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I just finished re-reading Massie's The Final Chapter, and in it, he mentions that Sokolov reportedly had autopsies performed on the bodies found at the Alapayevsk mine shaft.  That got me wondering what happend to GD Ella's body, and those of the Romanovs who died with her after Sokolov found them.  Does anyone know where they are buried?

My appoligies if this has been asked before.

Thanks for the help!

Hello all,

Oh I nearly forgot about her "knowing so many things"...well humans are social creatures and will often give subtle feedback (a smile, shining eyes, a half surpressed gasp) when someone else have made a lucky that "guess" becomes something that "works"...  


I agree.  Personally, I think she kept her ears and eyes open and soaked up as much information as she could, only to feed it back when approprite.  Besides, we don't hear much about all the things she had to have gotton wrong.  Kind of makes me think in terms of ESP; if a person gets a feeling not to get on a plane, and the plane takes off and lands safely, nothing more is thought of it.  If that plane crashes, the person is believed by some to have had a premonition and is suddenly psychic.  That's the way I feel about AA's stories.  The one's that were wrong have been forgotton about, but the ones she got right are pushed on the masses.

I find it intriguing as well since I had the impression that Ella holed herself up in the convent, not making many visits except to Alix (before their falling out).  As such, Ella never interested me much, but now my curiosity is peeked.

The Imperial Family / Re: Health and Medical History of NAOTMAA
« on: July 07, 2004, 02:25:18 PM »
It is something we never think of today when we get sick whether from measles or viruses that there may be a chance of our losing our hair.


It was also common to shave the heads of patients or cut their hair short if an illness was long-term becuase it was just easier for nurses and caretakers to care for (my gr-aunt had her hair cut for this reason).  

In the case of OTMAA, I'm not sure why it was cut.  I just remember reading somewhere that their hair was falling out, and was shaved so it would grow in evenly.

The Imperial Family / Re: OTMAA's Education
« on: July 07, 2004, 02:04:30 PM »
Please keep in mind that this is purely my opinion, and not based in fact, but I believe they knew about other cultures in their sphere of realm.  They traveled to Germany and England to see family, Poland for hunting (and I think France, but can't really remember).  In those circumstances they would have been exposed to other cultures, but I think only to the extent that they were to Russian culture (i.e. chances are they weren't told about what the life of the everyday peasant was like).  I'm sure they asked questions about what they saw and were given some sort of anwer, but all in all, were very sheltered.

I also persume that they learned something of cultures during geography class (I know I did).  But to what extent, I'm not sure.


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