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Spala is about 100 km from Warsaw. It usually takes less than hour to get there.

Theres nothing left from the palace, but, like maksymilian333 said, you can see some buildings from the romanovs period. Anyway, Spala is a nice place to visit, with beautiful forest. Im going there next week, so i'll try to make some photos that may interest you.  :)

Rulers Prior to Nicholas II / Anna Feodorovna
« on: June 08, 2005, 04:46:41 AM »
I would like to say hallo to all of you. Im new here, and thats my first thread.   :)

I'm wondering what really happened between Anna Feodorovna (aunt of QV) and grand duke Constantine. Why did she left him? Was his raw character the only reason?

It's hard to find any information.


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