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Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Kniga v sem'e Romovykh
« on: April 06, 2010, 07:56:59 AM »
Do yo all know this:

Valery Durov, Kniga v se'me Romanovyh (Books in the Romanov family). Moscow, 2000.

Дуров Валерий, Книга в семье Романовых. М.: Наш дом - L´Age d´Homme, 2000. Серия: Культурное наследие России. Из собраний Российского Государственной библиотеки. Совместный издательский проект Российской Государственной библиотеки и Благотворительного фонда Владимира Потанина. 176 с., 118 илл

An already "old" book I had the chance to find. Many pictures of the Romanov's books beautiful edition; popular but serious. Interesting text about the history of books and library in the large Romanov familiy from Nicolas I to Nicolas II. The books they read and command, the books they received and presented, the libraries they founded, their relationship to book's culture. A good lecture time in perspective.

See here:
An extremly beautiful photo-book I had the happiness to buy a few month ago. Dozen of photos and newspaper articles are relating the 3 journey of the Imperial family to Nijny-Novgorod and his region (1896, 1903, 1913). There is no text author text, only archives documents, some already known, most rare.

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Tatiana and Vladimir Kiknadze
« on: January 16, 2007, 04:00:44 PM »
Reading Chebotareva’s diary I met for the first time the initial “K”, for a young officer who had a special relationship with Tatiana Nikolaevna. She was evidently in love and their little romance was extremely disagreeable to Valentina Ivanovna and Princess Gedroits. The first gave of him a very negative appreciation (I will provide those extracts for those of us who did not read the diary). But she did not gave any name nor indication of rang and regiment. Reading Tatiana’s diary and letters extracts I found that her beloved officer was a young “streets” (I do not know the English word) of the 3rd Regiment his Imperial Majesty called Vladimir (Volodia) Kiknadze. Kiknadze – a Georgian, at least Caucasian family name – was wounded 2 times, in the second part of 1915 and in autumn 1916. Each time he stayed a while at Her Imperial Majesty’s own Lazaret and then was sent to the Crimea. He arrived the first time approximately in summer 1915.
I provide this time Tatiana’s diary entries about him. We will meet an other favorite of the Imperial sisters of mercy, Shakh-Bagov, with whom Tatiana had a good friendship. Next time I will provide Chebotareva’s diary entries witch are much more interesting and detailed, as usual.

Then I sat with Shakh-Bagov and we played. Then I played ping-pong (little tennis) with Volodia. Then with him, Opochkovitch and Gubarev we played (a card game).

In the morning we were at the Liturgy. Volodia was there, Mitia and others. I was terribly happy to see them.

Then I played with Volodia, then sat with him in the corridor. Mitia was also there. They were very sweet. (…) We had dinner together. Then I spoke with Mitia and Volodia by telefon. Such dears!

Sat with Volodia. Mitia was some time. Then Olga came. V. is so sweet. (…) After dinner I talked to Volodia and a little bit to Mitia.

I sat with Volodia and Mitia. Then Olga came. From 12 hours I played the piano with Volodia. Sat together. It was very pleasant. (…) After dinner I talked to M.

From a letter to her father 16.11
Three days before… we had tea at Ania and 2 new wounded were invited. The erivanets Shakh-Bagov and your strelok of the 3rd Regiment Kiknadze and also the big Rita Hitrovo. We spent time very pleasant and comfortable.

Sat with Volodia. Very sweet. Mitia was with Olga near us. (…) I talked to V. this evening.

Then I sat with Volodia. Mitia was there. (…) I talked with Volodia.

Sat a little bit with Volodia. Sister Grekova made me an injection. Then I sat with dear Volodia and we made together a puzzle. It was very good. (…) We met Volodia and his sister Lika (Elizabeth). I was very happy to meet.

Sat with Volodia. (…) Volodia is terribly sweet. (…) At 8.45pm we went with Mama to the lazaret. I was with some of people. With Mitia, Rita. It was good, but very, very sad without dear Volodia.

Then I sat with Volodia. (…) So sad that I could not spend more time at the lazaret. (…) We went to the Vigils. Mitia was there. Had dinner with Papa and Mama. Talked with Mitia.

In the morning we all went to the church. Mitia and Volodia were there. I was very happy to see them. (…) At 6 o’clock pm we went to the lazaret. We gave all our presents. Then we all sat… I sat a little bit with Mitia. Then with Volodia. I was terribly happy. We had such a pleasant conversation.

From Olga’s diary
Malygin dear, his mother and sister are leaving to Eupatoria, Volodia too.

Early this morning arrived Kiknadze with a wound on his back (spina).

Unfortunately the authors of “Sisters of mercy” did not provide any Tatiana’s diary entries for the short period Volodia was there. We meet him in Olga’s or Maria’s diaries. Here are some examples.

From Maria’s diary
The 4 of us were at the sister’s lazaret. I made a puzzle with Volodia.

From Olga’s diary
I sat with Mitia on the bed of the Montenegrian, and Tatiana on Pokrovsky’s bed with Volodia.

Tatiana’s diary
I sat with Volodia in the corridor. Then we played with Volodia, Petrov and lieutenant Girs. (…) Then I said good buy to Volodia. It was so sad. He is leaving us with 8 others. They go to the Crimea.

It was probably the last time she saw him.

Servants, Friends and Retainers / lieutenant Rodionov
« on: June 03, 2006, 03:48:55 PM »
I am looking for more information about the Standart's lieutenant Rodionov, who was so close with the family and official cavaler of Tatiana Nikolaevna at officials dinners in the Crimea and at board of the Standart. Where and when was he born? Which carrier did he make? Did he stay faithfull to the family after the revolution? Where and when did he die?

Some time ago we succesfully read a page of Olga's diary. I scan this page of Tatiana's diary for 1916.
I myself tried to read it, even if the "gothic" Tatiana's handwritting is not always easily readable, and read it not too bad. This evening, I will post my version and some comments. I have big problems with the numerous family names of the wounded. Perhaps Hikaru will herlpful this time also?

Forum Announcements / An index for the Imperial Family's pictures?
« on: December 16, 2005, 04:23:45 PM »
A question, perhaps for the FA, but also for users.
AGbear gave somewhere the idea of such an index. There was no reaction, but I found that such an index could be very helpful. It could have the form of an index of links, or as it seams to me, an entire section of the board, for example "NAOTMAA's pictures" with a thread for each year from 1894 to 1918, with the maximum of information about the picture (who, where, when, source of the picture). When we do not know exactly which year, we could post it elsewhere, or in a special thread, and it could be moved at his place by people with more knowledge. In fact, it is relative easy to find a picture of Elizabeth Fiodorovna, Ksenia A., Olga A. and other, but  very difficult to find a special picture of NAOTMAA here, such themas as "Tatiana smiling" or "favourite picture" are not especially helpful and not scientific at all. Some pictures are posted every month, other are buried in old threads.
What about such a section? It is, of course, an enormous work to realize it, there are already so much pictures on the board, without any order. Is there any copyright's problem for that?

The Final Chapter / GD' diaries in captivity
« on: September 19, 2005, 08:15:07 AM »
Reading with great interest the russian translation of the Fate of the Romanov, I ask me something: why not using the OTMA's diaries? And do these diaries exist in GARF or anywhere? I think they do. We know that Maria and Anastasia burnt their Diaries in Tobolsk. But did they carry on writing a diary after? And what about the Olga and Tatiana'diaries? Why not using them, for curiosity, but also for a more exact description of the days in the Ipatiev House. Penny Wilson and Greg King insist on some events as the eventuel "Olga's drama", the eventual "MAria's romance', on the fabricated letters they receive, on the relationship with Avdeev, with the youngs gards, on the real life in Ipatiev House. Perhaps would we find more exact informations on these themas and other in their diaries? Or they are not open for researchers? My question is for the authors of the Fate of the Romanov, but also for anyone who work on the Final Chapter and know the Archives. Thank you in advance.

Servants, Friends and Retainers / Valentina Ivanovna Chebotareva
« on: August 27, 2005, 02:41:12 PM »
I am looking for the full edition of the wonderfull diary ot Chebotareva, who worked in the lazaret. I read some large extracts. Tones of very precious information, millions of details about Olga and Tatiana, there work in the lazaret. Was published by someone of her descendant (perhaps daughter) in: Novy Jurnal 181. New York 1990. How can I find it? Could you help me?

Nicholas II / Was Nicolas II a Free Mason?
« on: February 10, 2005, 05:49:18 PM »
I read recently in a general Russian article that the last Tsar was a Free-Mason and was quite surprised. I can not find anything more about that. Is this information true? Does anyone knows more about that? Thank you in advance

The Final Chapter / church services in captivity
« on: January 15, 2005, 11:35:49 AM »
The Russian sources have published a very interesting document, the Diary of priest Afanassy Beliaev, from the Feodorovsky sobor. He celebrated all the liturgies and services for the Imperial Family in mars-july 1917, confess them and wrote about these services in Alexander Palace and about the family. Was this document, published in “Istorichesky archive” translated in English? If it was not, I would suggest someone to do this work. People devoted to Nicolas II and his family must read this wonderful document! It might find a place in Alexander Palace website! I read also the testimony of one the priest who celebrated in Ipatiev House.
And that my question: does anyone know if the other priest and the deacon who celebrated in Ekaterinburg had to testimony too? Had the nuns of Ioanninsky monastyr in Tobolsk and the priest who celebrated in the Governor s house written something?

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