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Having Fun! / Four Sisters - A Play
« on: July 31, 2010, 09:45:11 PM »
Okay... so I wrote this like a year ago or so I believe and i finally decided to post it so here goes nothing. You'll find that my first poem is also in the beginning! You'll find my poems here in Romanov Poetry part 2!

This is my first piece of work on them by the way! Now sit back and I hope that you all enjoy it! *her* signifies that in the typing of the play the Narrator is a woman but it can be a man!

Four Sisters

Olga Nikolaievna - Age 22, the eldest sister and the smart and clever sister

Tatiana Nikolaievna - Age 21, the second eldest and the practical level headed more spiritual sister.

Maria Nikolaievna - Age 19, the middle child who was always daydreaming of love and the day she would marry and have twenty children.

Anastasia Nikolaievna: Age 17, the youngest of the four. She was the "Family Prankster" who loved to play jokes on everyone. You could always find her in some tree that she had climbed into!

Narrator - Very little part in this play, this role comes on every once and again. The Narrator introduces you to the sisters.

Introduction - The four are introduced and things seem to have to start off a little crazy thanks to Anastasia.

Act I Scene I - A room in the Alexander Palace, the four are looking over old photographs and recalling old times.
Act I Scene II - In the hallway, the Big Pair have a sisterly moment.

10 Minute Intermission

Act II Scene I - Special Purpose House, 1918
Act II Scene II - What if they could have been saved?


[Curtains rise, Narrator enters STAGE RIGHT and stops CENTER STAGE]

Narrator: Before we start I'd like to share with you a poem our show's author would like to share and it's written by the author as well. It is also entitled "Four Sisters" and you should each have a copy in your program.
Anastasia [backstage]: Can we get started? I'm getting bored!
Tatiana [backstage]: Nastya, just hold on and let our friend speak!
Narrator: Thank you! As I was saying:

Four Sisters
Four sisters together, never apart
Each had a role, a part to play
However in the end they couldn't stay
The Big Pair
The Little Pair
Each worked whenever they had time to spare
Each had their own identity
Each a unique personality
Together they were OTMA
Olga and Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia
And now my poem is done
Let us begin!
[Narrator moves STAGE LEFT and sits in a chair. Next to *her* is a card table with a photo of OTMA posed in the formal portrait taken in 1914.]
Narrator [looks at photo, smiles]: Weren't they pretty? [ looks back at audience, smile slowly fades] It's a shame they left this world so young, so innocent! [looks around at audience] Let us not talk about what was bad first, instead we must focus on the good times before and even a glance into the future of what could have been. [Pauses Okay I'm getting off track! It's time the girls [clears throat] sorry women are introduced.
The first is Olga [Olga enters STAGE LEFT], 22 and if you wanted the honest truth this was the woman to get it from. Her sister, Tatiana [Tatiana enters STAGE LEFT and joins Olga] the next in line only 21 and more reserved and not as open as Olga but she knew how to get things done when they needed to be.
They were known as the "Big Pair" and they shared a room together. Only eighteen months between them and that in itself was a bond of union.1
Now there is Maria, 19 and such a sweetheart who ended up crushing on almost every young man she met.
[Narrator pauses wondering why Maria hasn't yet entered from STAGE RIGHT. Notices Maria looking out into the audience.]
Narrator: Maria? Maria!
Maria: [enters STAGE RIGHT, slightly embarrassed but smiling]: I'm sorry, I got... [pauses]
Olga and Tatiana [UNISON, looking at each other] Distracted.
Narrator [Smiles, unsurprised]: Right! Last but not least the youngest who's willing to pull a prank when you aren't looking! Her name is Anastasia! [no one enters from STAGE RIGHT] Her name is Anastasia! [ still no one enters STAGE RIGHT] Anastasia! [still no one enters STAGE RIGHT] Oh dear me, she's probably off in some tree out back! I'll return shortly and with her in tow! [Narrator leaves STAGE RIGHT]
Narrator [backstage] Anastasia? where are you!?
Anastasia [backstage]: I am only up here!
Narrator [slightly annoyed]: Anastasia instead of being "up here" you should be down here like on stage! You missed your cue and you were supposed to be waiting with Maria!
Anastasia [slightly annoyed]: Standing around is so boring!
Narrator: Anastasia! Don't make me get your father!
Anastasia: Alright! Alright!
[Narrator returns and sits down]

1Gilliard, Thirteen Years on the Russian Court

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Czarina of Russia???
« on: December 19, 2009, 03:01:26 AM »
Does anyone think (aside from Olga perhaps) that Tatiana could make it as the Czarina of Russia if the need came for her to be perhaps? IMO given how responsible and dutiful and being the people's favorite (if i remember correctly) that she could possibly be able to do a good if not excellent job as Empress! She knew what needed to be done and did it without argument! Opinions? btw i hope i didn't screw up with my posting again if not well I'm sure people will correct to the right thread!

Since she really liked fashion and things like that... what do you think Tatiana would think of Project Runway and i guess shows of the same kind (fashions shows, today's magazines, etc)? just wanted to see what everybody thinks!

Having Fun! / You know you're obsessed with the Romanovs when... Part 2
« on: November 06, 2009, 01:15:17 PM »
Okay since the original thread said that thing about being past 120 days and that a new topic would be better made or whatever here i go...

Top Ten Reasons You Are Addicted to OTMA (David Letterman Style)

10. If you like watching Romanov Films and usually skip to parts with OTMA in it (having lines or not)
 9. You have like 9 or 10 videos (in my case windows movie maker) that you want to make in which you already know what songs for each that you want to use... you're just deciding though to be too lazy to gather the photos in a subfolder and start work on them. (I have one but I'm not sure whether or not i want 2 post it on youtube)
 8. You are constantly looking to see if something new has been posted about OTMA in the individual topics more so than the other topics
 7. You are always looking for OTMA related photos
 6. Your desktop is filled with OTMA
 5. You're having a conversation about getting pets with a relative and you mention "maybe we should get a french bulldog... then again it snores... or maybe King Spaniel or(...)" you get the idea! (had this conversation with my grandmother last night)
 4. You make collages of OTMA
 3. You've written at least 4-5 poems about OTMA each individually although 1 of them is all of them together. (i have a thread on here i think i called it OTMA Poetry part 2 or something like that)
 2. You have written a small play based on or around OTMA (mine being "Four Sisters" but i don't know where to post it)

and the number reason you are addicted to OTMA...

 1.  You have your PC AND your laptop filled with OTMA related stuff and photos

Okay some of that took me a little while but there you go!

Tatiana Nicholaievna / did she ever see a "ghost" too?
« on: October 29, 2009, 04:23:22 PM »
If I remember correctly didn't Olga see a female "spirit" once and then recognized her from a painting of I think Maria Alexandrovna? And of course Maria and Anastasia "saw" what sounds like idk The Angel of Death coming for their cousin Ella that night she died? so it makes me wonder now did Tatiana ever see something like that... i mean did she ever she like a "ghost" or "spirit" like the other 3?

The Tudors / Catherine Howard (II)
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:59:43 AM »
I read somewhere that when the dowager Howard (her grandmother) was informed of the affair(s) she was having that she severely punished Catherine and whipped her is that true? (i read it on some Tudor site)

Is that what that guy meant in Henry the VIII and his six wives (Lynne Frederick being Catherine Howard) when he said "a young wild angel whipped of stale blood..." was he referring to that (right after they keep making eye contact while eating and her and Henry come out chatting and laughing)?

I think Lynne did a great job and it's a shame her life ended so young and full of promise too as a pretty young actress!

Having Fun! / OTMA Poetry part 2
« on: October 03, 2009, 03:58:16 AM »
So I was going to post this in the Poems for OTMAA but it said nobody had posted in a 120 days so a new thread shall be made! I also wrote a little play and have made tons of collages but I'm not quite sure where to put the collages though my guess is that i can put the play in one of the fanfic threads or post a new thread with the name of it... idk  :-\!

Okay anyhow, i made one for OTMA all together, then one for each individually so here goes nothing (by the way the OTMA poem goes with the play)!

Four Sisters
Four Sisters together, never apart
Each had a role a part to play
However in the end they couldn't stay
The Big Pair
The Little Pair
Each worked whenever they had time to spare
Each had their own identity
Each a unique personality
Together they were OTMA
Olga and Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia
And now my poem is done
-I'm thinking of getting word of that last part about the poem being done-

The Poet
The eldest, always honest
A bookworm always reading
A poet completely inspiring
She has had to endure much
But she still has a gentle touch
Though moody and easily crossed
She'll give the honest truth no matter the cost
Independent and strong
With her there's no way you could go wrong

The Governess
Considered the beauty out of all four
Always willing to do any chore
Making sure things get done
But open to any kind of fun
Always able to put at ease
And ready to please
Practical yet fair
It's almost as if she's walking on air
-I had to find something to rhyme with fair and air is pretty much what i got-

Angelic blue eyes, always a smile
She knows how to make peace in style
Not one for yelling
Nor one for complaining
Bold and easy to talk to
That is why we love Mashka through and though
-I really am not quite sure i like that last sentence but it's what popped in my head while writing it-

and lastly but definitely not least...

Anastasia's Her Name
Jokes are fun at any cost
Not one easily crossed
Attention always sought out
You can always catch her about
Pranks are her game
Because Anastasia is her name

That's it folks... and if you count the lines you'll notice the Big Pair both have 9 and the Little Pair have 6 i laughed about that when i counted them the first time!


Having Fun! / What Songs Relate to Olga (Enya and Others)
« on: October 03, 2009, 03:11:48 AM »
Wow my first post EVER!  8) Just thought I'd throw this out and see what everyone thought... What songs do you think relate to Olga? I know Enya is good but the one video i saw got muted so idk what the song was (I believe it was DiamantaBralova's whose videos are incredible and are usually put in my favorites every time there is a new one) Fire away with your answers I'd love to see what people think! Perhaps there should be one for TMA too but I'll leave that to someone else I suppose! Kinda nervous this being my first post but oh it's all good I think! ;)

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