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By the way who is Marlene Koenig- I am a newbie here!

Nada, there was a rumour about Young Affie (Alfred and Marie's only son) that claimed he married illicitly and had a child. Marlene Koenig says there is no truth to this story at all.

You are not thinking of this?  :)

Well it could have been that but according to this old friend of mine ( she is now dead) the family were very sure that 'he' (which one I don't know) had married illicitly to a commoner had a child a boy and all details of the marriage had been erased.  She also told me that the woman (the mother) carried a black box around with her all her life and when she went to hospital to die the black box disappeared!  All a bit far fetched but I have to say I was intrigued when I heard the story all those years ago.

The Windsors / Duke Alfred of Edinburgh (1844-1900) and his family, Part II
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:15:17 AM »
I was once told a story about 35 years ago by a woman who was then in her 60's. She said she believed that she was the great grandaughter of Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh( QV 's second son). She told me that apparently Affie ran away and married a woman and had a child before he was made to marry Marie Alexandrovna of Russia.
The grandfather of my friend, when he was a child was made to go to Hyde Park on occasions with his mother to watch the ‘carriages go by’.  Maybe someone was wanting to see the child. Also , as a single mother and child someone was paying their living quarters somewhere in London. They never wanted for anything. When my friend’s family tried to find information on the marriage many,many years ago, certain pages had been removed from the Register.  The marriage appeared to annulled.  Does anyone know anything about this episode. Sounds far-fetched but intriguing never the less.  The funny thing was this lady looked a bit like QV!

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