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Tsarskoe Selo

Opening of the Lower Bath after the restoration – the last pavilion in the Catherine Park


Hotel and restaurant began to work in the restored “Bip” Fortress.

Exhibition in the Imperial Children's Rooms of the Alexander Palace

from 02 June 2011 to 11 September 2011

Tsarskoe Selo Price List 2011

(1USD=28 roubles; 1EUR=40 roubles )

Well now I have to ask the inevitable question. Where in the basement ?
Unfortunately, I do not know.


As I understand it, after the War when the Palace was handed over to the navy, a decision was made to strip away what remained of the features of the rooms associated with Alexandra but that this wasn't the case with the rooms of Nicholas II?

It is not right. I do not think that Nicholas II was better than Alexandra for Navy in 1952.

It was made before, in 1949, when the palace was open as a museum of A. Pushkin, famous Russian poet. New museum could not use the rooms in Art Nouvo style. But not all rooms were used for the museum exhibitions and architect decided to save old NII interiors.


At the end of the war conservation work was carried out in the palace and in 1946 it was handed over to the USSR Academy of Sciences for the storage of the collections of its Institute of Russian Literature and to house a display of the All-Union Pushkin Museum. As a consequence in 1947-51 refurbishment began in the palace, in the course of which it was intended to restore the surviving Quarenghi interiors and extant fragments of décor and also to recreate the interiors from the time of Nicholas I and Nicholas II. However, during the work many elements in the décor of Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna’s Maple and Palisander Drawing-Rooms, as well as Nicholas II’s (Moresque) Dressing-Room were actually destroyed. These rooms of the palace were recreated to a project by the architect L.M. Bezverkhny (1908–1963) “in accordance with the architectural norms of the time of Quarenghi and Pushkin”.

It is the AP basement. The significance of the water source was a supply to the Palace in the case of a damage of the central water system in the town.


Tsarskoe Selo

Special tour to the Alexander Palace (basement, tunnel and underground waterpool in the Alexander Park ):

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: Catherine Palace Restoration
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:18:31 AM »
Restoration is a long process and I think we see the rooms before the restoration. TS director Olga Taratynova said that the museum opens an exhibition in June in the AP (the 2nd floor).

She also said that they start to restore the garden facade of the Catherine Palace and the Agate Rooms.

The museum is restoring the main palace also. We see 10 restored rooms of the main palace and 4 rooms of the Chinese palace this autumn (when Oranienbaum will celebrate 300th anniversary of the town).

Hall of the Muses

Staircase to the second floor

Plan of the second floor

Hall of the Muses

Hall of the Muses

Hall of the Muses

Hall of the Muses

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