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Other places on youtube where you can find presentations on WW II  and other subjects
The Dole Institute of Politics
US Army War College
Military History Not Visulalized

also see
David M Glantz
Robert Citno

TIK has just started Battlestorm Stalingrad S1 E1 you might call it the ultimate presentation on the battle a day by day account going down to Battalion or regiment level S1 E1 is in July 1942. Just the thing for WW II or Russian History  fanatics!

TIK has a number of other presentations that deal with WW II the ones that I have seen i am very impressed with the research and maps. I have just finished up with their operation Crusader.

There is an HBO miniseries just out Catherine The Great with Helen Mirren playing CTG

Scandanavian Royal Families / Re: King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia
« on: October 17, 2019, 07:18:32 PM »
Recently King Carl XVI Gustav has removed the royal titles from 5 of his grand children. Anyone know why?

on youtube there is a trailer for the movie Kingsman 3 which is during ww I and it looks like they have Rasputin in it

on youtube drachinifel had the the Russian 2nd pacific Squadron Voyage of the Damned a somewhat comical look at the Russian baltic fleets around the world voyage during the Russo-Japanese war. It has just come out with the squel: Battle of Tsushima When the 2nd pacific squadron thought it couldn't get any worse". Where the Russian Baltic fleet gets destroyed at the battle of Tsushima. Note the color film clips are CG made for a Japanese mini series. See battle of Tsushima on youtube for more of them. Also the paintings look like the work of Russian martime artist Vladimir Emyshev see for more of his works.

drachinifel also has:
Baltic naval war 1919-fire and ice (but mostly lots of ice) which is fairly good but a Sopwith Camel was not shot down by a red balloon observer with a pistol.

not a movie but European Film Gateway has a lot of WW I era documentary film clips at

Nicholas II / Re: The Tsar's Cigarettes
« on: August 31, 2019, 03:11:12 PM »
LDR has him smoking Benson and Hedges with the Imperial Crest. It also has Nicholas smoking Turkish cigarettes pre WW I. Post abdication General Voiekov sent him cigarettes at Tobolsk.. I would say in his final months he only had crude Russian tobacco or Makhorka to smoke. This has a real bad smell to it and I would say the house of Special Purpose stank badly of it. I have read that during WW II some German units put men on night outpost duty who were non smokers since they could probably smell the Russians before they saw or heard them. During the Soviet war in Afghanestan there may have been occations where the smell of this tobacco gave the Soviets positions away to the Afghans.

Rostov in the Russian Civil War 1917-1920 Brain Murphy "Under the Bolshevik Reign of Terror"by Rhoda Power
You might call it "Caught in the Revolution in Rostov" Powers went on to work for the BBC 

I will probably read this book one day. If I can get it by ILL

I have some comments it looks like WW II starts in 1938 for those who would like to know what might have happened if war had started in 1938:

Forum.axis What If? section post 9 Feb 2017 Retrospective WI Czech War of 1938

The book "The Collective What IF?" chapter The War of 1938. (spoiler the Germans are defeated)

This book also has a chapter No Finnland Station what would have happened to Russia if Lenin had not shown up

The trailer of the movie 1917 is out it will be out later this year.

12 has the 1916 book "The Jews in the Eastern War Zone" lets just say it wasn't fun being Jewish in Eastern Europe in WW I. One will note that Russian newspapers form the period are major sources of Jewish mistreatment.

correction it should be FFA 4b (Bavarian)

There is a book out "The Great War's Finest An Operational History of the German Air Service Volume 1 Western Front 1914" by matt Bowden It is a fine work on the German air service pre war and with its operations in the West in 1914 and how well it preformed. It looks like the author has more books on the German Air Service in the works. I will let you know when they come out.

Grif if you have any other info on Alexandra's or one of the other hospital trains belonging to the IF being bombed post it here and if you have a date and location I might be able to ID the unit that did it.

When the first of the great 1918 Offensives launched by the German Army began on 21 March 1918 that were supposed to win the war for Germany. I would say most of the German and Allied leadership time were spent dealing with these actions. For awhile it looked like the Germans might win the war. So the fate of the Romanov's is way down on everyone's list of thing to do.

Stealing wrist watches I understand was common by Soviet soldiers in WW II. Allied POWs liberated by them sometimes even had their wrist watches stolen by them.

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