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Hi Greg,

Is "Atlantis" a magazine? Do you have the bibliographical details of the editions containing your article?


The Imperial Family / Re: Exhibitions
« on: February 18, 2004, 05:03:43 PM »
Dear Anna,

Could you please inform me - or/and the forum  :) - once you know when this exhibition on Nicholas and Alexander in Amsterdam is to be opened?

As Amsterdam is not that far away, I'd really like to visit. To my utter shame I have never even been to Amsterdam yet, so this would be the opportunity!!!!

Would be really great.


Hi Greg,

Yes, I'm also rather pessimistic regarding The Fall of Eagles and the BBC showing it again in the near future . . .

Here's a link to Gleb Panfilov's film Ventsenosnaya Semya


I've heard of this programme, and I'd die to see it, also because it also focuses on the Habsburgs, who also interest me a little (too many "alsos" in this sentence, hm . . . ), but as far as I know it has never been on German TV, and I wonder whether the BBC will ever repeat it . . .
There was a book accompanying that series but I haven't got that either.

To Greg King:

Have you seen Lynda Bellingham, and what's your impression? I think she's alright but by no means ideal.

Dear James,

Thanks for the information. Your descriptions have been quite sufficient, so thank you. It IS Expiatory Punishment. I really like it for its atmosphere.
I'm still trying to find out who composed that particular music which was repeatedly played in it. The end credits give four Russian composers, so I have no idea who of them wrote that aprticular one . . .  ::)


Hi anna,

I see. How interesting  :)

Carolly Erickson's "study" on Alexandra is one of the worst biographies, not only on the Romanovs, but in general, that I've ever come across. So badly researched and written in an atrocious style. I thought I was reading a tabloid newspaper. This was my first book by Ms. Erickson, and it was definitely also the last.

Hey Greg, you are not THE Greg King, are you?


To James Hogland:

have you got the full credits of The Last Days of the Last Tsar? But it's not Expiatory Punishment, is it? I just wonder as I've never heard of the former.

To Bob Atchison:

very interesting your comments on the  Rasputin film with Ethel Barrymore. The film is absurd, but Ethel Barrymore is rather good as Alexandra, disregarding the unhistorical screenplay, of course.

Hi anna,

Well, I know there are really loads of people on the www. who are fascinated with the Romanovs, but I'm also very, very pleased with this forum. It's high time it was established. A big thank you to the webmasters for that!!!!!!

Regarding the availability of books, here in Germany it's not much different. I also ordered most of my copies from the U.S. and Britain. There's little available in German. But I prefer the original copies anyway.

Nicholas II / Re: Nicholas II - Head of the Romanovs and Family Man
« on: February 05, 2004, 05:04:41 PM »
I also agree that Alexandra had much less influence on Nicholas' political decisions than popularly imagined. See for instance Fuhrman's edition of the letters. However, Nicholas did occasionally bow down to her opinion when they didn't agree.

It's absurd to think Alexandra was responsible for the fall of the Russian monarchy. Many reasons played a part in this, but as Bob Atchison has pointed out, Nicholas generally relied on his own judgement. Besides, even with a "stronger" tsar the Russian Revolution might not have been avoided. See Lieven's excellent analysis of the political situation and tsarist system at the time. The "Western" analysis that all the trouble could have been avoided if only Nicholas had transformed the system into a constitutional monarchy is very simplistic.

Well, I agree in a way with regard to the criticism of "Nicholas and Alexandra", the film. The relationships between the characters are not elaborated on enough. Nicholas and Alexandra are constantly quarrelling, for instance. This gives a false impression.

But I still think Janet Suzman is a much better tsaritsa than Greta Scacchi. Greta is by no means as "imperial" as Janet. With Greta's performance you would not realize Alix was this shy and "haughty" person. But Alan Rickman is excellent as Rasputin!!! It's a brilliant film definitely.

I must say I was rather disappointed by "Russian Ark". Saw it at the cinema and on TV the other day. There's simply too little on the Romanovs, and many scenes really tired me. It's still an original film - nice costumes.

I also recommend the Russian film "Romanovy - Ventsenosnaya Semya" by Gleb Panfilov, with Linda Bellingham as Alexandra. It's about the family's captivity and assassination, and it came out a few years ago - but only in Russia I believe. I bought it in Moscow. Occasionally you find copies of it sold by Russians on flea markets here in Germany. It's all in Russian of course, and my Russian is also pretty limited as yet. But as we all know the basic story, you can follow it quite well. It's definitely worth it!!!!

Has any of you seen this film? And what's your opinion?

Hi, anna,

Interesting to read that you're correponding with Janet Suzman. I also think her performance in "Nicholas and Alexandra" was outstanding!
I also became interested in the Romanovs through the film, and then really fascinated through Massie's book. It's still my favourite.

Hm, I also have problems with Radzinsky's style. His book is not one I really like. It's good, no doubt, but you can tell he's also a playwright. "Dramatic" is quite an apt  discription in this respect. Not really my cup of tea.

I also really like Dominic Lieven's study on Nicholas II. The best political biography on him so far  in my opinion.


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