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I have a friend who is writing her will, although she certainly hopes to be around many more years.  She wants to donate her extensive collection of books on Russian history and primarily on the reign of Nicholas II. But there are many books on earlier Russian history as well as books on Soviet history.  None of the colleges in her home town seem interested????  Surely, there is a college or university out there who would be interested in her collection.  Again, let me let me say that she only wants to include this info in her will -- she is not ready to donate these books yet.  Please help.

When I was in Tsarskoe Selo in October we ate at the Russian House Restaurant on Malaya Street, just across from the Alexander Palace.  Malaya Street ends across from the entrance to the A.P., and the Russian House Restaurant is only a few hundred feet from the palace gate.  We had amazing views of the Alexander Palace from the restaurant, and, as I wrote in another post, it seemed unreal to look out and see such a sight!    On another note, does anyone know what the old, semi-round building across the street from the entrance is.  Is it a hotel?  Just wondering. 

I was wondering if someone might help me.  In August I will make my third trip to Russia and, of course, am very excited.  While my husband and I are in St. Petersburg, our group will go on a tour that includes the Catherine Palace in Pushkin as well as Pavlovsk.  Since I have already been in the Catherine Palace, I would like to walk over to the Alexander Palace while the tour group is inside the Catherine Palace.  It appears that the two palaces aren't very far apart, although maps can be misleading.  Would I have time to do this?  Also, will I be able to tour the Alexander Palace on my own?  The last time I was at the Alexander Palace a Russian guide took us.  This time I would be alone since my husband wants to tour the Catherine Palace.  Does this sound "doable"?

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