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The Windsors / Re: Sandringham
« on: August 15, 2006, 11:51:04 AM »
Great shots, Eddieboy...thanks so much sharing.   Are there any grace & favour apartments at Sandringham, or has it always been exclusive for the monarch?     I know that Charlotte Knollys & Dighton Probyn lived there with Alexandra, just wondering if any other residents were, or are, afforded the priviledge.

Is that based on supposition, Cunarder?

I had the impression plans were fully discussed both by the major players and the putative court.   One can see the mutal advantages, but, thank God, plans such as those were never implemented.


I admit to the supposition, Tsaria.  As you stated, we can be thankful that we never had to learn to what extent, if any,  David & Wallis would have collaborated with the Nazi regime.  I think alot of what is attributed to them regarding the plot is supposition itself, which over time has thought to have been fact. At it's simplest, guilt by association.  But I choose to focus on the fact that David didn't not want to be a king at all, even under Nazi rule.   I think at some point in the constitutional crisis over his marrying Wallis, he realized he had the perfect excuse for abdicating.   And did so.


What a sweet miniature, Cunarder!  It's a bit comical too, isn't it?   ;D   Did it belong to the Windsors? 

Grace, yes it among countless others commissioned by the Duke & Duchess.

The bottom two portraits are of "Trooper" and "Impy."

In the early years marriage, cairn terriers were the breed of choice.  This photo from the 1950's shows one of the last terriers.  The first, "Slipper" was given to Wallis before their marriage, and was present at their wedding at the Chateau de Cande.  Not long afterwards, it was killed by a poisonous snake, and plunged both of them into days of grief.  Wallis lamented "now the principle guest at our wedding is no more!"   In the later years, the pugs became favorite.


Cunarder, I love your posts and the wonderful photographs, but I have to take issue with you re the Duke of Windsor and Hitler.   They went so far as to hatch a plot that, when Hitler successfully invaded Great Britain, Hitler would re-instal the Duke of Windsor on the throne, making Wallis Queen Consort and the Duke, his puppet.   I do not call that a man of integrity - the Duke of Windsor, I mean!


Tsaria, I know of the "plot" you mention, as something that was possibly dangled in front of the Duke and Duchess like a carrot, but I doubt either of them thought of it as an legitimate option.  They were unimpressed by the regime, and personally repulsed by most of Hitler's men as individuals.  There have been many men with greater integrity, but I would imagine even he realised that a puppet reign under Hitler was too great a price to pay to see Wallis as Queen.   I prefer to write the episode off as a fleeting thought he entertained for a moment.


BTW, what WERE his feelings on Hitler?  I know he met with him, but you can't tell me he was a total Nazi, especially after the war and the revelation of the Holocaust and all.

David was no Nazi...I don't think he gave thought much about Hitler either.   What pleased him most during the 1937 visit to Germany, and meeting the Fuerher, was the attention lavished upon Wallis.   The Nazi's showered attention on both of them, something England refused to do, and in this respect, I think David was grateful.    Both he and Wallis thought most of Hitler's men to be coarse and vulgar, with the exception perhaps of Herman Goering.  From a PR point of view, the trip was a disaster.  In David's mind...Wallis was feted and honored in the manner he thought she should have been.

Unrelated to all this was the sad truth that David was an Anti-Semite.  At a dinner party, he once remarked regarding a court case that a particular woman was being defended by "some k*ke lawyer" whereupon Wallis promptly kicked him under the table.

He had his faults, like all of us do, but the allegations of Nazi collaboration are fairly unfounded.

Does anyone know what any children they might have had would have been titled, with regard to HRH or Prince/Princess?

If I remember reading right, any descendents of David and Wallis would have no title of any kind.   This "errant branch" of the royal family tree was to be pruned off where it split.

There was that rumor that they briefly considered adopting a child, and possibly naming him "David Windsor."  My guess is the feeling behind the thought had little to do with the desire to nurture and raise a child, but probably for other reasons less sincere.   Probably a good thing nothing came of it.  The child would have been raised by nannies, and shipped off early to boarding school.  The dogs were their substitute children, and no doubt satisfied whatever, if any, parental leanings David and Wallis had.

"For our contract 18-v-37" was the inscription on the clasp.   Van Cleef & Arpels.

The Van Cleef "feathers," given to Wallis,  Christmas 1936.

More of the Duke and Duchess...

I don't know jewelry, but even my uneducated determination is..."hideous."

In the Bahamas.

I like the Flamingo Brooch.   Stylish.

The Windsors / Re: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (nee Bowes Lyon)
« on: August 12, 2006, 09:20:11 PM »
I so enjoyed those wonderful passages quoted by Prince Lieven.  I love the details of ordinary days in extraordinary lives.

This jumps back in time quite a bit from the nature of the thread, but here's a few pics taken of HM from newsreel cameras during the war years.

Radiant in the sun during the 1939 visit with the Roosevelts in Washington DC.

At a wartime piano recital in London.  I couldn't help comparing this shot and the film "Mrs Miniver", with the Queen as a very real example of the same calm and stoic character played by Greer Garson.   I'm tempted to speculate on the emotions visible in her expression, but I think the picture tells more than I ever could.


Today's dose of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor...

With Daisy and Fred, the de Cabrols


RomanovFan, we share a keen interest..thank you for the thread.

I get a sense on this messageboard, and others, that the topic of Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor is something perhaps to be glossed over, mentioned in passing, then "on to the next subject."  Quite understandable, given the circumstances of the abdication. He did forfeit most everything about being royal.   But what other member of the House of Windsor has stirred up so much debate, and interest, than David?  I've often wondered...had he lived out his reign until his death in 1972, with Wallis, Duchess of Windsor/Cornwall/Whatever as his Consort, and them childless, how would the line of succession played out?

Among the members of the royal family in 1972, would Lillibet still have become Queen?


Thank you for this thread..I missed out seeing the first one.  My favorite couple!

David and Wallis at St James Palace.

During the Nahlin cruise.

At home in the Bois de Boulogne.

Bois de Boulogne.

At the Mill.

The Duchess in the 1950's.

 ;D ;D ;D I will try to contain myself, and not flood this thread with pics!  ;D ;D ;D

The Windsors / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Part 3
« on: June 14, 2006, 01:33:33 AM »
I'm sure you all remember HM's Golden Jubilee celebration.  Prince Charles may have given us the definitive answer when to Her Majesty's surprise, and the crowd's delight, he introduced her as, among other titles,  "Mummie." Seems so much more logical that her family refers to her that way, instead of the diminuitive and somewhat now ill-fitting "Lilibet."   But this is only one Yank's speculation.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Part 3
« on: June 13, 2006, 12:48:13 AM »
I can't imagine that anyone has called her that name in decades.  I do remember seeing a pic of a family photo Christmas card she sent to her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, sometime in the 1960's, in which she signed herself as "Lilibet."  Any evidence that the Queen Mother and Margaret addressed her as such?  But you do raise an interesting question.  How does her immediate family address her?   For her children, is it "Mum?" or "Ma'am?"   I would guess that she's not the stickler for royal protocol that her grandmother was.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Elizabeth II Pt 2
« on: June 01, 2006, 01:16:07 AM »

A wonderful idea...this new thread.   Here's a few screen-grabs from the dvd, "The Windsors."

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