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The Imperial Family / Re: Names, Patronymics, Nicknames and Name Days
« on: September 17, 2004, 02:24:36 AM »
Hi! I'm just curious... What was the name used by Sergei when he was calling or referring to Ella? Did he called her Ella, Elisabeth or Elizaveta?

In my opinion Ella was  very beautiful person both inside and outside.  she faced her troubles like a true princess and she did not show any cause of rumor and scandal to her or her family.  she was very content with her marriage because from what i have read she did love Sergei very much and so did he to her.  she also placed duty above all else and showed a deep love for her family by trying to convince her sister alexandra to remove raputin from court.  to me she is rightfully named a saint. are there pictures of her with GD Konstantin or with Dimitri?

I absolutely agree with you! Ella is both beautiful inside and out. ;) Honestly speaking, for me, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I know it sounds funny to admire someone that you only know through pictures and books. I remember the first time I saw her photo while I'm doing a research about the imperial family. Sure, I found Alix very stunning but when I saw Ella's pic, I was completely amazed. I immediately saved her picture in my computer, printed it and stared at her for as long as I could. I know that today we have a different view about beauty but she has a deep impression on me and I can't just simply compare her to the beauties of our ages. Ella was already beautiful physically and that physical beauty was furthered emphazised by the beauty of her heart.

I greatly admired Princess Alice. She certainly is a remarkable as a princess. She was very religious and always seek answers to her questions about religion. She had a very inquiring mind! She was very interested in medicine and even attended classes in Anatomy (Queen Victoria somehow disapproved this)! By the way, speaking about Alice's interest in medicine and nursing, did Ella studied nursing practices? Her knowledge about nursing surely helped her after she built her convent.

Do you have any informations about Princess Irene of Hesse and Prince Henry Prussia? about their courtship and how Irene changed Henry's attitude?

Like grandduchessella I've been thinking about the doomed romance between Ella and Willy especially when I consider how sweet and caring Willy when it comes to Ella. Ella would've been a better wife for Willy than Dona and Willy would've been a better husband than Sergei. He was romantic and capable of showing affections to Ella. Ella deserves a loving and affectionate husband. Sergei loved her in his own way but I don't like the way he treated her (he treated her as a child). Willy, i think, will never treat Ella that way. He adores her so much and I think if he had been her husband, he would've worship her like a goddess! :) I also believe that Ella can change Wilhelm's attitude. It's rather sad to think that she had no influence on Sergei. But then if Ella married Wilhelm and became Empress of Germany, of course her destiny would be different. There will be no "Great Matushka" who will help the poor and the sick in Russia. There will be no Martha and Mary Convent and of course, Ella will not die a martyr's death. There will be no St. Elizabeth to remember and venerate. So even I deeply regret the failed romance between Ella and Wily, it is still best that things happen the way they are.

Hi!!!! :) Do you have other photos of the inside of the palace? I wanna see the bedroom of Sergei and Ella.

I have read somewhere in this forum that one of the members (I can't remember who  :)) is writing a book about Ella. Well actually, I have read only one book about Ella by Hugo Mager and I am pleased to know someone else is writing a book about her. I think there should be many books about her because she is truly an admirable and unforgettable person.

The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: August 18, 2004, 09:46:32 PM »
Hi there! My interest to the Romanov Family started when I was 12 years old, about 7 years ago. I visited my friend in their house and we watched the animated movie "Anastasia". Ever since I was a child, I really love watching and reading fairy tales. When I watched the movie, it has a different and lasting impression to me. For on thing, it is not like a usual fairy tale movie. It is something unique and almost factual. I really love the snow scenes, the color of their dresses, their palace... it is really amazing and very unique. I rememberhow it gave me the feeling of mystery. When I was a child, the first thing that comes into my mind everytime I heard the word "Russia" is mystery. I don't know. Perhaps it is the people's way of life, their costumes, the winters, their huge and incredibly beautiful and unique palaces, the onion-shaped domes of the churches, the colors gold and red.... After I had watched the movie, I started looking in our encyclopedia about Nicholas II to see if Anastasia and her grandmother did exist. When I found a picture of Anastasia and her family, everything changes. Ever since then, I started researching in our school libraries and when I had gained access in the internet, I started researching about Anastasia's mother, Alexandra.

The Imperial Family / Re: Imperial Family Jewels
« on: August 18, 2004, 09:26:29 PM »
Hey! Does anyone of you have pictures of Ella's tiaras and necklaces? I have read somewhere that her emeralds were really beautiful and famous.

Oh how I envy all of you! I wish I could also see Ella. By the way, could you please tell me how to post pictures? Thanks.

hi there! i'm currently looking MORE informations about Grand Duchess Alice's work as a nurse. I'm actually taking up nursing so I want to know about her contributions in improving the health system in Germany. I know she was a follower of Florence Nightingale.

I have read somewhere that Ella was the "most beautiful princess" in Europe? What can you say about this?

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