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I, for one, have prayed constantly for your full recovery!

Looking forward to countless years of your contributions here and everywhere else.


P: I promise to play nice! LOL

Thanks so much for the kind words about my chapters! I'm glad you liked them!

Mrs Davidson,

I LOVED your take on the three sons of Alexander III. These chapters are sincerely among my favorites. I also particularly enjoyed Ms Ashton's take on Konstantin Pavlovich, who I believe has been much-maligned.

Please continue writing!!

Many kind regards,

Eddie Tash

Oh I see, so your gripe is an old wound. So you go off and buy a book just so you can come on here and bitty about something from the past?

So tis is not about The Grand Dukes, but about settling old scores – amazing and  – Wow, frankly, pathetic!

Eddie (Edwina) Tash

And what is wrong may I ask with using Marie Baden or Marie of Baden, Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin or Crown Princess Cecilie?

Victoria of Prussia, the Empress Friedrich, Victoria of Battenberg...three different Victorias.

Queen Alexandra, Alexandra of Greece, Alexandra Georgievna, Alexandra of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Alexandra of Adinburgh, Alexandra Feodorovna – All Alexandras without the need to use familiar names.

Alfonso XIII, Infante Alfonso de Orleans, Infante Alfonso de Borbσn, Alfonso of Asturias – All the Alfonsos, no familiarity in using these names.

So your argument holds no water frankly.


With pleasure – u know how much I appreciate the great work you do!



I have just returned from San Francisco and the Eurohistory Conference, given by Arturo Beeche.

"Honour and Fidelity - the History of the Dukes of Leuchtenburg" by Zoia Belyakova
"The Grand Dukes" by various authors
can now be ordered through


Got both my copies from them. Promptly and very satisfied as usual. lad the publisher seems to have defeated cancer, what a loss it would have been had he not!

Best wishes, Eddie

Iberian Royal Families / Re: Maria Pia of Savoy, Queen of Portugal
« on: November 24, 2010, 10:27:42 AM »
I was told by a very good source that a new English-language biography of Queen Maria Pia is in the works and scheduled for publication this Spring!!!!

Cannot wait!


Is it me or is anyone else jarred by the familiar use of nicknames for people none of us knew, where friends with or are related to?


The Greek Royal Family / Re: Books on Greek Royals
« on: November 24, 2010, 10:24:44 AM »
Royal Hellenic Dynasty is a marvelous book I treasure. I first got the Greek version and was overjoyed when the English version was published by – a great decision and a great piece of work!!


Much appreciate the delivery of my copy, which reached me over two weeks ago!

Excellent effort, loved the book, and those photos are great I must say!



I must respectfully disagree with your take. I found the book amazing. I got my copy about two weeks ago and have already read the book twice!

I guess I do not have such a huge hangup as you seem to have over a typo here and there. The way you make it sound is NOT what I see in the book AT ALL!! So I immediately wonder if this is yet another of the usual APA attacks on the publisher – which are contrived and filled with nasty envy frankly.

Each of the authors did a marvelous job with their area of expertise. I agree that Ms Davidson's take on the sons of A3 was fantastic.

Also must mention that may of the photos used by the publisher are wonderful, amazing, and quite a few I had not seen before. It does make one wonder what more they have in store that we have not yet seen?

Every single one of Eurohistory's books are in my collection. They are not a big publisher and I truly appreciate what they do with the reduced resources they have. It is a tremendous risk and instead of being minimized by spiteful words, these efforts ought to be commended. I also got a copy of the new Romanov Jewels book, which although published by a much larger, MUCH, contains abominable mistakes, like saying that Ella was a "staunch Catholic!"


None of Eurohistory's books have ever had such horrific information!


Iberian Royal Families / Re: Spanish nobility & aristocracy
« on: May 27, 2008, 03:20:14 PM »
Francisco de Paula (Jr.) has held the title since 1968. His first wife was Countess Beatrix von Hardenberg, by whom he fathered three children, two daughters and a son, Francisco (b. 1979), who a few years ago nearly died in a terrible accident.


The Duque of Sevilla's son was killed ?

...Are you sure about that ?


I think Arturo said that the Sevilla heir "nearly" died in an accident (see Arturo's original post).

Another cousin from the Santa Elena branch died in a different accident and yet another Bourbon cousin died in an air crash of a Spanish Air Force troop carrier flying soldiers back from Afghanistan to Madrid. But I have that info at home.

The descendants of the first Duque de Sevilla have been a tragic bunch. Quite a few of them were also victims of the Communists during the Spanish civil war.


Iberian Royal Families / Re: King Carlos & Queen Amelie of Portugal
« on: March 22, 2008, 04:44:30 PM »
A conspiracy to bring the monarchy down.


Yes Arturo announced this some months ago. How very sad. I got my copies of NR from Ferrand through Mr Beeche, who kindly brought them to me from Paris and did not even charge me for shipping.



Was it a work of fiction?  Or was it really based on fact?

Hope all is well.


Let us say that a lot of license was taken and the imagination was given free course. I enjoyed reading the book, yes, but found whole chunks of it to be pure fiction, which the author tends to do sometimes.


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