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The Hesse-Darmstadts (Hesse and by Rhine) / Re: Schlossmuseum
« on: May 25, 2009, 06:36:21 AM »
There is to be a meeting of the "Bürgerinitiative" at 19:30 today (25/05/09) in the Schlossmuseum to discuss the latest developements. All are welcome.
(Sorry for the late input, but I have been on vacation and only found out today)


Hello Helen, it has been a while since I posted here so I hope this works....

Thomas probably hasn't posted a link to a petition website because, to my knowledge, there just isn't one.
I only heard of the closure about a month ago through my partner who started working at the Jagdschloss Kranichstein recently.
It is a sad but true fact that even living in the same town doesn't mean you know all of what is going on here. I am not a regular visitor to the museum and I rarely read the local newspaper. Having found out I immediately signed the petition in the porcelain museum. You can only sign once for obvious reasons. Barring that I am not sure what to do.
It will be a terrible loss for Darmstadt but I believe that will only become apparent when it is gone! And now there is so little time to organise a useful opposition to this madness.
Darmstadt is by no means a poor town compared to many others and I am sure the 60,000 Euros could be found to keep the museums open until a better strategy or business plan is found.
I could rant on for ages and this probably isn't the right place....  but it does effect the very topics that are discussed here.

keeping my fingers crossed

Hi Thomas, nice to have met you.

The tour was very good.
Please thank your colleague, she made it all very interesting and many little anecdotes about the families Hessen-Darmstadt and Romanov.



Below ar two photographs I took last Sunday.

The first is the Memorial to Princess Elisabeth which stands in the 'Herrengarten' a park just north of the old residential castle in Darmstadt.

The next one is of the grave on the 'Rosenhöhe' in Darmstadt. Quite a remarkable sculpture.


I have done it again and failed to answer the question properly. Sorry VN.

So in your friends opinion, this is how I understand it, the boy then whould have been a child of Kyrill?  Is this what he meant?

This is what I understood from our conversation. He didn't appear too concerned about the Hessen-Darmstadt inheritance but that of the Romanovs. He believed he was the last of their line through Viktoria-Melita.


Hello VN and Eddy,

Please, I am not making a cause for this gentleman. I was just recounting an encounter I had which I thought might be interesting, though implausible.

"1. Why was the little boy replace by a stillborn child?!"
Were the story true, I would imagine to still any possible questions as to the whereabouts of a body of the "hereditary Duke" - which such a child would have been.

2. You mean Louise von Battenberg (Mountbatten)
No. I meant Louis (Dickie) Mountbatten. The brother of Alice, Grandmother of the last of the blood line of the Hesse-Darmstadt family. HRH Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh is the closest relation to the grand-children  of Ernst-Ludwig (I think)

3. Prinz Phillip - It seams to me that your "Gentlemen" is a friend of Dodi's Father ***more laughter*** maybe Dodis father took some lessons from "my friend".

I have explained in my original post; I met the man on two occasions. He told me a story (which I have recounted here, although very summarised). I am in no way trying to support his actions or fantasies. The chances of any truth in his claims (I believe) are minimal. It is, however, a nice little 'what if' theory, is it not?


Hello again Eddy,

Sorry. I didn't really answer your errm, why question. My acquaintance said, quite often in fact, that he was worried that he was getting too deep into something that was the "privilege" of HRH Phillip. He told me he had moments where he thought he was in physical danger because of his 'claim' to the Hessen-Darmstadt inheritance. It appeared to him that his 'research' was stirring up things that shouldn't be 'stirred' and this was not being seen as (ahem) productive by certain members of the Windsor family. His words (more or less) not mine.


Hello Eddy,

errm, to be honest, I don't know why either. I thought about it after the meeting and looked at the blood lines again. After the death of Louise Mountbatten it looks like HRH Prince Phillip has a legitimate call to Hessen-Darmstadt. I know the adoption of Moritz by Prince Ludwig effectively puts paid to that claim, but, hey, 'blood line'? What made me more interested was the claim of 'my acquaintance' to the Romanov family.....  I don't truly know. But... whether the chap was deluded or not, it's a nice story, ain't it?


I would like to tell a short story and hope I am not misusing this forum in any way.

In 2004 I was sitting in a 'Tavern' in Darmstadt with a friend. At the same table was a gentleman, older than myself, who was listening interestedly to our (english) conversation. After a while he joined in our discourse and the obvious "Where do you come from?" "What you doing here?" etc questions were asked and answered. He explained he was a Professor at Oxford, where he lived, but was of german descendants. (He spoke with a german accent). He said he was in Darmstadt to research in the 'Staatsarchiv' but didn't go into details. However, as I was also interested in Hessen_Darmstadt history we talked about this for a while. My friend was obviously bored so the conversation moved on to other topics. At the end of the evening I agreed to meet the gentleman a few days later alone as my friend had returned to England.
Our meeting started with the usual small talk and eventually moved on to his reason for being in Darmstadt. He told me of his background. Born in Mannheim before WWII and brought up in a family without grandparents where it appeared that the were also no other relatives. There were other tidbits about his family which seemed strange but, for brevity, I shall leave them out. He then started to talk about the history of the last Grand Duke, Ernst-Ludwig, and the GD's marriage to Viktoria-Melita. The tragic loss of their daughter and, importantly for him, the still-born son of 1900.
To cut to the quick; he was fairly convinced that the '1900 Son' was not still-born, but was smuggled from the palace in Darmstadt to foster parents in Mannheim, the baby being replaced by a "truly" still-born child of a palace servant. This baby, who had been smuggled to Mannheim, was my conversation counter partner's father!

This was quite a revelation for me and, to be honest, I found it hard not to burst out laughing! My acquaintance then started to tell me stories, far too long to recount here, of his own revelation and his search "for the truth". It involved numerous handicaps which seemed (to him) to be thrown in his way. Stories of surveillance by members of the British Royal Family. Encounters with Prince Phillips personal guard on the motorway (highway) between London and Oxford etc etc etc. It all became a little too much for me and a 'change of topic' and a "gosh! is it really so late? I must be going" got me out onto the street with a brisk walk home to think about what that was all about.

Just a couple of things before I finish this (ahem) short story.
The gentleman called and invited my friend over one evening shortly after these events. My friend lives near Oxford. (This to verify his existence)
The gentleman exchanged addresses with me and I can verify he exists as he said. (Again, to verify the gentleman was truly 'above-board')
On leaving our meeting I asked him if he truly thought he had a claim to the inheritance of Hesse-Darmstadt. His answer was simple.
"Don't you see? My problem is not Hessen-Darmstadt, it is the Romanovs......!"

Sorry that wasn't really short. What do you think? Was the man deluded? Or could his story have some truth in it? 


Hello Thomas. Not really an "echter Heiner", more a "zu g'schneiter" ;-)

The  Schlossmuseum is really an Alladins Cave for all things concerning the Hesse RF.
Their web page is, unfortunately, only in german.

On this Sunday there is a special tour "Führung Darmstädter Prinzessinnen und russische Zaren" (Tour Darmstadt Princesses and russian Czars)
The perfect topic. I am really looking forward to it and will try to post a report on one of the more appropriate forums here.

Hello Eddieboy. Unfortunately the date of the photo was not given but it must be sometime after 1900. The Palais was originally built with a flat roof. In 1900 GD Ernst-Ludwig had a 'Mansard' roof put on it to be more in keeping with the Darmstadt town architecture.


Well, I managed to mess that up a bit and got the images reversed! Sorry.

BTW, on the picture of the ruined Palais at the bottom, just right of center, is the Pss Alice memorial. It is casting a long, thin shadow. it is still in good condition and today the lawn  behind it is full of yellow and blue crocuses. Very pretty.



My first post to this forum. I hope I get it right.
I live in Darmstadt just around the corner from where the Neues Palais was. And I am interested -in a very amateur way- in all things concerned with the Hesse-Darmstadt RF.
Here is a (thumbnail) picture of the Neues Palais taken from the SW looking NE into the garden. I scanned it from "DARMSTADT Ein verlorenes Stadtbild ISBN 3-86134-243-x"

The view is from the south west looking north east into the rear garden.

the next picture is an aerial view taken in 1952. The Palais is still standing, just. the view is from the southeat looking north west. I scanned it from "Rundflug über DARMSTADT in den 50er und 60er Jahren ISBN 3-86134-683-4"

So, I hope that worked. I was following the very helpful directions from Laura Mabee (,771.0.html)

Greetings from the ehemalige Hauptstadt Hessens

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