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So, is there info in the book about her escape, etc?  Or is the book only about Alina in South Africa?  I am interested in getting this book, but if it is only reminisces about Alina, but nothing about the so-called escape, I'll pass.


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Granny Alena
« on: June 04, 2005, 08:35:41 PM »
Thanks JH for the updated info.  I was able to send an inquiry to the author about obtaining the book....


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 19, 2005, 09:42:40 AM »
It is interesting her fame and her claim hit high gear after taking up with Gleb. I don't think this can be discounted. We may never know who all helped her, taught her languages and coached her, but someone obviously did, because she was not Anastasia.

since Gleb was a reporter, it is possible that he just publicized her case so much and got her the legal representation due to his belief in her.  I am not sure that I believe he was CONSCIOUSLY coaching her.  I am sure all her supporters, to some degree, gave her info through body language, loaded questions etc.


Yes, I believe she was used by greedy people with knowledge of Imperial Russia. That is a question I want an answer to, WHO were they, how did they do it, and how did it remain a blood secret to this day? Will we ever know? That is the mystery I want solved, it's just a waste of time to go on about who else AA was. Of course she was FS! But who was responsible for her charade, who coached her, who fed her memories and taught her languages, who was the financial backer hoping for a payoff? This would make an excellent movie.

I totally agree Annie!!  It seems to me that someone, somewhere, would have knowledge about this very subject--who was behind the subterfuge.  In this time of "make a buck" over selling a story, you would think there would be a book deal or movie about the AA case.  Today, perhaps, there isn't the interest.  But after the release of the DNA evidence in 1994 and the height of interest in the Romanovs, wouldn't you think that the person responsible would come forward?  Unless they were all dead....

I suppose, it is possible, that FS was much more clever than we are crediting her with.  If she did this entire charade on her own, getting her info off reading people and books and tabloids, then my hat is off to her.  

She was definitely cunning, and mad at the same time.  Perhaps crazy like a fox?  :-/

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 18, 2005, 02:20:24 PM »
Lexi, didn't the Sokolov report discover jewels among the burnt remnants of clothing?  I would think that may be where AA got that idea of hiding the jewels in the corsets.  After all, the jewels were hidden in all the clothing--in belts, as buttons or accents on clothes as well as in the famous camisoles.

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: AA, Timeline for
« on: May 17, 2005, 03:40:33 PM »
I have a bear-esque theory for you, bear. How about this: what if FS's baby was actually a girl, and her family adopted her?This sometimes did happen to cover up for illegitimate babies in the old days.  What if this was Margarithe, Karl Maucher's mother? That way, the DNA would have matched even if Gertrude was only a half sister (though I still don't believe the half sister theory myself)

How old was Margarithe? Could she possibly be the right age to have been FS's missing child?

OOOOOO!!  I like this theory.  I wonder if it would be possible.  Annie, I hate to say it, but I'm impressed!  ;) This is WAY out of the box....

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 17, 2005, 07:24:54 AM »
Well, it is a possible that FS was paying a reduced rent, as a "charity case" or if it were a private home, Mrs W opened her home to her on a nominal rent basis.  Anyone know more?


Denise looked into the Massie book and told us that Dr Ginther was the one who said  the slide was contaminated since it didn't match AA nor Gills' Maucher's DNA.  
When I have time I'll post what Massie said in detail.


Don't misquote me, please.  What the Massie book said was that the AA DNA sample didn't match Margaret Ellerik.  It did not say that the AA sample was ever compared to Maucher's, as the lab that tested the contaminated slide didn't have the Maucher sample at it's disposal.  Of the 2 labs that received the DNA from the slide, only one was able to obtain a viable sample, which did not match Margaret Ellerik's DNA profile.  


NO ONE is being deliberately provacative here, and NEVER has! If you take it that way, it's YOUR problem.

I believe she is referring to etonexile's oh so snide jabs.  

I see both AA and FS as having the same ill defined "doughy" type of mouths.  Not in those two pictures, necessarily, but in all the pictures I have seen of AA I have seen the same shaped mouth.  

The eyes are a different story.  AA seems to have rounder eyes.  But truly, the picture of FS may have been taken with her facing the sun, so she as squinting.  We just don't know.  

And photo resemblance is highly subjective.  There are pictures of me that bear no resemblance to my usual appearance because they were taken from a funny angle.

I do think AA looks more like FS than she ever did AN.  As much as I believed her story (pre-DNA) I couldn't see the photo resemblance that strongly.


Bear, Anastasia had hallux vagus--basically, bunions.  Could be caused by tight shoes, etc etc.

And honestly, when was the last time Felix saw FS feet?  She had been on her own at least 4 years when she disappeared, because the accident at the factory was in 1916.  A factory job, standing on her feet all day in ill-fitting shoes could cause bunions easily. I have them from working retail for 2 years full time.

Bear, this is so subjective.  I personally see the mouths as identical, you don't.  Where is this leading?  

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 13, 2005, 07:57:51 AM »
They always seem to go off track, somewhere.  That is why I started a new one...

The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: FS as AA--Why and How
« on: May 13, 2005, 06:31:53 AM »
Are we back to discussing whether or not FS was AA? I'm confused. Or are we approaching this topic from the premist that FS was AA???

To be ON TOPIC (please!) we are saying that AA was FS, so how did she do it?

If AA was not FS, who was she?

I cannot give a name but I can say:

She was a woman who had no family willing to claim her.

She had no friends to come to her rescue.

She had no man to take her home with him.

I imagine that given the time she was not unique.

But it still boggles my mind that someone in this world can end up so alone. I guess one just needs to visit a shelter for the homeless in any city to find someone just like her.

So that is my answer to this question .

She was one of the many forgotten people.

My thoughts exactly, and more eloquently stated than I could even begin to express.....

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