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Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Upcoming Books 2018
« on: December 05, 2017, 01:38:41 PM »
There is a book in the works going to the publishers next year on the battle of Tsushima according to the Imperial Japanese navy page It looks like it will be a very detailed account of the battle and the voyage of the Russian fleet to it. The author is using a number of Russian sources never used before. I have told him about Sablin's account.  Also Anna V's future husband was there, As was Sophie B's brother Peter does anyone know what ships they were on?, Lili Dehn's husband was a naval officer I don't know what he did during the R-J war. I will be mentioning the S.S. Fabrisky 2016 book. Did he serve in the Russo-Japanese war? Help would be welcome.

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Upcoming Books 2016
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:56:50 PM »
I glanced through a copy of " Caught in The Revolution" by Helen R found it good reading and will read it all one day. The Wall Street Journal also gave it good reviews. I have found a flaw in it one of the sources is "One Man's War" by Bert Hall. Blaine Pradoe wrote a bio of this man "The bad Boy Bert Hall" which states hall DID NOT write this book. He handed his diaries and some notes to John Jacob Miles and left for China. Niles wrote a heavily fictionalized auto-biography of Hall with out any input from him and published the book without halls knowledge or consent. Hall later embraced the book as fact because he needed money. historians and others have wondered why this book is so different from his other book "En L'air" written by him in 1918 which is also somewhat fictionalized. Note: both books are online.
Pradoe did a presitation on on this book at a league of WW I aviation Historians seminar called "The Bad Boy Bert Hall" which is on youtube and rather interesting and sometimes funny. I was there. Lets just say Hall was one rather interesting scoundrel. The book "The Bad Boy Bert hall is on I got a copy by ILL.

On youtube there is a good presenation "The February Revolution in Russia" by Dominic Leiven which also discusses the 1905 revolution and intervention possibilities of other countries

My take on what might have happened: Putin despises Nicholas II. Putin was also a former KGB internal security man. What the Russian people see in the news and in entertainment is of great importance to him. No one I think could have made this movie in Russia without him giving it the OK otherwise someone will get fired or worse. The centennial of Nicholas II and family's murder is coming up and it could be an attempt to make him look bad. 2018 is also an election year in Russia no doubt Putin will win again. Also with Putin he is really afraid of a February 1917 style revolution deposing him. That's why he has created the Russian National Guard a 350,000 man force independent of the rest of the military to keep him in power. Note: over the past decade or so every dictator in the world that got ousted makes him more paranoid of being ousted.

Thanks does anyone know what ship he was on?

Having Fun! / Re: Operation Rod of Iron: AU fic
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:24:50 PM »
Some comments:
The Isrealis in at least one raid against the Palestinians had some of their Commandos dress up as Women.

You mention a clothing store. It is possible for one to be in business but there were people all over Russia selling about every thing they owned to get money to buy food.

A rifle like the Fedrov Automat would be too big to stick under a blouse.

Note peasant women in Russia wore headscarfs. For a woman to wear a hat was a sure sign in the Civil war period you were upper class.

I don't think they would have had that much time to train for a operation. Remember things moved in the Russian civil war with sometimes WW II level speed. Denikin and his army were confident in the Summer and fall of 1919 that they were going to defeat the reds and be in Moscow by the end of the year.

I am not sure how wide the river was near Saratov no doubt during the spring thaw the river would be over flowing.

They did have outboard motors back then but I am not sure how much horsepower they had.

Comment: If you are a agent behind enemy lines and you are carrying a pistol in your pocket in the Russian Civil war period it would be loaded with the safety on if it was a automatic pistol like the Browning. You might have to shoot someone who is close by with the pistol in the pocket. It is also possible you could be shot in one arm, or grappeled by someone or knocked down. You need to have a round in the chamber ready.

Wow! Cool! Sadly I don't get Netflix no doubt I will see clips of it on youtube. and will post comments on it. I hope the producers do a even most of the way historically accurate job of it.

Some interesting comments Maria Sisi. However we are talking about a full scale revolution/civil war breaking out in 1905. If this was to happen the other major powers would intervene to protect their citizens and investments and property. This is what countries did back then and still do. England if things got bad would send a Squadron of the Royal Navy to do this and if things got really bad evacuate its diplomats and citizens. there were I believe several thousand English citizens in Russia at this time including a lot of tutors and nannies.
 Germany was Russia's biggest trading partner pre -WW I. There were also over 2 million people of German decent living in Russia. There were also many people in Russia who had both German and Russian passports. Add to this investments and property. Also Wilhelm II would think his hour of glory had arrived to save civilization from revolutionary mobs.
 Austria-Hungary also had large numbers of it citizens in Russia. Franz-Joseph would not be as fast to act as Wilhelm II but he would take some action.
 France the country that has the most money invested in Russia and it biggest ally. They would have to take action.
One country I should add is the US relations were sort of strained between the US and Russia do to Russian anti-Sematic policies. The US does have large investments in Russia. Also Singer Sewing Machine had a factory there and its sewing machines were very popular in pre-WW I Russia. One must also point out the US had a very energetic President at this time Teddy Roosevelt. Also Princess Cantacuzene was formerly Julia Dent Grant, granddaughter of the late US Grant. So if she got in trouble Teddy Roosevelt would send a Squadron of the US Navy to save her ASAP. That's the way he was.

Does anyone have any information on Anna Vs husband? Ron Moe in his book "Prelude to the Revolution The Murder of Rasputin" has him dying of the Flu in the Crimea in 1919? He was at the battle of Tsushima does anyone know what ship he was on?

In her book "Before the Storm" she mentions having a brother who was a naval officer who was wounded and captured at the battle of Tsushima. Does anyone know more about him? Like what ship he was on? She doesn't even mention his name in this book and it looks like he died in the 1908-9 period.

100 years ago the Italian army suffered it's worst defeat in its history the battle of Caperetto 24 Oct-19 Nov 1917 when a german and Austrian offensive broke through Italian lines and the Italians fled. For the last time in history church bells were rung in the Austro-Hungarian Empire to celebrate a victory of the Habsberg army.

Having Fun! / Re: Model warships
« on: October 29, 2017, 06:50:00 PM »
Modelkrak a polish company also has models of a number of Russian and Japanese warships from the Russo-Japanese War period as well as models of WW I  and II era Russian/Soviet armored vehicles. Modelkrak models can be ordered from Roll Models Inc. in the 2016 gallery area has a model of the Battleship Impretrica Maria named after the DE Maria Fed. This was one of the ships visited by the IF in may 1916 were a number of photos of them were taken.

In Russia there is a movie that has just come out called "Mathilda" on Mathilda Kschessinska the ballerina and Nicholas II mistress. it seems some Russians really upset about the portrayals of Nicholas and Alexandra in this movie. The Russian government is defending the movies director.

Note: President Putin does not like Nicholas II. he once commented that Nicholas II and Grobachev were the two biggest traitors in Russian history.


After some thought and research I don't think Nicholas would have done much more in 1905 if the revolution got worse than he did in real life. Nicholas soon afterwards regreted giving up so much power in real life. One must point out that the Duma leaders who took over the Provisional government in 1917 proved to be totally inept and I don't think they would have done any better in power in 1905.

Things could have been a whole lot worse in 1905 the revolutionaries planned large scale mutinies in the Black and Baltic fleets. In the Black sea the battleship Potemkin mutiny occurred before their plans were ready and disrupted their plans. In 1906 the premature revolt of the Sveabourg fortress and mutiny on the cruiser Pamiat Azov also disrupted their plans. Nicholas was also lucky that the Army and navy's officer corps remained loyal as did the railway workers which enabled him to move troops around to crush the revolt.

Unrest in the intervening countries Germany, Austria-Hungary and England there will be some along with a possible increase in terrorism. One should point out Royalty and government officials back then did not travel around with a whole lot of security except the Tsar. This is why so many Russian officials were assassinated no real security around them in most cases. in the Western countries terrorist attackers would find a lot of easy targets. Add to this there were Russian exile communities to hide in. This will lead to increased security and even slightly better security would have saved the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. So no cause for WW I FF  becomes Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and turns the nation into a more federated state. Kaiser Wilhelm II as the years go on is slowly striped of his power and Germany becomes a real constitutional monarchy like England by the time Crown Prince Wilhelm becomes Wilhelm III.

Getting from TS to Kronstadt without going via Petrograd would be no problem TS is to the south and Kronstadt is to the West of Petrograd. If you find a map of the area there are a number of roads you could take to the coast and take ship to Kronstadt.

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