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As always, you are always on target! It has nothing to do with Ekaterinburg massacre of the last imperial family of Russia in 1918. I find that this becomes extensively tiresome as well, and somewhat of gossip! Always like to see your input Tsaria, it makes one rethink after you post. But you always sparkle like the diamond you always remain.


Spelling is always important when one writes, as well going over ones posts before sending them...."beyong"...and that is learned early on, for most of us, in the primary grades... ::)  Now as to whom is needful of broadning ones 'sources', Bear I have found to be pretty extensive in reaching out to find out about issues, as well really digging in to find resources, so I don't think that she is limited in any way; Bear also has her own extensive historical library; however, there are some who are limited in picking at just one issue untill it becomes tiresome... :P so to be fair, let's not pick on Bear...but as Tsaria has pointed out, those who are somewhat lacking after they have stated they have gone to one of the best of Universities in the world. Binky, never give up, that scholarship I am sure is waiting in the wings for you. Your a good soul with a good sense of humor!


this is a thread for academics ? so how many toes should we be counting, and just who, or is it whom, are those people, anywho whom are into academics ? I don't know about academics, but there sure are some stories being shared here...and there...but I keep getting lost with the cast, like just who is binky, pinky, and who ? Now we have it centered on that some know who some are here on the site, but there is question, on others  and their validity. I of course, am, decended from a royal house that is confirmed, and now just at present, a lowly commissioner, but as to others, that is still to be examined. I can be validated by a mug shot in our cities files. There, now, how say all of you, just who are you?  lol Ya'all got to identify yourself legally. Only one membership per person allowed here on AP!

Rich, I love the picture of your dog, he is a great looking dog!

P.S. Binky, you have been reading too much on the Wizard of Oz; Earthquakes have been happening in the East Bay, not SF ! :)

 :D  now its down to barifying identities again; chortle, chortle, yup, whose on first....I like it Rich. After awhile you start to wonder who is really you think there are people playing the part of more than one AP Member here ? Wow, what a mystery ! lol
What a pup !


Forum Announcements / Re: In Memorium
« on: February 21, 2007, 09:49:00 PM »
Dear Robert,

My sincere condolences to your friend, his family, and to you. I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one, more so a very young life.
A candle continues to offer light for your friend's brother, and for all the loss of life of those courageous soldiers who go into battle.
May we all continue to remember their lives, and continue to offer in peace all that war cannot.


The Russian Revolution / Re: No Stalin, no Hitler?
« on: January 30, 2007, 01:11:27 AM »
James your last posting was right on. You are so correct as to how Hitler played on and used the use of psychological games on the German peoples. But I always thought in my reading and understanding about him is that he hated the communists, and worked to eventually topple them. I must say that in the following post that it is a rather general statement to say, that people in general, can deal with losing sons and brothers to war. I have a feeling that times have changed and most people today are more than affected by the loss of life as it is today in the present war. While it is true that some may be troubled by losing silver, or their homes, it is to that by, how their loss comes about. I would imagine from those who have endured out right swindlers, that might be the most in difficulty to comes to grip with. Everyone worries about economic security, as history has proven. Self-worth for any human being is of course of extreme importance.

On your statement James, re : Humiliation at how the British and French divided up the Arab world with the Sykes-Picot agreement and became the occupying power in the Middle East, leading to the humiliation of the Israeli state and countless other defeats to a proud people. It isn't poverty or political dictatorship or even western culture that drives most of these men.

Would you care to send me a bit more information on the Sykes-Picot agreement? I think it would make for very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing your insight and commentary. I always enjoy your postings!


Forum Announcements / Re: Crash?
« on: January 15, 2007, 07:39:12 PM »
Thank you Walt.
Thank you FA, and Bob.
Blessings !


Forum Announcements / Re: Good thoughts and prayers needed.
« on: January 15, 2007, 07:37:26 PM »
Dear Grandduchessella,

So sorry to receive news of your grandfather's stroke. He is immediately in my prayers as well you and your family members. Please do keep us understanding of his grave issues. Again, my prayers are with you all !


Forum Announcements / Re: Good thoughts and prayers needed.
« on: January 11, 2007, 04:08:00 PM »
Dear Kimberly,

I'm so sorry that your dear mom was lost to this dreaded disease. I don't think there is anyway one can really prepare oneself to understanding why a precious life is taken because of cancer. I have seen my mother-in-law and many other fine lives working to defeat it, but for most it has been a very difficult and losing fight. Although her physicians did not tell her that they had also found a new tumor, and that the cancer has spread, I think she knew and had somehow prepared herself, because my husband says she now speaks about her death soon enough. I have not been unfortunately been able to visit her, but hope to tomorrow or this weekend.

Thank you my friend Kimberly for your kind thoughts. I shall share your thoughts with my husband and other members of the family. Your thoughts and prayers indeed help most sincerely at times such as this. God Bless !


Forum Announcements / Re: Good thoughts and prayers needed.
« on: January 11, 2007, 03:33:04 PM »
My mother-in-law has been brought home for the last time. Her brave fight against ovarian cancer has not been won. She went into the emergency room two day ago, where it is found that the cancer has spread, and nothing else can be done. We don't know how much time she has left, only that her moments be without suffering. We ask for prayers on her behalf, and thank you for your kindness in thinking of her. From our hearts to yours, thank you. God Bless.


Forum Announcements / Re: Sarai is back
« on: January 08, 2007, 06:19:47 PM »
She is a beauty ! Good health and long life to her. Thank you for sharing her picture. Welcome back.


Forum Announcements / Re: Orthodox Christmas 07/01/07
« on: January 07, 2007, 03:28:08 AM »
Dear Georgiy,

To you and your wonderful family, Merry Christmas ! I hope your trip is wonderful, enjoyable and memorable. God Bless you all !

 С Рождеством Христовым!


Forum Announcements / Re: In Memorium
« on: January 03, 2007, 11:27:28 PM »
Dear Tsaria,
Thank you for your kind reply. Unfortunately, my health issues continue, and I am trying as well with my neurologist to find answers. All we can do is offer our best to God above. Indeed this forum has allowed me to grow, plus find a voice, so it means much to me. I am indebted to the many who have given me support, as well, continue to be keep me informed, and involved.I am more than thankful to all those who are kind enough to remember me in their prayers, and continue to keep all of you in my'n, daily.

It has been a nightmare for this family of Bryan Tuvera his loved ones, fellow officers, friends. The vigil, and the funeral was something I won't soon forget. Over 3,000 people came to honor his person. Our Mayor Gavin Newsom, as well as Whip member of The House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as well as other noted dignitaries. Officer Tuera's wife, mother and sister were of course the bravest women I have seen to date. In their grief, they still held fast to hope, and offered uplift and peace to all assembled. If no one knew Bryan personally, after the eulogies offered, I'm sure everyone after, felt they did know him. In time, I am sure the family will be able to join in and with their communitie and offer themselves even more. They are an extraordinary family, and have much to offer. Our family is lucky to know them.

I am understanding of and about law enforcement in England. Knowing that most officers do not wear any safety gear even to ward off attacks, is to me a bit distressing. Now days, the world is even more dangerous and one never knows what to expect from anyone. The police personnel in the UK I think are very brave. My hat is off to their extraordinary bravery, and of how they continue to serve the countless citizens and commuities throughout the UK.

How sad to to hear that these criminals killed a woman police officer. Poor children to have to hear that their mother was killed. I can't bear to hear such news. Prison is the least these criminal killers should receive.

Again, I know first person how many officers step forward in our city to make sure our lives are kept safe. I know our Chief of Police, and District Attorney and both these fien ladies, are tireless in their relentless pursuit to make sure these criminal elements are swept off of our streets. Mayor Newsom as well is fighting to make sure that our city is and will not be beseiged by these criminal elements. He is working to gain more police personnell.

I shall indeed pass on your kind condolences to Bryan's wife, Salina, and her family. I am sure they are most appreciative of all whom care enough to share their condolences.

Thank you again Tsaria. May the New Year ahead, be brighter and with less violence everywhere, and more work in offering the blessings of lasting and abiding Peace ! God Bless to you and yours.


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: January 03, 2007, 10:38:12 PM »
My Dearest Nikl,

One friend who longed for freedom, to be taken from life without reason, is one life too many ! I'm sorry you lost your friend.
To twist history is more than negligent, and takes away from every citizen's connect of their origin, and of their identies.
Those of us here on this forum, and beyond, who champion freedom, truth, and honesty stand with you and your country.
For this person to state 'only 11 people were killed' shows you that this person has no soul, no consicence.
Don't ever think for one moment that statements as Zevezda, nor people as this will be defended, ever, not even in on these past issues of historical mistruths.

Dear Nikl, do keep fighting back and telling your story, and that of your country. We are here to listen, and are supportive. God Bless their souls, for they are not ever forgotton, but will be remembered long after our lives have left this earth.
Thank you for you and others who continue to champion all that is good.
Goodness always triumphs over evil. God Bless !


Forum Announcements / In Memorium
« on: December 27, 2006, 11:27:57 PM »
My apologies to those of you whom have not heard from me of late. I am battling illness that seems to have a heavy hold on me, and don't seem to lessen at all. I spent Christmas, as much as all of the previous days of the last two months in bed rest. For me this is becoming normal, but for the most part it is a difficult one in as much as it is slowly stealing my time and connect to the outter world more and more. This is something I have and or am slowly coming to accept.

Unfortunately, what was a terrible blow to our family and to my daughter most of all, was the news we received this last Friday evening. Her best girlfriend's husband was killed by an escaped felon with one shot to the throat, and another to the head. He was claimed brain dead. He was just 28 years of age. They were married just two months ago, and both were officers in our cities police department. [His father was a police dispatcher; his wife is a policewoman, her father is a police officer, as well her step father] The police officer killed of course worked the most dangerous of these police positions as an undercover police person. This young couple were planning their lives, and making plans for their first Christmas. His wife more than devestated, of course. Her husband was killed on the same day his father had died, ten years earlier, and one hour later. Friday is the funeral, and I understand it will be held in one of our cities largest cathedrals, and those in law enforcemtent will attend from around the nation. I'm sure it will be of positive support for his wife, and the husband's mother and sister. I have been asked to attend. I will attend. It's the least I can offer in remembrance, and as support to the family.

In today's world, I suppose not much is offered in thanks to all of those brave police personnel whom give their time, their energies, and their lives, to serve our cities, and to that of all our citizens at any age. I just want to offer my small words here in memory of Officer Bryan Tuvera, and for all the generosity he, and so many others continue to offer to make our cities safe from harm each and every day of our lives. It is a high price to pay and their are no adequate words enough to say thanks for all they do.

Thank you for allowing me to express my sorrow and thoughts here with you. God Bless !


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