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King Peter II died in a hospital in Denver following a liver transplant (he was an alcoholic and his marriage to Alexandra of Greece was in shambles). Peter's sadness that he could not once again see his country had killed him. He had allegedly repeatedly asked Tito to allow him to return, not as King, but without any Royal title, as an ordinary citizen, out of the public eye, but Tito had said no each time. And so Peter, manipulated by the UK like a puppet-toy, had firstly abandoned the chetniks whom fought for the King. Then he called on Radio London that all patriotic forces of Yugoslavia join Tito's forces. Some considered that to be an act of abdication in Tito's favor, but some say he was confused. He had made quite a few mistakes in his life and in the end, the grief made him turn to alcohol and that resulted in his death.

Then there was trouble with where he was going to be buried, allegedly his body was even "kidnapped" by one side of the divided Royal Family - as Tito's communists had managed to divide the Serbian Orthodox Church, and thus the Royal Family itself.

The Serbian Church in Yugoslavia was by the diaspora called "the red Church", while they founded their own "liberated Serbian Church" in the US. The official Serbian Church in Yugoslavia did not recognize the so-called Liberated Serbian Church, and vice versa.  The divide lasted for 30 years and ended in 1992. It had divided families, brothers, sisters... even our Royal Family was divided, which is exactly what the communists wanted to achieve. Peter II turned loyal to the "liberated" church and so did Andrey. Tomislav stayed loyal to the official Serbian Church in Yugoslavia, and so did Crown Prince Alexander II. It was a tragic divide. Like I said, it ended in Belgrade, in 1992, after 30 years of painful divisions. Now it's all just Serbian Orthodox Church.

King Peter's death itself is not surrounded by mistery, as he had been quite sick and miserable for a long time. But, everything else, from his abdication to his testament (will) is surrounded by mistery. Allegedly, he left nothing to his son, CP Alexander II, except pocket money of 5,000 dollars. Mitzi Lowe claims she has the original testament as she was closest to the King, the other members of the Royal Family claim it's baloney.

As for Prince Andrey his body was found in Palm Springs, in the garage of a home that he shared with his wife Mitzi Lowe, a.k.a. Princess Eva (Anna) Maria Karadjordjevic, one of the most fatal and misterious (and deadly) women of the Karadjordjevic dynasty.

Who is this Mitzi Lowe? During the war she allegedly gave sexual gratitude to Nazi soldiers and was a lady of "easy morale". She fled Yugoslavia when communists were about to take power, as Militza Andjelkovic, a nobody. In the US she met and married a doctor of Chinese origin, and she had quite a confortable living, she was rich and respected in high circles. But, she wanted more. It is not clear when, where and how she had met Peter, but it was an ideal opportunity.

She nurtured Peter II when he was sick and had been his mistress for years, but they never married and she desperately wanted to become a Princess. She tried to hit on Peter's brother Tomislav but he resisted her deadly charms. Then she married the third brother, Andrey, and she finally became a Princess, she got a royal title and the right to inherit Andrey's property (one day). She met Andrey and seduced him on Peter's burial! Tomislav tried to prevent Andrey from marrying that "problematic lady" as he called her, but Tomislav could not prevent the marriage. And so Andrey and Mitzi-Lowe married. Militza Andjelkovich, a.k.a. Mitzi Lowe became Her Royal Highness Princess Eva (Anna) Maria Karadjordjevich of Yugoslavia.

Andrey's alleged suicide death by gass poisoning in a garage, in a locked car is very suspicious...

Here in Serbia most people that follow the royal events think of this Mitzi Lowe character as some kind of first-class bitch, a very cunning and very dangerous lady. Watch out for her, she will stear up trouble when the Royal Estates start to be divided and returned. But the good thing is that everyone else in the Royal Family tends to ignore her completely.

What kind of a woman sleeps with one brother, hits on the second brother (and he rejects her with disgust) and then marries the third brother? How would we call such a woman??

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