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Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra's Religious Character
« on: August 06, 2017, 02:00:55 PM »
Helen: I agree with you. The inner content of one’s heart is what God sees, and Alexandra knew that very well. It couldn’t be criticism based only on the fact of outward appearance. I later on remembered that Fr Yanyshev, who was also a well-educated priest and obviously, since he was the royal chaplain, his appearance was not of a peasant. However, that did not hinder Alexandra of respecting him and having him as a spiritual father. That shows that, indeed, she was not judging people according to their appearance, but she was searching for a deeper religious experience.

Превед: I don’t think that Orthodox hierarchs would be annoyed because of Alexandra’s relation to a real staretz. If they reacted to it, it was just because Rasputin was not a real staretz, but “something else”. In the Orthodox tradition, the presence of startzi in the life of the Church -especially in Russia- has always been accepted with reverence. Even Gilliard wrote about this in his book very clearly. Furthermore, to think that Alexandra would deliberately chose to mock any priest by any means, would suggest that she had no idea of what spiritual introspection is. Since we know, though, that she was so prayerful, we must think that her conscious was at peace before God. That could have never been so, if she mocked anyone in any way, be it a priest or anyone else.

Just my thoughts.

The Imperial Family / Re: Romanovs and Faith/Orthodox Religion
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:33:48 PM »
Hi, I wanted to ask you if you know whether I could find on any of the threads the daily program of praying in the Romanov Imperial family. I'm interested in learning about their religious life as whole, not on an individual level. Thanks.

Glad you wrote that, Tim. You know, voices must be heard. And I was very happy to read about the protests against the film. Especially the pickets of the protestors! It’s a crucial historical moment. Two so important centennials. The memory of them should teach us and remind us the tragic outcome of what had happened. I say it’s a crucial moment, because at such events there are always voices, and those voices -at these very moments- mark the Book of History of the world. So, that’s why I wanted to share with you all this. Just to use the chance to raise our voices and show that we listen to the voice of history and understand what others still try to distort.

A series of strange actions against Nicholas II has lately taken place in Russia. It makes one wonder: Why now? Is it because of the Revolution’s centennial? Is it because of the regicide’s coming centennial? Both? And the most critical question: Who is behind of it all? It really is strange…

A Film
“Orthodox Protesting New Film’s Portrayal of Tsar Nicholas II”

A new film, “Mathilde,” to be released in October, is dedicated to the history of the life of the ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. It depicts an ongoing relationship with the ballerina even after Nicholas’ marriage to Alexandra.

A Vandalism
“Monument to Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarevich Alexey in Novosibirsk Attacked with Axe”

A 31-year-old Novosibirsk man placed a ladder against the newly-consecrated monument, and, having climbed up it, dealt several blows with an axe. The head of the tsarevich in the monument, which was apparently the target, is currently covered over by a cloth.

A Hero
"Communists Lay Flowers at the Grave of the Murderer of Russia's Imperial Family"

On July 16th Sverdlovsk communists laid flowers at the grave of the killer of the Romanov family, the revolutionary Peter Ermakov. The ceremony was headed by Alexander Ivachev, leader of the local Communist Party Branch.


Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) speaking in an interview with Russian Gazette, asked rhetorically… “What is that? …it is slander against real people”. As for me, Jeremiah, I’m wondering: Is there a deeper meaning to all this? I apologize for the rhetoric question. However, one can only stand with bewilderment at all these; at least that’s what I can only do.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra's Religious Character
« on: July 30, 2017, 04:19:40 AM »

I’m wondering whether the following words of Alexandra can be confirmed as undoubtedly authentic. They are from Nicholas Romanov - Life and Death by Yuri Shelayev, as printed by Bob in his article. Here is the quote:

“So when I see a metropolitan coming in to see me, his silk robe rustling, I ask myself: what's the difference between him and elegant high-society ladies?”

I’m expressing this thought in the context of Orthodox spirituality, according to which criticizing the hierarchs of the Church is considered to be a very serious spiritual offence. Especially for Alexandra, who was a diligent researcher of the works of the Church’s Fathers, to say something like this would be really strange. The Church Fathers, and Orthodox literature in general, is very clear on this. I’m sure Alexandra must have read and known about it. And, furthermore, I don’t believe that a spiritually cultivated soul, like the one Alexandra was, would hold such ideas for clergy, and even more for hierarchs.

I should have said that my question is mainly with regard to Alix. Knowing that she has always been a shy person -especially when she was young- and so delicate in her manners, it really made me feel strange to read that she was “mean” toward Princess Mary at that young age. Behaving in the manner described by Lady Colin it’s really not the kind of Alexandra I have come to known.

Does anyone know why was such a thing said about Alexandra?


I don’t know whether this issue has been brought up before here. If it did, then please let me know the thread that dealt with it, because I was not able to find it.

So, the question is about an article I came across on Royal Foibles, May 6, 2015, which examines the “involvement” of Queen Mary in the death of Nicholas and his Family. From the article:

“According to Lady Colin Campbell’s recent biography of the Queen Mother, the meanest girl of all toward Princess Mary among her extended family while she was growing up was Princess Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt, later Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia. Mary and her itinerant family often spent holidays in Hesse-Darmstadt, where putting her in her lowly place was among Princess Alix’s favourite pastimes.”

Later on, the article gives an account by Prince Edward, according to which it was his mother the Queen that insisted on not accepting the Romanov family in UK. So, according to the article, Mary was actually giving a payback to Alexandra for what she had “suffered” from her in the past.

For the article:


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