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Alexandra Feodorovna / this Re: Alix' ghost?
« on: June 21, 2005, 09:15:08 PM »
Very interesting.I remember being told that in order to contact a spirit of a person,someone who is at least vaguely related to the soul has to be present in order to make a contact.I remember being told that once a bunch of current members of the British Royal Family tried to contact the then recently departed George VI.Princess Marina was there.Now I do not know if this is true,the clairvoyant did make contact.But not with the dead King Emperor.Instead the souls of Catherine the Great,George I of Greece,Alix and get this...Rasputin came through!!!And I was told it was because of Marina who was partly a Romanov!!!The clairvoyant told her that her ancestors and those connected to them were calling to her.Do not know if this is true.If it is does anyone else have a complete version.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra,Tsaritsa and Saint?
« on: June 07, 2005, 10:37:35 PM »
hi bluetoria i fact in connection to IMPERIAL orthodox church here in california has in fact used our lady of fatima,a very catholic virgin mary,and the very one that warned the world of the following calamities in revolutionary and turbulent russia during her apparitions.i am so glad they have used her.oh my name...well guess what?my paternal grandmother who is a Spanish criolla,told me they named me after maria cristina the queen regent...the severe one :Dseesh hopefully i wont end up as an abess...yikes!!1

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra and Other Queens
« on: June 07, 2005, 10:26:19 PM »
These two women were grand daughters of Queen Victoria the First British Queen-Empress,they were first cousins and eventually Tsaritsa of all the Russias and Queen  of Spain.But the common thing about them that stands out like a sore thumb was their personal and painful tragedy of being mothers to heamophiliacs and unpopular Consorts to their adoptive countries.Did these two cousins ever reach out to each other prior to the great war and the Fall of the Russian Moanrchy?Did they ever write to one another and discuss their shared worries?Did they give advice to one another?What did Queen Ena say after her cousin and the Imperial family were excecuted?

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra,Tsaritsa and Saint?
« on: June 06, 2005, 09:25:03 PM »
oh thank you it is so wonderful i asked because i am a catholic but alexandra an orthodox saint-martyr has done some assistance for me. :)

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra,Tsaritsa and Saint?
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:56:17 PM »
oh ok robert thank you.i was wondering.

Congratulations to Their Majesties,Her Royal Highness,and His Grace!!!What a beautiful name and so lovely to honor H.R.H The Princess Irene of Greece,Denmark,and Hanover the Infanta's aunt.

Forum Announcements / Re: 7 June
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:21:28 PM »
Oh Robert thank you for reminding me ;DI am new here.Happy Birthday to Her late and most Glorious Imperial and Royal Majesty the Empress Dona Carlota!!!It should be an official holiday in Mexico ;) :D

Alexandra Feodorovna / Alexandra,Tsaritsa and Saint?
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:08:47 PM »
Hello everyone,I am new here.First of all I would like to say God save the Tsar!!!and my compliments to such a beautifully created and dreadfully exciting forum.Every single topic just gets better and better.Now I wanted to know if Her Imperial Majesty the most Late Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodrovna was officially canonized?Is she now a saint worthy of being called on for help?Does anyone know if it is allowed for her to be used in the Catholic faith?I deeply apologize for such an old topic.

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