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Father of Nicoalu Sturdza was Ioan Sturdza (1761-1842), Prince of Moldavia 1822-1828. On this page I found name of Nicolau mother (Ioan's wife) Catherina but anymore information about her. Ioan father was Alexandru Sturdza, see, but I don't know who was his mother.

Ancestors of Queen Nathalie:
1. Peter Keshko (Pjotr Ivanovic Kesko) 1830-1865
2. Pulcheria Sturdza (died before 1875)
1.1. Ivan Kesko
1.2. Nathalie Bals 1812-1830
2.1. Nicolau Sturdza
2.2. Maria Rosetti-Roznovanu (died after 1875?)
1.1.1. ?
1.1.2. ?
1.2.1. Iordaki (Iordache, Gheorghe) Bals 1776-1849
1.2.2. Roxane Sturdza 1785-1844
2.1.1. Ioan Sturdza 1761-1842, Prince of Moldavia 1822-1828
2.1.2. Catherina ?
2.2.1. ?
2.2.2. ?

Thank you for these information. I didn't find any more information about Pulcheria Sturdza and her parents Nicolau Sturdza and Maria Rosetti-Roznovanu. Where did they born or die, and who were their ancestors? I only found this

I also found (brother of Roxane Sturdza 1785-1844, Milan's and Nathalie's great-grandmother). Do you have picture of Nathalie's father Peter Keshko (1830-1865)? His parents was Ivan Keshko (Ioan Kesco) and Nathalie Bals (1812-1830). Nathalie's parents were Roxane Sturdza and Iordaki (Iordache, Gheorghe) Bals (1776-1849). I didn't find any information about Ioan Keshko (when hi lived, died, who were his parents etc.)

What were names of Pulcheria sister Mourusi and her husband Prince Mourusi? I found
and three pairs Mourusi-Sturdza about half 19 century:
Alexandru (1805-1873) and Smaranda Sturdza (-1884)
Alexandru (1817-1878) and Adela Sturdza (-1905)
Constantin (1819-1886) and Ecaterina Sturdza

I dont know which of them are Nathalie's. Maybe you can find their children in that genealogy tree, if Nathalie mentioned them.

For now, we cannot find when Pulcheria Studza died, and name of her another sister, parents...
Are there any genealogy tree of Sturdza family on the net?

Thanks for informtion about Roxana Sturdza. I think also that Roxana and Pulcheria are in close relation.

Queen Natalia's mother,Princess Pulcheria Sturdza:

Very nice picture. Who was parents of Princess Pulcheria Sturdza, and when she lived?

The Greek Royal Family / Re: King Alexander I & Aspasia Manos
« on: February 25, 2010, 05:31:27 PM »
I have done a little research about Aspasia Manos and her ancestry and she was right when she claimed that she is the descendant of Byzantine is one of her lines:

IOANNES VI Kantakouzenos,Emperor of Byzantium,lived from 1295-1383
MATIAS Asen Kantakouzenos,Co-Emperor of Byzantium,lived from 1325-1391
Demetrios I Kantakouzenos,sebastokrator and Despot of Morea,lived from 1343-1420
Eirene Kantakouzene,basilissa of Morea,lived from 1400-1457
Stefan Brankovic ''the blind" of Serbia,Despot of Raska,lived from 1425-1476
Jovan Brankovic,Despot of Raska,lived from 1465-1502
Princess Jelena Brankovc of Raska,strangled in 1546
Princess Ruxandra of Moldavia,Regent of Moldavia,lived from 1537-1570
Ilias,Ruler of Wallachia
Alexandru Ilias,Duke of Wallachia
Ilias Alexandru,Duke o Wallachia from 1666-1668
Princess Sultane Chrysokula of Wallachia,died in 1694
Princess Helene Mavrocordato,lived from 1682-1722
Princess Marioara Rosetti
Michael Soutzo,Prince of Wallachia and Moldavia,lived from 1729-1803
Prince Georgi Soutzo,lived fom 1771-1836
Prince Constantin Soutzo,died in 1873
Princess Euphrosine Soutzo,lived from 1830-1878
Roxane Mavromichalis,lived from 1848-1905
Colonel Petros Manos,lived from 1871-1918
ASPASIA MANOS,Princess of Greece,lived from 1896-1972

It is also interesting to know that she is also related to the George VI,King of Britain,who was one of the witnesses at the wedding of her daughter Princess Alexandra and a godfather of her grandson Prince Alexander of Serbia...
Very interesting line. Where did you find this sources?

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