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I wonder who this really was?

For some years ago I read an article about this claimant in a Russian newspaper Literaturnaja Gazeta. Her daughter had phoned to a Russian writer Vladimir Kashitz and told her story to him. I still can remember the article although I haven´t spared a copy of it.

This woman has been said GD Anastasia Nikolayevna and according to her daughter she has confessed this to her children on her deathbed. According to a Russian writer Vladimir Kashitz her husband had been interrogated in the 30s and he had been asked if he knew that his wife was czar’ s daughter. According to Mr Kashitz his wife Anastasia has signed secrecy pledge at the local authorities that she would never tell anybody who she really was.

She could not have been GD Anastasia, as we know the remains of GD Anastasia have been found and identificated. But who she was?
The resemblance to GD Olga Alexandrovna is obvious, especially if you look at the pictures of Olga in her old days. These two women could be sisters, I think.

Thank you very much for the link Tiina -and the photo on it-! I've always been interested in the stories of the less famous claimants, included this bizarre <<Anastasia>> from Omsk. I've trying to find more about this woman since the last year and this article (using a translator -sad-) will be very useful for me, thank you again! :-)

My dear friend, you are welcome! I just posted this link because I was quite sure that this link might interest some of you! According to my opinion this Anastasia claimant differs from the other claimants in some way: If I look the photo of GD Olga Alexandrovna in her older days and the photo of Anastasia Karpenko, at least I can find some resemblance between these two women.

Sorry, I forgot to add the web address: The article was on the Russian web newspaper Omskaja Tribuna No 12 28th March 2013.

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / a claimant from Russia, Omsk
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:03:33 AM »
The thread for photos of claimants has been closed, but I still cannot resist the temptation to send a photo of Anastasia Karpenko who lived in Omsk in Russia and died in 1976. She is one of the various Anastasia claimants. I think some of you might be interested in this photo.

As a Russian teacher I have read a lot on
 the net about the pretenders, especially Ivonova-Vasilyeva. A lot has been written about her in Russian.
There were information on one Russian site that the girl who was examined by Dr. Utkin in Perm and who
claimed to be GD Anastasia, was actually Nadezhda Ivonova-Vasilyeva who managed to escape and tried to
get to China with duchess Urusova but they were arrested.

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