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'To uproot, destroy the nationalist roots on the linguistic front,' 'Nationalist danger on the linguistic front,' 'To finish off the enemy,' 'Liquidate the nationalist sabotage in Soviet physics terminology'"

This is exactly what the Soviets did to all nations, and in confronting the very citizens of these nations, they entered. Their aim was to make sure that their roots were destroyed, their language denied, their culture as well, and everyone became a controlled soviet citizen !.

Thank goodness you Elizabeth and Tsarfan are fighting back and making sure that the history of what the Soviets did is not glossed over and left as this person wants all to believe. Thank you !


« on: November 29, 2006, 01:40:41 PM »
With this new report, I would hope that all countries, and law enforcement agencies would come together to really offer all support possible. There may as yet be no movement to state that a crime has been committed, but with the very important fact, that radiation has been found on two aircraft, plus other significant places, it needs every available avenue followed up on. To our knowledge, this is the first time anything as this has transpired, but it must be made an universal understanding, that this should set a legal stance that no citizen from any country, even those with immunity now, are to be allowed to go scott free.

Thank you for the update HelenA.


« on: November 26, 2006, 04:11:16 PM »
I am glad to see that you as well can see that the skinheads are more than just a rumor to be of problems. They are a blind sight, and i think that they may have well got out of control. I don't know why the authorities, the government has not stepped in to catch this at the onset.

I'm sure the average citizen, who is well read must be saying quietly to themselves, who can i really count on when the rough get going ? In about two years we have seen an absolute outrage in loss of life of well known russian citizens, and nary any follow up.

It's a hoot reading that Scotland Yard has asked for Russia's assist in the case of posining the agent. Has anyone heard that Russia or Putin himself will be offering full assist ? Not on your nelly !

I agree, in the near future, there will be a disastrous downfall. Its all such a sham to say that the Russian economy is great, when one reads what they have done with Yukos. Thanks Lucien for the links again. Wondering when the other shoe will drop...


« on: November 26, 2006, 12:40:30 AM »
It has been stated by some journalists that the killing of this agent had something to do with the Yukos case, and with the recent killing of the woman journalist.

Can anyone please give a brief understanding as to what the Yukos case is about and how Putin is involved, as well as whom are the others involved ?

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to share with the readers.


« on: November 25, 2006, 06:11:11 PM »
Thank you Lucien for your links to the news article in Britan. As I read through each one, a thought of the past hit me very deeply, that had to do with when the Soviets were promising the people that they would build housing for all. They built fast and ready made housing, but what was used, and how they were buit, would prove to be fatal in construction, and in building trust to those who would live in these housing projects.

I think Putin and company may well be using the sameness of beguiling, betwitching, and finally betraying not only those at home but to the whole of the global community. The outright murder of this spy tells you that at this level, no matter where you are, nobody is safe. Whomever were in the company of killing him were 'experts' in their field, and made sure there would be no way out. It is a message to all who would cross Russia, or anyone in authority in Russia, that they will stop at nothing to kill whom they don't want. But I also think that this spy had something of a specific nature that could spell the ousting of Putin. Only time will tell.

The words of the article Lucien linked to also left me with great doubt about the Russian Federation and Putin :
"The Economist recently cautioned that Russia was heading towards fascism: blustery, bossy and brutal. It will have particular Russian features too, chiefly extraordinary corruption, waste and incompetence" End Quote

Russia is indeed worried about facism, but nothing it seems is being done to combat it. The corruption of course goes on, and on..


« on: November 22, 2006, 10:23:31 PM »
Hi Katherine,

I also think it was someone in the administration as well, if not the Russian Mafia.
The PBS report was riviting. I had not never seen any pictures of Anna Politkovskaya, and strangely enough, her whole person shone through in just viewing her on the tele. She was a dedicated journalist, and I am happy to know she really made sure that 'truth' (pravda) always came first in her reporting. It was a terrible loss in losing her as a voice for justice in and of Russia.
I also hope that Litvinenko will recover, soon.
Perhaps it is one reason I no longer subscribe to newspapers. There seems to be such address of violence, everywhere.
In this season to come, I hope we may be offered a full measure of people and countries united in offering citizens everywhere their rights, and of course, peace at home.


« on: November 22, 2006, 11:32:05 AM »
Heard on Moscow news, a noted Moscow banker was assassinated yesterday, or day before yesterday in Moscow.
I wonder if it is still part of the same team that killed that other known Russian banker.
Something obviously is happening and I think it must have international repercussions.

What do you think Elizabeth, Tsaria ?


« on: November 21, 2006, 02:43:10 PM »

I'm probably using the wrong glasses, but I could swear I have yet to post on this thread anything ? Perhaps you got me confused with another poster ?

Quote :
Just what "ramifications"  are you so terrified of, Tania? I see no panic in the streets here in London. I am still involved with Russia and no plans have been changed because of these events. The latest-objective- opinions and analysis of this incident points to a personal vendetta between business interests, using former agents. End Quote


What you have just stated is in fact what family, friends, and visitors have shared with us about Russia to date. Elizabeth you really do understand and state the point quite well. The average expectation of Russian citizens of their leadership has changed very little, if at all, even more under the Soviet system. I really don't see Russia changing very much until real positive strides to reform are allowed. What percentage of the populace is really reaping rewards presently ?

They say there is economic reform underway and Russia is self supporting, not needing any international financial loans, but I wonder much more politically what really is hiding behind the scenes. Yes, the west is welcoming Russia into the banking industry, but why?

Tsarfan is correct about what has just transpired of that person now in the British hospital. Nothing has really changed, I mean, has it really ? Who are we really welcoming to the table, and asking to break bread with ? What is Putin really engineering to date?



I don't think any statement could sum it up better than this last one :

"Well, now you're envisioning the Russian revolution taking place over a half century after it did - I don't think this is realistic, even as a hypothetical scenario. If Russia could have survived the first several decades of the twentieth century as a fledgling constitutional monarchy, then I don't believe there ever would have been a revolution, much less in the 1960s or 1970s. Instead Russia's democracy would have matured, the radical intelligentsia would gradually have been consigned to the lunatic fringe, and the entire country would no doubt be on a completely different track than it is now. Indeed Russia might even have become an economic powerhouse like modern China. They had the talent, they had the population - back in 1917. If only they could have kept their human capital intact until now - who knows what wonders they might have achieved. What a waste."

I and so many more wonder indeed, 'what wonders might have been achieved'. Your right, it was a waste !



obviously, some posters are getting credentialed status confused with offering real historical facts with hysterical meandering...This is really getting stale to most readers in some posters deliberate focusing on the 'big T' issue, and as an adult one would think one would really abide by the center of focus in addressing the subject many times must posters be looking at this over and over ????  get a grip, or should two slices be provided for those without ?  :D

Children are still coming to these threads, so kindly think before you post, thank you !


i can't help after viewing this thread and others, but rofmao myself when i see people trying to figure out who people are as Heino tammet, when most of the people here are not able to even give their real names; now that is a laugh and a half isn't it ? some threads really are a hoot!


Forum Announcements / Re: Lisa's Mother in Hospital
« on: November 16, 2006, 12:25:43 PM »

Your mom and family are already in my daily prayers. Please keep us informed on her well being.


I know what you mean, and wonder if everyone is who they say they are...

The Final Chapter / Re: Questions about the missing bodies
« on: November 14, 2006, 11:12:04 AM »
...know it's off topic, but hope your mother is getting better Bear ! God bless!

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