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Sisi was probably judging Gisela by her own looks.  I think Gisela was pretty, but Sisi was beautiful.  Of course, Queen Victoria could also be critical of her children's looks, as could Empress Frederick.

The Windsors / Re: King Edward VII
« on: September 07, 2008, 09:29:56 PM »
I agree. She looks beautiful in that picture.  Maybe she wasn't Bertie's "type".  I was trying to figure out who the Saxe-Weimar girls were, and I came up with Marie Alexandrine
(1849-1922) who married Prince Heinrich VII of Reuss, and Pauline (1852-1904) who married Carl August of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenbach.

Pauline of Saxe-Weimar:

Poor Marie of Altenburg.  Of course she was always with her mother, she was unmarried and living in the 1800's, and her mother probably advised her on her dresses!  It seems that she could change her wardrobe and moving to England would effect a separation from her "awful mother".  I wonder if they were considering Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1845-1930) who married Prince Karl of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen?   

The Windsors / Re: King Edward VII
« on: September 07, 2008, 02:00:45 PM »
I thought I'd boot this thread up because I wanted to discuss Edward's VII's alternatives to Princess Alexandra in brides.  Yes, I know, there was a "7 Brides for Bertie" thread but it has disappeared temporarily.  In Christopher Hibbert's "The Royal Victorians" he mentions that Bertie was shown photographs of Princess Elizabeth of Wied.  He did not prefer what he saw.  The youngest picture of her I could find was this one:
Elisabeth of Romania as a young Queen :

Princess Anna of Hesse (Princess Alice's sister-in-law) was also a prospect:

I think she actually had a bad complexion or something.  I don't recall seeing a photograph of her.  Princess Marie of Hohenzellern-Sigmaringen was considered but dismissed as a Roman Catholic.  She later married Prince Philippe of Belgium.

Also mentioned are Princess Alexandrine of Prussia "not clever or pretty", Princess Lovisa of Sweden who was too young, Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg "shockingly dressed and always with her most disagreeable mother", and 2 princesses of Saxe-Weimar who were "delicate and not pretty".

The Windsors / Re: Photo Identification
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:02:57 PM »
Alright, I've got a question, can someone identify left to right Queen Elizabeth's bridesmaids?

On the far left I think is Margaret Elphinstone and next to her Lady Pamela Mountbatten.  The next one I don't know and then Alexandra of Kent. Next to Princess Elizabeth stands Princess Margaret, but the ones to the right I can't identify at all.

That leaves Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Lady Mary Cambridge, Lady Elizabeth Lambart, and Diana Bowes-Lyon.

The Hohenzollern / Re: The Saxe-Meiningen family
« on: September 01, 2008, 05:44:26 PM »
I don't remember seeing any photos of Charlotte in her wedding dress.  I remember someone commenting at some point that the Prussian wedding ceremonies were so time consuming that everyone was just too exhausted to worry about taking pictures. I don't remember seeing any photos from her sisters' Moretta or Mossy's weddings.  There is one of Sophie because she was married in Greece.  Also, a photo was taken of her brother Henry's wedding to Irene- it looks like it was taken from a balcony.  However, that was a good ten years later.  I'm not sure about Willie and Dona. 

I wonder what Vicky could have found wanting in Ella and Alix's looks?  I've always thought the two of them were so beautiful!  I wish I could get my hands on The Empress Frederick Writes to Sophie!  There are copies around but they're expensive.  It's strange that Ella, who was usually a great favorite, somehow rubbed Vicky the wrong way.   I'll have to look in my books and see if I can find any references- I seem to remember something Vicky wrote to that effect but not exactly what.  Alix was so shy that she seemed cold to most people. I can completely see Vicky chatting with Toria and Maud- I wonder if Maud got any of her ideas from Vicky.  I'm thinking about Maud's attitude as Queen of Norway toward's women's rights and her concern for the welfare of unwed mothers.  I'm sure Vicky spent plenty of time with the Wales sisters since they lived in England and Vicky visited often.  I can also imagine Vicky and Victoria Melita getting along well.  I wonder how Ducky felt about Vicky?

I think the children in the picture above are Sandra's- The older girl is Marita, the boy is Gottfried, and the one with her back to the camera is Alexandra.

Ducky loved Missy from nearly the beginning of her life.  Sisi was someone who charmed people she met- her difficulties didn't really bother people who didn't have to deal with her on a regular basis.  Missy clung to Carmen Sylva through a desperation for human contact and shared interests.  Once Missy got to know people who were more stand-offish she often could see their good qualities as well- like when she and Empress Alexandra discussed Carol and Olga's possible marriage.  In Vicky's case I don't think Missy had the opportunity to understand the unique character of a distant aunt.  Missy was too young to be on intimate terms with Vicky, not to mention her family moved about a lot and probably didn't see Vicky that often.  When Missy was married she spent most of her time in Romania, and visited her own family in Coburg when she wasn't there.  Vicky liked the Edinburgh children the best out of all her nieces and nephews, but by the time they were old enough to form opinions of her she had become more withdrawn and less natural in reaction to the circumstances in her life.

Sometimes I think Missy had a really hard time understanding people who were not as outgoing as herself and tended to judge those people negatively.  She loved Queen Alexandra and Grand Duchess Elizabeth- two beautiful women who were adept at social situations.  Yet others who didn't win other people over easily- like Vicky and Empress Alexandra- she wound up viewing sourly.

Vicky was also so stubborn and convinced that the English way was the best way.  Yet how could she not be?  Her mother was Queen Victoria of all people, and in her letters her mother constantly reminds Vicky that she is an ENGLISH princess.  Victoria didn't realize the harm she was doing her daughter because she had never moved to a new country and been obliged to adapt to new customs.  I completely agree with Vicky's opinions which were so liberal at the time, and I can't help but admire her strength in upholding her convictions.  Yet she rather alienated herself from so many influential Prussians with her outspokeness.  It seems that a little dissembling could have done her some good, but who knows?  Maybe no one in her position with her ideals could have done any better in that political climate. 

geet862003 makes a great point!  I never even thought about Olga not wanting to marry because she thought she might be a carrier, but it makes perfect sense.  If she married someone who wasn't going to inherit a throne, it wouldn't be so bad, but how could she not think long and hard about her parent's struggle with Alexei's illness?  Not to mention her little brother's pain that she witnessed much too often.  Olga was intelligent and sensitive enough to know the incredible risk she would be taking if she married.

The Imperial Family / Re: The Imperial children "sad,sheltered" life?
« on: August 05, 2008, 06:37:32 PM »
They may have sounded childish when speaking amongst themselves- when a person is with people they are very familiar with then often the way they speak is more relaxed and could be termed "childish".  Also, it was not uncommon for imperial and royal people to be unfamiliar with how to use money.  They ordered everything. 

Well, in that respect she was no worse than her brothers Nicholas & Carol.  Both of their choices in sexual partners cheapened their names & humiliated their families, as well.  Anyways, I thought this thread was supposed to be on Ileana, not her sister.

Having Fun! / Re: Looking for photos IV.
« on: June 28, 2008, 04:10:49 PM »
Does anyone have a picture of Gottfried, Marie Melita, Alexandra & Irma of Hohenlohe-Langenburg as children posed in a vertical line- with Gottfried on top and Irma on the bottom?

The Hohenzollern / Re: Princess Alexandra of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
« on: June 24, 2008, 06:38:03 PM »
I was reading in Van Der Kiste's biography of Victoria Melita that next to Missy, Sandra was the closest sister to her.  That's probably why Sandra agreed to share the jewels (which were hers legally at this point, it seems).  Perhaps the sisters blamed Sandra for getting more than her fair share of inheritance because they didn't want to believe that Marie Coburg wanted to give her more of her belongings than them.

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