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It may in today's lingo. I don't know about the time. (And Robert respectfully asked us to say 'gay' which I support as it's much shorter to type.  ;) ). As the only son/heir wouldn't he have to marry & father children? He was a dutiful, responsibly ruler. I think he probably was more bi-sexual since he seemed very content with Onor and even wanted his marriage to VM to work out until it was just unbearable for both. Or, like many gay men just learned to either stuff their urgings away for periods of time (ala KR) and have a 'normal' life or perhaps never married. Ernie married just a few years after his divorce so I think for whatever reason he wanted/needed to be married. As I mentioned above, my father-in-law married and fathered children (thank God!) before divorcing my MIL when hubby was 16 (but not fessing up until Bob was in his late 20s and only when he directly asked him). He is definitely GAY no bisexuality there--he's been with his partner since the marriage broke up . It was just the norm to marry & have kids up until the last few years really so it's really hard to use it as a barometer of anything I think. It is interesting that men about whose sexuality much is speculated like EL & KR, they married 'soft', mothering, nurturing women (Onor & Mavra).

You're right, of course, about the request to use 'gay.' I, too, hate the clinicalness of the H word.  :P

I hope there will be some insight into the GD's mind in the forthcoming (hint, hint) book by our esteemed compatriots.

BTW, I think I love you, grandduchessella! ;) I would be most interested in hearing your husband's story, as the adult son of a gay man (see! I used the G word!!). That is one POV I've been intrigued by. (Right, Off-topic...sorry.)

Y'all get a grip. Michelle is a child. She will learn in her own good time that the Bible is not the be-all, end-all she has been programmed to believe it is. When she does, and that has opened her eyes to the reality of today's world, she will have that great "Aha" moment we all had.

Let it be known that I am not defending her in the least bit. As a gay man, I am horrified by her comments and beliefs. But they are hers and I will defend her right to express them to my death. This is America. I would suggest, however, that she stop frequenting this thread if it disgusts her so much.

For the sake of peace and dialogue on this board, however, I would like to respectfully submit that if any one person (and this is not directed solely at you, Michelle) is causing discord, perhaps they should be banned from the site. It has happened occasionally at another board I frequent, and always to the great relief of its members.

Now to the GD. I have reservations about people continually refering to him as homosexual. Having obviously fathered children and played husband and father, would that not classify him (in today's lingo) as bisexual at best? Just a thought.


Re Victoria Melita & Kyrill from

The last two years of her second marriage were colored by some sort of revelation about her husband Cyril’s sexual life. “There has been speculation that Kirill was involved in behavior or relationships far more sensational and unorthodox than a simple and casual affair with another woman.”

Ducky died following a stroke.

What is this about, any ideas?

The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: June 11, 2004, 10:14:38 AM »
I came to know of the Romanovs in a rather roundabout way. I've always been a history buff, for as long as I remember. (True story--I didn't read a word of fiction by choice until high school!)  I picked up a biography of Queen Victoria in 4th grade. What fascinated me was all the history she herself saw as her life passed by. Somehow WW2 became my particular passion around that time and I read all I could about it.

In 7th grade my American History teacher noticed my particular interest in WW2 and asked me what I knew about WW1. I was surprised to realize that I knew absolutely nothing aside from the dates and that it was called The Great War.

Being 13 and not wanting to admit I didn't know everything :) I started researching WW1 and discovered Russia's role. That led me to Nicholas II and the horrors of the Revolutions. Shortly after reading N&A, of course, the Amy Irving version of the Anna Anderson story played on television. Surprisingly alot of my classmates had watched it and we engaged in furious debate. After that, I read Once A Grand Duke and kept returning for more.

Unfortunately real life has a way of pushing one's interests aside for a while. Now, at 31, having misspent my youth peddling shiny stones (as a jewelry salesperson/store manager) I find myself returning to my passion--history and writing.

I'm going back to school finally and hope to combine the two in something useful. Perhaps I can be among the first to write a truly accurate portrayal of the Imperial Family?!

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Alexei and Hemophilia
« on: June 11, 2004, 07:54:01 AM »
Does anyone know of the presence of the disease in the current reigning houses?

The Final Chapter / Re: New DNA article...
« on: June 11, 2004, 07:33:18 AM »
<<Jumping up and down, waving arm like schoolboy>>

Ooh, ooh, I have a couple of questions!

[Before I begin: Please forgive me as the recovery/identification of the relics are rather a new subject for me so I am not alltogether up to speed. Thank you in advance.]

Q1.  Re: Olga Kulikovsky-Romanov's interview excerpted here:


Does anyone know what she means about Prince Nicholas Romanov's behaviour at a press conference at the time of the Tsar's interment?

Q2. Re: Same article. How valid are Mrs. Kulikovsky's objections to the manner in which the "matching" was achieved? How sustainable are the findings?

Q3. Re: Same article. The Regaev tests--anyone know about them?

Q4: Re: Same article. Were relatives of the retainers (not the IF) contacted and/or tested for match?

Q5: Is there a generally accepted theory as to why the Tsarevich and one of the Grand Duchesses are missing? (Not suggesting they survived the assassination, just wondering to where those particular relics may have disappeared.)

Does anyone have pictures/links to pics of Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich? I cannot recall ever seeing one. Thanks in advance.

Okay, I admit I hadn't heard of this particular person before stumbling across this amazon website:

What I found most interesting here was the large block of quote from GD Kyrill. Does anyone know where this came from? Interesting how he manages to portray his self-serving treason in a wonderfully patriotic light.


Having Fun! / Re: Online NAOTMAA role-playing
« on: June 09, 2004, 07:15:40 AM »
This is not directed specifically towards this particular role-playing scenario as I have not seen it; however, I have seen on other sites a role-playing "game" of sorts.

I find this repulsive. When did we forget that the Imperial Family were real people? Who gave these people license to make such a mockery of a horribly and tragically martyred family? I don't understand.

Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: Who is the rightful heir?
« on: June 09, 2004, 04:28:10 AM »
Can yall just imagine the stress "Grand Duchess" Maria must be feeling? Only one son, only one chance to redeem her grandfather's claim. I hate to be rude, but by god, I hope that little Georgie marries a commoner! At least then *everyone* would be on a level playing field! Or, who knows, he may be gay. Plenty of Romanovs were, apparently.

Sorry, I just waded most of this thread and felt myself becoming more amused and uptight at the same time--and kinda thought maybe that's the way Maria is feeling.

Regarding the succession, my personal feeling is that Michael Alexandrovich's desire to have an election should be considered the proper course of action.

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