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The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: December 13, 2006, 10:12:59 AM »
My dear friends, it matters not in this case if ones t's are crossed, or i's dotted, but it matters greatly if we do not have the mortal courage to speak out against past, present, actions towards any human being, be it one or in the millions.

I hope all who have read have made measured notice as well that when posters as Zvezda makes the choice to post what they do, it is done as a 'political statement' whereas Elizabeth's, Bear's, and many more are offered to point out the horrendous savagery of such a political system, and the actions taken therein against helpless citizens, and children, anywhere.

There is no glory in standing with one's foot on a dead person's body ever, because this is the lasting picture such a governeng process as the old Soviet system was. As you can read in today's news, nothing has changed with the long arm of such manevolent, calculated, intensified actions to murder just one human being in London.

That's why countless lives as myself, and people as yourselves, continue to fight from our homes, on our computers, in this very century, to make sure that the likes of such a system never again takes control of any peoples, or country. Fight the good fight, and it will return to all those who love freedom, the peace and quiet they deserve so well !


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: December 12, 2006, 02:37:18 PM »
I have been off doing small things of what i can manage to do, all the while perplexed by the overwhelming numbers of lost, murdered peoples A.G.R. Bear and now Nickl have offered. It strikes me doubly, I'm sure for many of you readers as well, when at this time of season, we think of all that we can as individuals, communities, and nations offer another, each other, in terms of humanity. When reading what the 'reality' has brought to light anew, it allows me to be thankful once again that I am not living in or under a governing process as was the old Soviet government. From all that I read, over and over on these time worn pages, it gives me paust to think of these once vibrant living men, women, children, elderly who loved life as much as you and I, with dreams far more than we can imagine. It stops me cold to think that these wonderful human beings were murdered not in a handful, but in a prohibitive amount of alarming, overwhelming numbers, beyond genocide !

We must not, and cannot forget these numbers, or that they were living, vibrant, human beings. No matter if you are Russian, Czech, German, or from any other country, the fact that you were controlled, made to serve other energies than that of your birth right, allows you to speak out, and make sure your peoples, your countrymen and women are never forgot. We may not be able to travel to a given place in history where there lives were taken wantonly, but we can, and must continue to remember them even here, on this forum, so that all peoples and nations will never forget the price they paid under communism. In their names, and for their souls I pray do we join together to speak up and out against governments as was the old soviet regime.


Thank you everyone who were so kind as to respond.

Kim the pudding looks wonderful ! Quite yummy indeed. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, lol. I will buy and see what this delicious conconcution is. Naturally, nothing is good as is home made, but since I am not able to amply get involved in cooking, this seems the next best thing. I am looking forward to it. How long do they have to cook ? By the way, what is that white dripping sauce ? I thought brandy was colorless ? Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to All !   :D


Two dishes that have always captured my imagination but never met my taste buds as yet, are the Christmas Pudding, and English Fruit Cake. Can anyone in Great Britain, kindly tell me what the taste is like, and what is considered the best, and from what store may one send inquiry and purchase said items. I am thinking to purchase it this year if possible, and have a go at both of them. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.  :)


Again it seems for you Zvezda, you love to quote numbers, but place no real sincere empathy, nor consideration to the vast horrifying numbers of human beings killed outright by the Soviets. Yes, you are a true communist, and probably an ex member of the politburo, able to gain access to records, and statistics as no other on this board. You may have had a captive nation for a while, but to date, you do not have nor hold here a captive audience, nor in membership to your views, etc. !

I see that you excel, and in all probability are overjoyed to show that you are able to share such shamefilled understandings.
By your successive postings, you are a reminder to all of the terrible representation that the Soviet Government posed to all countries, but more so to the people themselves of Russia.

But again, i must sincerly convey my sincere thanks to A.G. R. Bear, Elizabeth, Lexi and others for continuing to stand firm by continuing to offering proof of the realities, and truth which concerns the truth on these issues to date.


Forum Announcements / Re: ALONE
« on: December 10, 2006, 01:07:18 PM »
Dear Tsaria,

My friend, how could anyone with such eloquence ever even consider themselves alone ? But as the dear poster stated below, and thank goodness, we are never alone. In spirit, in mind, you have many who admire you, and think well of you.

Collectively I believe in heart, if not in sprit, here on the AP Forums, we are all together and care about each other. With your many postings as others, you, and others on this forum have allowed me to grow, to contemplate, and to excel and think apout issues I would not have. So in the gifts all of you offer to these forums, thought you are not some days physically, or in leaving a measured posting each day, what you have offered has been full filling both for us individually, and for so many after who will read what you so graciously offer all.

I for one, am strengthened, and happy that the AP Forums exist, and that members as all of you continue to offer valued interest in and of the history of these ongoing threads. Your persons are valued, and never leave me to feel 'alone'. Thank you Tsaria, thank you all who post each and every day ! God Bless !


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: December 10, 2006, 12:53:19 PM »
Thanks be to you Amelia ! In reading these quotes, one can almost feel the utter dejection, aloneness, coldness, hopelessness of their given situations. Whilst I am in what one would consider in any time, the lap of luxury, having the basic needs of life in my life, I can't imagine no 'light' in my life, the lesser of adequate clothing, certainly not warm threads to cover and secure my wellness; or walking up endless flights of stairs to get to my home, but be met with the understanding that there are no adequate supplies for even one person. I would consider the last situation of having my 'passport' in life confisticated, which as was stated, would be a bitter fate of a death warrant. In Siberia, there are no warm spots, and having to face the closure of my life in such an tortured way I would not even want to consider. No human being then or now ever should be treated or have their lives end that way. It was inhumane. In my prayers I offer remembrance for their souls, all those who were forced to meet such tragic endings. Thank you again Amelia for sharing these pages of history of the Gulags.


Imperial Russian History / Re: The Russian Soul
« on: December 09, 2006, 06:32:28 PM »
Thanks Lexi !
The soul of Russia is vast. Their spirituality is awesome. I think that indeed their spirituality is very strong. As i said earlier, even under the worst of oppression, the people had very little, but for them, their religion was everything, and still remains that today.
And for what you know, you know much :) ! I've never been to Maui, but from what I have heard, it is grand. Glad you had a great time, and no earth tremors greeted you  ;)

Elizabeth, I wish I were reading the book you have been reading of late. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing with us, its always lovely to share such insight.


Imperial Russian History / Re: The Russian Soul
« on: December 09, 2006, 06:13:35 PM »
Hi Lexi  :D, Welcome back from Maui !
I also have been reading Elizabeth's latest posting, and it made me really think about it. In some ways I have to agree that Americans always seem to have the optimistic face on most things. But as Elizabeth has already stated, when comparing it with the historical events of Russia, Russians certainly do have more to address, long term. Now, I have heard both Americans, as well as Russians say to not put too much thought to issues that might be overwhelming, move on, don't dwell. I also have heard Russians more times when asked about how difficult things were for them on issues that would have been overwhelming for most in the west, to minimize, and say lesser of what they had faced. This was with both men and women. Teens however seemed to be more open, and easier to draw conversation from on these issues.

I don't think that Russians have lack of motivation necessarily. When it comes to certain things, they have excelled and rebuilt their energies, and in some light the very soul of Russia. But, again in reading what you have shared Lexi, I think it may well come from generations of oppression, but never lack of spiritual understanding, for in that and during WWII, the Russian people flocked to their churches, and was reason for the backbone of Russians fighting to the bitter end. Just my small kopeck  :)


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: Space Alien Intervention.......
« on: December 09, 2006, 05:50:28 PM »
I believe for both domisticated pets, as well as those in the wild, the following terms have been used :
animal supporter; champion[ing] for animals;  advocate[ing] for animals; and or animal sponsor
in each of the above 'care' is already understood.
There is also the word, defender of, for, the defenseless...


The Myth and Legends of Survivors / Re: Space Alien Intervention.......
« on: December 09, 2006, 03:29:30 PM »
Aye Bear, as far as most of us members know, Bob says that ALL are welcome on all his threads !  :D
I have a fine cat to offer for view, but can't seem to get it on the screen.
Yours looks fine and proper, and to heck with them crystal dishes...
Darn, that's sure a deep well there isn't it ?


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: December 09, 2006, 11:13:05 AM »

From your description, it is the right place to post ! Perhaps you could share some of the passages with us ? I'm sure it could shed some corborating facts for Elizabeth and others in their argument to date...Nice to hear from you ! :)



You and others by now must be able to see how transparant this person is, really ! In your first sentence below, you have already captured what it is that this person does repeatedly, as did the old 'fossils of the soviet government. They twisted words, made them worthless to the population (wherever they were in any country) so that they always seemed to be in leadership. But you, and every free person in the world knows now as most of Russia does today, that the old soviet goverment never worked then, and is thank goodness, totally defunct, kaput, finished today !   :D

Zvezda, can slip and slid all she wants, but the major facts speak for themselves. And for the record my dear friends, she is for the most part a minority in thought, certainly in bringing false facts to light.

For the most part, it is pure hilarity to read what she is quoting and using to justify her arguments. No real scholar, or historian will ever, and could ever swallow such garbage. Thank goodness the party line is over, and all these peoples, countries are once again free to govern themselves and follow the wishes of their citizens. Russians are getting the hang of things as well, and soon most of those who think as Zvezda will become ghosts of the past.

Keep up the good fight my friends, the good fight !


« on: December 06, 2006, 06:54:47 PM »
God Almighty, of course it is murder. So evil one can't properly conprehend or take it all in. It is vile and unprecedented.
Thanks always for the updates Tsaria !


The Russian Revolution / Re: Soviet Atrocities
« on: December 06, 2006, 06:47:41 PM »
I have never seen, nor do i continue to see on this forum any long line of peoples looking to find or live int such a state as the old Soviet Union presented. I also must agree with you Janet_W, that we all must have been born in the wrong country and era. Wow to think we missed all that, especially that shortenin bread ! One would think this person is trying to drum up business and have others join in to being supportive of the old day return of the Soviet Union. I seriously don't think so....

I wonder if this person who writes so glowingly has ever had the privledge of staying in a Gulag, or he/she of their family members, or friends ? Is this person now living in Russia today? Are they part of the political lanscape? Are they part of the old burned out Soviet State ? Who indeed is this writer, Zvezda ? They certainly write like they miss the old days, and being part of a system that enjoyed destroying millions of lives, and killing as well ?

This person rattles off death rates like the stock exchange, without emotion, or concern.
Sounds almost like the profile of those who murdered the agent in London. Makes one wonder how these kind of people can look in the mirror and say, 'i am a human being'....Well they were just as brutal in the Soviet period, and I don't think by theis person's writing, much has changed with some people at all...


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