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Nicholas II / Re: Tsar Nicholas II's personal guard
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:16:59 PM »
I have been looking into my family history for a while now. There always was this story of an ancestors that worked for the Russian Tsar, which granted him nobility. The exact details were not clear...until recently. I got in contact with a distant relative who told me she once had a silver watch in her possession, which belonged to the ancestors who guarded Nicolas II. This is what she knew about him:

"My great-grandfather in Tsarskoe Selo in 1905 participated in the parade and Nicholas 2 gave him a
silver watch with engraving. Half the inscription is not readable, including the surname.
For a long time we were sure that it was written "Esaulu Semenovskogo Regiment",
but the captain is a Cossack title and, most likely, it was written "Esaul Ataman Regiment"

I wonder if I can found out more about this ancestors...

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