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Imperial Transportation / Re: Standardt Crew
« on: September 19, 2008, 01:34:45 PM »
Dear Lemon Drop ,
If you will ifm the Name of your grand father,
it could be checked very simply with the State Military Naval Archive in St. Petersburg.
The all of the private files of the crews are still there.

Wow, I know that this has taken a very very long time to reply but none the less I am back. My Grandfathers name was Kartonchik but we have lost his Russian papers and because I have no Russian language skills the Exact Russian is lost to us .. for the most part. His only surviving daughter, my Aunt seems to think that it appeared on his Russian papers pretty much the same. She speaks Russian but has lost all her reading skills for the most part. She was born in Canada. I failed to find anything in the archives even close to Kartonchik.

However, I did last year pick up from my mothers estate 2 pictures (photo's) that she had hidden from her family and my father for over 80 years. I can only think that Grampa must have told her not to tell anyone that she had them as she kept them a secret right to her grave. Her sister never knew of them or that she had them nor did my father. Did he take them from the boat when jumping ship as he had nothing else to take with him? Speculation for sure but intriguing none the less. I had them framed and preserved by the art gallery. and I will attempt to upload them here so that anyone that perhaps my have any info or commnent my do so with my great appreciation.


Well .. I am a web site administrator but I cannot find the button to upload with.  :P

Imperial Transportation / Re: Standardt Crew
« on: May 09, 2005, 04:22:20 PM »
Interesting questions. I too am presently very interested in any info that can be provided. I am currently searching out info on my Grand father as he was reported as a Cheif Stewart on the Standardt. He jumped ship in harbour sometime in 1914-1915 just prior to the revelution and stowed on a freighter that he knew not where it was going. It set sail and arrived in Canada where he met a Russian immagrant and married. It was the start of our Canadian family tree. I have no idea if I have Russian reletives but suspect that I do. Would love to search them out if I could. I'll follow this thread with interest. My search brought me here. There must be a reason for it.  ;D

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