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Dear Violetta,
Thank you very much for that very useful hint. I've had a quick look at the site you mention, and my first impression is that it's not exactly intuitive -- I'm going to have to do some heavy reading before I get any sense out of it, I feel! It's puzzling, but while most branches of my family tree (jungle?) are proving relatively easy to get to grips with, the Dudziński branch is proving resistant. I'm hoping, though, that this Document Archive will ultimately yield some useful  information.
Thank you again!

Yes, Mike, I'd be happy to post a copy... if someone would explain to me how to post a pdf document on this site! Alternatively, give me an e-mail address and I'll send it.

I'm trying to put together a family history and am currently missing information about my paternal grandfather, Marian Dudzinski. I know that he was employed first by Tsar Alexander III (from March 1881) in the capacity of "Dietarius", whatever that may be (I have the beautifully handwritten letter of employment from the Imperial Court!) and later by Tsar Nicholas II, as "Smotritel Dvortsovykh Zdanii" (Majordomo? / Chamberlain?) first of Spala Hunting Lodge and later of Skierniewice Palace, until his death in 1910 from being kicked by one of his Imperial Majesty's horses!. Marian's two brothers (Józef and Czeslaw) were also employed by the Imperial Court. After Marian's death, his wife (Elzbieta) continued to live at either Spala or Skierniewice (not sure which), receiving a widow's pension from the Imperial Court. My father (Zbigniew) was born in Spala in 1902 and his education was paid for by the Court until 1917, when other events supervened!

All the above I only found out after my father died (in England in 1974) from an accumulation of about 40 Russian documents dating back to 1875 that had been squirrelled away by a cousin of mine. And I only found these when clearing her Warsaw flat after her death.

I wonder if any information exists anywhere -- in books or archives -- about court life at the time of the Russian occupation of Poland. All hints and suggestions gratefully received!

George Dudzinski

Thanks very much for finding the photo, Reco. I found some more interesting ones on the same website. There's even a good chance that my grandfather is in some of them, but I've no idea what he looked like at the time -- especially wearing a hat. The only photos I have from him date back to soon after he was married...

An interesting question, to which I too would like to know the answer!

My paternal grandfather, Józef Dudzinski, was manager of the Tsar's estate at Spala probably from the early 1880s until 1910... The earliest document I have is dated 1871, so it could be that he started working for the Tsar even sooner.

Unfortunately, most of the contemporary documents I have are in Russian and either handwritten or in a handwritten typeface, and I can just barely follow some of the Russian from its similarity to Polish. Quite a number start  of them off with "Bozheyu milostyu, my, Nikolai Vtoryi, Impertaor i Samoderzhets Vserossiyskiy, Tsar Polskiy, Velikiy Knyaz Finlandskiy,...", and it would be nice to know what they say thereafter.

I'm trying to find someone to translate them for me or at least give me the gist.

However, I would be very interested in finding a photo or painting of the Spala hunting lodge. I've not been able to find more than fragments of the place on this website or elsewhere.

Sadly, there's no longer anyone else to ask, as everyone from my father's generation and beyond has now died. And as for my grandfather, I never met him as he died after being kicked in the head by one of the Tsar's horses! (I have the bill for his funeral: 46.60 roubles)

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