia ought to see to and allow some people even to have some double citizenship. The modern world would for example need people with both Russian and EU-citizenship. And they should give the Russian citizenship even to people who don't know the Russian language. For example in my case I should not even know the Russian language. I shouldn't have anything in my identity that hinted to the Soviet Union. (What is the difference between the Russian language in the Soviet Union compared with the language in the "old" Russia?) 

When I was to Leningrad sometimes, around 1967, I cried for a week because I became so sad of everything I had seen there. And somehow I felt that it was the city of my ancestors. Do you have any feelings for Russia - how do you feel about Russia today?

What about if some "Movement back to Russia" started? There are too many people trying to come into the area of the Old Europe and that cannot end very well and the news also tell that the life of many people in America has turned to become very miserable. How come? What about if the solution for building some new kind of life, were to move back to Russia and make it a very great nation and country!

And how are the people with some modern Russian roots doing all around in the world of today? Maybe some are involved in criminality, some have ended in some kind of strange businesses (all kind of sex industry), are there some in modern slavery (Russian people without identity papers just working for almost no wage???), students, unemployed, people in misery, people having more "normal" lives with work, home and other things?????

Please, have a discussion about all this and related things! Maybe we should start writing letters to Russian President, important people and authorities etc!

I am proud of having some Huguenot roots and my ancestors having survived even the times of the French Revolution. The Huguenots, French Protestants,  are said to be the first emigrants or refugees. However, there is not so much information easily available about the French Huguenots. And in our family case the time when our Huguenot ancestors left France doesn't really match the times of the religious wars there, but matches better the times of the French Revolution. Lately I have even been wondering what people they really were. Might they have been people who managed to escape their death in the French Revolution? In that case who were they really and what is the real story of the family from the beginning. The beginning of the story is lacking in my case.

And even though there has been some Huguenet communities in some places in Europe they seem to have disappeared? Did many move to America? To me some connection between the French Huguenots, the refugees of the French Revolution and some of the Russian Emigrants could make some sense. There was a lot of people with foreign background in St.Petersburg and partly they formed the upper-class there. And one could say it is nice not to know the history more in details as you can let your fantacy play! However, my ancestor from France was invited to some Court in Europe and registered in books there. But  then the family moved to Libau in Baltic region and from there to the newly founded city of  St.Petersburg in Russia, that became the new homeland.

The Huguenot families in St.Petersburg, that I know have family names de Gruno and von Wachsmuth (sometimes called de Waxmouth). The last von Wachsmuth has been searched by the International Red Cross in Genf around the year 1948. He had then been seen travelling by train somewhere between Shanghai and Tietsin in Kina. Then he disappeared - did he maybe travel to Australia or America. However, he was registered among the missing people. This is just one case how people disappeared.  Does somebody know about him or his descendants?

And female Russian emigrants in Asia often ended in protitution as they had no way how to make their living there. On the other hand one can ask how did they make their living in Paris and other places with a lot of emigrants and only small working possibilities to make ones living. Were the working possibilities better in America then for Russian emigrants and how?

See also "The White Russians".

Do you know any stories about Huguenot families in St. Petersburg? Do you know any such people?

If you know anything real, please, come and tell your stories,  about the families and their histories in the blog: "Between St.Petersburg and Europe."
The blog adress is:

This is something from one of Nikl's chains:

"If you never lived in a comunist country, you would never know what it is about. I lived there 34 years and I am glad, that I escaped to Canada."

I cannot find out you, who wrote this text. Can somebody else?

Please, the person, who wrote this text, go and discuss this matter and share your experiences in the blog: "Between St.Petersburg and Europe." Blog adress:

Thank you very much in advance.

(P.S. All comments and also help in correcting the language there are appreciated.)

Let's build a network and make friends. We all could tell our story, the things we have heard and know about our family history.

I mean people who fled the Russian Revolution, 1917, not so much those who have experienced the Soviet Union, too. However, even that would be interesting.

A list of surnames in the Russian area, that could be mixed with Jewish surnames could be needed. There is the webplace JewAge that is putting on their lists Russian surnames, that are not Jewish but that might sound as somewhat Jewish but are in fact Russian, Ukraine or Polish surnames.

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